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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  March 19, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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name with this shocking win over michigan state. plus, the slam dunk that wasn't and this half-court buzzer beater. >> jesperson, half-court heave for the win! >> you better believe it's go big or go home. go big or go home hey, good morning on this last d d of winter, all right, we've got a little bit of a bad news/good news situation. the bad news is there is a storm making a mess in much of america right now but the good news is rob marciano is back. hey. great to see you. >> this one is not really bad. we'll talk more about that. >> great to have you back. you did a phenomenal job filling in for job while on maternity leave. indra did a good job. >> i'm happy t be back. >> i know we're looking at seve storms then possible snow in the northeast starting tomorrow. rob's i going to have the forecast in a moment.
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breaking news overnight, a fatal plane crash in russia. the plane coming in at a steep angle and then the fireball. >> tough to watch. it was a boeing 737 operated by a budget airline called flydubai. the plane was traveling from dubai to a city in southern russia. there were 55 passengers, as well as 7 crew members on board. no survivors, emotional scenes at the airport with distraught family members receiving the worst possible news. >> a disaster. for more on what went wrong here, leles bring in abc news aviation consultant colonel steven ganyard. steve, good morning. it appears to hahve been caused by strong winds, officials say, near hurricane force winds. given what you've seen on the video, does that make sense to you? >> winds in and of themselves should not bring an airplane down. perhaps it was a contributing factor but if you see the video and you see the angle that comes in at i think
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>> we know the plane had tried hours earlier and they went into a holding pattern. why not go to another airport if in that area? >> perhaps they were told by the weather forecasters that the weather would improve but we'v'v morning, the radar ground track. if you look at it, it's very circuitous, doesn't make sense, so perhaps the pilot was lookingng out the window trying to find the airport at night and when it's not hard to get visually which way is u u >> disorientation. of course, we all remember the russian airliner brought down by a bb last october over the sinai peninsula. that. know of? >> i don't think so. the thing -- one thing that's interesting, where this mishap occurred is very close to where the fighting is going on in eastern ukraine, but at this point i think with the weather, find something that indicates this was human error as are most
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>> and one of the black xes has already been found. colonel steven ganyard, thank you for your analysis this morning, paula, over to you. ououthoughts go out to their families. our other top story in one of the most terrorists in the world is in custody this a fugitive in the deadly paris attacks was captured in a gun battle in brussels believed to be hiding there for four months right under the nose of law enforcement. he is a big piece to this puzzle in terms of who else could be responsible, and abc's alex down. alex. >> reporter: good morning, paula. that four-month manhunt came to an end right here at this house where salah abdeslam had been hiding. you can see the ground floor has been boarded up after the police raid. the police had been scouring this neighborhood and finally found abdeslam just a few hundred yards from his family's home. gunshots rang out as heavily armed s.w.a.t. teams moved in.
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residents running f/r cover. after four months on the run, one of the most wanted men in the world finally cornered on a quiet brussels street, the man in the hooded shirt believe to waiting police car seeming to be salah abdeslam dragged to a waiting police car seeming to leg. 26-year-old salah abdeslam is the so-called eighth attacker, the only surviving terrorist of november's deadly attacks that left 130 dead. grew up in belgium, a childhood friend of abdelhamid abaaoud, the mastermind. on the night of november 13th he drove the car carrying the suicide bombers to france's biggest soccer stadium. abdeslam also rented isis attackers at the bataclan theater where the american band, the eagles of death metal, was performing. authorities berieve abdeslam planned on carrying out another attack that night but got cold feet and called two friends in belgium to pick him up.
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cameras snapped this image. the three were stopped near the boboer but were allow eded to pass in belgium. abdeslam's family claimed they didn't know where he was and urged him to turn himself in. belgian authorities launched a massive manhunt focusing on molenbeek. conducting morehan 100 raids and arresting 58 people. meanwhile, abdeslam's friends told abc news he was trying to get to syria, worried that isis supporters in europe were unhappy he didn't detonate his suicide ve that november night but then on tuesday, a break in the case. a raid on this house turned into a shoot-out. one man killed by a police sniper. two others escaping, one of whom may have been abdeslam who reportedly jumped out the back window. inside his fingerprints, a cache of weapons and an isis flag. the net tightening, the police zeroing in, and 72 hours later, they had their man. abdeslam was released from the hospitalalhis morning after being treated for that gunshot
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he wasasrrested with four other people including three family members from this house. belglan police will interrogate abdeslam today, but france's president has already called for his extradition as soon as possible. dan. >> a lot of potentially valuable information to c ce from him perhaps. alex, thank you. we're going to shift gears now and come back to this country and the storm that's creating severe weather down south and could bring snow to the northeast. winter going out like a lion and rob is covering it all. >> good morning, dan. we had big hail across much of the southehe plains yesterday as you saw in that video and this morning especially parts of southeast texas could see some then it shifts more towards the florida panhandle. this piece of energy is what's going to kind of bring a little bit off a snow scare to the northeast, so let's go through that. here's the low and we'll time it out. 8:00 tonight looking for wet snow to develop across d.c. and especially across some of the higher terrain in the appalachians off towards the
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into -- or overnight sunday into monday morning, looking at snows from eastern parts of cape cod, boston will be more of a mess there. not going to see a foot plus. that's the good news, it is the first day of spring but 2 to 4 inches across eastern parts of new england. likely less than 2 inches if just some snow flurries maybe on a lucky way here from new york back through baltimore. so not as bad but it'll be the first day of spring so certainly significant. paula. >> rob, it's so great to have you back. let's move to something maybe a little less predictable than the weather, politics. next to the red hot republican race for the white house, donald trump continues to lead the pack with a big target his back, party but angry left wing protesters who were out in force last night in utah. abc's amy bruce is on the political bebe >> reporter: hi, paula. good morning. with those big contests in utah and arizona just around the trump is under attack from all sides,prepublicans, democrats, even international hackers, all trying to stop him.
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convention, it's over. i don't think there is going to be much of a dispute. >> reporter: this morning as donald trumpmpightens higrip on the nomination, the republican establishment is making a last-ditch attempt to take him down. >> there are only two candidates that have any plausible path to winning the republican nomination, either donald trump or me. >> reporter: ted cruz, who spent friday touring the arizona/mexico border, is racking up support from republicans who see him as their best hope to block trump, and now tt romney says he will vote for cruz in utah's primary next week@saying he's the only one who can deny trump the delegates to win theheomination forcing a contested convention. trump fired back on twitter saying "mitt romney is a mixed up man who doesn't have a clue. no wder he lost." overnight in utah he went a step further questioning romney's religion. he choked. he choked. it was so sad. >> reporter: this as trump comes
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takedown ads. $63 million and counting now spent on ad are ads like this. >> trump, the worst kind of politician. >> reporter: and now with just three days until those next big contests, the candidates are busy all weekend campaigning in utah and arizona as they prepare for a long slog to thehe convtion. dan. >> another busy stretch ahead. mary bruce, thunk you. now to the young man at the center of a headline making a prep school rape trial, he is waking up behind bars this morning. owen labrie, he had been free e bail while appealing his conviction for a misdemeanor sexual assault, but now a judge has revoked his bail after labrie violated d s curfew. he was whisked away in cuffs, and@abc's gio benitez was right there in the courtroom. >> reporter: a young man at the center of a high-profile prep school rape trial sent to jail. a judge ruling owen labrie violated his curfew while out bail. last fall -- >> guilty. >> reporter: -- he was convicted of misdemeanor sex assault on an
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prestigious st. paul school. hihiaccuser testifying at trial. >> i was raped. >> reporter: he s also found guilty of luring a child by computer, but he had been acquitted of the most serious felony rape charges, but when reporter from "vice" spoke to him on a train in boston tweeting "he is in town visiting his girlfrnd." the defense says he was on his way to a class lecture. finding labrie hours. jury. >> reporter: labrie's attorney apologizing to theheourt. >> he chose wrongly, your honor. and he's sorry. >> reporter: but that wasn't enough for the judge. >> i have to find that it is unlikely -- that you are unlikely to abide by any condition or combination of conditions of release. >> reporter: and labrie has now officially started serving his year-long sentence. but even if wins his appeal, chances are, he would have already served that time.
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>> all right, gio, thank you. and for the first time, we are hearing from the baseball player who abrbrtly retired when his team changed the policy on just how much time his young son could spend in the clubhouse adam laroche's move shocked chicago white sox fans and the nation for that matter and re-opened the conversation on that tricky life/work balance. laroche's teammates also weighing in this morning, and abc's eva pilgrim has more. >> that ball hit high and deep. looks up. you can put it on the board. >> reporter: adam laroche is walking away from what was likely the final year of his career and the $13 million left on his contract, retiring early after white sox vp ken williams told him he couldn't bring his 14-year-old son to the clubhouse anymore. >> management sometimes you got to make some un popularpopular decisions in order to have an answer for the next person that comes along. >>e're missing two big pieces to our puzzle. >> reporter: laroche breaking
8:12 am
to signing with the white sox he worked out a deal that his son drake could be a part of the clubhouse, but saying, this season i was told not to bring him to the ballpark at all. i had to make a decision, do i choose my teammates and my career or my family. the decion was easy. many of his teammates furious after a heated team meeting. >> dke's honestly one of the best kids i've ever met. >> i would probably say that the entire clubhouse is with adam. >> we're missing one of our troops and we can't get him back really. he's done. >> reporter: l lt-handed ace chris sale saying they were told three different stories why the team was not allowed even going as far as questioning the vp's version of events. >> we were bold-faced lied to by someone we're supposed to be able to trust. >> reporter: this controversy suounding laroche's retirement undoubtedly tearing the white sox clubhouse apart with just a few weeks to go until opening day. the owner of the white sox is waiting to comment on the situation saying right now he's try to getet to the bottom of exactly what happened talkingo players,
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this sparking a lot of controversy and a lot of talk about how much time you should spend with your kid. >> i spent six years in that clubhouse. it's a very family friendly clubhouse. i find it hard to imagine at some of the teammates didn't have a problem with it because that is a sanctuary where chemistry is built. it's tough to have a teenager in there everday. >> publicly a different story, sounds like. thank you, eva. >> let's check the other headlines with ryan smith in for ron. great to have you here. >> thank you so much, guys. good morning and good morning to you, as well. we bin with breaking news. newly released video out of iraq of british captive john cantlie one year after we last saw him. isis releasing the video of the war photographer mococng air strikes there. cantile was taken hohoage in 2012. the space station got a few more guests overnight. nasa sharing video of it carryingngwo russians and one american astronaut as it docked safely beginning a six-month mission in orbit. now, the capsule took off from kazakhstan very
8:14 am
american astronaut jeffrey williams, who will come home with the american record for the most time spent in space, a total of 534 days. a brazen jewelry store broad daylight. all caught on camera. group of five to six men they say made their way into the diamond solution jewelry store in the cobb county mall and you could see them threatening clerks at gunpoint, smashing display cases, check that out. authorities say they threw the jewelry in the bag and then took off. police have found their suv that they allegeded made off in but the men still at large. and a midair scare on a flight to hawaii when an iphone burst into flames. the passenger says she was watching a movie when flames started shooting out of her iphone 6. she quickly threw it on the ground and the crew put out the flames. the airlines -- most have banned hoverboards because of similar fire dangerc linked to lithium batteries. experts say cell phone fires are
8:15 am
another retirement announcement, by the way, for this guy, the guy they call sheriff, peyton manning. the colts will retire the 18 jersey and build a statue of him in front of lucas oil stadium and made manning number one pick in '88 and played for 14 seasons, manning saying, i'll always be a colt and went to the super bowl twice for them but wentith the denver broncos winning it right there. he announced his retirement from the game on march 7th. finally some schoolchildren in florida were a bit surprised to see a new student on campus. look at who the children spotted roaming around. that's right. that guy. this is geneva class academy. that a ten-foot-long gator, right. the trapper was called in. he did not go down without a fight. check that out. >> are we sure it's not a crocodile? >> it's a gator. it's a gator. they caught the guy, you know, they caught the gator, i should say. he was eventually set free somewhere else, not on school grounds, but maybe his navigator
8:16 am
what do you think, paula >> you think navigator. >> oh. >> see what you did there. >> that's brilliant. >> did you like that? >> you know, i would never come up with that one. >> that was a drop the mike moment. you just need to walk off set after that. >> drop the pen. >> drop the pen. you have many of those moments. we have missed you so much. >> i drop a lot of things. >> never the ball, though. >> that's true. great totoe back. obviously ron's got a problem. we love ryan. rachel, hello, and i missed you guys. >> dan's been pining for you. >> i know. i'm in such a good mood this morning to have you back. >> finally. >> i see the eyes you've been giving indra. >> she did a fantastic job. >> indra did do a really great job. >> check out this video out of kearney, nebraska, dust devil spinning up. conditions just perfect as we get a stronger sun angle with colder air moving over top of that. it is need to see video. often they do damage and this one obviously kicked
8:17 am
debris. a storm will be rolling across parts of the south and see panhandle and maybe strong thunderstorms that could become severe then that rainfall will get up into the mid-atlantic and then eventually mixing in with a little bit of snow. slight chance across southeast sit overcast with a breeze coming in out of the southeast for hollywood. out of the south in the keys and cam. we could have a few rain drops out there. the heavier showers have been for the southwest coast. more expected to come. temperatures in the upper 70s this morning. thn we hit the mid >> much more weather in about ten minutes. dan, eyes up here. >> okay. yep, no, i got you. thank you, rob. thanks for throwing him under
8:18 am
great to have you back. well, march madness is certainly living up to its name. how are your brackets this morning after two days of major upsets along with this amazing buzzer beater? well, espn host and "gma" contributor tony reali, just one of our favorite human beings tony, my bracket is toast. i'm sure yours is not. >> what a time to be alive and dancing into the second round, paula. the most upsets through two days ever including one some are calling the biggest of all time and that's not all. >> four seconds, no chance. it's good. >> reporter: march is officially madness. this 50-foot buzzer beater sending 11th seeded northern iowa to the second round over texas. >> it's amazing. northern iowa wins it at the buzzer. >> ellis, doesn't count. >> reporter: a late night heartbreaker for cincinnati after officials ruled this game-tying slam dunk no good.
8:19 am
slo-mo showing the two-handed jam was milliseconds too late giving st. joe's their first tournament win since 2004. >> i think he still has the ball in his hands. >> reporter: two days of underdog surges led by 15 seed middle tennessee running away with a win over number two, michigan state. >> gives it to potts. he's open for three and he hits it. >> reporter: the blue raiders scoring led by reggie upshaw jr. and giddy potts, the nation's top three-point shooter showing why he's number one. >>iddy potts. >> reporter: the spartans' loss busting brackets across the nation. an uproar on social media. even "the new york times" tweeting, "no, really. your bracket is done." no perfect bracket left at espn's tournament challenge. >> get inside. >> reporter: cinderella stories just beginning for a record breaking ten double-digit seeded teamc pulling off a shocker in the first round. so i'm back on the telestrator, may god have mercy on our souls. look at this.
8:20 am
i want to look. because this ceases to exist right now, paula. we'll look at it up close. middle tennessee, the biggest upset i'll say of all time. >> of all time. >> because 5 million people had michigan state into the final four including you. >> yeah. >> including the president of the united states. >> because you told us to. >> well, i mean -- >> you didn't even pick them. >> syracuse is double-digit seed advance. gonzaga, arkansas little rock and the big picture. >> big picture. >> nice and clean and not crumpled up in a garbage can. all these one seeds hanging out in plain sight happy not to be a headline. misery loves company. there's not a sing lle bracket on espn that's perfect so if that gives you a little consolation. tony, thanks for coming in. >> this was nice andndeat. >> dan's your brbrket is perfection and you're perfection to all of us. >> thank you. thank you for saying that. i appreciate it. not true, but anyway, thank you, tony. coming up here on "gma," hulk hogan's huge victory in his sex tape lawsuit against the website gawker.
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cc1 test message friends and family are mourning the loss of an nfl player following a dirt bike crash. tray walker suffered severe head trauma after he is dirt bike hit an suv thursday neeth. police say he was wearing dark clothing and riding the bikee without headlights. they want to speak to an nfl ayer that may have witnessed that crash. >> good morning. right now it's mostly cloudy all across south florida. a live look out of the tower cam. sunshine peeking through clouds. 76 miami. 75 fort lauderdale.
8:27 am
we expect showers and maybe a few storms later this afternoon. also ht and humid. >> that does it for us now.
8:28 am
>> back before 9 can more welcome back to "gma." we're kind of obsessed with this live footage, the eagle cam at the national arboretum in
8:29 am
watched pair of bald eagles s has welcomed a new family member. friday cameras caught the eaglet -- i didn't know that was a word. >> e-a-g-l-e-t. >> there you go. now uou said it. if you add another "t" and "e," it becomes a fancy dish. anyway now we're waiting for number two to hatch. >> thank you for that information -- revelation, dan. also breaking overnight, a plane traveling om dubai to southern russia makes a crash landing killing all 62 on board. russian investigators say weather may have played a part in this fatal crash. and starbucks being sued for skimping on its latte. some angry customers saying that the coffee giant habitually underfilling it's lattes to save money on milk. the company dismissing the claim. there's nothing more frustrating than getting the cup, and, oh, that's all that's in there. it's a little lighter than it looks. >> i don't drink coffee so not an issue for me. i somehow manage to survive as a
8:30 am
>> that in and of itself is a >> paula has delivered it intravenously. so we have a very different style. >> i.v. bags of coffee. coming up on the show this morning, the big accident on the set of the new "maze runner" movie, the star injured. how it happened. how he's doing and what is it going to mean for the production. but we're going to victory for hulk hogan in the >> that's righ it took the jury just a few hours of deliberations before they ordered the website gawker to pay $115 million for posting a secretly recorded video of him having sex. and abc's linzie janis is at the florida courthouse with the full story. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. the jury taking just six hours to award hogan that $115 million that was me than he asked for and it isn't over yet. the jury electing to hit gawker with punitive damages too. overnight hogan tweeting "told you i was going to slam another
8:31 am
>> just give us something, hulk. >> reporter: this morning an absolute victory for hulk hogan in his invasion of privacy battle against gawker. the jury siding with the forme wrestler on all counts awarding him $115 million, finding against gawker, its founder nick denton and former editor in chief a.j. daulerio for posting a secretly recorded tape of hogan having sex. >> did plaintiff prove that the video was posted in such a manner as to outright cause mental suffering achieving humiliation to a person of ordinary sensibility? yes. >> reporter: after the verdict hogan, whose real name is terry bollea, crying and hugging his legal team too emotional to speak. >> mr. bollea's exceptionally happy. this is not only his victory today but also anyone else who's been victimized by tabloid journalism. >> reporter: earlier in the trial hogan testifying gawker's 2012 post turned his world upside down.
8:32 am
>> reporter: the wwe star says he was filmed without his knowledge back in 2007 by his best friend at the time, shock jock bubba clem, who offered to share his wife heather after hogan's own wife linda left him. >> i was just so desperate, i went over there. one thing led to another. i just let my guard down. >> reporter: lawyers for gawker arguing the site's journalists were covered by the first amendment since hogan has long talked about his private life in public. gawker vowing to appeal. >> given the key evidence and the most important witness in this case were withheld from the jury, we all knew that the appeals court would need to resolve this case. >> repter: now, the judge would not allow gawker to call that key witness, bubba clem, to the stand because clem planned to plead the fifth. the jury is back here again on monday when they'll decide on those punitive damages. dan and paula.
8:33 am
from the start, to say the least. linzie janis, we appreciate your coverage. rime now to check the weather once again on a busy saturday morning and here's rob. >> we are wrapping up winter getting into spring, dan and, yeah, temperatures still feeling, and, yeah, temperatures still feeling much like winter. these are the temps that we're seeing right now. maybe a little warmer as we go through the day today, and whatever snow does fall across the northeast, tomorrow night into monday morning won't stick around too long because monday highs will bounce back nicely. but today, 41 degrees in chicago, 65 in houston, some heavy rain across the florida panhandle and some rain moving into northern california, 68 degrees expected at san diego and 65, a nice-looking day in portland, oregon. sgloo good morning south florida. jazz in the gardens this saturday. it would be a bit soggy. a few showers expected this afrnoon. can't rule out a thunderstorm. be prepared for that and drink plenty of water. it'll be
8:34 am
brought to you by state farm. speaking of farms and a bad transition, i want to defend dan who is a fervent animal lover. >> that's right, that's right. >> the little joke he made about eaglets, he meant nothing by that. he loves all eaglets. >> i'm sure i'll get some nasty tweets. >> don't you have a minor in zoology? >> i don't but i do have three rescue cats living an the house. >> and he has a child. >> you're really laying it on. >> those cats don't really like the child. let me just be clear. let me tell you what's coming up on the show the young star injured on the set of his new movie. what happened to dylan o'brien and how he is doing this morning. much more "gma" coming up after this. >> we stick through this. we get out now. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs.
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we stay close. we stick together, we get we get out now or we die trying. >> this morning fans are sending out their get well wishes to a the hospital when he was injured >> dylan o'brien was hurt while filming the new "maze runner" movie. production has been shututown studio with details. good morning, kendis.
8:39 am
investigators are in british columbia are on the set location located about 50 miles north of vancouver. theygre trying to figure out how this popular actor was severely injured. "maze runner" star dylan o'brien injured on the set of the latest film in the series filming a >> we get out t w or we die trying. >> reporter: according to tmz, the 24-year-old actor was run over while shooting a sequence involving a car. "variety" reporting he was rushed to a hospital after the accident. >> dylan o'brien w struck by a vehicle and he suffered at least a few broken bones as a result but nothing life-threatening. >> reporter: twentieth century fox confirming to abc news in a statement "production on the film will be shut down while he recovers. our thoughts go out to dylan for a full and s sedy recovery." >> get down! >> reporter: "maze runner: the death cure" is the third film in the $400 million
8:40 am
who also stars the heartthrob in the popular "teen wolf" series on tv. he spoke with "gma" about becoming a reluctant action hero. >> i guess you -- you don't, you know, consider yourself an action person, i guess, but it's fun. it's fun to do. makes me feel like a little kid and gives that little 12-year-old dylan side of me excited. >> reporter: overnight #getwellsoondylan trending worldwide. and all that matters now is that dylan recovers. we le you, dylan. >> it involved multiple broken bones but told not life-threatening and prognosis is pretty good and expected to be okay. >> that is a relief. i'm sure his fans will be happy to hear that. kendis, thank you, appreciate i >> thanks, kendis. and coming up on "good morning america" -- taking the pain out of doing yoyo taxes, is that even possible? yes. we have the advice in our "weekend download." you can find a recipe for almost anything... baby coun's gonna love that isn't she. oh my gosh. ... and gather all the right ingredients.
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well, the tax deadline is a little less than one month away, in fact, it's 26 days away exactly, so what can you do to get all that paperwork lined up? rebecca jarvis is here to give us some tips on what to work on right away. so what's the first thing you should do? >> you want to get organized. rob, that's the motor important you can do. you want to get your w-2s, your 1099s all pulled together but now ththe are so many great resources to really track your expenses to make sure those tax deductions are in order. for ample, is going to let you track all lf your receipts, keep them all in one place, there's also expensify. >> should i have started that earlier in the year? >> you can go back and they'll your purchases. >> we want deductions and want
8:45 am
overpay. >> there were a lot of people overpaying, rob. believe it or not, one in five tax filers are leaving $460 in refunds on the table. there are many things that you can deduct, for example, gas mileage on the job while you're working, you can deduct if you're paying for supplies at work. teachers get a $250 tax credit. uniforms are a deduction, and if you're a parent and you're sending your kids to summer camp, you can take a credit as long as you're a working parent for that. >> i love it. i only have one kid but i'm sending two to summer camp this year. you might get mine.
8:46 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by voya financial. changing the way you think of retirement. time for "pop news." rachel is here what you got? >> oh, some fun stuff for you guys this morning if you're game. >> we're game.
8:50 am
i know. but a game. >> maybe tomorrow. >> okay, so first up, guys, a new reason to love tom hanks. 2340, it's not another movie role. actually the oscar winner is providing his own lost and found service on social media. kind of crazy but, you know, if you've dropped glove while roaming the streets of new york city try checking out the actor's twitter account because over the last year he has developed the hilarious habit of documenting lost items he sees gloves, even a student's i.d. card which was successfully returned to its owner. you know, it's alll in a day's work for the world suggesting h hs returning a favor after tony found the it to him last year, so really funny shtick. i mean, you guys have got to check out his twitter feed. it's ptty funny and best might have been a high heel and he says something like, she left in a hurry. it was really -- >> i always wondered like if you
8:51 am
highway how did they lose it but in new york city you wear your shoes -- >> right. >> you wear your running shoes and put your heels on when you get to work so it falls out of the bag, right, dad. >> i wonder why tony didn't take take credit card out for a ride. >> because tony wanted to meet him. rapping g perfect harmony emma watson and lin-manuel miranda or maybe i should say hermione. see what i did there. well, she beatboxes to the "hamilton" star about gender equality. take a aisten, guy. yeah it's lin and i have to laugh how can we not be equal we're like women women are half of the people on earth and yes they should have been cut since birth that means all day equal pay every way okay are we really okay oh my gosh >> go, emma, go, emma and i mean, she's just chilling on the couch, you know, just free-styling so easily. clearly watson was like, embarrassed because she'd never
8:52 am
>> she did a great job. >> exactly. >> can you guys throw down a beep? >> of course. >> ah, yeah, wait, no, n n no. >> but that awesome rap was for -- >> you were working up to something there. you were really working up to mething. i like that. >> for the outtakes. >> that was almost something -- that was awesome, but it was almost something extraordinary. >> and inappropriate probably. >> probably. >> awesome rap was for a good cause. she is supporting -- he for she -- a organization that she's working on right now. >> very cool. and i'm going to need all of your assistance right now. >> okay. >> okay, let's play rock, paper, scissors. are you familiar with the game? >> rock, paper, scissors and ready, set, go. okay. >> let's do it one more time, ready, set, go. okay, so most of you guys threw down a rock, i think. >> i lost.
8:53 am
>> yeah, i did scissors. >> i won. don't know -- >> i had rock twice and i put u -- you go over rock. okay, so anyway, guys, let me get to the poioi of this. >> this is the worst game of rock, paper scissors played anywhere. >> oh, my god. we need a refer rehere. e reason that we played >> we need a basic understanding of rules. >> paper covers rock and then scissors trump paper. >> scissors cut paper. >> yeah, exactly but -- >> lads and gentlemen, news you can use. >> i promise, i promise i'm getting to the point here. it can all be explained by new study published in "scientific reports." researchers actually studied this and what we were doing, they studied 31 people playing 225 games each, the results revealing most people followed what's called a win stay, a lose shift strategy. if you win you're sticking with the same action that you just d. if you lose you're going to move
8:54 am
action, and, yeah, exactly so really crazy. >> how and why did they get funding for that study? can you imagine the grant writing process fothat, yeah, we're going to study rock, paper, scissors. >> they played rock, paper, scissors to determine whether or not to do the study. >> the reason -- let me fini. the research will be used by a psychologist to study rational and irrational decision-making. >> aha.% >> makes sense. >> you can't cheat you go, rock, paper, scissors and shoot, do under the table. and then reveal. so the lesson is -- >> we'll s you tomorrow, everybody, if you come back. >> rock, paper, scissors, don't come back. >> just go with paper. >> always go with paper.
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> yeah, not rock. >> anchor: you the island nation
8:57 am
obama's arrival. >> neki: and how tray walker's family is remembering him. >> anchor: your weather authority tracks rain on the way. south beach. food and fun with the annual jazz in the park stuff. >> anchor: it is saturday march 19th i am in for todd. >> neki: and todd taking a spring break. and i'm neki mohan. so much in town this morning, jennifer? >> jennifer: it is hot and very warm at this hour. good morning, ft. lauderdale and all of south florida. steamy continues for head. humidity is pumping with a southerly throw.
8:58 am
west and we are in the upper 70s. we are tracking a few showers. they are on the west side and more on the way to come. a lot of cloud cover coming out there. meanwhile, we'll deal with a cold froro early next week. i will tell you how this wilil play a role in our temperatures. all of that coming up, andrew? >> anchor: people in cuba are putting finishing touches in cuba. >>eki: the president is expected to touch down in havana tomorrow morning, we have more from victor? >> reporter: it is a beautiful at an in havana. and all of the talk on the
8:59 am
president visiting t e island. there is president maruddo. yesterday. here he is with cub an president raoul cast roechlt venezuela has given cuba oil in the past in exchange for teams of doctors and workers. they laid a wreath. what is interesting about that president obama will make that same exact stop monday morning and this is cub an reminding the u.s. of a bond between cuba and venezuela. havana is getting spruced up. the cathedral prprriations are underway at this moment.
9:00 am
a renovation and a back drop for another visit. right across the street we take you to the national theater. president obama will give a speech including the youth and it could be carried live on cub inn television. once again, he wil be the first u.s. president to step foot on cuban soil since calvin coolige. we'll be right back here once again. we are not only talking politics, but talking entertainment, baseball and the rolling stones, we'll send it back to you. >> anchor: we have a baseball came coming up. are the local excited and going to attend the game? >> reporter: they are excited about bothevents. it will be carried on television.


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