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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  March 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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over the weekend as kemp's cousin stephanie augustin was arrested for the armed kidnapping along with augustin's 14-year-old relative. it's a cousin that melinda took in as a friend who claimed to have recently miscared. >> i used to tell her, stephanie, i'm proud of you. you're going to school. no kids. you're beautiful. you go, g gl. it broke me to find it was her. >>lenna: augustin is in jail, no bond and will undergo mental health evaluations. that much to kemp mak sense. >> she said sorry and wanted to talk to me blount i backed up, and i told the defect no. i don't want to cry right now. i'm happy my baby is here. >> glenna: melinda said she wants her cousin to help but shealso wants the consequences, too, and for the kidnapping and arm kidnapping and burglary, all the charges involved, tha could well mean life in prison. i'm glenna milberg reporting live in the newsroom today, local10 news.
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to another. we continue to follow this breaking news out of opa-locka where police have located the heat index you wanted in connection with the death of six-year-old king carter. the teens have been bender. end-year-old leonard a damn, 17-year-older went pressley and16-year-old -- king was chilled in the crossfire all right. the west palmeach teenager accused of posing as a doctor has been arrested again on new charges of fraud. local10 news was there as heh walked out of jail. our hatzel vela is life on these new charges. >> laurie: laurie, this is a docucunt that shows he is now being charged with grand thehe, stealing, they say, more than $34,000 from an 86-year-old woman, and now he's out of jail. we were there. >> that ex taus that malachi love-robinson. back in court facing new charges, and when he leaves jal he doesn't say much.
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himself tuesday night because, coping to this police report, he stole more than $34,000 from an 86-year-old woman. this is the same woman he allegedly sold fraudulent natural vitamin to treat severe stomach pain. the 18-year-old now accused of using the woman's checks to pay are for multiple c c loans and two credit cards. >> what do you say to that lady? >> hatzel: the teen first making nags headlines last month after he opened his own medical clinic and was arrested for practicing medicine without a license. >> i think we loose sight of who he is. he is an 18-year-old. >> he has the entrepreneurial spirit of somebody look a donald trump or a bill gates >> hatzel: just yesterday new paperwork obtained by local10 shows he treated an undercover female deputy at the medical center he set up. love-robinson stated he was a doctor of homeopathic medicine. investigator say his accrediteddations were false. >> i have spent a lot of time with him and i haven't seen any personality disorders like a
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some issues could be deep seated. >> hatzel: the judge told hum to stay away from the victim, that he has had to undergo a mental health evaluation and not to practice any sort of medicine. >> calvin: now to vote 2016. despite losing big on super tuesday, florida senator marco rubio has his eyes set on sweeping florida in two weeks. today rubio and his wife walked into west miami city hall to cast the votes, and out of dozens of possible states, minnesota gave rubio his onl_ primary victory on super tuesday. ted cruz won three, including his home state of texas, and the big winner and the the republican frontrunner trump won seven states last night. trump took today off the campaign trail but not without throwing a jack a marco rubio with this tweet that reads "why would anyone in florida vote for light weight marco rubio? chocolate hits credit card sam
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voting." ben carson said he will not take part in tomorrow night's debate saying she doesnsn see a political path forward after thanks last night's ls. he will talk about his future political plans on friday. and on the democratic side hillary clinton is celebrating her super tuesday success after she won't seven states in yesterday's primaries. she is seto speak at a rally in new york tonight after spending last night here i i miami. clinton once again dominated among black voters yesterday. her opponent bernie sanders campaigned in maine after taking four states yesterday compared to clinton's seven. the next set of primaries will be held this upcoming satatday. for more oat campaign trail stay with local10 at 6:30 tonight. >> laurie: it was a year ago yesterday that i tractor-trailer carrying nearly $5 million worth of goal bars was carjacking in remember that? tonight it appears this wild local10 news reporter todd tongen has been working the story.
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moved on in today. >> todd: philosophical just one arrest. we can confirm two arrests have been made, however, the fbi not naming that second suspected. here in opa-locka they stormed the perez home early this morning and frightened some neighbors. >> i mean, it is shocking. it is shocking. >> swat, fbi, everybody coming in. >> todd: neighbo in this quiet opa-locka neighborhood got a rude awake ek this morning as the fbi raided the home of 46-year-old adalberto perez. the bust happen before 6:00 a.m. this morning in connectio with his alleged involvement in a daring gold heistp in north carolina back in march of 2015. thien seized and towed his fishing boat with twinn outboards named the grunt masasr to fbi headquarters in miramar. >> i heard it but i didn't know what was going on. >> what did you hear? >> a lot of what you would expect. a lot of commotion. i really don't want to talk about it. thank you.
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>> yes, i do, and actually they were really good neighbors. they've been here a long time. >> todd: the fbi said pre-waze involved in the gold heist in north carolina, a tracr-trailer carrying nearly $5 million in gold bars was head to boston when police say two men calling themselves the police got the loot and took hauf in i white van. pepez is in prison trying to fence one stolen gold bars but the fbi doesn't believe he was behind the heist. perez has a lengthy criminal record including grand theft, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, arson and trying to sell a stolen vehicle, but his sister-in-law doesn't believe he committed this crime. >> if all this were true, i don't know see how he could be living here. owning the tripe of vehicle he owns. two and two doesn't add up. >> todd: over 12 hours later fbi investigators still here. you see a fulk of evidence. they have been inside the home, in the backyard all day.
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with sledgehammers. they should be clearing the scene fairly soon. the f bit)of still saying a $25,000 reward is still up for anyone -- any information that leads to another arrest in this case. in opa-locka, todd tongen, local10 news. >> laurie: and another seaeah is oh for this man who was been caught on camera robbing a miami convenience tore at knife point. surveillance video from sunday shows this man walking to golden mark along northwest 12th street, pro the cash register. he pulled out a knife and demands money. >> calvin: police arrest the manager of a popular restaurant after a customer found aamera in the women's restroom. the witness says she noticed a small camera pointed under the sink facing the toilet at the local spot along southwest 52nd and 137th avenue. the restaurant manage of la perla hajime maruyana was arrested. >> that's an insion of privacy.
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>> calvin: maruyana has been rae leads on bail. >> laurie: now six expensive birds are missing after thieves stole them right of they are cages. one of those birds is a parrot worth 2,000-dollar and it's been with its family for more than 30 years. 53rd ever burd eats owner described what happened when she noticed her bare parrot ming last night. >> that bird has been with me 33 years. and we heard the dog barking, and my husband went outside and when he went outside, he saw the guy. he opens the door and he sees a guy running. he went inside the silver optima. >> laurie: miami police say there still hasn't been any sign of that altima or the two suspects but one of the birds escaped and was rovered. >> calvin: now at latest on the historical changes between ewes d cuba premises at least seven u.s. caressier ofubmitted applications top transportation department for routes they would like to fly to cuba. american air airlines a pried for ten daily flights from miami
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dallas/fort worth, los angeles, chico and charlotte. southwest and fort lauderdale-base dollars silver airlines have also applied. governmental approval could take months. and for more details now being released about president obama's upcoming trip to cuba. we know the president will be attending the historic baseball game between the tampa bay ray and is the cuban national baseball team on march 2 financed p today the white house press secretary said the president will not visit the guantanamo gaye prison. and michelle bawll will travel with the president. i will be covering all of eves that week which concludes the special performance by the rowing stones in havana. be sure to catch our live reports. >> laurie: dwyane wade had an interesting workout partner this morning in miami this morning. >> calvin: king james making a sit to town. clay ferrero joining us with the details of this reunion.
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people are asking why was lebron here and not with his own team in the middle of the week. we didn't get answer to that since lebron wasn't at heat practice today. dwyane wade did the best he could to explain the rcumstances rounding this. here's the picker of two picture of the two friends after a workout today in south florida. what makes this strange is that it is the middle of season, and even though the cavs had a few days off, they've also had a lot of drama under voing the team playmate wade said from his rspective there's nothing strange about this at all. >> he's one of my be friends so it's not odd for me to work out with m. one of my best friends. if it was anybody didn't know, it would be a little different. obviously lebronakes his time away, it's nice to get away for a couple of days when you're an argues organization and your coach allowo you get away and clear you're mind would be miami is a great place to do that. >> clay: we mentioned the drama surrounding the cavaliers. lebrony region call the u.
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mental toughnessen and posted on itter "it's okay to know you've made a mistake." calvin and laurie. >> laurie: just to keep us wondering. >> calvin: we didn't disagree with him p. another day of filming for bay watch with our beautiful beaches and south florida weather as the backdrop. take a look. >> laurie: now a famous leading lady,,he has joined the cast in boca raton and that's where we find local10 news reporter terrell forney. hi there. >> terrell: hey, laurie and calvin. i can confirm that the stars in this film look just like they do in the movies. production has now shifted a bit from broward county to here in boca raton and today's day on the set involved plenty of extras. >> it's pretty cool. >> terrell: a cool sight on a hot d to 23 see two of the hollywood's biggest stars. >> who have you spotted? >> zac efron and with the rock on a boat. >> terrell: the duooaking up the sun on the sand, shooting
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the tv show in the '90s made famous by stars david heals hasselhoff and pamela anderson. this is being shot in south florida and eager eyes are capturing every second of the fun. >> i thought it was an accident. >> terrell: it was just last week the production trucks and actors were spotted in deerfield beach, and since then zac efron from the rock have been chronicling they are south florida adventures on social media. >> here's one of the greatest joys of shooting. see you guys later. by guys. >> terrell: also spotted on the set today chopra, a former miss world contestant turned actress who is now the star of abc's hit tv show quantico. we're told she plays a villain in this new bay watch production. >> the biggest star out of, unone of the biggest stars in the world. >> with the big et cetera star in the world. >> the beautiful chopra. welcome to bay watch. >> so happy to be here.
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>> you don't know. >> terrell: and a lot of those sightings haveveeen happening around town. an interesting note. we saw the rock in the middle of some of the scenes that he was shooting today, and then we saw him swapped outed for someone ha looked just like i am pim him. obviously they're losing a body double. we'll be able to find outust how down and dirt in a little over a year from now because this movie hits theaters may of 2017. reporting live from boca raton, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> laurie: how the heck do you find anybody that looks like the rock is if that's got to be a tough be jo. 6. 13. let's get a check on the evening rush for you. traffic reporter jenise fernandez right here. >>enise: if you've got errands to run this evening or maybe meetingriends for dinner do not get on i-95. this is a accident in the express lanes on. as zoom on in to our maps i-95 northbound at northwest 1rd
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clocking in at 27 miles per hour. we're also letting you dmit express lanes on i-95 northbound you are closed between downtown miami to the golden glades while they work to cheap up that accident. >> christina: can happen in just aaoment of carelessness, as simpleel as opening a new online message. suddenly hackers are demanng you pay up you are our why files are going to be erased. eric yutzy has the ransomware on this week's "hacked." >> they may put down, hey, it's me. i forgot your other email address. give me a hler. this is johnny from high school. remember me? i found a picture of you. you hit that attachment and then that begins to infectour computer. >> eric: thats ransomware, a virus that locks down your computer, files, pictures, hackers threatening to erase them until@ you pay a ransom.
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your life. >> eric: florida department of law enforcement special agent said this room a fdle headquarters in tallahassee is dedicated to battling online crimes like these. >> law enforcent and private companies that monitor this of seen an increase in these types of attacks. >> i can see this becoming way more common. >> eric: rodd soto said the ransom prices can care vary. this hospital in valley of admitted bage $17,000 in bitcoin to get their files back. much ransoms are much lower, around $500. many victims pay up, something security personnel do not recommend. >> that is security decision only you can make. if you make that decision, you effort about make s se you close the back door. >> then they will come back and ask for more money. that's why i do not recommend. you can contact the authorities or someone who can disfect your hope. >> eric: first don't click on
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then back up your files. make it a habit. plug in it. save your fights and then unplug it once a week. then if you are hit you can avoid paying thing ra some. have an expert wipe your computer clean and put the files back on. simple stuff that could save the most important memories and documents your lifif with "hacked" i'm eric yutzy, local10 news. >> calvin: eric, thanks a lot. >> laurie: good advice this there, and good, gorgeous, beautiful creditor outside. >> calvin: can we keep it into the weekend, betty? >> betty: we are living the good life these days, and the good life keeps on coming. great night to w watch the sun go down people lining up at mallory square. so very beautiful out there all day long from the i start of the day to the finish, and temperatures climbed into the lower 80 this afternoon. that was in the forecast. plan. just a few degrees above normal but now at all an oppressive day. humidity not terribly high. this is what it looks like right
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miami beach to be staringut toward miami beach. 80 degrees right now in miami. hialeah, kendall, toooo home said you've fallen off to 77 and we see that same number up in pompano beach. marathonhe cool is on the spot at 73. by 10:00 tonight everybody& should be down into the 70s by that hour, maybe 76 degrees along hollywood beach. high pressure has certainly been treating us well but a few changes we're noting in that a weak frontnt cold front is starting to slip on down the peninsula. high clouds streaming in ahead of that. but this front is so weak there is no rainfall with it and the air behind it isot all that cold be, either, and the front won't bring a lot of changes to our weather. so more of the same is indeed in our forecast. quiet weather for a lot of the south right now from atlanta over toward memphis. high pressure in control. already tracking the next weather system that's going to come out across the plains overnight. not really a player in our
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we'll have our winds flowing in from the east. southeast. they will be light. we're expecting a warm thursday. then that next system, we'll be tracking it as the cold front associated with it starts to move have moof in towarthe had an panel, and even this front is going to be so weak that it won't bring big changes in our direction. so friday, too, it's going tofeel like spring out there and that means more temperatures in the lower 80s which is in the forecast for tomorrow. low 80s letters forecast for friday. also forecast for friday. i. you may want a sweater saturday morning but by the afternoon highs in the upper 70s. you'll be loving every minute of it. maybe heading out to carnaval on the mile. the berth weather is l looking just great. the east breeze starts to pick up next monday be with tuesday, wednesday but the next several days mainly dry and tempetures tolerable. calvin. >> calvin: okay. i agree. wholeheartedly. talk about an a lesson, some you canniliy kids in north carolina had aled would famous
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>> laurie: we're talking italy's own romero bring ito and he taught hem by skype. >> will: a pleasure for miami artist romero bring ito but nearly 700 miles away. laura reaches art to elementary schoolkids in tylenoly shelby, north carolina. this year's lesson with learn about the after the brito. when the artist learned that these north carolina kids were studng him, he jumped at the chance to teach them firsthand. >> what's up? >> how are you? how is never. >> good! >> if you have any questions, i& would love to answer to you. >> will: from his studio in wynwood skypeing into the north carolina classroom, getting question after question from the star-struck kids. >> where did you get your ideas from?
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your imagination because if you have imagination, you can do art with everything. >> will: the advice was invaluable. the smiles were indescribable. >> he was great. >> awesome. >> very nice. >> his paintings are cool. they're bright colors. >> creative. >> for me it's so inspiring because here they like my work and somehow my work, it'kind of inspired them to learn or to be interested in art. >> will: as for the teacher, she knows it was the ultimate experience for her teachers. >> he's just so inspirational, and it made the kids so happy, so it was just really great. >> will: the session ended with one final message. >> thank you, and please come here to miami one day and visit my scheduled, all of you. >> this was a dream. he's one of my idols. >> will: i if i am those kids take the first flight here. it says rio 2016 next to romerer that is because he'll be taking a flight soon to rio de janeiro,
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with the olympics in his native country of of brazil professional romero will have the ohrn of carrying the olympic torch part of the route. that'll happen on may r9th. >> laurie: he is a super star. >> calvin: absolutely. the power of technology and inspiring a new jenks little britos. >> laurie: you could tell by the art they already made thehere really into that style. they're having a great time. clay, over to you. are you an artist? >> clay ferrero: stick figures. the heated breaking records as they rolled over chicago. is one new guy making this much of a difference? we'll take a look next in sports. >> no cameras. >> jeff: his restaurant had 110 violations, so you'd think things here would be better. so why did we have to go back again today? >> why i the place not getting
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>> jeff: an a
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but this heat team, the new one with joe johnson looks like they could be a scary team to nates teen eastern conference. [ applause ] heat's latest performance a record breaker beans against the bulls, miami shooting a franchise record 67.5%. no team in the nba had shot that well in a game in almost 20 years. this comes after another impressive performance beans did knicks in new york in johnson's first game in a heat uniform. you canan put the improvement all on one guy but johnson said, yes, when he was choosing where he could go he thought about how his shooting could be utilized here. >> i have another outside threat, another 3-pointer shooter, you know, definitely it was somethi thaha i looked at, you know, coming here. i knew that i could help in that aspect. so i just put the time a work in and try to take as much straes off of these guys as much as possible. >> cy: jim larranaga ask and
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road on in the fight for first. p. two games left before the conference tournament. on the ice. the panthers feeling a little bit better about their road swing. they had lostwo straight. however, they came back last night to beat the jets 3-2. next up for if cats they play at the avalanche form tomorrow night. >> calvin: i think for some people it's hard toelle put into perspective how well the heat shot last night. >> clay: all you need to know, no team had shot better than that in almost 20 years. it's really simple when you have a guy to can make shots outside, the defense has to go outside and i opens up the insides. >> laurie: jeh johnson wants the take off the stress from everybody. i love the way he words that. >> betty: let's go get our night. it's beautiful out there. going to stay that way. mid to high level clouds. no rainfall. comfortable. good-looking for stuff. >> calvin: hump day.
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we'll see you again tonight at listening.
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(music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. blix. where shopping is a pleasure. st text1 italics cc1 test message breaking news tonight. is one of the candates about to drop out? after donald trump's string of victories, tonight, trump's promise.
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i know people are going to find that a little bit hard to believe. >> ted cruz and marco rubio taking aim. but is it even possiblele for any other republican candidate to get the delegates they need? tonight here, we do the math. and the smile's gone. will it be clion versus trump? draekt hit. the tornadoes touching down. tonight, we're on the scene. homes destroyed. and the new system bringing snow and bitter cold. it is moving east. breaking news. armed and dangerous. and the reworld at this hour. nearly a dozen men making off with several ar-15-style rifles. that manhunt, right now. the zika outbreak. tonight, the new headline. in the northeast, as the number of cases here in the u.s. now grows. and astronaut scott kelly, back on earth tonight. is he really taller and younger after a year in space? the stunning reveal. good evening.


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