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tv   Local 10 News Sunday Morning 7AM  ABC  January 31, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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age there? sunrise officially at 7:06. you can see already we're seeing a beautiful site here at the magic city looking across the bay towards downtown miami. one more shot of hollywood beach cam. we've been watching this all morning long. this will be a fantastic day on the coastline. on the radar false return starting to show up but it will be dry today we're looking agent ten, maybe zero% chance fort shower but the rain chance 20% comes way late in the day after sset tonight as we'll see more moisture increase. temperature wise 61, miami fort lauderdale. 58 in pembroke pine and the winds are calm. the only rl location reporting a wind right now is fort lauderdale out of north at three. our wind will be actually out of east today and that will lieu our temperature to climb. we'll be up in the upper 70s by this afternoon. more details to come on the rain chance nay few minute. todd. >> todd: trent, thank u. our top story morning, a night
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it was all over a parking spot and then that fight escalate tide deadly shooting. >> neki: family and friends quajer to remember the one lost last nights they look for answers. >> todd: layron livingston is live at the scene this morning. good morning layron snie as you said he was shot over a parking a space. we were there last night as family members and friends gathered for a vigil in so lease's memory. they told us he held out the the el sa rek crest tonight club often to have a good time. that all changed around 2:30 a.m. sca when so lice was rushed to the hospital. he was later pronounced dead. witnesses recall hearing him argue over a parkingpot across the street from the nightclub. moments later several gunshots went off and so lice has been hit. >> just wasn't worth what
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>> reporter: and we spoke with one witness who described hearing what he recalled was a semi automatic or automatic weapon. he said there were a lot of gunshots firing off at once. they were happening so quicklyand that's yes feels it was an a automatic weapon used during the shooting. we were there as police worked the scene. they got surveillance video from a nearby business and hoping that will help them find whom ever is response focial thcht if we come croos any information or have developments, we'll bring them to you for now reporting live in miami layron livingston. local 10 news. >> todd: now to vote 2016 as the iowa caucus as proch, presidential canidates from both sides are traveling from city to city throughout the state thvment weekend is the last chance at winning over iowa voters before the first round of votes begins tomorrow. gop candidates donald trump, ted cruz, mark. >> rubio and jeb bush all busy
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saturday with rubio make five different stops. republicanned's lead with rubio trailing third. >> i'm trying get as many people to vote for me as pozzable in iowa and new hampshire and eventually florida. >> come out monday night 7:00 p p. bring your friends and family and neighbor. this election in iowa will be won friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor. >> todd: on friday the white house revealed that 22 highly classified e-mail were found on clinton's home server. but news of the top e-mail haven't v ered supporters away from her. >> the people committed to hill eerie know this is is all ball cer dashh eye just think if the republicans want to use this for political purposes, that's their decision. >> todd: voters in. >> iowa will be the first to weigh in on the presidential selection. tune in to local 10 and catch glenna milberg a as she goes life lif with the flaift iowa
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9:00 a.m. >> and two of the men taken into custodier sli saturday in san francisco. police tipped off to their whereabouts after a woman spot aid sparked van that looked similar to the one the group had stolen. the third surrendered to police in santa ana on fraivment the week. >> todd: the world health organization set to hold a meeting in ga knee sla tomorrow to discuss the he zika virus. they will discuss the out break spreading across the americans. experts say the key is getting rid of the type of mosquito spreading the vie ruchts t the zika virus for the most part affects pregnant woman and can cause ir represent able damage to children and by releasing a musical public service announcement. >> >> todd: jamaica had been free of that virus until yesterday when health official confirmed
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child. that child recently returned from the united states but uncleae where he contacted the virus. >> neki: breaking news over night. officials say the former president of el salvador. francis do flores has died. he he suffered ir reverse able brain damage after suffering a stoke last week. he served as president from 1999 to 2004 and under house arrest for corruption charges ch he was 56 years old. >> todd: a frustrated driver decided to take the law into her own hands and turns the table on the miami-dade police officer. >> neki: comomg up we'll show you why the driver ce eye i d- decided to pull over the police officer. >> todd: and a grass fire and more video of the flames just head. >> trent: and right now a dry gorgeous look start to the miami tower cam. today will be fan pan but tomorrow, we'll talk with tha ming up here after the break. >> you're watching local 10 news with todd tongen and neki mohan.
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the reason i pulled you everyone today and i'm asking you to come over and have a conversation is i saw you since miller drive when you were first jumping on the palmetto and you were pushing 90 miles per hour. >> oh okay. >> todd: a miami motorist turning the tables on a police officerulling him over after she says he was speeding. the driver claims the cop sur passed 100 miles per hour at one& point so she pulled him over. the entiesh insurance den caught on the video that driver says she started following that officer assistot on the expressway on 56th street and struggled to keep up with him after flashing her lights and honking at himim for a white. he finally pulled over and here's what the police officer had to say i don't know how fast i was
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i'm on my way toork right now. i don't believe i was speeding but like i say, you're entitled to your pfnlt i just saw you now which is why i pulled you over here. i thought you might have an emergency s. everything fine. >> reporter: >> todd: you heard thehe officer there is a he was heading to work. later herom all po guyed and promised to slow down. >> neki: that's something neki mohan ever never do. pull over a cop. >> todd: now, the search continues this morning for two alleged car thieves. one who took off nay stolen police o car. police say this all started when they tried to to arrest three people accused o@ stealing cars. those suspects all married a break two of the three of them got way. 26-year-old many month rel yo got into a a police cruisernd lead police on a high speed chase before losing them. christian hernandez managed to escape on foot. the one suspect captured was 22-year-old anthony reyes and
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possession ave stolen, veryburg lay and salt on an offir. >> todd: and several others injuries after a shooting and stabbing at a denver coliseum. all happened at a motorcycle expo there. seven people hurt and taken to the hospital and three remaiai in critical condition. it appear rival biker gang may vb be to blame. the police are are investigate investigate oog. >> neki: and a plane crash 234 georgia that happened in albany. three hour outside atlanta. the small plane crash into a ditch and caught fire a minute after take off. no word on what cawed it yet. >> todd: a red flag warning in effect in parts of oklahoma right now following a massive grass fire. no injuries reported. the fire came close tie home forcing evacuation. meanwhile inmarillo texas, the fire burned through 1500 acres there. crews worked over night to beat the flames and say they have what fire 45% contained no. word on the start of this fire.
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wake up to a beautiful morning all across south florida. what a great day yesterday trent are. what did you do. >> trent: i happened in a little bit. >> todd: he worked. he pulled a double yesterday dn't you. >> trent: yes. >> neki: well. >> trent: and aook a nap to get up with you guys. >> neki: you pulled a double pore a good cause. >> trent: when we have weather like this, don't mind. you see it looks fantastic out there. high level clouds filter if through jow the day. bottom line it it will be a nice one here. let's flip views one more time. now we're looking off to the northeast at the fort lauderdale tower cam. sun off in the the distance. it will be a great start. one last check in the florida keys. one of my favorite place. mallory scare. you seek the high level clouds. cloudy in the the lower keys herer liecht drarks that's false returnrnhowing up. we're crime. caid and broward and the florida keys in our rain chance. two 10% for the majority of day. we need time to check taught
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so far miami. 7.57. normally we should only be a touch over an inch and hate. weel we're bell w wl over 6 inches above.fort lauderdale seven-point a one and normally three and a half ooflt and a on the skis a bebeer con sen vaismghts over to the west coast lee and collier county. 58 in pompano beach and pembroke pines. 66 marathon. right now the winds are are calm. less than ten miefs miles per hour in marathon and key west. fort lauderdale a northwest wifnltd southeast wind today mostly. thanks to high pressure move ago waicht next storm system gaining strength over the mid sections of the country. for us we'll start to watch moisture return from the south as we get into a quai sigh warm front begin to move in tonight and tomorrow. what that does it bump our rain chance up to 60% here for monday. you'll feel the humidity. we'll watch the radar tomorrow. right now all indications have, the thunderstorm wez seed
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severe or frong as they were last week. we scil still can't rule out a chance of a decent thunderstorm here a in south florida at times tomorrow. if you're heading out to the beach today gorgeous out there. surf one to 2 feet. water temperature sitting at 70 degrees and as we go throughout the the afternoon, i know many will want tiect the boat out as well. good news is no advisories for the broward and coastline. down in the florida key. and a foot or so beyond, look at two to four. the next three day. 60% chance of rain there on monday. we'll see a if he seize his shadow on tuesday. it's ground hog day. and on thursday another decent chance of rain that we'll talk about next week and that should happen on flight. todd. >> todg: thank you trent. local 10 investigator bob norman is check nothing a legal beat over mel mental health reports for a deputy charged with mansnsughter for shooting and
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bee bea gun the lawyer for suspend broward deputy peter de ras saturday argued in court today who peraza shot and killed in 2013 while on duty. >> no one wants this information to come out, whether it's in this courtroom or in front of an attorney. >> attorney claim the records will reveal mc bean was unstable an possibly suicidal all when per was saturday opened fire on mick mc bean while he was holding an air r rle in his hand at his apartment complex. bubustate attorney is fighting to keep the records from the defense and public. mily attorney david cohen the. their arg iewpment at the end of the day that this deputy had a license to shoot and kill mcbean because he had he had a bipolar disorder. 50 or million people around the world suffer bipolar disorder.he exhib ited strange behavior at work days broovment and they
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crucial to per ra ca saturday's caichts that's what we believe. that his mental stateas he wanted to die. a classicuicide by cop. >> and they point to the fact that an eyewitness said mcbean never pointed the gun to any one. >> very distint sue 150eurd by cop. that's a catch frais. >> and now they want to a new hearing to hash out what will be con with the medic records is set for february 1e7b8g. at courthouse bob norman. local ten news. >> todd: and bob also tells us mcbean's family tend to fight the relea of the records not only from the public but from the judge's view. >> neki: coming up a after the break more on the zika out break affect the americas. >> todd: we'll tell what you is being done to stop the spread of the virus. >> neki: and last night the sag wards. we'll tell who you the big show, the oscars. >> todd: but first a look at good luck.
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>> a always watching. calls track.
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>> neki: look for something to do today. if you enjoy classical music miami's community orca cha tra will form tonight.they will perform at con gra investigatio nal church. the event is free at starts at 7:30. >> todd: and the river walk in fort lauderdale. at the event live music and activities for every one. it goes from moon 'til 4:00 and free. >> and if you're interested in country music, the big one
7:18 am
the annual chilly cook off. happened at the park in the pine. and performance from the biggest country stars. yee hall. the event starts at 10:00. i'm sure the lines are already out there. >> >> todd: and 4 million new cases of the zika virus ch our health specialist kristi kreuger says researchers have been work on ways to stop the out break of this virus for years. >> for years care scary bug born diseases like chicken giewn yeah and dengue have been around but an increase in foreign travel has these tropical disease quickly and dangerously moving northward. >> so we have to be leamplet we can't ever sayayny more e oh, that only happens there. whatever happens theres going to happen here in the u.s. >> those last ten or 15 year.
7:19 am
south florida needs to be ready now. that's why they've been studying climate change and it's efffft on mosquitoes for year. >> if the climate remains moderate and the minimums go up and the maximum's gotten coant imowp as much as has been the trend over the number of years. that means a worse situation for peop because the mosquitoes likely spread. >> but the change in temperature snot our only problem. the a same mosquitoes that spread chicken den yeah and zika in the americans we have here so how can we prevent an out rite break right here? experts s areal sprague in effective. so he reseahers are look into bays to bait the areas where mosquitoes breed and sleep the study how its affect expectant mothers and what can be donon to protect women and their unborn babies. >> when it affects a pregnant
7:20 am
looks like those mothers are having children that have very tiny brain. essentially micro brain. >> todd: that was kristi kreuger reporting with the our health cast, the cdc is urging women or thinking of getting pregnant not to travel down trees where the zika has been found no. treatment for the virus and no vaccine either. for most of us it it would caw a rashr joint pain or feaf ver. but for pregnant woman, the sult can be deadly. >> neki: and entertainment news. thal drama surrounding the oscars. last night's sag awards was more in clue site. and during the show she saidel ladies and gentlemen welcome to diverse tv. and queen latifah vaz on horde for best site. and ul again won an ward for luther as well as an award for
7:21 am
jeffrey t t bor won for play traings again dper woman and elitsa won for playing the wife of a trans woman in the danish girl. and o oers include td doubtton abby and you orange is the new black for best come dir series. and viola davis won for the show how to getaway with mo j j and kevin spacey took the ale award for his role in house of cards. >> and that was michael keyton for spot light. a show i have yet to see. >> i wonder if kevin spacey after the ward won did bluff like he does on the show. i saw ref veffer rant yesterday. and still head we're hearing an emotional plea fro a friend main killed nay deadly home invasion. >> the >> todd: the latest on the investigation is just 45ed.
7:22 am
>> trent: and right now we're watching the radar closely. later on, not tonight but tomorrow we'll see a big increasesen the rain chaps. what you can except for sunday and then the forecast as well. remember, local 1010ews is always on. local 10 on your smart phone and
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take us with >> local 10 news startsight now. >> neki: stiem now 726 clofnl means we're going to the keys people. 68 degrees out there. taking a rif look out at our mallory square cam. nice look out there. >> todd: very sleepy. >> neki: the way it should be on sunday morning right trent. >> trent: sleepy in keyest? are you kidding me? they are just going to bed. >> neki: look that the gorgeous shot pie. yeah, looking out over the water and palm trees in the for brownd and it was gorgeous.
7:24 am
across town as you mix westbound from the mt. sinai tower cam. it bloo looks gloomy but we'll have sun on and off. this sun will be packed later on today as it will be a nice beach day. on the radar what you're seeing o off to the west that. that green is false return. on the radar in site here. temperatures 68 in key west. and 58 in pembroke pains. a little spread there. miami and fort lauderdale sandwiched i between. look at all the calm reading across of s. later on today that wind will come out of east and eventually southeast warming us up. we'll be up to 78 by 1:00. partly cloudy skies and warm. as a matter of fact here's how you sum it up today. the wind turning out o the southeast late. east wind at ten. just absolutely gorgeous. thing change drat make thely over night night and in through tomorrow. we'll talk about the back it to work commute in a you ow couple minute. todd.
7:25 am
man gubbed down o outside a night cliewb during an an apparent dispute over a spark spot. >> neki: family and friends gathered to remember the victim. >> todd: roshtder layron livingston is live in miami with the the latest on this. good morning layron. >> reporter: good morning and as far as we note police have not made an reassments so that means the shooter from early saturday morning is still out on the streets somewhere. >> family and friends in tears. >> just very tragicnie. >> reporter: a lovededne shot and killed. >> this wasn't worthinin over a parking space. >> reporter: those who knew so lice gathered at the spot he was gunned down across the street from the el sa correct tonight club. the family said he hung out there often. >> and come over here and a see them arguing.
7:26 am
space around 2:30erdy li sunday morning gunshots stataed firing. a at least one hitting so lice. >> i went inside instead of helping my brother out and he got shot. >> fiervetion six, seven oor more shots. >> reporter: so lease was rushed to the ryder trauma center but later pronounced dead at the hospital. >> and we were will as police hauled cars way from the scene and searched for evidence that they could. >> while family and friends deal with the devastating loss as best as they can. >> reporter: and we know police were able it to get a look at the surveillance video from the nearby business. hopefully that will help them in a possible vaismghts anything we have here on local 10. for now live in miami of layron livingston. local 10 news. >> neki: police on the hunt for main at a northwest miami-dade home. killing two others at the hospital.
7:27 am
asking for a plea in help in finding them. >> neki: sanela sabovic is live with more. good morning sa nel. >> >> reporter: this family did not deserve for this to happento them and they were simply trying defend their home. meantime the miami-dade police department. they are look at surveillance video that the gated community hoping that these three ininuders are cght on camera and also wondering just how they managemented to get into that complex. >> he died defending his family. defend higz mom. they were mazing people. and they reed really don't de fefer what happened. >> reporter: a family friend coming forward. too distraught to show her face on camera remembers a man shot and killed following a home invasion. the attack happened friday after a noon at the monterey housing community located off norwest 52 pasmght three intruders had their sites set on a home
7:28 am
police say they forced themself in. >> a vick time tried to to fight back but it would prove to be deadly. one ofhe suspects pulled out a gun and shot a 26 year-old man to dth. we're waiting for a better description. all we have is three males in hoodies. it appear to be robbery at this point but we don't know until we do an inventor rich the residents what was taken >> and how the men got passed the security is still a mystery but those who know the victim hope they get off the street. >> these people are dangerous. these aim people came into a house that had a family in there. even a bibb baby inside the house. i'm just begging any one who knows anything to please speak up and dot the right thing. now neighbors that the imairtd community are roo ep are hope something one come forward. they are scared these three men right return. if you can help police out call
7:29 am
can remain a mon nowchts the number for them 305-471-tips. reporting live in dor ravment sanela s sovic. local 10 news. >> todd: a scare in the air over brazil when an american airlines flight bound for miami is forced to make an emergency landing. the passenger and # attendants felt light headed after taking off from rio de janeiro. this incident mark the same teekd time in a week that a american airlines flight was forced to land because of air in the the cabin. >> and a drive by shooting that took the life of ad to leferlt aid enmichael ma clemn on was only 22 months old and shot multiple times on friday while sitting in a car with his mother and grandmother. aid enwas the only one him. a witness of the shooting says this family is in her prayers. it's senseless and especially when i heard it maybe gang related. that is the issue and activitiesp that go on with with gangs.
7:30 am
marks we'll get your sister. we'll get your child scwhrie police believe someone who lives on that block was the intended target. >> todd: now it to a developing sdory. the virginia tech freshman charged with murder in conntion of the death of a 13-year-old girl. dive individual eisenhower was first arrested yesterday and in the ab diewskts love develop.: then he was charged with murder after her body was found last night eye heavy heart that i have to announce we located the renaifns 413-year-old nicole madison level. >> todd: level had been missing for three days. her family says she push aid dress ner front of her bedroom door and climbed ieft window. either tuesday night or wednesday morning. her remains have been sent to the medicalxaminer who will determine the official coughs death in the coming days. >> neki: more than 1 million low income families in 21 states
7:31 am
fail to me the wire rir ments. it is im an improving 'con na any specifically following unemployment numbers. 1.1 million stand to lose their benefits across the nation. 300,000 of those are here in the state of florida. >> todd: now to the latest in flint nish mish water crisis. a a bombshell e-mail has embattled govenor snierd open the defensive. the the e-mails show the state shipped bottled water to the plans more than eight months before the residents were told the water was unsafe. on top of that the filters that were handed out to the people may not be effective enough to keep the water safe. >> neki: oo the state has continuously told the residents of flint ta fire along period of time the water was safe o cringe and at the same time providing clean water for the employees. >> todd: the state defends the decision saying they only provide bottled waw it ter temporarily until that threat was over. dangerous levels of lead found later in the the flint water system.
7:32 am
positive for lead poisoning jiet u.s. kept says they will not take additional action against a retired general who shared classified information to his biographer. lieutenant general petraeus was at viks f being demoted from a four star to three star. if that happened it would affect his retire member. and it it is while he was on active duty. >> todd: and a project leading to an ancient discovery in st. augustine. >> neki: coming up we'll have you look whaght they were going at in the ground. >> todd: and a peaceful one. we'll have a recatch the
7:33 am
>> todd: welcome back. human bone believed to be centuries old have been uncovered in the middle of the downtown st. ah guess steen.& the body parts found from a cemetery that was 1602 to 17. the second discovery within city limits alone. >> neki: and a discovery south ever port lafnltd a construction crew at oregon state university uncovered fossil that belong to a mammoth. crews found bones that belong tie camel and bison nearby. >> todd: more than hundred firefighters worked over night to get a massive fire in lexington kentucky under control. the flames shot up 70 feet in yesterday afternoon. more than eight acers destroyed by what half ffs are calling the massive fire they have seen in the last 30 year. the american red cross is helping those impacted.
7:34 am
reporting a low number of arrest a at festival. they are saying increased securiri is the rfnlt we won't have the final numbers 'til tomorrow but right now two until a arrests and 21 miss de mean nompletz all thanks to the 1000 officers who kept a close eye on the clowd. now what is left to happen today is clean up which will happen later this morning. >> todd: have to get a pirate growl. >> neki: have you to. great weather for it. >> trent: tampa down through theemplet was fantastic. today we'll do it again. a littleit warmer. for those of you who thought it was too chill l temperatures will be perfect. temperature running in the afternoon almost exactly where we shid be this time o year. few high clouds out there. more off in the distance. southbound for the miami tower cam. down south all types gorgeous weather. temperatures look great. fort lauderdale tower cam looking out over the water.
7:35 am
shot down in key west. a you can see a little more of that cloud bank here in mallory square. you'll see sunshine mixed in as well. on the radar quiet. little green here. all false return. typical when it is clear outside. as far as cloud cover, a more con sen straitd ding this morning and in key west one move passed the lower keys. temperature wise we have a spread.. 68 in key west. 52347 kendall. 55 in homestead. by part coot coolest reading. fort lauderdale miami 61. with winds calm and later on today east west across the state and ee scren tiewly more southeast. that will loose to warm up nicely this afternoon. for today a few clouds. warmer than yesterday. and tomorrow rain likely as the humidity creeps back n. a 50% chance of more of that wet weather. on a larger scale you can seat ouds moving in acss the gulf heading in across our directions.
7:36 am
head back towards us and this area of high pressure will keep us into a and dry for today. big storm system moving through denver thvment will bring fresh powder out there. if you're watching the x games later on today, they'll get to use. that a great day there in aspen and as par as the west coast goes more rain from van cue veer ver seattle and portland and down to california. drier to the north. you can see the moisture on the computer model start shoa the rurchlt a 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms to start the work week. groundhog's day on tuesday. 83. up and down with the rain chances. later on in the week we'll talk about from a which has an additional 40% chancnc of rain. neki and 20rd. >> todd: thank you trent. panthers having a imlaft night last night. >> neki: and we'll show you the jagr joke that what jagr was laughing himself.
7:37 am
>> neki: yes, have a shot for me. >> take local0 on line wherever you're headed. like us on facebook and follow
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>> good sunday morning i'm will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. three panthers represented the altar star weekend for the national team. guys having fun at the game. this during the nhl skills competition last night. moment. night belonged to ja imemplet sort of. the canadianressed up as ja imer complete with the jersey, mullet and sa light. got the most point or votes and
7:40 am
every and during the the hoard of thest shot he took off his jersey to reveal the spacey and space hoody. ee did the win. still he fun and low ber to to made everything stop. luanne go up the east with win and won the victory. they got the right to play first in the all-star format tonight. jagr explained the decision. >> well f we win we get more time and if we lose, i can fly home right way. i'm honest. a need a rest. >> he is 44. he can resms he need. four members of the miami dolphins don't needless. they need fun tonight at pro bowl. look at this surt si pick tiewft fins. look at this poster rashard posted last night. d fun in washington. fins up. >> and we'll be rooting for rashard at the game tonight. and battle for first place division night at the arena
7:41 am
season. come together rescue. friday milwaukee goal in the basket. he he did ago va rate and s sms top of the the good news he is o not listed on the injury report for tonights home game what shan white side and tyler johnson both question able. and spurs last night maybe some think a possible preview. golden state hasomething to say about. that block party for lebron james. second quarter tring in for the block on to ni parker. third quarter lebron turns if over but says know, what i'm still going to hustle and gt the glofnlgt good stuff there for the kings. saves handle the spurs 117 to 103. and tifer than expected game at nc state. newton, the wig alley oop to sheldon. lead the canes with 18 points but the canes could still not catch up. angel rodriguez g gng in for the lay up. coach perplexed as the canes down five at break.
7:42 am
barber for the wolf pafnlgt he scored 30. canes lose. and no. # west virginia during the big 12fcc challenge on saturday. the first hall. control. corian vinny smith. check it out. throw it down. he 24-point. gators pull off the upset. 88 to 71506789 and fsu hosting clem son. bacon cooking for the sem navmentz 21 points. fsu won this 76 to 650. i'm will manso. that's your local 10 sports morning sports wrap. >>eki: don't go away a look at what's coming up on "good
7:43 am
>> >> neki: a police officer in ohio retired this week after 34 year of ser vimplets he also got unexpected bad news in that process. >> todd: i just don't understand this story. 'siewmed he would be going home with his police k9 dog.
7:44 am
but the city says it's not possible. officer matthew hicky says he is willing to pay for the dog whose name is alex. he has been at his side for the turned way. >> i wanted to physically retire that the moment soy went on the 25th of this month and retired and had the money for the dog and was ready it to hand it to the chief of police and the chief of police said he con take it. >> todd: now, local laws say a jax is property of city and he has to go to auction. owners from around the county have contributed thousands of dollars to a good go fund me page to help him bid on the crime in fighting. >> neki: i think they will be a c cnge. >> todd: they should change the policy and first and for me, it is good for the dog. i don't know that the dog woob good for anybody else. >> neki: right. >> todd: because he has been at his side the whole time.
7:45 am
community's support and the country. >>oming up next on "good morning america" if if the final hours of the presidential candidates both sides making the rounds hoping to real in voters. and we'll have details on a tipfrom a citizen lead to the capture of three inmates that escaped from a a california jail. and a behind the scenes look at the sag wards which had a lot of diversity amo the the recipients and nominees. >> trent: and today in weather t is fantastic out l. if you're just waking up and wondering what it's like outside, opt door and windows. check it out for yourself. right now 64 degrees. it is sunny. we'll i have clouds later on today making it up to 71 degrees. as mater of fact as we go throughout the afternoon that breeze will keep us warm. it will kick i i a few clouds and a about beautiful day on the y. the forecast tomorrow. 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms ch there the rest of the week in case you're planning thing out. the worse day as r as the
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>> todd: all right. thank you trefnlt thanks for joining nowrntion. we'll be back in 30 minutes ways local news update. >> neki: for now jews fins on go morning america. for news traffic and weather any time of day go to local or down load our app. > todd: and coming up at 9:00 live reports with glenna milberg. she is live in des moines iowa d will be there for the iowa caucus. the big story every one is talking about a. and they'll be with michael on "this week in south florida" as well. we say lot of jam packed news and politics this morning.
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real-time closed captionon good morning, america. right now, it's crunch time. the candidates barnstorming iowa. the frantic hours campaigning
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