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tv   Local 10 News Sunday Morning 7AM  ABC  March 13, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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uth-southwest temperatures warming up close to 83 by the late morning. a shooting on south beach last night in the middle of the spring break crowd. >> the gun shots fired in the same area where police have had serious problems with spring breakers. that's right, we have been following this from ocean drive. good morning. >> good morning, neki and todd. >> you can see behind me police are still out the. we are near 10th street and ocean drive. police still have a good part of cial drive sealed off from
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they are investigating a shooting. this began as a fight between two people some time after midnight. there's been a lot of people from all over the place.
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it was certainly filled at the time of the shooting. in another video sent in to us, you canee an ambulance arriving to transport the perk that was shot. right now we are working to find out what condition that person is in. this marks the second day of chaos on ocean drive and the second day the street was forced to shut down. on friday night, it was forced to close because of some rowdy spring brereers. officers quickly moved in, arresting more than half a dozen people. >> back out live. police telling me it has been a chaotic night all night long, patrols. they are still here in full
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a person was shot, we know after midnight. a person was taken to ryder center. once we find out more about that, we'll bring it to you for any up-to-date information. >> a story that is still developing, a search on the water continues after a man on a personalal watercraft disappears. more. >> reporter: close to hours the search has been going on. police would not allow us into
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no boats in the water right now, but there were a couple when we arrived earlier this morning. we're hoping to get some information where this search stance, if they found the individual, or if they paused this for any reason. we know crime scene tape has gone up. speaking with some of the witnesses -- or people who appear to be witnesses sitting here in the park there. the call came around 7:30 last night. we are hearing the man they are looking for met up here possibly to buy this jet ski and took it t on the lagoon to test it out .
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helicopter to find him. we are still working to find the name of this individual. fwc was able to give us a description of this man. >> we know he was a white hispic man, wearing dark clothing, top and bottom and was not aring a life vest. >> they also stated, he was
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[technical difficulties] >> trump is making a south florida stop today. local 10 will be there for us. flflida's primary is two days away. we'll have much more on the
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>> the city of miami police department collected more than a hundred guns and gift cards in the gun buy back. they distributed more than $6,000 in gift cards. developing now, a man accused of crashing his snowmobile in the iditarod in alaska says he was on his way home from a night out sleeping -- drinking. the two mushers werer not hurt. the 26-year-old is now being charged with assault, reckless driving and criminal mischief. >> suspected terrorists with links to isis have reportedly launched an attack, comes as a
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capture of a senior chemical leader. the strikes have apparently not hindered isis' ability. now the fight on the zika virus. an application was met with opposition. >> the story going viral this morning out of a festival in texas. a world class fencer and u.s. olympian said security forced her to remove her headscarf.
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remove my hijab. later, she added even after i explained it was for religious reasons, he suggested i had to remove my hijab to get my badge. the response was: that security guard was removed. >> well, the big day is finally here, calle ocho. >> we have everything you need to know for the famous festival, coming up. >> plus a dangerous rat caught
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-- on the radar, tracking showers closer to the middle keys and also the forecast for
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. south florida's biggest block party is just hours away. we're talking about calle ocho kicks off today, starting with plenty of od food, like plan contain chips. i like plantain chips. that's right. and the streets filled with food vendors, long list of stars will
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all the kings of carnivale. it always gets packed. shyann malone will join us. the booth will be crowded. then cams janine stanwood and ben kennedy -- he pitched a tent yesterday. >> yes. [laughter] can you chat up glenna milberg and andrew perez, jennifer jennifer and derrick shore as well. >> call security. if you can't make it down to 8th street for all the fun. tune in tonight. it starts at 7:0:0
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it is warm, we're in the 70s. i know a lot of people want to me down and see jennifer. >> i may just be there a little earlier. it will be a long day, until 4:30. >> good morning, here'a look, the sun is currently rising and temperatures are falling . these showers are trailing all the way back over the florida straits. it will hit thehe 7-mile bridge. these are holding together, they look pretty good. plenty of rainfall from chicago
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oftlanta. even along the gulf coast, due to a boundary at the surface. as we take it up to the atmosphere, you canee a little shortwave spinning over eastern georgia. back here, there is a blow-up of moisture, a piece o energy that there help spark up showers and maybe even storms across northwest florida, with the sea breeze kicking in later today, you can see a couple of showers developing, especially ov the everglades and inland areas. broward county, by around 4:00 p.m. best chance to see a few showers
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high rip current risk, so be careful. boating conditions are basically ce, a light shop. tides today. >>. >> coming up in this morning's health cast, millions of ericans rely every year on prescription medication. >> but what if that medication was actually making you sick? kristi krueger explains. >> plus, a pair of inmates on the run are now back behind bars. what they said as they were taken back to jail, next.
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>> in this morning's health cast, potential problems with a drug that is supposed to m me you feel better. cipro is a common antibiotic, as our health specialalt kristi krueger shows us, there is growing concern that cipro could be a prescription for danger. >> i was very active. i ran five miles a couple of times a week. i used to do zumba with my daughter. i have five children, i was a very active mother. >> that was bore hannah was prescribed a certain a aibiotic to treat bronchitis.s. this mother now struggles longg enough -- struggles to stand up
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>> this woman suffers from a similar problem. >> dr. charles ben. a drug safety specialist in south carolina who has been studying these adverse reactions for years. >> then they can't concentrate, they can't see the computer screen, thehe have a lot of pain, tendon pane as well. >> she often feels a crushing burning pain throughout her body. it is hard. i can't go for a bike ride with them, or go roller skating. there is a lo of things i'd like to do. >> what she s been doing is turning to socl media, forming groups. many have taken their fight to washington, d.c. the fda called for a stronger
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and leave have quinn. we can have every physician and every patient and every pharmacist and every nurse know when t patient takes a drug this might occur. >> but it has been three months 123 no such change has been made. >> if i can spe somebody this horrible thing happening to them, then i should do it -- as a human being. >> kristi says some parks and doctors are continuing to push for not only stronger black-box warnings bu why some are affected by these. >>. >> new overnight, the mhunt
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convicts is o over. >> how did you get out of shackles? >> i picked it. i picked the locks. >> s surveillance video . a head-on collision between a car and an albuquerque bus is caught on camera. take a look. takes out power pole and then hitting that bus head on. after the crash, bus passengers inside helped that driver. >> an elderly gentleman. call 9-1-1. >> the driver told police he blacked out and didn't remember crossing the median. >> still to come on local 10
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eaking news story out of miami beach. >> the reports that someone is shot this morning, you're hearing from eyewitnesses. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (dkey noise)
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notice as it gets a little closer to the island chain, you can see it kind of diminishes a little b b. either way these showers are dealing back and down. quite few of them. mile to upper keys will see some the next few spots. i'll have the rest of your forecast in a bit. >> back to the breaking news story, where gunshots rung out on ocean drive. good morning.
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it has been chaotic all morning long. you can see behind me, police are still working the scene. this happening near 10th 10th street and ocean drive. police still have shut down ocean drive -- they still have it shut down, rather, from 7th 7th to 13th street to street traffic while they investigate the shooting. a witness who works close, says a fight broke out just after midnight. and that's when the shots rang out. he mentions the crowds here the past few days have been wild and he's not surprised something like this happened. >> the two guys started fighting and one pulled out a gun and shot the other one. from yesterday and then last night, there's been people from
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very crowded and very busy. probably the same way tomorrow night andext weekend it will be crazier, probably three times worse than what we witnessed earlier. >> this cell phone video posted on instagram shows, you can see police and crime scene te, this apparently happening near the clevelander, a popular, , we have learnrn the person was taken to ryder center. this marks the second day off chaos for ocean drive and the second day the street was forced to shut down. on friday night, utter chaos, due to some rowdy spring
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the b back out live, police tell me it has been chaotic all night long, that they have steps up their patrols. again a person shot along 10th 10th street and ocean drive. we'll be staying on top ofhis for you all morning long. local 10 news. >> the time is here, the countdown for the florida primary continues this morning. we are less than two days away from the big fight for florida. toda\ is also your last chance for early voting in m@ami-dade and broward counties. both counties saw their largest turnouts yesterday. more than 9,000 people submitted ballots,p73,000 people have taken advantage of the extra hours. >> inh broward, more than 11,000 people voted yesterday. more than 69,000 people have voted there over all.
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to vote in miami-dade and until 7:00 in broward. the latest poll shows donald trump with a large lead over his rivals. tying for second: followed by john kasich. on the theit always comes down to florida. so we need your support. we need your help. >> donald trump is also expected to hold a rally in west boca raton. the other candidates appear to
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states that also have polls on tuesday. >> inmates accused of stabbing officers posted to social media. >> the violence began on friday when officers responded. the officer was stabbed while trying to detain one of the fighting inmates. >> how is it -- [inaudible] -- like, where are the guards, where is their safety. >> the facility remains on lockdown. the officers are said to have nonlife-threatening injuries. >> one person is dead and two missing after a tugboat accent in new york on the hudson river. it sank with three members onboard after running into a barge at a construction site. police arenvestigating the cause of the crash. >> turning now to the latest on
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attacks in p paris. investigators say unlocking two cell phonesp from the terrorists could provide valuable information about how the attacks were planned. >> a similar battle we have been facing here. the u.s. has been fighting with apple over the san bernardino gunman syed farook and his wife. >> the former vice president of guatemala is behind bars this morning. the person accused of leading the scheme on a special product to decontaminate the lake. it was made up primarily of seawawater. she is also accused of appointing her brother to
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pepe billete is on his way to calle ocho. >> we are on ou way, too. calle ocho,o,f you head out there, you can enjoy great music. events for free. you can taste some of miami's famous dishes. >> if you can't make it down to 8t street, you can tune in right here, we'll bring it to you at 7:00. >> a man sentenced -- >> let's say he will think twice about speaking out about women. local 10 investigator jeff klein
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. a major public traffic study has confirmed our worst fears. every time miami beach holds a local trade or consumer show instead of a fly-in convention, an additional 3,200 vehicles come barreling into town. creating a mess on our roads. but independent experts say a new convention center hotel could fix this. so people could walk not drive to conventions. on march 15th, vote yeyefor a world class covention center
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same. south florida woman i demanding her church return a donation that she made. >> it was supposed to be used for a new church building. years after she turned over her hard-earned cash, there has been little made progress. jeff weinsier has more. >> she is a believer. so much so, she used to take the church van and pick up the homeless. >> in spite of all my failures, the word of god has helped me.
7:41 am
was time for a brand-new location, she was ask -- asked to donate. >> i bought into the vision. >> how much did you donate? >> 970 -- $970. >> that was back in 2012. the new location still looks like this. as a matter of fact, the church was actually renting this property to a construction company to store heavy equipment for an unrelated project. that was unl code enforcement issued a code violation on that. >> i would think by now there would be some signs. >> you asked for your money back? >> i went to them in private. they ignored me. >> so millage hired an attorney.
7:42 am
are made in good faith and will not be returned. >> it is so sad that it has gotten to this point. >> local 10 went to the city hall. while the church did submit plans, the city hall kicked back the plans. and get this, the church has not submitted anything to the city since 2014, nothing in 17 months. our official comment is no comment. >> this is a church trustee. >> why not just give her the money back. >> like i said, our comment at this time is no comment.
7:43 am
spent on testing and plans. >> millage has lost faith. >> jeff weinsier, local 10 news. >> albert jones is a member of the church a state records show he's the treasurer. did he not return local 10's calls. >> how hot will it be today? we know it will be hot on 8th 8th street. >> i k know. we just are hoping that it stays dry. i'm hoping it will too. i'm glad you brought that up. we have the chance for showers, a little bit of a damage in our weather pattern. we see chances of showers for the middle keys.
7:44 am
been dissipating as they get a little closer to marathon. you can see when you look at the showers behind those smaller ones, they are much bigger, much heavier and are pushing towards the north. so far, holding together. this is something that will impact the middle keys and likely ride through the upper keys as well.. so something we will have to keep our eye on. but at the same time, it will take a while to get up to the hours. 69 degrees in kendall. that's the low spot. elsewhere:
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south-southeast,:: . >> for boaters, no advisories, seas 2-3 feet. i just want to warn the boaters out there, if you want to head southward, keep an eye on the showers. if they are a bit heavy, you want to steer away from those. and later today, calle ocho will kick off sometime late this morning, early afternoon. join us there. highs getting into the low 80s. drink plenty of water. keep yrself warm and maybe a shower or two. hopefully the showers will stay inland. that's what i am forecasting today, and north of miami-dade. temperatures warming up to 58 degrees, above the average for next week. rain chances 30%, it lowers, though, starting on tuesday.
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now to a bizarre starry, -- story, a man allegedly made comments on a television show in december and it sparked a massive outcry, leading to his arrest. an appeal is scheduled for later this month. >> coming up in sports, the heat way up north, looking to keep their winning ways going. but they would have to do it without d. wade.
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jaromir jagr -- >> d. wade sitting this out with a thigh bruise. dragic scores. fourth quarter, a man among boys, he goes plus 38 points. >> the heat up one last chance. knocks down the three. >> deng! > going into overtime.
7:51 am
finds patrick patterson for a three. the raptors win this one. a matchup we could see again in the play-offs. we'll take the positive out of this game and really just keep getting better. the east is tight right now. but get in the play-offs, and we feel like we can play with anyone. >> on the ice, the panthers taking on thee flyers. second period, jaromir jagr, skating backwards for the goal. take anoer look. >> jagr! an amazing p`ss. this goes to a shootout. alexander would clinch it and he sneaks one by steve mason. cats win 5-4.
7:52 am
guys to school. >> i want to show the youngng kids, don't want to take it to the grave. >> to football, the dolphins announced a number of free agents. as of right now, none of them have signed on the dotted line. the college basketball conference tournaments are inn the books.. tonight it will be revealed which teams will be headed to the big bans and which teams will be headed to the big dance. tonight, the big ncaa tournament st. paddy's day. coming
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there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social sesurity strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> coming up next on "gd morning america," trumps rivals are blaming him for creating the tense atmosphere. emerging. we'll tell you what officials fire. >> and it is selection sunday. madness brackets. >> and showers imphacting the middle keys. we're still dry in miami-dade and broward. but we'll see showers this afternoon, highs in the low 80s, and you will feel the humidity today with a flow out of the south. >> if you're heading out to calle ocho. >> for our our coverage continues with "gd morning america." >>. you can stay tuned to weather and traffic any time on
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we'll see you back here in a bit. good morning, america. breaking overnight. trump rally chaos. protesters pepper-sprayed in kansas city. angry mobs facing off in the streets. our reporter in the middle of it. >> i got a mouthful of pepper spray. >> we're going to take our country ---- >> while inside, donald trump struggling to get a word in. >> get out of here. get him out.t. >> the close call. a protester storming the stage. secret service springing into action. why trump's rivals are blaming him for all of this unst. water rescues. neighborhoods in louisiana evacuated. cars submerged. hundreds of homes destroyed by record rain. >> it went from the ditch into
8:00 am
>> with bayous ready to crest, will this now go from bad to worse? iditarod attack. the`terror on the trail. two dog teams left reeling by a snowmobile driver. >> someone tried to kill me. with a snow machine. >> the crushing results. this morning, the driver under arrest. his shocking confessioio and ready for the big dance. the biggest buzzer-beater in this team's history. >> and he hit it! and bakergfield goes to the tournament for the first time! >> the amazing victory. catapulting a cinderella team into march madness. we have your expert advice for the brackets on this selection sunday. go big or go home hey, good morning. before we get to our top story. a quick reminder. it's spring forward.


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