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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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people. you don't need a jacket for that. hey, south florida, i'm eric yutzy. >> it was 50 somethingyesterday. >> first of all, it was in the 40s yesterday. i'm from miami. i'm weird. >> i'm eric yutzy. another beautiful morning ready to go here in february. let's check in with weather authority meteorologist julie durda to talk about the weather. > love when you talk about weather, you make no sense at all. >> yes, it's definitely warmer but the one thing you did make sense and the full fact is you don't need that jacket unless you're jacey and you get chilly below 72 degrees because right now it's really comfortable out there. the wind are moving in from the west southwest and that's the warm air direction which is provided for these temperatures to move in anywhere between 7 and 18 degrees warmer.
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as you walk out the door. ft. lauderdale 63. miami 6, key west. 61 mild degrees in kendall. that's where you might need a sweater or jacket. these temperatures anywhere between 7 and 18 degrees warmer than yesterday. this is what the day played out to be. as the kids head to the bus stop, it won't be nearly as cool. highs rapidly warming up to the upper 60s, low 70s. constance, did you like this morning as you walked out the door? >> yeah, it's nice. we dealt with so much rain this season, it's nice when it's just cool. a live look at t t macarthur causeway this morning, not a lot to talk about this morning because we're accident-free in both counties. a great way to wake up on a tuesday morning. let's get to the dolphin expressway east bound. some drive times for you this morning. if you're at the turnpike heading to i-95. obviously as the morning
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and a lot more cars are going to be on the roadways. it's going to take you between 19 and 29minutes between 7:00 and 8:00 this morning to travel from the turnpike i-95. right now a baby's safe and sound with her family after a man jumped inside the mom's car, took off with that ten month old, this beauty still inside. this morning the carjacker out there on the run. police need your help tracking this guy down. erica rakow is live from the laundromat where all of this started. >>reporter: the little girl is back home but you're right, police want to find this guy because he didn't think twice about jumping in that mother's car parked right here outside the laundromat. thatat 10 month old is back in the arms of her loved ones, reunited with family but this a a happened at a
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the baby girl sleeping en her mother stopped to pick up some clothth in the drier. not wanting to pick her up, she left the car running with the baby inside. here are a couple of surveillance imamas from the cameras inside the laundromat. police believe he's between 19 and 20 yearsold. police say he abandoned the car near west mcnab road and powerline road so about ght miles from here that car was found. an alert probably came across your tvs, even across your cell phone, a loud tone you would have seen this. that little girl as you mentioned safe and sound but they still need your help, polili do. if you know anything about this man who took off in t t woman's car yesterday, you're urged to call crimestoppers this morning. that number is 594-493-tips.
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breaking news overseas. two trains crashed head-off in bavaria. it is bed to the least one of the trains derailed during the crash and several peopleare believed to be stuck inside that wreckage. the people who are hurt are being taken away from the scene by helicopter and boat and german police say all train crash survivors about been rescued from the wreck and. we'll keep following this for you all morning long. keep itt here on local 10. protestors clashed with police in hong konon disrupting the china new year's celebrations. all the violence broke out when police tried to evict unlicensed food vendors. they really wanted to crack down on the unlicensed food stalls during the busy hold but it took a stronger stance they they have in
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now to vote 2016. dixville notch is a tiny town in northern new hampshire, the vote at midnight. bernie sanders shutting out hillary clinton four votes to none and kasich edging out donald trump. only nine votes cast in that tiny town. meanwhile former new york city mayor michael bloomberg said is he considering a run for the white house this year. this is the from time to time he has openly discussed that possibility. glenna millberg in new hampshire this morning for today's primary. you can see a report from her live at noon. she's also bringing us the latest at few minutes away at 6:30 from manchester. a motorist is in a coma after being struck in havava. witnesses say the driver tried to leave the scene
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down. ferraro is now in a medically-induced coma. >> he broke his fibula and continue -- tibula. the open her an s.u.v. involved in a hit and run crash that p four people in the hospital meeting with police yesterday. walking into the police station with his attorney. he was not arrested. we did bring you surveillance video and showed it to you yesterday. the s.u.v. slam nothing city. a group of friends piling into the car when the crash happened sending the people flying. two of the five victims still in the hospital this morning. the family of a
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and killed a year ago expressed their outrage on monday. the officer was cleared of any charges. hall was having aville episode when his mother called 911 hoping police could help out. inead hall was shot and killed after striking two officers with a broomstick. >> i'm feeling hurt and i don't believe none of the accusations that they said, no, i don't, because i called them for help and look what it caused. >> at the time of the shooting the family's lawyer went so fars to characterize the shooting as murder. prisecutors disagree deciding the officer was justified in using deadly force. a man amburning two people in lauderhill. one of them going after them with a sword. lice say 22-year-old javon walker stole the sword from a display and started attacking the man. he was also caught on
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82-year-old man with a small metal pole. both victims had to be taken to the hospital. they say they fnd walker down in a stolen car. they say they didn't give a reason for the attacks. he made statent about seeing quote poltergeist and wanting to kill all that was evil good right no detectives working to get answers to a murder mystery. a mother fnd dead in her condo, the children the ones to call for help. a leopard is on the loos in a school. it actually hurt several people as well. it's caught on camera. a couple allegedly allowing their child to drive a truck because they were drunk.
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the details next. >>reporter: good m mning. topping america's money, a new recall for honda. >> honda is recalling about 45,000 of its 2016 civics equipped with four cylinder engines. a missing or improperly installed piston clip could fail. there are now more registered drone operators in the u.s. planes. >> drone owners number abt 325,000. that's about 5,000 more than the number of registered aircraft. drone registration only started just befor christmas. and a healthy report about spending your valentins day. it says that on average we'll spend 147 each
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>> i record total of $19.7 collectively will be spent on the oak. valentine's day is on sunday. >> and that' america's money. another recall alert to tell you about this morning. mazda announcing they are recalling thousands of their s.u.v.s. the recall covers 237,000 hassa cx-5 s.u.v.s. only the 2014 and 2015 models are the ones affected according to the companiment they say the fuel filler pipe could represent turin a rear crash. mazda also notes there have been no reports so far of any fires or injuries resulting from that problem. let's take a look at live pictures out of new orleans. that's where mardi gras, carnival celebrations are under way.
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course we're waiting for the celebrationo really kick off as it was throughout the day. >> look, more people. >> i think that guy's wearing a kilt. all kinds of action going on at this early hour. all right, weather authority meteorologist julie durda here this morning. 63 degrees or so. good morning, julie. >> indeed. the weather's going to cooperate for them. hey, it's a party. fat tuesday so enjoy. we've got temperatures nice and mild this morning. 62 degrees in ft. lauderdale. 63 miami. 6 key west. much warmer than when wewoke up to yesterday all thank to a west southwest wind between 8 and 15 miles per hour. we will continue with that west southwest direction throughout the morning and then eventually a west northwest wind. that's why we're going to see the elevated risk of rip currents. currently a comfortable 62 in pembroke pines. 61 in kendall. 67 in marathon. 61 in pompano beach. the wind speeds
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between e eht and 18 miles per hour. we are expectingur wind speeds to reach 15 to 20 miles per hour with wind gusts near 30. these temperatures anywhe between 7 and 15 to 16 degrees, even 17 degrees warmer than what we woke up to yestday morning. a bit more cloud cover today than what we saw yeerday but these clouds are not producing precipitation. our atmosphere is relatively dry. it's still refreshing and comfortable. you can still open up your windows and enjoy and keep that ac off. another frontal boundary we're going to watch. that's going to be moving into south florida as we go into wednesday and briing us cooler air by thursday. currently a lot of snow associated with the system as far east as the carolinas and far east as the northeast right now and as far south as tennessee. veryold arctic air spilling in from canada and it is spilling as far south as northern florida thanks to a dip
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the west coast we have a dip in the jet stream. that provides forp that cold air to spill in and we'll be feeling the effects of it by thursday morning. today comfortable, breezy. we will notice our temperatures warmer than yesterday. chilly start going into wednesday night into thursday as temperatures will be dropping down into the 40s. check out the seven-day forecast. you'll see it sewed comfortable, tomorrow comfortable. thursday morning we're topping lows in the 40s. >> thank so much. still accident-free out there but we do have reports of a broken down car on i-95 southbound in the express lanes. if you take a live look here you see those flashing lights and that's from the road rangers. one lane of traffic was blocked in our express lanes this morning. as you can see really isn't affecting much in the way of traffic.let's check to see if there are any delays reported with our drive titis this morning. we're seeing speeds between 56 to 53 milele per hour so really not a lot to worry about. we're still accident-free in broward
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so quickly let's get to some drive times on u.s.-1 northbound. if you'ree starting on lejeune road headednto downtown miami in the brickle area about eight minutes. kendall driviv heading to the same spot about 17 mimutes total drive time. a scary situation for a sorority sister in oklahoma. this man allegedly broke into her greek house and stole some under wear. apparently that girl woke up in the middle of the night and found randall scott ashton sitting at the edge of her bed. police say when they arsted him they discovered he had stole the girl's under garments and even wore them straight to jail. a wisconsin couple is in hot water after police say a couple let their nine-year-old girl drive their pick-up truck because they were too drunk to drive. police found the truck with the nine-year-old daughter behind the wheel. in the back seat the two
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a nine month old baby. they now face charges of child endangerment and child neglect. take a look happening over the weekend in banglalador. it took t t hours to catch the animal which was caught and later released. a man is facing serious charges this morning for allegedly, get this, using an alligator to assault a wendy's employee. >> can't make this stuff up. why the family says this is just a joke gone wrong, big misunderstanding. aook at the documents showing casey anthony is starting a new business here in south florida. we want to say good morning to our facebook friend of the day this morning, desiree santiago. good morning, thank for
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can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. welcome back.k. it's 6:20 right now. people in michigan are banding together to try to remove michigan governor rick snyder from office. on monday statete officials approve the wording of the petition that would the governor. >> this blatant lack of concern and slow attempt to reverse an act of undeniably gross negligence displayed by ouj governor is unacceptable and disrespectful. >>eople in flint have been trying for weeks to get a petition approved based on snyder'
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water crisisp but were repeatedly rejected. it now has 60 day to see get 800,000 signatures. 78-year-old howard schneider entering a not guilty play yesterday for fraud charges is now out on bond. he is also facing civil suits from former patients they claim schneider deliberately accused them. casey anthony out of hiding nearly five years after being found not guilty of killing her own daughter. she launched her open photography business in west palm beach in 21. in 2011 she was acquitted in the murder of her daughter caylee. a florida man threw an alligator through a drive-thru window and nap he's faying serious charges but his mom is claiming, hang on, everybody, it's all just a joke.
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at a wendy's in jupiter. his mother claims he was playing a prank on a friend that works at wendy's. the man is charged with aggravated assault, unlawful possession and traffic of and alligator >> are you kidding me? >> what if the alligator bit the guy? we're lening more about one of those very popular super bowl commercials from the big game on sunday. >> it sent everyone into a craze. coming up how a wisconsin man was chosen to appear in the commercial.
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in a (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru imeza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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one of the more popular ads from the super bowl.
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showing super bowl babies, people born roughly nine months after their team won a super bowl. this morning we're hearing from one of those super bowl babies. >> yeah? he's not exactly a baby anymore. he's 48 years old but he was born nine months after the very first super bowl back in 1967. >> it's about, wowow our team was winning the super bowl, our parents were making us. so you s a really wide age range of all the people that were in this commercial based on when their team won the super bowl. >> now you know the back story, it's kind of interesting. >> yeah. >> scott calls himself a die-hard packers fan. he says he found the ad for green bay fans born in october or november of 1967, he said, i'm in. good morning, south florida. temperatures already in
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julie's got your covered tuesday. i've got you covered on the roadways. downtown miami. no issues to report on
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details right after this 6:30. murder mystery, children leading police to a condo with their mother found dead inside. baby sound safe and sound after missing for several hours. the kidnapper still on the run in morning. how you c c help find this guy. it's primary day in new hampshire. some votes have already been cast. we'll let you know what's straight ahead. an historic hire. a south florida team led by a woman. why you may recognize her. good morning, south florida. a live look from our ft. lauderdale tower cam. it's a little warmer
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>> certainly we change from the 40s0so the 60s. you might want to grab a sweater, light jacket. people have been tweeting me saying some think it'sold, some think it's perfect. >> for the details weather authority meteorologist julie durda let you know at least what the must be -- number is going to be today. notice our camera shake around all thanks to the wind direction. the wind speeds picking up too anywhere between 8 and 15 miles per hour. lower 60s right now ft. lauderdale, miami. 6 d drees in key west. we are expecting a shift in the wind direction b b the afternoon which will provide for a west northwest wind. boaters we h he'ds as well all day long so keep that in mind. we do have attempt in the lower 60s, mild in kendall. 62 comfortable degrees in pembroke pines. 67 at marathon. temperatures anywhere between 7 and 17 degrees
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up to yesterday. we will see our temperatures possibly reach the upper 50s just aftft sunrise. definitely warmer today, windy. i'll have a lot more on the forecast, when we'll see our temperatures back down to the 40s coming up. >> julie, thank so much. can you believe it, you guys, we are still accident-free, 6:30 in the morning. just a few broken down cars that can slow youdown just a little bit this morning. this is i-95 at sample road. we're seeing just a little bit of congestion in our southbound lanes here. obviously those are the headlights heading towards us on the screen. here's onene off of i-95 northbound at hillsboro boulevard. you can see those speeds at 66 miles per hour, not affecting travel speeds at all this morning. an earlier crash blocking part of our express lanes. that was off to the shoulder and i don't think it's going to cause much in the way of
6:27 am
39 miles per hour, not much of a delay. i would stick with the regular travel lanes this morning. developing right now, a murder mystery in a condominium, a mother is found d dd and her children were the ones who called police for help. layron livingston is live from the flamingo condo in miami beach with all the details. do we know what happened here? >>reporter: we're still trying to get some information to figure out exactly what happened inside this apartment. we were here last night police were waiting for a search warrant to come through so they can get inside. at this time the woman's body was still inside this apartment. just within the last couple of minutes we saw a white van looked to be going g to the condominium complex. we're trying to figure out if that woman's body is still on scene here. heres what we do know, security guards at the flamingo condominium
6:28 am
7:00 monday night. they told dispatchers two small children came down and said their mother was hurt in their apartment. police showed up, went inside and found the mother dead in t tt apartment. police have not said how is mother died. at this point they believe this is the result of some sortt of domestic disturbance. local 10 has learned detectives are looking for someone but right now we're not hearing who they are be allowing for. >> at this point detectives are sk urge all possible lead. they have several leads. we're at this point not going to be providing any subject information as to not compromise the investigation. >>reporter: and back live here, we're still working to learn morerebout this case, how this woman died and where those young kids are now, how they are doing. we'll let you know as soon as we kno and pass that information along to you on local 10 and layron livingsn, local
6:29 am
a child missing for several hours. an amber alert had to be issued after a man stole inside. the carjacker turned run. local 10 news reporter erica rakow is live this morning from the laundrom in ft. lauderdale where this happened. how did it happen, erica? >>reporter: it is, eric. i got that alert too. a loud tone coming across your cell phone about 6:30 yesterday afternoon, also went across your tv. we had the good news this morning that that child is home safe and sound. police are still looking for the guy they say didn't think twice about jumpinin in this moarp's r. she's bright-eyed yet tired. the 10 month old baby is
6:30 am
her mother so relieved. back safe in her mom's arm after police found the baby inside her mom's car abandoned near west mcnab road and powerline road. a frantic search by air, on the ground, all hands on deck. all started at 4:00 yesterday afternoon at this laundromat on west sun rise boulevard. the mother left the baby alone as she went inside for just a minute. police say that man in that minute jumped at the chance to commit a crime. walked out and jumped in the car. the baby's mother ran out, her car and her baby gone. >>he lady came out screaming. i didn't realize what was going on. >>reporter: she says she never thought that would happen and that she didn't want to walk her daught up. so after we aired those images and that amber
6:31 am
tracked that car down about eight miles if here, car and baby fouou around. they are still looking limited information about him but believe to be 19 or 20 years old if you know anything about him, saw him driving that green car around, call police this morning or call crimestoppers. remain anonymous. erica rakow, local 10 news. nono to vote 2013, the first votes in new mpshire's primary are in. three small towns including dixville and a half cast their votes. it's a three-way tie between donald trump, ted cruise and johnp kasich on the republican side. glenna millberg reports from manchester. >> there is a new final poll just out as people are starting to vote today, but there are other polls that show really fluctuating
6:32 am
may be anyone's guess at this point but the big story of the first primary of the season is that so many people are coming out to vote who had never voted before, so engaged in this particular election. snow burying manchester campaigning.g. you say you want a revolution >>reporter: g.o.p. front runner hillary clinton hijacked the revolution theme. >> here's an american democracy today. >>reporter: democratic front runner brarynd kept his revolution going monday night at a concert in durham.m. polls show his almost 2-1 lead over hillary clinton. braryppedz may have a revolution. hillary clinton has a stray teamic army and and incredible ground game.
6:33 am
and already in state that are about to vote next week. >> this is now crunch time. >>reporter: trump head into tuesday with a substantial lead over marco rubio and ted cruise. microsoft of the poll though was done beforesaturday night's debate debacle for rubio when he faired to rebut chris christie's attacks. >> he actually has the broadest support of any of the republican candidates in the state. >> will those people come to the polls and to whom will new hampshire's historically engaged, informed and open-minded voters finally commit. >> i'm not sure whato do. >> i don't think i'm going to know until i walk through the polls. >>reporter: it's all about getting out the v te now today. the snow let up overnight and the weher is not expected to be too much of a problem for voter turnout and the very
6:34 am
actually cast at the very stroke of midnight. the residents of dixville notch, population about 12 in the north part of the state, it's tradition for those voters to go at midnight and be the very first voters in the first primary of this election. i'm glenna millberg in manchester, new hampshire, local 10 news. local 10's mill hill will be live from new hampshireith more on this primary day starting today at noon. broward sheriff's deputies, they are trying to track down a woman caught on camera shooting at a car at a pompano beach resort. the woman approaching the vehicle shootinat the trunk and the driver's side. he told investigators he does not know who would want to hurt him. if you have any information, know what happened here, broward crimestoppers, you can gave them a call.
6:35 am
only exclusive, haiti's president michel rtelly stepped down after a five year term and local 10 washere as he left office for the final time. he said his final good-byes and stepped down but only after speaking to our own calvin hughes. >> i would leave office tending straight because i never have to bend. i was never afraid. i was never scared, of course. >> the next day martelly was surrounded by hundred of supporters on the street of port-au-prince. an interim governmentwill seven for the next 120 days until a new election is held in april. a major league baseball free agenen is under arrest for allegedly attacking a valet attendant in south florida. police say delmon young chok a viceroy. the worker said he couldn't let him up
6:36 am
closed. young allegedly made racial comments against the latin man when this all happened. police say he was naked and slurring his speech when he knocked on the door mop night. young says` he doesn't remember any of this happening but he'scharged with battery. the total up to 16 cases of zika virus in the state. related. the secretary of health and human services will be at the capitol today torief lawmakers on the threat of the spreading zika virus threat. the governor warning to the risks will only increase as the temperatures warm. right now a cruiseship headed back to port after wild weather caused chaos. coming up who wants an investigation launched. the victoria celebration for the super bowl w. first an historic hire and a florida first.
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be heading a south florida high schoolfootball team. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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big news, look at this. an historic hire. what a day. female football coach hired in miami, jackson senior high school. that is the first female football coach in state history.
6:39 am
you may have seep her before but she does become the first female football krp in our en tire sunshineoast state history. today she says she is ready for the big challenge. >> i would be lying if i said it wasn't. it's a lot of peodle that probably apply for this position and lookwhose here. so i'm ready for whatever comes my way. i'm ready to fight. i'm ready to get these guys prepared and ready to win. like i said, i'm not a loseseand i like to win. hey, anybody who got doubt, like i said -- >> she's a tou cookie. she is on the reality show "south beach tow" nope as bernice at the time. she also introduced her assistant c cch, luther campbell. breaking news out of
6:40 am
sky 1 just flying over a police having. abody has been found there on miami beach. 167th street near clips avenue is the location. stay here with local 10 and for thelatest updates as we get updates. a body found, significant police activity investigating. deaf low warmer, definitely cloudy and windy. windy moving in from the southwest southwest this morning provided for the temperatures to warm up 18 degrees warmer. a shift is already starting to occur. i am expecting a west north west wind today so that's elevating the windor beach-goers. it's already starting to move in from the west northwest anywhere between 8 and 15 miles per hr. currently a comfortable 61 degree in kendall as ll as palmetto. mild, 62 in pembroke pines. 63 in hialeah. so with the wind out of the west northwest you're definitelyy going
6:41 am
a bit warmer as we get into the later half of the morning. these temperatures are anywhere between seven and 17 degrees warmer than yesterday and we do blanketing south florida, midand high level clouds around but precipitation. we are expecting to stay mostly dry today. just north of that we have another system we're watahing. even georgia and into the carolinas in the north east deal with another round of snow. take a look at what's going on from coast to coast. the west coast is dealing with a ridge of high pressure. warming up and down the west coast they couldld deal with record heat. cold canadian air will sink as far south as florida today. thursday yet another front will start to move into south florida by wednesday night. it will be a child start going into thursday
6:42 am
back down to the 40s. highs only reaching the mid 90s by thursday and them a gradual warm willinin trend. lows will stay in the weekend. on valentine's day highs only in the lower 70s. yeah, first accident of the morning. no surprise it's out here, right, you guys. this is the palmetto expressway southbound at 10rd street and you see the flashing lights and you see the congestion. st look at your screen and you see it. never looks good on the palmetto. zooming on into our traffic data here, traffic maps. we see that accident's at 103rd street but looks like the delays are stretching all the wayy towards i-75. those delays are nine milelean hour to 20 spot. use your patience if you're travel on the palmetto. i know the palmetto is always a mess. activity. hey, for my folks who we have police activity
6:43 am
and north east 167th street. y see police on the keep there as they areinvestigating. layron livingston is out there doing the sto. the big traffic story of the morning he at the palmetto southbound. right now a cruiseship forced to turn around after a storm caused a rough ride for passengers. royal crib's anthem of the seas had left new jersey on the wayay to port canaveral before sailing into the storm. th morning it's heading back. check out t`is as winds sent deck chairs flying across the floor. some passengers on social@ media described it as horrendous. forecasters reported hurricane force wind of more t tn 100 miles an hour with waves up to 40 feet. several vases, decorations, even furniture broken. guests will get a full
6:44 am
future cruise. the carolina panthers back home this morning after losing to the denver broncos. >> peyton manning is heading from disney to denver now. a look at his magical time straight ahead. a child kidnapped after a carjacking. still ahead what you need to be on the lookout for this rning. increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? r2, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard thehease. for every family that lives star wars.s. ...this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaly far, far away... closer than ever before. come join star wars awakens. now at walt disney world resort. experience the fun of all four theme parks
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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot a soldier had to be rescued after his parachute got tangled up in power lines. this is in central florida. you can see him there hanging from the wires at the top of that pole.they were able to safely bring that man down. after a di pointing loss in super bowl 50, the carolina panthers returned home last night. you can hear they were welcomed with open arms by their hometowow fans. the panthers had only
6:46 am
heading into the matchup with the denver broncos. peyton manning living up to that omiseesterday. there he is. the broncos qb made a quick trip with his family to disneyland in southern california where he was honored with a parade but today he's already back in denver for another victory parade. >> remember those parades here in south florida with the heat? > of course i do. it's probably flying by so qckly. you hungry? >> always. >> good to get a piece of the couple beach, florida wine and food festival. >> you don't want to miss the biggest names an tastiest dishes all over globe. head to our facebook page and enter to win tickets a baby safe and sound, that's good news, as a child went missing for several hours. >> the search is on the for the man who
6:47 am
who you need t t "good morning america" gets started at 7:00 a.m. right here on local 10. >> here's a look at what they are working on this morng from new york. >>reporter: an abc news exclusive, my one on one interview with teresa guidice. what her life was like behind bars. national weather service south floridians have issued a wind advisory. wouldn't be surprised if they issued it here later on today because of how strong the wind may be. cloudy skies greeting us. those clouds are not producin precipitation. we will stay dry and comfortable. highs in the upper 90s with those clouds around. don't forget valentine's day sunday, president's day on monday. and we'll be working. hopefully you have it off. our big accident southbound here at
6:48 am
got two lanes blocked this morning causing a congesting. just use caution and pack some patients. those speeds at about 9 miles per hour. we have breaking news this morning at sunny isles beach. sky 10 flying over the police investigation. a body has been found 167th street near collins avenu you. stay with us here and details. this morning the man responsible is still on the run and believed to be between 19 and 20 years old. if you know anything about this crime, call police. a mother of two found dead in a miami beach condominium mum. when police arrived, it was too late. police have not said how sh was killed but do say this is a homicide investigation. the first votes in new hampshire's primary are in. three small towns have passed their vote. so far senator bernie sanders is beating
6:49 am
>> tpped as at this three-way tie on the teap side. two new cases of zika in florida. that bring a total to 16 cases in the state. all of these cases are travel related. the secretary of travel and health are alerted. we will all be back here just b bore 7:30 with another live, local news update. >> we'll keep working for you. in the meantime 24 hours a day. gma's a minuteway and a quick happy birthday to our ep, the big boss. happy birthday natalie.
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warning youadies to avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis
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avo: the ready for you alert, only at is fresh florida shrimp and clams, served over rice! it's simple to create a seafood delight. visit for more scrumptious recipes. delicious is always served fresh from florida. good morning, america. the first votes being cast in the nation's f)rst primary right now. donald trump riling up the crowds taking on his opponents. >> she said he's a [ bleep ]. that's terrible. >> candidates battling even begging for every vote. >> i want this job because i love this country.
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