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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 17, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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called air legend this morning. and good morning, america. you really enjoyed your time with the prince, didn't you? >> i certainly did. was there last week, spent time with him at his childhood home which is also his current home kensgton palace but why he's so passionate about the invictus games coming up. where are our manners. top of the morning to you. happy st. patrick's day and a great crowd with us decked out in green getting in the spirit. >> wow, they are not kidding around. factoid americans are expected to spent $4.4 billion to celebrate. >> is that all in beer or -- >> that's a lot of green beer. >> exactly. >> corned beef, too. >> true. that is all coming up. we begin with the race for the white house and donald trump focusing on hillary clinton. she's fighting back and abc's cecilia vega is here with the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning tooyou. with hillary clinton and donald trump inching closer to those
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sound like a general election fight and the gloves are off. overnight, donald trump targeting the democrats, one in particular. >> the last person hillary clinn wants to face is me. and i mean i know that for a fact. >> reporter: trump releasing this video focusing on hillary clinton, mocking her as a weak leader in foreign affaiai showing her barking like a dog. clinton hitting right back in a fund-raising e-mail sent to supporters overnight calling trump a f frmonger saying he would be a dangerous president. we can't risk it. this on the heels of trump refusing to participate in what was supposed to be the next gop debate next week in utah. that prompted ohio governor john kasich to bail too, fox news saying obviously there needs to be more than one participant so the salt lake city debate can canceled. >> he could have had a direct debate with me and yet donald apparently is ducking. he is afraid of bei@ng challenged.
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one-on-one battle, the worst donald trump does. >> reporter: well, trump says, quote, we've had enough debates. he says he's going to give a major s sech that day instead. hillary clinton not backing down either in that fund-raising e-mail she said after tuesday's big win, she's sure he is starting measuring the drapes in the white house hopin to take him on and hoping to raise cash f a potential donald trump nomination. >> thanks very much. all right, george, now to the other huge political showdown. president obama naming his choice for the supreme court nominating 63-year-old appeals judge merrick garland but action. abc's terry moran is at the supreme court for us right now. good morning, terry good morning good rning. the stakes couldn't be higher politically. this is the showdown of the year in washington. it'll spill in the presidential campaign and h he at the court they are he shorthanded right now and the fight to replace justice scalia could tip the balance of theourt for decades.
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the@ president versus the senate republicans. >> i have fulfill my constitutional duty. now it's time for the senate to do theirs. >> it's the senate's constitutional right to act as a check on a president and withhold its consent. >> reporter: late yesterday a few cracks in the gop wall. some senators say they will meet with judge garland but others as abc's mary bruce lrned are adamant. >> any chance of changing your mind? >> none. >> are you any more open to -- >> reporter: merrick garland is 63 years old, one of the oldest nominees ever. a highly regarded judge for 18 years and before that a top federal prosecutor. garland was there in oklahoma city in 1995 as seen here in a new white house video leading the prosecution of timothy mcveigh, a death penalty case. >> i have this deep feeling about the rule of law. >> reporter: meanwhile, the white house launched a massive pr effort led by this video with
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>> and my fatatr would be very proud. >> reporter: judges aren't supped to campaign for the supreme court. it's bad form so merrickckarland will have to walk a fine line but make no mistake, president obam and the democrats are going to pull out all the stops, put as much pressure on republicans to get him throroh. >> let's talk to jon karl about it and, jon, let's talk about the senenate republicans first. mitch mcconnell hard line not even going to meet witit merrick garland but as terry reported some republican senators will meet with him. does that indicate a sign that this could actually go to a hearing? >> i don't think so, george. you do have about ten republican senators who now say they're willing to at lea have a face-to-face meeting with judge garland but they are doingthat, they've made explicit, most of them, as a courtesy and inincated there is no chance that they would change their mind on this. the repubcans i have spoken to and i've spoken to several republican senator, say that garland would alter the balance of the supreme court.
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agree to even a hearing before the election. >> one of the big questions now, how much of a campaign issue this becomes both in the presidential election, also in these key senate elections. >> reporter: the white house is doing an all-out campaign. you'll sigh a war room here to try to put pressure on republicans that are up for -election facing tough races and there are several of them, george. they want to either at least pressure them to give garland a hearing or to make them pay a price for denying him. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. >> interesting days and weeks ahead. now to the latest on that american student behind bars in north korea after attempting to steal a political poster. the 21-year-old breaking down in court after a judge sentenced him to 15 years of hard labor. abc's bob woodruff is followong the story and joins us from beijing, good morning, bob. >> reporter: well, good morning, robin. yes, this was a brutal sentence, 15 years in prison just for removing a propaganda poster from a hotel and almost any other country, this would be no more than a minor misdemeanor.
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fate is unclear. this morning, 21-year-old otto warmbier is behind bars in north korea sentenced to 15 years in a north korean prison with hard labor. a visibly shaken warmbier paraded before cameras speaking at h h trial wednesday which only lasted one hour. >> i would used and manipulated. please please. please save my life. >> reporter: warmbier was found guilty of what the government calls subversion, part of the u.s. hostile policy towards north korea. in court they showed this video accusing warmbier of trying to steal a political banner from an area off-limits to foreigners. at the hotel where he was staying with with a tour group. two weeks ago warmbier tearfully spoke at a government arranged press conference. >> i have made the worst mistake of my life. >> reporter: his family
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governor bill richardson, the veteran diplomat, meeting face-to-face with north korean diplomats tuesday. >> he did a college prank, a mistake. but 15 yea to be sentenced, that's crazy. hopefully now after this sentencing it'll mean negotiations can start on his release on humanitarian grounds. >> reporter: now those kinds of negotiations have borked in the past. about a dozen american tourists have been arrrrted there since 2009. all of them eventually released. robin, george. >> yes, hopefully that will ppen. face. >> we move on to the big breaking news about seaworld. the marine pk is partnering with the humane society to end their killer whale shows saying their orcas are the lasthey'll keep in captivity. we have t story from ryan. >> a dramatic shift breaking this morning.
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orca breeding and shows. swimming in criticism for the last several years following the death of one of their whale trainers and the release of the documentary "blackfish." >> when you look into their eyes you know somebody is home. >> reporter: but this morning, seaworld's ceo announcing a change in the tides saying all of its signature orca shows will be coming to an end. >> current orcas under our care will be the last generation at seaworld and phase o out our theatrical shows. we're ending breeding as of today. >> reporter: and now working with an unlikely ally, the humane society. previously one of seaworld's loudest critics. >> this is something that every animal advocate in the nation can celebrate asrogress. >> reporter: last year the 51-year-old company announcing it was shutting down their one ocean show in san diego. now other similar actct will
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orlando where trainer dawn brancheau was killed in 2010 by the popular orca tilikum. you think they were the natural result of what happened in 2010? >> it's a lot of things that have happened. that was a very horrific moment for our company. dawn's death is something none of us will ever get over. >> reporter: the 29 killer whales in seaworlds will remain in captivity for their own safety. >> the best place for them is at seaworld. no whale born under human care has been released successfully. >> it's impossible to unring that bell. >> reporter: acknowledging "black "blackfish" did have an effect.. >> society has changed and i think we have to change with it. >> reporter: but they'reoping this is the first step in a long partnership to help the whales. >> it's not perfect. we do have disagreements, but don't want the perfect to be the enemy of the good. >> we lone them. we're trying to do the right
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>> reporter: now, seaworld will now develop, quote, more natural orca encounters using technology to show how whales live and adding cons conservation messaging and they're hoping to become the largest rescue operation in the world. >> what a significant change. >> the needed to change with the times, they said. >> ryan, thanks very much. another change coming up. a major safety announcement. leading carmakers are saying automatic brake s stems will become standard features in nearly all cars within the next several years. they added -- the added technology could potentially prevent thousands of crashes and save lives and david kerley is in virginia with the latest good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we're at a ford d dlership and like all new car lots only 1 in 20 of these cars have that technology today blue we learned the governmenttill announce later today that within six years, nearly eve one of the brand-new cars will have that
7:11 am
one-third of all crasheses is one of these, a rear ender. this morning the government will announce it hopes to cut those accidents dramatically with new technology. it's called auto braking. >> all right, i'm going to play the distracted driving. something we tried on a test track. so i'm getting really close to this obstacle and it just takes over everythinin ateast carmakers have committed to make auto breakers standard equipment on all cars in six years. in fact, some are already advertising their systems. >> auto emergency braking with pedestrian detection. >> reporter: the insurance institute says that auto braking on all vehicles could cut rear end collisions by 40% and front end crashes by 23%. this morning, carmakers will agree that by 2022 they'll make auto braking standard on car and midsize suvs and on large suvs
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the head of auto safety for the government says it could be a game changer. >> 94% of the time humans are the problem. that's why technology is so exciting. it could save their life and the people around them. >> reporter: the government and carmakers agreeing to is, a deal avoids the federal rule-making process. this could add cost to the car you buy six years down the road and beyond but, george and robin, think about it. this is another one of those systems being added to cars that's getting us a step closer to those autonomous drdrers. >> i knew that's -- >> people will forget how to drive. >> thanks very much. going to move on to amy with the other big headlines. we cannot forget about the crisis in fint, michigan. >> and michigan's governor is testifying before congress today about the water crisis there in flint. according to prepad remarks governor rick snyder will claim that a state agency mislsl him about lead levels in the water and that he didn't learn about the contamination until 18 months after the city switcd water supplies. the head of the epa is also
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leaders for the crisis. authorities n paris say they have foiled an imminent terror attack after arresting three men and a woman. the suspects had been under surveillance because of their alleged links to extremists. a rifle and computer equipment were seized. well, the washington, d.c. subway is back open after a 29-hour shutdown for emergeney safety inspections which uncovered dozens of frayed or damaged power cables including three that officials say posed a major fire risk. well, new video shows an explosion at this medical marijuana dispensary in new mexico. two workers struggled to escape. the dispensary has been fined $13,000 for safety viations. well, this morning music fans are mourning the sudden death of frank&sinatra jr. his family says sinatra died of a heart attack while on tour in florida. as a teen sinatra followed his father's footsteps into the
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musical director and conductor. he was just 72. and finally the owner of a german shepherd named luna had given up hope and presumed his beloved dog was lost at sea after falling overboard during a fishing trip off california back in february. he spent days looking for luna but no luck and then the unthinkable. workers at the navy base on san clemente island off san diego saw a dog on the side of the road wagging her tail and guess what, it was luna! in remarkably good shape considering her ordeal. apparently she is a very strong swimmer. that dog paddle works every time. >> it really does. wow. thank you, amy. >> and that island, beautiful to visit. so hopefully she had a good final and i'm glad she's okay. >> glad to have you back. >> thank you very much, robin. happy to be here and g gd morning to you. we do have news on a newly released video of a dramatic prison break. two inmates escaping clinging to a rope as they hang hovering from a helicopter trying to fly
7:15 am
davis has the story. >> reporter: while it resembles a slapstick comedy routine this is an actual prison break. watch as these two inmates struggle to freedom via a rope and helicopter hijacked by armed men posing as tourists. a brazen made for the movies escape. not quite as expertly as executed as in this scene in "the matrix." >> got you. >> reporter: the real life events in this video of a 2013 quebec prison break play out more like a comedy of errors, watch as one inmate almost makes it to the top, even gets a hand from a partner in crime only to fall. about a minute later, the chopper tries to take off, but fails. all the while unarmed guards are recording the spectacle prevented by prison policy from intervening in an escape where guns may be involved. after more failed attempts to get onto the roof and nearly six
7:16 am
this time with the inmates in tow. >> highly unlikely you would ever have an external aerial escape in the united states because we have so many safeguards against it. >> reporter: incredibly almost 15 months after this incident with no additional security measures implemented it happened again. this time three inmates used a helicopter to break out of another prison near quebec city. those fugitives were caught two weeks later. as for these two, their freedom was short-lived. after just a few hours they were captured. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> thank you. >> why are we not surprised? >> cannot make this stuff up. >> over to ginger. new york, look at that. >> one world trade being struck by lightning. the storms that rolled through the northeast all part of that same system that did this in minnesota along i-35, near minneapolis, ooh, you see it slam into the median. we we're hoping they're okay but
7:17 am
stationary front that this morning is bringing severe weather to ft. worth, texas. large hail and area goes through central louisiana. southern mississippi today.
7:18 am
by the sunny cities. so much of the country has been so beautiful. starting to see the buds come out on the trees but look at is big cooldown, boston from 61 to 40 as we celebrate st. patrick's day in the 60s today. we'll fall into the 40s and overnight low in the 20s in the northeast by the early part of next week. spring starts, going to feel a little more like winter. you're welcome. >> thank you, ginger. thank you. coming up here on "gma" the woman at the center of the hulk hogan sex tape speaking out in court. what she says the former wrestler knew about the secret recording. and march madness heating up. check out this mini basketball star. oh. buzzer beater after buzzer beater. wait till you see what he does on "gma." >> adorable. the baseball star with a
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>> morning south florida whoop he continue to follow that breaking news we told you about out o opalaca. police say they are looking for four men who took off a crash and a shooting. this all happening in area of northwest 1 35th street and 22nd avenue. officers say those men crashed with an another driver that driver is in a trauma ceceer. a police say they took off and hood another crash before taking off again. >> all right. traffic alert in opalaca. right off northwest 22nd avenue.
7:25 am
video that's all right i can know you where that affect traffic i have 155th street take 27thed avenue instead. also some road debris slowing you know done on i-75 northbound appear. an earlier crash not jet cleared. expressway eastbound on approach to a speed ten miles per hour. >> constance. patch fog. low lying clouds in inland parts of broward and miami-dade. coast sunless clouds temperatures already in low 70s. miami 75 degrees to 69 in fort lauderdale. definitely feeling the conditions out there this is going to help heat us up we're expecting a lot of sun sheen. break through clouds later half of morning is a int high upper 80s warm feeling like spring. slight chance of a shower inland parts broward and miami-dade. sea breeze will develop later today. developing this morning a man when his fiance injured a collar slammed through a front of pizza place northeast 62nd east of i-95.
7:26 am
out of hospital investigators working to find out why that driver lost control. weweill continue to work that scene as well at scene in oh palo can for you. hope you have a nice st.ed
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"gma." this morning, adam laroche is leaving the team and $13 million behind after a request the team made about his son. we have that coming up. >> talking all morning about that. also, thehe race for the white house heating up. donald trump a hillary clinton taking aim at each other and donald trump refusing to participate in a debate next week with other republicans which has now been canceled. this morning everyone watching to see what happens with their march madness brackets. an estimated 51 million fans will fill them out and the field of 64 starts squaring off today. >> you hit it on the head. bracket day. how many of you right now are being productive? a lot are filling out those brackets as we speak. speaking of march madness, this kid with these mad skills. he says steph curry who? he can shoot from anywhere on the court. we have that coming up and lara is outside because of st. patrick's y. over to you, lara.
7:30 am
spencer but today we're all a little irish and 125 million other americans will celebrate along with me. this st. patrick's day and someone will walk away with a pot of gold or something like it. get up here, you rascal. that's coming up on "good morning america." back to you guys. >> all right, lara. looking good, thanks. first though in this half hour a new turn in hulk hogan's $100 million legal fight with the website gawker. heather cole, the woman seen having sex with the wrestler in the tape tearing up during her taped deposition testimony. dan abrams and nan grace are standing by to weigh in in just a moment but first abc's linzie janis is in st. petersburg, florida, with the latest. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the defense playing over an hour's testimony from cole and in it a bombshell. hulk hogan wasn'n' the only one her husband recorded. in a taped deposition, heather cole testifying she and hulk hogan whose real name is terry
7:31 am
being filmed by her husband at the time, radio shock jock bubba clem. >> to the best of your knowlge mr. bollea had no idea that there was a camera in the room at theime of the sexual encounter, is that correct? >> yes. >> reporter: cole saying she slept with hogan at the request clem. >> you eventually had sexual relations with mr. bollea? >> yes. >> do you recall the number of encounters that you had with him? >> to the best of my knowledge i think three times that i remember. >> reporter: weeks later clem revealing he'd recorded one of their encounters. i do remember being very upset she said but she said they had an open relationship admitting he'd done it before. >> were any of your sexual encounters with other men recorded during the time that you were married to bubba? >> yes. >> reporter: also wednesday the judge refusing to allow gawker
7:32 am
the jury saying he had a credibility problem and citing his plan to plead the fifth. instead, allowing the site's lawyers to read out their questions for clem for the court record. >> mr. clem's meeting with the fbi, including to confirm whether he told the fbi that he, ms. cole and plaintiff all knew plaintiff's sexual encounter with ms. cole was being recorded. >> reporter: a reference to a 2012 fbi investigation related to the tape. sealed by the judge. >> it's white noise. the whole purpose is to distract from why we're here. we're here to recover damages for what they did to mr. bollea. >> reporter: and a dramatic moment when an appeal court ordered the judge to unseal a host of documents connected to this case including possibly that fbi report. we do expect closing arguments to begin today. george. >> okay, linzie, thanks. let's talk about it with d abrams and nancy grace. nancy, what did you make of
7:33 am
pretty emotional but did seem to contradict hulk hogan in places. >> i can tell you this. i think she came across as sympathetic and kept going back to she was being embarrassed it was released and hurt by certain things that hulk hogan said in later interviews, even though she seems sympathetic and seemed genuine, it kind of defies logic that if she knew her husband was recording other sexual trysts with other men, what made hulk different? why didn't she know about that? that is a problem for me >> pretty good point. >> yeah, except the key to me in her testimony is how does it relate to hulk hogan, right? becausehis is a case largely about damages. and she's saying, no, it's not true as hulk hogan claims that i was trying to pressure him into having sex, in fact, i was the one being pressured by my husband to do it. if this jury believes that hulk
7:34 am
happened, i think that could impact damages because i've said again and again if this jury doesn't like gawker it could -- >> how about the decision of her ex-husband bubba to take the fifth? >> well, that's a critical loss for gawker. for gawker, gawker wants to be able to show, has been wanting to show that hulk hogan knew he was being recorded, because that would be critical when it comes to invasion of privacy if he knows he's being recorded it's different than being recorded without your knowledge. bubba took the video and said on the radio at one point that hulk did know that he was being recorded then he said he didn't know. by him not testifying, gawker doesn't get to cross-examine him, doesn't get to address that question. >> agree with that, nancy? >> well, i do. in a sense but when somebody takes the fifth amendment you can't force them up on the stand.
7:35 am
the love sponge clem that if he testifies he could open himself up to incriminating himself and possible criminal charges, so he's not going to take the stand and i'll tell you this, every trial lawyer knows this, sometimes both sides, they want the person on the stand but that person is so volatile nobody will touch him with a ten-foot pole because you don't know what they're going to do on cross-examination and another thing that dan abrams just said, i agree with, and i've said from the get-go, they have to believe hulk hogan because if they decide they don't like hulk or they don't believe him his entire case is right down the toilet. everythingng >> gawker wanted him to literally get up there and invoke his fifth amendment self-incrimination in front of the jury. the judge said she wouldn't force him to. >> dan abrams and nancy grace, thanks very much. coming up -- >> not going to happen. the big baseball bombshell, the player walking away from the white sox and millions of dollars because of his son.
7:36 am
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and we're back now with that big announcement stunning the baseball world. white sox star adam laroche walking away from the team and millions after management requested his -- that he bring his son around less. t.j. holmes is here with the details. good morning. >> hey there, lara. he was set to make ove a million dollars in month in average salary this season but says it's n n worth it if he can't be with his son. this has sparked a debate about children in the clubhouse but workplace with many siding with the team saying their requist was ream. >> there's a deep try and it is out of here. >> reporter: this morning adam laroche shocking the sports world. >> chicago white sox first baseman adam laroche surprised his team -- >> reporter: and walking away from $13 million. all because the white sox team
7:41 am
bringing his 14-year-old son drake to team practices and their clubhouse. at least not every day. the white sox vice president saying all i'm asking y y to do with regards to bringing your kid to the ballpark is dial it back. i don't think he should be here 100% of the time and he has been here 100% every day in the clubhouse. laroche announced his retirement on twitter saying thank you lord for the game of b beball and for giving me way more than i ever deserved. #familyfirst. >> he's obviously a man of great conviction so i don't think we're going to necessarily see a change of heart from him. >> reporter: the 36-year-old has played 12 seasons for seven different teams and his son has been with him practically all the time. >> he's been teaching me some things. >> reporter: drakeven had a locker right next to his dad's in thehite sox's clubhouse but do kids in the workplace distract you from keeping your eye on the ball. >> every day is too much. i don't care if you're a dad and work at a bank or a newsroom or
7:42 am
where it is, every day is too much. it's a workplace. to the a day care. >> it's not about the kid's behavior but just talking to strahan, it's tradition in sports. these guys bring their kids to the locker oms. >> but every day. >> you saw he had a locker and the guys have to change their behavior in that workplace if a kid is there. >> because it's like willbon, bringing him every single day. >> they say he might have a change of heart. maybe this was an impulse thing, he got upset and signed the papers to retire. the white sox haven't handed them in yet. >> i hope it works out. >> all right, coming up, everybody, erin andrews is speaking out for the first time since that huge court victory. what she has to say about it now. and next, lightning strikes twice. meet the 8-year-old who sunk two, two incredible buzzer beaters next. cathy's gotten used to the smell of lingering garbage in her kitchen
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all right, w welcome back to "gma." we have our own mini march madness going on about an 8-year-old who is scoring big. check him out. amazing.
7:47 am
seconds sinking not one but two half-court shots in the same game the kid is a star and our nick watt went out on a one-on-one with the second grade superstar. >> reporter: jack ffery is in second grade, 8 years old and he is 4'6" tall. now, watch this. championship final, jack's beloved blue devils down by three. six seconds left. jack from way downtown. do you always think it's going to go ? >> yeah. >> defense! [ cheers ] >> reporter: a half-court buzzer beater, grown men are dancing. and now we're deep in overtime. score is tied. jack again from the half-court, just one second left. >> my friend jimmy, his dad didn't think i would do it. >> reporter: eat that, jimmy's dad. nothing but net and the blue devils win.
7:48 am
place erupted. it was amazing. >> reporter: his dad's home movie collection and today's practice confirm, it was no fluke. >> you know, you have to hold your form. more like it. >> i didn't even -- >> i know. >> what do you want to be when you grow up. >> i want to be an nba player. >> reporter: jumping jack jeffery for the clutch. forr "good morning america," abc news, nick watt. >> he's been playing since he was 4 and we can see nic needs a few more lessons. wasn't quite as smooth. great story. >> not one but two. >> with pressure, one second left. >> he said the right thing. he said when i shoot i believe it's going in. >> that is all -- >> believe in yourself. >> you know that to be an athlete, you got to believ >> i believe in this. prince harry, we have his interview coming up revealing a
7:49 am
and his mission to celebrate an honor, wounded warriors. >> some of these guys should be dead and never before have we had so many ampmpees survive. i'm lucky enough to watch someone who should be dead run the 100 meters.
7:50 am
7:51 am
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back here on "gma" a little lucky st. patrick's day special for you. look at that picture. you see the leprechaun right there -- yeah, that's called the wedge at newport beach, california. they have fun out there and
7:54 am
than 40 inches of [ cheers and applause ] we continue to follow breaking news for you. this is out of oh oh palo can.
7:55 am
for four men who took off after a crash in shooting all happened in 435th street right a 22nd avenue. it officers say men got in crash with another driver. that driver is now in jackson memorial hospital. rider trauma center. and a took of an out crash before taking off again con stains here now because this is impacting parts of morning commute. an anyone who lives here is facing issues. 22nd avenue northbound southbound still completely shut down this morning. right at 135th street. and a, police perimeter earlier this morning instead take 27th avenue. another crash to get to palmetto expressway southbound on approach to miller drive. those speeds at 27 miles per hour. also i-95 southbound heading into downtown miami, just past airport expressway and approach to dolphin expressway. pretty slow there. those speeds at 23 miles per hour. here's a live look from at eye. you can see cars are moving though. just a little slow. happy to tell you we go see bright skies out there this morning.
7:56 am
upper 60s right now fort lauderdale, 72 degrees miami. 75 key west. look at how beautiful it is in the beach. i think beach is calling us all on the st. patrick's day stay hydrated it will be very warm humid day with winds very light and humidity on increase. going to feel much warm tore skin as we get into afternoon currently 72. high of 87. cuba preparing for a president obama's visit. first family will arrive in havana on sunday. first visit by u.s. president since calvin coolitge. president will meet castro while he is there our live coverage starts on friday. we will bring you all details throughout that trip. and an investigation currently under way right now into why a pilot was forced to make an emergency landing in the everglades, not far from a brush fire. that jet landed east of u.s. 27. north of i-75, about two milil from the fire. two people on board were not hurt. we'll keep working stories very latest on news in oh palo can right here. "good morning america" takes
7:57 am
7:58 am
happy st. patrick's day
7:59 am
it's 8:00 a.m. and new overnight erin andrews speaks out for the first time inhe verdict in her high-profile court case. >> this is kind off my come out of hiding. >> parenting alert. scary new numbers on how many kidsre breaking into those pill bottles in your home. more a more children sent to er. what happened when we put kids to the test? dr. besser here live. we have an exclusive for you this morning, a rare and revealing interview with prince harry. one-on-one talking about the mo important mission of his life. >> you want a definition of inspiration. that's probay it. >> candid, passionate, personal. only on ma." "andal," mastermind shonda rhimes dropping a bombshell right here. what the queen of tv is revealing about olivia, fitz and jake. all that and great "deals & steals" on this st. paddy's day
8:00 am
happy st. patrick's day, times square. a little irish song, a little irish dance. >> someone in our audience will get to step into our shamrock shower. that just sounds wrong. >> it does. >> a they'll be able to get real cash. whose lucky number will the pot of gold pick? that's coming . lassies and lads. i can't do the accent. >> i won't even try. check this out, remember wpen marty mcfly strapped on these sneakers in "back to the future 2"? now, a lot of ideas from that movie have come to fruiuion. check this out, self-lacing nikes are here. look at the laces.
8:01 am
>> they tighten up on their own. t.j. holmes is over there modeling a pair. >> looks good. >> look at you, t.j. >> i don't know how to do it. >> are they comfortable when they lace themselves up? >> they a aually are. to give our viewers, has a couple buttons and you literally just hit the button and it tightens up on you and do it with both these shoes. i'm not seeing you one thing but can set to as soon as you put it on it laces up. >> you're too important to tie your own laces. >> that's how lazy we've become. >> then you charge the shoe every three week. >> you have to charge the shoe. >> so they operate. >> is yours stuck? >> that's really cool. >> the hyperactive 1.0 is t name of it and they'll be hot. >> they need to make it in size 14, okay. that's what i need. >> i'll take 9. >> all right. put your order in, america. >> i think i broke it. >> i think you did. >> also this morning, we've been
8:02 am
robin's one-on-one with prince harry, a lot more of that. >> truly on a royal mission to help veteran, war veterans all around the war. remember, he served ten years in the army and he has a connection like nother with these service people so that is coming up. >> let's go to amy with the morning rundown. >> good morning. the big story, hillary clinton and donald trump on the attack as they look ahead to the general election. trump has released a video calling clinton weak on foreign affairs and showing her barking like a dog at a campaign event in response, clinton sent out a fund-raising e-mail calling trump a fearmonger who would be a dangerous president and the gop debate for monday has been canceled after trump and kasich said they uld not attend. new fallout from the violence at that trump rally whe a man punched a protester. five sheriff's deputies are being disciplined for not stepping in. three have been demoted. president obama's supreme court nominee merrick garland
8:03 am
meet with senate democrats but republicans are holding firm refusing to hold a hearing for any nominee until after the presidential election. they oppose garland because they say he would tip the current balance of the court. well, a major announcement from seaworld. it is ending its killer whale breeding program after years off controversy over keeping orcas in captivity. the company which is partnererg with the humane society says it will now develop more natural orca encounters. well, for the first time erin andrews is now speaking publicly about her legal victory. she was awarded 5$55 million after suing her stalker and the hotel in nashville where naked videos of her were recorded. on "jimmy kimmel" she thanked her fans for their support. >> by the way i'm so happy you won that case. i really am. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> i know you can't discuss a lot of the detls because of appeals and whatnot but i just want to tell you i amery happy. >> well, thank you and, yeah, this is kind of my come out of
8:04 am
not want to be here? but thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> why would you not want to be here? >> no, i just -- i want to thank everybody. there were so many people that actually reached out and all er the world really and -- so supportive. >> nice in something horrible like that you get too see the nice part of the internet. >> is there a nice part? no, that you're so right because you don't -- i mean mean tweet, they were just a dime a zen. they were fabulous. let me tell you but there are so many nice people. stuff than bad stuff. >> and as you just heardppeals case. well, overseas a mystery from and sent egypt is closer to being solved. experts announcing radar scans of king tult's burial chamber have revealed two hidden rooms that could contain human remains. one prominent researcher
8:05 am
resting place of queen nene fryfefritit. yelp had its 100 millionth review. it would be like reading the harry potter 923 times just a fun factoid there. and video to make you laugh on this thursday. a magician went to the zoo and showed off his tricks to a baboon. check out the baboon's reaction. no. yeah, and the baboon was utterly amazed when the card disappears and reappeared. the video from our friends "america's funniest home videos" already been viewed 5 million times. >> he's like no way. >> in your nd. >> or i'm going to eat that card. >> tell me how you did it. >> goodness gracious, amy. what you got there, mike journal. >> all right, i'm over here with the morning menu. "gma morning menu" and that big headline about kids breaking into pill bottles at home. dr. besser is here live to talk about that. what i've been waiting for all week robin'ss exclusive,
8:06 am
candid and passionate interview this morning. and lara goes one-on-one with shonda rhimes and getting thth "scandal" scoop. plus, we're celebrating st. patrick's day hehe. we've got a great irish band and we got some irish step dancers, all that comingp in "gma" in times square. yes. we know designer when we see it. like the designer smile. it's bolder, brighter and our blogs are buzzing about it. it's the nemust-have look. the designer smile by colgate. new optic white high impact white toothpaste. with a professionally recoended whitening ingredient... ...for four shades visibly whiter teeth. and...a buzz-worthy smile! get your designer smile from new colgate optic white
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8:11 am
>> if you want to do it all morning, you should. >> i said i'd only do it if you did it. >> you both are good. >> you're such a -- if stick around it. you might see it. first this parent ago letter about kids accidentally overdosing and an exclusive look at a startling new report from safe kids worldwide that reveals how many end up in emergency rooms every day after getting their hands on prescription pills and abc's chief medical editor dr. richard besser has the numbers. >> reporter: accidental med medicine overdoses send 160 kids to the emergency room every day. in 2013, almost 60,000 young children were seen in hospitals all from vitamins, pain releaves or prescription drugs that kids left it in reach. where are they getting them, dropopd on the ground, pill organizer, purse or diaper bag, even on countertops. >> they will find medicine in all kinds of places and found that % or one out of four kids
8:12 am
medicine in a pillbox. >> reportet: pillboxes and organizers are not built to keep kids out. i recently sat down with some toddlers and it took this 3-year-old nine seconds to pop it open. you got that one open. >> i was surprised he could open this one. i didn't really think about it. >> reporter: as we found, even child resistant packaging doesn't always work. >> get one open, kai. this 4-year-old opened up a child resistant bottle with just a little tinkering. >> how didid this become such a pop big problem? >> we're taking a lot more medications and the number of prescription drugs that are being filled as skyrocketed. so has the number of over-the-counter medications and a lot of people don't think sbout it but can be as dangerous as prescription drugs but the ture of our families has
8:13 am
families tha have a grandparent there has downed and grandparents are the number one source of these -- >> all that makes sense. what steps can parents take to prevent this abuse? >> it's all about prevention. want to keep the drugs out of sight and out of reach. so in a high cupboard a good way to go. a lockbox is better and request childproof packaging o o child resistant packageing. >> that might not be good enough. >> i is designed so no more than one in ten childrenn get in there. if they make it harder than that, the elderly can't open it. you want to make sure you don't take them when children are around. they like to mimic what we do and you can do everything right but if your visitors don't you'll be in trouble so remind visitors what to do. >> if you find out your childrenh did get into the pills. >> you want to make sure you have that poison control number around. you want it on your refrigerator so that, you kow, caretakers, others can get to that too and call them, they'll give you advice. that's a good way to go and make sure you have the product
8:14 am
know information about what to do. >> thanks very much. over to robin. all right, george, i have been looking forward to sharing this with everyone. our exclusive interview with prince harry who islso known as captain wales taking on an important mission supporting wounded veterans through their recovery and is a driving force behind the invictus gam where hundreds of veterans around the world compete and show the true meaning of courage and now prince harry is showing a side of himself rarely seen. >> how is the training go? >> it's going well. >> nice. >> no one wants sympathy. all they want is an opportunity to prove themselves. >> take your spot. >> that's what this is all about. >> work on picking the racer. >> ten years in the army was the
8:15 am
>> reporter: prince harry's barr back on the front lines of the war on terror. >> i felt as though i was really achieving someing. i felt as though i was part of a team. all i wanted to do was to prove to other people that i had a certain set of skills, let's say flying an apache helicopter, frist,ather than just being prince harry, all it's done over those ten years is given me this amazing amount of knowledge and experience where i am now perfectly positioned to be their voice and champion their cause. >> one, two, three. >> to the uk. >> reporter: when he saw wounded veterans in action at the u.s. hosteded warrior games in 2013, prince harry was insnsred even more. leading him to create the invictus games in london in 2014. >> four, three -- [ cheers ] >> reporter: and now prince harry will hosos the nxt games
8:16 am
>> whoo! >> reporter: for prince harry, it was a significant moment after his first deployment that changed his course. >> prince harry is back in britain tonight quickck thdrawn from the front lines of afghanistan after a secret army d dloyment was revealed. >> i did everything i could to get out of there. literally being plucked out of my team and there was an element of me thinking i'm an officer, i'm leaving my soldiers and it's not my own decision. i was broken and suddenly i find myself on a plane and when i'm sitting there i look through the curtain in the front and tre's three of our lads wrapped up in plastic missing limb, one of the guys catching a test tube of shrapnel removed from his head in a coma clutching this thing and i suddenly thought to myself people don't get to see this. i never -- those ten weeks, i never saw the injury part. only heard about it.
8:17 am
is likeke these people are role models and they need to be celebrated more among society. some of these guys should be dead. never before have we had so many amputees survive from such unbelievably traumatic injuries. i'm now lucky enough to watch someone who should be dead run the 100 meters. you want a definition of inspiration, that's probably it. invictus is so strong. it's about heroic activity. >> reporter: it's not just the physical injuries that concern prince harry. recognizingghe mental illnesses that plague veterans is crucial to the recovery process. the invisible injury, i know that's something that's very important to you that people are aware of. it's a massive issue. the stigma surround it is a massive issue. want to re-emphasize the point, it's not a tking time bomb. psychological illnesses can be fixed if sorted out early
8:18 am
the forefront of people's mind and the simplest thing is talking about it. >> reporter: his personal investment is obvious as seen here with mike goody, a former aircraftman who served in the royal air force. injured when his patrol was hit by an ied he lost his left leg and suffered posttraumatic stress and took five medals in swimming in the 2014 games. what does it mean to have prince harry encouraging you all every step of the way? >> in all honesty prince harry has been a legend literally he was everywhere. we couldn't get rid of him if we tried literally boosting everyone, encouraging, drumming up support and when someone is doing thatt's difficult not to get behind it and i think that's why, you know, as the invictus games came up it exploded into what it's become and growing ever since. >> i understand you have a bit
8:19 am
would you mindharing what that says? >> i miss my friend with an arrow. >> that's the humor. >> more training. come on. >> reporter: and it's with that infectious enthusiasm and spirit that the prince continues to support the wounded warriors around the globe. it is for now the most important mission of his life. >> i'm not asking it become boring that we constantly go on about our veterans but anybody who serves our country put their lives on the line and can bring themselves back frommen ainjury like that deserves everything from every single one of us. >> and the invictus games orlando 2016 will feature over 500 competitors from 15 nations competing in ten events, all the athletic competitions will take plple at the walt disney wide world of sports complex in orlando. >> he seemed so driven by this. >> he truly is, guys. he really is and the connection
8:20 am
competitors, it wasn't a photo-op. he spends time with them. >> you see his mother in him in every way whe you watch that. >> we'll talk more about that tomorrow, amy. it's so@ genuine, especially how he is with children as we've seen all around the world. but he is someone that we've watched him grow up. we've watched him grow up. >> he has grown up. >> he really is and the invictus is from a british poem. it means unconquerable and gave me this little pin "i am" whichch is part of what their motivation is and the young man who had the tattoo said i miss my friend and the arrow and the humor that they have and he said, you know, like kids will com up and say, what -- a conversation. the parents pull them away a he's like to the parents, no, it's okay and that's what they want,o be able to be seen in the games and they are fit and they're ready to go. >> they are. >> i can't wait. >> tomorrow we talk about his mother. we talk about his dad. we talk mr. his grandmdmother and,
8:21 am
unclee harry, as well. so that is tomorrow? psyched to see it. >> yeah >> outside to beginer. >> what an inspiring story. thank you, robin. an inspiring little girl. sofia, look at her sign, even thou though i broke my leg i'm still here to see you and the green braces, too. we love it. should we get right to the forecast? down just north of where you're from, some heavy rain is coming. she's from tampa. look where that will fall in the next couple of days and tracking that storm that could become a coastal storm and bring the potential for snow late sunday into monday along the east coast so we'll keep an eye on that one, all rit? >> okay.
8:22 am
>> she's >> it's caroline's first time in new york city so let's celebrate some st. paddy's day and get back in to george, robin, lara and amy. >> thank you so much. i got to -- listen to this music. >> listen. the world's going to know your name what's your name man >> alexander hamilton. this is from the broady hit "hamilton" and fans rejoice, all right, i haven't figured out a secret way to get you those brood tickets in that lottery, but i do want to put my ten cents in rather ten bucks on this next story. member the story floating around that the u.s. treasury was looking to replace alexander hamilton's face with another u.s. history maker on the $10 bill. lin-manuel miranda visited washington, d.c. recently to freestyle with the president a little bit.
8:23 am
two cents on the $10 face change idea and his hit brood blockbuster may have just sealed the deal. not official yet, but lin-manuel miranda shared with fans on twitter that the secretary of the treasury has just told him, quote, you're going to be very happy. >> oh. >> sounds like the $10 founding father lives on! [ applause ] >> you never thought about that. that very well could be part of the reasonwhy. >> it has started a conversation about american history with young kids, with us. it has made history cool and i think we should celebrate the $10 founding father. so thank you, lin-manuel miranda. also you say tomato, i say tomato but it seems scientists say green energy. researchers at the south dakota school of technology have found the fruit can be a source of energy that could one day b used to power homes keeping residents warm and cold from the
8:24 am
>> oh. >> to ma toes. tpey have developed a micro gel battery that uses the spoiled and damaged fruit to general an electric current and apparently the waste from florida alone couldd power disney world for three months. researchers believe they will be ab to upscale their projects so that one day their resources can catch rup to the demand. >> tomato sauce at lara's house. >> going to be like radioactive. all right, finally i'm working on a lot of experiments in there, george. this is just a quickie here. video proof that laughter is contagious for everybody.
8:25 am
>> no. that's an arctic fox. >> that's a laugh? or a hyena. >> that's pretty great. >> i love it. the whole studio laughing. hopefully you are too. that is "poponews" on this thursday. >> excellent, lara. thanks very much. "deals & steals" are coming up, 58% off on jewelry.
8:26 am
>> we are still following breaking news out of opa locka. one man has been caught, three are still on the run from police the group allegedly shot at a drive after a crash. >> the drive was taken to the spital. the man who shot him took off, getting away. this is impacting opa locka. >> that's right, 22nd avenue, closures northbound and southbound, 135th street. if you normally travel this spot you are not going to be able to get by. take 27th avenue instead. crash i-95 southboznd, approach to the airport expressway. speeds are pretty slow, 30 miles per hour. a second crash still on the i this morning, affecting southbound at 103rd, 17 miles per hour. >> yikes don't take i-95 southbound, head to the beach and enjoy. lots of sunshine, the warm, humid.
8:27 am
the luck of the irish keeping up mostly dry through the day, warming us, highs u pper 80's, 7 above where we should be this time of year. slight chance of showers, sea breeze could develop. moisture today inland broward and miami-dade. have a great day. >> engaged couple hurt when a car slammed into a pizza restaurant, northeast 62nd in oakland park overnight. a man suffered cuts and serious bruises to his chest. she needed 12 staples in her arm. investigatots are working to
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back togma." if you haven't noticed, it's st. paick's day and we are celebrating all morning long. a great band and some very talented dancers. look at them go. >> michael was too afraid to get into a jig-off. strahan, i h he you. they are pretty great. now about to find out who will get a chance toto win a little gold. let's see who the lucky audienc member is. >> who will get in the shamrock shower? let's find out and the number is 5. [ cheers and applause ] oh. she's very happy. >> yay! >> with that hat, with that hat. >> all right. are you excited about this? >> are you ready? are you ready to grab some cash. >> go for it, girl. >> all right. >> let's coming up in just a bit. we have a special announcement to make. presidential candidate hillary
8:30 am
appearance on abc's "jimmy kimmel live" next thursday, march 24th. you won't want to miss it and the shamrock shower coming up. first inside to michael. thank you, guys. i'm here now with the one and only tory johnson and she's got bling and a lot of fun things in this morning's "deals & steals" big bargains up to 58% off. i don't know how you do it but let's get started. >> and a whole lot of fun. from triple c, a areat company, it is not fun when you were out and about and your phone, tablet, computer dies, so these are chargers, batteries to be able to have with you at all time, keep one in your bag. there's also a really cool wallet that has a built-in battery, so it's so sleek. if you are in the market for a wallet and a charger, this one is for you.u. big deal, big savings from triple c and a huge assortment you'll find online. everything is slashed in half to 25 to 40 buck. >> can't beat that.
8:31 am
company called david aubrey and comes in this gorgeous box just like this. it's a charm necklace, 32-inch chain, really nice electric, your initial. u choose your initial and then there's all kind of fun what were, ather, crystals, key, like lots of fun stuff. it's a fun thing and what i love is the packaging it comes in so it's just ready to gift. normally these retail for $48, they're slashed by 58%. 20 bucks. 20 bucks. 20 buck. >> give me some on that. >> you'll like this. i love it. called soy delicious. started by two teachers in miami which i love that story so not only is the packaging gorgeous but look, you take little of the soy just like this, ready, other side, this side. >> i had this at home. >> i love it. >> rub it in, doesn't it feel so good. everybody is like you'll burn, no, it doesn't. >> i am soft and supple right now. >> therereou are. so you can be soft and supple like strahan. >> it smells so good.
8:32 am
100% soy, gorgeous packaging, phenomenal deal. normally these candles retail for $39 slashed by 51%. $19. >> $19. >> gorgeous. >> i needdo get more for the house. >> a designer in philadelphia, she created these beautiful earrings all hand beaded. gorgeous crystals. lara gave me a thumbu up she likes these and she has gorgeous taste in jewelry. simple, beautiful earrings that can take you from desk to dinner and do it all. a phenomenal price, normally $42, 21 bucks for your choice. >> what do we have here. >> crazy f fm. >> yep. >> do you remember crazy foam. you get four --oh, my gosh. >> i'm going crazy. >> so come crazy on. four in a pack. two different sets to be able to choose from. this makes bath time like really fun. >> mine circles are neater.
8:33 am
normally $25 slashed in half, $12.50. >> fun for $12.50. you can't bea it. >> four of them. four of them. i love it. >> every time you c ce -- you amaze me and continue to amaze me. we want to thank all these companies for providing these great deals and get the codes and links at on yahoo! thank you, tory. >> absolutely. >> now, let's go to lara lara. >> thank you, michael. today is not only st. paddy's day, it's thursday which means that is right a b by night for one shonda rhimes. in between three prime time hits and another one on the way, the most powererl woman in tv found time to sit down and share a lil little scandalous secrets and secrets to her success. >> what are you doing here. >> reporter: tgit, shondaland thursday and you know what that means. >> he deserves to know you. please call him. >> reporter: three uninterrupted hours inside the genius that is
8:34 am
on tuesday night just before i tookhe stage to moderate a talk with the entire "scandal" cast at paleyfest in l.a., i caught up with her to talk about her incredible television track record. in a landscape where shows are killed left and rht what is the secret? >> i have no idea. truly, i feel really lucky people are wahing. it's very exciting to me and every single time it happen, i breathe sigh of relief. >> how long can it go on? >> well, "grey's" is going to go on forever but "scandal" has an end date in my mind. >> what is it? i'm not going to tell you. >> please, because i'll need a lot of therapy. >> maybe one day -- i'll tell you early but not now. do you see how the show will end. >> yes. >> does olivia end u with one of those two men. >> i'm not going to tell you that. >> the twists and turns keeping locked away in her mind. even the actors don't know what's going to happen next. the table reads are saidd to be legendary. >> they're so much fun.
8:35 am
the first time they've read it. for everyone it's a surprise and watching, first of all, the actors throw themselves into it like this is the performance of their live, the level of screaming and, you know, acting and people cryry when things get emotional, it really feels true in those moments. >> i i you're paying attention, "scandal" is gearing up for eleltion season and you can expect some unintentional parallels to real life. how much is the election playing a role in your writing? >> what's interesting is that it wasn't at all and then it started catching up with our writing which got a little scary because w whad all kinds of crazy things planned and i keep walkingn the room going, we can't do that. >> because it's real. >> and people will think we're stealing from actually life and now life has surpassed anything we could come up with. >> i make television a great deal of television. >> reporter: just last month shonda rhimes revealed a rare side in a candid ted talk. >> overworked, overused,
8:36 am
>> reporter:pening up about losing her creed of rush, called three daughters. >> a moment you start to feel like is this it and might come from the idede that you know what you're doing soo well, like i'd become very used to my job and used to what i was doing and very comfortable and maybe too comfortable. and after a while it didn't feel like i was discovering anything new nymore. i wasn't finding anything creative in anything. the idea of find a new place to find joy was really important. >> you just wrote a book called "the year of yes." are you still saying yes. >> i am saying yes to saying some ns now because i said so many yeses that after a while i was like, i'm tired. i need to lay down. i'm trying to live a life where i'm more adventurous and trying a littte bit harder. >> and, robin, you nailed me. i was trying to get a part in the show. >> we love the hair and the earrings. >> so inspirational. >> i didn't know about the ted talk. >> the t t talk is worth a
8:37 am
>> i'm going to do that. >> what she says is success doesn't equal happiness and you must find it. it's that hum she talks about. she's fantastic. her books "the year of yes," saying yes, being open to things and a brand-new episode of "scandal." i got to see it already b bause of that. >> ooh. >> did you? >> oh, my goodness. yeah, t there's a lot. tonight, 9:00, 8:00 central on abc. shonda would kill me if i told you anything else so, ginger, tell us the weather? she won't kill you for telling this, but yououight kill me. ireland, indiana, who knew. there is one, 62 degrees today with sunshine but here's the cold blast, the windchills, this morning in the 30s in the northern plains, l ook where it move, d.c. even dropping into the feeling like 3 >> a cooldown of our own early next week. today warm and humid for your saint patrick's day forecast. highs upper 8s. we are seeing mid and high level clouds.
8:38 am
sea breeze shower can't be ruled out today. rain chances increase this week >> all that weather brought to you by colgate andow very exciting. an exclusive first look at "the legend of tarzan." samuel l. jackson and christoph waltz and we have that first look right now. >> we'll never survive. today i buried my wife. now i fear for m child. [ baby crying ] >> many moons thought to be a ghost in the trees. they speak of his power over the
8:39 am
no man ever started with less. >> looks so good and you know what also looks good, money, honey. ready? we have fashion fixesnd then this woman is going to get into the emerald shower. >> shamrock shower. >> oh, sorry. money. it's money. >> money is green. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> going to be very excited. "gma" right back. >> get in there. tgit on "gma" is brought to
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8:43 am
this is if you're in a hurry and let's say we'll start with jewelry and, you know, you want your bling to kind off shine and you have a little shortcut. start with gold. >> gold is very easy to clean. all you need to do is actually -- you can see this side, half is tarnished. half is not. take a very soft cloth, dip it in the beer. >> in beer. >> then you just rub it on so actually beer as ammonia in it but it's diluted enough it won't damage your fine jewelry. >> lite beer. >> it has to be lite beer because it's the ammonia that gives it the caramel color. >> how about silver? >> so, silver as you can see tarnishes more easily so you need something that's more acidicic so ketchup is great and emerge it for five or ten minutes and the ketchup, the acids in tomato and vinegar will lift off tarnish. >> what if your color is a link wonky and traveling for business. >> this is fantastic for anyone
8:44 am
it literally takes two minute. make sure your iron is clean, no hairspray. put this setting on low to medium. >> this is a flat iron. for your hair. >> yes, you hold it on the collar. >> a multi-tasker. >> and move it slowly down. this can actually work for any part of your shirt if you have a little bit of a wrinkle then you don't need to worry about the ironing board. >> never thought about that. saves time. >> simple trick. >> shortcut. >> right. >> amy, i've done this recently. but it does help so if you are -- you know, last minute you realize, oh, my sh, my pants are starting to not fit. there's a little trick. >> i actually did this through both of my two pregnancies and made it all the way through without buying maternity jeans. >> wow, i did not. >> the trick is you just take the elastic, you loop it through
8:45 am
the button. and that -- >> i have to tell you -- my jeans this morning when i put them on, i still had the rubber band on and then i got to take it off. it was a brilliant moment. >> an extra two inches. >> what do you do about the zipper there. there's a little situation there. >> you w wr a long shirt. >> okay. >> i got you. >> okay, and so lete show that so you can get an idea. rmal pants you can do this for too. >> normal pants. what you want to do is take -- if you have a hook and eye, take the pin, open it up and putut it through -- >> oh, we're going to do it right re. >> show it right here. so you take the hook and eye and take this through there, right and take the elastic, hook it through there -- >> so without a button is the fix and another pin and go through the other side. when you really get huge because
8:46 am
>> for the last five weeks or so. >> all really easy tips? we appreciate that very much. what are we doing out here? clive owen is inside with amy and he's coming up live here. no, he's right therer
8:47 am
8:48 am
[ cheers and applause ] look who i stumbledd into here in times square. back now with clive owen. he is starringgn the new movie "the confirmation" about a father andon weekend that turns into quite an adventure and starts with a search for some of his stolen tools. take a look. >> you might know who would steal tools. >> was it a cop? >> no. a thief. >> a good guy now. >> better than most. >> better than most thieves or better than most guys? >> thieves.
8:49 am
he found jesus. >> well, if he found jesus, maybe he can find my tools. >> i i watched the movie last night. it is so powerful to watch you. your character struggling as a human being,truggling as a father, tell me about walt. >> well, i play a father who's estranged from his boy and takes him for the weekend and gets his tool kit stollen and spend a weweend trying to track it down if while you're struggling with big demonsns >> while i'm struggling with my own demons and meet a whole host of crazy characters and have a crazy weekend but really enjoying that time bonding as a father and son. >> jaeden lieberher who we had the pleasure of interviewing last week, he is incredible and watching the two of you, itting lookok like it was instant chemistry. >> i have one of the best times with that kid. he is such a phenomenal young actor and he is a lovely guy, as well. >> i know you're a father but what is it le playing opposite a 12-year-old?
8:50 am
speaking of tools some different tools in your acting belt. >> i love working with kids and it makes you a better actor because they're so open andnd instinctive. i had a great time with him. >> what do you hope moviegoers take away from the movie? at the end it really is about connection. it is about family and getting through the tough types. >> it's about a father, you know, estranged father. we live in a time where there's lwts of fractured families and dads don't see enough of their kids and it's about somebody trying to become a better father and a better person. >> well, and you do that in so many ways on screen and off screen. i know that you are really involved with your charity. free the children and you have two young daughters. they're involved, as well. tell me about the organization and why it's so important to you. >> well, my oldest daughter hanna went on a trip to kenya on her own when she was 14 for 2 1/2 weeks and changed her life and involved with the charity and got the family involved, as well and we've done family trips to africa and big supporters of the charity.
8:51 am
i also hear you're losing the mustache because the second season was your final season of "the nick" and now two scicii movies coming out. >> yes, two. gone from 100 years ago to i've jumped to the future i'm shaving the mustache is the first thing i do the minute we wrap the last scene, believe me. >> and never coming back? >> not -- not if i can help it. >> are you a big sci-fi fan? >> yeah, if it's good, yeah, for sure. >> if it's good. it's good if you're in it. clive owen, thanks for being wiwi us. we appreciate it. "the confirmation" in select
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
and we will be right back. "good morning america" is brought to you by panera bread. food as should be. >> happy st. patrick's day, everybody. our lucky winr is appropriately named kelly. she's going to get in the shamrock shower. 15 seconds to grab as much cash as she can. are you ready? all right, kelly. >> all right. >> grab the cash. >> go. >> kelly is grabbing cash. we'll mak sure you thank all of our performers from the irish art center for joining us. >> thank you.
8:55 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> what did you get? >> kelly has found your pot of gold. thank you. we do have new video from that breaking news scene in opa-locka. two m m are still on the run after shooting up a black bmw with assault rifles. that man was air-lifted to jackson memorial hospital's ryder trauma center. >> the man in the other car, they took off, crashing their truck again in north miami.
8:56 am
traffic in the area. constance, what's the latest. >> this is affecting traffic off of 22nd avenue. that's where police set up a perimeter off of 135th street. take 27th avenueinstead. in broward county we have a bad crash to talk about, this one on i-95 northbound and atlantic boulevard. the delays from this crash stretching all morning. we're talking about seven miles of delays. those speeds at 14 miles per hour. crash on i-95 sououthbound at the airport julie? you're busy, constance jones. low to mid 70s. it's warm, it's muggy. looking beautuful along the coastline. lots of sunshine breaking through the clouds. highs rapidly warm up to the upper 80s. only a slight chance of a shower if that sea breeze does develop over southern miami-dade. otherwise we're seeing some cloud cover i i place. cooler by next week. just into the newsroom a murder suspect
8:57 am
arrested by police. officers say joe padget killed his estranged wife on sunday. those sts were allegedly fired after the two fought. she was hit multiple times and pronounced dead at the scene. he took off but was caught by police this morning.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> it's "live with kelly & michael." today, from the film "miracles from heaven," jennifer garner. and one of the stars of the "divergent" series, zoe kravitz. plus from the series "girl meets world," a performance from sabrina carpenter, all [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are your emmy award-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan. kelly: hi!
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kelly: hi. kelly: that's right, thursday, march 17, 2016. happy st. patty's day! [applause] kelly: you guys look fantastic. i have to say, i've seen a lot of audiences in my day. michael: over there. kelly: everybody's looking good. michael: looking good. i almost decided to do the whole show in my irish accent. [laughter] kelly: you can. it's n too late. we just started. michael: no. shouldn't it be lucky times, i won't do it. kelly: me lucky charms, yes. [laughter] michael: but happy st. patrick's day, everybody. kelly: that was half pirate, half irish. michael: i don't know. kelly: that was pirish. shimmy me lucky charms. michael: shimmy me lucky charms. kelly: hey, you know what? the kids, first thing this morning, first thing this


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