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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 14, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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out. i'm on the edge of floir from march madness to mayhem. after the tournament bracket leaks early the heartbreak over who's in and who's not. we do say gd morning, america. march madness is just about upon us. we don't have to wait to celebrate because ginger zee is back. >> oh, my goodness i'm so happy totoe sitting here and not just watching herere i was watching every morning with adrian. >> the ultimate multitask. dancing, "good morning america" and mother. >> like other mothers. >> happy to be back. we have a ton of weather to get to on the day i come back. we have flash flooding if the south.
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the flooding carrying a flaming propane tank through water in louisiana. more on where that storm is coming. we begin with that breaking news overnight, an amtrak train with 142 people onboard derailed in kansas. 20 injured. now passengerss speaking about what it was like onboard. david kerley with more. >> reporter: this is outside of dodge city, kansas, as those seven cars jumped the track. just after midnight -- >> a train derailment. unknown amount of patients at this time. >> reporter: amtrak southwest chief with 142 onboard you jumps the tracks. >> okay, there's a guy bacachere on the second car that needs some oxygen. >> reporter: first responders rushing to the scene with passengers injured and describing chaos. >> my husband sd it was like
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people were falling off one side and landing on the other. >> reporter: those passengers traveling from los angeles to chicago, say, there were screaming in the cars. >> it went dark and people got thrown around. some cars got turned over. >> reporter: in all 20 people injure >> the car laid on their side. a side door ended up being a door on top of the train car and so, we had to -- we had stepladders up. >> reporter:r: others brought to this center for evacuaon. this morning, with first light, amtrak and the track's owner will get a first good look at what may have caused this derailment. latest report there were two people who were air lifted out
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whileo one was killed, this % usually draws the attention of the ntsb. no word on whether the ntsb will launch a team. >> david, thinking of those that were injured. now to the race for the white house. both preparing for crucial votot tomorrow. as donald trump faces new questions over violent clashes erupting at his campaign rallies. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. a new phase of this wild campaign. for months trump has called it a movement, now there's a movement to stop him and disrupt his campaign events. . the violence exploding at a critical time in this race as voters head to the polls in ohio, florida and other states. overnight, donald trump trying to show he's really a love not a fighter. >> and i love you people for being here tonight. >> reporter: trump, defending the decision to cancel a massive
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the chaos in chi-town playing out livee friday night. from fist fights to people storming the stage. >> they're not protesters.. they're disrupters. they're supposed to disrupt. ok. >> reporter: the clashes between trump and protesters pouring into the streets. in kansas city, police maintaining order with pepper spray. then, this moment in ohio. a protester charging towards trump. scaring the candidate. secret s@rvice agents swarming. >> i was ready for him. but it's much easier if the cops do it, don't@ we agree? >> reporter: then this tweet from the trump campaign, can claiming the man is an isis officials. but others saying no true. >> all i know is what it's on the twitter. >> reporter: that protester tellin cnn overnight, he and
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threats since that tweet. > have never been out of the country. >> reporter: the protest uptick, trumping saying the work of bernie sanders. >> were you put here by bernie? out. out. >> reporter: overnight sanders firing back. >> donald trump is literally inciting violence with his supporters. >> reporter: and hillary clinton. >> he is trafficking in hate and fear. >> reporter: trump's gop rivals also sounding the alarm. >> the responsibility starts at the top. >> do you support him as a nominee if he's the nominee if. >> i don't know. it's getting harder every day. >> reporter: one person no longer in trump's line of fire, dr. ben carson,e endorsed trump and the pair's friendship spoofed on saturday night live. >> trump and i are like very orange. ebony and orangey. we want @oake you back to this
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campaign trail last week. when a trump supporter sucker punched a protester. that 78-year-olol man was arrested. trump s asked if he would pay this man's legal bills. he said he would pay for legal bills in situations like this. let's talk to matthew dowd and jon karl about all this. matttt pretty extraordinary series of events over the weekend. we haven't seen anything like this since 1968. >> i thought march madness had to do with basketball. i think this is a critical moment in our entire politics. our democracy is contingent about using our ears as well as our mouth during the course of this. we can't figure out a way to discover the common good in this. it's a critical moment.
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subdued yesterday. meanwhile, jon karl, ahead of five big states voting tomorrow, those ohio and florida are so critical, if donald trump sweeps those, he's on a clear glide path to nomination. if not, we could be@ headed toward a contested convention. >> this is ground hog day of primaries. if he gets those two states, florida and ohio, he'll be on a glide path to getting the nomination. spring thymeme for donald trump you might say. if he loses ohio, he'll need to get 60% of the delegates between now and the convention. it almost -- it becomes almost certain that this goes all of the way to june 7th when the california primary is, the l lt day of voting or a conteed convention if he doesn't win those two states. >> it becomes the epicenter of the stop tru move sflmt not only epicenter of stop trump
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everything flows from this. if he wins ohio, he'll basically be the nominene if he loses ohio, we'll have a often believable time in ohio because of t convention. >> kasich is the one that clearly trump is worried about in ohio, kasich will campaigning with romney while donald trump has canceled a florida event to campaign in ohio. another sign that it really does come right down to ohio. the way, romney won't be endorsing kasich endorsing anybody not named donald trump. that's why he's in ohio. now to that devastating flooding across much of the south, millions of people in the flood zone. thousands of homes damaged over the weekend as well. abc's matt gutman is in texas with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, robin.
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morning, there's still an unknown number of people trapped here. the only way to get around right now is by boat. the water has come up so fast, it's crept up a mile. even people in homes like that not enough time to get out. this morning, sections of the southdisappearing under flood floodwaters. risi floodwaters damaging thousands of homes in mississippi, louisia and texas. after relentless rain pounded the southern states. >> fire department. >> reporter: firefighters in deweyville, texas, going home to home evacuating residents. its waters climbing to a record 30 feet and rising swallowing this railroad bridge. in toledo, the water pushing through this spillway at more than twice the volume of niagara falls.
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it's over. reporter: across the state of louisiana, more than 5,000 homes damaged. many partially submerged. abandoned cars in the streets. and the national guard's humvees turned into submarines. others stacking sandbags, preparing for the worst. >> the river is high that means our water can't flow out. >> reporter: not just the floods doing serious damage, in arkansas a confirmed tornado touching down. the storm dropping large hail. now t floodwaters are expected to rise another several feet today. by the end of the day, it's supposed to be above my head where i'm standing right now. folks lived here won't be able to come home. until the end of the week. robin. >> all right, matt. we'll turn now to ginger with more on this severe weather.
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you can see the picture here, golf-ball size hail in arkansas. that could happen again just east of that area, so greensboro to charlotte, that's the high-intensity region there. watch out this aftfrnoon into the evening. the flooding is not done. even the rain stops falling, the flood warnings are still in effect all of the way from texas to louisiana. gher elevations could see wintry mix. >> okay, thank you, ginger. we'll move on now to a frightening report about missileses on a passenger planes. trying to determine if hellfire missiles were headed to the u.s. the i is investigating and our abc's pierrethomas is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, george. u.s. authorities are trying to check the credibility of this
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these missiles are operational. because if t ty are, the security implications to the u.s. homeland would be significant. overnight, a e`ropean tv network reporting that two hellfire missiles were decovered at their belgrade airport. bomb-sniffing dogs found the missiles in wooden coffins during a search of a cgo plane flown in from lebanon. they weigh roughly 100 pounds. normally attached to fixed-wing aircraft and unhand aerial vehicles. >> you never want a missile like this found any passenger-type plane. >> reporter: the question is, exactly who was going to receive them and what were they going to be used for? >> the most important issues for
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of these two hellfire missis and what was really the initial intent of sending them. >> reporter: a u.s. military official tells us that no hellfire missiles are known to be missing from the.s. inventory but the fbi is aware and looking into this report. now to a deadly terror attack overseas, at least 16 people killed at three beach resorts popular with tourists on africa's ivory coast and al qaeda is claiming respononbility for the massacre and abc's brian ross has the latest. >> reporter: what u.s. counterterror experts say have important but ruthless strategy for al qaeda and isis. the victims were mowed down on the beach. popular with westerners in the ivory coast. at least 16 people were killed, including a child. one witness described the panic
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beach, actually shooting hotel guests in the ocean. everyone started to panic, he said. afteraica afterafrica al qaeda afilfiliate has claimed responsibility. >> very easy for al qaeda to carry out an attack on a soft target where you have lots of locals and foreigners. all enjoying the day. >> reporter: the list of deadly attacks is growing. 38 tourists mostly from britain murdered in tunisia. at least 30 killed at a luxury hotel in burkina faso and more than 200 russian tourists on a % plane blown out of the sky above egypt by a bomb believed to have been planted by isis. in this country, in last july,
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planned to use a backpack bomb to attack on a beach in florida. now to amy with the other headlines. authorities say a police officer in s surban maryland was shot and killed in what they say was an unprovoked attack. tht suspected gunman was shot and wounded by otherer officers. he and is second suspect are in custody. jacai kollson would have celebrated his 29th birthday this week. also breaking @vernight, eight firefighters have been injured after a townhouse collapsed in montgomery. four firefighters were trapped. they're expected to be okay. overseas right now, turkey has launched new airtrikes on kurdish rebels in iraq hours after blaming those rebels for the bombings.
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just three weeks. new details about the pilot authorities say deliberately a german airline into the french al. s. officials say that andreas lubitz who had a history of depression, doctors didn't warn anyone. they're calling for medical privacy laws to berelaxed for pilots. gas prices are nchg higher, raised 12 cents in the last week. itit the biggest price increase since november. and take a look at this brightening scene at a youth soccer game. when a bull escaped and ran on to the field in australia, nearly running down a player, look at that. the boy and everyone else scattered in time before eventually the bull ran into the woods.
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are becoming the norm at nascar races. kevin harvick and carl edwards. battled it outn phoenix. the finish came down to just .01% of a second. coming downo four inches. it's the same margin of victory at determined the daytona 500 just last month. when you're good you're good. i mean. >> wow. let's move on to ginger now. poporful storm in the northwest over the weekend. >> yes, this scene all too familiar from sanafrancisco up to seattle. the waves just blowing up and the bridges and the wind tipping that semi. some of these bridges had to be of course turned over. we got to get to your select
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chico's. can i tell you how good it feels to stand in front of a jet stream agagn. the jet stream. >> can we tell you how good to have you back.
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morning south south florida. welcome to your monday. let's get that weather for forecast from julie. a little lighter. yeah yay. we've waiting for this for about an hour now sunrise officially in six minutes. first sunrise looking greatthis get you going on monday even though warm and humid look how in distance how calm the
7:25 am
very nice day to head to beaches winds are calm therefore air stuck right city surface. feels uncomfortable temperatures in low to mid 70s. we will see highs above average in mid 8 8 by this afternoon. >> thanks, julie wee got this accident on i-75, southbound this is right aund at palmetto expressway. so traffic is moving but we are seeing some delays as of result. again i-75 southbound at the palmetto expressway speeds clocking in 29iles per hour. i-95 southbound, we've got an accident there as well north wus 119th street with speeds clocking in as 20 miles per hour. we continue to monitor a developing story this morning one person is dead another injured after car crashed right into a hollywood publix. that car slamming into back store on young circle the driver was killed pavenier to memorial regional hospital. sky 10 flying overhead crews were working to remove that vehicle. two people involved in crash have not been identified. we're also working to learn the condition of that passenger.
7:26 am
some thorn more than foggy shooter that killed man on miami-dade over weekeke 20 yearn man was gunned down on tenth street along ocean drive early on suny morning and witnesses say it all started as an argument that then escalated into gunfire. police say they question ad person of interest who gave them valuable clues but this morning the shooter is still at large we'll keep working all these stories stick with us right here
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we welcome you back to "good morning america" and you're looking at that train dre railment in kansas. 20 people now recovering after several cars jumped the track and an investigation is under way right now. also right now, republicans and democrats ramping up their campaigning ahead oftomorrow's make or break votes. ohii, votes there could be the tipping point for the gop campaign. and floods in the south. more storms are on the way. also this morning, excitement is building. rch madness is just about here. coming up, the tournament's already seeing its first big upset. the bracket, leaking early. who's in, who's out. who leaked it?
7:30 am
and the women's bracket will be released tonight at 7:00 p.m. we'll begin here with the latest on fitness guru richard simmons. he's speakingut this morning. abc's nick watt i is in los angeles with more. >> reporter: richard simmons trending on facebook over the weekend and not in a good way. there are strong fears for the safety and the well-being o the "sweating to the oldies" stars. >> reporter: those short shorts. that disco. richard simmons hasn't been seen in public for more than two years since the 2013 macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> friends of his have spoken to the media saying that he's been held against his will.
7:31 am
has tongues wagging. his former assistant says he thinks the fitness icon is being held in his mansion by members of his staff. what do they want from him? his money? >> the house alone is worth $1 million. >> reporter: i'm not kidnapped i'm just in my house right now, he tells entertainment tonight last night. for the past 40 years i have been traveling. he last saw simmons two years ago just self-published this ebook, detailing what hehinks is really going on. who's the witch? >> the housekeeper. >> reporter: so the housekeeper has control over him through her witchcraft. >> that's what i believe.
7:32 am
i said, is she controlling your life now? he said, yes. >> reporter: his spoposperson telling us his claims a2e ridiculous, completely untrue. simmons told "e.t." people who surround me are wonderful people who t te great care of me. rth noting, although simmons is talking on the phone he's not appearing on camera and still not appearing on television. last night, he also firmly denied that he's gained weight. >> now to the latest in the hulk hogan's sex tape lawsuit. the former wrestler suing the website gawker for posting it online. now, the defense set to present its case. >> reporter: this morning, gawker winding up for a heavy weight fight against hulk hogan. first week. >> reporter: the defense ready
7:33 am
battle over a leaked sex tape featuring the former wwe star. attempting to put the news and gossip site's culture on trial. reading e-mail ss. >> i'm the girl in it. and it was stolen from me and put up without my permission. >> reporter: he later responded to her. it's not getting taken down. it's a dumb mistake that you made. >> reporter: that video was ultimately taken down. but the secretly recorded clip of hogan having sex with the wife of his best friend at the time remain on the site for eight months. an internet expert tesfying that gawker's web traffic skyrocketing, likely increasing the company's value by $15 million. >> it's those provocative
7:34 am
tape that can drive value. >> reporter: earlier in the trial, hogan testifying that bubba clem had invited him to sleep with his wife heather multiple times. an offer hogan said accepted him. now she's weighing in on her ex-husband's legeg battle now. say >> he has no regret and i don't really think he's sorry. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, st. petersburg, florida. >> our thanks to linzie and joining us now is chief legal analyst dan abrams. >> the guy who wrote the article, the guy who got the tape and he came acro as
7:35 am
deposition that the plaintiffs presented. this is so important in this case. if these jurors hate him and hate gawker they're in trouble. putting aside any of the legal questions and legal standards, if they feel like this is the kind of guy who didn't care about the impact, he didn'tt care about journalism, he didn't care about hk hogan, any of that, i think that gawker could be in trouble. >> we heard from gawker in a taped deposition, far from flattering. he's expected to take the stand. how can he change the opinion of himself? >> he's the owner of gawker, they have to somehow change the image that in the way they came across in those deposition tapes. they have to accept some responsibility, i think. they have to try to be at least somewhat sympathetic. the goal is, just try to make these juror hear their argument.
7:36 am
to hear that argument, i think, is if they don't hate gawker. >> you brought up something very interesting on your website, who's paying the legal bills for hulk hogan. >> number one, could hogan be paying the bills himself? i don't think so. or a contingency fee? hogan should have settled this case. gawker was willing to pay a lot better. i wonder if there's someone is backing hogan. >> thank you, dan. coming up here, new health warning about humidifiers. and later, madonna goes public about her custody battle. her emotional appeal to her fans
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we're back now with "good
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today we're taking a look at humidifiers and what happens if you don't clean yours according to manufacturer's instructions. gio benitez is here. >> reporter: we're calling this the great humidifier test. we did our own testing of ten humidifiers. looking to see what we could find. the results, even surprised our experts. so, this morning, "gma investigates." the steam from a humidifier, seen as a way to prevent sore throats and dry sinuses. could that steam really be spreading germs that could make you sick? most people don't know how to clean thth. >> i don't know how to clean a humidifier. >> i know i'm not reaching all of the tiny corners. >> reporter: or don't clean them
7:42 am
gma investigating collecting ten humidifiers to test for bacteria and mold. almost all admit they don't regularly. some have asthma and allergies. we dropped the ten humidifiers from six different manufactures at lab at thomas jefferson university medical hpital. out of the ten humidifiers, all had bacteria in the tank. two had heavy bacteria, growing inside and also in the vapor that experts say could make our families sick. >> i was surprised by the heavy growth. >> reporter: and in three of the humidifiers, mold. how are you? gio gio. are you ready to see what was growing in there? >> oh, gross. >> reporter: they found some bacteria. more importantly, they found
7:43 am
which means the mold is flowing out. >> that's not good, especially since we have asthma in our house and allergies. >> reporter: mold in this family's humidifier as well. this is what was growing inside. >> mold can cause nasal congestion, sore throat. it can cause chest tightness or wheezing. >> reporter: now for the humidifier with the most bacteria and here are the results right here. our experts labeling it extremely dirty. and experts say, what's inside could cause pneumonia. this is what was growing inside your humidifier. >> e o my gosh. >> reporter: because you're a nurse, you know what that means. >> yes, it means my kids aren't safe. >> reporter: bottom line is, experts say you need to clean a humidifier every day.
7:44 am
it thoroughly, according to the manufacturer's instructions. those pictures. we reached to all of the humidifier man there fang-- man fakpack cher in the report. >> lot of work, though. >> some say claim to be self-cleaning. . >> that's right. consumer reports is looking at that right now. they're sending that letter to the epa. coming up, that mayhem over march madness and the big twist for the one team that didn't make it. and behind the scenes of the force awakens. we have never before seen
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i'm on the edge of glory the monmouth hawks they're known for their celebrations. they're a fan favorite. but their dream of making it to the big dance did not come true when the brackets came out.
7:49 am
who were unhappy. >> i'm unhappy. because the ncaa is now investigating why the ncaa didn't do its job last night. they had one job to do. their secret bracket. but it was laektd online last night before they were able to reveal it before the cbs broadcast special. on twitter last night, dan putting out a tweet, whoever bracket leak guy is the hero america needed. another putting out this meme. the ncaa has put out a statement saying they're taking it seriously. >> the women's tournament bracket 7:00 p.m. tonight on espn. unless it is leaked early. >> fingers crossed. coming up -- a parenting alater.
7:50 am
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california, dream big. local 10 news starts right now. >> mornini south florida. just before 8:00 a.m. i'm jacey burch. let's talk to julie. it's beautiful outside. we're seeing a lots of sunshine, you can see in distance a how calm the western atlantic is great day to head to beach but a lot of you got to go back to work this what is you've got to plan for make sure a kids have extra bottle of a water warm and humid grab sunglasses. temperatures in mid 70s. running 10 degrees above where we should thb time of yea with south wind. winds are calm, that's why it feels really mugg air is still. high today's will be bv average in mid 80s. >> thanks julie good morning, south florida. we've got this broken down truck check this out i-75 southbound. it is blocking a center lane right around palmetto expressway. so you can expect to see slow speeds a we zoom into our map to get a better look it looks like it started to clear up a bit with speeds clocking in around 48 miles per hour we've also got
7:56 am
southbound with speeds there a 46 miles per hour. this morning we're seeing surveillance video a group of burglars all caught on camera stealing a safe from amscot financial store. this happened early saturday morning store in 127th avenue and southwest miami-dade. those crooks there worked to break into that say. they ended up a taking it with them a reward up to $25,000 offering to any information leading ton arrest less tan day a florida primary and multiple candidates are making stops in south florida for that last minute push. donald trump was in boca raton last night and leading in polls despite a recent rash of violence at several of his rallies. and a senator marco rubio will be an in south florida later today he spent weekend crisscrossing sunshine state. his state-wide bus tour comes to an end in west miami currently in second place well behind trump in fight for 99 delegates at stake in florida. >> polls set to open florida primary in less than 24 hours. for around your election
7:57 am
precinct you need to head to, go to our website, a lot for us to keep on today. we've got you covered right here on local 10. stick with us. "good morning america" is next.
7:58 am
soon. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, ananpay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
7:59 am
good morning, mesh. it's 8:00 a.m. and madonna eaks emotionally about her bitter custody battle right in the middle of a concert. the emotional performance. parenting alert. new research about adhd and your kids. why younger children are more likely to diagnosed than older ones. dr. bezer is here to explain. the duggars speak out. the siblings up for the first time about their brother josh's scandal. > ar wars exclusive. brand-new look behind the scenes of the biggest blockbuster in the galaxy. never before seen footage from
8:00 am
ford is revealing now about that now-famous scene. all that and it's a super day on "good morning america." superman himself henry cavill here live as we say -- >> good morning, america. oh, henry. the man himsmsf. the man of steel. henry cavill is here to tell us all about the new movie. >> can't take their eyes -- >> so great to have ginger back. we know you're rehearsing for "dancing with the stars." the little guyu keeping you busy at home. >> he's growing. >> he's as long as the dresser.
8:01 am
i'm like, what do we now? >> he has ben's expressions. >> a good combo. to welcome you back. we brought in a breakfast surprise for you. we heart bagel dogs are your favorites. >> oh, wow. super healthy. >> i love it. >> try it, though. you'll be very happy. >> thank you, guys, so much. >> you're very welcome. >> so good. >> that's good. >> right? >> we can't talk anymore. >> along with breakfast, we're serving up a big bachelor exclusive. tonight, ben makes his choice -- will it be jojo or lauren? you can weigh in on our website. "good morning america" on yahoo!. more of our exclusisi sneak peek
8:02 am
>> as he makes his decision and amy makes her way to thee morning rundown. all right, the big story this morning, an amtrak train derailment in western kansas, dozens of passengers injured. the train was head prg los angeles to chicago when seven train cars jumped the tracks overnight. 29 of the injured passengers have been take on the the hospital but they're all expected to be okay. the cause of the derailment under investigation overseas right now, turkey has launched new air strikes on kurdish rebels in northern iraq. it's the second deadly attack blamed on kurdish militants in that city in the last month. meanwhile, we're just getting word that an american accused of joining isis has beeee detained in iraq on his way the turkey. he's reportedly from virginia.
8:03 am
we get them turning now to the race for president and mitt romney campaigning with john kasich in ohio today. one day before that state's crucial primary. polls show governor john kasich holding a narrow lead in his home state over donald trump. meanwhile, trump is rejecting claims by his rivals that he's responsible for inciting violence at recent campaign rallies. trump is actually blamimg bernie sanders for sending protesters to disrupt his events. sanders denies that. new details on the extent of the historic floods in the south. the louisiana national guard has now rescued 3300 people. the rising water remains a big threat. ginger's forecast coming up in st a bit. some video now from
8:04 am
never tailgate. watch the left lane, that suv is tagating when the driver in front hits the brakes causing the suv to spin out of control, crashing into the median. the driver was not injured. wow, but he did get a ticket. timely, have you seen a fisherman reeled off the coast of south carolina? it weighed 2500 pounds. it was a great white shark. it took him and the charter boat captn more than four hours to bring the shark in. they tagged it with a tracking device. they let it go. probably good to know where that big lady is. >> probably way out there. >> boy, those pictures. now to that headline about adh adhd and your children. research shows younger children in class are more likely to be diagnosed than their older peers.
8:05 am
this is very important, children between 5 and 17 will be diagnosed with adhd. >> it's on the rise. this study was out of taiwan. it has been in seen in other countries as well. younger children more likely to be diagnosed with adhd than older children. in taiwan, the children in the september are oldest. take a look at this, as you go from youngest to oldest, the rate of diagnosis goes from 1.5 up to 2.9%. when you think about it, there's no blood test for adhd. there's no brain scan. you're doing checklists. they're looking for students who have inability to concentrate. they'll be looking -- when you
8:06 am
one-year difference in age between, 5 and 6-year-olds. >> what should a parent do if they're being told adhd? >> as a pediatrician, we look at checklists. you want the parents to fill out checklists and the teacher. you look for problems not just in school but problems at home, problems with peers. if you're only seeing it in school, maybe it's a school-readyiness issue. i'll look to see, can they sit still? can they follow directns? can they pay attentionon >> i was telling you, i was born in november, started school in new jersey, i had to wait another full year, so i was always the oldest in class and it kind of helped. >> for some kids, it's the way to go. >> rich, thanks very much. he'll be taking your questions
8:07 am
you can go to our facebook page as well. here's a look at what's coming up on "good morning america" morning menu. madonna gets emotional on stage as her bitter custody battle with guy ritchie plays out and the duggars speak out. and the fast fashion fixes and rachel roy is hereith easy ways to upgrade your wardrobe right now. and we have a superman on "good morning america." superman henry ryry cavill is here. we'll be right back. whaaaaat? i can pour this champagne on my phone and it still work. whaaaaat? yeah look. [phone ringing] kenny, i'm 'bout to put you in the fish tank. aaaaat?
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8:12 am
so what can't ginger zee do? we know shean dance. look at that. she can play the piano, too. part of your rehearsals for "dancing with the stars." >> can youance and play the pianat the same time? >> that's the next step. >> does it help with the dancing. >> it helps us keeping finding out new stuff about each other. >> during commercial breaks, this baby talk. s riceless. priceless. good advice coming our way. >> you miss the little guy. he's watchin mommy right now. >> hey, by.
8:13 am
the latest on madonna and guy ritchie's bitter custody battle on their son rocco. madonna getting emotional over the weekend. dedicating a song to her son. abc's linsey davis has the latest. >> i want to dedicate this next song to him, rocco. >> reporter: the queen of popo struggling to keep her composure during a recent performance in australia. >> it's true, there's no love stronger than a mother's for a son. if i t lk about him too much i might cry. >> reporter: madonna opening up on stage about her bitter custody batqle with ex-guy ritchie over their sonn rocco. >> what i think we have seen a ma don unanius who's more in touch of how she feels.
8:14 am
hoping for her son's return after he allegedly got bored traveling with her and decided to go live with his dad in london. earlier, a judge ruled to reverse a previous order to remain in london with his father in london. >> he'll be staying with his father in the uk and keeping some consistentcy with the school. >> reporter: while the material man continues her tour in australia, the next hearing about rocco's custody is scheduled for early june. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> joining us now is senior legal correspondent sunny hostin. sunny, madonna wanting to withdraw her custody battle in the uk and bring ito the u.s. does she think she has a better chance? >> she wants to put this bed.
8:15 am
she has been a very difficult time for madna, we have seen that in how she's behaved on stage. she indicated that she just wants her son back home. >> that behavior on stage was erratic. does that affect her case? >> i don't think so. listen, bottom line, dges, lawyers, we're used to this type of behavior in custody disputes. above all else, this is a bhom who's grieving. . this is a mom who wants her son back. while he'll use that behavior to show this son is better with me, i think the bottom line is, the judges are going to say, parents be parents, you're the grown-ups, get together and figure out what's in the best interest of the child.
8:16 am
he'll have his say in this. he wants to stay with his father in london. i think that the court will really take that into consideration. >> that makes a lot of sense. the judges have already chastised both guy ritchie and madonna for bring this into the courtroom. do you think they'll be able to settle this out of the courtroom? >> i think so. madonna is withdrawing the action in london, she wants to put this bed. she wants her family at peace. >> all right, sunny, thanks so much. we're going to turn now to the duggar family. they're back in the spotlight with jill and jess starring in a new series. paula faris had a chance to sit down with some of the siblings. >> i traveled to arkansas to
8:17 am
they're moving on and looking toward the future. in this new series, it's very clear they're not children anymore. >> it's time to go. >> the duggars one of the most reality tv family is back. their new series on tlc, jill and jess counting on now putting the tight-knit clan's new children on center stage. raise your hands, are you still living at home? >> raise your hand if you love to do laundry? >> raise it, girls. >> reporter: for seven years, audiences tuned in to what this devout christian family who practiced purity, modesty and deep faith. it was one of tlc's b bgest hits. but last summer that all changed.
8:18 am
oldest son josh had modested underaged girls. tlc soon canceled their long-running show. news that rocked the family and their fans. >> he tried to take our whole family down. instead of tearing usapart as a together. for us, we have forgiven. >> jessa, you said you guys have endured so much as a family. youuave taken the time to heal and you're ready to be back in the spotlight. >> in the midst of what w we have walked through, i don't want cameras around. as we talking together, siblinin, you know what if we can encourage even one other person out there who's struggling right now that needs to be our goal.
8:19 am
our family in these pastmonths. and we're ready to move forward and share our loves.s. >> we need frozen corn. family size, guys. >> reporter: now, tlc is hoping fans will come back to watch the duduar kids all grown up. the new series shows jessaa and jill adjusting to life as new moms. what's the big surprise going to be this season? >> we'll e. there are a lot of exciting things coming up. we're n n going to say anything about the double wedding of the twins. >> there's a double wedding. >> i promise we won't tell anybody. >> you just have to watch. we're looking forward d the future. >> and as for josh duggar he's back home after completing a addiction rehab program. he won't appear in this new series.
8:20 am
the series, right now, eight episodes, begin tomorrow on tlc. >> it's great they're dealing with it. they say they have healed. it's hard to sweep this under the rug. lot of people saying, hey, they weren't really being truthl to us and projecting a certain image. >> they say we never wanted to project that imable that we're perfect. if we can help one person through a similar situation. >> but to go on television knowing that had happened in your family and putti that out there. >> and they're solid that josh isn't going to be in it. >> not in this new series, just his wife anna. i ordered up to rain, justt to keep it fresh out here. it's so good to be surrounded by all of you again this morning. we want to show what's going to happen.
8:21 am
well, it will rain on and off. my friends right to my right here are from texas, most of you, you want to know where the warmth is? in texas today, >> hold on. now you're on. now you're on. they're just yelling names out. everybody from texas.
8:22 am
>> lot of people frorom texas out there. >> thank you so much, ginger. it's a big night for bachelor fans and anticipation is at an alaltime high for tonight's blockbuster finale. ben set to m me his final choice between lauren and jojo a and abc's kayna whitworth is comomg through the clues and she has an exclusive sneak peek. >> reporter: who is bachelor ben set to d? >> my heart in two different places. lost i'm a lost man right now. >> reporter: ben and the dilemma telling the two women lauren and jojo that he's in love with them both. >> i love you, too. >> reporter: on last week's episode on women tell you all, ben said he's sure that he's found the one. but which one? 25-year-old flight attendant uren. >> you look beautiful. >> hi, ben. >> reporter: a front-runner from
8:23 am
>> you're too good for me. >> reporter: then there's 24-year-old real estate developer jojo getting off to a slower but more playful start. >> hi. icorns do exist. >> reporter: helicopter ride in las vegas literally the turning the tables on their leadership. tonight, ben will have the decide between the two. his parents voicing their concern. >> knowing that ben could be in love with two women is disturbing to me. >> reporter: will they influence his final choice? they're not the only one struggling with the big decision. lauren gets emotion in a clip from tonight. >> i can't picture my life without ben. i don't want to say bye. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news. >> i love ben's mom.
8:24 am
going to choose? 37% said jojo. and 63% said lauren. bachelel ben and a special g gst will be here tomorrow live in times square tomorrow. great to have rachel smith doing "pop news. >> thanks for having me. let's get thingstarted with frozen. a frozen surprise reunion that will send chills down the spine of any fan. kristen bell and idina they sted this video of bell singing this song that was actually cut from the movie. take a listen. >> that voice is just perfection to me. josh postd that. she was singing that at 10:00
8:25 am
who knows maybe we'll hear that in the -- >> sequel, maybe. >> yes, finally guys, ginger, as you know, has been very, very busy this past week. e's heading to "dancing with the stars" of course. and here she is rehearsing with val. over the weekend, ben and a surprise guest came in to teach them a thing or two. take a look.
8:26 am
by the competition, right?tt2watu#@m4 bt`n,:$ tt2watu#@m4 "a`n
8:27 am
this is icy southbound, northwest 79th with the left lane blocked. speeds clocking in at 12 miles per hour. >> developing this morning, a man is dead and a woman is in the hospital after their car crashed into a hollywood publix. police say the man was driving when he slammed into the back of the store on young circle. his passenger taken to memorial regional hospital. the road has reopened. the car has been towed away. neither of the victims have been identified. we are working to learn the condition. >> the search continues for a gunman who killed a man on ocean drive, stopped early tenth street. a person of interest was questioned but released. police believe he did know his killer.
8:28 am
8:29 am
next. [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to a super day here on "good morning america." with superman henry cavill for the latest on the new bat man"batman v superman" movie. >> we have our own batman/superman here. >> i'm right here. >> you sound a little angry but otherwise -- >> batman is angry this morning. >> we're going to have more with super superman in just a little bit. inside to robin. time now, brand-new -- oh, my gosh, i lovov this woman, she's a fashion designer extraordinary, top designer
8:30 am
she's dressed everyone from kim kardashian to michelle obama. she has a new book "design your life >> thank you. >> the drama is all in the back of the dress. >> it's in the back. so beautiful. >> but it's a keeper. it's a keeper. >> i design for women that need the same look from #:00 in the morning to 8:00 in the evening. >> lot of women -- let's talk about how you first got into this industry. >> yeah, so, i had beening working in fashion since i was 14 years old. i was dropped off in front of mcdonald's and told not to come until i got the firstjob. my dad is first generation immigrant from india. and so, working is not a choice. and i'm very thankful that i ve those values.
8:31 am
thiy is a staple, again, this trench dress is something that you're known for. >> this is one of my first designs. . the idea that you can put an outfit on and be done in less than two minutes is really a goal. to be e egant and to have these manly element frgs a trench and be feminine at the same time. >> that's youou trademark. >> that's absolute the goal. >> that happened to you in the mail room. you wanted to dress a certain way. later on, after a very long career in retail, i had to restart a career and i was an intern. i thoughtor sure i would be able to get a better job at that int. i was so thankful for the work. to be on the other side of fashion. i would show up to the mail room
8:32 am
i was, eventually, years later, i did start my own company. >> wonderful. and this is a beautiful book and how you describe it and dedicate to your sisters. some beautiful models s e going to show us some fast fashion fixes. alejandro is here first. >> the idea that whatever you have in your wardrobe, in this case a strapless dress, you can elongate the life of your clothes by putting a tig little turtleneck underneath and you can wear it all year. she has a turtleneck underneath. the idea that you can be comfortable with flats. if you want, you can just take this off. if you're at work and you can go out with youou girlfriends, or nner. tips to help women keep their wroebs and working for them.
8:33 am
this is a new line you have coming out. >> i love the crowd participation. a jumpsuit is comfortable, fantastic. elongates the frame. slenderizes the frame. and a blazer over the shoulder. >> some people, rachel, feel they can't wear a jump suit. that's not true. >> actually, it's a piece that i do in every single collection because i think it does elongate the frame. sometimessou have to try. >> asia, looking good. thank you. our final model is emily. >> i love this. >> thank you, i love this. >> this is so cute. >> a lot going on. but thiss an update to weekend. when you want to put yr yoga pants on. find a tight pair of leggings.
8:34 am
>> you'll be as comfortable as in your sweaea. it's an elevated outfit and when we feel better, we act better and we can accomplish so much morere when we feel better about oust and that is so true. let's see all three together. >> you kn, that's the whole point is designing your life, it real is, with every decision back -- small or large -- we're choosing the type of life we live. i do that through style and fashion. >> well said. well said. continued blessings. >> thank you. and design your life is available tomorrowow but she's here right now. over to amy. i always learn so much from rachel. thank you both.
8:35 am
one of the biggest shows on tv, walking dead. it's filmed in a quiet georgia town overtauen by zombies and tv cameras. here's a look at what residenen there really think. >> reporter: the zombie fever from the walking dead doesn't look like it will break any time soon. as ms. a 14 million americans are tuning in sunday nights. >> i'm not going to kill you. you know what -- >> it's gotten so big, so-called walker stalkers are now walking all over the small georgia town where it's fied. but some of the families who live here aren't thrilled. pecially with the show's security. >> you walk along a people tell you, you're not allowed to stop and take pictures. but this is our community. >> reporter: but it was a quiet place to live. but now he can't escape the
8:36 am
middle of the night. >> they come out here and saying, i need to stoprimming the trees. they're filming. i said well, no -- >> reporter: we heard a different story from the two brother in laws who view the show about the dead to give their town new life. >> even andy lincoln a star of the show, he said thank youo much for letting us film here. thank you for filming here. they're that polite. >> we have been able to make everything work not only sister production fl xolks, for their silence. they%want no plot twist or story lines leaking out of town.
8:37 am
steve osunsami, abc news, georgia. e reached out to amc network for comment. they didn't back to us in time for this broadcast. let's get out to ginger. >> don't worry, i won't do any re batman impressions. this is an area that should have some large hail >> we are waking up to some sunshine, and very warm humid conditions. temperatures mid 70's. should be 60's. highs today mid 80's with mix of sun and clouds in the forecast. get ready for a warm humid day. >> all that weather brought to you by colgate. if you think you know everything about star wars, think again. a new documentary will premiere later today at the south by southwest festival.
8:38 am
sneak peek. it's the movie that took over the galaxy. >> i can't talk about that. >> and now it can all be revealed in a new documentary at goes behind the scenes and looks at every aspect of the making of the megablockbuster. the excited cast and crew. >> a feeling came over me since tunisia. >> star wars,,a kind of universe that might accept me. >> i remember thinking, we're about to shoot this thing and i'not ready. >> to the screen tests. >> why are you doing this? >> because it's the right thing to do. >> to how exactly captain got her name. >> the name came, looking at
8:39 am
reminded me of the movie phantasm. i always loved the design of that ball. >> and how adam driver's costume got him into character. >> it was an event. >> the new documentary looks at it all i iluding that final climatic scene that broke our hearts. >> it was the scene that i think terrified me the most. >> his destiny is resolved in a powerful and effective way. >> i remember walking on set with harrison and him saying, you know, look at what we get to do. >> i wantedan solo to lend some significant and emotional
8:40 am
that documentary is just one of many extras on the digital and blu-ray versioning being released at the beginning of april coming up here, ain cc1 test message yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma. you saved quite a bit today go ahead. say it. cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos and coupons.s. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
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8:43 am
tt2w`t3n > what is your position in botham. do i own this on >> civil liberties have been trampled on in your city. good people leaving in fear. >> don't believe everything you hear, son. >> i have sn it. >> oh, that was just the civil discourse. it gets a lot rougher and tougher. henry cavill, thanks for being with us.
8:44 am
the feud? >> well, basically, it was in the script. if there was really a fight, i mean, come@ on. >> you would say superman would definitely win. i'm merely infearing it. >>superman learns a tough lesson in this movivi the price of fame. that's what happens to superman. how does he overcome it? he doesn't. it's about just bearing the arrows. he already expected the world to fail. the world, half the world only fear him. they accuse him of e el as well. >> it was powerful. i understand that ben affleck helped lighten the mood behind the scenes. >> ben has a good sense of humor.
8:45 am
walking around the big bat suit. he falls over stuff all the time and so, yeah, it's not his fafat. unfortunately, it's a tricky suit to get around in. >> it's such a physical part of the job, you had to work out constantly. you talked about your rental min for the first movie. >> we worked harder on this one. i got bigger. >> you were competing against one another. >> yes, when you see ben on set and he's in good shape, makes you want to go back to the gym and work harder. >> you talked about your struggles w wh body image as a child and how you used that in playing superman. >> it does help to have that stigma that you're never quite good enough. >> now, you'r'r definitely healthy.
8:46 am
you hado win some kids over. we have a pretty funny clip. let's take a look. >> why is datman better? >> he can only fly. >> ithink you got batman confused with superman. >> batman can't go up. only go down. soouptman can do both. is batman still better than superman? >> yes. >> you never convinced them. >> why is superman better than batman? >> that's a trky. without making batman look bad, pretty much anything you can think of, he's got all of the superpowers he's a nice guy. his suit looks better. >> all right, well, i think we can all a aee here in this room, henry, thank you for joining us. the movie opens up march 25th. don't miss it.
8:47 am
8:48 am
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i'm b bkow with our frernd jorng ramos. anchor of the nightly news on univision since 1986. tough interviewer in this presidentialalelection. now an author of a new book, called "take a stand." >> you're taking little campaign from campaign. >> yes. with the elections in ohio and florida it's going to bin credible. >> it is. >> let's talk about the book. you dedicated to your mom, the first rebel you know. >> yes, when i went tocollege, suddenly, she had a fight with my father and she said i'm going to go to college. she went to college with me. we spent many years just going from class to class. she's still with us.
8:50 am
>> fantastic. that's great. we also see up there, you're with fidel castro, another rebel. very short interview. >> 63 seconds and as soon as i started asking about the lack of democracy. a body guard pushed me to the side. >> you had that deja vu at the trump rally. he just kicked you out of the rally. >> i wanted to ask a question, he didn't want to answer the question. and i was ejected from the press conference. >> he allowed you to come back later? >> he di he said, a few weeks ago, he wanted to have an interview with me.
8:51 am
>> any time he wants to talk to me i'm ready. >> you heard it again. jorge is ready for you. on a very different note, sonia sotomayor. >> growing up she was diagnosed with diabetes. she earlylearned early on that she had to fight. at the interview, we put on some salsa music. she stood up x and said, do you want to dance. of course. i was dancing with the supreme court justice. >> that's a special interview. you taught me something about interviewing in this book. if you get to interview someone at home, you peek in their bathroom. >> exactly. you get to know things that's impossible to know.
8:52 am
were rumors he was going out with an actress. there were two toothbxushes. one was pink. that. >> that was your confirmation? >> yes. >> somebody was waiting for me.
8:53 am
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the book is called "take a "good morning america" is brought to you by blue diamond almond brbreeze. >> you heard the man, bachelor ben here tomorrow night. see you tomorrow, guys. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> it's monday. i'm jacey birch. hope you got some sleep. let's check on the their with jewel eenchts it's beautiful outside, jacey and eric.
8:56 am
temperatures in the upper 70s already. thanks to that south wind, that will be the cull pit for the heat and humidity the air is light the air is tag in the event. we have a slight risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. highs today in the mid s. highs above where they should be. have a great day. we have a rollover expressway. you can see it right there, traffic is getting by but it is blocking two lanes and we are seeing delays as a result. palmetto expressway at 122nd street, speeds at just 9 miles an hour gl. royal palm bouoevard has cleared up but we're seeing delays there with speeds there at 2 miles per hour. the monroe county sheriff's office searching for a man who beat and raped a man in tavernier. she has a broken nose,
8:57 am
head, neck and back. she was not able to provide much of a descption of that attacker. caught on camera ur burglars breaking into an amscott financial and getting aby with a safe. a reward of up t t $25,000 is currently being offered for any information tha may lead to an arrest. stay with us right here throughout the morng, local 10. we'll bring you the very latest as you need to know it right here. "live with kelly &
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next. >> it's "live with kelly & michael." today from the "divergent" series, "allegiant," shailene woodley. and star of the series "shameless," william h. macy. plus pga champion jordan spieth, challenges the co-hosts to a round of miniature golf, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] and now here are emmy award winners kelly rip a and michael
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[alause] kelly: hi. hi. kelly: march 14, 2016, hey, happy pi day, everybody. it's all albert einstein's birthday. how about that? i wonder if they planned it around albert einstein's birthday. just a coincidence? wow. 3.14, that's right. 3.14159.


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