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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 9AM  ABC  February 20, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EST

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of having sex with a student. he could be released from jail any moment now: >> reporter: that's right, neki. it started last year after the 40-y-ar-old a, english and writing teacher had sex. they are waiting to see when he will be released on house arrest later on today. in the courtroom, long time teacher jason meyer ares stands accused of having sex with a 17-yeaold student. >> the students are talking about it. it is hard. >> it is a shock. he really cared about the student's writing. >> the 40-year-old's wife teaches at the high school and pregnant with the couple's
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the judge ordered the bond raised to 75000 for felony sexual battery and will be on house arrest. >> it is scary to think that something like this is going on. >> reporter: the school let parents know about the arrest. allegations are reprehensible and said meyer ares will be terminated. >> for a person in that position you have a job to do and your children. reporter: he's still in custody mr. jason@meyer ares is. he's been ordered to stay away from the student and we'll let you know where he ends up today. reporting live on local news, local ten news. >> neki: now the campaign trial. >> todd: in south carolina it is
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>> neki: glenna is live in colombia to tell us about the candidates final push >> reporter: when you get to the candidates, it is allbout the voters and so well to earticle wood in colombia. it is ward three. tony and his crew, say hello to everyone in south florida. these people are voting here now. it should be about 2000 people registered to vote possibly today. and about p three dozen has. and undersrsnd, this is the first time that they've moved a primary to a saturday, just so people have more of an vote. it is underway. very important vote for the state and first southern primary in the presidential election. hugely important to the cand uponidates.
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we have followed them on the campaign trial up until late last night. they have worked to get the final votes. >> hello, i am with the ted cruz campaign. >> i beg you to vove for ted cruz. >> reporter: hours before the polls opened and depending on who answers the other end. it is a reminder to vote is or mission too change their mind. >> christians are going to vote for him. >> reporter: with faith- based backing. ted cruz closes in on donald trump in the most print gop poll. >> our children were the freest americans that ever lived. >> marco rubio is pushing to be a top three finish here in a nasty and negative race.
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>> reporter: south carolina may decide the shelve life for bush. his town hall performance impress voters. >> we'll have's huge turn out. >> reporter: trump is driving the turn out. for him or not. >> i don't think john kasich can win. >> it i time it work and not being coddled. , >> reporter: there is a neck and neck race in the nevada democratic caucus. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are fighting for the hispanic being vote. sanderses has the momentum. the democrats come here for the primary next week. today is a republican primary. here's what is so interesting about south carolina.
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a voter is registered in, people can choose which primary to vote in. we have learned that people who are open minded enough who decide today whether they wt to vote in the republican primary or wait next week and vote in the democratic party. we have done exit polling, neki and todd, we'll reveal who people are voting for in this particular polling place on this particular moment and you will find that pretty interesting. neck neck i love. it thank you. >> todd: well, right now, family and friends and colleagues are getting ready to say good bye for a antonin scalia.
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rotunda and draped in the american flag. he died at a texas last. president obama and f first lady stopped by the casket. joe biden will represent them at the mass. > republicans vowed to block president obama's pick to fill his spot. chuck grassly weighing the decision on whether to hold a hearing and vote. he will wait until a nominee is announced before he makes a decision. >> neki: james wells testified in a arbitration hearing and answers questions he was taken off of the streets. the ex- officic used the n word
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insensitive video. he was questioned about the word and if it is ever appropriate. >> if you are talking about this guy. if i refer to himim as that word i don't think there is a problem with it. . >> we don't have white guys referring to then- word. >> in this case, no. >> neki: he is t first person to go through the case. another one has resigned. >> todd: now the update on the zika virus including an encouraging announcement from the health officials. two cases found in florida. one one in miami-dade county. brazil will host a fantastic olympics and the t teats of zika will be way down in the country
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>> neki: right now thousands of pepele in south florida are taking the challenge to fight cancer. local ten erica is live in the bank united center for the big days where one with of the rides kicked off not too long ago, hey, erica. >> reporter: hundreds of riders are on the way to a 35 mile ride. they m be gone and cheerleaders w were volunteering them on. through coral gabs and down biscayne and miami beach and end upon in sunlight straddium. it is the sixth year they are doing it. this started t ts morning. and one of the rides, 100 miles and started in the stadium and went through miamiade and up through broward.
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long and they will be at sunlight stadium at 2:00. the goal is to raise millions of dollars for cancer research is. it goes to benefit the center. there is a huge party and concert that you're welcome to go to. tickets available in the box office. performing is melissa ethridge and cheryl crow. we'll be bringing you more. >> todd: she had hundreds of friends and now all alone. new disappointment for the family of corey jones. find out what the family of the man discovered as they tried to honor him this week. >> neki: see a high stakes rescue next.
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with pesky cloud cover. we'll see more sunshine and temperatates are heating up. we'll have the details when we return. >> i am updating recipes for making jams and marmalades. >> todd: the chef in a jam a reaching back with strawberry
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(phone ringing)) you can't deal with something, by igning it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security.
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so our next president needs a real plan totoeep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. >> neki: new this morning, a road side memorial for a man shot and killed by a police officer was found burned to ashehe it happen four months to the day. fire crews determine it was accidental and say a knocked over candle will may have been the cause. jones' brother spoke to reporters and he was there hours before. >> there was seven of us who came out here a a 2:00 and had music. we do this every month until i i die.
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was set fire to theemorial intentionally. they plan to rebuild. >> todd: a en ran over a deputy trying to serve a search warrant. the teen was john carlosortiz. he was charged are aggravated assault on a an armed officer. >> right there, right there. >> todd: new this morning, a woman in new hampshire is recovering after first responders plucked her from the fridgeud waters. the woman lost her grip and started torip away. and reached out and grabbed the wall. they say this is something they train for all year long. >> neki: the u.s. coast guard
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of the elfaro. there is a petition calling for changes of how and when ships sail. the hearing focus on the the boiler that had parts that needing replacing and looked into the captain, michael davidson. el faro sank in the hurricane winds. a most powerful storm to hit the fiji island. it is expected to pass through the two main islands. according to the typhoon warning center it has winds more than 200 miles per hour. and it could strengthen further before the eye of the storm hits. >> yes, they are. >> todd: this is a look out of
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a blanket of clouds if you will. >> neki: sy, easy morning down in the keys. 72 degrees and probably warm up re. jennifer, you say the sun will shine all day? >> jennifer: it will eventually. there is cloud cover and a lot of us wanted to head out to the beach early. we'll see the patches between the cloud cans and the sun will help break it apart. parts of the keys and upper keys are seeing more sunshine. and here is a live look at miami's tower cam. notice that there is more sun sneaking through the clouds. eventually we'll have a partly sunny day. it is 72 degrees in miami and 71 in fort lauderdale.
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of the east from broward to miami-dade. marathon 12 miles per hour. and herer is the satellite, plenty of cloud cover pushing its way toward the wests, right over here in the upper and middle keys. and even in to marathon starting to see more sunshine and even though the clouds look grayish, they a not producing rainfall and no rain on the radar. high pressure will remain in control. it is another high over the pandhandle. this is going to help to provide for the breezy east winds today and a stable weather pattern in the next few days. weak boundary over the central parts of the u.s. and not bringing in cool weather. it is going to warm up a lot. yesterday was warm across the south. temperatures are expected to warmrmp in the low 80s and upper 70s and in the carolinas, we'll
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it is seasonal for this time of year and it is normal for a gh of 79 degrees during this time. and we'll get warr are as we head in the new week. i will get to the seven- day in a minute. and small craft operatoto exercise with caution. seas 3- 5 feet. as we head in to next week. temperatures in the low 80s and we'll track another cold front for the storms by wednesday. neki? >> neki: thank you, jennifer. you can can go head-to-head in a cooking contest in a festival flea market. food fight. the contest will have three rounds of coing. it is free at ten. consider this concert in the
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there is a concert by the lee boys. that is free to attend. ratton. there was a special landing of a honda jets. ago. resoso. it is 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and special guest is jayleno. it will raise money for the boys and girls club of broward county. >> neki: a beauty supply store held up. how much the heist is costing the owners of f e shop there next. >> todd: safety alert. new warning that the feds are putting out for the hoverboards when we come back at 11:00. >> we take them out diving.
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>> todd: caught on camera, a robbery be in a ohio beauty ore over pricey wea ves. the two men took their time to get what they came for. >> they say all we want is the hair and w wl not hurt yoy. we just want the hair. >> todd: the man took every single wea ve totaling 50,000 worth. >eki: surveillance video out of oakland park shows a man driving up with a dark suv to the flea mark and he makes a bee li to a stand and snatched a chain. the price was 6000. if you recognize him call police.
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would let appleeep the software used to hack in a phone by a terrorist. they are are asked to hack in the phone. apple said it would threaten the privacy of millions iphone user areses worldwide. a hearing set for march 22nd. >> todd: the feds are cracking down on the hover boards. regulato said the devices are not safe at all. the consumer product commission released that hover are boards have to comply with a new set of safety standards in order to be sold in the united states. it was a hot item but many have caught fire. the danger is from the lithium ion batteries inside. there are reports from consumers in 24 states of 52 fires and resulting in more than 2 million
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that includes the construction of homes and car. no hover boards are being recalled but that could change. >> green beans. >> todd: a woman found something disgusting. >> neki: she claims to have found a head of a snaek. she thought it was a burned bean but realize it was a snake's head and she said where is the body? >> my concern is someone else would get the body and not the snake head. >> neki: the company stopped all production of the canned vegetable and trying to determine where those green beans came from.
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pulled to a rescue. >> neki: a puppy pulled from a fire. update is next. >> todd: candidates are pushing for delegates until the very end. the latest on the campaign trial is coming up next. >> neki: live look at the shrine where the funeral mass is held for judge antonin scalia and
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next. tt0w!t.*(=! %4@-,2( tt0w!t.*(=! el@-&5d tt0w!t.*(=! ed@- 7 tt0w!t.*(=% )8h-@i\ tt0w!t.*(=% kzh-]& tt0w!t.*(=% n-h-(o, 0w!t.*(=% 0ph-6(4 tt0w!t.*(=% s"h-&zt tt0w!t.*(=% ueh-%8$ tt0w!t.*(=% 7hh-9:p >> todd: hello, hollywood. >> neki: hollywood. >> totd: it is looking cloudy out there. >> neki: it is a nice day. and hand holding and a couple on the beach and cloud cover and sun night too brigig, i like it like that. midday, you normally get bhurnd. >> todd: let the sun burn off and have a nice afternoon. >> jennifer: i don't like the clouds, it is saturday, right.
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stu born and we'll see more sunshine later on this afternoon. they are not producing rainfall and it is still nice out there in fort lauderdale. temperatures hitting the low 70s. 73 in keywest. miami 72. and fort lauderdale 71. and 72 in pembroke pine not too warm and cool. it is seasonal for this time of year once we hit the high in the upper 70s. you can see still cloudy down through the keys. more sunshine and homestead seeing more sunshine as well. we'll have the rest of the forecast plus the sevev day. >> neki: thank you, jennifer. >> todd: 4000 are expected to attend the mass for supreme court antonin scalia.
9:31 am
shy of his eighth birthday. >> neki: fellow justices are remembering the conservative icon as brilliant and witty. >> reporter: this morning, thousands will fill the largest roman catholic church in north america. it is anotherer chance to say fare well. >> scalia has been a figure in my life. >> he set an upon example you can stand up for principle and law. >> reporter: justice clerks lined the ways he was skaerd in the court the last time. it was the great hall where scalia's body lay in repose on the samelatform that once held the casket of a bra hamelin con. > you you called your servant
9:32 am
>> reporter: the first lady and president bowed in silence. there is potential list of nominees on the supreme court. republican leaders said saturday in the washington post they don't plan to confirm the next justice until after the next presidential election. the binder he carried as he left the oval office filled with notes he's been reviewing this weekend about possible nominees. >> neki: justice scalia leaves behind nine children and 36 grandchildren. tamily and friends will visit a private burial servic >> todd: son of a canadian diplom at. >> neki: the son of a diplomat is on the way to boot camp than prison. he accepted a plea deal in order
9:33 am
two brothers tried to rob a marijuana dealer. he will eight years also of probation. his mother was pleased with the deal. >> today, it is the mother that is the happiest in the world, beuse i get to have my son back and i would say it has been difficult. >> neki:i: he was facing third degree murder and robbery charges. if he violates the deal he could face 60 years in prison. >> todd: congresswoman is weigh nothing on president obama's visit to cub a. >> i will not go to cuba, until i am assured that all of the human rightsthat i know, the violations that are taking place in cuba are eras.
9:34 am
>> todd: the congresswoman made the comments in the my brother's keeper challenge. it is meant to encourage leaders to create positive change for the at risk youth. local ten will have that in march. the t texas teen, ethan couch@ will be moved to adult court and could get days in jail and probation. his attorney argued he was cod canled and didn't know the right from wrong. the teen and his mother took off for mexico. >> neki: a girl is recovering after pulled from a fire. her mother is under arrest.
9:35 am
mother along with the fire coming out of the front door. she asked her if there was a fire iide and she said her daughter was there. firefighters rushed to save the six-year-old. >> couldn't get the ladder there quick enough. i told my partner to get on one knee and help me up. and i climbed in through the window. we taken 3 or 4 minutes, the outcome would have e en different. >> neki:ro cello is charged with child neglect and result nothing great bodily harm and expected to appear before a judge today. the child is in custody off d- cf. >> todd: fire crews were able to save four of eight puppies in a home. it happen in a apartment complex.
9:36 am
they found three and went back in when they heard one more whimpering. >> we found the mother and another puppy trying to get away from the flames and they brought them out. >> todd: they used special masks to give the puppies oxygen. through. it is a show down on the campaign trial. this is video of jeb bush and former first lady barbara bush showing up in a south carolina votering area. democratic candidates, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are going in the nevada caucus in a tie. here is the latest on the race for the white house and good morning toyou, glenna? >> reporter: todd, good morning, everyone up early on
9:37 am
youentioned governor bush up in greenville, the northern part of south carolina and that's where the christian conservative vote is and a lot of the candidates are concentrating their time there this week. it is a sisnificant vote in south carolina. we are in ea rl wood neighborhood of colombia. this is ward three. this is a smaller presichth that you might see on the national news because its in south carolina. the first primary in the south and hugely significant in the presidential primaries and we have had a nice trickle of people. i want to introduce you to catherine real quick. you are updating the candidate's list. yeah, chris christie bowed out and carly fiorina gone. what is interesting about south carolina. one of the things that are so interesting, you don't have to
9:38 am
vote in the primary. it is very different than florida where anyone who is a republican, democrat or no party affiliation can choose to vote for one of the republican candidates and which is why you are seeing the cappedidates working hard to earn the votes of the people here. and what we did. we have been here an hour or so and the rest of the crew. the people comomg in here, we are doing our unscientific exit polling. and they arehowing donald trump a serious leader for eks, but it was interesting to have conversations with people who voted and their perspective. i will give you an example. what made you pick rubio as a last-minute decision? >> just the way he did in the town hall meetings, he used
9:39 am
the average american he talked about throating checks before when he didn't do so well. he's experienced racism, someone of a hispanic. >> i voted for john kasich. >> do you feel like a vote for john kasich with the polls and just the general talk of the nation might be a wasted vote? >> i thoughthat at first. once i was fond of him and his moderateiews without being too out there maybe like trump, i realized he was second in new hampshire, and so he is a risk here and enough people like me who like him, and are sort of on the fence went with him maybe that would sway something. >> neki: you know, this morning in just one polling place, we met a couple of people who voted for john kasich.
9:40 am
hampshire. we have seen the poll numbers, i will not say they were all over the place. donald trump always at the top. and some put gernor bush way down in the single dig ichlt but he is now in a tie with rubio. and ted cruz number two. and texas senator cruz is a christian conservative. we really don't know what will haen today and that make its interesting and significant. we'll see you back here in half an hour and i will talk to then, about how the voters do wait until the last-minute to decide and how does that happen. we'll see you then. live in cocolombia south
9:41 am
>> todd: the challenge is under way. >> neki: thousands of people walking to beat cancer. here's more from erica. hello, erica. >> reporter: good morning, neki and todd. there was excitement when hundreds of cyclist took off and hundreds more cheered them ow. they went through thehe balloon arch and went off. dolphin's fashion. there were cancer survivors, family members, and even our own victor taking part in the ride. they are riding 35 miles through browowd and da te and end nothing sunlight stadium. there is oer groups that started earlier this morning. 6:30 from west palm riding 72 miles and another group going 100 miles from sunlight all the way down in miami and back up. everyone meeting back at sun is
9:42 am
they are all in this to raise money. millions to be raised for cancer research. >> we have 3 3500 riders and ending with a concert. >> anything we can do to raise money to fight cancer, i am in. and also it is fun. i have to wear this absurd outfit and if this is the last time you see me, plose don't remember me in spandex. >> reporter: all of the moneyey going for cancer research. and ending with a concert in the stadium with melissa ethridge and sheryl crow. come to my window. >> todo:s hundreds of great pets.
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studio. >> neki: every week we feature adorable pets needing a good home.
9:46 am
>> she is not used to all of the lights and action and she heard jennifer walking and she will follow her. shes just over a-year-old and weighs 13 pounds. she will not get bigger. she needs home with a lot of tlc and came to us from another shelter. >> neki: this dog will shed? >> when pets are nervous they shed more. if you brush her on aregular basis that will cut down on the shedding. >> neki: walk for the animalss now. >> i don't think that everybody realize we are a nonprofit organization and not part of a national group. and walk for the animals is on march 5th and if you raise $150 you get a t- shirt. we had thousands of people that
9:47 am
>> neki: grooit great time for a great cause and people. >> and help the furry friends in our community. >> n ni: you can always look on line and clickck under our pet section. we'll find a link to dogs and cats. and you can post an animal you lost and found and i am sure you will find someone to snuggle soon. >> jennifer: this is a live look out of the malry square cam. key west is waking up to cloud cover. but 70 degrees right now. and northeast wind and nine miles per hour. and it doesn'tfeel too bad out there and temperatures are seasonal for this time of year.
9:48 am
the upper 70s tis normal for this time of year to stay in the upper 70s. you can see all across the board, wins out of the east and nine miles per hour winds and here is a saturday. and visible and picking up on all of the cloud cover that is over the gulf stream and out in broward and miami-dade. moving on westward, there are a few spots where you are seeing sunshine and clear skies and toward the middle keys as well and another bank of cloud cover rolling over in the keys in the next few minutes. no rain showing up on the radar, that is good news, we'll stay dry and nice and quiet for the rest of the weekend. high pressure system out and over the pandhandle. but for the rest of the nation,
9:49 am
and there is still snoi over portions of new england. however, back in the south. it is heating up. here at home, we'll have the temperatures in the weekend. sun and clouds expected again tomorrow. and then as we start off next week, it would be much warmer. heading out to the it the beach today keep in mind there is a high current rip risk. the bays are choppy and this includes the keys as well. it will get breezy over the waters and highs today. 77 degrees and look at you seven be day forecast can. highs in the low 80s, with a better chance for rain and storms nextt week. >> todd: baseball verer good to barry ponds. >> neki: marlins getting the hits for the start of spring
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
of the hawks with three of their >> sports anchor: i am clay with your morning sports wrap. the heat was going tb be short
9:53 am
chris bosh out with a blood clot. and tip off before the hawks, more bad news. dwayne wade sitting it out because of soreness in the back of his knee. he missed practice because of that injury, and it didn't seem too serious the heat held him out. >> it is just some soreness that i haven't felt in a while and i want to make sure everything is good. >> sports anchor: the heat nine strong and only nine players playing. and they had the lead late. josh witit a tip in. 19 points for him in this e. and driving inside and gets it totoo and 17 for him in this ll game. and then lou putting it away. two of his 30 points on the
9:54 am
115- 111 and just nine players playing. and dwayne wayne loving whate saw from the guys last night. don mattingy on the field forr the first day of spring training. barryonds out there. and mattingly said he wants one thing above all else from his s guy, hard rk. >> i tell the players as long as they work and give you the best effort, yeah, i am going to back them all of the way. >> i think i am working hard. >> sports anchor: college baseball. hurricane taking and throwing out the first pitch to a-rod. and we are tied at one. willie makes sure we are not tied anymore.
9:55 am
score 4- 1. i am clay ferro. >> neki: just ahead story of two high schoo wrestlers turning heroes. >> todd: how theyumped in the action and saved a man's life. >> neki: more on the confession from a high school i need new carpet. ok. i have two dogs. and a husband. house trained? my husband? no, the dogs. sometimes. i'd suest stainmaster pet protect carpet. why? incredibly durable and stain resistant. that's why they call it master it'.. i got it. now get free basic installation with purchase of stainmaster carpet and pad,
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todd: two high school wrestlers from utah may not have brought home the trophy from a latest match but they did something much more important. >> they saved a man's life. >> neki: they found a man with a medical emergency with his wife panicking. >> his head was tilted back and you could tell it is wrong. i went for his neck and felt for a pulse and nothing. >> neki: the boys started cpr
9:58 am
the man's wife said her husband would not be alive without their home and called them heroes. >> todd: survivors. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
10:00 am
florida techer accused of having sex with a student. >> neki: the race to the white house.e. nevada. >> todd: laid to rest. moururrs say good byes to justice antonin scalia. controversy over who will not be at today's funeral. >> neki: thousands of south floridians in the cancer challenge. >> todd: good morning, it is it saturday february 20th. >> neki: i ameki mohan. it is it a nice one and head to jennifer for the forecast. >> jennifefe that's right. it is so cloudy for the start of our saturday. it is nice, actually. and this is what it looks like
10:01 am
later on get yourself outthere, the weather will be nice and seasonal for this time of year. attaches are hitting the low 70s and miamimi warming up at 74 degrees at this hour. look at the satellite, you can tell where the cloud cover is. it continues to basically track the west very slowly. you can see there are a few little spots here and there that are clear sksks. and a few of the keys are seeing more sunshine. and even in southwest miami-dade, homestead seeing more sunshine than along the coast. high pressure is in control. we'll be nice and stable and we'll have the forecast coming up. neki. >> neki: this high school teacher accused of having sex with a student and school leaders said he will be fired. jason meyer system granted bond and expected to be released from jailsoon. we have the reporter w wh the
10:02 am
the young woman confessed to this? >> reporter: yes, she came forward sometime a couple of days o a week or see abo what she happen in last school year. jason meyers is accused of felony sexual btery with a minor and one step closer to home after we got video of him going into this facility. ok at the video, it came in a few minutes ago and we were here when the white pelled van turned in the correctional center and an officir opened the backbe and escorted the teacher and another inmate. he was still wearing his orange jumper. thousands of dollars bond and placed on house arrest this afternoon. and a 17 year old female high school senior student claimed they had sex in the end of last
10:03 am
he's a married father of three and his wife, a teacher at the same school is pregnana with their fourth child. >> it is scary to think that something like this is going on on. >> a person in that position teaching, you have a job to do and your job is not to touch these children. and back live here, we'll wait it see if mr. meyers will be here. and he will be fitted with a ankle bracelet andh wait for the next hearing. heill remain on house arrest for that time period. he will be ordered to stay away. 'll keep you posted. reportin live at lilivingston, fox news. >> todd: it is a big day on the campaign trail.
10:04 am
nevada and primary day in south carolina. >> todd: we hear from glenneda about the candidates. >> reporter: we are working so hard, until the last-minute. for many reasons we watched it go on in iowa and new hampshire and in south carolina, you can see welcome to ward three, the polling place. in south carolina anyone can vote if you are a registered voters. any democrat or republican or independent can vote in the primary should they choose. the the man who runs ward d. tony talked to us about that just a while ago. >> you can vote in which ever primary, but only vote in one. if you come to the republican primary and vote, you can't vote in the democratic primary which is the 27th.
10:05 am
primary? >> if they choose to, that's correct. >> this is electronic and we are ed to opticcal scans in south florida. what is so interesting about this for those of us on the campaign trail so far. in iowa and new hampshire tis really old school and paper ballets and everybody rights it down. and this is modernized. and here they are expecting a record turn out, because what an interesting election this has been. people who are registering to vote specifically in this election and all of the candidate, out and about as you can see. it is slow here. . they have had 50 people, 46. saturday voting was implemented in south carolina, neki and todd in the high interest primary.
10:06 am
it is saturday and people don't have to worry about work hours and responsibilities. there are other p pcincts all over the state there are lines out of the dorand the cappedidates we know have a full schedule of precincts they are visiting and the campaign goes on and polls are up and down and so much at stake for so many people today in the south carolina primary. >> neki: i know that the republican primary today and democrat is next week. someone votes today, they cannot next week. they can vote today republican or democrat? >> reporter: exactly. they h he in south carolina, a semiopen process. and the democrats today, it is it a caucus in nevada. and so the democrat's attention is in nevada. hillary clinton and bernie there.
10:07 am
here it is republicans only. but any registered voter can choose to votot today. then you can't vote for the democrat primary next saturday. and it is a real choice and what is interesting to us here, a lot of people we met have made their decicion fairly late in the game, and there's an open mindedness about it and democrats a choosing to vote for a republican candidate and who knows, i am going to guess, less republicans will choose to vote in the democratic race. i don'tuess that will be as popular based on the candidates and what they stand for. there is a open mindedness to consider all candidates of both parties. >> todd: early vote often does not apply.
10:08 am
watching the different processes. >> todd: family and friends and colleagues are getting ready to say good bye to justice antonin scalia. the public paid respects to scalia on friday as his body lied in rese. his casket was placed in the rotunda and draped in the ameran flag. he was 79 years old. president obama and the first lady stopped by to vow the casket. the president received blow back for hisdecision not to attend the funeral for scalia today. vice-president biden will represent the white house at that marving. the battle continues over who will be scalia's successor. the republicans vowed to block obama's nominee. chuck grass awaiting the decision on whether to hold
10:09 am
he will wait until a nominee is announced before making decisions. >> the dolphin's cycling chlenge kicked off this morning. erica has more. >> reporter: it was pure excitement in the university of miami. hundreds of riders taking off through the balloons. dolphun's colors. they are riding 35 miles through miami and bruar and ending in sunlight stadium. there are cancer survivors and victor taking part in the challenge. this is not the only group riding today. others started at 6:30 and riding 72 miles and there is another group who took the challenge to heart. they are riding hundred miles and ending up in the stadium and in this together to raise money.
10:10 am
cancer research. >> we have 31 riders and seven different riders. and it is at the stadium. >> anything we can do to help in. again, i have to wear the absurd outfit. if this is the last time you see me, please try not the to remember me for the spandecks. >> reporter: all of that money will go to the sylvester center to benefit research of cancer. there is a cancer at 2:00. there are tickets at the box office. there i a performance by melissa ethridge and sheryl crow. >> todd: a new disappointment for the family of corey jones. what they discovered as they tried to honor him this week. >> neki: a race againstime to
10:11 am
see the high stake's rescue next. >> jennifer: here in south florida today, winds will be breezier. andeasonal temperatures, but that is not lasting long.
10:12 am
10:13 am
south florida. >> neki: new this morning, a memorial for a man who was shot by a police officer was
10:14 am
fire crews determined that the fire was accidental. they say a knocked over candle may have been the cause. jones' brother spoke with the reporters he said he was there hours before. >> there was seven of us last night. we came out here at 2:00. we are doing this every month, man, until i die. >> neki: the family thought it was set fire intentionally but plans on rebuilding it. >> todd: a teen allegedly ran over a deputy delivering a search warrant. she is expected to recover. the teen is identified as juan carlos ortiz. he was charged with fleeing armed b burglary and tresesssing>>
10:15 am
in new hampshire recovering after first responders plucked her from the fririd waters. they lowered a rope for her to hold on to. she lost her grip and floated away. but reached out and grabbed a wall. firefighter carried that woman to an ambulance saying this is something they train for year round. >> jennifer: good morning, south florida. happy saturday to all of you. it is cloudy out there but no rain. rain chanceness down ten percent. but notice the winds are picking up a bit. the surf, it is 1- 2 feet and looks pretty nasty out there. if you make your way to the beach stay out of the water. high risk of rip currents still in affect. many people enjoying the saturday despite the cloud cover. key west, cloudy out there and
10:16 am
but the bays are choppy today, and so boaters exercise caution, especially small craft operators. temperaturur are 74 degrees. elsewhere 72 degrees. and cooler than miami and fort lauderdale. pembroke pines 72. and 71 in pampano beach. winds have picked up as well for all of south florida. 14 miles per hour wind speed out of the east and 12 elsewhere. now this is hopefully pick up the pace with the pesky clouds sxush them out west in an effort to push them apart. weant to see the sunshine, come on, it is the weekend. cloudy, all along broward and miami-dade coast line. eventually we'll see the sunshine peeking through the cloud cover. next few days, it will be
10:17 am
happening, but breezy by this afternoon. 15- 20 miles per hour. i mentioned boating conditions. sese are 3- 5 feet and keep in mind bays are choppy. 79 degrees tomorrow. and we get in the low 80s by monday. and wednesday, talking about the next system that could bring us strong storms, ki? >> neki: thank you, gen. you can see eight cooking contest in the beach. holding the festival foodie feud. they will have three rounds of cooking. and it is it free. there is a music event. history of miami museum hosting a concert bite lee boys. it is free as well. >> todd: when we come back, ready to rock. >> neki: the iron maiden lands in south florida with the jumbo
10:18 am
10:19 am
10:20 am
(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. >> neki: a masterpiece. air force one touched down on the maiden voyage in fort lauderdale on. iron maiden kicking off the tour with the lead singer at the controls of the plane. >> todd: he land it. and i was there to witness it
10:21 am
on his maiden flight. iron maiden flight. lead singer bruce dickenson of the band iron maiden landed. >> my first land nothing a 747. what is not to love. >> meredith: it will carry the elaborate stage, band and equipment and crew and band members. over12 tons of gear and traveling 35 countries six of seven couldn't nonts. >> i don't think it is too many penguins made in france. >> meredith: that is over 50,000 miles. the band leader was a pilot. and recently certified to fly the 747. he bought a simulator. and the plane has a 211 foot wing span and that is a lot of heavy metal. dickinson said it was a good reason to kick off the world
10:22 am
>> it is sunny, and because well, bahamas. and nick lives in boca ratton. >> meredith: it is planted with the mascot, eddy on the side and dubbed edforce one. >> you know, a bomber is air force one. >> todd: he was actually a pilot for a small airlines. >> neki: in his off time he flew planes. that's why he looked so good. >> meredith: they opened the world tour wednesday night. it is nearly sold out and every show after that on all 35 countries, is sold ouou >> neki: good for them. keep on rocking.
10:23 am
update the stories. >> neki: there is a little cloud
10:24 am
10:25 am
10:26 am
sun will come >> neki: a high school teacher accused of having sex with his student. jason meyers was an english teacher where he had sex with the teen twice in the the classroom. >> todd: famy and friends and colleagugu getting ready to say good bye to supreme court scalia. he died last week at a texas ranch. he was 79 yearsole. >> neki: republicans facing off. it is a contest to determine the front runner. and first test for bernie sanders and hillary clinton in
10:27 am
>> jennifer: it is quite cloudy. it is so tiny though. it will bring a light sprinkle and we'll have a mixf sun and clouds and a high o of 70 degrees. theids yesterday were awesome. >> neki: did you take a picture? >> jennifer: no. i didn't. >> todd: i shout out my lifelong buddy from high school. getting on a carouse. >> neki: thank you for joining us. >> todd: we are out of shout outs. and soflo taste is up next. >> neki: go to for
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