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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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on the fujita sca. some of the wind gusts even stronger. we'll start with the first confirmed tornado in pompano beach. it was on the ground for the miles with the width of 200 miles. i broke in right at 7:05 once we did have the tornad warning in effect. classified it as an ef-1 tornado, same width of the tornado that sat down rightht over i-95 with the duration of 7:51 in the morning to 7:59, during our major morning commute right over i-95 and that cacaed that semi to roll over and cause all of the traffic delays. the big concern w over portions of 95 when that semi did flip over. we had over 37 reports of damages across mubarak so a lot of you will be cleaning up toda i'm happy to tell you the weather will cooperate with that. in the mid to low 60s. right now we have the upper 60s in marathon.
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these temperatures anywhere between six and 12 degeges cooler. i'll have a lot more on the change in the forecast yesterday. >> thankfully y this point things are looking much better, good morning, south florida. we have some construction crews out in broward county. if you're traveling north on i-95 at sheridan street, i think they are trying to zoom my cameras around to make me crazy this morning but we have about two to three lanes blocke crews are scheduled to be out of there around 5:00 this morning. i-75 at sheridan, we also have crews reported out there and long-term construction at the turnpike. northbound-southbound lanes affected here right off of the exit ramp at sunrise boulevard. our speeds a little slow at 14 miles per hour. but again the good news is we are accident-free. back to that twister trouble. trees toppled, cars crushed and plenty without power in
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anf-1 tornado touched down. >> a tornado also touching down in broward, winds ripping off people's roofs leaving them without a place to stay. >> the one and only brought you live coverage of the storm and damage yesterday. left to cleanup. we do have team coverage for you this morning. erica rakow is live in let's go ahead and start things off with ben kept. he's live in northeast miami-dade. >>reporter: good morning. it has been 20 hours sense this ef-1 tornado hit. this tree was blocking the road at some point, you can see it has been choppepe up and moved to the side. we are live at northeast 196th street and 11th court. in the far from here in miami gardens, more trees were k`ocked down by the wind and heavy rain. branches took down transformers and this woman's car was destroyed landing right on top of hej. >> i saw something
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that'shen we realized the car port had blown down. >>reporter: local 10 had live team coverage that is after the ef-1 tornado did hit. i was on i-95 between miami gardens drive a a ives dairy. it's there a semi was thrown to its side. i spoke to a driver who crawled out the back window and did not get hurt, just a scratch on his knee. that scene only took a few hours to clean up. it was not the case in some northeast miami-dade neighborhoods. in fact a man's mercedes& was crushed under a black olive tree and trampolines were tossed around like toys. this morning crews worked through the nights. i'm guessing trucks will come t tough the neighborhood and pick up very large limbs and branches and try to hall things out of here. ben kennedy, local 10 news.
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county. that's where that first tornado touched down around 7:15 yesterday morning. >> the one and only was liveve on air at this point as the nasty storm moved in. erica kow is in hollywood where crews should be arriving to continue those cleanup efforts. erica rakow, we can't believe how many treesare down in that area. >> at least a crew trying to removthis massive ficus tree. if you look over here, the home that was underneath it, you can still see how much they have to do today. this video right here shows you some of the damage all around hollywood yesterday. people who live here are convinced it was a tornado that passed through. sounded like it was a train,scalated in seconds and was gone so fast. the national weather service said two did touch dowow the strong winds caused the massive tree to fall
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two people trapped inside. those two people only got out with the help of a neighbor. e tornado was caught on this car's dash camera. the force is evident. you can see the debris being picked up and launched across the road. surveillance cameras at a residential community caught the moment the strong winds picked up several potted plan@s and large palm tree branches and launched them several feet away. and on ft. lauderdale beach workers were left picking up beach chairs and cushions from the ocean after the strong winds picked the beach equipment up and scattered it all over the place. the husband and wife who worked here, they are clearly not able to stay here now. the red cross was out here yesterday helping them out. and they say if it wasn't for the neighbors who first helped them get out of here, they will be homeless right now. erica rakow, local 10 news. >> in addition to cleaning up andome residents still feeling
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tornadoes, here's whatwe have to talk about, power outages. florida power and light reports 296 customers in broward county are still without power. the number jumps to 30 customers in miami-dade county. still down from the 90,000 who lost power yesterday. if you have weather pictures or video you'd like to share with us, send them to a sea tow boat captain coming to the rescue after a small boat caught fire, endangering all the others around it. captain greg and his crew stopping a 37 foot bobo from being destroyed by those flames. 7 mako boat considered to be a total loss. a sewer main broke, neighbors say the smell was terrible. the sewage is up to a foot deep in some of
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here's sky 10 over the scene. ft. lauderdale city leaders are now warning people to avoid standing water in that area and really to avoid water related activities in parts of the new river downtown. miami city manager says a hard drive has been recovered from a police truck that fell from i-95 on monday. it's hardware that's pretty similar to a black box. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused that driver to lose control on the exit ramp at southwest 7th street. that waste truck fell into the jose m marti park by the way,he drive has been identify as this man you see rightht here. he's been working with the city since 2006 and he remains in intensive care at jackson memorial hospital. now to the latest on
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president oma continuing to send a clear message, he wilil nominate a new justice republicans. >> this will be the opportunity for senators to do their job. i'm going to present somebody who indisputably is qualified for the seat. >> senate republicans have prosed to block any nominee until there's a new president in office. justice scalia died over the weekend while on a hunting trip in texas. he served on the supreme court for three decades. apple ceo tim cook says he will fight a judge's order to open the cell phones of the san bernadino killers. apple refused to unlock those phones saying doing so would under mine their endescription system and serve as a
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serve on future devices.. now to t t latest on the zika virus. a t trd person has been confirmed with the zika virus there. in florida the number of confirmed cases up to 21. e new case reported in broward county over the weekend. turning now to the latest on the flint water crisis. the country's top doctor was in flint for the second day investigating the contamination. the surgeon general spoke to a packed room after the state reported lead was still showing up on water tests in flint. meanwhile the naacp has threated to protest if it doesn't end soon. a teen caught practicing medicine without a license, and get this, it's not the first time. we'll let you know how he played doctor once again. we're staying on top of the twister trouble.
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the day.tt2w`t+o`n4? bt@qcv, tt2w`t+o`n4? "a@qszh tt2w`t+o`n4? bm@qxqd tt4w`t+o`n4?" dztq :;h tt4w`t+o`n4?" entq j?( tt4w`t+o`n4?" gzt& s8p tt4w`t+o`n4?" hnt& c6< tt4w`t+o`n4?" iztq )_d tt4w`t+o`n4?" jntq ;/$ tt4w`t+o`n4?" lzt& #bx good morning. 5:13 the time right now. the man tries for sevel minutes to break through the glass door, even resorting to karate kicks. bso deputies say he andhis partners did get away with more than $10,000 worth of merchandise. surveillance video here rolling as the thief tripped, fell and dropped everything in his hands. he used a sledgehammer
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glass front door. he was able to get away with cell phones and cash. a mangled mess of power lines a mess in the city. though no humans were hurt, a horse was injured in pompano beach. a horse named elvis was struck after the high -- struck by a hinge after winds. they say he was eating which is a good sign. >> amazing when this thing hit and when both of them hit, it was a commute, it was busy and weather authority meteorologist julie durda you were telling us all morning long, don't worry about school and work. your e-mails. you were all so welcome. i'm glad y did listen
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minutes not leaving your house, it saved a lot of live. thank you so much. m glad that you're all okay. all right. i'm happy to tell you this morning the weather has cooperated. we have temperatures in the low 60s in ft. lauderdale. 65 degrees inn miami. 68 in key west. a northwest wind between nine and ten miles per hour. it feels really nice out there. thank goodness. temperatures in the mid 60s and pembroke pines. 65 in kendall. 68 in marathon. these temperatures are anywhere between five and 12 degrees more comfortae and cooler than what we woke up to yesterday so enjoy. the mess is behind us we can say. just mid and high level clouds around. we are dry. high pressure in place to the north providing for that north breeze keeping that cool air connection. something we'll need to watch as we go into the next few days. for us here in south florida enjoy all the sunshine. we are definitely deserving of it. seasoning temperatures
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reaching the upper 70s. by tomorrow the breeze will start to pick up off the ocean and start this gradual warming trend but still very comfortable conditions, something we deserve as yesterday's nasty storms. we have a slight risk of rip creep for you beach-goers. boaters there are no advisories. seas at two to three feet. the bays will be at a ght chop with no advisories. let's take a look at the sesen-day forecast because we will see changes going into next week. we'll see lots of sunshine, mostly sunny skies today going into tomorrow. also friday we'll increase a slight chance of a shower as our winds will move off the ocean. temperatures seasonal for this time of year untilunday. then we'll see highs in the lower 80s with the heat and humidity starting to regape from the forecast and pump into the east southeast, that will be ahead of another cold front coming i io our forecast by tuesday. right now it's too early to tell if we're expecting severe weather
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enjoy the next five days as we get into the weekend we'lleep you posted if we are expecting some severe weatr by early next week. otherwise, it's a beautiful wednesday. constance jones? >> all right, julie durda. accident-free but we have a lot of closures in place. if you're traveling into miami, i was quickly trying to show you these live pictures. this is i-95, quiet finally, right. hey, i-95 northbound looking if but southbound if you're headqng into miami, some things to get to. all right. let's tk about the i. if you're traveling on i-95 southboun trying to exit off of north west second avenue, that exit is closed due to construction. we hear there's some damage likely from the storm from earlier. this has nothing to do with an accident from two days ago. if you are traveling in the spot, the northbound is open but southbound is closed. what you can do is continue south on south
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brickle avenue for our southbound drivers for i-95. also i-75 constction crews still reported here affecting our southbound lanes at sheridan street and ongoing construction at the turnpike northbound, southbound at sunrise boulevard. right now a south florida teenager arrested and accused of practicing medicine without a license. get this, it's the second time he's allegedly done this. 18-year-old malachi love robinson soo successful at playing doctor the first time, he's the exact same teen accused pro tending to be a doctor at saint mary's hospital. police say he got away wiwi it for about a month. don't pack your lunch or make the kiddos sandwiches just yet. there's a recall you need to know about.
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need to be aware o we have a recall morning. whole foods recalling a cheese sol in only two of their stores. the peakrino could be fatal to the young o listeria. if you have the cheese, throwt out and get a refund. oscar statuette coveted by all of hollywood is getting a makeover. the academy just announced after 32 years a new firm will have a chance to crack those famous little gold men. the we're talking about way back in 192. they are going t# use new technology like digital scans and even 3-d printing. >>reporter: hey there, today's
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blockbuster new phone. >> hints that the company's next flagship galaxy could have wireless charging. >> unique products that only sells items that lasts forever. >> every product comes with a lifetime warranty, and while it doesn't have a big selection, it does have toys, cook ware, furniture and even socks. and how about this for a simple doodle. it's the work of cyclist stephen lund that uses an app that tracks his progress. >> he says he pours over the map of the city before plotting what figure he will draw through his movements. >> he has a lot of time on his hands clearly. >> those are your tech bytes. have a great day, everyone. >> that was cool. a robber behind bars returning items that he stole still. what made his so
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a plane used a road as a runway.
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pilot had to make a thief in georgia under arrest this morning.he tried to right the wrong he committed. >> he was caught on camera stealing a package off a front porch. it was filled with birthday packages for a little girl. two people were arrested later in the day in theft. so we appreciate you giving the gifts back but that doesn't getou out of trouble. >> still got to pay the price. >this morning two ef-1 tornadoes we have confirmed they touched down yesterday morning. around 7:00 a.m. in pompano beach. northeast miami-dade around 8:00 a.m. >> also the cleanup continues today because of this, cars crushed, trees toppled, roofs ripped off. crews are working to
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hundreds of people still without it in both of our counties. sewage up to a foot deep in some places in ft. lauderdale after a main broke. it's near northwest sixth street and sixth avenue. city leaders are warning people to avoid the standing water over there. local 10 news at 5:30 coming up next. >> we have you covered,
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right now at 5:30 twister troubles, surveillance video rolling as mother nature ripped through broward and miami-dade county. >> and now the clean up. team coverage coming straight ahead. >> and a roadway returns no a runway. what happened here with this emeency landing. plus a wild ride caught on camera. a backhoe shutting down the seven mile bridg for hours.
5:27 am
arresting a man behind the wheel. we'll show you how. right off the top tornado threats, severe weather spawned two twters confirmed. this was yesterday morning. >> this is what the system looked like as they rolled through south florida, and this is what the radar lks like now. nothing, that's a beautiful thing, clear and quiet. hi, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. that was my best julie durda. >> i was going to say where are you going? are you going outside to enjoy it. i'm&jacey birch. it could have been so much worse. let's g straight over it our weather authority right now. julie talking about what we have in store for today. >> you did a pretty good job. you should come over to the green screen and start doing some dancing. youuake it look easy. so the confirmation was ef-1 tornadoes, two of them. the winds were anywhere from 90 to 200 miles per hour.
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what occurred in the areas that did touch down. ef-1 in pompano beach with the width of 200 yards. we broke in during "good morning america" at 7:08. i was on at 7:02 for an issue that we had for an issue of a tornado we had. the other issue was the ef-1 tornado on i-95. we had our live reporters out there. that's going to continue the coverage of the damage structures that we have in pompano beach and the damage we had on i-95 due to that semi that was flipped over. currently we are seeing clear skies and dry conditions out there. temperatures much cooler in the mid to lower 60s. >> all right. thank you, julie. broward county we g g we have a broken down tractor trailer right there. u see the flashing lights. looks like a disco party out here. i can tell you it's not. traffic moving throw
5:29 am
we still have construction crews reported out onn i-75 southbound on at approach right there to the turnpike. we're not seeing any delays at all, those speeds at 70 mes per hour. so they are likely clearing out that scene. finall one other accident to get to or the only accident really this morning to talk about, this one reported off of u.-1 southbound and southwest 152nd street. we're seeing just some slight delays there atthat intersection. those speeds at 24 miles per hour. >> bk to that twister trouble that struck both counties yesterday. this tornado caught o o camera moving gn during the morning commute sweeping over cars and tossg debris. >> mother nature is whipping wind leading the highway to be shut down for hours. the damage all over the place and we have team coverage showing it to you this morning. >> ben kennedy is live in northeast miami-dade. let's start off with erica rakow.. she's live in hollywood where that fir tornado touched down.
5:30 am
covering this all day yesterday. what's it like now? >>reporter: jacey and eric, they definitely made this progress. the crew was out here all day yesterday. this is the huge tree cut up into pieces. they will have to be hauled away toe. ke a look at the home that was underneath. finally got the tree off and this is what is left of that mobile home. parts of the sidewalk were snapped in two, slabs of concrete ripped up by a massive tree that was pulled from the ground. dash cam video captured what mother nature was about to do. there on the right of your screen watch and listen as they realize a tornado is coming right at them. that was along dixie highway and northwest 15th street in pompano beach. >> for me it was a fight or flight kind of thing. just get out of there before anything happens to them. >>reporter: in pembroke pines
5:31 am
in west miramar, a surveillance camera at a guard house captured the winds picking up. >> that tree came from somewhere in that direction. damaged homes, downedd power lines and the trampoline in the air. >> the trampoline was in their yard over here on the corner, and when we came out, it was in the power lines. >>reporter: in hollywoodhe strong winds made a mess of a home. >> i look and she's underneath the rubble which is underneath the tree that's crashed through the house. >> i'm devastated. without the help of our neighbors, we would be homeless. >>report: the doors were wedged shut, a neighbor heard em screaming for help, came around the side and was able to pull them out. one of them was taken to the hospital. they are both doing okay this morning but obviously without a place to live. in hollywood, erica
5:32 am
our team coverage moves on to northeast miami-dade. >> thanked that's where the second tornado touched down. we can see even that tree right behind you. >>reporter: you're right as erica was talking about, you can still see signs of this tornado damage. this very large tree at one point was actually blocking the road, and if you walk wh me for just a bit towards the back, the roots are now sticking up out of the ground after this twister moved through. >> i saw sparks. i saw garbage cans like the wizard of oz flying around. >>reporter: there's no place like home, it's true, but an ef-1 tornado is nothing to joke about after one hits the community in northeast miami-dade. >> i've never run so st in my life. >> i just sat in the car screaming.
5:33 am
>>reporter: branches took out transformers and trampolines were tossed around like toys. a limb even pierced the roof of this house. crews worked overtime to clear the neighborhood and even i-95 after a twister knocked a tractor trailer on its side in the southbound lanes near ives dairy. >> everything starts flying and things like that. the wind pick up the truck and trailer and boom. >>reporter: despite the highway being shut down at neighborhoods without power for hours, no one got serioioly hurt. >> one little scratch here, that's it. >>reporter: a very lucky driver there. crews say t ty will be back once the sun comes up to clean up all of this mess. ben kennedy, local 10 news. some people out there still feeling the affects of the twin tornadoes. some still feeling the affects of twin place.
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reports 118 customers in broward county still without power. that number jumps to 811 customers in miami-dade county. weather pictures, videos, you have them. you want to send them to this happened late last night, now there's an investigation into what causese that emergency landing. we do have sanela sabovic live in pembroke pines where it all happened. were the people on board that plane hurt because of the landing? >>reporter: good morning, jacey. the good news, all of this is no one was hurt during this emergency landing. as you mentioned, the pilot had to use this runway. take a look, seven hours after this plane had to make an emergency landing, it is still here along u.s.-27. let's get you to the video of the aftermath of that emergency landing. at some point during the flight the pilot reported engine problems
5:35 am
along u.s.-27 near pembroke road. we do know two people were on board, a pilot and passengng. thankfully they were not hurt. the plane was not damaged during this emergency landing. back out live the f.a.a. is investigagang this. at some point this morning this plane is to be towed away from u.s.-27. sanela sabovic, local 10 news. teams of divers scourinin where a car was submerged. deputies at the scene said the car appeared to be ex-tee. stick with us here on local 10 news all morning long for any updates on the story. caught on camera a man throwing rocks at the glass doors at the home unhollywood. this was on monday. he didn't have time to get much though. the home alarm system went off and he took off. if you know anything about this crime, call police.
5:36 am
bars after this. bars after this. he took a backhoe on a dangerous joy ride right across the seven mile bridge in the keys. deputies say the man dumped boulders off that backhoe and even damaged the bridge. he then@ drove for 90 minutes. deputies had to throw out the spike trips in front of the vehicle just to puncture the tires and get him to stop. tang a closer look, you'll see the towers flattened out by the spike strips. here is your forecast. carl b blanick was behind the wheel. two countries officially signing a deal yesterday that will pave the way for more commercial flights. anthony fox and his cuban counter part signing that deal during a ceremony. the d dl would allow american air carriers to
5:37 am
u.s.-cuba flights a day. that's in addition to the 10 to 15 carter flights a day. the rest would be other cuban cities receiving those flights. they should take off in the fall. it's only for those illegally allowed to travel to cuba. the south carolina primaries quickly approaching this saturday. voters will head to the polls to chose the republican candidates and the latest cnn orc poll shows donald trump leading, ted@ cruz in second place and marco rubio in third place with 16% and jeb bush in last place with 10%. the democratic primaries aren't for another week and a half but clinton is leading sanders in the polls, 58-37. donald trump appeared on stephen colbert's the late show. meanwhile bush made head lines after tweeting out a picture of his gun
5:38 am
a caption but he has not responded to socialmedia's backlash for that tweet. and our very own glenna millberg is staying on top of the race to the white house. she will be in south carolina as voters head to the polls. the miami heat return this afternoon, that and chris bosh's health scare. the miami heat are saying good-bye to birdman. coming up what led the team to trigger that trade. plus the cleanup continues in both
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happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get 3 shrubs for only $10 at lowe's. south florida still dealing with the impact of tornadoes that touched down.
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drivers, visibility lowered them down to really dangerous levels. we saw some cars as a result of those winds flipped over their sides. severe warms had traffic, many areas slowed or stopped altogether. >> one of the hardest hit areas on i-95 where a tractor trailer flipped on its side at ives dairy road. the southbound traffic was forced to exit the highway but hererwe have to say luckily no injuries reported.not even for that truck driver. >> no, but julie's fence took a beating. thiss weather authority meteorologist julie durda, you could not escape. you're telling people to stay inside. julie's on the air warning us, this is whgt happened to her backyard in west broward. you can see the pink threatie there. that was my favorite floaty. >> at least tre's still some air in it. >> i don't know about that. >> that was my favorite floaty.
5:42 am
>> as we're watching we were saying what an insurance nightmare that everybody has to deal with. i'm sure you've got to build a new fence now. >> indeed. our neighbor's barbecue is the reason that it got picked up and liftedd because of those wind gusts that we had. that june burst from the storms provided for the strength of those winds to slam that barbecue no our fence. it was hoa day yesterday, that's all i had to say. going into insurance it was one of those days very busy from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.last night. again, we're just really happy that everybody is safe. so let's talk about the nice weather we have in store this morning for all the cleanup. temperatures are in the low to mid 60s miami, ft. lauderdale. 68 degrees in key west. we do have cloudy skies out there but those clouds are not producing precipitation. with the north wind it feels so nice out there. wind speeds between
5:43 am
hour. clearly a comfortable 64 degrees in pembroke pines. 69 down by marathon. remember yesterday we were talking temperatures in the mid to upper 70s which helped fuel for the instability in the atmosphere and fueled for those verytrong to severe storms. temperatures now between six and 12 degrees cooler. in the wake of that cold front it took all the nasty weather with it. we're going to take high pressure for has going to be a fabulous forecast going into the middle and the end of the workweek with our winds moving in from the north. it will be delightful to be outside. seasonal temperatures by this afternoon with some sunshine and more sunshine expected in the forecast going into thursday but it will become a bit breezy as this high starts to push towards the east. the further east the high gets, check it out on the seven seven. plan some o odoor activities. enjoy. by next tuesday we could be doing it all over again as strong storms are expected in the
5:44 am
>> doing it all over oh, man. it was a busy day, you guys. >> it's pretty busy on the roadways as well. if you're traveling on i-95 northbound here, we still had this broken down tractor trailer blocking one lane of traffic right off of sheridan street. a lot of flashing lights and some congestion for our broward drivers. these folks heading to@ 595. outside of that we have some other things to get to. we have some reports of some police activity. this is happening in lauderdale lakes off the 441 in oakland park boulevard. we're hearing the possibility of lanes shut down off of 441. we have a crew heading to this location. those speeds at 18 miles per hour. outside of that, one accident we're watching fofo you miami-dade county. this one reported off of u.s.-1 southbound and southwest 152nd street and for some strange reason, it's the northbound lanes that are reporting some delays this morning, probably because that's where all that congestion is.
5:45 am
those speeds between 26 and 22 miles per hour. >>reporter: good wednesday morning. will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. these are aious times for heat fans. the main question is the health of the team's leading scorer chris bosh. we might get a better idea when the heat return to practice this afternoon on how bosh is doing. latest report is he started taking blood thinners for a lot in his calf. last season bosh developed clots in his lung after dealingng with similar calf injuries and hospitalized. it's'soping that won't be as serious this year. at fans have to say good-bye to a fan favorite. the team making it official last night. they have traded chris the birdman anderson to memphis.p birdman came to the heat during the 2013 season and helped lead them to a title. however, by making the
5:46 am
million from their luxury tax bill. chris anderson was absolutely essential in hurry championship run. we want to thank him for his contributions and wish him nothing but the best. hurricanes open season friday get rutgers.s. last year they made it all the way to omaha. the t tm can't wait to go back. >> everybody's excited to get started. it's a lot of excitement, like you just said. everybody can't wait to get out there on the field, face outside competition. there's nothing like it. >> a fun team to watch. i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. new this morning a sheriff targeted in a drive-by shooting.
5:47 am
we'll explain why next. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, but that's how some seem to be dealing americans work hard, so our next president to keep it strong. (elephannoise)
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hey, buddy. taco meister. i don't normally get ignored by chihuahuas. he's looking for his new pet owner. that's why he's not paying any attention to me. i'm jacey birch here at the humane society and i love my chihuahuas. >> they are both six years old. they are delightful senior dogs that are so deserving of a forever family. they werer owner surgeon representedders. the seniors, what is see is what you get, theoriesier to handle. you don't have to go through the training. you want to place a call home. >> they want to go home. >> that's what i'm here for. all you have to do iso to you see that pet page? you check it out, look at it all day long to help make your adoption
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packo, seriously now. maybe over there. there wewe go. i'll go ahead and find you a pet parent. you don't even have to look at me. i'm used to it. i'll do whatever. a tennessee sheriff says his homwas targeted in a drive-by shooting. he is blaming beyonce. he was on the phone when he started hearing gunshots and dove for cover. >> i think we've lost five to seven officers, five deputies' sheriffs since sunday's super bowl. >> beyonce's video and how that's bled over into other things it seems like about law enforcement. >> some have critied beyonce's formation video and the black lives movement. the sheriff reportedly under investigation after alleges of public corrtion, his home had been raided by federal authorities in may of
5:51 am
to the stage last night for the eagles of death metal. the band played to a sold-out house in paris last night. but before that they spoke out about that horrific attack. >> i don't think chaos aptly describes what it was. it was just the most awful thing i've ever seen in my life and that i think i will probably ever see in my life. >> three months since the attacks the band was back on a different stage in paris. like wepaid, they played to a sold-out crowd. 89 people killed inside the bataclan theater while theagles of death metal performed back in november. last night the band honored those victims with an 89 second of silence. today we will learn who the megaackpot winner in florida was. >> it wasn't us, that's for sure. the big announcement coming this afteron. we're hearing the touching story about a
5:52 am
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5 penalty .56. the mystery is almost over. later today we'll find out who took home part of the jackpot. the winr buying their tick at a publix. local 10 news will be live in tallahassee this afternoon as that lottery winner is reporter amy viteri will us. reports yesterday afternoon. and a lottery winner in massachusetts making head lines with how she spent her wininngs. >> sophia won $200 on a scratch off ticket so she decided to use some of the money it buy a cup of coffee into a
5:55 am
she said that grateful ness turned into a hotel room. >> he was so overwhelmed crying. >> sow -- she even started a go fund me account for that man. as of this morning the page has r rsed more than $14,000. what a difference. >> one little act of difference. we turn back to our top story, twisters in south florida. we have you covered. >> team coverage continues in the aftermanager of the storm. a recovery home may
5:56 am
5:57 am
troubles: twister touchdown, videos and stories from the morning. developingng overnight emergency landing a plane forced to stop right in the middle of a south florida road. this just in, apple fights back. tech guyen told to hack into a terrorist phone refusing a federal order overnight. okay. let's get straight outside. this is a peak from our ft. lauderdale tower cam.
5:58 am
florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. remember this? this is what most of us saw on our way to work or school. >> here's weather authority meteorologist julie durda. continuing better news. >> it's going to b a beautiful day. we have our reporters live for you. we did have two confirmed tornadoes. a lot of you had a lot tornado touched down into a neighborhood. but the only confirmed tornadoes s at the national weather service had is in pompano beach and oveve in aventura. winds were reported between 90 and 100 miles per hour making it an ef-1 tornado. as we recap that ef-1 tornado was on the ground for three miles with the width of 200 yards. that's why we saw so much damage. due to the second ef-1 tornado reported, that occurred r rht over i-95.
5:59 am
yards on the ground for 3.8 miles and thattiming was around 7:51 to 7:59. lots of structures damage in pompano beach. we saw over 37 reports of damage and major concerns for our friends across miami-dade and broward due to the storm system that moved through yesterday. i'm happy too tell you today will be another day to be comfortable cleaning up. clear skies will develop later today with the north west wind keeping much more comfortable than what we saw yesterday. these temperatures between six and 13 degrees cooler. i'll have more on the forecast coming up. >> thanks so much. we have a pretty serious accident reported a few minutes ago. i'm going to move out of the way so you can see what's happening here. you see the flashing lights right there? that's where the flashing lights are. not quite sure if that exit is complely blocked.


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