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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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alternate routes @or those of you planning on traveling on i-95. >> a single car crara. all lanes of i-95 northbound here right at the dolphin expressway shut down as police continue to investigate. the live pictureells a story. as you saw those pictures earlier as well causing quite a mess for anyone traveling in that spot. major traffic alert at this point i-95 closed so instead you're going to want to take u.s.-1. that's biscayne heading northbound or travel just a little further west and take 441. i-95 will be closed. we're not quite sure howlong it will be closed but it is shut down at this point. speaking of closures, we have construction concerns northund at tamiami trail. our northbound lanes shut down right here at that exit ramp because of construction crews. instead take milam dairy road.
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temperatures have dropped two degrees since i saw you at the 4:30 hour all because of the shift in that wind direction. starts to settle in mainly from broward to miami-dade. ft. lauderdale at 56. so 58 miami, well below average. the strong norththst wind will continue to provide for cool, comfortable kings this morning. we have 57 in kendall, 55 in palm beach, 93 in marathon. these temperatures anywhere between three and nine degrees cooler than what we w we up to yesterday. wind gusts reported in the 20s and we willl continue to stay june right windy in the morning. windy, dry, cool. temperatures will only be reaching the mid to upper 60s this is about ten degreeselow where we should be this time of year. lots to talk about in th forecast as well. i'll have to coming up. two people deadd after a car fire on i-95 near northwestecond street. ben kennedy just go to that scene with all
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ben, just horrible situation. what happened here? >>reporter: incredibly horrible situion here, i-95 northbound lanes, troopers do confirm to me two people did pass away, one here a athe scene, a second on their way to the hospital. a very active scene, lots of flashing lights in the northbound lanes of i-95 near the 395 exit. local 10 photo journalist lonnie carrier wassn her way to work and witnessed theccident. paramedics then did take over and took that victim to the e.r. where troopers did confirm to me they did pass away. back live to the scene this morning on i-95 troopers just shut down the highway at exit 2-d. that is the 395 eastbound exit. there are two scenes, the one right herebehind me. there's a second where the car hit the median about two blocks from
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they are processing both scenes. at this point they are not released the identity of either victim. ben kennedy, local 10 news. we are going now to south carolina. we're goingng to win in south carolina. i love you all. thank you so much. thank you. >> thehe he is, donald trump, celebrating his first real win of vote 2016. trump taking the top spot, as you can see marco rubio falls to fifth after that bad bate performance after a second place finish in iowa, trump rising to the very top spot in new hampshire. ted cruz won iowa, disappointing in new hampshire. that ensures they will all carry on to south carolina. but one republican candidate may not be moving on. governor chris christie says he's going home to
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a deep breath. >> thank you, new hampshire. and now it'ss on to nevada, south carolina and beyond. >> the big win for bernie sanders last night after barely losing to hillary clinton in iowa. the senator rose to the top spot in new hampshire, 61% of the votes. after his win standers thanking his supporters says his victory sends a message that will echo from wall streeee look for her report coming up at 5:30. there's a little more than a month left in florida's primary. this morning local 10 news and a league of women voters teaming up for our day long register to vote blitz. nekikiohan will be encouraging you all day long to get out there and register. nickie is the miramar cici hall.
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reports much in the next hour. right now a man under arrest f exposing himself to several women in the mall. according to police he exposed himself tot least four women at three different times. he would allegedly drive by the women in his car and lift himself up in the driver's seat in order o do that exposing. the first happened in december. he'sly did it again on januaryth. one of the victims was able to take a photo of the car he was drivingwhich is actually registered to his girlfriend who was questioned by police. gore is expected to face a judge todayay threating to shoot everyone inside. this surveillance video happened last month. the clerk demanding cash in the register. the man got away in a gray chevrolet, possibly
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a woman accused of said using and stealing from men is under arrest and now facing a judge. police say 21-year-old williams targets membership with rolex watches and robs them and steals their jewelry >> the victim was drugged with a xanax derivative, them he lost consciousness a few drink. i guess when he woke up his rolex was gone and gun was gone. >> she has another court hearing set for later today. small plane havin trouble in pembroke pines. sky 10 over that sne at the airport where the plane did land, finally settling on one of its wings before being towed to the hangar. the f.a.a. investigating the incident. no injuries w we reported. the secret service
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identity theft investigation. a hospital unit secretary may have been stealing confidentiall patient information over the last five years. it's believed she may have accessed thousands of patients names,birthdays and addresses. currently in the process of contacting anyone who may have had their information stolen. the first case of zika virus was found in china. officials say the virus unlikely to spread there because of all the cold weather. 16 cases have been report sod far in florida. cuba set to welcome pope francis again, this time for anistoric meeting with the russian orthodox church. some landscaping is being done and new signs are going uppn the city's historic session. pope francis set to meet friday. by the way, local 10's hatzel vela will be there for the historic meeting. look for his live reports starting on thursday right here on
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right now more than 100 cuban migrants of the nearly 7,000 stuck in legal limbo in costa rica boarded the first direct flights in mexico. the government decided to take one group straight to newew laredo in new mexico where they were able to cross into texas. that's because there were 41 pregnant women and ten children in that group. president obama's plan to sto climate change has been temporily blocked by the court. requiring states to meet carbon monoxide standards. #eu states have filed federal lawsuits questioning that plans. ahead at 5:30 hear what he has to say after surviving a beating and why he says he has compassionate for his alleged attacker. dozens of people whale watching right
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people still got tolet it go. still ahead find out when the disney film frozen will have hit the broadway stage. i-95 on northwest second street is where two people die in a car fire. traffic is squeaking by there. constance has suggested some alternate routes
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few minutes away. welcome back. it's 5:12 right now. a mother and baby calf have been spotted struggling against the tide. this is in sebastian inlet north of vero beach. people gathered to view the right whales which are endangered. the wles seem to be endangered so far but they are still monitoring. 6.2 magnitude earthquake striking central chile. officials say there have been no reports of damage or injuries. a tsunami alert has not been issued. back to our big traffic story of the morning. a vehicle fire here on i-95 northbound right at the dolphin expressway created quite met obviously you see right rescue crews having to shut down all the travel lanis on the i and has since reopened
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obviously still a very large police presence. so that's the good news. the bad news two people did pass away with all of this. so we know crews will be out here for some timim investigating. this is i-95 northbound right at the dolphin expressway. of course the macarthur causeway exit the same location there. we know even though those travel lanes have opened, police and fire rescue will be out there for quite some time. if you normally take the i in the morning and you're in a hurry, you may want to avoid it. travel a little further west and take 441, state road 7. i-95 northbound has opened but delays are expected throughout the morning hours. broward countyy we're accident-free. >> thank you, constance. one thing you're going to need is those sweaters and jackets. as you noticic the winds are moving in from the west northwewe. unlike yesterday at this
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you notice why it's so important and imperative that we watch the wind direction here in south florida because it plays a huge part in the forecast. 65 in key west. the winds out of the northwest anywhere between 8 and 10 miles per hour. our coolest spot, pompo beach. i wouldn't be shocked if your temperatures dropped a few more as we approach sunrise just before 7:00. 63 in marathon. the cool air hasn't made it that far south quite yet to touch the keys but eventually it will get there. winds moving in from the west northwest will keep us cool and comfortable t june right chilly here in south florida. jackets handy. our temperature arenothing compared to what our friends are doing with just north husband. wind chill factors, feeling like the teens across the southeast. even the 20s and 30s for northern florida.
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this morning. i'm expecting the cloud cover to push away. more sunshine is expected. another reinforcing shot of coldd air moving in to right now the tennessee valley bring them snow across the tennessee valley, ohio valley and the northeast. we've got a heatwave up and down the west coast, a dip in the jet stream providing for some cold, canadian arctic air to spill as far south as northern florida. for us here in south florida that cold air will eventually be pushing into south florida by tonight into tomomoow morning. we're talking overnight lows in the 40s tomorrow. you know how it felt on monday, that's how it's going to feel tomorrow. another front movesn by tuesday of next week. a parking garage demolition in houston did not cooperate and it was all caught on video. you can see the structure fall right on top of an excavator. caught on camera in
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violently stomping on another girl's face. the attack hapapned in the middle of the afternoon outside a hotel. th attacker even seen holding a taser. witnesses say the attack actually happened because the 14-year-old brother of the attacker had recently been arrested on murder charges and she believed the victim was the one who told police. a man believed to have stolen anyone a photo booth. pictures of himself. this happened in illinois back in november. the crook ended up takeing about $75 after posing for a few photos in that photo booth. beyonce liked it so she gave it a boost. how the queen helped
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certain restaurant. it's valentine's day ararnd the corner, starbucks is getting romantic announcncg three new chocolate drinks. you like chocolate? >> yes. >> who doesn't? chocolate lovers will have the choice of the molten chocolate latte. the drinks will only be available through valentine's day so go get them. >>reporter: in tech bytes, new warnings will lithium power batteries. >> linked to at least three airplane fires. >> the ntsb recommends
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from other flammable cargo. twitter has fmed a new trust and safety council which aims to prevent various types of cyber abuse and ensures that users can speak freely. now might be the right time to get one of those virtual reality let sets. >> you get the computer, headset, games and accessories. start it go price $1400. have a great day, everybody. the red lobster saw a boost in sales. the restaurant claims a line in herer new song formation is the reason. apparently the song performed in the super bowl has a lyric suggests that using red lobster as a sexy reward. i don't know how sexy red lobster is but they say sales are up.
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up 33% compared to that time last year. >> you know there's lobster in the south beach wine and food festival. >> you're getting flustered. >> red lobster. we have you covered. local 10 giving away tickets for the big event. head to local 10's facebook page to enter. >> beyonce's sexy song has you tongue-tied. >> you said beyonce. broadway will still be freezing. coming up find out when the disney film hits the great white way. what he has to say about his attacker may surprise you. a very sad breaking news right here. if you're traveling on i-95 northbound right around northwewe second street, that's near the macarthur causeway, lanes are shut down because two people were killed in a fiery car crash. it looks like one lane
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delays are bad. constance has your alternate routes when we come back. one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching
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there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud.
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great rates for great rides. disney's animated film "frozen" going to broadway. >> i can't see that film without. let it go. >> never heardt before. >> disney confirms it will hit the stage in 2016. there will be an out of town try-out next summer. sign up for your tickets now. >> exactly, giving the credit card number as we speak.
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sanders and donald trump winng the new hampshire primaries. chris christie going back to new jersey to take a break from his campaign after finishing sixth. a man expected to appear before a judge today. he was seen flashing his private parts in the mall parking lot. police say it happened three different times between december and january. search is on to find a man who held up a dollar store threatening shoot everyone. the man got away in a newer model chevrolet, possibly an impala. we're going to expect some heavy traffic lanes because only one lane is open. we still have about three shut down due to a
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breaking news at
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two people dead after a car fire on i-95. two lanes blocked this morning. 4>> donald trump and bernie sanders taking a win but who tiled right behind. an 81-year-old man battered and bruised. why he has compassion for his attackeke good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzyth i'm jacey birch and we have to get straight over to constance. she' watching everything happening on i-95. a really bad vehicle fire this morning. two people have passed away. this is near the exit at the dolphin expressway. you're looking at some rescue video there as fire rescue is there. unfortunately, they did pass away. but needless toay i can tell you because this is now a death investigation, we know at least three lanes are shut down.
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likely here for quite some time. your far left lane is open this morning but obviously as more cars hit the roadways we're ing to expect a lot of heavy congestion. this is i-95 northbound at the dolphin expressway. of course you're alternat if you live in this location, you already know taking besu cane might be a better route for you this morning. i got to get you to broward county because we've got another accident to get to, this one on 55ffecting our eastbound lanes where it meets at i-95. >> thank you, constance. overnight we had a reinforcing shot of some the area. it's taken time to settle in where we see temperures dropping by the half hour. right now it's 58 degrees in mime. 56 in ft. lauderdale. 65 in key west. that cool air hasn't made it as far south as the keys quite yet. you'll see a taste of it going into the afternoon and especially this
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bringing thaip cooler,r, dry, refreshing air. currently at chilly 55 degrees in pembroke pines.going to need those sweaters and jackets. 57 in pembroke pines in kendall. 58 in hialeah. i wouldn't be surprised if these temperatures dip a few more degrees as we approach sun rise at 7:00. we'lltay in the 50s throughout the morning. windy with some clouds. highs today struggling to reach the mid to per 60s. two people died in a fiery crash in i-95 near 52nd street. >> rescue crews tried to save the victims and ben kennedy live at the scene with the latestbreaking details. ben? >>reporter: an incredibly sad story here on i-95 northbound lanes where troopers do confirm to me two people did die in that single car accident. one died at the scene. a second wasushed to the e.r. where they did pass away during that process.
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office h here at the scene. this is i-95 northboundnear the 395 exit. local 10 photo journalist was on their way to work and saw the ca accident. she shot this cell phone video witnessing a road ranger rush in to try and save the driver from the burning vehicle. paramedics then took over and took the victim to the e.r. where troopers confirmed to me they did pass away. back live to i-95 northbound this morning, it is now down to one lane at the dolphin expressway. there are two scenes, the one right here behind me and the second scene is about i would say two blocks from where i am standing. that is where the hole is punched on the right side near the median. at this point troopers have not released thth names of the victims. ben kennedy, local 10 ws. let's get to vote 2016. reblican donald trump
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new hampshire primary. beats out hillary clinton on the democratic side. trump won with 36%, john kasisi came in second. bernie sanders beat hihiary clinton 61 to 3% and now the candidate will be focusing on south carolina. but candidates like chris christie are regrouping after the loss. christie heading back to new jersey to see if he will continueis campaign. glenna millberg has more on the primary from manchester. >>reporter: good morning, the races were called just minutes after the pollslosed. in fact there were still at some precincts lines of people waiting to vote but their numbers would not sway the outcome. in the end both parties the rebel outsider candidates won the primaries. >> we want to thank the people of new hampshire. >>reporter: donald trump stormed
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passion foris brand of harsh change into hard g.o.p. votes. >> we are going to do something so good and so fast and so strong and the world is going to respect us again, believe me. >>reporter: the race was called even as lines of voters were waiting to cast ballots in what was project to be a record turnout above 60%. ohio governor john kasich rose to number two for the g.o.p. he targeted new hampshire with laser focus spending more time here than any other candidate. in the battle for third place, texas senator and iowa caucus winner ted cruz, former florida governor jeb bush who outspent any other cooped here. >> thank you, new hampshire.
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>>reporter: for the democrats socialist senator bernie sanders scored a substantial win over hillary clinton, though not quque 2-1 as the polls predicted. >> together we have sent the message that will echo from wall street to washington, from main main to california. >>reporter: the former first lady and secretary of state who won new hampshiren 2008 gave a speech more campaign-like than the concession. >> here's what i promise. i will work harder than anyone to actually make the changes that make your lives better. >>reporter: bottom line here, a win in the new hampshire primary certainly provides the candidates and the top finishers momentum going forward. but let's face it, there are larger more diverse states ahead whose primaries are in the come weeks in march and that isoing to be the
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i'm glenna millberg in manchester, new hampshire, local 10 news. >> and we arep just about a month away from florida's primary and the time to register is now. local 10 news and the leagueuef women voters are teaming up for our day-long effort. weekend anchors neki mohan and todd tongen will be there. nickie will be there all day and todd will be at florida international university's campus in southwest miami-dade. look for their live reports starting in the next half hour. battered and bruised, an 81-year-old man is being attacked with a pole. douglas had just finished pumping gas, he been inside to meet his wife and that's when they say javon walker goes on the attack. it wasn't his last
5:32 am
a short time later he went after another man with a samurai sword at the swap shop. douglas was left badly bruised, 18 stitches but he says he still feels story for his attacker. >> i hope they take care of him. >> so you actually have some compassion for him? >> very much. >> he told police he was seeing "poltergeist" and wanted to kill evererhing that was evil. a 17-year-old was shot in the leg at northwest 17th avenue and 55th street. it's unclear w wt sparked that shooting on tuesday. also developing a 25-year-old shot in miami on tuesday as well. the shooting happened at northwest 13th avenue and 59th street, that victim taken to the spital but police have not released that suspect also. police believe 3-year-old man killed
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her body found inside her condominium near bay road and 15 n street after being discovered by her children. police have not released her identity yet. hehe was wanted on a second degree murder charge after his wife's pod was found. yesterday afternoon police found his body at therand in downtown miami. the two children are in foster care and will remain there until the next hearing on february 23rd. a mother's plea to find her missing son who was last seen in plantation in december. >> if you're standing there, come and call the police, the fbi. those people there are helping you so don't be afraid. please don't hide. be good and come home. it's been so long. >>reporter: the boy's father is accused of abandonment. he tells police he kicked them out of the home because quote he was being rude. the father was arrested
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a flight to new zealand. davie fire rescue ief laid to rest. the 57-year-o-o died in his sleep on february first. he started his career with pembroke pines fire rescue in 1980, rose to the rk of assistant chief. his casket headed for the church service in north miami beach. immediately following the church service the processi, the chief was buried with a full firefighter honors. still to come an exposure arrest, the man& accused of flashing his private parts is behind bars. how his girlfriend led to his arrest. more on the big w gets pittsburgh. new overnight a plane makes an emergency landndg. what led officials to escort a man right off that flight. a major traffic alert this morng, i-95 northbound just a mess
5:35 am
only one lane getting . heavy delays expected here.
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a few minutes. at one point he tried to get up and go to the front of the plane and two male passengers stood up and blocked his page. >> a flight from boston to san diego diverted after a man acting out on board. the plane did land in denver where the man was removed. crew members say he was
5:37 am
became agitated and verbally con fron at the same timive. the airport says there's no need to look on the big board anymore, everything you need will be on the free app. it will give you walk times, flight updates and it' designed to make the travel process a bit easier. soon the app will let you reserve parking spots and have food delivered straight to your terminal. only one lane open on i-95 northbound after this h hrific crash this morning. you're looking at some cell phone video our photo journalist shot on the seen just ale little whieg ago. because of this accident we do know several lanes are shut down. let me show you how it looks like from the ground here. this is the one lane crawling by this morning but we still have at least three lanes shut down. this is the downtown miami area, so obviously if you're heading out
5:38 am
going to be a trouble spot for you and it's going to be like that for quite some time. at this point we do know traffic is slowly getting by at 20 miles per hour but obviously as the morning continues more folks are going to be on the roadways. biscayne boulevard always a good alternate route or 441, state road seven just travel a little further west. in addition to that, one other crash to get to in broward county. julie? >> don't forget you can all follow us on twitter and facebook. constance is constantly updating wplg for you. all is q this morning from our ft. lauderdale tower cam. you can see the breeze still picking up out of the northwest. that's our cool air connection. temperatures have dipped down to the 50s in ft. lauderdale, miami.
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but don'tworry, you'll feel that. we're looking at 57 in kendall and 5 in homestead. with the wivds out of the northwest, that's going to keep the cool air settling in out of south florida. as you can see the feels-like temperatures are in the teens and 20s for much of the southeast. it is chilly up and down the key west. for us here in south florida we do have midand high level clouds continue to stream in from the gulf of mexico. these clouds are not going to produce any precipitation as we have high pressure in place just to the north of us and that will dry out the atmosphere. just to the north of that we have another system bringing more snow. behind that another system that's bringing in some cold, arctic air providing for a shield of snow from the dakotas all the way down towards kansas city. take a look at these temperatures from coast to coast. there's a ridge of high pressure to the west, a dip in the jet stream
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air to spill all the way in from canada. five degrees in minneapolis with feels-like t tperatures much cooler. for us we are going to be cool. temperatures well bee love average into the afternoon and colder conditions tonight as our lows will be dropping down to the 40s. remember what monday morning was like? we're going to do it all again. we're talking highs todain the upper 60s. our average high 78 degrs so we're forecasting high 11 degrees below avera. we'll get to the 70s for highs by friday. good wednesday morning, will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. tough night for the heat wrapping up the first half of the season after the all-star break. nice move against the spurs. gave miep an early lead. hassan whiteside had a story in this game, first for the quick start he had. looked like he was on a roll, the heat up four
5:41 am
to take the lead. san antonio the second best team in the league with good reason. tony parker, look out, layup there. heat tried their best to keep this thing close but it really wasn't close. thatthis was the ugly for hassan whiteside. started off so fast. watch here the frustration mounting. remembers -- officials reviewew it. heat on their way to the l-star break following an ugly 119-101 loss. miami will retire shaquille o'neal's jersey, number 32. ceremony won't happen til next season to honor the big man who helped lead miami to its first nba championship. check out angel rodriguez half court alley-oop to reid. check that out. up seven.
5:42 am
angel rodriguez, one of the smallest guys in the court flying in for the tip-in and that's the game-winner. two-game losing streak no more for panthers. great pass to jaromir jagr, t t ageless won. panthers had many.they win 7-4. i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. denver broncos celebrating their big win yesterday. they ofourse defeated the carolina panthers 24-10 sunday in sanna clara in the super bowl and now they party in stale. >> peyton manning's havingng good time. a trooper being held aa hero for saving a man right before his car was
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coming up next. lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. ssrry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get this 1.5-pint orchid for only $9.98,
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thank you for those doggy kisses. lucy is a beautiful gal. hi, guys. i'm jacey birch. she's special and been in foster care for too long. i need a permanent pet parent. she's not here alone. i'm here with bruce. you have zeus. >> i have zeus. he was a stray and now he's up for adoption.
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and he's all natural. >> a little romance. lucy and zeus sitting in a tree, maybe i'm not just the animal advocate. maybe i'm going to start a little romance department. i want you guys to check out lucy and zeus on slide down to the pet ction and you can see all of the pets. what do you guys like to don the weekends? i see a love connection brewing. that's it. romance is in the air. you can thank me later. in the meante you can get permanent homes. this is the scene. it happened in missouri. happening in the town of belten north of kansas city. dash cam video shows the trooper running up to a burning car pulling the woman out.she did have serious injuries. there's a fire right there.
5:46 am
down and arrested. the city of ferguson, missouri has okayed a department of justice proposal to renew. they are hopong to limit the city's costs. it's still up clear if the doj accepted the amendment. coming up next a look at the polling pig that's going viral this morning. look at that big guy. >> we continue to follow breaking news off of i-95 in north west second. that's where two people have died. one on the way to the hospitalal and a live look at where that crash happenen. one lane is getting by. several lanes are blobbed. there's a significant backup, constance jones. she's got alternate routes for you. a live repor from that
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (eleleant noise) (donkey noise)
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new change to this year's academy awards trying to make the show more interesting. the names will scroll across the bottom of the screen during acceptance speeches. they are hopingt will create more memorable speeches instead of winners going up there and reciting names. before we get to the oscar party, new orleans is already partying it up in style for this year's mardi gras celebrations. thousands line the streets on fat tuesday while parades went on throughout the night. it's a good time there. the traditional parades happen for days leading up to fat tuesday. the parades ended officially yesterday. there were all kinds of floats swell walking parades throughout the
5:49 am
so you know what that means, today is ash wednesday and then lent begins. a big pig showed up to cast its vote at a polling station in manchester. police say the pig belongs to a local farmer. >> did he cast his vote before that happened? >> so many ways to go with that. sometimes the best thing is to say nothing at all. >> that's boring. >> you want to go with it. >> i'm teasing. we have to get back to our breaking newew two people killed in a fiery car crash impacting your commute. >> constance jones has your alternate routes which yoyoreally need to hear about. ben kennedy is live at the s sne. he will have an update on everything that went wrong in that area. we have the big winners and losers in the new hampshire
5:50 am
that's ahead at breaking news, fatal car fire on i-95. we'll fill you in on how it will affect your commute. trump and sanders celebrating their first victims. what's n nt in the race for the white house. exposure arrest. a man arrested for flashing his private parts in a mall parring lot.
5:51 am
the woman pole say is said s seducing and stealing. let's get straight over to constance with her traffic alert. only one lane open on i-95 northbound. this happening at the dolphin expressway. the car fire a result of the deposition keep. two people have passed away. fire rescue along with police are there blocking several lanes of traffic. just a fiery mess this morning. a very sad situation. for your traffic concerns this morning, only one lane open and we're beginning to see a lottf heavy delays with this one because one lane open on i-95 is neverr good. three lanes shut down here for anyone traveling in the spot in downtown miami. you may want to take some alternate routes. those speeds are really slow at three miles per hour.
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