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tv   Local 10 News Sunday Morning 9AM  ABC  January 31, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EST

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all the green you are seeing on the radar is false return. our radar today only around 10%. overnight tonight to tomorrow the rain chance going way up. we're sitting at 70 degrees miami, fort lauderdale. one of reasons we're going toll warm up quickly today, the wind variable. calm in pompano beach and fort lauderdale. with the east wind we continue to see clouds filter in throughout the day. rain chance pretty low until tomorrow. we're on our way to a beautiful day. high temperature around 79. our average on this date is 77. we'll talk more about the start to the workweek coming up here in a few minutes. neki? >> neki: thank you, trent. now to vote 2016 and the countdown to the caucuses with one day left before the moment of truth in iowa local 10's
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good morning, glenna. >> reporter: good morning, neki. on the g.o.p. side it's trump offer cruz. and on the democratic side clinton oversanders by three which is really a stat tasky tie. the really stuny news of the latest poll is the number of unsided -- undecided still out there trying to make up their mind as they watched the candidates crisscrossing the state trying to court their vote so all this money spent in iowa. it looks like it comes down to the last few hours. >> we're feeling great. i think we will win this. >> all that is jibber jabber if we don't win. >> i'm here to ask you to caucus
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>> reporter: this was marco rubio's fourth of five city stops. >> a couple of pundits in south florida say you are going for third place in iowa srk that true? >> i'm trying to get as many people to vote for me as possible in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, eventually in florida. >> reporter: the same singular mission has every presidential hopeful traveling from city to city this weekend several of them to ames, iowa saturday. >> hillary clinton has turned -- beat pc and turn this country around. >> reporter: ted cruz is working a base that donald trump is courting hard. >> how important is it to get out of vote monday? >> it's all about turnout and we're urging courageous conservatives in iowa to come out 7:00 p.m., bring your friends, bring your family, bring your neighbors.
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one, friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor. >> hillary clinton supporters discounted scrutiny over the 22 government emails on her home server found to be top classified. >> the people that are committed to hillary know that this all balder dash. >> i think that if the republicans want to use this for political purposes that's their decision? former arizona congresswoman gabby gifford was among big names turning out in support of their candidates. >> tells them one thing, tells iowans another. >> reporter: iowans have been hammered with campaign marketingng in the last weeks as they are prepared to be the first to weigh in on t`e presidential selection. >> they have to be in touch with us or close. >> we want to show the rest of the world that we're thoughtful
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of effort into it >> there's no doubt the worldld is watching. we've met recorders and news crews from around the world rivetted on this caucus. the top tier can candidates scheduled to be on the network and political talkshows this morning. last ditch effort to blast out the msage. until late tonight neki, todd, they are scheduled to be not in different cities this time staying in des moines but out there at different locations courting votes face to face. >> glenna, you had amazing access to a lot of the candidates. really surprised. i hope you got unlimited miles on the rental carful i know you were all over the place. >> that i don't know about it. >> as for access, sometimes to, political candidates it's ask forgiveness, not permission. it's my philosophy as we go around the state.
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>> we know that well, thank you. >> we're learning new information about the man police say was killed over a parking spot. >> family and friends held a candle light vigil last night near the spot where he was gunned down. local 10 reporter is live in miami with the latest. >> yes, we've learned this victim is jackson solice. enjoyed going to this club from time to time. police arereorking to find out who is responsible for this shooting after this reported argument over a parking space. we were there last night when family memberses and friends gathered in his memorial for a -- memory for a vigil at the spot where he was shot. he hung out at the night club on northwest seventh street often to have a good time and that changed around 2:30 saturday morning when he was rushed to the hospital. he was later pronounced dead. witnesses recalled hearing him arguing with another man over the parking spot across the street from the club.
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went off, we're tald, and he was fire. >> wasn't worth it for what happened over a parking spot. he felt like it came from an automatic weapon because they were firing so quickly. we were there as police worked thatment hopefully it leads them to a superintendent identify. lown news. >> trouble this morning for open latcha mayor and her open lacka mayor and her houou. the couple is at the center of a federal investigation accusing of them of running a kickback scheme. the couple planned to divert
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projececback to themselves. >> i'm just like begging whoever knows anything to please just speak up and do the right thing. >> neki: we told you yesterday how three men stormed into the home before opening fire and killing a man. we have an update on the search for the suspects. >> reporter: a family friend coming forward visibly distraught saying this family didn't deserve for this to happen to them. they were trying to defend their home. officers are reviewing surveillance footage from the gated community to see how the three intruders managed to make their way inside. >> he decide defending his family, defends his mom. they were amazing people. they really don't deserve, you know, what happened. >> a family friend coming foard too distraught to show her face on came rarks remembers
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a home i iasion. attack happened friday afternoon at the montereyousing community located after northwest 52nd patat three intruders had their sites set on a home occupied b five adults. police say they forced themselves in. a victim tried to fight back but the it would proved to be deadly. one of suspects allegedly pulled out a gun and shot a 26-year-old man to death. >> we're waiting to get a better description. alle know is three males with hoodies that fled. unknown what the motive is. it appears to be robbery at this point, but we stillll don't know until we do an inventory of the residence what was taken. >> how the men managed to get past supreme court is still a mystery but those that knew the victims are hoping to get off the streets. >> these people are dangerous. they came into a house that had a family in there. the house. >> i'm begging whoever knows anything to please just speak up and do the right thing.
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that someone comes forward with any type of information as they are scared that these three men inside. if you think you can help police out you are urged to call miami-dade crime stoppers. th number for them 305-471-tips. news. >> breaking -- >> neki: breaking overnight the syrian government claims isis supporters are claiming responsibility in a triple explosion that killed as resident ciewsers rushed to the seen of a first explosion. the blast came as an envoy attempted to launch undirect peace talks between the syrian government and opposition. a bizarre discovery in southwest florida where authorities say a woman w found dead with two live monkeys in aotel room.
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the woman was identified as 59-year-old linda marie smith. >> manhunt for three he is caped inmates in california is finally over. two of the men taken to custody early saturday in san francisco. police tipped off to whereabouts after a woman spotted a van. the third fugugive surrendered to police in santa ana on friday. the group was on the run for a week. neww overnight officials say former president of el salvador francisco flores has died. he serve as president from 1994 to 2004 and was under housearrest for corruption charges. he was 56 years old. >> neki: now to the latest on the zika virus. the world health organization is
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geneva tomorrow to discuss the best way to keep it from spreading. experts say the keep of getting rid of it is to get rid of type of the mosquitoes spreading it. there are lee confirmed cases in florid j jamaican officials raising awareness about the virus with a musical psa. jamaica had been free of the virus until yesterday when health offials confirmed that the country's first case in a four-y-yr-old child. officials say the child had recently returned from the trip to the u.s. it's unclear though where he
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>> todd: turning the tables a miami-dade police officer has to answer to a driver who claims he was speeding. what he had to say next. >> neki: the return of r2d2. that's not the name of a new film. wait until you see who stole a painting of the character and retutued it men in. >> trent: it's a fantastic
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we'll talk about >> the reason i pulled you over and i'm asking you to come over is i saw you since miller drive and you were pushihg 90 miles per hour. >> really, okaka >> todd: a miami driver turns the tables on a police officer pulling him over after she said he was speeding. you can see her run-in with the was was caught on the camera.. the driver started following him and 56th street and struggled to keep upp with him. after flashing her lights and honking at him he pulled over. here is what he had to say. >> i don't know how fast i was going. i'm on mymy way to work right now. i don't believe i was speeding but you are entitled your
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i s you now when you pulled over next to me. i thought you had an emergency. everything fine? >> everything is fine. >> the officer was heang to work. later in the video he apologized and promised to slow down. >> it's that pretty j jt for the view with a baker act check-in to the hospital. >> trent: miami day showing passing clouds on a light east breedz right now. here is a look at the tower cam. let's go down to the coverage reprick, key -- conch republic, key west. a fantastic one noo matter where you are at today. radar quiet from dade, broward
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we'll watch batches of highlevel clouds continue to filter in throughout the afternoon. the east wind warms us up fast. already 71 key west, 72 pompano beach. cocoer out west. low 70s as well. later on today withhe east wind we manage to climb up to 78 degrees. a few clouds and warmer for sunday. monday rain chance increases and humidity back to the forecast as well. what is going to drive the weather pattern today? high level clouds you can see across the entire state but it's the area of high pressure at the surface keeping the breeze going and a big storm system gaining shape here across the mid seions of country. here is how the computer models handling today. showers should not enter the forecast until well after sunset tonight. it's around the early morninghours tomorrow. we see that first wave and then aafternoon showersrsnd thunderstorms about a 50% to 60% chance to see those and i don't think right now the atmosphere
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like we saw last week. but we can't rule out a strong storm. 60% chance of more wet weather for tomorrow. keeping that warm strch of weather going through friday where we'll see a 30% chance of@ rain, neki? >eki: a storm trooper caught on camera returning a stolen painting right here at a pizza shop in columbus. the r2d2 portrait mussage two weeks. a man wearing a storm trooper helmet tbhiewk a pizza shop and drop off the painting. it was dropped in a tsh bag with a note inside. >> it was from darth vader. he didn't take his mask off. we weren't sure what was going on. i think sometimes you get nervous in the situations. >> the staff plans to frame it and hang it next to the painting. >> another one rescued from the
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a jedi now. >> todd: still to come diversrsy takes center stage at the screen actors guild awards. >> what a night in hollywoodod who took ohm the biggest ones. >> a knock on the door might save a life.
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it. >> neki: healthy hearts, healthy bodies. that's what one group in southsouthis all about. they are going door to door to make sure they have all they
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it's -0 you said tomorrow begins heartmonth. >> yes, february kicks off heart mont and we need to ensure that all women are aware of the risk and what they can do to reduce their risks. too many women dying every single year. >> still the leading killer of women. >> it's the leein cause of death of women over america. many are unaware of what they can do. they target neighborhoods, kck on their doors, train volunteers from colleges and opportunity universities they learn what they can do to reduce their risks and it's a win win. >> that's why this door-to-door campaign. tell me about it. >> we target single family home neighborhoods and we go door to door to educateomen. the most important thing we can do is provide them the early detection guidelines and tell them what they can do. simple things. not so difficult and simple and milestones that they can make in their own lives to make a difference not just for themselves but families.
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i know how busy it can get. these things are important. >> it is so important. if you do not take care of yourself you cannot take care of your family. your family is watching everything that you do. knock theoor empowers women.. doing chair squats are strategies that can do that don't cost anything. they can done be watching tv and you can make it a family affair and it makes a difference. >> what are you coming to my neighborhood? >> in february?
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campaign on the 16th 13th and 20th. if you hear us knock on the door, please open the door. it could staff your life. >> are you doing blood pressure screenings. >> we'll bring in the mobile mammogram van, we'll bring in clinicians. women able to have a mammogram, cholesterol, hyper tension, glucose screening. we proi provide them with physical activity and nutrition session and give them a bag of fresh foot and vegible as long with a healthy eatyuide. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate it, thank you. >> still to come it's a caucus count down a final push from the presidential candidates as the people of iowa get ready to cast their ballots. see who is neck in neck in the races.what we're learning about the
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killed over a parking spot n xt. >> a look from a miami tower cam and it looks good decorating the sky. i don't think any a a rain makers, right trent. >> anchor: no. we'll see more clouds moving in on the breeze but bottom line the rain chance won't go up until overnight tonight to tomorrow.. then it shoots way up to 60%.
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way for the mount sinai medical center tower cam. the beach beginning too fill out. an hour or so ago there wasn umbrella on the beach. it will be crowded today. not much happening on the radar. winds out the east today. that alluz us to warm up. think goodness we're dry. look at the rainfall totals. fort lauderdale for the month 7.41. miami over 7.5 inches. the difference? wewee over six inches above there for miami. fort laudeale four above the average and key west picking up 1.38 in addition to normal. temperatures o oside near 70 degrees in many locations high temperature around 79 degrere. neki? >> neki: tears shed as pped friends and family try to rememberer a man police say was killed over a parking spot. we brought it to you as breaking news. we're learning more about the
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to help find the shooter. local 10 is live in miami with the latest. >> repepter: w we know pice are able to get an identification. no arrests have been made and they hope to find someone responsible that is on the streets were. >> family and friends in tears [praying] >> it's very tragic. >> reporter: a loved one shot and killed, the reason incomprehensible. >> it wasn't worth it for what happened over a sparking -- just off northwest seventh street. across the street from the night club. his family said he hung outut there often. parked here instead of there and i see hem arguing.
9:25 am
one of them hitting salise. >> i went inside instead of helping my brother out and he got shot. >> >> he was rushed to rider trauma center but pronounced dead at the hospital. police searched for whatever evidence they could. family and friends deal with the devastating loss as best as they can. pleat have that surveillance video and hopefully it leads to a suspepe outside fiction. any new information len news. a developing story a virginia tech -- >> 1-year-old david eisenhower
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abduction of 13-year-old nicice lavelle who was missing since wednesday. but he was officially charged with her murder after herody was found last night. >> it's with a heavy heart i have to announced we rocketed the -- located the remains of 13-year-old nicole madison lovell. days. she pushed a dresser in front of herroor and climbed out a window wednesday night or tuesday night. a cause of death will be determined in n couple days. >> a drive his by shooting that took the life of a toddler. aidan was only 22 years old when police say he was shot multiple times on friday sitting in a car with his mother andnd grand morning. aidan was the only one hit. a witness of the shooting s`ys that the family is in her prayers. >> it's senseless and especially when i heard that it may be gang related. i'm quite sure that is some of the activities that go on with gangs.
9:27 am
we get your moma, your sister, your child. >> police believe someone who lives on that block was the intended target. new this morning the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement said it helped arrest two dozen members of the a saloa cartel. the agency worked with the mexican government to make the arrests. drugs. suspects are in mexico but the u.s. will seek extra decision. >> todd: more than one million low in-come families could lose their government food stamps if they fail to meet work rerequirements that began kicking in this month. the rule change was triggered by the improving economic specifically falling unemployment. but it's raising concerns among social service providers and food pantry workers who fear an influx of people inneed. a bombshell email has embattled
9:28 am
newly exposed emails reveal the state shipped bottled water to workers in flint michigan more than eight months before the residents were told the watt was unsafe. >> they told the residents for a long petr that water was safe to drink and at the same time they were providing clean water for employees. final mush in iowa with the caucuses now just one day away. >> according to the register poll the candidates in a dead hate h- heat for those votes. glenna millberg followi the buzz from iowa and good morning to you, glenna. >> todd, neki, good morning. right down to the wire. i can't even imagine that any of the candidates got any sleep last night.
9:29 am
and it comeses right down to how much face time they can get and so they are just traveling around the state all weend. we can show you some of where they were. this video from yesterday in ames iowa and these just are time. sometimes 1,000 at a time. candidate. it's all about the face time now that the candidates can have with each and every voter. unlike the elections that we're used to at home the caucuses here are so much more personal and so much more intimate it's person to person. that means the candidates with you will at money they've spent on commercial air time, on having ground operations here. it's a face to face thing. the caucuses, the process is different for the democrats and republicans but the democrats literally go into a room and stand up in a corner for their candidates.
9:30 am
prestingt captains. goes on there. >> once you count up who is in the group you have a rea-- >> you should go over and sanders people. you'll be trying to -- you'll be standing phycally next to people trying to argue their point to those uncommitted people and get them to come over to your can get pretty rowdyn the sense that people are really passionate about supporting their candidate. for the g.o.p. precincts the process is different. the precinct is filled with caucus goers afternoon did he discuss and debate and the voting method is on a piece of paper. it's unsophisticated.
9:31 am
candidate and put it in a ballot box. ther are no computers, no scanners and it's a much more engaged process than we'resed to which is why this facetime and engagement with the candidates is so important to iowans. stay with us. we'll have more as the morningprogresses.. i'm glenna millberg reporting live in december moin, iowa this morning local 10 news. >> thank you. next up miss to mars. it may beloser than you think. we'll tell you when the ceo is looking looking to launch commercial flights to the red planet. >> todd: we'll run down some of the biggest runners at the -- winners at the screen actors guild awards. >> >> neki: we hope you are a big winner. here is a look at the lottery
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good luck. i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous g gden n rty y r hehebirthday. so i mowed the lawn, put up all the decorations. i thought i got everything. almost everything! you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by a septic disaster, and a billllf up to o $1000. but for only $7 a month, rid-x is scicitifically proven to break down waste, helping you avoid a septic disaster. rid-x. the #1 brand used by septic
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>> more than 100 fighters working overnight goat a massive fire in lexington, kentucky under control. the plane shot up 70 feet in the air at the local stockyard. more than eight acres destroyed by what firefighters are calling the biggest fire they've seen in years. the america red cross is now helping those impacted. >> would you like to go to mars? believe it or not you mighte able to do it its ceo is hoping to send people to the red planet but 2025 because he saidt's the only planet we have a shot
9:34 am
they plan to send a crew to the international space station in 2017. >> neki: are you ready to go? >> neki: no. i like to take a trip to miami or the keys in a car. i'm good with the car. drive. >> neki: enjoy the ride. >> my problem is i stop and eat my waffle down the overseas highway so it takes me longer. it's gorgeous out there. it doesn't matter wrur at. across the day. fort lauderdale a couple people it's fantastic. key west, mallory square looking at sun seth key. clouds overhead it's another warm startere. we're going to warm up even more this afternoon. radar is quiet. we have high level clouds continuing to.
9:35 am
towards the western suburbs. wind picking up between 10-15 miles per hour along the coast. easterly wind allowing the temperatures to really climb. it's thanks to this area of high pressure providing us with that warmth later on today. another snow system moving moving to colorado. more wet weather on theacific northwest down towards the central part of california. our moisture return coming from the south. you can see the green moving up past the lake. bringing us a 60% chance of raiai on monday and thundershowers and thunderstorm -- showers and thunderstorms entering the forecast once again. head togethereach, low chance of rip currents. on the water, no advisories, broward coastlili. same things for the keys. beyond the ree 2-4. over the next three days, big increase tomorrow as more storms in the forecast. for ground hog's day on tuesday.
9:36 am
keeping the readings in the low 80s for thursday. eventually on friday bumping up to 30%.. the sag awards proved to be much more inclusive. queen latifah won and another one more luther as well as an award for beasts of no immediate consideration. >> todd: jeffrey tambor one and downton abbey f best drama series and orange is the new black for best comedy. vie yoala davis won for female in a drama on how to get away with murder and kevin spacey took the male aword for his role in house of cards.
9:37 am
few jokes on the ice. later role reversal.
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>> three florida panther players representing the al-star weekend in nashville for the team. guys having fun ahead of tonight's all-star game. moment of the night belonged to jagr, sort of during the break he challenged suban of the can a naiants dressed up as jagr complete with the jersey and mullet. jagr loved every moment of it. then during the hardest shot competition, took off his jersey to reveal the stacy in space hoody. did he not win though. still he had fun. in the shootout challenge he
9:40 am
did the not allow the goal. with that victory they got the right to decide to play first in the new all-star format tonight. jagr explained the decision. >> can i fly home right away. i'morry i'm honest. i need a rest. >> he's 44. he can rest. needs it. four members of the miami dolphins don't need a rest they need fun tonight a a the probowl. here is ea a message safety jones posted last night.>> jones here. last day of practice having fun out here. fins up. >> rootingor them tonight. the heat we'll be rooting for them guns the hawks. battle for them for first place in the division. dwayne wade just like he has allseason coming to the rescue friday in milwaukee. he did aggravate or seem to that
9:41 am
white and johnson are`questionable. spurs last night. maybe would think a possible times preview. golden state would have something to say about that. block party for lebron james. flying under to the block on tony park yemple third quarter lebron turns it over but says i'm going to hustle and get the block. good stuff there from the king. also 29 minutes. cavs and spurs 117-103. coach laranaga tough game at nc state. the big alley oop to mcclellan second half too much of antho cat barber for the wolfpack. scored 30. canes lose 85-69. gators in a scuffle with number one west virginia.
9:42 am
first half with them in control. finney-smith driving baseline. throw it down. he had 24 points. gators pulling off the upset. 88-71. fsu hosting clemson. oking for the seminoles. 21 points. fsu won this thing. at's your local 10 morning sports wrap. >> we have a spoiler alert for you tennis fans. if you want to watch the australian 0e7 later this all right. there you go. the aususalian open. it's over. of course, they are way ahead of us in time. 's tomorrow in australia. and novak djokovic beat out andy murray for his 6th title win. this is djokovic's win over murray in the times. djokovic now has won 11 majors. murray has racked up five losing finals at the same slam. >> jumping into action.
9:43 am
stepped in to save a woman being brutally beaten in public. >> neki: and a man shot and
9:44 am
being remembered.tt2w`t3n
9:45 am
>> new this morning. three good samaritans stepped in and give gave -- stepped in after a woman was being attacked by her boyfriend and helped her. >> todd: you can see in the vivio he's brutally beating his girlfriend. soon after you see three men show up to rescue her. >> the next thing we know ground. and then i -- the one guy, the bigger gentleman who helped out had him in a headlock and cut his air off basically. >> police say the woman should recover.
9:46 am
facing fourth degree assault charges. when we come back a deadly dispute. >> a man shot and killed tomorrowy night club over a parking spot. here how blofd runs are remembering him.
9:47 am
battles.( >> todd: the iowa caucus is tomorrow. we're live from iowa with the election buzz. >> neki: new information about the man killed when an argumentt over a parking spot turned deadly. >> todd: a bizarre discovery. what police found inside a motel room with the monkeys.
9:48 am
hour. >> neki: a driver turns the tablen a miami-dade police officer. hear what he had to say when she pulled him over. good morning it's stunned, january 31. i'm todded tongen. >>'m neki mohan. taking a look at the key west cam right now. looks so beautiful. it's 70 degrees at 6:59. let's get straight over to weather authority trent eric. i could go to the keys right now. you are in miami. >> listen mount sinai medical center tower cam showing a shot of the magic city as well. it's going to be a nice one. blue skies mixed in looking at the hollywood beach cam. a lot of people getting out there to start the sunday off right. as we go through the day. temperatures climbing in the upper thefnts.
9:49 am
we're talking only a 10% chance for -- we should be about 3.5 -- a difference about four. the difference for m mmi we're six inches above average. key west 1.38 above average and todayye're mild. 75 already fort lauderdale. in homestead. average high for this date is 77. we should make it up to 79 later today thanks to an on shore windflow. what we're going to sees passing clouds. high levels west to east. surface claude clouds in the opposite direction. tonight. minutes. neki? >> countdown to the caucuses. one day left before the moment of truth in iowa. the lateses poll shows us the races are neck in neck. morning.
9:50 am
>> good morning, neki. waking up to the cold today. the stunning news about it is how many people in this state going to caucuses in 24 hours are just undecided. in the -- on the g.o.p. side almost half of the voters say they don't know who they are voting for yet. almost a third of democrats telling the pollsters the same thing. remember all of this is after months of spending so much money, m mlions o dollars on a barrage of television ads and billboards and all the candidates really building a operation in this state. now it comes right down to the re, all the candidates getting out across the state getting as much facetime directly with these candidate as they can. >> we're feeling great. i think we're going to win this. >> all that is jibber jabber if we don't win, right? >> bernie sanders, jeb bush. >> i'm here to ask you to caucus for me on monday.
9:51 am
of five stops. >> a couple punts in south florida saying you are going for third place in iowa is thatp true? >> i'm trying to get as many people to vote for me as possible in iowa, new hampshire, sng s.c., eventually florida. >> the same mission has every esidential hopeful from both parties traveling from city to city this weekend, several of them to ames, iowa, saturday. >> hillary clinton and -- beat hillary clinton and turn this country around. >> ted cruz royaled a -- roiled a standing room only crowd, a key best that donalal trump is courting hard. >> h important to get out the vote. >> it's about tnout. we're urging courageous -- bring your friends, family and neighbors. this election election is one. friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor.
9:52 am
discounted scrutiny over the 22 government emails on her home server found to be top classified. the people committed to hillary know it's auld balder dash. >> i think that if the republicans want to use this for political purposes it's their decision. >> former arina congresswoman gabby gifford who survived a gun shot to the head in 2011 she wasamong big names turning now the support of their candidates. >> tells them one t tng, tells iowans another. >> iowans hammemed with millions in campaign marketing the last weeks as they prepare too be the first to weigh in on the esidential selection. >> they have to be in touch with us and close or there. >> w want to show the rest of the world that we're thoughtful
9:53 am
lot of effort into it. everyone we talks to in this state, bar non, everyone we talked to s so engaged in this process. network morning shows has interviewed with the candidates. that's the last-ditch nationwide effort before the caucus but the focus is right here on the 99 counties of iowa for the next 24 hours. >> neki: do the people on the ground there feel they've had facetime enough to make a decision. they've been in the state maybe a week or more? >> i think iowa voters look like a fairly engaged political lot here. they%are engaged in not only watching this barrage coming at them. studying up, asking questions. a lot of foundhall meetings some are speeches but some are of
9:54 am
go to the town hall meetings have intererting in-depth questions for the candidates. you get the feeling that they stied up. they want to know where the candidates stand. their radar is up for people who are just giving them the lines they want to hear without the record to prove it. toes is with all the money that the candidates spend to craft their image and get out their message you get the sense that in this state they need to be on game with these voters. >> we'll stay tuned for more reports. glennie, hawkeye millberg as she crisscrossing iowa. thank you. >> neki: thank you, glenna. >> todd: the iowa caucuses held tomorrow. >> neki: on this week in south florida also the new trade and traveling rules for cuba. we'll talk to michael putney. good morning, michael. >> good morning neki and todd and you at home. you would have to be studying
9:55 am
the ash ram not to know the iowa caucuses take place tomorrow night. our colleague is in iowa. she's going to have a live report for u us and then we'll do a talkback about her impreions of various candidates. after that we're going to sit down for a rare interview with this gentleman, miami congressman mario. he is disturbed over the new rules announced this week that make it easier to travel and trade with cuba. but what is the alternative? we certainly have a lotot to talk about this morning including with our powerhouse roundtable. we get started at 11:30 here on local 10. i hope you can join us. neki? today? >> thank you, michael. see you then. >> we're learning new informatioabout the man police say was killed over a parking spot. >> family and friends of jackson salice held a candlelight vigil
9:56 am
we're live with the latest. the man gunned down early saturday morning as you said over an argment over a parking place is. were thereast night as family member and friends gathered at the spot where he was shot for a vigil in his memory. they tell us hee hung out at the club on northwest seventh street often toave a good time. that changed unfortunately around 2:30saturday morning when he had to be rushed to the hospital. he was later pronounced dead. witnesses recalled hearing him arguing with doctoring arguing with with anonoer man over the parking place. this was right acrosss the street. moments later several gun shots went off and he was hit. >> just wasn't worth it for what happened over a parking space. >> we spoke with other witnesses there. one man described them as almost auto mattic sounding.
9:57 am
to work that scene froro overnight well into the late evening hours looking for whatever evidence they do -- they could find. we know they got hands on surveillance video. we'll keep monitoring this situation and case as i imoves over. reporting live in miami, local 10 news. a couple at the center of a federal investigation which accuses them of run age kickback scheme to keep personal finances from collapsing. this i` the latest in the string of cases against the taylors. the report claims they plan to divert 150,000 from a sewer repair project back to themselves. >> i'm just like begging whoever knows anything to speak up and do the right thing. >> a desperate plea for a shooter to come forward after a deadly home invasion in northwest miami-dade. >> we told three men stormed in the home friday before opening fire.
9:58 am
local 10 has our up seat. >> good morning. >> good morning. you just heard that family friend right there. too distraught to talk on camera. they said these people are good people. ey didn't deserve to be going through this tragic ordeal. officers here are combing through surillance video captured at that gated community hoping to put a i.d. on the three intruders. we'll get you to video of@ the crime scene there. three intruders had their sights said on a home occupied by five adolls and forced themselves in. a victimried to fight back but it would be prove to be deadly. one pulled out a gun fer that's that new the victims they are hoping the men get off the
9:59 am
>> he diedd defending his family, defending his mom. they were amazing people and they really don't deserve what happened and i'm just like begging whoever knows anything to please just speak up and do the right thing. >> reporter: now neighbors at that complex are alsooping that someone comes forward because they believe that these if you think you can help them out or know anything about the crime call miami-dade crime stoppers. you see the number on your screen 305-471-tips. reporting live, local 10 news. >> neki: a bizarre discovery in southwest florida where shorts found a woman dead but with butith two live monkeys in a hotel room at a budget in this north port. she haseen identified as 59-year-old linda marie smith.
10:00 am
incohernt man found in the same room. police plan to qution the man but there were no signs of trauma. >> a man@unt for two inmates finally over. to two taken into custody in san frcisco. a woman spotted a parked van to the one the group had stolen. the third fugitive surrounded friday. the group had been on the run for a week. new overnight officials say that former president of el salvador has died. he suffered irreverseible brain damage after having a stroke last week. he served as president from 1999 to 2004 and under house arrest for corruption charges a miami-dade police officer have has to answer to a driver who
10:01 am
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>> the reason i pulled you over today and i'm asking you to come over and have a conversation is because i saw you since miller drive when you were first jumping on to the palmetto. >> okay. >> and you were pushing 90 miles per hour. >> okay, really? >> yes. >> todd: a miami driver pulled a police officer o`er after she said he was speeding. you can see the rub-in caught on her cell phone camera. the driver claims the police officer broke 100 miles per hour at one point. she pulled him over. in the video posted on youtube on friday. that driver says she started following the officer on the palmetto expressway around 56th street and struggled to keep up with him. after flashing her lights and honking at him he pulled over and hear here is what he had had to say. >> i don't know how fast i was going.
10:03 am
i don't believe i was speeding, but you are entitled to your opinion. i saw you now when you pulled over next to me which is why i pulled over here. i thought you had an emergency or something, everything fine? >> todd: lady in the video he apologized and promised to slow down. warming up nicely and too too quickly. >> perfect sunday. it. >> changes coming tonight and tom and -- tomorrow and then a warm-up. today is the lay last kay tr l- -- we'll see a good mix of sunshine. we've been watching sailboats come live throughout the morning and key west a mixed bag as well.
10:04 am
no one down there dealing with rain right now. you can see the clouds moving across the west coast. key west some clouds on 70. elsewhere in the mid 70s in browd yard county. pom paino beach and people broke pines. you can see that wind on shore around 10 miles per hour. that will continue to warm us up and that on shore flow is thanks to this area of appreciate continuing to provide us with that breeze and continuing to watch the storm system gaining strength through the central part of the country bringing snow across colorado and will develop more snow across the midwest in days to cox we're watching more moisture along the pacific northwest. east coast the quiet yet spoft for now. moisture over the south. rain comes back. 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms here for your wednesday. then it tapers back down for ground hog's day and on wednesday. heading out to the beach, surf
10:05 am
rip current chance slight, uv index high. thanks trend. >> todd: looking for fun and low cost events to fill out the weekend. the local 10 community calendar might be of some help. >> we've got you covered. st. stephen's in miramar is hosting thth event. it will feature news and park rides, food court and much more. call that number for more information. >> if a concert is more your speed, the coral ridge church invites you to listen to the soothing sounds of the jazz trio. tickets start at 5:00. for more information call or visit
10:06 am
happening you want us to know about it? send it to ust community dot com. when we come back a few pretty good jokes on the ice. >> neki: we'll tell you what
10:07 am
a >> welcome back in sports. players represeing the team at the all-star weekend in
10:08 am
guying have a great time head of all-star game tonight. during the breakaway challenge suban of canadiens dressed up as jagr. he won the event believe it or not. during the hardest shot competition he took off his jersey to reveal a spacey in space hoody and luongo made every s sp as he did not allow one single go. >> neki: the miami heat will battle the hawks for the first place in the division tonight. dwayne&wade come to the rescue in milwaukee with the go ahe bucket. number threing availted that soldier injury.. coming up in less than a week --
10:09 am
>> it's first -- d dald trump has the lead in iowa right now. he joins us live thiss morning with hillary clinton. she holds a slim lead over bernie s sders. right now three points in the final hours. she's going to joioi us live. so will bernie sanders.
10:10 am
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>> witnesses say a man got into an argument with another man before he was shot. investigators hope surveillance video gives them clues. >> todd: one day left before the moment of truth in iowa. trump stands at 28% while ted crews slid to 23%. >> sticking at percentages. 10% chance today.
10:12 am
at the beach. fantastic day taking the boat out. we'll show you where the changes come. in that's on the seven day forecast as we see a 60% chance of wet weather for monday. groundhog day looks good. a if you arey guy to have a chance. >> jennifer back next weekend. >> she's back. >> we enjoyed have youingear. >> come by anytime. >> i'll i'd the bruises neki gave me. >> thank you for joining thus morning on local 10. >> this week isext and stay tuned for this week in south florida with michaelnd glennal. you can get the latest breaking news andeather developments all day long by checking the web
10:13 am
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