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tv   Local 10 News Sunday 11PM  ABC  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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a woman driven to get a miami-dade police officer to sloe down on a highway. how she turned the tables to confront him and what the departmentas to say about him. a fatal fall. a university of florida student stumbles off of a balcony. we have reaction. the candidates are making a final push to win over voters and local ten news is live. toxic trouble at a catering company. what was in the air that made workers sick? after a nice weekend, here we go again. more showers and thunderstorms expected. we'll talk you through what youeed to know.
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one minute away. captions provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. live. the one and only local ten news starts right now. the reason i pulled you over today and i'm asking to you come over and have a convsation is because i saw you since miller drive when you
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palmto and you were pushing 90 miles an hour. >> a driver turns the table on a police officer by pulling him over for speeding. she tracked him quite a while. >> when he finally pulled over, she had tough questions for him. we have more on the video. >>reporter: this is where that citizen's traffic stop happened. this is on the west side of i-95 at northwest eight street and tha woman said she flashed her lights and honked he horn to try to get the miami-dade police officer to stop. >> i had to keep up with him. i had to, like, push the limit and everything. >>reporter: turn of the tables for a uninirmed police officer after he's flagged down and accused of speeding by a citizen. >> i pushed 80 to try and catch up with you and i was still eating your dust. you were leaving me behind and i was asking 80 miles an hour. i
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emergency. >>reporter: a woman uploaded three videos to youtube, images which have gone viral. > you were going about 100 miles an hour. i was hitting 80 and i could not catch up to him. >>reporter: using her cell phone,he documents the movements and tells the police cruiser until she's able to get the cop to pullover and explain his actions. >> i don't know how fast i was going, but i'm on the way to work right now. i don't believe i was speeding. like i said, you're entitled to your opinion. i thought you had an emergency. >>reporter: both cop and citizen remain polite in the video eshgs which ends with an apology. >> everything fine? >> everything is fine. it's your speeding. >> i apologize and i'll be sure to slowown then. >>reporter: tonight that officer sea department is responding. we received this statement that says, "the miami-dade police department
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staff investigate thematter. once the officer and citizen are identified. the appropriate cour of action will be taken at that point. bottomline, we have not heard the last of this incodent. that is still under investigation. that is the latest in miami, local ten news. we are following breaking news. police are investigating after a body was found floating in a ft. lauderdale canal. police discovered the body near northwest 10th avenue and 5th place. the identity has not been released. the cause of death is unknown. police say they do not expect any foul play. at 11:00, a deadly fall in gains victim. a student falling from a balcony. local ten news reporters live with more. michael? >>reporter: >>reporter: this young man touched a lot of lives on social media, especially facebook seeing a lot of photos of him, a lot of condolences
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friends who he went to high school with. students at the university of florida are stunned -- describing the death of@ chance wolf as a tragic accident. the 20-year old journalism student died around 2:00 sunday morning after he fell six stories from an apartment building off campus. first responders found wolf unconscious and bleeding. it's unclear what happened before he fell to his death. chance wolf grew up in south florida, graduating from cypress bay high school. after graduation he took his talents to -- where he was a member off the club team. in fact, his final game was against his hometown rival, university of miami. on sunday night friends and family took to social media, posting photos and condolences. one of chchce's closest friends sent us a statement on facebook, writing "he was an amazing person to be around. he made everyone that was frienen with him feel like they were one of his clost friends and he
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laugh." tonight gainsville police telling us there is surveillance video showing chance walking down the hallway before he fell to his death. he was in a fraternity, a member of zbt. they're also remembering the yng man. live in westin, local ten news. now to 2016. the iowa caucus is only hours away. it's been a whirlwind weekend for candidates hoping to win over undecided voters. >>reporter: in this state -- in this process it is very likely that decisions are made right there in the caucus itself. all ththugh the weekend right up to tonight candidates are still on this frenzied criss-crossing getting in alll of these rallies and as much
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>> (cheering). >> (cheering). >>reporter: the young crowd passed his rally -- the same venue where a few hundred had come see hillary clinton days ago. clinton madad a c ccus eve a family affair with billnd chelsea. eight months ago the polls put sanders 41 points behind and now hou before iowans go to caucus, he is tied with hillary clinton. republican frontrunner donald trump brought his family too, spending the last hours appealing to iowa's evangelical voters in a hostile btle with ted cruz. with polls showing
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third of democratic voters still undecided, the field is potentially wide open for other gop contenders, including marco rubio pulling third and jeb bush in the single digits. prooirm votes, solo in the ballot box, they are big discussions and debates, auch determining the vote right there at the end. >> you have the opportunity to have a discussion with people that, they're going to help to determine which is the direction you want to go. >> have you been the swayed or the swayer? >> probably the swayed. >> you've been swayed right there at caucus time? >> yeah. >>reporter: it is so incredible to think that there are so many undecided voters still after everyone in this state has been the target of some $77 million in campaign ads, target marketing. by this time
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who leaves iowa with the momentum the first vote towards the presidential election 2016. >> we're looking forward to those reports. thank you. our coverage continues online. look for our politics page under the news tab. found out how caucusing works. 11 people were hospitalized after a carbon monoxide leak. it was reported at a meal delivery service company. an exhaust fan system was reportedly making some loud noises. an employee shut it out. that allowed the fumes to build. the employees are expected to be okay obut this could have been a lot worse. >> the worse outcome of any type ofexposure, depending on the time and the expos_re to the carbon monoxide, could lead to death.
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inspected tomorrow to assess to see if it still poses a danger. the family of a man who was shot and killed over a parking space is in mourning. family and friends held a memorial at the spot he was shot dead. he left a nightclub near northwest seventh street and 17th place around 2:45 in the morning. he then got in to an argument with the shooter. >> i parked here instead of over there and i see them arguing. i went inside instead of helping my brother out. he got shot. >> it wasn't worth for what happened over a parking space. >> he was rished to jackson memorial hospital, where he died. no arrests have been made. a false alarm at miami international airport forced terminal h to be shut down. officials say a suspicious item was to blame. the item was cleared and the termimil reopened. now a live look from our ft. lauderdale cam after a
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be storms in store for this week. not again. no. >> that is the word from mr. eric who joins us with the rain that is going to comee our way. >> you can see a live look looking westbound. it's been a great weekend across town. that is going to change tonight and tomorrow with rain chances shooting up around 70 to 80 percent. we're seeing showers developing here just to the southwest of the lower keys. you can see them swly marching off to the northwest. as the moisture increases tonight and tomorrow, we will see that chance of rain. the good news is, the atmosphere is not as primed a as it was last week for the potential for severe weather. we can't rule out the chance for of storm, but the threat a lot lower than last week, especially on wednesday and thursday. right now outside you're in the low 70s across town. the moisture is back. humidity is there. we have a south ooeft wind less than ten miles an hour. as we go through the overnight hours
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to fall. it is monday. we'll see showers and storms continue to roll through. a stormy day on the way. we'll talk about the timing and what you can xeblth in a few minutes. > a police of stolen art returned by quite a character. someone wearing a stormtrooper helmet is caught on camera. a rev rescue on an icy lake. what it took to save a dog. monday at 6:00. a law-abiding citizen putting guns on the streets >> you won't believe how easily guns are getting in the wrong hands. how to keep your
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safe home monda at 6:00. a man was arrested in
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papers on the white house laun lawn. thehe secret service arrested him. agents were taking a look at the papars and removing them. it's unclear what the man was protesng. several cars were burned outside of a jewish cultural center. police are trying to find the firebug who investigators believe prejudice may havee been the motivation behind the attack. officers are stepping up patrols near other jewish centers and houses of worship. caught on camera. this is a bizarre story from ohio. a stolen painting is returnene to a pizza shop by a man wearing a storm-trooper helmet. it was stolen two weeks ago. they made a plea on social media to get the painting back. a man ows up and hands over the painting.
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didn't take his mask off. we weren't sure what was going on. i think you get nervous in those situations. >> the restaurant said they plan to frame the note and hang it up next to the painting. a dog safe and sound back home with his family after being rescueue from an icy lake in virginia. the owners were tubing down the lake. when milo walked on the ice, he fell through it. rescuerer helped pull him from the lake. it was 21 degrees outside. i'm glad is safe. i love dogs. back to the rtrtwo-dtwo story. >> (laughter) >> the whole thing from
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working out tonight. >> we want to talk about more rain moving back in the forecast. the tower cam showing -- 72 degrees after a chilly start on saturday. we managed to see our temperatures come up and the humidity has as well. the radars sweeping around quiet for dade and broward. we're watching an hour of showersrs between the -- and key west. these will continue to move off to the northeast at 15 to 20 miles an hour. it wil be the florida keys first tonight with a 50 percent chance of rain and then eventually dade and broward by tomorrow as the rain chance shoots up to 70 t80 percent across town and the clouds are all around south florida from the lake along the overseas highway. today temperatures managegeto climb up to 77. we were exactly where we should be. key west you were two above your normal of 75 degrees. right now we are
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except -- where we're at 68 degrees. hohostead, 71. this warm southeast flow will continue once again for tomorrow. little broader picture here. you're of high pressure at the surface is what is steering that southeast wind. you can see clouds extend o o the mid-atlantic, including the bigend to florida. we're watching a series of storm systems. one will bring very heavy snowfall through the central plains, including impacting the areas on the iowa caucuses monday night in to tuesdada here we're going to watch the moisture surge from the south that will fwring that rain chance up tomorrow. then the dry airmoves back in for the middle parts of the week. we'll see a rain chance between 10 and 20 percent. our temperatures are going to go upp in to the low 80s. here is how our computer models are showing this tonight. the first batch before noononme tomorrow. then in the afternoon we'll see more
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times herebefore the moisture -- and we see more dry air move back in from the north. if you're headed to the beach tomorrow, not the best beach day. surf 1 to 2 feet. very cloudy. if you are taking the boat out, no advisories. the three-day forecast. there's ground hog's day on tuesday. overnight lows sit in the low 70s. next weekend we'll watch a cold front stall over the central part of the state thursday night, eventually bringing us another increased chance of storms friday and saturday. we'll be 4:30. >> as always, thank you. the super bowl is one week away and the two teams are ready for the big game. the broncos arrived earlier today. they'll head in to the game as underdogs. manny is searching for his second super bowl ring.
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arrived in san francisco. the teams will now get readyor an intense week of media coverage. next week's game will be played at the 49ers new field. it is also the 50th super bowl for the nfl. a deadly discovery. a teenager who was missing is found dead. new details about the suspects aliegedly behind her death. constance jones with your construction alert. i-75 all southbound lanes will be closed at that bridge at mir mar parkway. those delays will be in place until 6:00 a.m. get
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morning with me. two virginia tech students have been charged in the death of a 13-year old girl. she disappeared on wednesday. detectives found her body in north carolina yesterday near the virginia state line. 18-year old david is who police think is responsible for her death. >> based on evidence collected today, we have determined they were acquainted prior to her disappearance. he used this relationship to his advantage
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>> 19-year old natalie keepers is also been charged for allegedly helping him dispose of her body. both are being held without bond. now that the three fugives who escaped from a california prison have all been captured, investigators are turning their attention to who helped them escape. a woman who taught english at the jail has been arrested after allegedly giving the man a google earth map. that used that map along with several other tools too make a dramatic escape. police are wondering if they had any more help. we are investigating to see if anyone else helped in t t escape. >> he turned himself in on friday. the remaining two fugitives were arrested yesterday. the former president has died. he was found at his home. he w!s under house
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he suffered a stroke. he served as president from 1999 to 20000 he was 56 years old. the world health organization is set to hold a meeting monday to address international fears of the virus. leaders will discuss the best way to control t t outbreak that is spreading across the americas. experts say the key is getting rid of the type of mosquito spreading it. for pregnant women itan cause birth detects. there are three confirmed cases in florida. they were all infected while traveling to south america. next in our mercedes benz sports report, the florida panthers shine during tonight's all-star game. the heat
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