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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 8, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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primary and caucus ballots. today, the last minute political fights. >> and later, medical milestone. first american woman to get a transplanted uterus. experimental surgery and her new hope to have a family. it's tuesday, march 8th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." we do say good tuesday morning to you. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. >> we want to get started with breaking news coming into us overnight from northern california. a commuter train derailment sending one of the cars into a creek. >> take a look at the video from the scene. it shows the train car on its side as the water rushes around it. fire crews rush to get passengers outs. several people were hurt. a number of them seriously. one official said the train struck a tree that h fallen onto the track. of. it was raining heavily at the time. >> this is what's called an ace train carrying commuters from
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accident took place in a rural area of alameda county. we've learned tre will be no ace trains running today. we'll stay on top of this breaking news story and bring you the very latest. we want to move onto the big courtroom victory for "dancing with the stars" co-host aaron andrews. a jury in nashville awarding andrews most of the damages she saw the. >> lawyers for the company saying they aren't sure they ll appeal. eva pilgrim covered the story for us from the start. >> the verdict in the erin andrews case. >> what he do youu award. >> $55 million, correct? >> yes. >> repepter: the jury has decided the nashville marriott secretly recorded naked video that was seen by more than 17 mlion people. >> you know your body. and i saw it for two seconds and i was like, oh, my god. >> reporter: andrews claiming the hotel made it easy for her
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a room next door to hers and through a peephole, use his cellphone to shoot video of her getting out of the shower. >> i called the operator and asked, can i have erin andrews' room? they connected me so then i knew what room she was in. >> reporter: barrett pled guilty to stalking in 2010 and d rved 27 months in prison. she sued him, the nashville marriott, and the hotel's management company. their lawyers claiming throughout the trial that andrews' career was not harmed, but has in fact thrived since this happened. >> she's not claiming her career was ruined because of this, she's saying her life was ruined because of this. >> do you believe you willver get over this? >> no. >> reporter: stalk area michael barrett was found to be 51% at fault making him responsible for more than $28 million in damages which he'll have trouble coming up with. the hotel's management company and hotel owners were found to be 49% at fault. they will have to pay out more than $26 million. eva pilgrim, abc news,
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>> we moven to politics now. and millions of americans heading to he polls in four states. donald trump made a final pitch to voters in mississippi packing a high school gym and stadium there but he's now facing attack ads from veterans and other tside groups.. republicans also voting today in michigan, idaho and hawaii. ted cruz picking up steam and blasting trump. >> i think momentum is surging our direction. we're seeing folks who had been suppororng donald trump who were realizing he isn't who they though he was. >> reporter: former new york city mayor michael bloomberg has ruled out a third party run citing concerns his candidacy could help trump or cruz win the election. he went on to call trump's campaign the mostdy visive and demagogue i can he can remember. >> hillary clinton is also taking direct aim at trump vowing to never let him become president. clinton campaigned last night in michigan. today's biggest p pze. she highligiged her commitment
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knock down barriers and fight racial injustice. bernie sandersould need to win every remaining contest by ten points to beat her. she was asked if she would president. ourselves. my gosh, you know, i don't want to think any further ahead than tomorrow and the michigan primary. i can't do that. well. rallying last night in ann arbor michigan and addressing nearly of thousand supporters, he released his call for clinton to release the transcripts of her wall street speeches. >> condolences coming in across the political parties for one of america's most promiment first ladies. >> as the world honors nancy reagan, we're learning new details about her funeral. lauren lyster joins us from the reagan library in simi valley, california. good morning, lauren. >> nancy reagan's funeral will
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but it will likely be televised. flags lowered at the reagann library as funeral preparations continue. the former first lady passed away and her los angeles home sunday. >> and she dd very peacefully. it was her time. >> reporter: in the nation's capital, a condolence book fwort public's sentiments. the president saying -- >> i know how much she meant not just to president reagan but the country as a whole. >> her former press secretary shshla tate focusing on her crusades for alzheimer's research and drug abuse. >> she traveled hundreds of thousands from miles over her eight years raising money. >> she remained the chairman of the board of the reagan library till her death. a fierce guardian of her husband ronald reagan's legacy and made quite a mark herself. >> she was a dignified elegant woman. a credit to her husband's legacy.
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2004, one of the last times mrs. reagan was seen in pubc was here in a wheelchair at his gravesite on the tenth anniversary of his passing. that's where her body will be laid to rest. beside her beloved late husband. >> she was his rock. he leaned on her and she was everything to him andhe was everything to her. >> reporter: around 1,000 people are expected to attend mrs. reagan's funeral with a number of dignitaries there including first lady michelle obama. we're also told planning for these services has been in the works for decades, reenaen an kendis. >> lauren, what are the details we're learning about friday's funeral? >> well, we know that as part of the official events leading up to it wednesday and thursday, mrs. reagan will lie in repose here at the library and the public can pay their respects during a few windows. until the funeral, the library closed till that private
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we'll learn more soon about the dignitaries invited and who will be attending. also scheduled is a procession on wednesday to bring mrs. reagan's body from the funeral home where it is now in santa monica to the library. there will be a small prayer service for family and close friends planned and then pal bearers made up of her secret serviceontingent past and present will bring the casket to the hearse to be transported hear. >> we're hearing michelle obama will attend but the president will not. that unusual? >> this is standard protocol for the funal of a former first lady. it is not typical or a sitting president to attend. past president bill clinton d d not attend the funeral of pat nixon n did george h.w. bush for lady bird johnson.
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abc's lauren lyster joining us live everybody simi valley, california. we want to tell you to stay with abc news as more tributes come inn we'll have more coverage on nancy reagan's life and death in our next half hour. vice president joe bide is in the middle easthis morning where he is propsing the u.s. will droi and squeeze the heart of isis. he spoke at an air base near abu dhabi, a main launching spot. biden along with his wife is set to also visit israel, the west bank and jordan. and the pentagon revealing new details about a deadly drone strike against militants in somalia. a spokesman says more than 150 al she bob fighters were killed as they were preparing to launch a larger scale attack possibly against u.s. targets. al shabaab is the same group that detonated a bomb in a laptop on a commercial passenger jet in somalia last month. another step in the legal showdown between apple and the government.
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a federal judge in brooklyn to reconsider a rule eg made last week that saiai apple could not be compelled to -- apple saying he was right to claim the fbi's request would undermine fundamental constitutional principles. more than a thousand students walked out of their boston classrooms yesterday to protest budget cuts. they marched down boston and crowded the boston common. the school superintendent recently proposed cutting $20 million from the central office budget. >> before you grab your breakfast this morning at starbucks, a consumer alert to tell you about. the fdaa is recalling the popular sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwich sold as hundreds of starbucks stores all over concerns about listeria. no illnesses have been reported. the affected locations include starbucks shoho in texas, arkansas and oklahoma.
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a popular sandwich. isn't it? >> okay. >> i can tell that you eat that one. >> i do. that's my free day brake past snufr cheap day. >> yeah, exactly. >> we love our completely fake food holidays. right here at "world news now." today is a good one. >> yeah, it is national pancake day. of course, the international house of pancakes is a major player in the whole thing. today participating ihops are giving customers one free short stack of buttermilk pancakes into this is the 11th annual national pancake day and also a big fund-raiser at ihops while they are eating, patrons can make a donation to a children's hospitalalcharity. our producers don't miss a beat. i would have had liked to have had a bite of the pancake into if it's international house of pancake, why isn't it celebrated -- i guess we're still waiting for it. >> where a a the pancakes at. >> maybe the next block in
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>> coming up in the mix, two grandmothers not acting their age while behind the wheel of a lam bore gee neil. >> peyton manning announcing his retirement from pro football. he faces tough questions while considering his future. >> later new hope for a young woman who wants to be a mother. how a transplant could deliver hope. >> check out our pics on instagram. cbs wnn. you're watching "world news now" . narrator: breakfast. dishes.
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tt2watu#`s4 bt@qs1t tt2watu#`s4 "a@qc=0 tt2watu#`s4 bm@qh6< tt4watu#`s4 " dztq g4t tt4watu#`s4 " entq 704 tt4watu#`s4 " gzt& .7l tt4watu#`s4 " hnt& >9 tt4watu#`s4 " iztq tpx tt4w4wu#`s4 " jntq f 8 tt4watu#`s4 " lzt& ^md . e're back with incredible i thinks. a californiaighway patrol officer came to the rescue of two women and two children. when their car caught fire yesterday in monterey south of san francisco, the officer just happened to be behind that vehicle when it burst into flames. all four victims were treated for smoke inhalation. no word on what sparked that fire. then there's this mess from a soccer match in israel. poor number 7 is injured on a stretcher. first the guy in front of him almost sits on his head. thenhe guy in the backdrops the stretcher. >> come on. >> everyone's so irritated. number 8 eventually picks up his teammate, carries him off the field. >> number eight. you go. >> i hope number eight gets a promotion. >> yes. and the guy with the stretcher was given a red card. >> he puts his butt in his face
3:16 am
what are you doing? >> is all right. i'll walk. it's okay. >> oh, see him kick the stretcher. that poor guy. poor number seven. i hope he's okay today. >> i'm sure he's fine. if i saw an coming in in, no, all right. now to the other type of football, americic football. the only one that counts. peyton manning, he's goi into his first full day of retirement from the nfl. >> his announcement yesterday, manning cracked a few jokes to help him fied fight back the tears. clayton sandell properties from denver. >> reporter: peyton manning will miss football as much as football will miss him. >> i revere football. i love the game. >> reporter: winning the super bowl turned out to be the ultimate retirement party. >> the denver broncos have taken super bowl 50. >> reporter: for a player who thought his career might be over in 2011. neck surgery sidelined him an entire season in indianapolis. but in denver he fought back. becoming a five-time mvp. the only quarterback to win two
3:17 am
>> i've finished my football race, and after 18 years, it's's time. >> reporter: for the first time manning publicly addressed sexual assault allegations made against him by a former trainer at the university of tennessee. >> i did not do what has been alleged and i'm not interested in re-litigating something that happened when i was 19 years old. >> reporter: manningknown as the sheriff for laying down the law, rides into the sunset with e last trademark call -- >> omaha. >> reporter: manning says he's going on vacation. he's going to play a little golf before deciding what too do next. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> espn job next? >> probably. >> coming up, the recipient of a ground breaking transplant speaking out. thanking the medical team for making her the first american to successfully have a uterus transplant. her hope to conceive. >> the backlash one writer is facing after saying ta getting married is not an accomplishment.
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now." well, a new mengd medical procedure is giving couples facing infertility new hope. >> the first american to have a uterus transplant. >>t 16 years old, lindsay learned she was born without a uterus. >> from that moment on, i have prayed that god would allow me the oortunity to experience pregnancy. here we are today. >> the first woman in america to receive a new uterus. it took place at the cleveland clinic february 24th. this was modeled after the approach swedish doctors are using. there the uterus comes from a living donor and healthy babies have already been born. here doctors used the uterus of a deceased donor placed in the
3:20 am
and geico logically. nine other women will also get the surgery. >> women born without a uterus have a medical condition that affects every aspect of their lives from the time diagnosed to when t they are adults looking for relationships and trying to decide if and how to have a family. >> the real test is a successful pregnancy. >> uterus flants is not just about a surgery and f moving a uterus from here to there. it's about having a healthy baby. that goal is still a couple of years away. >> something lindsds a a her husband look forward to. they're already parents to three adopteteboys. to get lindsay pregnant, she'll rely on ivf using already froze republican embryos. this doctor calls this transplant monumental but challenging. > i think to the select group of
3:21 am
child who were born without uterii or had them prematurely and never had that opportunity it, offers this glimmer of hope. >> lauren glassburg for abc news new york. >> incredible advancement. i didn't realize one in 5,000 women are born without a uterus. that's what the doctors said. >> isn't that incredible? >> coming up, two grannies. human coronavirus... hepati- >>c virus. there are a lot of different kinds of yucky germs. but not all disinfecting wipes... are approved to kill the same number of them. lysol wipes are approved to kill more types of germs than clorox. don't pick just any wipe. try that one! this cold and flu season lysol that. jill and kate use the same dishwasher. same detergent.
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3:25 am
pockets. he realized he was actually praying for the man. >> and man, he's just sleeping. >> he's sleeping. >> he's praying over him. >>this went viral last tuesday march 1st. more than 30,000 people have viewed this on facebook. >> that's a wonderful moment especially like for the city of baltimore which has had some horrible images. >> he said he almost missed his bunch bus so kw it was a legitimate moment. >> here's a wonderful moment, as well. of this gopro awards recipient. orlando getty. gopro fell on the ground, this elephant kicked it and then picked it up giving it a ride for a few minutes. we got to see the innards of the trk of this elephant. is he just kind of walked with it for a l ltle bit. >> i think elephants are smarter than we g!ve them credit for.
3:26 am
flynned or play the game. >> do you think they remember that encounter. >> i think they do but i think ey prefer selfies than the gopro. what do you get when you mix 650 horsepower with two grannies. >> take a look at this. >> here we go. >> two grannies in los angeles with a lamborghini. they take it for a spin. take a listen. >> where we going to put the stuff? >> i'm clueless. >> the new jersey. >> kind of sort of. >> got room inside. >> no, there's no room for the groceries. >> we can't put you in the trunk if we can't find the trunk. >> doughnut media apparently put this together. it's a great video. clearly lamborghini has been markeding to the wrong crowd. >> they need to market to the 80 and up crowd. all right. take a look at this in the meantime. this is really cool. cadets know how to celebrates once they get through the first
3:27 am
this is the cadets in norway. they did this impromptu mashup here, dance. after they made it through their first year. to uptown funk. >> nor swra dance moves. i wouldn't have thought. pretty good. >> it also shows why the norwegian m mitary has been
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>> no. this morning on "world newew now," the last minute campaigning and infighting before voters in four states go to the polls. what's at stake in today's important primaries and caucuses. >> remembering nanan reagan. the beloved first lady, the latest tributes and the plans for her funeral. >> and new this half hour, the tennis star admitting she failed a drug test. >> maria sharapova explains what happeneded while companies that endorsed
3:30 am
the developments overnight. >> and later in the "skny," the women of the bachelor" telling all from hard feelings to apologies. it's reality tv like you've never seen befefe. our analyst is here with exclusive insight. it is tuesday, march 8th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good tuesday morning to you. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. you know what's hotter than the bachelor? >> what? >> i think american politics. we thought it would be spiced up a little bit with bloomberg stepping in. a lot of people were thinking it would be more of a circus. >> exactly. i still thinkith pa bloomberg saying he's not going to run, this will still be a hot mess coming down the road. the republicic convention in cleveland, i'm going to grab a big box of real popcorn and sit back and eat. >> you know i don't eat popcorn anymore ter a certain incident on the show. a battle for the white house a day after michael bloomberg announced he will not enter the
3:31 am
four states today. >> today's a big day, as well.. republicans have a primary in idaho and caucuses in hawaii today. voters from both parties have primaries in mississippi and michigan. those are major contests. >> and in michigan, it will be a tough battle for bernie sanders. polls show hillary clinton taking a commamding lead. our political coverage begins with abc's kenneth moton. >> we will not let a person like that ever become president of the united states. >> reporter: donald trump is feeling the heat. >> raise your hand. i swear i'm going to vote for donald trump next week. >> reporter: as gop rival ted cruz gains on him with super saturday victories in kansas and maine. >> i think momentum is surging our direction. >> reporter: conservative groups are spending tens of millilis of dollars on anti-trump ads. >> donald trump hasn't served this country a day in his life >> reporter: marco rubio is defying trump's call for him to drop out. he's even trailing in his home
3:32 am
>> we're going to win florida. this is going to be a very long process. >> reporter: democrat hillary clinton has reason to sound confident. >> hello. >> reporter: before michigan's big contest. >> i would hope to be able to enlist bernie in helping ge reach out to his supporters if i am fortunate enough to be the nominee. sanders took part in a town hall hosted by fox news in detroit tackling the issues of health care, isis and tradede >> i am going to change those trade policies. corporatioio are going to invest in america, mot in china. >> reporter: sanders would need to win every remaining contest by ten points to beat clinton for the nomination. clinton was asked if she would consider choosing sanders as her vp. >> let's not get ahead of ourselves. >> reporter: today there are also contests in mississippi, idaho and hawaii, but the big prize is mhigan where both donald trump and hillary clinton have double digit leads on their rivals.
3:33 am
>> thanks to kenneth there. a major florida newspaper has chosen none of the bob when it comes to endorsing a republican candidate for president. "the sun sentinel" says it will not back any of the current candidates because the kind of person who should be running is not in the race. >> traracending political parties and even national boundaries are the tribubus that have been pour ing infor nancy reagan. we're hearing new dedeils about the final good-bye planned for one of america's most prominent and active first ladies. abc's matt gutman has the latest. >> reporter: with those flags lowered at the reagan national library, and the white house, president obama remembering the former first lady. >> i know how much she meant not just to presidenenreagan, but to the country as a whole. >> reporter: as a first lady she was defined by her devotion to her husband, and as a widow by her devotion to his legacy at the reagan library. workers setting up a venue for a 1,000-person funeral friday. but before the ceremony, the
3:34 am
her daughter patti writing, "there is comfort in feeling surrounded by gentle thoughts and kind wishes." her stepson michael tweeting, "nancy is where she always wanted to be, with her ronnie. now she is at peace." sheila tate, her former press secretary, focusing on her crusades for alzheimer's research and against drug use. >> she traveled hundreds of thousands of miles over her eight years, raising money for treatment programs. >> reporter: nancy reagan passed away suny morning at the bel air estate she and president reagan had lived in since he left the white house in 1989. her body will be brought for burial near the gravesite of her beloved at the reagan library. heads of state and former presidents are expected. and i'm told that nancy and ronald reagan began meticulously planning for this funeral when they were still in the white hoe down to the pall bearers and the flowers. matt gutman, simi valley, california. >> now to a major ruling from the supreme court for gay
3:35 am
the justices reversed an alabama court's refusal to recognize a same sex adoption in neighboring georgia. the birth mother tried to prevent her former partner from having visitation rights even though she had legally adopted the children while they were together. >> new details surfaced in t t hulk hogan sex tape trial. in st. petersburg, florida. the pro wrestler took the stand testifying that his former best friend, tampa deejay bubba the love sponge propositioned him to have sex with his then wife heather. hogan said he rereatedly turned them down till he reached what he called a dark day in his marriage. but it wasn't till five years later that he learnededhat a sex tape had been made and leaked. >> i was pretty rocked. i felt numb. i still was holding out hope that bubba did not do this to me. >> hogan is suing gawker for $100 million for posting the video saying it turned himsese up side down. gawker is citing freedom of the
3:36 am
>> to the west coast and the el nino fueled storms pummeling the west with deadly force everywhere san francisco to san diego, uprooting trees as you can see there, collapsing roofs and briefly knocking out power to lax. some roads in the bay area under a foot of water as some areas saw about 11 inches of rainfall over 72 hours. in the higher elevations storms slammed the sierra nevada mountains with blizzard conditions and those storms may have had an impact on this. the severe weather likely played a role in this train derailment, this is a live picture that is coming to us right n in northern california. a fallen tree right now on the track sent one train car into a eek. several people were injured but everyone we're told should be okay. you can see that car that's down on the left there. that's probably the one that ended up in the creek. is happened during the end of the rush hour there in northern california.
3:37 am
powerful storms, gusty winds and flooding downpours from sunshine to shreveport. up to a foot of rain is expected. light rain in northern california. unusually warm in the midwest to the northeast. >> 70s in dallas and washington, d.c., 60s in new york and chicago. 50s in great falls, and albuquerque, 40s in boston and seattle. well, a chicago area woman was charged with drunk driving after police saw this. take a look. a 15-foot tree wedged into the grill of her car. she had obviously run into it at some point because police noticed that the air bags were already deployed. the driver admitting striking the tree b%t couldn't remember where. >> well, usual when we show you cars of the future it's a model that the car companies will have on streets within the next year. that's not the case with the new offering from bmw. >> the german car giant unveiled a hicle it called the vision
3:38 am
yesterday, its doors open n ward the sky. its steering wheel emerges from the dash board and its tires are like nothing ever seen before. >> it also includes a full display windshield that warns of obstacles moving into the car's path and it has two modes, one where the driver is in control and the other where the car actually drives itself. they say it's likely to be available in the next 20 or 30 years. i bet you can get heated seats in this car, too. >> and then some. it's nice looking car. >> it does look good. >> coming up in "the skinny," the women of the bachelor open up about this emotional and memorable season. our analyst is here with the highlights and there were some low lights, as well. >> thanknklly. >> that's our analyst. >> also ahead, maria sharapova's failed drug test. what it means to the tennis star, her career and her endorsements. >> and later, is marriage really a major life's accomplishment? i mean, we're going to hear why some young women are saying no.
3:39 am
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eliminates mineral build-up effortlessly. so why choose anything other an lysol? caught on camera here, new video of a garbage truck falling off a highway in miami. look at this, goes right in. police say the dashcam video shows the driver identified as kasim smith apparently distracted while driving on i-95, a ramp there, crashing through a guardrail and plunging 100 feet to the street below. witnesses and familylyembers say it's really a pleurocal that he survived. the driver was reportedly cited for careless driving and not wearing a seat belt. how can you not wear a seat belt when you drive that big thing. i just don't know. >> it's a miracle nobody else on the ground -- didn't impact
3:43 am
>> very good point. >> making a big impact on the sports world right now, tennis star maria sharapova already facing consequences following her announcement she failed a drug test in january. in fact, overnight nike suspending sponsorship of her while the investigation of her case continunu. >> and sharapova says she's let her fans down and the game shehe loves. abc's ryan smith has details. >> i made a huge mistake. >> reporter: maria sharapovov tennis star and the world's highest paid female athlete admitting she failed a drug test at the australian open saying she's been taking the drug meldonium used for heart treatments. she claims she was unaware it was added to the banned substances this year. >> i had a deficiency in magnesium. i had irregular ekg results and i had a family history of diabetes. >> sharapova a tennis prodigy.
3:44 am
winning wimbledon at 17. going on to win four more grand slams but in the years that followed, injuries taking their toll. the star saying she'll cooperate with the investigation into her failed tests. >> i know that i face consequences. and i don't want to end my career this way. >> sharapova one of the most well-known tennis players to fail a drug test is reportedly subject to a provisional suspension. ryan smith, abc news, new york. incredible. she made something like $30 million last year. $23 million of which was from endorsements alone. >> more than serena. >> she's going to be fine. she's eseimated to be worth $195 million. she came to the u.s. with $700 in her back pocket. she's done well. >> coming up, our senior analyst breaks down last night's dramatic tell all. >> and didn't mean to interrupt there. so excited. did kanye west just hack into his wife's twitter accou?
3:45 am
3:46 am
"the skinny" up next.tt2w`t3n
3:47 am
time for the women to tell all. here to tell us all what they said is our senior bachelo analyst jack sheehan. >> before we get to business, we need to say thanks to all the people watching on youtube. last week's appearance had just about 38,000 views. >> wow. >> when i sat down in this chair. that's a lot for us. thanks very much. keep watching. >> don't ask us for a pay raise. >> roll that beautiful bachelor footage. women tell all. start with lace. we love lace. lace admitted i'll quote her here, i was uncomfortable there. maybe that's why she was drinkingll the booze she could get her hands on. we don't know. when lace basically said she kn that her and ben weren't connecting, she was out of there. then there was this guy that acally has a tattoo of lace's face. who basically invaded the stage. you get the idea. i hope he's going to like that in about 40 years.
3:48 am
chance to see more of lace, there is the tat. we'll get to see more of lace on "bachelor in paradise." let's get olivia over with here. move this right along. olivia claiming it's not fun watching the show. i wonder why. >> yeah. >> because olivia was olivia. she was annoying and had to go. that was pretty much it. maybe they got to do somethingng here because she said she wasn't comfortable with that setting. > the setting? >> yeah, the setting. the mansion looked pretty, you know, comfortable. the places that they stayed lookedepretty comfortable. all of a sudden, everybody's uncomfortable. who knows? olivia says the last coupl of months have been very hard on her. to her credit she did apologize for the teen mom comment that she made that offended so many people. so that's that. then they rolled ben out, what's left of him after this whole season. he was very gracious to caila who as we know sprung the surprise last week and he basically surprised her by saying you got to go sweweheart. excuse me.
3:49 am
feelings as far as they go. ben according to chris harririn should go on the mount rushmore of bachelors. >> wow. >> he was also -- he was gracious to all the women. he said -- he called himself a lucky guy. so faiq enough to him. >> he was very nice. >> yeah. then the last segment we get to a sneak peek for next week's big finale. the final two women are our girl lauren b and jojo. ben has told both of them that he loves them. so who knows how he's going to extricate himself from this mess. >> going to be an explosive. >> it will be explose. it will be emotional. the whole nine yards. i'm being told to o t out of hure. see you next week. thanks for watching. > 38,000 views and counting. thank you. nior analyst. >> yeah, jack. don't miss jack's bachelor season recap next monday. >> it will be interesting, of course. so in case you d)dn't t on the internets yesterday, then there may be an image you have yet to see.
3:50 am
do you see it? kim kardashian once again posting anude selfie on social media. to her credit, she did censor something, but still is caused quite a stir. >> yes, creeps and fans alike were delighted with her revealing pose but kim was apparently just toying with the world. last night the 35-year-old mom two explained tweeting i'm flattered some of you thought my post earlier was a recent pic. that was my blonde moment a year ago and 25 pounds lighter.r. >> regardless of the context, many other celebrities reacted to the digitalisplay of flesh including bette midler who threw some shade. if kim wants to us see a part of her we've never seen, she's going to have to swallow the camera. >> but wait, we have breaking "skinny" news overnight. kim started tweeting back at her detractors. in a flurry of harshly worded disses calling midler a fake friend. but our crack "skinny" team uncoded the messaging. the explosion caused by kanye west as one tweet referenced the $53 million kanye claims he's in debt.
3:51 am
next for those about to rock, well, you have to wait. legendcy roerks ac, rockers ac/dc postponed their remaining u.s. tour dates. lead singer brian johnson advised to stop touring immediately or risk total deafness. the band said they would return at a later date but likely with a substitute singer. >> highway to hell. to hell.are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodi react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than onon complete allergy relief or incomplete. let ur eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. jill and kate use the same dishwasher. same detergent.
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jill and kate use the same dishwasher. same detergent. but only jill ends up with wet, spotty glasses. kate adds finish jet-dry with five poweweactions that dry dishes and prevent spots and film, so all that't'left is the shine. for better results, use finish jet-dry. >> romeo and >> romeo and who? >> many people consider their wedding day one of the most important moments of their lives but is it an accomplishment. >> that's a big question. one writer doesn't think so but she's not married. so when people who are read what she had to say, , n it caused quite a reactiti. abc's deborah roberts has more. >> reporter: for many women, tying the knot isn't exactly
3:55 am
>> i've noticed for a long time that getting married is put on a much higher pedestal especially for women than any academic professional, volunteering or hobby related successes. and i've always been confused. >> reporter: take 27-year-old natalie brook, shari in a "huffington post" article she's had it with marriage being viewed as a major accomplishment writing, you don't have to have a brain, drive or special skill set to get married. you just have to have a willing partner. >> don't get me wrong. getting married is a huge event. but i don't think it's an achievement. and i don't think having a ring special. >> reporter: no doubt romantic proposals are still a big deal. but things are slowly changing. one study sayi for four out of ten women, having a successful marriage is only one of their most important goals. >> it's true that we're still
3:56 am
when getting married was their license into the world of accomplishment. because they could own their husband's accomplishments. and that would be a sad reason to feel accomplished at this point for getting married. >> reporter: those mixed feelings led to brook's article trending online, even spark agcritics who accuse her of attacking women for their choices. >> people have definitely misunderstood me because they think i'm saying love and relationships and marriage isn't important. and what's not what i'm saying. what i'm saying is, it's not everything. >> but before you accuse her of being a bitter single woman, a bit of news about natalie brook. she just got engaged and is focusing on not just the marriage but a long-term relationship. >> what is an accomplishment is making it year after year after year celebrating that five mark that 15 mark, that 50 mark. >> reporter: deborah roberts, abc news, new york.
3:57 am
>> i'm not a believer. i've always thought of marriage as a l lding cause of divorce. so i just -- >> kenny g., we've got to get you to settle down one of these days. he's available.
3:58 am
3:59 am
on the market. making news in america dhis morning, breaking overnight, a train derailing. one of its cars landing in a creek. >> we started seeing water coming into the bottom of the train. yes, and it was rising fast. >> rescue crews r rhing to the scene smashing windows checking for survivors. crucial contes voters heading to the polls today in four state, could it b b bernie sanders' last stand as hillary
4:00 am
and donald trump hoping to pile up more delegates. we're live on another big day in the presidential election. floating to safety. new video of a pilot using the plane's parachutes to control a crash. and epic frustrating on the soccer field. medics having trouble carrying off an injured player. good tuesday morning, everyone. we'll start with the breaking news, a commuter train derailing in northern california, part of itanding in a fast-moving creek. >> dramatic new video coming in overnight. that train careening into the water after going off the rails in bad weather. rescue crews quickly jumped into action. smashing a window, a firefighter frantically searching for passengers. the a.c.e. train was carrying them from san jose to stockton in alameda county.


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