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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  March 16, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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welcome to hollywood. a suburb of f s angeles. los angeles, part of lifornia. california, part of the united states of america. which according to the annual world happiness report is the 13thappiest country in the world. we might have just dropped to 17th, i don't know. you know what the happiest country in the world is? denmark. [ cheers and applause ] danish people are the happy. of course they're happy, they have a pastry named after them. the top ten weredenmark, switzerland, iceland, norway, finland, canada, the netherlands, new zealand, australia, sweden. basically all the countries represented in the "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. of course the numbers are subject to change when president trump takes office and makes us great again. [ laughter ] donald trump is pretty darn happy right now, i'll bet. i feel so bad for his wife. i was thinking about this. could you imagine getting into
11:36 pm
and energized donald trump? poor melania. trump won four of the five primaries last night. assumimg she wins mississippi hillary clinton went five for five in the primaries. disaointing for bernie sanders which was a surprise, he was polling well among everyone's most annoying facebook friends. the bad news for the leaders of both parties, both clinton and trump have a very high unfavorability rating. hillary is % unfavorable, trump clocks in at an extraordinary 63% unfavorable. which i think le jared from subway has higher than that. this election is going to be the political equivalent of having lunch at panda express -- nobody wins. an exciting night for the donald followed by an early morning phone call about foreign pololy to the gang at "morning joe."
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policy issues percolating around the world who are you consulting with so you'r ready on day one? >> i'm speaking with myself, number one. because i have a very good brain. and i've said a lotf things. i know what i'm doing and i listen to a lot of people. i talk to a lot of people. and at the appropriate time i'll tell you hot people are. i speak to a lot of the people. my primary consultant is myself. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: why do i get the idea when it comes time to pick a himself for that? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: "i'll be president and vap." the b win for trump was in marco rubio's home state of florida. rubio won one county in his home state, miami. that was thanks to a last-minute endorsement from the sound machine. [ drumroll ] >> jimmy: thank you. it was disappointing -- it should have been on congas by the way.
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rubio. a man who really, he fueled h campaign with all the fire and spontaneity of vicki the robot from "small wonder." [ drumroll ] >> jimmy: thank you. afte the announcement, rubio dropped out of the race. he went back to washington and locked his office door to make sure no supreme court nominees get in. so food luckgood luck to him. trump crushed him in florida, itt wasn't even close. i lived in florida in 1991, 1992. andd'm sure this was a big deal there but i wonder what else was going on in t sunshine state right now besides the primary election? >> thanks for being with us. randall here. well over the four foot that's allowed in this permit. that's the problem that you're facing. that's why you're asking for this special permission. >> yes, that and he's sun sensitive and he can't be outside. and also he'sery attached to me, as you see. and i believe if wee have to break apart, it's going to hurt
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>> you continue think he'll survive in the wild, why? >> because he's weaker than the other gators and they can sense that. and they'd eat him. >> how do you live with this gator? >> i live with this gator like you would your child. he knows where he can go, where he can't go. he knows what he can do, what he can't do. even though he ate my butterfinger awhililago. >> jimmy: not the candy butterfinger. he ate her finger, covered in butter. florida, you nailed it again. trump, cruz, and kasich e the last many standing. with victory in ohio many believe john kasich is the republicans' best shot at toppling donald trump. this ad makes a compelling argument for why he should be the nominee. >> john kasich, the only republican with real world experience in both foreign and domestic policy.
11:40 pm
and most of all the only candidate who is not one of the other candidates. john kasich is not this wacko-bird. >> always twirling for freedom! >> and he's definitely not this [ bleep ] nightmare. >> donald trump, donald trump! >> john kasich is not any the other candidates at all. that's a promise. john kasich. he's not any of the other guys. paid for by amerecans for what's his name. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: meanwhile, our future president, kanye west, has a new creative mission. kanye tweeted this to the owner of the l.a. clippers the other way. steve bol herallmerballmer, can i redesign the clippers' mascot? you can see why kanye wants to redesign it. i don't know what it has to do with anything.
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redesign it. if)he designs mascots the way he names albums we'llee three or four new mascots every week. or may instead of letting kanye redesign the mascot they could make kanye himself the clippers mascot. could you imagine? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: never mind the t-shirt cannon, that's how you get people fired up. president obama is trying to get the supreme court -- trying to get a supreme court justice through congress. today he announced his nominee, judge merrick garland, chief judge of the u.s. court of appeals in washington, d.c. i feel like i know this guy from somewhere. wasn't he a judge in a movie or something?g? he's so familiar.
11:42 pm
i wonr what his position on "toon town" is. obviously republicans in congress are unhappy about this, they're accusing the president of deliberately trying to embarrass them by nominating someone who's totally qualified for the job. before today most people had never heard of meric garland. most merges can nameudges from "america's got talent" than on the supreme urt. wewe decided to have fun with that on the supreme court edition of "lie witness news." >> hi, what's your name and where are you from? >> olga from long beach. >> this morning president obama announced his nominee for supreme court justice, how do you think "whitey" bulger will do as a supupme court justice? >> i hope he can make it, i hope. i know that the republicans are going to attack him. i've seen that this morning. >> do you think whitey's criminal past will have an effect onnis ability to get confirmed by the senate or it will be okay? >> it will be okay. we all do wrong. >> this morning president obama
11:43 pm
justice nominie straight out of how do you think he'll do? >> i think he'll do great. he has the most accomplishments of any of the supreme court 18 years. so i think he has the bones to do the job. >> do o u think sammy haguear is a good choice for supreme court justice? i think a lot things he wants to change and everything, i think he will be a gd candidate for the role. >> what about his saying nobody can drive 55? do you think that will be a a minute drans? >> depending on the person. some thing people are for or against, depends on who is actually for or against in this society. i don't have a problem with it. >> what did you think whenn you heard president obama nominated l. robob hubbard to the supreme court? are you excited? >> i thought it was a good choice. he more republic and i identify myself as a republic -- as a republican.
11:44 pm
>> do you think that replacing swearing on the bible with an e-meter in the supreme court is a good idea to read people before they testify? >> i would say yes, i do, just so that it's a thing as a national -- not everyone swears on the bible and believes in that. so it's just more of a thing to keep it. >> president obama nominated terry and lannister,r, do you think he'll bring peace to all seven kingdoms o be a divisive figure? >> i think he's going to be a divisive figure. because we can't -- nowadays we have so much kingdoms, we'll say. and everybody's pulling for this this kingdom, that kingdom. i don't want to call it religion religion.. i think that it's going to be -- we're going to see how it runs. we can't make a judgment. >> even though he formed alliance with kalisee, the mother dragon?
11:45 pm
about this. >> are you looking forward to sieglereeing terry and lannister from "throne" on the supreme court? >> i would love that. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we have to takak a break. when we come back something very special for you tonight. aa report from our old pal celebrity super fan jake byrd to went to florida to be part of the trump celebration. this is jake at a trump rally in new hampshire. >> if you're going to get hurt and if you're going t drive like a mainian, do it tomorrow after you vote. and i promise i will come and visit you in the hospital. i promise. >> you promise? i'll go wreck my car right now, i'll run into a brick wall if he comes to visit me. >> jimmy: when we come back, jake byrd takes hishow on the road to florida, you don't want
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>> jimmy: hi, there, welcome back. harry connick jr., 2 chainz and lil wayne all on the way. i mentioned donald trump on the florida primary, he's got resorts, golf clubs, hotels in florida. ere's no bigger fan than jake byrd who got on a bus and went to florida to file this special report. >> hey, everybody, jake byrd, i'm in florida! the trump-shine state, to go to a rally to punch protesters in
11:51 pm
it was what canceled? >> postponed. >> you know a good place to eat and punch propesters around here? we'll stump for trump on the beach! bingo! bingo! >> i don't really like the ideas of democrats. trump seems to be the best rereblican candidate out there. >> we don't support him because he's polically correct or actually correct. we support him because he's got a giant ding dong. >> i think he's very extreme, very opinionated, i think he also is a bit ignorant. >> exactly. i agree with that, he's awesome on all those levels. is hillary clinton a terrorist? two is in hillary clinton, two is in isis, you do the math. oh, i can't do the mh, i went to trump university. four of the happiest days of my life. >> i'm not saying he's a smart guy, i'm not saying he's a dumb guy, he' just a little bit too much --
11:52 pm
guy, thank u. >> he's a little bit too much -- >> everybody keeps talking about why his hands look small. his hands loo small holding on to his giant pants puppy. that's his ding come. >> i know what it is. is -- >> he knows -- >> that's his trump tower. >> i know. >> i like sanders because he -- >> sanders! feel the bern! come on. i tell you what, we're not feeling the bern and we're not going to get sunburned because we're going to get sun block. let's not be in the pocket of big spf, come on i get it free at the salad bar at the gas station, it's ranch. >> i don't want youranch dressing. >> opportunity to see more about sanders, go to bernie.commy. okay? he's a communist. >> i ain't voting for donald trump or hillary clinton. >> you're not voting for trump? >> no. >> listen, everyone likes to say trump is a racist. trump would never be in the ku
11:53 pm
first off they don't use 1,000-count sheets and donald ain't having that. tomorrow we head for the polls. hostel for not being youth. good night! hey, jake byrd at palm beach, begin! come on! >> he doesn't waver and that's something that i like about him. >> yes. >> can i get one of these? we have a present for you. >> thank you. >> you'll like it. put your hand out. it's a trump steak. >> oh. great. thank you, i love raw meat in my& hand. >> yeah. you're going to have to cook that all the way through. it's been in a bag since m- what's today? >> he's more concerned with the issues than with the show of it all. >> exactly. trump is way more concerned with the issues than a whole big show. everyone keeps calling him a fair businessman.
11:54 pm
of business. look at that -- >> what are you butting in for? they were talking to me, not >> i was supporting what you were saying about donald trump being a great businessman -- >> that's not what i was saying and step out of the way. >> what are you saying? >> i said i voted for kasich. >> oh, i didn't know. >> well, step out wf the way. >> well, how am i going to find out? i didn't know. i was going to read you donald's top five boner statements -- >> don't step in here when we're doing something. >> i didn't -- how was i supposed to know? >> do you see those guys? in trump's gatherings that got sucker-punched? >> protesters? >> you're about to get seccer-punched you [ bleep ]. >> you know what john macic may have a good night in ohio -- >> please welcome the next president of the united states, mr. donald j. trump! >> the j. is for johnny.
11:55 pm
that's the guy! i can't see anything i i these things. >> my numbers went up. i don't understand it. nobody understands it. >> he's a grower, not a shower. >> going to make our country great again and we need the rich in order to make the great, i'm sorry. >> yeah, the rich! the rich! give yourselves a hand! come on! >> inside the donald j. trump ballroom, you see donond trump at the program, supporters -- >> shh! shh! >> lies, deceit, viciousness, disgusting reporters, horrible -- >> ha ha ha! >> we're going to win, win, win and we're not stopping. we're going to have great victories for our country. thank you very much, everybody.
11:56 pm
bring on the steaks! dtf!f! donald trump forever! dtf, donald trump forever! dtf, donald trump rever! there you have it. donald trump's going to be president. immigrants, you're on the clock. >> as for the speech it was supposed to be press conference. asou said -- >> i'm the king of america! the king of america, ha ha ha! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, jake. oh, look at that. >> donald trump steaks! >> jimmy: oh, that's -- classy. tonight on the show, 2 chainz and lil wayne, erin andrews, and be right back with harry connick junior! [ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tonight, from "dancing with the stars" and the nfl on fox, erin andrews is here. en we go all the way texas where south by southwest is in full swing. this album is called "collegrove."
12:02 am
samsung austin stage. tomorrow night, superman himself, henry cavill will be here, gabourey sidibe will be with us, and we'll have music especially for st. patrick's day from flogging molly. our first guest tonight is listed between ed begley and sasmy davis in the top secret celebrity juniors phone book. he's a three time grammy award winner and judge on the farewell season of "american idol," please welcome harry connick jr. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank youery much. >> jimmy: is that true? >> that's true. [ cheers and applause ] >> jim: you're very muscular. i think i forget that about you until i feel your body. >> i feel pumped up.
12:03 am
because i had to run out on stage. i stole inadvertently one of 2 chainz's chains. >> jimmy: he has one chain now? >> one chain. i have the chain. that's probably why i feel pumped up. it's crazy back there? 2 chainz has tattoos on his face, you'll probably get killed for that. >> yeah, they mean something. >> jimmy: each tattoo means something, yes. >> i think so. i lot a tattoo of my face done on my face. so when i walk down the street people will say, you look like harry connick jr. i'm like, i know. >> jimmy: that can't be true. >> it's not true at all. i was going to do the 2 chainz joke and i realized, he's not even here. and i did it anyway. >> jimmy: that was probably smart. >> you've got to commit. >> jimmy: you're from new orleans. >> i am. >> jimmy: i think everybody knows that. is st. patrick's day a big deal in new orleans? >> it is. new orleans has festivals for festivals. they probably have fest fests.
12:04 am
thing? >> ty celebrate everything. st. patrick's day is no exception. they'll have a parade that goes through a section of the cit calls the irish channel. in new orleans they throw things. beads and blooms and all that. i'm not kidding you, they throw cabbage. they throw carrots and potatoes and stuff. you know, they're raw, not cooked. >> oh, okay. >> but you take them home and ok your st. patrick's day meal. >> jimmy: is that right? >> no, it's ue. if you're in the parade you walk down the street with a cane with a styrofoam encasement and all of these green and white flowers. and the thing is you hand the flower to someone. and if you give them a flower they give you a kiss. >> jimmy: really? >> that's what they do. no, it's not an aww thing. it's a bunch of drunk irish people. it's more of a eww thing. >> sounds like a festive way to gett cold sore. >> yeah, that's true.
12:05 am
the cold sores are green and white, it's amazing. >> you are being honored by your alma mater there, you're getting a doctorate? >> well, it's not really my alma ter. because i went -- this is loyola university in new orleans. they calle to ask me -- such a great honor -- if i would give the commencement address this year. they don't know how stupid i really am. and i'm so thrilled that they're taking the chance on me. i went there for a semester. i started out with 18 hours. and after about two weeks, i was about -- i had about three hours. >> jimmy: will you mention that in your economiesment address? >> i can't lie. they're going to say, if they look me up, they'll know. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. that i wasn't a very good student. >> jimmy: you might want to grab those tips and readd them before the principal does. >> i cou hack in, wow, he's got a ph.d. >> jimmy: will you insist upon being referred to as dr. harry connick jr.? >> yes. >> jimmy: i don't blame you. >> of course. >> jimmy: the stationery, the whole thing.
12:06 am
my sister is a doctor twice. intern its, she's a lieutenant colonel in the army, an internist and a psychiatrist. now i'm as smart as she is. [ laughter ] you should have seen h face when i told her they were giving me an honorary ctorate. she looked at me like -- >> jimmy: my brother-in-lawid the same thing. he's an actual doctor. i got one at my alma mater that i barely went to for one year. unlv. he really seemed to be genuinely disturbed by it. >> i don't think she liked it. she's like, are you kidding me? i went to school for 15 tricking years and you walts in there. >> jimmy: let's hear you sing. >> that's right. >> jimmy: growing up in new orleles, for me growing up in las vegas, people always ask abt it ar if there are no children in the town. is it like a weird thingto see -- talking to some dentists here, to see your dentist drunk in the street, your parents'
12:07 am
>> it's a little different. you know, because people -- again in new orleans, people love to have a good time. and there's -- when you think about what mardi gras, for example, really is, it'sshe celebration that happens a day before ash wednesday, which is the start of 40 days of lent. so tuesday night, which is the craziest night of all, people are going nuts until midnight. and at midnight, if you're on the street, you're going to jail. because that's ash wednesday. so it's like, wait. the sam people who are on bourbon street having the greatest time of their life will be in church on wednesday morning. >> jimmy: but it's crazy. because we're in the middle of lent right now. and tomorrow night on st. patrick's day everybody's going to be like. arrgh! >> right, you have to choose wisely what you want to give up for lent. >> jimmy: yeah. >> you know? >> jimmy: in this case it's nothing, rerely. >> it's absolutely nothing. >> jimmy: we're going to take a break. we'll talk about the final season of "american idol." you have a daytime television show. >> i do.
12:08 am
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>> jimmy: hi, everyone.
12:14 am
wayne, harry connick jr. is with us. how long have you been a judge on "american idol"? >> this is my third season. >> jimmy: were you disappointed when you found out president obama did not csider nominating you for the supreme court? >> i wasn't his first choice, jimmy. but he did consider me for the supreme court. >> jimmy: maybe down the line? >> yeah, somebody's going to get to me down the line. >> jimmy: how many singers are left on "american idol"? >> six. >> jimmy: six left in the whole show? >> that's it. they start with thousands. now it's gun to six. >> jimmy: are they good? >> yes. >> jimmymyor are we -- the show is ending us because there are no more talented singers in america? >> funny you say that. when jennifer lopez and keith urban and i go to these towns you think to yourself, how many more talented people can there be? it's extraordinary. there's so much talent. these six are incredible, great? we'll take your word for it. this daytime talk show, that goes on the air in september. >> september 12th it launches on
12:15 am
over the country? what is the name of the show? >> it's called "harry" oddly enough. >> jimmy: exclamation point at the end? >> no, we don't need to connote any excitement, okay? we toyed with different nanas. ? what were the other names? >> duane." >> jimmy: that wouldn't make sense. >> didn't make sense. my original birth name in spanish, thatidn't work. >> jimmy: unless you're doing it in a different country. sounds a little bit like moie. will you give paternity tests on the show? will that be an element of the program? >> depending on the ratings. if that's where we have to go. absolutely, i might even throw myself into the mix as a potential father. [ cheers and applause ] we'll do anything we have to do. >> jimmy: you'll impregnate your guests? >> i'm not saying.
12:16 am
>> it will be a question mark after. "harry?" >> jimmy: "daddy?" >> yeah. >> jimmy: will it be a celebrity-driven thing? >> it won't be celebrity driven but we'll he celebrities on. there's going to be music. we'r going to have my band -- by the way your band sounds amazing. >> jimmy: you'll be your own band rnlt all my guys doing man on the street stuff. it's going to be very spontaneous spontaneous. very, very excited about it. >> jimmy: i think you're going to do great. it comes september 12th. harry and "american idol," the 8:00. harry connick jr., everybody. be rigig back weather rin anith e en andrews! [ cheers and applause ] am. red head fred. ultra rare. i collect these too. nah, these are for my dog because he can never decide which one he wants until he gets home, ... american express presents the blue cash everyday card with no annual fee. cash back on purchases. my only concern is that this is where we put food.
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>> jimmy: still to come, music from 2 chainz and lil wayne. on sundays, our next guest watches muscular men knock each other dodo covering the nfl for fox. on mondays, she presides over the paso doble, she's the co-host of "dancing with the starar" the new season starts monday night, please welcome erin andrews.
12:22 am
>> what do you have right there? >> jimmy: this is an album. okay. >> jimmy: i'll send it home with yoy. >> i can't wait. >> jimmy: do you have a turntable still? >> no. >> jimmy: maybe this isn't the best place to ask you. but may i have a million dollars? >> i don't have any money. >> jimmy: you don't have any money? >> i have not signed a new contract. oh, but my fox contract is up. >> jimmy: that's not what i was talking about. by the way, i'mo happy you won that case. [ cheers and applause ] i know you can't discuss a lot of the details because of appeals and whatnot. >> yeah. >> jimmymy i want to tell you i am very happy that you won. >> thank you. yeah, this is kind of my come out of hide. thank you. why would i not want to be here? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: why would you not want to be here? >> sorry, no. i just -- i want to thank everybody. there are so many people that actually reached out. all over the world, really. >> jimmy: it is nice that
12:23 am
you get to see the nice part of the internet. >> yeah, is there a nice part? no, that -- you're so right. >> jimmy: there is a nice part, yeah. >> mean tweets, they were -- they're just a dime a dozen. they were fabulous, i tell you. there are so many nice people. >> jimmy: there's always more nice stuff than bad stuff. >> where is it? >> jimmy: we tend to focus- don't worry, it's coming it's probably in the mail, thank you. >> jimmy: you're welcome. now not only did you have this win in court but another great development in your life, you get to work with geraldo on@ "dancing with the stars." i mean, when you were a little girl did you imagine -- >> >> a little girl, okay, i have gossip. today i showed up for the first time to "dancing with the stars," the set, all thesese people have been practicing getting ready for our premiere on monday. and i was like, okay, i need the gossip. what's going on? i think they want a little geraldo goss sip. i didn't know about this until i
12:24 am
this mystery -- mysterious vault of al capo? >> jimmy: of course. >> i guess he used the punch line, they open it up,t's a live two-hour event, i guess the ratings were off the charts and there was a stop sign inside? ? nothing in there, yeah. >> i'm not supposed to share this but everybody can keep a secret. there will be a vault. the season premiere for geraldo. >> jimmy: is that right? wow, we're going deep. >> we are. >> jimmy: you don't even know about the al capone vault thing? that makes me feel old, i have tosay. >> that was 1986. that shouldn't make you feel old because i'm 100. i didn't know that was the biggest thing for him. >> jimmy: they shoved geraldo into the vault and lock him into the for the rest of the sean and reveal at the enthe season whether he's alive or not. @ want to ask you, i don't know if you're aware of this, but i gamble on "dancing with the stars" every year. >> did you bet on me?
12:25 am
>> jimmy: i did bet on you. >> it was against the pussycat doll. >> jimmy: nicole, she was angry at he for complaining she was a ringer but she was. >> she'd been performing since she was 14 years old. it would take her literally 15 minutes to learn four routines. she would walk into our rehearsaltudio and i had max. she's like, oh, i just cut down four routes. i was like, i got done learning four steps in four hours. >> jimmy: in a way you owe me $1,000. >> sure, yeah no! >> jimmy: i bet $1,000 on you and lost. now you're going to hp me get that back okay. >> jimmy: let's go through it. >> i know two people that everyone thinks is going to make the finale. >> jimmy: one by one. jody sweeten from "fuller house." >> what do you need me to tell you? >> jimmy: she's in my top three. how's her dancing? >> i haven't seen anybody yet. i just know the goss sip.
12:26 am
>> i know what people are saying. this is what i hope. keo hasn't made it past the first round -- >> jimmy: no one knows who keo is. >> i love him. >> jimmy: nobody knows who the hell he is. >> top three, i don't know. >> jimmy: okay. nobody really knows who t he celebrities are, never mind the ncers. >> stop! ? all right. >> i know miesha barton. >> jimmy: we know her from "oc." i don't think she's going to win. ginger zee from "gma." i think she's too bets with "gma." i think she's doing it halfway. she's really there to report on it. >> no, she'll be fine. she has valling he's the hot els -- >> jimmy: fine is not enough. she's too busy to p pctice at the level i need for my bet. >> athlete who can take coaching. she may be good. who's she with? >>immy: mark ballas. >> i'd put a star by that.
12:27 am
"facts of life." real housewives don't traditionally do well on the show. donald trump's ex-wife marla maples, no. >> oh, come on, i'm excited. >> jimmy: america's next top model winner nile demarco? i don't know who that -- >> he's deaf. >> jimmy: a guy. he's deaf? how's he going to hear the music?c? >> that's why this is going to be so interesting. >> jimmy: i might have to pick him, i don't know. that's going to be crazy. geraldo, we talked about him. >> what do you think? >> jimmy: he's going in the safe. i mean, listen, he's physically fit. i'm sure he's pretty good. >> is he? >> jimmy: oh, yeah, geraldo, yes. >> all right. >> jimmy: wait till you get a load of him. here's another pick of mine. my top three. wanye from boyz ii men, i think you're right. >> jimmy: charming guy, a big guy. >> yes. >> jimmy: most people like seeing that kind of big guy dancing. he might lose a lot of weighgh during the dance which people
12:28 am
>> and, i mean,opefully the rest of the boys in the house. nick carter, we had nick carter last season who made it to the finale, some thought maybe he should have won. >> jimmy: if the boyz ii men are there to support him, he's a potential nner. von miller, super bowl mvp. >> first super bowl mvp we've had on the show. >> jimmy: pittsburgh steelersp antonio brown, doug flutie, three nfl players. doug flautty, he doesn't have a hail mary's chance. >> and he plays in the cfl, come on. >> jimmy: he might get eliminated week one. >> i telephone think one of these two, von miller or antonio own or both could be in the finale. >> jimmy: i'm not going to make my officiaia pick until monday. i hear you. >> so you're allowed to watch the show and then choose? >> jimmy: i am allowededo watch the show, everyone is. >> i think that's bs. i don't think that shoulbe allowed. like the tournament -- >> jimmy: no, i place the b
12:29 am
>> why are you waiqing till monday? >> jimmy: to place the bet? m going to announce to it the audience monday. but it's going to be antonio brown. >> really? >> jimmy: it won't be much of an announcement. but i will announce and we'll play along, right? erin andrews. thank you so much for being here. "dancing with the stars" premieres monday at 8:00 on abc. be right back with 2 chainz and lil wayne! >> dicky: tonight's music from
12:30 am
12:31 am
brought to you by samsung. >> dicky: tonight's music fromm austin south by southwest brought to you by samsung. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank harry connick jr, erin andrews and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. "nightline" is next but first, this is the album, it's called "collegrgve" from the galaxy
12:32 am
with the song "gotta lotta." 2 chainz and lil wayne! get that vibe we got a lotta note sing it brah ba-da-ba-da-beee ba-b-ba-da-bope yeah ba-ba-da-bope i said we gotta lotta we gotta lotta we got that's a lotta yeah that's that loud i hope we gotta lotta we gotta lotta i said we gotta lotta yea we gotta lotta we got there's a lotta yeah that's that lotta i said we gogoa lotta and i done seen so many cowards croak it's like watching
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i mean plelee don't you cowards know we will leave your bloody body on your mama's porch lord born in the projects papa was a rolling stone selling rock crack yeah i grew up in my day making juugs on a phone with no contacts i'm drinking activas only know hi-tech hold on think i'm getting too high tech yeah i think sh getting a contact now she needs some and she know who to contact ba-da-ba-da-beee ba-ba-da-bope yeah ba-ba-da-bope i said we gotta lotta we gotta lotta we got that's a lotta yeaeathat's that loud i hope we gotta lotta we gotta lotta ba-ba-da-bope yo tunes pass the steel or bash the steel my passion real i'm fashion ill
12:34 am
mass appeal my passion's real i had the deal you dig pies and cakes out of state lies is fake god don't make mistakes got the girl smelling like codeine syrup got the bands on me like a otball field i'm ill i deserve a threesome for my birthday if she pretty it's magic city on the first date cup of lean and toast yeah i'm'posed to boast goody mo the quote not many coming close trying to what i never beforere dream what i never dreamed before oke up and my rolls sky high i ride by i drive by then hop out ba-da-ba-da-be ba-ba-da-bope yeah ba-ba-da-bope i said we gotta lotta we gotta lotta we got that's a lot of yeah that's that
12:35 am
ba-ba-da-bope ba-ba-da-bope ba-ba-da-bope i say we we we we gotta lotta we gotta lotta ba-ba-da-bope we gottaotta we gotta lotta
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this is "nightline." >> tonighgh emergency rescues from air ambulances. they may have saved your life. but leave you with sky-high bills. with an industry free to set any price, some patients facing hefty debts, even lawsuits, after they've recovered. >> why don't you put the price here? >> our brian ross investigates. >> i can get back with you on that. >> you don't know the answer? >> no, i don't. plus "batman versus superman." why are the good guys going after each other? behind the scenes as ben affleck and henry cavill face off as the two most iconic superheroes of all-time. but first the "nightline" 5. >> get your penny's worth with new suits and kids' dressup. up to half off colorful dresses and tres shoes for him and her. get $10 off a $25 purchase with coupon. that's getting your penny's worth.
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