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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 18, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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we do say, good morning, america. i don't know about y'all. i was up late. oh, some great games last night. great night of upsets, the big dance went wild. only -- are you ready for this -- 0.1% of those 13 million brackets are still unbroken. >> you got it. >> no, i'm one of the -- i'm not one of the 0.13. >> i think some of the coaches can breathe some relief, as well. hopefully sean miller brought a backup shirt. a little tense out there and virginia coach tony bennett, he actually passed out on the sidelines but he did make it back to the court and even better, his team won the game. >> a scare there. >> the pressure is mounting. >> it is. >> we'll have all the highlights coming up. we begin with extreme weather.
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spring snow about to pound the northeasas say it ain't so, ginger. >> oh, i'm so sorry. it is so. on a beautiful morning, almost 50 degrees and by t time spring officially starts on sunday we will be talking about rain, snow and wind. i'll get to that in a moment. more than 120 severe storm reports including this, hail that was happening there just jumping in the pool in texas and arlington throughout the day yesterday, so many of those severe weather reports along that stationary front. now we got a low that will energize and happen from san antonio to new orleans and then we'll look for that same low pressure system to track up the coast. this is the one you'll want to pay attention to because saturday night into sunday morning, look at the rain change to snow in philadelphia. it depends on how close this low gets to us as to how much snow will fall and that's something we'll fine-tune. your rob marciano will be here tracking it all for you, of course. and, of course, i'll be here giving you an idea how cold it is as we start spring sunday. >> we heard it.
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donald trump is now being targeted by the cyberattacker anonymous. they've declared, quote, total war on the billionaire and now claim to have hacked him and released some of his private information. >> now is the time to unite to fight fascism to show we are very serious about stopping any proposed f fthright by the fascist donald trump. we have attached a gift of sorts, trump's social security number, cell phone number and other details that might be able to assist you all in independently investigating this would-be dictator. >> for pore on this we bring in abc news justiee correspondent pierre thomas in washington this morning. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. donald trump appears to have a new adversary, not political but a potentially formidable one anonymous phone for its aggressive hacking. they claim t ty have secured some of his personal and private information and is blasting it over the internet. something it hopes will make mr. trump's life miserable.
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released a statement acknowledging the attempt saying authorities are seeking the arrest of the people responsible for attempting to illegally hack mr. trump's accounts and telephone information. so, this is being treated seriously, robin. >> pierre, what are we hearing from the government, t response from the government? what could they do? >> we confirm federal agents are pursuing this hacking but investigations like this are notoriously complicated and typically take a long time to resolve and anonymous is good a at covering its trail. mr. trump has a strong suber security dome to protect himself and limit damage so we expect this to be an ongoing battle. >> donald trump also the target of republican insiders. holding a series of meetings to see if there is a way to stop him from gettinghe nomination facing a barrage of new attack ads like thi one. jon karl joins us with the latest. good morning, jon. >> reporter: donald trump is riding high after his big primary wins this week. but he now faces forces within
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than ever to stop him. this morning, donald trump is facing some n n roadblocks on his path to the republican nomination. washington, a group of grassroots conservatives met privately thursday to plot how to take trump down. issuing a statement saying, "we are committed to ensuring a real conservative candidate is elected." >> they're also willing to fight donald trump and a donald trump esesblish many becau he doesn't share our values. >> reporter: trump h rekicked riots if he doesn't get the nomination. >> i think you'd have riots. i'm representing a tremendous, many, many millions of people. >> reporter: in an interview with abc news rival john kasich accused trump of inciting chaos. >> to even imply that there could be violence if he doesn't get his way, you know, he's not running for the presidency of the wwe, he's running for president of the united states and this kind of language is an outrage. >> reporter: and now trump is
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republican groups target him with a new wave of negative ads. >> ask donald trump why he sides with hillary clinton and why he wants more government healthh care. >> reporter: anti-trump spending is increased 900% since iowa. this week alone, some 65% of all republican spending was aimed at toppling trump. >> and, jesse palmer, you have contests in utah and arizona on tuesday. what's the best hope for these anti-trump forces to slow trump down tuesday? >> reporter: they better hope to stop him in arizona. that's a winner take all state, george. 58 delegates at stake but also a state where donald trump may be at his strongest. where republicans are especially especiallily anti-immigration and has the supuprt of the former governor jan brewer but arizona reay looks like a must win for anti-trump forces. >> t democratic side, some indications that president obama signaling that he wants this primary fight to end. >> reporter: that's right. there's a report in "the new york times" that he actually
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donors that it's t te to unite behind hillary clinton. now, the white house denies that the president has said who to unite behind but clearly soon it will be time to unite and it's no secret that most of the president's top advisers who are on record are supporting hillary clinton, not bernie sanders. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. to that american captured by kurdish forces. this morning he's saying he regrets his decision to go to iraq to join isis. the 26-year-old from virginia saying it was a, quote, bad decision. abc's martha raddatz is in washington with much more on this story. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. e u.s. government is reaching out to foreign counterparts to try to get this young american back to the u.s., he could face charges, but he could also provide u.s. law enforcement with a wealth of information. 26-year-old mohamad khweis was picked up by kurdish forces by
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virginia license where he was born, raised and went to college but for at least the last month, khweis has been in isis-controlled mosul, all because of a girl he met. he told kurdish tv in an exclusive interview. >> i wasn't thinking straight and on the way there, i regret it. >> reporter: he gives remarkable detail about his journey, the first time inforortion like this given so willingly by an american linked to isis. >> we got to another house, a lot of foreigners re there, all the foreigners had to give their i.d.s and passports. >> reporter: he said there were no other americans but the group transferred houses frequeneny learning about sharia law. >> i didn't really support their ideology and that's when i decided i needed to escape. >> reporter: back in virginia, khweis' father lashed out at the media earlier this week.
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>> reporter: insisting his son had nothing to do with isis. khweis' parents moved to america almost 30 years ago. the son studied criminal justice at northern virginia community college. his mother told abc, he was a good boy and would stop to give money to the homeless. a high school friend telling abc that khweis couldn't have been more normal. >> he wasn't violenen he wasn't religious. we got in the same type of trouble. >> reporter: khweis left home for europe lastecember and said he first went to london then amsterdam and turkey and while he did give a lot of detail about his journey to iraq in that interview american law enforcement will have many, many more questions, george. >> i'll bet they will. okay, martha, thanks very much. we turn to scary moments on an american airlines flight on its way to new york. it was truck by lightning and abc's david kerley has the story. >> we got knocked around real good here.
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passengers on board an american airlines flight. >> like out of nowhere. >> 4233 just got hit by lightning. >> reporter: the flight from raleigh headed to laguardia on thursday hit by turbulence and then struck by lightning. the small jet with 55 on board reroutes to nearby jfk and its longer runway. these photos obtained by wabc showing the burn marks where the lightning hit the wings, tail and body. >> everything okay? >> yeah, don't send us through there again. it's pretty bad. let's go ahead and divert to jfk. >> reporter: for passengers on board a frightening flight. >> i didn't know what happened. it's the first time for me. >> it was a flash of light and big explosion. the plane dipped about 100 feet. >> reporter: but experts say there's nothing to fear. lik striking a plane is relatively common as these videos show they're designed to sustain lightning strikes so that the electricity never penetrates the interior. in this lab they showed me how they make lightning to test the
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it's struck. whoa. it's safe, the experts say but that doesn't mean it can't be frightening. >> pretty terrifying. i'm not going to lie. >> reporter: he's not going to lie. the plane did land safely. nobody was injured but, robin, as we said it's surprising and these planes are designed 0 shed that lightning. it doesn't peen it isn't scary, though. >> terrifying, all right, david, thank you. now to new trouble for that prep school grad convicted of sexually assaulting an under age student. owen labrie is appealing that ruling and has been free ever since his high-profile trial last year but now he's facing possible jail time after violating his curfew. abc's gio benitez is at the courthouse in concord, new hampshire. good morning, gio. >> reporter: robin, good morning you. as you know this was a case that sparked so many conversations abou sexual assault in schools. now prosecutors want to make sure owen labrie is back behind bars. this morning, owen labrie heads back to court, the former prep
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accused of violating bail after being convicted of sexually assaulting an underaged schoolmate. prosecutors alleging he violated his curfew at least eight times since his conviction. one of those types sitti next to a vice reporter who tweeted they were on the same train early one morning while labrie was supposed to be home. labrie allegedly telling her he was going to see his girlfriend. >> this is not a petty offense. when you violate the conditions of your baill and you are on bail for a sex offense, that is something extremely serious. >> reporter: laie's attorneys say they will argue in court this afternoon that labrie now 20 years old violated the curfew only to meet wit his lawyers and to pursue education. prosecutorsow demanding labrie's bail be revoked and that he should go to jail. >> i don't think that his bail will be revoked but who knows? perhaps they will send a message
7:12 am
to other convicted defendants. >> reporter: labrie had been acquitted last year of the most serious felony rape charges, but was fod guilty of sex assault misdemeanors. >> guilty. >> reporter: and a felony of luring a child by computer. he's appealing that but for now he is registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life. and labrie will face a judge this afternoon. if his bail is revoked he could go right back to jail today. rob and george. >> thank you. lara. >> an update on a story that nearly led a baseball team to boycott. chicago white sox player adam roche abruptly announcing his retirement after he was asked not to bring his son to the park every day. laroche walked away fromm $13 million to spend more time with hihi teen and abc's matt gutman has all the latest for us. good morningmatt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, lara. so far the 36+year-old slugger seems to be standing behind his decision to hang up his glove.
7:13 am
from both sides of the locker room. many supporting it as courageous others wondering if a 14-year-old should be in the locker room in the first place. outrage from adam laroche's ite sox teammates this morning, players reportedly consideredoycotting a spring training game after team management told number 25 to, quote, dial back his 14-year-old son's access to the locker room and clubhouse. he's been a fixture there this spring training and even has his own locker and chris sale, a star pitcher for the team allegedly screamed and hurlele profanity at team exec kenny williams for the decision demanding he stay out of the clubhouse for the rest of the year. williams who told laroche he could still bring his son around occasionally just not every day packnowledged that in trying to mitigate a small distraction the team created a larger one. >> sometimes you got to make some unpopular decisions in order to have an answer for the next person that comes along.
7:14 am
known for fathers and sons playing catch, laroche's decision has raised eyebrows. >> it's actually led to conversation in other front offices about making sure that they place hard limits on how much time kids can spend in clubhouses. >> reporter: drake even got an invivi from another legendary chicago team, bears linebacker kyle long tweeting, adam laroche, if you and your boy ever want to come hang out with the chicago bears, let me know. i grew up in locker rooms. you wonder how he would walk away from $13 million. there is a lot of speculation laroche's back iury might have sidelined him anyway, plus over his successful career he's hauled in about $70 millionnd as a tv show and a business on the side. guys. >> matt, thank you. we were talking with michael strahan about this yesterday. it's just the amount of time he's spending there. that's great. ken griffey jr. saying he grew up in a locker room. that's great but every single day, that may be just-
7:15 am
>> that's what some of the team members have said. if everybody brought their kids then we would have to policet ourselves but we would speak up. management says he's a great kid. >> hard to see how it blew up so much when they said dial it back. >> they didn't say he can't be in there. there is another water crisis. >> reporting on the one in flint, michigan. now there is concern in another city. testing has revealed more than two dozen schools in newark, new jersey, have eleleted levels of lead in their water. at many of those schools the levels have been high for years age angering parents. students are undergoing voluntary blood tests. a hearing into the water crisis in flint turned into a partisan showdown with democrats blaming michigan's governor who dismissed calls for him to resign and republicans blamed the head of the epa. another move by north korea. its launched two ballistic
7:16 am
once again defying a u.n. ban. it could complicate diplomatic efforts to free an american student sentenced to hard labor for stealing a political banner from a north korean hotel. back here in this country, in florida, a pep rally at this high school took a horrifying turn. look at that, when a professional fire breather accident accidentally set himself on fire. the flames quickly spreading to the gym floor. he i i now recovering from burns and the school district says fire and pyrotechnics are now banned at that school and they e investigating what exactly happened. and some major upuets wreaking havoc on march madness brackets. the biggest upset so far, yale beating baylor. yale's first ever win in the tournament also the university of arkansas little rock stunned their fans, josh hagan launching a 30-foot shot. look at that to send the game into overerme. they're saying he stuff currycurry'd
7:17 am
upsets only 0.1% of the 13 million brackets filled out on espn's website are still perfect. you know, i love this factoid. yale produced five u.s. presidents but this is their first victory. >> everybody is talking about that. >> i'm surprised there's 0.1% of brackets still -- finish. >> gosh. that's what march madness is all about. >> your favorite time of year? it is. >> what do you got? >> cold, i promimid you the cold. now i get to show it to you. the cold fronts made it into the northern plains, north platte, 10. rapid city, 12. 25 is what it feels like chicago.
7:18 am
morning. coming up on "gma" on this friday morning an abc news exclusive. the actress who captured the heart of the world's most wanted drug lord. what she tells diane sawyer, what really happened and what she has to say aboutean penn. >> yes, a little bit. i am.
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good morning, south florida. constance is here with a traffic alert. it's bee a mess this morning. yeah i bring bad news for broward drivers. we've got one lane open on i-75. three closed after a fatal crash on i-75 northbound at royal palm boulevard. it's still a mess this morning let me show you how far delays stretch again it is parking lot. this camera right off griffin. so if you're traveling in a spot, again, the bigraffic story of the morning you may want to avoid it completely travel speeds there really slow between 4 and 5 miles per hour instead d u're going to want to take flamingo road. julie. >> horrible. 75 horrible for hours.
7:25 am
>> but do grab your umbrella. all right. we are going to see that chance of showers today in forecast unlike what we started work week with, still warm and humid. that's continuing a temperatures are in low 70s. we should number mid 60s. but we're going into slight chance of a showers i know it looks cloudy a a little bit f patchy fog lingering. like we saw last few days. a highs mitt to upper 80s. better chance of storms the whole weekend long. julie thanks. car crashing into an apartment building this morning on northwest 17th avenue and 71st street. witnesses say that driver crashed took off running. police did eventuallyy catch up with her. put her under arrest. that building was also hit back in november. and another safety alert search for robberrontinues this morning after two women were held up? gunpoint in their own home. woman says she was sitting her backyard when a gun ban approached her he went inside and a threatened her 91-year-old mother and stole a purue as well a cell phone.
7:26 am
thousand of people to an attend plt there is already traffic in area been rerouted. emergency crews on hand trying to keep things safe. that is it for right now.
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7:28 am
coming your way next. but you're also uncle harry
7:29 am
>> you have to fun in life. i hope i'm a fun uncle. >> something tells me. >> yeah, i bet he is. >> a fun uncle. yes, he has revealed so much about himself. we talked to him yesterday about the invictus games, and he has really been shaped by his memories of his mother. you said it best y yterday when we were watching the piece and many said the same thing, that watching him is like watching his mother and how compassionate and so we're going to talk more about that coming up. >> also right now cyberhackers anonymous are releasing donald trump's personal information and federal authorities investigating and right now closing arguments expected today in the hulk hogan sex tape lawsuit. hogan is suing the website gawker for $100 miion for posting that tape and, lara, you have a great story. >> yeah, you know i love dogs. this story is amazing. a great follow-up to the story of luna, the german shepherd lost for weeks and fell overboard, miraculously found alive on an island this morning
7:30 am
we have their emotional reunion. robin, we'll gett over to you with diane sawyer. >> an abc news exclusive with the woman who tracked down and met with the world's most wanted criminal. kate del castillo is breaking her silence in her first tv interview with our diane sawyer opening up about the mexican drug lord known as el chapo and the journey she and sean penn went to meet him deep in the mountains of mexico. diane, of course, good enough to join her o friends here. >> it is great to see you. you know me well enoug to know when i say this is one of the wildest stories i have ever covered -- >> everybody is looking for this guy and she is the one. >> a a you said he is the biggest drug lord in the world. supplying drugs to america and as far away as china and in comes sean penn, the american actor, sean penn and kate del castillo who plays, by the way,
7:31 am
plays a drug lord on tv. >> so, what is the moment this whole strange saga begins? in a sense, it begins with a woman who shays she's kind of addicted to risk. >> it's ready to go. that's good. i love adnaline. i just like risk. i like to dare. >> motorcycles. race cars. >> dell castillo picks up a sition. >> tequila. >> can it be the world's most wanted drug lord will throw caution to the wind for a chance to be near her? and did he fall for kate del castillo or the fictional drug lord she plays on tv. >> again, i don't think it was necessarily me, kate del castillo, he was probably had a ush on teresa mendoza. >> had a crush? >> we'll ask to ask him. it looks like -- >> wait a minute. >> maybe. i don't know.
7:32 am
i don't know. okay, maybe yes. i don't ow.. we'll have to ask him. >> you heard her. she had to admitit yes. you did mention the other big player, sean penn. >> you have a drug lord, mexan actress and sean penn. what could go wrong? couldnything go wrong. what i'll say is that she says one of thehe things she's learned from all of this and it becomes wilder and weiler is she feels a little foolish because she was so sure he just wanted to help her get her movie about el chapo made. >> aren't you angry at him. >> yes, a little bit, i . i think he was never interested in the movie. >> you lookhurt still. >> yes, i am, of course, i am. i'm hurt because i -- but, again, i'm angry at myself because i believe in people and i didn't foe sean penn. >> and i want to be clear that he has a very different story of what was happening.
7:33 am
but here we are on a stry as we know, really serious story that causes so much suffering, the drug trade in the world. and yet at the same time they are involved in it and it is this tale that just keeps astounding you. >> i'm glad you said that. el chapo was very dangerous man and kate spent some one-on-one time with him. was she fearful off that. >> well, she tells you about a moment when her heart is pounding, her knees are knocking. she's alone with him that night on the mountain and she decides there'ssomething she's just going to get her courage up and say. >> my heart started pounding. i actually got guts to tell him, i said, this is now or never and if i don't say it right now i might not havenother opportunity and if i say it, this might be my last words.
7:34 am
walking, amigo, just don't forget what i said on my tweet originally. you're a powerful man. you can do something good. >> reporter: including she maintains telling himhe wanted a way to acknowledge victims of organized crime. >> i was literally dying inside. d i thought, if he gets mad, ife -- i don't know what i'm going to do. you know i thought i was going to faint. >> and she comes back, of course, and when this is all over he getss captured three months after this meeting and there is a furor, still a fur surrounding this woman so you have to hear. >> there's aittle bit of everything tonight with this. >> yes. >> always so great to see you, diane. thank you. we'll be watching tonight, the diane sawyer special edion of "20/20 with kate will air tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central on abc. >> what a wild story. we turn to the case of a christian website ordered to return millions to more than 150,000 people. peopleho were victims of a pay
7:35 am
abc's neal karlinsky with the story. >> reporter: this morning authorities say thi man, benjamin rogovy, preyed upon more tn 100,000 unsuspecting victims during a time of need by ripping them off through his websit christian prayer center. the site is sort of online chur complete with digital collection plate. every prayer came with a price tag of between $9 and 35. so pay to pray. >> fog about it was real. >> reporter: washington state's attorney general said it was all a scam. innocent victims lured into pray with religious figures like pastor john carlson. >> people are really upsetnd angry at pastor john carlson and i'm pastor john carlson. >> reporter: the real pastor carlson is outraged saying his name wasas used to promote this site without his permission. >> people are thinking that their problems are going to be solved. >> reporter: in fact,
7:36 am
all kinds of fake religious leaders and testimonials to entice people to the tune of $7 mimiion worth of paid prayers between 2011 and 2015. >> in the work i do as attorney generara i really see the lowest of the low when it comes to scams. this one ranks right up there. >> reporter: rogovy couldn't be reached for comment but hasas now agreed to pay back as much as $7.75 million to thousands of customers across the country a a this morning, the website says it's closed. adding we thank you for all the prayers. s prayers. >> so shameless. >> the nerve, all right, coming up, the tabloid claims that blake shelton says pushed him
7:37 am
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now back to blake shelton fighting back against "in touch weekly" alleging that the country star was a binge drinker
7:41 am
up with his former wife, miranda lambert, abc's linsey davis has more details. the more i drink >> reporte he's top charts for more than a decade with songs like "@he more i drink" and "sangria." your lips taste like sangria >> reporter: now blake shelton is fighting back against allegations by "in touch" magazine that he has a drinking problem and that it destroyed his marriage to miranda lambert. in a sworn declaration filed weesday as part of the lawsuit for libel, shelton says the september 2015 cer story titled "rehab for blake" is totally false saying he has never been to rehab or hit rock bottom as the article's headlinesdescribe. "in touch" claims his drinking and womanizing are what helped torpedo his four-year marage to miranda. detailing an alleged affair with
7:42 am
home. shelton denies the accusation saying my ex-wife miranda lambert did not catch me with a bunch of naked women. accordinggo the magazine, shelton even drinks while taping "the voice." >> what? >> reporter: but he says in this sworn declaration he is enough drunk on the show but he has staked his reputation on heavy drinking citing his many tweets where he j jokes about it like going out to dinner, drunk. anddust spent two days filming "the voice" season 8 drunk. shelton writes in the sworn declaration that drinking or comments about drinking is part of my shtick with p pie fan, part of my act, part of my performance but in no way indicates that i have an actual problem with alcohol.l. >> so the publishing company is arguing we couldn't possibly be damaging your reputation because you've b blt a reputation on being drunk. >> reporter: "in touch" wouldn't comment on the lawsuit but in
7:43 am
news lawyers for the publication say it exercised its free speech rights concerning a matter of public interest and that the editors spoke to sources who confirmed friends were urging shelton to seek help. shellen's reps say the story was categorically false and that blake said enough is enough and decided to fight back and reached out for representatives for miranda lambert as well but did not hear back. the dangerous thing here he does have all these texts saying he is so drunk repeatedly. we'll see what -- >> hard to win a suit like that. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. coming up, lucky luna. the dog that miraculously survived more than a month lost at sea. only we have the moment this grateful owner reunites with his best friend. to the couple wondering what a good deal looks like... no. serisly? we'll give it a 6 for composition. scary.
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7:47 am
yes, lara, yes. >> so inquisitive about my weekend. >> completely caught off guard. >> we have the latest on that incredible survival story that you'll see here, luna the german shepherd lost at sea after falling off a boat in the pacific somehow found alive weeks later. now luna is back with her owner and we were there for their union.
7:48 am
>> luna. >>8reporter: one man and his best friend reunit on a california shore. >> i never thought i'd see her again to be honest. >> reporter: luna is back. she vanished five weeks ago out at sea while nick was fishing. one minute on deck as usual, the next gone. he combed the pacific for days and the safe joining the hunt by land, sea and air, not a sign, nick lost hope. posting on facebook, rest in peace, luna, you will be missed. >> i ient through a lot of time where i was just so sad about losing my dog. i presumed she was dead. >> reporter: now we know she swam nearly two miles to san clemente island. lucky luna found by navy personnel chilling on a roadside. >> probably the happiest i've ever been in my entire life to have my best friend back. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abc news, los angeles. >> hey. >> lucky, lucky luna.
7:49 am
we love hearing that. coming up in our next hour more of our exclusive interview with prince harry. he talks about his mother, princess diana and also being an uncle so that and more and talking more about the invictus games, as well, which is coming up in may in orlando in disney world. >> vintage photos. >> come on back. coming up "gma's" winter concert series presented by hilton. ready and waiting for you in over 2,000 cities.
7:50 am
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> back here on "gma" a snowy 12 hours or so and will be a snowy 4 hours for the denver area. aurora, that snow hitting the roads and this morning as we speak road conditions deteriorating especially with the wind kicking up. that's why we have winter storm warnings and advisories in place,ump over the jet stream
7:54 am
beer. "good morning america" is brought to you by harvoni. are you ready? good morning. ooikt i'm eric. i'm kristi krueger. happy friday all of you jacey has a couple of days off we have
7:55 am
but, i think we've got a little issue with her miophone. let's look at this right now. this is i-75. continuing northbound royal palm boulevard i-75 broward county a mess for you all morning long. and obviously the situation continues. we're going to get to constance and this scene? just a moment. first let's check in a here. >> we n say weather is no to the blame for that issue that constance will be talking about on 75 in just a second. temperatures warming up low to mid 70s right now fort lauderdale, miami. key west. you can seeee some cloud cover low lying clouds in place because of that patchy fog. again not visibility being a big issue this morning like what we saw earlier in week. high in warming up to mid to upper 80s. it will be will be wetet at times as we basically unsettled weather pattern due to cold front that will keep us wet saturday and sunday. >> okay. thanks a lot julie. nfl player in critical condition we've talking abobo this all morning a dirt bike crash last night. baltimore ravens cornerback tray walker riding on bike in
7:56 am
that's when he collided with suv. a source tells us that police are now looking for yet another nfl player who may have witnessed that whole thing. stunt man in critical condition after a performance gone wrong and delray beach high school. that man performing a stunt with fire in atlanta community high school pep rally when he suddenly went up in flames. 7 student's who complained also hospitalizedconstance you're here, let's check in with you real quick on that traffic situation. our big traffic story. good morning heavy delays on i-75 northbound. here's griffin road. we have three lanes blocked here because of a fatal crash this morning. it's been like this for roughly three hours now. though delays in place with speeds a 7 to 8 miles per hour. we're seeing those delays stretching for several miles this morning. at least 5 miles of delays. you know what that means trek it an a little further east and take flamingo road. check in with us here at local 10 and also for very latest on that situation. we will head you back right now
7:57 am
7:58 am
see you in about 25inutes. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. royal exclusive, prince harry
7:59 am
inspiration, his mother. how he hopes to make princess diana proud and his secret to living. >> you got to have fun in life. otherwise, wow, imagine life wiout fun. 17,000 people rally behind this south carolina teacher who lost her job when a student stole her phone. new details onn the nude photo scandal this morning. >> ultimate tech tips. you'll never guess what's really draining your battery life. the top companies reveal the secrets to making it last. there goes your heart five of the hottest looks with one little black dress. how everyone can pull them out without breaking the bank. your friday's fast ficks as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. and a happy friday crowd out here in times.
8:00 am
>> it's a wild crowd out there, people. was out there during the commercial break. a lot of athletic trainers are here for a conference and all around the country. just wonderful to have them here and "good housekeeping's" lori bergamotto with the five models to show how to transform one affordable -- got to have a little black dress. you don't, george, but we all have a little black dress and how to make it totally difference and tips for everyone she' share. >> why i chose not to read that. >> well done. robin is bringing us more of her incredible conversation with the one and only prince harry. rry as we've never seen him before. >> really opening up. very comfortable, of course, he's passionate about the invictus games which we talked about and we will talk about more today but his greatest inspiration his mom because many when they saw the piece yesterday said, wow, he reminds me so much of his mother. how ssionate he is about
8:01 am
living in the childhood home, kensington pace where we did the interview and reminds him of his mom. >> looking forward to that. now amy with the morning rundown. >> good morning. we begin with a developing story here in new york. police responding after donald trump's son received a suspicious letter. a source tells abc news that letter came with a white powder that did not appear to be hazardous and threatened to harm trump if he doesn't drop out of the presidential race. the letteras postmarked in massachusetts. meanwhile, a federal investigion is under way into claims from the hacker group anonymous which says it hacked into trump's private accounts and released his personal information online including his social security number. the other big story this morning, the extreme weather moving acrs the country. in texas and mississippi, baseball-sized hail in some areas damaged homes and cars breaking wdows and causing traffic jams. look at that the hail also killed several exotic birds at the zoo in ft. worth, unfortunately. and here in new york an
8:02 am
struck by lightning and forced to make an emergency landing. passengers say it sounded like an explosion. well, there are new details about the sex trafficking investigation involving the website which competes with craigslist in posting classified ads is now being held in contpt of congress. the company has refused to answer questions from senators citing the first amendment, senators have called the site the most important player in the commercial sex advertising market claing backpage makes $100 million aear from adult ads. in south florida customers at this pizza shop, look at that, ran for their lives when a woman crashed her suv through the window. two people just barely avoided getting hit. the driver remarkably was not injured. with spring approaching, you may think that flu season is over, but you'd be wrong. in fact, the cdc says the season is actually peaking right now with new cases reported in at least 37 states and dococrs say it is not too late to get that
8:03 am
the late flu season is due in part to a milder than normal winter in much of the country. and finally today is friday, but i is also a special day if you enjoy slurpees. 's t t annual bring your own cup day at 7-eleven. you can bring any kind of container and fill it up with a slurpee for $1.50. as you can see there's been creative cups like this kiddie pool. or how about a popcorn bucket. better yet bring the pots and pans from your kitchen and fill them up. >> wow? we have a crock pot, yep, that was something someone brought to fill a slurpee. containers can't be more than 9 inches wide and 11 inches tall but clearly they are not enforcing that rule if those photos -- >> byoc. bring your own cup. >> i hope my kids are already in school. thanks, amy. we have new developments now in the case of that south carolina teacher who was fired after a student stole her phone posted a racy pictures.
8:04 am
and eva pilgrim has the story. >> reporter: leann arthur is now planning to sue the south carolina school district which she says asked for her resignation of a student stole and leaked markey nude photos of her. >> i feel raw, violated. it reaeay is something that i'm struggling with on a day-to-day basis. >> reporter: the unidentified 16-year-old student has since been charged with computer crimes and aggravated voyeurism for allegedly copying the risque photos from arthur's phone. >> i left my phone. i did not knowingly leave my phone sitting onny desk. didn't think that a student would do at. >> reporter: union county superintendent davidubanks says arthur is deflecting responsibility for leaving her phone unprotected and her classroom unsupervised. >> teachers have a very strong responsibility to supervise students at all times.
8:05 am
she was not where she should have been at the time this took place. >> reporter: arthur sharing with abc new a copy of the lawsuit she says she intends to file. the lawsuit would seek damages contract. >> i want to be able to hold my head up and say, you ow, i did all that i can do to make sure back. >> some parents in the community are rallying to arthur's defense. as of this morning an online petition demandi her 17,000 signatures. for "good morning america," eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> this one isn't going away. to lara with the "mornin menu." >> thanks so much. here's what's coming up. prince william sharing p ecious memories of his mother princess diana. what he sayss she would want for his future. he tells robin all about it. % and is your battery a bust? we'll tell you the secrets of keepg your phone charge going strong. lori bergamotto is also with us with the tricks to making
8:06 am
dress, thank you, fonzie, make it work. any time. make it work better than me putting on a coat. hi, lori. she's going to help you and all those coming up on "gma" and awesome crowd today in times. hey, buddy. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by new centrum vitamints, a multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. and clean and real and looking good and sandwich and soup and a new personal best. and a little help and soup and sandwich and study group. good, clean food pairs well with anything. try the clean pairings menu.
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and on all cookware and food prep. everyone get kohl's cash too! this saturday - only at kohl's. trugreen presents the yardley's. sfx: leaf blower dad! sorry. this is more than a lawn. this is a trugreen lawn. live life outside with trugreen, america's #1 lawn care company. spring is on. start your trugreen lawn plan today. trugreen. live life outside. we welcome you back to "gma" and yesterday when we talked with prince harry about the invictus games which willbe held, disney world in may, many of you commented that his infectious spirit and passion for helping others reminded you of his mother princess diana. well, prince harry is hard
8:11 am
serves his country with dignity all while raising awareness about the challenges of our heroes, what they face when they return home. >> when you look past the amp pew tees and past the burns they're still the same people and to be able to call them all my comrade, friend, whatever, because we all share something. we share that uniform. we share the training, we share in some cases afghanistan. it's very special. i suppose it was never to be going to havee to get to the stage where i was always going to be prince harry and despite the fact that i always wanted to be captain wales treated the same in the same uniform as everybody else i think there was that acceptance, the power that the name has. >> reporter: like their mother prince harry and prince william have used that name to bring attention to their charitable
8:12 am
prince har formed sentibali which means forget me not in honor of his mother to aid the vulnerable children of lesotho. many of whom are struggling with aids, earlier this year he visited the hospital where diana famously destigmatized aids. he remains an integral part of the halo trust, her land mine charity. >> we all do everything we can to make sure she's never forgotten and carry on all of the special gifts as such that she had and portred while she was alive. i hope that a lot of my mother's talents are shown in a lot of the work that i do weirdly actually she wouldn't be my first time to florida, to disney world, i ended up going there with her. it's one of my very, very happy memories. i went on space mountain 14 times. that's the best thing ever. so, you know, there's all sorts of places over the world where
8:13 am
moments with our mother and very, very happy memories. >> this room. this is the home where you grew up. >> this used to be our mum's sitting room so she had a study through there with her desk and where she used to listen to all sort of her crazy music. it took a little bit of getting used to. not that we ever forget. we think about her every day. >> theamily that you and your brother, sister-in-law have ilt, what do you think how your mother would feel about this family. >> i hope she's looking down, you know, with tears in r eyes being incredibly proud of what wee, you know, i guess established i suppose. i guess she's waiting for me to have kids so see can be a grandmother again. i hope once again that everything we do privately and officially that it makes her proud. i thinkosing your mother at such a young age does end up shaping your life massively, of course, it does and now i find
8:14 am
give advice to others in similar positions. >> and the other formid ableable woman in their live, the queen who will turn 90 in april. >> because of my time in the service the utmost of respect, that i have not just for her a a grandmother, you know, she was my boss for ten years and i viewed her very much like that. now it's really nice because i n go to her for advice and bend her ear with all the experices she's had over the years. >> you're also uncle harry to two little ones running around. >> you got to have funn life, imagine life without fun. you've got to be taken seriously but i hope i'm a fun uncle. >> and having them and the way you talk about children, is it something that you think about and in the near future. >> i can't wait for the day, so you know it will be fantastic. >> in addition to the passion that i see and others see that you have for the invictus games and for the wounded warriors it's also what we see when you're around children, around
8:15 am
>> who are going through some extremely challenging times and you gravitate toward them. >> i got a kid inside o me. i want to keep that. i adore kids. i enjoy everything that they bring to the party. they just say what they think. evevyone needs a hug every thousand and then and it so happens i've been told i'm good with giving hugs, fantastic. >> bittersweet. >> the prince's role, you've got to shake hands. >> hi. i choose hugging instead of shaking hands. >> we've watched you grow up with a lot of spirit. >> all right, ladies, prince harry is here. don't act like you don't notice. come on. >> mrs. obama, she's already talked a little smack about the game. >> i should also apologize to him in advance for all the gold medals that america will win in orlando.
8:16 am
>> about the competition. >> fantastic. >> are you guyuy going to bring it. >> we're going to bring it. we're definitely going bring it. >> basketball. >> and they definitely are going to bring it. there are 15 nations, 500 competitors and they want that kind of talk because they're taking this very seriously and mrs. obama and dr. jill biden are very much involved with the invictus games and can attest he is a good hugger. >> just when i thought i couldn't love prince harry more. >> yeah. >> you've managed to make fall in love again. >> i still think the queen is his boss. >> i think she is. >> boss of tenen years but it's the way he embraces life and othehe and he is a shining example. >> i was just going to say that. 's a very inspiring -- makes me want to be a little bit bett. >> very close to his father, everybody in his family so i really thank him for sharing
8:17 am
orlando, 2016 begins may 8th and air exclusively on espn. you can find out how to get tickets on our website, on yahoo! and it will be great to bring kids there to see these wonderful competitors? we will be watching. robin, it was terrific. okay, now switching gears in a major way but something that matters to everybody. we're talking tech. we've all faced the dead cell phone batteryituation when you need it most. you may think that closing all thepps will save some juice. is it true, though? therers one woman who that can help us all? becky worley with the fact check. >> reporter: if you value battery life on your phone a who doesn't, swiping up to close all those background apps is crucial, right? nope. >> wait. what? in response to a user e-mail the head of apple's mobile team is stunning the life hacking community with this little bit of info closing apps has no impact on battery life. >> this has to make a difference.
8:18 am
apps drain hardly any power. it's like they're cryogenically frozen and all we see a picture of the last thing they did. they're not denying the content. over at android headquarters, aka google the story is pretty much the same. >> there is a big myth o phones we have to swipe away applications to save battery and this)is just completely not true. >> reporter: both app the and google have optized their mobile operating systems to neutralize power hungry apps, in fact -- >> swiping them away will cost you possibly more battery than save you battery life. >> reporter: there are a few exceptions, gps that's activelyy popping up turn by turn directions and in some cases music, but you heard itt here first, stop the swipe and find new ways t extend your battery life. okay. >> becky worley in the house right now. so closing apps, does or doesn't help. >> you heard it from google and
8:19 am
these charged to 100%, this one running 25 different apps and this one isn't and batteryife is the same. >> what is doing it. >> it's your screen. so, look, let me show you. if you go into the settings you'll see that what we've got here is display and brightness. this is a huge light bulb that sucks power. turn auto brightness on or turn this all the way -- you know below half, at least. auto brightness. >> can i t tn yours down a little. >> get it all the way down. >> i want to save you some battery. >> so then auto-lock. you don't need your phone to be on for two minutes after you check facebook so turn that down to 30 seconds. then notifications, every time they pop up, then they light up your screen so turn that off. >> this is all in my settings, go to notification, brightness, time lock thing. >> i've got so many tips. it's all on the website
8:20 am
>> okay, great article by becky worley and one last thing, it's not necessarily how fast it's draining, it's how you're charging it >> some of the new devices ten minutes. nexus, ten minutes plugged in, four hours battery life. that's your next phone. >> so get -- so you're now a pitchman. okay. >> yes, charging. extra fast. >> check out the article. ten great tips on how to save your battery. becky worley, our tech genius, we thank you. going to our weather gegeus, ginger zee. >> that's a strong word and very happy -- you're fabulous andnd 40. your name. >> sheryl singers. >> happy 40th, right? >> i'm with all my girls. >> all the girls are herere >> all right. all from little rock, arkansas, north of where the sere weather will fall. look at the hail from ft. worth, texas. baseball and golf ball size hail but today the area that has to look out, san antonio, houston, all the way to almost new orleans >> hi, south florida.
8:21 am
we have temperatures low 70's, ft. lauderdale, miami, upper 70 key west, well above average, setting the stage for anonoer warm, humid day. sunshine breaking through. the heat, humidity, atmosphere will provide for showers today unlike all week. keep the umbrellas handy. the whole weekend. showers are going to be moving in ap a front moves into south florida, a better chance of storms saturday, so how funny is this. lilly to a picture of us and changed the screen with her notion. i've never seen that before because she gloves on. good tip. >> so did it save battery? >> yeah. >> i i thought she was turning wow. now, that's a talent. "pop news" time and i think we can agree a slow loading web page can get your wheels turning but that can cause, right, real physical proble. a report from the tech company
8:22 am
delays result in a 38% increase in heart rate, waiting for a video to buffer generally raises stress levels by 34%. >> come on. >> that's the equivalent of the anxiety you feel when watching a horror movie. thatats according to this study so if you feel like going psycho the next time your netflix binge-watch is inteterrupted, you're not being totally dramatic, screaming and streaming go hand in hand. scientific fact. >> that's good. i like those percentages. very specific. >> thankyou. yeah, i worked on those all night. also in "pop news" this morning, no telling what you're going to see when you get on that subway, right? mariachi band, opera singer, sad elmo with the wonky eye. you can go right out here to see that. everyone is welcome on the subway except for manspreaders. do you know what a manspreader is? >> what is that? >> that's right. we can't dm straight. it's men who spread so that no
8:23 am
it's not dirty, robin. >> i wasn't going there. >> just really about trying to create more personal space. in san francisco, they're starting it there, manspreaders could be stopped with a fine. i love saying the word. slapped with a fine of $500, it's aimed at riders who ho up more than one seat. if the rule is passed the director of the bay area rapid transit says space offenders would be hit with an initial fine of $100, $200 for second time and $500 for those repeat spreaders. >> what? >> the law comes on the heels of new york's own campaign which is lovingly called stop the spread. >> are you being serious? >> yes. >> really? >> this is real. >> it makes me really mad when you see all those people standing. >> have i given you any news you can use? >> is it equal opportunity. if a woman takes up two seats?s? with our purse and our bag. >> yes, yes. >> it is, it is, it is. >> yes.
8:24 am
stop the spread. >> amy is a real subway rider. >> i ride it every day. i'm very passionate about it. >> watch out, manspreaders. i'll write the ticket. >> then finally, everybody, well, over 2 million people were right here in new york city watching our st. patrick's day parade yesterday o o midwest town celebrated the holiday in a smaller scale. it does not mean they're not having fun. conklin, michigan, proudest to have the shortest st. paddy's day parade. our meredith tahar from wzzm brought details. >> it got started on the north end of main street. a stop sign and traveled all of 150 yards and took an abrupt right, right into the conklin bar. >> and you just sawhat gentleman. he was walking the wrong way on the parade route. more people march in the parade, turns out than live in conklin.
8:25 am
if you want to march be on time. kicks off every year at 10:55. over in about two minutes, but the party has just begun. and that is "pop news" on this gorgeous friday. >> thank you. >> happy friday, everybody. >> more coming up on "good morning america." >> we'll be back.tt2watu#@m4 bt`n,:$ tt2watu#@m4 "a`n
8:26 am
>> i know, three and a half hours now. we have traffic one lane after a fatal crash this morning, i-75 northbound at royal palm. this is video we shot earlier this morning. the story is the same now. behind me, you see that, barely moving. travel speeds, really, really, really slow. we saw four to five miles per hour. i would take flamingo road, 9 miles per hour. delays all the way to pipes boulevard, four miles of delay. >> wow, people, get off the freeway. take those surface streets. shees on air and twitter and facebook. we are here to make your mornings easier. this morning, the weath is nothing to blame for the roads because we are s%eing dry conditions. temperatures mid 80's, showers will be possible today.
8:27 am
showers, you need an umbrella as a cold front moves in for the weekend. >> one person injured, another under arrest today after a car smashed into an apartment building this morning, the stair ca of this building. the driver took off running, police did manage to track her down. the 27-year-ol will be charged with leaving the scene of a crash, and property damage. we have pictures from the scene earlier this morning as police work to clear everything up.
8:28 am
continues. welcome back to "gma." hearing a about ginger's preparations. >> getting so nervous for ginger
8:29 am
>> it's my nerves coming out. >> we'll take them. >> over to robin with special guests in we do have special guests. i hope you remember a couple of years ago we had thank you america. the neal family, everybody fell in love with you, jason, jessica, your son dayton, your son emanuel that we didn't have at the time who you recently adopted so you had two kids. then you decided to adopt seven more. you fostered 92. emanuel is the latest one to join your family and how has life been different since we saw you in minnesota a couple of years ago? jessica. >> oh, wow, it's been really amazing. we went to liberia in october and got emanuel and it was a great smooth process and we brought him home. >> he loves to give hugs. >> he does. >> doing well. >> he's doing really well. he's doing absolutely great. they're hopeing that he'll be able to walk in a year. >> all these brothers and
8:30 am
>> yeah. yeah. >> but you guys, y y and keira, your sister, you're right in -- >> weove foster kid. we love adopting kids, it's fun l of it. >> given them a permanent home and i remember we sent you to disney world. we surprised you and then you renewed your vows and you were there and this is your first visit here, jason, to new york city. >> first time here, yep. >> well, lovely. >> it's greaea people have been asking about you. events there. >> it was awesome. thank you. very, very fun. our kids loved it. >> areou going to give me another hug? >> mwah. >> oh, a lot of people are adopting now and also being foster parents, right? >> we've had a lot of people contact us and ask us about how to adopt from -- through foster care. how to adopt internatatnally. it's been really great to see people adopt. >> you guys, the neal family, you're really great and thanks for coming by to see . >> what a beautiful family. thank you so much, robin. let's now get some fast
8:31 am
have a favorite little black dress in their closet. we're show you how to reinvent that wardrobe staple. lori bergamotto from "good housekeeping" took us through a day in the life of the little black dress. take a look. it's the tried and true fashion staple women count on, the little black dress. >> it really does look good on every body type and can appeal to all different kinds of budgets. >> how can you live your day top to bottom in the per elect lbd? >> we love this black dress from the gap. under $70 you maximize the wearability. >> for look one lori went with a professional and polished look by pairing a polka dot blouse with a colorful blazer. >> anywhere you want to be more sophisticated. >> look two, cutting edge casual. by pairing a black and white turtleneck with black skinny jeans and black stacked heels if
8:32 am
shoulders and we're done. >> for look three, lori went for a parisian pretty vibe adding teeks tur to the look, a lace blouse with bell sleeves. >> wanted it to be really soft, pretty, feminine, really channeling that romantic vibe. >> and look four, the after-work edgy look, take aintage t-shirt and add to that a denim jacket. >> i found a vintage t-shirt, xanadu using the dress more than a skirt than anything else. >> the final look idea for an elegant evening out. pair a black colored mid-leapt tutu skirt over t bottom of the dress. >> we wanted something that upped the elegance factor >> a day in the life of a little black dress. and lori bergamotto joins us now. we all know the little black dress is a staple. is there another must have this spring? >> so, according to polyvoir all about a short strapless neoprene little black dress, the most
8:33 am
>> that is cute and flirtyty. >> it is but i don't know. amy, we may give it run for its money with our black dres >> we have five different looks, models sporting each of these looks and the first one and this is all the same black dress. >> yee. >> just like we saw in the piece. this is, of course, the polished ananprofessional. >> indeed it is. the key to wear a tailo blouse underneath the shirt and a bright colored blazer so we picked green. you could do powder blue or a jewel tone. but the idea here is buttoning the collar up to the top adding a little flash with a cuff and a belt so you have that metallic feel to it. just elevates the look. > love it. >> and layering always makes you look like you know what you're doing. cutting edge casual. >> this was a big hit in the "good housekeeping" offices. sort of european inspired and put a black and white turtleneck.
8:34 am
that leather jack and threw it over the shoulders like the cool girls are doing and gave her a cropped skinny jean which not a lot of people would think to do under a black dress. >> i wouldn't have. >> and funky boots. you have to own this look. it's more fashion forward but i think it works on her. >> she looks cool,basically, yeah. looks great. >> all right, this is parisian pretty. >> we love this one. on selena so what we did is added a textured blouse % underneath the dress, that big perfectly done bow and then a little pointy toe granny booty. >> granny booty. because it's laced up. >> exactly. lookok at you. >> just trying to guess. got it right. thank goodnene. >> so the dress itself which is under 70 bucks is a cotton linen blend so you don't really want to wear anything that's too similar fabricwise if you are going to try to pull it off but add texture and depth, lace, satin, silk, anything that adds that contrast of fabric.
8:35 am
after work edgy we have here. >> love this in my xanadu t-shirt. a vintage tee and denim jacket with bold accessoroes. >> the pop of pink, very hip. i told you, this reminds me of sarah jessica parker. >> yes, we love this one too and a lot of people are like, you're hiding a black dress, we're not but put the mesh overlay tututu >> where do you find one. >> that's from kohl's so very affordable. this will be a very big trend is the adult tutu. >> i've never gone tutu shopping? it looks great on a little black dress and reinvented it. >> beautiful, ladies. lori bergamotto, thank you so much. and the latest issue of "good housekeeping" on newsstands now. ginger, do you have a tutu?% >> we were justwere just saying we want that tutu. londonderry, new hampshire. good morning, new hampshire. we have that storm we're watching.
8:36 am
as rain near the ast, look at washington, d.c. at 8 a.m. it's rain then it changes to s sw as you go inland and moves up to the northeast from there. watching that one to see >> we are going to see showers this weekend while you deal with the low pressure. we will deal with the cold front. in the gardens could be wet. first round of rain from northern florida, second and all that weather brought to you by true green. george. >> thank you, ginger. >> they're excited today. >> whoo. we all remember nora ephron. the driving force behind some of our favorite romantic comedies like "when harry met sally," "sleeple in seattle" and now a new documentary reveals her private side byyer son. here's abc's chris connelly. >> on her way to becoming one of the most respected and admired writers of her time, nora ephron was never short on opinions.
8:37 am
>> we are going to langer's for what my mototr believed was the greatest pastrami sandwich in the world. >> reporter:how could make a rom-com rise like a souffle. >> yes, ah. >> i'll have what she's having. >> reporter: as a director of such films as "sleepless in seattle" she smashed hollywood's glass ceiling. >> it's you. >> it's me. >> reporter: so much of what made nora ephron unforgettable. >> sometimes i wish my husband were dead. >> reporter: now in the splendid hbo documentary "everything is copy." >> i wanted to make her laugh. it was like winning an oscar. >> reporter: written by son jacob burnstein. where doek that come from. >> my grandmother would say everything is copy and the meaning of the phrase is this aggravating sad thing that happened to you today is going to be a funny story later on and so that became sort of m my mother's mantra.
8:38 am
r marriage to watergate journalist karl bernstein, jacob's father was a media sensation but ephron turned lemons in lemonade with "heartburn." >> look at these flowers that you bought for her and you occasionally brought me home wilted zinnias. >> reporter: few knew she had leukemia four years before her death. >> it was unthinkable to her. >> reporter: what do you miss about her. >> the trenching observations about the wore. i'm sad she wasn't here for the oscars so white controversy. i think she wobble would have boycotted the oscars if if she was here at langer's? >> she would be ordering a pastrami sandwich. >> abc news, los angeles. >> your mother was right. >> i've had the pleasure of meeting jacob. he is a fine young man and great example of his mother. >> monday on hbo. holly hunter coming up, what
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
"batman v holly hunter stars in the highly anticipated movie "batman v superman: dawn of justice."
8:42 am
she plays a senator squaring off with superman. take a look and let us gather ourselves. >> this is how aemocracy works. we talk to each other. we act by the concept of the governed, sir. i have sat here before to say that shadow interventions will not be tolerated b this committee. neither will lie ss because today is a day for truth. >> holly hunter joins us now. you're in an action movie. did you jump at the part? >> yeah, of course, i totally wanted to be part of this. no downside to it. nothing but fun. >> yep, exactly. and you're one of toast actresses who does her homework for each and every role you play. what went into creating or finch?
8:43 am
be in a movie that had so much testosterone. all these incredibly powerful guys and i thought that, you know, as a senator, she brought her femaleness to the job and how she listened and her curiosity in her ability to evaluate felt very female to me. >> it's so funny you menenoned there was a lot of testosterone on the set. that was literally my next question. there was a lot of testoerone on that set. what was it like working with ben affleck and henry cavill. >> henry is utterly adorable. i didn't get the fun of working with ben, but henry is just a lovely guy. he is. utterly lovely. >> what doesn't he have going for him? >> nothing. >> next year marks t 30th anniversary of two of your most well-known roles. "broadcast news" and "raising arizona." i remember it and "broadcast
8:44 am
i think we have a clip. it's the clip we all probably love the best. let's take a look. >> must be nice to always believe you know better. to always think you're the smartest person in the room. >> no, it's awful. >> it's still really funny even though i've seen that probably 30 times. at the time did you realize that movie was going to become the cult classic that it is? >> well, you know, everybody felt that we e re working on something that was going to be -- that was going to have some power. >> it's awesome but so is the pose current movie. "batman v superman." holly hunter, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> and "batman v superman: dawn of justice" opens on march 25th. the girl power right here. >> yeah. >> coming up we've got hot
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
stay with us. we are back now with dan + shay, one of country music's holtest duos. dan, shay, you ready. >> so ready. >> here's their tv debut, the song is called "from the ground " up". here we go. grandma and grandpa painted a picture of 65 years and one little house more than a memory more than saying i do kiss you goodnight's and i love you's me and you baby walk in the footsteps build r own family one day at a time ten little toes a painted pink room
8:48 am
like you and we'll build this love from the ground up now till forever it's all of me all of you just take my hand and i'll be the man your dad hoped that i'd be and we'll build this live from the ground up for worse or for better and i will be all you need beside you i'll stand through the good and the bad we'll give all that we have and we'll build this love from the ground up this life will go by in the blink of an eye
8:49 am
without you by my side the clouds are gonna roll the earth's gonna shake but i'll be your shelter through the wind and the rain and we'll build this love from the ground up now till forever it's all of me all of you just take my hand and i'll be the man your dad hoped that i'd be and we'll build this love from the ground up for worse or for better and i will be all you need beside you i'll stand through the good and the bad we'll give all that we have and we'll build this love from the ground up
8:50 am
oh oh oh someday we'll wake up with thousands of picturere 65 years in this little house i won't trade for nothing the life that we built i'll kiss y good night and say i love you still and we'll build thilove from the ground up for worse or for better and i will be all you need beside you i'll stand through the good and the bad we'll give all that we have and we'll build this love from
8:51 am
[ cheers and applause ] "gma's" winter concert series is presented by hilton.
8:52 am
8:53 am
but only a few commands to mastedepositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. just dance why we playing this? before we go georging is waltzing off to do "dancing with the stars." we love the promos. >> thank you. i hope i'm even better than that.
8:54 am
>> and -- >> thank you. >> here's a little something for you. a little something-something. play it. >> hey, ginger, i'm so proud of you. i think you've done incredible already and i just can't wait to show the world what you're capable of so good luck, rest up. i can't wait to see you back in l.a. so we can get back to practice and, yeah, show the world what we've been working so hard on. >> whoo. that's the first big compliment because he holds them off. >> he did say rest up. you got a big weekend ahead. >> we're on team zee. we're not the only ones. look in the control room. >> go team zee. >> thahas awesome.
8:55 am
>> history too. > affic alert for you this morning on i-75. >> constance is here with a look at this road which is really nasty >> i know. it's been a mess for several hours. three lanes were shut down. they have begun to reopen. this is i-75 northbound at royal palm boulevard. we had delays stretching to pines boulevard. let me show you how it looksow. right here behind me is where this accident scene was.
8:56 am
better than what we were dealing with all morning long. delays. showing us there are still some slight sanjose in place. if you're traveling on the u.s.-1 northbound a crash at southwest 28th >>hank you, constance. good morning and happy friday, south florida. it's been a warar muggy week and we're continuing those conditions this morning. alreadad 76 in miami. 74 ft. lauderdale. 77 in key west. the winds are calm. this is another great day to head to the beach for spring braryks. this is an ideal week with light winds. beach-goers and boaters just great. we will notice the chance for showers in the forecast today. showers in the forecast for jazz in the garden saturday and sunday. an nfl player in critical condition after a dirt bike crash. baltimore ravers corner back tray walker whose from that area crash mood an s.u.v. at the intersection there and suffered some head trauma. a source tling us the police are right now looking nor another nfl
8:57 am
witnessed that crash. two are in custody as police search terrell forney two more after a crash.
8:58 am
we'll have more on >> it's "live! with kelly & michael."
8:59 am
himself, star of "batman v superman," henry cavill. and from the new comedy, "crowded," actress miranda cosgrove. plus, another edition of "live"'s "flashback friday." all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are your emmy-award winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] kelly: hi! hi. hi. hi. hey, ya'll. hey, ya'll.
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kelly: hey t friday, march 18, 2016. thank god it's friday! [applause] kelly: you know that song? friday, thank god it's friday, friday. i'm the only person? michael: friday night just got paid i don't know the rest of the words. mama up them words cuz we don't know them kelly: feels so good to me [applause] michael: oh, i see. kelly: i'm still going back to the 1970's. friday, thank god it's friday michael: it's friday. we got a weekend after this. i can't wait. kelly: guys, listen. it is world sleep day. so in honor of that, i say to you good night. michael: i mean, world sleep day.


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