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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 10, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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probably is. >> when donald trump dances his way to the gop nomination making headlines with his tough talk about muslims. >> i think islam hates us. >> the front-runner's campaign facing new questions and now an abc news investigation into his modeling company as the republicanandidates prepare to face off tonight. steph curry at the buzzer sinking a half-court basket with seconds to go. the record-breaking streak that can't be stopped. is curry too good for the game? good morning, america. okay, it is official. steph curry is too good for the game. >> absolutely. >> come on. it's incredible. >> beyond half-court. right at the buzzer. ve a little bit more on that coming up. >> should have called glass, though. >> bam. >> all right, also w whave a lot
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that huge night in politics. bernie sanders and hillary clinton facing off innother debate and it was a fiery one. >> oh, yeah, not just what they said was on everybody's mind. take a look at this. the internet is in quite an sanders' suit. everybody wondering ack, brown or perhaps navy, even some wondering if it was eggplant. >> but his camp -- eggplant? >> yes, a shade of purple. >> his camp spoke out and they said blue and changed their mind and said black. >> this is all reminiscent of that dress. >> looks brown to me. >> it looks like a suit to me. >> we'll have a lot more on the ra for the white house. first we want to get to all that severe weather down soh. deadly flash flooding. drowning homes in louisiana. take a look at this drone video showing a neighborhood overwhelmed by allhe water. abc's phillip mena is in hard hit haughton this morning. good morning, phillip.
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just how much water has ponded around the home. this is the high water mark. it's about at my chest. now, the family living here, they have evacuated safely and this morning they're one of thounds in this community who have had to abandon their homes. overnight relenting rain wreaking havoc across the south claiming three lives since monday. the governor of louisiana declaring a state of emergency. authorities ordering the evacuation of a. 500 homes in bulger county. this showing one of those neighborhoods. some seeming to ignore those evacuation orders kayaking through the streets. here in haughn this man rescuing his neighbors with his boat after floodwears engulfed their home and these semis swept off the highway and drivers king on washed out roads at their own peril forcing these
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search muddy waters for stranded motorists and communities in texas -- >> whoa. >> reporter: -- still reeling from the series of tornadoes that hit earlier this week. some neighborhoods under water. >> good lord. >> reporter: forcing even more from their homes. now, though rain has been falling for about 40 hours and in that time this neighborhood has now turned into a lake. more than 100 homes are now under water with more rain on the way. amy. >> phillip mena, thanks so much. we return to rob tracking that storm, as well as all the heat here out east. >> good morning, amy. yeah, temperatures in the 60s here in times square and all the heat that is here is kind of blocking that rain and keeping it over the same spots, kind of a july weather pattern witit a bermuda high tapping into the moisture all the way into the eastern pacific where the record el nino waters is fueling some of this.
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to 200% above normal. an additional 5 to 8 inches of rainfall on top of what they've seen, in some cases over a foot of rain. a little shift to the east is good news but life-threatening flood. more in ten minutes. >> thanks. we move on to that other breaking news. deadly rampage at a backyard barb queue in pennsylvania leaving five dead and authorities are searching for the gunman and pierre thomas has the latest. >> reporter: a beautiful day turned incredibly violent. the latest stunning example of urban violence and listened to the dispatchers. seven or eight shots. four people were dead at the scene and several were taken to the hospital. another victim later dying. four of the five killed were female. police are on the hunt forhat they believe may be two gunmen and think it was some kind of argument but still don't have a clear motive. >> what a horrible scene. thanks very much. >> george, now to the race for the white house hitting aever pitch overnight.
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sanders facing off in a fiery democratic debate clashing over wall street, hlth care, immigration and donald trump. abc's cecilia vega is in miami with the latest on all of that. good morning to you, cecilia. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. the next big battle is here in florida on tuesday and after what we saw on that debate stage, you can bet it is going to be a big fight. overnight a rematch on the debate stage. >> madam secretary, i will match my record against yours any day [ cheers and applause ] >> well, let's do that. let's talk about that. t's talk -- >> reporter: bernie sanders and hillary clinton in a florida fight. >> i have -- >> excuse me, excuse me. >> reporter: a debate hosted by univision where the one thing they all agreed on was trumping donald trump. >> i was the first one to call him out. i called him out when he was calling mexicans rapists, when he was engaging in rhetoric that i found deeply offensive.
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>> let us not forget several years ago trump was in the middle of the so-called birther movement trying to delegit mize the president of the united states of america. >> he's talking about a very tall wall, right, a beautiful, tall wall. >> reporter: both sides forced to defend their own records. clinton exasperated about those e-mails. >> if you get indicted, would you drop out? >> oh, goodness. that's not going to happen. i'm not even answering that question. >> reporter: and turing a question about those nagging negative pollsen 0 honesty and trust into a moment of reflection. >> i am not a natural politician in case you haven't noticed like my husbaba or president obama. so, i have a view that i just have to do the best i can, get the results i can, make a difference in people's lives. >> reporter: but the biggest
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what color was bernie sanders' suit? take a look one more time at that picture. this went viral online. one person tweeting no more revolutionary act has been committed on the political stage. george, i saw brown. i declare it so. this is dressgate 2016 all over again. it was brown. >> i think that's what i saw too but we've all been victims of our lighting. cecilia, thanks very much. republican, their big debate tonight ahead of next tuesday's decisive votes. florida, the biggest prize, winner take all and latest poll shows trump with a massive lead over marco rubio and tom llamas is on the scene. >> reporter: good morning. senator rubio tells me he will rely on those same voters that launched his political career and eventually sent him to the senate as the trump campaign deals with a new controversy allegedly involving its campaign manager. this morning, donald trump getting closer and closer being
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his delegate count growing. as he starts acting more like a politician his tough talk about muslims amped up. >> i think islam hates us and we have to be very vigilant. we have to be v vy careful and we can't allow people coming into this country who have this hatred. >> reporter: trump heading into the ohio and florida primaries hoping for big wins to wrap up the race. >> you kck them out. if you knock them out nothing can happen. >> reporter: but the trump campaign also now dealing with an ugly moment from their victory party. reporter michele fields who works for the conservative news site breitbart claiming she was forcefully grabbed by trump's campaign manager after she asked a tough question, writing "someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. i almost fell to the ground but was able to maintain my balance. nonetheless, i was shaken." a "washington post" reporter confirming heaw the incident. the trump campaign yet to respond. in florida, senator marco rubio
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for his tan and size of hands was a mistake. >> my kids were embarrassed by it and i, you know, if i had to do it again i wouldn't. >> reporter: also trying to fight senator marco rubio now admitting ridiculing trump for s tan and size of hands was a mistake. >> my kids were embarrassed by it and i, you know, if i had to do it again i wouldn't. >> reporter: rubio still insisting he will win the florida prprary. some polls show trump up 20 points. >> you need a miracle on tuesday. >> we just need votes and we're going to get them. >> reporter: jeb bush is meeting with all the candidates here in floridaa except donald trump. jeb bush was a very popular governor here but it't's unclear how much his endorsement would matter since major endorsements in this race have not delivered victories. george. >> thanks very much. let's talk about it with jon karl. jon, starting out with the debate, you know, democrats feisty last night. thursday night has become fight night for the republicans but this could be the last big debate. >> reporter: george, this is almost certainly the last big
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forces to try to stop donald trump. they're a bit lick a basketball team that has to score multiple three-point shots at the buzzer, none of them exactly looking like steph curry and this could be the last debate because although there's another one on the schedule for the end of the month it's not clear that it will actually happ. doesn't have a sponsor yet and not clear whether john n kasich and marco rubio will be around to be in that. >> let's look at the delegate fight. if donald trump way ahead in florida wins both florida and ohio those winner take all states o on tuesday, no one else in the field will be able too get the delegates they need. >> in fact, george, even if they beat trump in t tse two states itit going to be nearly impossible to catch up. take a look at this. if marco rubio wins the state of florida, heeeds to win 75% of the rest of the delegates to clinch before the convention in cleveland. ted crsz is not expected to have a chance in either florida or ohio
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sich can win his home state of ohio where he has banked everything h% would need to win 85% of the delegates to clinch before the convention so quickly becoming almost a mathematical impossibility to beat donald trump before the convention. >> if they win a couple they could deny him the majority, as well. >> reporter: absolutely. in fact, he would need to get 48% of delegates even if he wins both those states, so he has to do better thank he's been doing. >> jon karl, thanks very much. to tennis star maria sharapova speaking out after she failed a drug test amid new allegations now she igngned several warnings about that banned drug. abc's linsey davisisas the latest. >> reporter: just two days after publicly disclosing she'd failed a drug test. >> on january 1st, the rules had changed and melnium became a prohibited substance which i h
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>> reporter: maria sharapova has a messagef gratitude for her fans this morning. in an open letter posted on her website she writes i woke up yesterday morning with an inbox full of love and compassion. she may be feeling the love of her fans but that's not shared by some of the major corporations that help make her the world's highest paid female athlete. >> there is no opponent but yourself. >> reporter: porsche, nike and tag tuheuer all suspending her. while meldonium is used to treat hearar ailments some studies say it boosts endurance. >> s swed a lot courage to admit to what she had donend that being said it's just taking responsibility but she admitted she's willing to do. >> reporter: sharapova's lawyer lls abc news she was taking a low dose of the drug at the recoendation of a family doctor to address several issues including irregular ekg tests
7:13 am
meldonium was found within the medication. but the times of london reports she had been warned to stop taking the substance five times. but her attorney says, this really is a very honest mistake by a very good woman who takes her career very seriously. en or how sharapova can win back the respect of the public remains to be seen. but she's made it clear she wants to return writing in her open letter i'd like to play again and hope t to have the chance to do so. president says the situation shshld 2409 be presented in such a way it casts a shadow on all russian sports.. but some good news for the russian tennis star, sports equipment company head says it plans to extend her endorsement deal saying it seems it was all an honest mistake and seems to be taken and innocent until proven guilty stance. >> thanks so much. joined by "usa today" columnist christine brennan, so, what do you make of that phrase, an are you buying it?
7:14 am
i think she's going to be banned at least for six months, maybe up to four years. this is -- those e-mails you have to read them. she was warned over and over again. they don't just drop this news on you on new we'rere eve. she had ample opportunity and it's a huge mistrach for maria sharapova. >> you know we keep hearing from her speaking out in this latest instance thanking otherher fans. does that change anything, swing favor in her opinion. >> admirable she taken ownership of this where other athletes deny, deny, deny like lance armstrong but whe it comes down to the hearing in may the tennis federation will look at this and decide her fate. they're not looking at her facebook posts or a pr campaign but did she have medical records and prove why she took this for heart ailments and angina for a young person for all these years is what they'll dare about. >> you're expecting a stiff punishment, christine brennan, thank you so much.
7:15 am
we switch gears to a heart-stopping moment caught on camera. an armed suspect threatening a cab driver with a gun, but a police officer in the right place at the right time. jumping in to save the day. abc's gio benitez has our story. >> this is a robbery man. give me all yr money. >> man, i don't have -- >> reporter: that's cab driver ralph valetta on his first job of the day in reading, pesylvania. >> i just started. >> what else you got? let me s your wallet. >> i don't have anything in my wallet. >> we can do this the hard way or we can did it the easy way. i need it all right now if you don't want to die, pan. >> reporter: the terrifying moments all caught on his cab's dash cam. what's going through your mind through all this? >> give him what he wants and get out. >> reporter: but what this robber didn't alize, who had just pulled up behind the scene of the crime. deputy sheriff terry elie seen
7:16 am
light, gets out of his car. >> there's a cop behind us. >> what's the problem? >> nothing, sir. >> let me see your hands, get out. >> oh, my god. you're a life saver. oh, my god. i can't believe it. he has a gun. he had it at my head. >> reporter: the officer arresting the suspect on the scene. >> what are the odds that while you're going through this there's an officer right behind you? >> this was my guardian angel. he appeared. >> if that's how he feels that's great. we're out there every day helping out and worked out perfectly. >> reporter: forgood morning america," gio benitez, abc news, reading, pennsylvania. >> it was really his guardian angel. >> yeah. >> scary story with a happy ending. another good story, special guest in washington this morning. canada'soung and handsome new prime minister justin trudeau has arrived with his wife sophie
7:17 am
state dinner at the white house. state dinner, not steak dinner and it's the first one for 19 years and didn't take long for his 2-year-old son hadrian to steal the show giving out high-fives to people at the airport and people on both sides of the aisle are gushing over the prime minister's ka irs pa and just the other day, the prime minister was cuddling with pandas at the toronto zoo. >> i want to dothat. >> and all the panda-monium has spread to whington and one headline said justin fever hs washington. >> he's adorable. >> go back to rob with more on the record heat i the east. >> including d.c., george, where the blossoms will be blooming early. right now 64 degrees in new york city. a typical morning temperature for july. look at these. some blowing out of the water. in newark and philly, the
7:18 am
it again tomorrow. 80 plus degrees this early
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remarkable, george. >> we will take it. thank you, rob. coming up here on "gma," hulk hogan's $100 million lawsuit and the man testifying saying he couldn't wait to put it online. dan and nancy join us weighing in live. donald trump riding high but the gop front-runner is under fire over trump university. this morning there are new questions about his business empire. we'll have that and so much more coming up. what if there was another way to look at relapsing multiple sclerosis? this is tecfidera. tecfidera is not an injection. it's a pill for relapsing ms that has the power to cut relapses in half. imagine what you could do with fewer relapses. tecfidera may cause serious side effects, such as allergic reactions,
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make every adventure every moment every day truly epic with a universal orlando annual pass grab a coke and get up to 3 months free so you can enjoy two amazing theme parks and great events like this spring's mardi gras it's all kinds of amazing all year long universal orlando resort >> morning south florida. i am jacey burch on this thursday we've got to get that
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and jacey eric take look sunrise captured from sky 10 this happened just around 6 right before 6:40 you can see it breaking through cloud cover that will be story of our forecast all day long. as we take live look outside. you can see filtered sunshine, we've go breaking through clouds from time to time. again we will see bright blue skies because of how winds are moving in from east southeast but gusts to 20s we will continue to see that cloud cover around. high today's in lower 80s. have a great day. all right i-95 southbound and approach to 595, we're seeing some stop and go traffic. here'sive look right off davey boulevard. you see traffic just a crawl this morning. at this point we donon have any reports of any crashes. but i just want to bring it to your attention because definitely a slow down in place. those speeds between 11 and 28 miles per hour. miami-dade county we're looking pretty good site of this broken down car affecting traffic don shula northbound just past the turnpike. >> constance thanks a dave a heated democratic debate
7:26 am
tonight a university of miami. presidential hopeful ted cruz and marco rubio each holding rallies in south florida wednesday in preparation for tonight's debate. a senator counting on strong showing where he's currently second in polling behind front runner donald trump. stay with local 10 for all your coverage on tonight's debate, univererty mime and a go will keep you posted on all updates. a homestead teenage behind bars accused a disturbing sual extortion scandal involving two teenage girls. 18-year-old terry and an allegedly made threats against two girls and families. forcing this em to comply with demands. police say those threats were made on social media app k ik and added they believe there could be more victims out there. we'll keep working for you "good morning america" continues next.
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welcome back to "gma" and looking at flooding in louisiana. a tate of emergency has been declared. more than a foot of rain. ten states under flood watches. >> wow. also right now republican candidates are preparing to face off in miami tonight. it's the 12th gop debate and it's a crucial face-off for marco rubio who is currently trailing donald trump and ted cruz in the delegate count. also this morning minnesota hospitals launching what they call the nation's largest concussion study looking at the long-term effects of concussions and traumatic brain injuries.
7:30 am
getting reaction online. viewed more than 35 million times. >> you're looking at a young woman givin the man who raised her the gift of a lifetime. she's giving him a big hug there. we've got the story behind it coming up. >> a tweet story. >> get the kleenexes ready. all right. now to the latest in hulk hohon's $100 million legal battle with the website gawker. the site's editors testifying about their decision to post the sex tape and stunning the courtroom in the process. abc's linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: hulk hogan's personal lawyer testifying he and his client whose real name is terry bollea did this interview with tmz when the sex tape was just a rumor. >> first of all, welcome. >> yeah, first of all there were several brunettes, okay. >> reporter: david houston telling the jury all joking aside, he and the hulkster had a very clear agenda. >> i mean the whole purpose was
7:31 am
out anyone who might be tempted to publish it. in this is notice. if anybody goes forward with this thing we'll find them and prosecute them. >> rorter: five months later in october 2012 did what no other media outlet dared. the man behind the post labeled nsfw, not safe for work, a.j. di lair lairo saying he couldn't wait to publish it. >> i enjoyed watching the video. i found it very amusing. >> reporter: daulerio saying he didn't call hogan or clem before putting it up on the site. >> so it's fair to say that whether he suffered emotional distress or not that played no it. >> reporter: lawyers asking if there's any celebrity sex tape he wouldn't consider newsworthy. >> if they were a child. >> what age?
7:32 am
>> reporter: but gawker calling the outrageous remark flip saying only it was made after he said he wouldn't post the tape of a child. nick denton was asked whether posting it would be distressing to hogan. >> uh, no, i didn't and why not in because my job is to disseminate information and that's our social function. >> reporter: team hogan also puts a college professor on the stand who told the jury that gawker's post violated nearly every principle of ethical journalism but gawker prides itself on having different journalistic standards and it has not even begun to present its case in court. >> thanks. let's talk about it with dan abrams and nancy grace, host of "nancy grace" on hln. pretty startling moment on where gawker would draw the line.
7:33 am
and that certainly is putting perfume on the pig to say that your line, your goal standard is that you would not post a sex tape of air child under 4. gawker's argument is that that was being flip and sarcastic but even being flip and sarcastic is not going to go down well with that jury and it lifts the veil on the mentality at gawker when they put out the hulk hogan sex tape. >> right, and, dan, that can't win them any friends but underneath they have a relatively bad day. >> they were taking depositions giving them before. both these will end up testifying in the case where they'll have more time to explain things. >> joking around. >> whatever, but, look, the real risk for gawker here is a legal matter. is it these jurors put gawker on trial in general as opposed to
7:34 am
question here about this tape, this context, this question. and if i'm gawker, the one thing i'm really worried about is that the jurors become so angry at what gawker does that they simply want to punish them and i'm sure that's what their lawyers are -- >> i would not put them back on the stand. they may do it, dan. you may be right about that but i wouldn't put those two on the stand. they're radioactive and imagine what would happen on cross-examination. you know what, speaking of the testimony in court i thought hulk hogan did a great job. it's not hulk hogan that you are used to seeing in the ring with the wwe. this is the private hulling. bollea and came across as measured and calm and not what people would have expected. >> i thought hulk hogan was okay. i didn't think he was great. i think this whole distinction between i get to pick when i'm hulk hogan versus when i'm terry bollea is not a particular -- >> you think gawker not going on
7:35 am
>> no, no question nick denton will take the witness stand in this case. i mean he has to take the stand. you can't let them put clips of your deposition in without providing context. nick is a much more important witness in the context of this case thann terry bollea/hulk hogan meaning hulk hogan's testimony, yes, it's relevant. yes, it's important but the most important question in this case is, why did gawker do what it did? what were they thinking? what was the reasoning behind -- >> dan, i think that what you're saying legally is absolutely correct, because this case is against them and you've got to get their reasoning but in my mind when i am speaking to a jury, what's going to matter is, how did this affect hulk hogan? is he believable? sincere. >> that assumes liability and we're already to damage. >> that was great, guys. thanks very much. >> yeah. >> coming up we'll talk about
7:36 am
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7:40. we have new information about donald trump. a young model coming forward taking on a company owned by the presidential candidate. she claims she was promised she would make big bucks workiki for trump's modeling agency, but that was not the case. abc's brian ross is here with the story. good morning, brian. >> reporter: well, good morning, lara. as a candidate donald trump has called for an end to abuse in a u.s. visa program that brings in seasonal foreign workers criticizing others including the parent company walt disney butut is the very program he repeatedly used in his own business ventures including one less known but quite glamorous. in a video for this year's "sports illustrated's" swimsuit contest mia king is running a
7:41 am
much like the man who owns the modeling agency that represents her. donald trump. >> beautiful, beautiful. >> reporter: it's not well known but his vast business empire includes a modeling agency. trump model management is not considered one of the top ten agencies but some of his models have hit it big including his wife melania who while dating him posed on his private jet for a private magazine and as seen on this reality show he's been involved in recruiting talent. >> you just signed. >> reporter: it hasn't worked out for everyone. alexia palmer was recruited from jamaica and brought to the u.s. by the trump agency uer a special h1b visa program for foreign workers. in government documents filed by the trump agency it said palmer would make at least $75,000 a year for three years as a full time employee. di that seem like a lot of money to you? >> yes.
7:42 am
close to that from the more than 21 shoots including this campaign for iman cosmetics. according to a lawsuit she filed the trump agency deducted some 80% of her earnings fees and expends leaving her for a total of three years of only $3,880 plus some modest cash advances and under her visa status she could not work anywhere else. >> i feel lik i was a slave or something. >> a slave. >> because that's what slavery people do just work and work and work and don't get no money. >> reporter: the trump agency said it had a hard time finding work for palmer and that the $75,000 a year on the form was just an estimate. trump general counsel alan garten. >> there was no employer/employee relationship. >> except you checked the box that said full time employee. >> that's what the form requires. >> that wasn't true. >> thiss is how it's done in the industry. >> reporter: a former u.s. immigration official says companies don't have the option
7:43 am
they cite in a u.s. visa form like the $75,000. >> it would be extraordinarily unusual for that to be legal. >> reporter: the trump agency has brought more than 100 young dels to the u.s. under the h1b visaprogram, the very program trump as a candidate has criticized others for using as a cheap labor program. , 22-year-old alexia is going to take on donald trump.p. >> yes and i know i'm going to win because this is very unfair. >> reporter: alexia palmer says there are other trump models like her but they're afraid to take him on. in part once they leave the agency thehe visas expire and if they stay in the u.s. they're bject to deportation. >> thank you, brian. coming up on "od morning america" we have the story behind this heartwarming video. a young woman giving the man who raised her the gift of a lifetime. we have a health headline
7:44 am
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welcome back to "gma" and
7:48 am
story we've been talking about. a youngngoman giving the man who raised her the gift of a lifetime. the video viewed more than 35 million times online and wait till you see the present that left everyone in tears. >> i just want you to know that you're the most amazing man i have ever met. well, it said dad first. you raised me my whole life from puttinggy hair into tight princess leia buns. i know we're so weird today but that's what makes you and i cannot imagine having you iny life. i'm so grateful to be able to call youdad. oh, my god. are you serious? >> what, what, what? >> what is it? >> another note. >> really? god. >> read it to us. >> wow, it's -- >> it's what? now we can't stand the suspense. >> it's a petition for adoption.
7:49 am
>> oh. >> i'm over here about to tear up. i look down at the kleenex like you can't come back crying, michael. but that was pretty powerful. she said on facebook everyone had been waiting for it but i finally asked the man whoaised me thato adopt me and love you with all my heart and can't wait to be a farrell. >> about as good a proposal as you can get. >> beautiful story. thanks for bringing that to us. comomg up next on "good morning america," we have a big morning. we have a huge "deals & steals," tory johnson is here with big savings to help you revamp your home. so a lot to look forward to when
7:50 am
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7:54 am
and wind to the northern california coast. advisories there, significant
7:55 am
cc1 test message local 10 news starts right now. just before 8:0:0a.m. good morning, south florida i'm eric. sure is it's thursday. let's check out weather forecast. julie's here. it's windy on this thursday. we continue to see windy conditions all week long. temperatutes right now warming up to low to mid 70s. with an east southeast breeze anywhere between 15 and 20 miles per hour. that east souththst breeze pumping in heat and humidity you're going to feel, sunshine out there it looks nice. we're expecting wind gusts to continue as you wind gusts in 20s across board from down to keys highs will reach lower 80s breeze as wint i-95 southbound heading into miami a lot of
7:56 am
here's a leave look right off nifty street our express lanes were blocked about 5 minutes ago. they have since reopened youp can tell a lot of heavy congestion. broward county, if you're traveling on saw grass expressway northbound a crash reported right before sunrise boululard. those speeds a 23 miles per hour. >> well a woman who accused of an abducting her son and sparking that amber alert over the weekend is now behind bars. we're talking about 29-year-old hernandez. she turned herself into police yesterday. she fled t texas with her young son even though her pa renths custody had revoked that's what led to the amber alert 20-month-old logan hendz was not armed. but his mother is being held on $500,000 bond. >> now to heartless crime caught on camera a pair of crooks targeting elderly whom while she was shopping a one of them dramaticing 92-year-old be-b. betty swanson at it was spotted later on bestbuy purchasing expensive electronics and they are a still on the run this morning.
7:57 am
women in coral gables from his bicycle is behind bars. 2222ear-old man was arrested on wednesday. police say hes responsible for six separate incidents during which he approached a woman on a bicycle. groped them and took off. all of those victims` gave a similar description. that led police right to him. we've got lot of news we need to work on for you. we will do that right now. stick wi us throughout day meantime good morning about
7:58 am
(cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and we have big medical news. the first uterus transplant in the u.s. has failed. what will doctors do to move forward. how is the patient recovering? a big headline about weight loss strategies. fasting diets, are they safe? dr. richard besser has a ryal calorie check. and how to have it all. jennifer aniston sharing her secrets to a blissful marriage. why she's feeling her best in her 40s and how it's never too late how to say no.
8:00 am
a a revamp your home right now. awesome "deals & steals" to make over your wall, kitchen and more as we say -- >> good morning, america. and tory johnson. happy thursday and that means tory is here with great "deals & steals." what's the number today? >> 57% off. >> you got it. 57% off today. >> nice. >> i'm always shopping, george. >> also this morning,his video making a lot of headlines. what started this brawl between five women on a flight to los angeles. wow. >> that is a brawl. >> thatis. it's official. then we're breaking down new research about online dating. who should be making the first move? ladies, it might be us. you'll want to hear this story coming up.
8:01 am
ultimate sisters rprise. two long lost siblings living miles apart. how they found each other. >> they never knew it. >> unbelievable, that story. i love that story. >> that is coming up. right now the news with amy. >> good morning. we begin with breaking news in the war on isis. intelligence officials uncovered what could be a treasure trove of documents showing how the terror group recruits forejgn fighters including americans. the files reportedly contain personal details about 1,700 fighters from 40 country, 4 americans among them. recruits were asked for their contact information and were asked whether they would prefer to be a fighter or a suicide bomber. well, a state of emeency has been declared in louisiana because of extreme flooding blamed for three deaths in that region. up to a foot of rain has already fallen forcing thousands to flee their homes and unfnftunately more rain is on the way. well, immigration was the main topic at the eighth debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. both promised not to deport
8:02 am
u.s. but clinton suggested sanders had supported vigilantes who hunted them down, a claim he called unfair and clashed on health care and wall street policies. >> madam seetary, i will match my record against yours any day of the week. >> you ow, my dad used to say if it sounds too good to betrue it probably is and we deserve answers about how these programs will actually work and -- >> and more to come on the other side of the aisle this evening. republicans have their debate in florididtonight. well, in medical news the first utetus transplant in the united states has failed. doctors were reforced to remove the uterus after the patient suffered complications but she is recovering and thanked her doctors for acting quickly to protect her health. researchers are reviewing those complications to understand what went wrong. a food safy recall this morning. pistachios being recalled
8:03 am
sold under wonderful paramount farms and trader joe's. illnesses reported in nine states and our website has all the details. tense momentsts on this flight to los angeles. fiveomen started braing with each other. all because of some loud music apparently being played on a boombox. police at l.a.x. called it a, quote, mutual combat situation but no charges led. in sports he's done it again, steph curry sank a 55-foot buzzer beater last night, look at that befor halftime. this is not that unusual for him. this season alone he has hit 17 shots froro more than 30 feet away and 4 of them had been from over 40 feet away. finally we have an explanation for a picture everyone has been talking about online. take a look at this woman's expression as she rode splash mountain there at disney world. it turns out she was angry because her husband wouldn't go
8:04 am
the internet haveing a lot of fun photo shopping her on to the mona lisa, even with john tra voem that having fun with it. it was all planned and looking for the camera then she was practicing her grumpy cat face. >> never going to get over that. >> no, he's not. >> over to lara. thank you very much and we're talking about a health headline, fasting diets and "the new york times" saying they're gaining popularity and hollywood stars like jimmy kimmel are trying them out but we need to ask are they fe? abc news health and medical editor dr. richard besser is with us. a bit of a reality checu. we've heard about these before. >> yeah. >> what do they claim t do? >> there's a number of different ones out there and they all involve some degree of fasting so one is you get to a athing you want tore five days and calorie restrict downn to 500 calories for two days. another one is every other day
8:05 am
calories during a six hour period and claims -- there's a lot of different claims. some claim they can reduce your risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and some give you weight loss with minimal adverse outcome outcomesesnd some say they reduce your rick of cancer and easier to comply with because you only have to diet two days a week. >> any science behind it. >> there is science in animals that show some value in fasting but there's very limited studies in humans and d at's concerning. they're potentially hazardous with people with pre-existing nditions like kidney or diabetes, it can drop your blood sugar low or taking certain medications that can be daerous if you're fasting and some studies show that if you're fasting one day the next day you're so hungry you'll overeat. >> i would imagine that would be the case for me. human, we've said before are sort of like cars, y y have to keep gassing the engines, little
8:06 am
is that your philosophy? as you know i'm not a big fan of diets. i think here we need to see a lot more research and see these compared head-to-head with other diets and i say make small changes you can live with. that's the best way to go. some people find jump-starting a diet this way is very helpful but i really don't think -- right now i'd give it a big question mark. >> don't look at those pictures and think i'm going to try it. >> i'm t a big fan. >> dr. besser, we listen to you. thank you very much. michael. >> thank you. whatever you two are doing is working because you both look great. what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." how online dating is changing the rules and what women can do to have more succesu. jennifer aniston is revealing the secret to her happy marriage. why in her 40s it's the best. and starting under 10$10 from
8:07 am
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8:12 am
now the popular dating app ok cupid looked at user data and found women who initiated conversations online are 2.5 times more likely to get a response than men who make the first move. not only that, the responses will be from more desirable men. do you ever make the first move? >> no. >> no? >> what about you guys? >>never? >> sometimes. >> reporter: in the unscienejfic analysis that may only apply to ok cupid women initiating contact led to more conversations. >> when women are proactive there is a big win showing if they actually speak up, they have so much to gain. >> reporter: the unspoken expectation that men should spark the convo is seeming dated. >> i felt it was very old fashioned. the man asked the woman out on the date.
8:13 am
wants the man to start, not so for ashley >> i think it's empowering to know the success rate is higher if women make the first move. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, los angeles. let's talk about it with di meme ya. >> they're taking charge of their dating lives. if you find somebodo you think is attractive, say hi and ask a question or pay them a compliment. as beautiful as i like your tie, your hair. >> let's go. >> never seen a guy to be upset. interested. who's friendly. >> why are these certainly mores so hard to break for so many women, you know, why is it so entrenched in us in so many of us doing it the old-fashioned way. >> we've been told for hundreds of years, the guy has to make the first move. it's desperate, too forward but
8:14 am
things the wrong way -- >> i'm a huge advocate of going after what you want, you're cute. maybe we can talk but i am old fashioned in thinking once that's established let the guy chase you. >> exactly so making the first move doesn't mean making all the moves? right. >> making sure you're friendly, approachable and interested and, again, y're less likely to reject him. >> can i ask a question? >> but -- but i think a lot of times when the woman is the initiator the guy sometimes doesn't want to step on her toes avd she was the aggressor before so wants to sit back and men are afraid of rejection as well. when you say nice tie social media and okaycupipi what about when you're walking down the street. do they applyly when you're face-to-face. >> don't you love a beautiful compliment? >> exactly. >> so if a woman says i like your tie, your shirt. >> we're going out on a date on me. that's right. yes, yes. >> may i speak? i just wanted to ask the gentleman in the group what would you think of that?
8:15 am
i know obviously it doesn't apply. this is just a hypothetical but would you be comfortable with that. >> sure. >> absolutely. it wouldn't make you change the way you think about the woman. >> no, i would think the woman is confident in herself. >> not all the moves after that. >> not all the moves. >> have to be approachable anticipate friendly. you guys have been practicing your opening lines since you were, what, 9, 104 11. >> i'm retired. >> i watch "friends." how you doing. that's all i got. that's all i got. >> oh, wow. >> thank you. >> great conversation. all right, now to a hollywood star who has seen success in love, work and life. jejeifer aniston cracking the secret to having it all and opening up to "harper's bazaar" about why being in her 40s is the best. abc's reena ninan has her story. >> hey, you know no junk food for breakfast.t. >> dad lets us. >> he lets you go to school without underwear.
8:16 am
starring alongside julia roberts and kate hudson in "mother's day." jennifer aniston's professional and personal success is at an all time high. >> i'm here for a job. >> reporter: this morning opening up abouter secret to having it all telling "harper's bazaar" she's ready to start taking risks. yo have to start taking chances in an industry that's very insecure about taking chances on people and she is also working on mastering the art of saying no. i'm trying to be better at that. there was a tim when i worked and worked and worked. i really have to @ove something to be leaving my home, my dogs, my husband. e older you get, the more you realize that. and speaking of her husband, she's also taking on the role of newlyweds. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: telling nick watt about keeping her a aust wedding to long time boyfriend justin theroux under wraps. >> how did you manage to keep it a secret? >> where there is a will there
8:17 am
honestly, it was just a faith a lot of hope and the wonderful, beautiful team of trustworthy people. >> yeah. >> reporter: the key to their marriage, she says it's laughter telling "harper's bazaar." married life is so normal and fun and not so much different. we felt married for so long. with all of aniston's recent success she says her age might the secret. i feel better in my 40s not only doou feel better in your body physically but you're mentally better for me in my 340s i was just trying to figure it all out and you hit 40 age you're like, oh, okay, i got this. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> all right. let's go outside to michael now. >> all right, tory johnson here now with "deals & steals." bringing us big bargains on things you'll love for your home. tory, welcome. >> all right, so let's first up wall popsps this is really cool company because they make a wide variety of just peel and stick decals
8:18 am
any room that needs a little flair and what's great. you can change them as often as you change your mood which we love that. >> if i peel it off it will not affect the wall. >> big assortment from $15 to $50, today every single thing is slashed in half starting at 7.50. >> you can't beat that. >> next up, two different things here, this is from a company called glory house, these gorgeous pillows and then these amazing woooo pieces that are immediately ready to hang, frame, tooe able to hang on a wall. to be able to put onto a shelf. whatever you prefer. how much do you love the pillows? this is my happy place. right here in times square. "good morning america." so many fun sayings and big assortment. $97.50. everything is slashed in half so starting at $9.50 to $48.75. i like this one for you. i would give you this. together.
8:19 am
we're doing pretty good. these are nice. >> i love these. look at these. this is a melamine plate dishwasher safe. big assortment. 25 different styles then you get personalize, the phrase, the names, the patttrns, initials. whatever you like. super fun makes any table a little more decorative. >> and your kids won't argue over a plate. >> these are normally slashed by 57% only 20 bucks. 20 bucks. >> can't beat that. >> so from hampton forge, three different knife sets. everybody -- anyone in the knife. it's great for cooking, these are ergonomically designed so hold. a set of three, the set of steak knives or the big 15-piece butcher block with all the knives. that's series. >> my second skill.% i like they come in gold or bronze and also in silver.
8:20 am
forge knives are sensational and so is this price. normally depending on the set you choose 25 to $63. everything is slashed in half starting at $12.50. but last but not least i hooked you up for easter. coming up, a little wayay to go for easter. order now. these basketing are amazing come personalized ten characters, and all o o this stuff comes in it so i have sofia and isababla. you cannot beat this from personal creations. normally $35 including 9 personalization, only $17.50 and free shipping from pernal creations. >> isabella and sofia knowhat they're getting. hope they're not watching the show. thank you, tory. you're awesome. thanks to all these companies for providing these great deals. get the k0eds and links at on yahoo! plus two bonus deals you'll only find online. tory, you're amazing what you do is absolutely sensational. rob, over to you, my friend.
8:21 am
even the sophomores from tennessee. where are you from? >> zion christian academy. >> are you having fun? >> yeah. >> beautiful day but we have that flooding issue across parts of the south and flash floodwater warnings from tyler up to memphis. more heavy rain on the way, in some cases 20 inches and get another 3 to 5 and more flooding for the next 36 >> thanks. it is beautiful outside. filled with sunshine. we still have clouds moving in from time to time. temperatures low to mid 70's. miami, ft. lauderdale, and key west, much warmer than yesterday. it continues, a degree warmerr because of breeze with heat and humidity. it is really strong. humidity will be a thing of the past in the weekend, winds subside. high risk of rip currents
8:22 am
we want to give a shoutout to -- >> germantown. just wanted to say good morning to my co-workers. >> in philadelphia? >> in philadelphia. >> i love you, philly lara, back in to you. >> me too, rob. come on in. it is "pop news" time and begin with news in the acting world after nearly a decade of global adventures and viral marketing campaigns, the beer brand dos equis says perhaps they're irsty for a new most interesting man in the world. jonathan goldsmith is retiring as the character that garnered a cult following saying it was totally mutual. his final ad will air today showing the world's most interesting man embarking on a ono-way trip to mars. >> his only regret is n knowing what regret feels like. he is the most interesting man in the world. >> that is an interesting astronaut. it's ads like that that has dos equis tripling in sales since the introduction of the
8:23 am
is on, george and rob -- >> i was going to say rob walald right in there. >> i can't grow a beard like that but stay thirsty, my friends. >> stay thirsty. it is a great campaign. i'm glad they're keeping it. good for you, jonathan. happyyetirement to you. one shell of a job stunt for an an palal lover in new york city. a woman named amman dra green advertising for someone who walk her pet tortoise, henry. she pays $10 an hour. henry would be a 16-year-old african tortoise who loves to sunbathe and stretch his legs in central park. they must be able to lift 16 pounds of henry into and out of his stroller. a real ad. you look slightly perplexed. politics should be ft on their feet because believe it or not henry is speedy. he doesn't wear a leash either so you just have to -- >> that is speedy. >> in the tortoise world he is like a lightning reak. he also likes people and meet a lot when you're strolling
8:24 am
>> you get no exercise but -- >> you get 10 bucks an hour and it's a nice conversation point. and finally, while you may still be trying to figure out if bernie's debat suit was brown or blue or black we have another myster i'm asking dog or seal. >> whoa. >> there's the giveaway. that's cute. >> that's so cute. >> george, you are correct. >> either way, her cuteness is a sealed deal. >> that is a cute dog. >> oh, wow. >> that's "pop news," everybody. >> thank you, lara. and coming up we ve this ultimate sister surprise. two long lost siblings finally found each other after so many years. >> such a great story. then we have a story about the perils of posting online. the woman who says one tweet ruined her life. we have a big warning for
8:25 am
8:26 am
stay with usustt2wlr=[ik po f# 'jp tt2wlr=[ik p!!&n wj8 tt2wlr=[ik p4!f# !\l ttlr=[ik px#*& 0^)( tt2wlr=[ik pt#j' 0j)l tt2wlr=[ik pt#j) 0ai( >> hi, south florida. >> the thursday forecast now with julie. >> another windy start. we have temperatures in the low to mid 70's. warming up out there. we should see more sunshine this morning than yesterday. thanks t t the cloud cover breaking apart. filtered sunshine, don't worry if you see clouds, they are not expected to bring precipitation. the atmosphere is dry thanks to high pressure. the breeze is kicking. we have high risk of rip currents for beach goers, boater
8:27 am
>> i-95 northbound, past 595 at sunrise boulevard, an accident blocking two lanes of traffic. crews there on scene, so a lot of heavy delays for northbound broward county. those speeds 11 miles per hour. the delays on the i stretching all the way to state road 8, three miles of delays there. >> ady day after a heated democratic debate, republicans have their turn tonight. they held rallies in south florida in preparation. marco rubio counting on a strong showing in his home state. he is second in the polls behind donald trump. stay with us for coverage on the race for the white house. local analysts will have everything you need to know about the debate tonight. >> early voting is open. primary day, details on how you
8:28 am
8:29 am
not long lines. welcome back to "gma" on thislorious thursday morning. it is so beautiful out here. we got a lot ahead in this half hour including christian bale who is opening up about his new movie "knht of cups" and tells us what he thinks of the new batman but this touching story first. >> i do want to talk about this unbelievable story, an incredible coincidence two women living just miles apart scovered they were long lost sisters. abc's deborah roberts is here with this amazing story. good morning to you, deborah. >> reporter: it is such a happy
8:30 am
a reunion destined to happen. karen cook and her list sister diane adopted from birth unknowingly crossing paths and in a magical coincidence finally finding each other. karen zempel and diane diprospero cook are miles apart in upstate new york and thought the similarities ended there until recently when their worlds collided. >> my friend who knew diane started texting me and i said to her, is diane adopted and she said, yeah, she is adopted. oh, my god and i said, well, i am her sibling. i was very excited and i called diane and i left a message. >> reporter: only were karen and diane sisters they had already known eachh other for decades. >> i was stunned because i realized she had been m m teacher 30 years ago in college.
8:31 am
talked to each other in a pier one store still not knowing we were sisters. >> reporter: all began in 1987 when diane adopted as an infant became interested in finding out about her med@cal history filing paper with the new york state adoption regiatry. >> and then about ten years ago, i received another letr in the mail stating that i had an older sibling. life went on then about a month ago i ran into a genealogist, a friend, he said, why don't you write another letter and see what happens. so that's what i did. within two weeks i received in the mail a letter with the name of my sister. >> reporte get this, 60-year-old karen also adopted as a baby filed the same exact paperwork looking for her medical history, never expecting to find a sibling and after losing her husband to alzheimer's disease in december she says diane came to her at the perfect time. >> i feel in some way this is divine intervention that i am finding my sister and it makes me very happy. >> reporter: sisters now making
8:32 am
>> here's my picture. look. i'm sure that i did that on my own. >> reporter: and creating new memories as a family. >> we talk every day on the phone. >> for at least two hours. >> for a a least two hours. >> it's a blessing. >> and it's probably no coincidence they're both wearing red. what an unbelievable moment for these sisters. diane says she's always longege for a sister, well now she's got one. the two women are b by catching up on lost moments and say they're planning a family vacation together. >> that's great. >> the coincidences areo uncanny. >> amazing just how immediately they're just thick as thieves. i love that. >> both of them raised in traditional italian homes with similar traditions and caring for ailing parents and get this when they decided to pete before they could meet they bumped into each other at a shopping mall. >> they kept running into each other. >> beautiful. >> it's a beautifulul story. >> so happy they're together. >> thank you, deborah. we'll take a look now at a new unscripted series called
8:33 am
and follows people whose lives have been turned upside down and ightline" anchor juju chang has one woman's story. reporter: actress nicole scoter says she never saw it coming. >> i went to sleep and the following morning everything kind of hit the fan. >> reporter: one single act changed her life forever. >> i was receiving death threats. pit was devastating. >> reporter: and the cause of all this hatred, a single tweet. >> i never thought that one tweet would ruin my life. >> reporter: a place where share. >> thousands of people are telling me you don't deserve to live carter can tear a person's life apart. new reality for 20-somethings documented in "the internet ruined my life." for nicole that moment came in the form of an acting gig. as an extra on her favorite show "glee." nicole often took to twitter to speculate, mostly rumors about the show. so nicole sent out a tweet that wouldn't even make sense to most
8:34 am
>> k is p.k. and k.a.a. is p.k. >> reporter: the crypticlets a code. a major plot spoiler for the second season of "glee" saying character kurt would be prom queen and his longtime bully prom king. >> i woke up to thousands of e-mails of new people following me on twitter and i was like, wait what's going on here? >> reporter: the fallout from her tweet game clear when a "glee" producer saw it and said who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create? i hope you're qualified to do something besides work in entertainment. >> i couldn't believe that he could even come across my tweet. a lot of people were saying, you know, they wanted me to die. @nycoal crowther, are you going to be hit by a train? that would be fun. >> no difference with someone being threatened with physical
8:35 am
death threats on a face-to-to face basis. >> reporter: five years later nicole now works with h family's roofing business doing of all things social media. >> if i could go back in timee and change it, yes, irobably would. i probably would have liked to save myself the stress and the pain that went through. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc ws, new york. >> and the internet ruined my life airs on sci-fi wednesdays. let's go back outside to rob. >> the real deal, from florida, cold water michigan and from north carolina. you're here on spring break with where is he? >> kids todada i'm sure he'll get out to see sights in new york city. yesterday. get get near those numbers again today.
8:36 am
start t t cool down to more normal temperatures as we get closer to the weekend. until then wear the shorts. with the rain gear out west and central p pt flooding will be an issue. >> beautiful for us, sunine breaking through, east southeast breeze, heatnd humidity. temperatures mid 70's already,y, gusty winds in the 20's. we have the threat of rip currents. ater advisories as well. highs lower 80's. >> everybody is wearing these hats out here because it's freezing. it'll 80 degrees but promoting the cherry blossom festival peaking early. ed a layer. back inside to you. >> put the hat back on, rob. it w adorable. thank you. south by southwest kicks off in austin tomorrow. the annual film, music and tech feival brings tens of thousands of people to texas and abc's indra petersons is about to send one more.
8:37 am
>> good morning, amy. we are here at samsung 837 in the meatpacking district of new york city where today you'll get your first look at the newly released galley s7 edge and this weekend at south by southwest samsung will have its first light festival. a three-day music event and your ticket in is this right here. you can see we have the "gma" audien with me today but we also have -- cheers and applause ] yeah, guys. we have three samsung fans and ttle do they know one of you are actually going to beoing to austin, texas, this weekend to experience the entire experience. [ applause are you guys ready to find out who that is going to be? >> yes. >> let's see who "gma" has selected. drum roll, please. [ drum roll ] >> anjelica torres. >> i'm so amazingly cited. i didn't expect this.
8:38 am
rry, josh and brian, you guys are not going home without anything. we have swag bags. all three will get the brand-new phone and also be getting the edge s2. it does not top there. right here at samsung 837 they have a concert and you guys are going. amy, you got to love this. [ cheers and applause ] how much fun are we having. >> it looks like a lot of fun and texas will be more fun. coming up next christian bale opening up about his new movi and what he and his son think of the new batman coming up next. test text1 underline (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapng sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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8:41 am
tt2w`tiy %4. bt@q5f( tt2w`tiy %4. "a@q%jl tt2w`tiy %4. bm@q.a@ tt4w`tiy %4." " tq ub0 tt4w`tiy %4." entq %fp tt4w`tiy %4." gzt& > living with the life as someone i didn't know. >> reporter: "knight of cups" is so darned clever. >> let me tell you about you. >> reporter: and its star, the uber talented christian bale, "american hustle," "the dark knight" doesn't love interviews.
8:42 am
>> christian, are you happy? >> no, i'm good. in the morning i'm kind of in a big cloud of happiness right now. >> reporter: the film comes from famed direct terrence malick, you know "tree of life." "thing red line." >> why should i be afraid to die? >> this one evolved to the point where let's not even bother having a script. i was kept the most in the dark in the middle of it. whenever i would speak terrence would tell me to shut up. >> what's your name? >> my character is a writer but he's so lost of the use of words. >> reporter: the effect mesmerizing. >> more of a kind of let's see what happens, therefore the viewing experience is also that, as well. it's kind of -- i think it will be very different to each and every person. in that term i think it's more interactive instead of being told what you meant to think. >> reporter: bale is english but when he plays batman -- >> very important. there's a great character here. >> reporter: he talked american innterviews.
8:43 am
that everyone would sort of revolt if they heard an english voice saying that he was playing batman. >> reporter: in the upcoming reboot it's ben affleck. how is it? very different from your batman. >> it needs to be. i've been watching therailers with my little boy. he's excited. i am too. >> reporter: he's been on the screen since spielberg's "empire of the sun." >> ilove the experience of doing it. i was 12 years old and off in these cupses by myself and i loved but then you get all the press and that did my head in and made me say forget it. it's not for me. >> then and now. >> no, but it's all right. the reason i love being an actor is because i'm not playing myself. something i don't know how to do as well. >> there is that too. >> left school really early and never paid attention. >> this isn't the career of last resorts.
8:44 am
i'm not good at anything else. >> reporter: he's amazing at this and "knight of cups" also amazing unlike any movie ever seen. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> and "knight of cups" is in select theaters now and opens nationwide tomorrow. coming up next, what happens when innocent people try life
8:45 am
8:46 am
cc1 test message so we love virtual reality technology here at "gma" and used it when amy was on safari and people are playing with the technology right outside our studio. rob is with them. hey, rob. rob? not ready? >> he's not so we got dan abrams here. he's hosting a new show on a&e called "60 days in." innocent people going in and spending day in one of the worst prisons --
8:47 am
the worst prisons in america and juju chang will give us a look and talk to dan about it. >> one county jail. >> i never even had handcuffs on me. >> reporter: seven innocent civilians. >> did i do the right thing? >> reporter: 60 days. in a and e's docu-series "60 days in" seven brave souls agree to be locked upp undercover with neither the guards or prisoners not knowing they haven't been convicted of a crime. when you met the recruits, you thought oh, my gosh. they won't all make it. >> as it plays out this person has no clue. >> reporter: this stomach-churning social experiment all taking place in clarkjcounty jail in jeffersonville, indiana, a facility4with a history of corruption, drugs and violence. >> when i took over as sheriff the behavior was horrible. >> reporter: did you worry you're putting your career on the line by putting innocent lives at risk? >> yeah, i did. there were a lot of sleepless nights.
8:48 am
cameras capturing their journey, the seven average civilians ranging from a social worker to a marine, a teacher and a military stay at home mother of two. were youcared out of your wits. >> i was petrified. >> reporter: ty faced gut-wrenching and volatile ryals. they're already suspicious of me. >> reporter: without protection or barely a safet net. all to shed light on crime and corruption that ually takes place deep in the shadows. did you fire any corrections officers after this? >> we did. we made some arrests. we had several that actually quit. >> reporter: what are you hoping that the tv viewerr gets out of watching this? >> that, hey, this is not a place i want to be. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, new york. >> i wouldn't want to be there. it's terrifying. >> stunning. when they first told me we actually were able to geteven innocent people into a real jail with no one knowing -- i was like, come on. what do you mean? >> the guards?
8:49 am
sheriff and his captain -- >> sounds very unsafe for the seven people. >> there was a real concern. there were cameras everywhwhe but not everywhere meaning cameras all around but not in the bathrooms. >> what if they decide nomas. do they have a safeword? >> yes. pineapple. >> but, remember, because they can't just walk up to one of the know. >> they have no cell phone darn. >> thing. so this is real. i mean this is honestly more documentary than it is reality show. >> can we talk about what do we learn from the show besides the fact my heart is racing? >> the sheriff learned a lot about his prison. things he didn't know and how drugs were being smuggled. >> risky move for him. >> totally. this was a bad jail beforehand. new sheriff comes in, says, i got to clean this thing up. what am i going to do and 234ishly thought about using undercover police officers. well, we'll come for 48hours.
8:50 am
he gets these seven people to come in for 60 days and the question, of course, is going to be how many of them make it for the full 60 days? >> wow. >> yeah. >> it's a fascinating show. . >> yeah, this sounds fantastic. it premieres tonight on a&e.
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> message
8:53 am
how about with only one leg. meet the 16-year-old sensation not only blowing up social media but blowing away the compition? people tell me all the time i'm an inspiration but i'm just me. . >> you got to see this on abc's "good morning america." >>< that is tomorrow. but right now the virtual reality technology that we use to take you on safari in africa a couple of weeks ago with amy this morning, people are playing with that exact technology rht outside our studio and rob is there with them. hey, rob. >> hey, lara. so much fun here. we are at the t-mobile times square store where they're unveing the latest gear including the new phones, the galaxy s7 series and samsung gear vrhere these guys are checking out some virtual reality so they can't see whqt we're doing but what they're looking at, spring break or spring training in the cactus league in arizona and the padre, angels where the weather is beautiful. that's a great place to kind of transform yourself and even though it's warm here in new
8:54 am
that virtual reality. by the way, if you're not here in new york, no problem. go to your local samsung store and check out the vr and also when you purchase a galaxy sen 7 or s7 edge tomorrow at t-mobile when they unveil it you'll get a second one for free. if you come here today you get prizes. what's up? you enjoying that? he can't see us. hey, yo. >> nah, nah, nah. looks like fun. >> it's funny. >> that is a great ad for virtual reality. come on, that guy is completely in his own world in times square. >> i know. how funny when he watches it back. >> what a perfect end to a surreal thursday on "gma." we hope you have a great one. it's beautiful here in new york.
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> bye-bye. good morning, south florida. just about 9:00 a.m. i'm eric yutzy. >> and it's thursday. getting closer to the weekend. let's check out the forecast with julie. >> so far we are seeing our temperatures continuing to warm up. miami already 77 degrees because we're seeing a lot more sunshine there. unlike ft. lauderdaleyou see the clouds around. 73 ft. lauderdale. 75 key west. winds you're not going to miss. as soon as you walk out the door you're going to get hitith them. wind gusts in the 20s. we'll continue to have a very strong east southeast breeze. the winds will continue to bring in the heat and humidity. breezy to windy and mostly dry. a big accident still this morning is on the i in broward county. i-95 northbound at sunrise boulevard. it is now off to the should but we are still seeing heavy delays stretching all the way to 595. a closer look here, your travel speed about 11 miles per hour. those delays stretching past 595 about three miles of delays. now to the very latest on the zika virus.
8:57 am
confirmed the first case of sexually transmitted zika in the state. florida now 52 confirmed cases of zika. 24 of those continue miami-dade. seven of those are in broward. now to the republican debate taking place last night in miami. senators ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich and front runner donald trump will all be in attendance. michael putney and glenna millberg will both be there and they will have everything you need to know on the debate tonight. >> not just here on local 10, also we have you covered about vote 2016 in the >> "live with kelly & michael" are going to
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> see ya. >> it's "live with kelly & michael." from "the brothers grimsby," sacha baron cohen. and comedian, writer, and actor, louie anderson. plus performing her new hi "stand by you," rachel platten. all next on "live." [captioning made possible bi disney-abc domestic television]
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award-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan. i'm going to stand by you [applause] kelly: hi. [applause] kelly: i feel like we used to come o here and nobody cared. i don't know what happened. somebody -- suddenly everybody cares all of a sudden. you guys. it's thursday, march 10, 2016. welcome to the show. it's a beautiful day outside.


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