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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 9AM  ABC  March 19, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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a renovation and a back drop for another visit. right across the street we take you to the national theater. president obama will give a speech including the youth and it could be carried live on cub inn television. once again, he wil be the first u.s. president to step foot on cuban soil since calvin coolige. we'll be right back here once again. we are not only talking politics, but talking entertainment, baseball and the rolling stones, we'll send it back to you. >> anchor: we have a baseball came coming up. are the local excited and going to attend the game? >> reporter: they are excited about bothevents. it will be carried on television.
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we'll watch it at me. and rolling stones, people were walking by the stage just to check it out. they had never seen anything like. it and the older people can't wait to hear that music again d the younger people are looking forward to being introduced to it. >> neki: we'll check in with you later in the show. >> anchor: breaking news out of lauder hill. police say three people were shot on broward boulevard and 31st avenue. they said they should survive. throw people were detained as well. we have a crew on the way to the scene. >> it is heart breaking to see my family going through this. >> neki: they are trying to keep with the loss of trau walker.
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dirt bike hit an suv. he was wearing all black and no head lights. ine after surgery they could not savevehim. >> they tried everything. he was not responding. i am going to keep his s srit and dream, live. something that he wanted to do. raven nation. . >> neki: the baltimore ravens expressing condolences. they want to speak to an nfl player who may have are witnessed the crash. >> ancr: the search for attempted armed robbers on the run. police say he and his accomplice tried to hold up a miami bank. the attempt fell flat.
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shut it down. >> reporter: this attempted bank robby. they used a bizarre mo. one mh the guys was inside of an enclosed area where the a tm. and another guy, a passenger was firing shots and the employee locked the door to prevent anything worse. they surrounded the polioe. 5:50 p.m.efore the bank would close two guys came here. >> we are calling it a attempted robbery. one of the men shot in the air. >> it was two people involved. see the surveillance picture. this guy went to the enclosed lobby where there was an a tm.
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and his passenger is the one who fired shots in the air. one of the employees noticed what was going on and he immediately locked the doors and made sure the employees were safe. because of the bank employee this was only an attempted robbery and not worse. >> this could have been a critical situation but fortunately no one was hurt because one of the employees was astute enough to lock the doors. >> reporter: they have a really good picture of the guy driving the car. they need more information about the air. and need to find the red nissan
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call crime s stoppers with information. >> neki: a plane came crashing down in southern russia killing all 62 people has been recovered. you can see the plane coming in from the top of the screen and explodes. that plane came from dubai and crashed in russia. authorities believe bad weather may be to blame. officials say the sp in the paris attacks is now in cususdy salah abdeslam was in custody along with four others. president. they found his finger prints earlier this week. >> we have seen a lucky break in the investigation when they went in a safe house on tuesday
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be a terrorist den, and not expecting salah abdeslam, one of the most wanted men in the world. >> neki: he will face charges of the attack. >> anchor: a video shows johncantley talking about u.s. air strikes attacking a kiosk. the americans have little intelligence in the area. this is the first message from the british journalist. he was kidnapped in november of 2012. closer to home, a search underway for a critical witness in a deadly beach shooting. it happen in the spring break festivities.
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his name is christopher huff. a 20-year-old anton was killed on ocean drive. police want to talk to huff about it. we learned he had a criminal record including armed robbery. look at his picture. if you have information or know where he is, you are urged to ca miami-dade crime stoppers. >> neki: hulk winning a a $150 million suit in the sex tape case against gawker. the company said it was their first amendment right to post the sex tape. the jury agreed it violated his privacy. hogan's real name is terry bolia. he sued the magazine for posting the the video of him having sex with his bt friend's wife.
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man pulled a gun on a convenience store clerk. >> neki: biggest acts hitting the stage for jazz in the garden. >> jennifer: i will have your forecast for jazz in the garden and anything for saturday. next few hours, things are heating up rapidly.
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rain as well. >> anchor: miami gardens will b b grieving tonight. >> neki: that's right coland the gavenlth it the jazz in the garden festival. >> anchor: there will be urber and cool and the gang hitting the stage today. >> neki: you got the first park ping spot i heard? >> reporter: i am early this morning, but i have my tickets. but as you can see there will be a lot of people sitting around me. the stage is being set and we
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people in golf trucks and trucks getting all of the boths and vendor boths set up. we have video. of course, there is music and big- artist headlining bring in tens of thousands. 78000 set the record last year. and they bring their wallets, making this event a huge economic draw and drawing local vendors. we caught upp with the miami urban contemporary setting up the outdoor art gallery. a dozen artist will be on display can for sale. all but one is a local right here in south florida. >> i think a lot of times in
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art out of school and not realizing the economic indicator. >> reporter: we got in touch with the organize rs and there is a bad weather plan in place. there is instructions on the screens that willirect people [inaudible] if bad weather should and praying that that doesn't happen. i am looking at the sun through the cloudss from the sunlight stadium. >> neki: all right. we'll keep our members crossed. >> anchor: move to the front row. neki: that is expensive. that's for the vip. you can say hi to me.
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and eric is looking forward to. it>> anchor: everybody will be groovivi. [inaudible] more than 55000 people will attend a three- day electronic dancncmusic concert. >> it is the best festival ever. >> it is spring break and we come here to a ton of fun. >> anchor: here's the thing thou, some people had too much fun. miami fire rescue was seen taking several people to the hospital. people need to stay hydrated and avoid drinking too much. common sense. the festival is causing traffic delays. southbound on biscayne is detoured on northeast second avenue starting at northeast 4th
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>> it is instagram and snapshot and facebook you want that shot of you passed out? >> i am sure it was the weather and how hot it was. >> jennifer: it has been warm the past couple of days. today even hotter and the reason why is humidity will make temperatures feel much warm wither are than the actual temperature. andy the way right now, we are at 79 degre in miami. close to hitting 80 degrees this morning and there is a breeze coming in out of south beach. beach goers, it is gloomy and the sun is burning through the clouds. there is a moderate rip current risk is in police. 79 in miami and marathon and key west. similar across the board. and winds are picking up.
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homestead was calm and now a breeze 12 miles per hour out of the southeast. similar wind speed in miami and ft. lauderdale. there is rain over the everglades and pushing north and east. there is plenty of cloud cover in homestead and southwest miami-dade and cos, you are seeing a lot o othe sunshine and that will help to warm things up. and we are seeing areas of rain over the g gf of mexico and ahead of it with the southerly flow, we'll have a threat for thunderstorms. now the marginal risk is just north of broward. and here we can't rule out completely a thunderstorm or two because of the daytime heating and the instability that is over us. and this cold front will make its way in by tomorrow evening. we are talking about around 8:00. we could have showers and
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not a complete wash out. have umbrellas handy and the raincoats as well. and a derate rip current risk. and bay at the light chop. and 82 for 4:00 p.m. and hit a high of 85 degrees today and tomorrow and cool air arrives by monday with a high of 70, nene. >> neki: police released this video of the robbery and they are shattering a jewelry case. their car was later found abandoned. one man in vegas behind bars, he robbed a store for nachos. the man pulled a gun on the store clerk who ran after himmar
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there was a physical confront aegz. and the man pulled out a weapon. the nacho thief is looking at burglary, assault and weapon's charges. >> anchor: nachos? hope it was worth it. when we come back, >> neki: ikean is pulling thousands of table and floor lamps out of their stores.
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>> neki: hey, you want it stay in south florida. how much does it cost? liz caldwell is show you how to move up with the right price of course. >> we have everything. >> neki: really on the water? >> minutes of walking the beach. >> neki: show me. >> first one in bay harbor. 41 residence nine story building on the water front and coastal
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they offer, 1, 2 bed room including penthouse. starting at 600,000 up to 1 million. and three blocks from the beach. >> neki: can you afford it? >> you got to have money left over to go shopping. and offer a water sports marinna and paddleboarding and wind surfing. rooftop lounge with panoramic pools and 36 feet long pool intinitty poll and outdoor are bar. >> neki: that's good living. what else? >> next one in deer field beach. it is it a boutique seven unit building and offers 1 and 2 bed
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starting at 639 to 669. expansive flow tlooi through units and designer fixtures and upscale kitchens and specialized sound proofing and landscaped pool. and fuse of inner coastal and walking to the beach. you can't beat it. >> neki: still out of my price ranae, liz. accident >> last but not least marinna palms. this was the first luxury residentialuilding with a marenna yacht club component in miami-dade county. they successfully completed building one. and building two, down to the last 40 units. this is a wonderful building offers 2 and 3 and 4 bedroom residences. full amenities and starting price 950 and up.
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is where you upon want to be. and they offer a boat club to renthe club. >> neki: what about those who want to visit. a little something for etch. and down and shopping and there you go. andrew. >> andrew: ikea is recalling the gotham floor and table lamps. the cables on those lamps were damage and can pose a shock hazard. so far three cases were reported employment lamps were old from october 2015 through february of 2016. if you own the lamp contact the ikea store for a full refund. apple press conference expected to go small this year. the headline is expected to be a smaller version. iphone and ipad pro.
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the campus in california. starting at 1:00 p.m. imagine this. hearing your door bell ring and looking to see a robot standing on the porch with pizza. this could be the future of domino's pizza in australia. the company has developed a self driving robot. it made its first delivery earlier this month. why are you laughing? >> they never test those things in south florida. >> andrew: they test them in california. >> neki: you know, right? folks when we come back, a stunt man we have seen all the way around. seriously burn p -- burned.
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>> andrew: he will tell us when
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>> neki:tt2watu# sd bt@q=&, tt2watu# sd "a@q-*h tt2watu# sd bm@q&!d tt4watu# sd " dztq ih$ tt4watu# sd " entq 9ld tt4watu# sd " gzt& k< tt4watu# sd " hnt& 0ep tt4watu# sd " iztq z,( tt4watu# s s" jntq h\h tt4watu# sd " lzt& p14 >> neki: time now 9:30.
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the weekend warriors are jogging and early is better today. >> andrew: i do not see a lot of sun there. >> neki: it is enough though. >> andrew: spring is tomorrow. i expect clear skies. >> neki: so do we, but we are hoping for the best. >> jennifer: oh, andrew mother nature doesn't listen to us. she does what she wants. it is steamy at 79 degrees and sunny skies in key west, feels like 82. and thihi willl only increase this afternoon. and tracking t tse areas of showers and now o o the eastern edge of this and moving closer
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and westin could see drizzles of rab. heavy downpours are spreading cross the gulf coast inorth florida. we'll have mor details when the cold front is expected to arrive over us. drew drou this morning, the family of tray walker is coming to grips with him losing his life. e died yesterday after his dirt bike crashed in miami-dade. we have more from michael. how is he remembered? michael? >> reporter: police are calling this a tragic accident. you can see the crime tape left over from the horrific evening and tonight, the community coming together to remember the young nfl player who grew up here in south florida. only 23 years old, tray walker hadn't come close to fulfilling his potential.
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a spot the on the nfl roster defensive back foror the baltimore ravens. this morning, family and friends heart broken. walker hadad lost his life, one day after being critically injured in a dirt bike p accident. >> we need prayers. >> it is it heart breaking to see myy family going through like this. >> reporter: walk wither was headed west and heollided with a ford escape. right now authorities calling it an ongoing investigation. they cfirmed that walker was riding with dark clothes and no light and no helmet. >> i told h@m i will always love him. >> reporter: he played at texas southern before being drafted in the fourth round of the 2015 nfl aft.
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tweeting out condolences. so right now, family members are finalizinghe plans for the funeral. as far as the investigation, the police want to talk to a new england patriot player who was with him and witnessed the deadly collision. and police are trying to catch up with him. >> neki: the man who caught fire in a high school pep rally rformance is out of the hospital. ricky charles suffered second-degree burns and spoke to local ten as he was released. charles described what was going through his mind at the time of the accident. >> i am going to die in front of a live audience. i am burned alive. i am almost c cing and it is terfoying. and like someby save me and
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>> neki: charles was performing in front of a group of kids. he used camper oil without light are f@uid without a practice run and he will not do that t rick with fire anymore. drew drou developing now. two@ people seriously hurt in a motorcycle crash. a motorcycle slammed in a four truck responding to a call and all of this happen on 118th avenue. no firefighters were hurt. two people were taken to the hospital in critical condition. more problems at troubled broward health. friday governor rick scott suspended the chairman o othe board while the office of inspector general inspected. they run five hospitata including flag ship broward medical center.
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genenel, and they review showed serious impropriorities of broward health that received taxes every year. >> neki: a miami man who posted nude photos of his exgiwlfriend will spend time in jail. he was arrested last year a"d charged withvideo voy ourism after putting explicit ptos of the victim. >> on the record he apologized and took responsibility and the victim understood that. and was oka and would wind up helping more people than having him sit in jail for a number of years. >> neki: garcia will have to do five years probation andonate money for victims of human trafficking. (chantinin
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trump protestors stood outside of a donald trump rally in salt lake city, utah. >> there is a lot of love. do we have love for the protestors? honestly they are doing their thing. thatever. i don't quite get the thing. t >> andrew: his son eric received a threatening letter. the powder does appear to be a lemonade mix. meanwhile ted cruz campaigning in southern arizona ahead of the critical primary. and during his trip he travelled to a small border town. and he was joined by rick perry.
9:36 am
presidential nominee is voting for ted cruz. the former governor said don would trump repulses him. he will support cruz in utah caucuses and romney is the star of a new utah campaign video for governor john kasich. >> in this week's presidential address, president obama calling for senate republicans to consider the nominee. >> after weeks o consulations with republicans and democrats and leaders across the country. i selected a nominee whoefs unmatched experience and integrity earned the respect of both parties. chief judge merrick garland. >> neki: the president is calling for republicans to give
9:37 am
pope francis has his own instagram account. the opening will increase a strong presence on social media platforms and has a twitter account with 26 million followers. last check was 186000. i got to like. >> andrew: coming up on local ten, a historic visit and checking with victor o talk about p the preparation for president obama's trip to cuba and how some are hoping they will support the fight for freedom. and i think this is a lover. comingng up.
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but only a fewewommands to master depositing checks at chase atms.s. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. >> neki: you know every week we feature pets who need a home. >> he wants to be your pal. >> neki: he is pepekinese. the person who had him didn't
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land lord said he had to go. this is not the kind of dog that jogs. he would be good with older kids and a sweet little dog that deserves a second chance. >> neki: what else do you have at the shelter? >> we have beautiful dogs and's beautiful cat named monkey. ten years young and a siamese mix and he gets along with other cat ands dogs and beautiful bluies. and the example of the amazing pets we get every day. if you are thinking about adopting, it is a great day to make a difference. >> neki: any specials? >> just lots of love. >> neki: sherry, thank you and buddy good luck.
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buddyill not last. call the broward countnt human society. >> he likes to give kisses. >> neki: i know he does, andrew? >> andrew: a large gator crashed a class.p they gathered around a trapper. and he wrapped up the gator's mouth andurns out it was almost ten feet long. he was probably looking for shade, jennifer? >> jennifer: probably, it is hot out there andrew. and almost hitting 80 degrees with a current temperature of 79 degrees and 79n the cos. not only are the temperatures five degrees above the average this time of year, humidity will make us feel much warmer and this is what it feels like out
9:43 am
we saw the 70s and it feels like 82 in miami. that is significant. we need to drink the water today. a lot of events are going on outdoors and you want to make it a beach day, keep yourself hydrated out there. and on theadar are, showers are tracking in northern colli county and a now showers have lingered and like a band headed to westin. and a lot band of rain headed your way in parts of broward and should disa pate as it tracks cross the northeast. out ahead of it, there is a threat of thunderstorms. the storm prediction centete giving out a marginal risk from tampa to naples and just north of miami. can have a thunderstorm,
9:44 am
is so steamy and with daytime heating, can't rule them out. it is spotty and not a complete wash out. and behind the front we coldown. use the sun screen. no advisories for boaters out there. south wind, 10-15 knots. and the buys for the keys, moderate. and now boaters keep your eyes on the sky today. and if there is no rain, it will feel uncomfortable. and tomorrow is the first day of spring. that will welcome us nice and cooler weather. and with with a high of 70. andrew. >> thanks, jennifefe >> andrew:. the spake craft carrying the
9:45 am
the ation. it is carrying two russians and an american astronaut as well. williams will stay six months and be the u.s. record holder for most days in space. they are all expected to return to earth in september. >> neki: oh, my baby bosh. >> andrew: and the newest member.
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march madness in the canes, >> sportrtanchor: if the heat and lebron james were in a book in a relationship it would be 's complicated and he won two championships in miami. to make it more complicated, there was this. lebron coming to south florida to hang out with dwayne wade. his picture caused a stir on social dia. and as lebron takes on the heat, wade said
9:49 am
>> lebron don't care. you do what you want to do. and he comes down to miami. and is a part of it. >> sports anchor: how about slam dunk contest eric gordon off a lf court. lebron taking it all the way the other way. cavs clinch it. hurricane in the second game. and that's what the head coach wants out of his guys as they take on wichita state. all of these games are tough. >> i think you know, especially in march where you play teams you never faced and never seen them on tv, it is a challenge at first.
9:50 am
and you know, we have an opportunity to do a lot of very good things, in march. and over all, everybody was focused and aware that anything can happenn the tournament. >> sports anch: the canes were tied with louisville until willie steps up and a winning grand slam. hurricanes win that 18- 4. check out kevin spacy packing his bags. he is hinting and coming to south florida. multiple reports said he is expected to be in the panthers gage against the red wing. the team is ralliedround spacy and the space shirts and spacy had a lot of fun on social media.
9:51 am
sports wrap. >> neki: congratulations in order for the bosh family. his wife gave birth to twin boys earlier this week. she held phoenix a very and the miami heat star holding lennox noel. they are happy and healthy and so are the parents. >> many baby p boshes now. >> neki: yes. you>> andrew: dancing with the
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9:53 am
>> neki: we'll tell y >> andrew: show them your moves. we are two days away from the premier of dancing with the stars. >> neki: this is hard work competing for the muror ball trope.
9:54 am
brown. she's got the moves, to. >> reporter: he's known for showing off the moves on the football field. antonio brown is ready to bring that touchdown down to the dance floor. >> football you want to move quick as possible. and in the dance room you have to move q%ick with great posture. >> reporter: they are getting ready for the premier of dancing with the stars. he is splitting the practice time between l.a. and south florida practicing on thehe studio in sterling road. >> it is a great time in miami. >> reporter: there may not be similarities to football and dancing. but antonio believes it is hard work and discipline, something he deals with every day in football practice. he has a challenge ahead of him. his first dance is the quickstep. >> he has so much to learn.
9:55 am
it is one of the most difficult ones on the show. >> i am moving quick but not good posture. it is a challenge. >> reporter: antonio is lucky to be paired with sharna. and she won last year. and she warns there is a lot of hard work ahead. >> he is an incredible athte and he has steeler nation behind him. >> she's doing it a long time and a veteran. >> reporter: ja nice fernandez, local ten news. >> andrew: so again dancing with the stars premiers this monday right here on local ten. >> neki: much more ahead. we'll follow the latest on president obama's upcoming visit to cub a.>> andrew: we have the
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overnight in russia. we'll have your weather thority meteorologist are tracking the chance for rain. >> andrew: time to get grooving in south florida. music and fun and soon to be the nual jazz in the garden festival is. good morning, it is saturday march 19th. i am andrew perez in for are todd tongun. >> neki: i am neki mohan. it is going to it be a great day t pack a poncho. >> jennifer: raincoat or umbrella. you will want to have it just in case neki and andrew. we are waking up to cloudy skies.
9:59 am
els like 84. very humid. humidity currently at 74 percent. rainfall in broward and miami-dade and the keys. the development of showers and storms are in the forecast. the reason why. there is a cold front sweeping over the southeast. we have pieces of energy that is it stirring up the atmosphere and allowing for instability to occur. we can't rule it out completely. but it could rain where ever we are going today as temperatures warm up to the mid 80s. we'll have more, coming up. drew drou in lauder hill, there was a triple shooting. >> neki: we have erica on the scene. what do we know so far, erica?
10:00 am
lauder hill police are out here. we are off broward boulevard and 31st avenue. crime scene technician are here. we shot video and you can see what is going on. triple shooting happen here. three people were shot and taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. everybody is expected to be okay. i got an update from police. they confiscated four guns and there is a pick-up truck parked along broward boulevard. that is part of the investigation. three people shot and four guns taken and three people in custody and interviewed and questioned right now. no arrest have been made. police have their hands full o
10:01 am
was a party in the area. we are just off of a busy street. we asked where they were coming from and why the shooting would have happen here with such a large group of people. they were at c ce 54 off sun rise boulevard and 31st avenue. just a couple of blocks north of where we are now. police have a couple of blocks roped off with caution tape. we'll be here and let you know whwh c comes o o it. >> andrew: right now people of cuba a putting the finishing touches ahead of president obama's arrival. >> neki: theres a talk with sit down with with a political activist. victor is live with the message that they hope the president will take to heart. >> reporter: good morning to you, human rights is high on the
10:02 am
this topic is a major point of contention with united states and cuba. from the beginning of th renewed relations, the president was to help improve the lives of the cub an people. they look for freedom of speech and right to assemble and freedom to earn more money. people say the arrests are up. more than 8500 arrese in 2015 and here is a political activist. he is one of seven invited to meet with high- ranking u.s. officials on tuesday. >> when i think of the main point here in cuba right now is the topic of the human rights. te have a dream and ourream is freedom. >> reporter: in addition, here are are others invited to meet
10:03 am
the ladies in white,nd sanchez sanchez. and that is the plannn some of them are being watched closely and some have been threatened and told not to meet with the president. there is a big week ahead. and also coming to entertainment. tampa bay rays will play against the cuba national team. and rolling stones set to play in havana. the stage is set up and impress you have and the locals have ver seen a anything like it. >> reporter: mick jagger and the rolling stones will perform in front of the cub an people in a week. she can't wait to see the concert and it is going to be great. the older generation remember the music fondly and the younger group will get satisfaction for
10:04 am
he will come with his mom and aunt bus they are rolling stones fanatics. they expect a million people to show up. the audience said this i is historic. neneby the capitol building is getting an update of his own. said. look at the stadium and improvements. the game is set for thursday and president obama will love havana for argentina.a. he said this signifies a good relationship between u.s. and cuba. at least a good relationship. our crew in havana spotted a black car outside of the embassy. we expect president obama the to drive around in that car.
10:05 am
it is the car that we expect the president to be driving in while in havana. we expect the president to arrive here tomorrow on subpoena. and at 5:00, we'll cover it every step of the way. >> neki: calvin has been there several times. and victor, how are the people evolving and what is their reaction, president obama's visit is the last big visit ahead of all of the change? >> reporter: absolutely just from speaking with the people in the day or two here now, they are much more engaged and up-to-date on what is happening. and they mentioned to me before i told them about my p pns for the trip. we heard about the 110 flights daily and they know where the president is going to be and waiting to see what is going to
10:06 am
>> neki: thank you, victor. >> andrew: we'll have much more for y on the president's historic trip. we'll continue the coverage at 5:00 p.m. and live special coverage on the president's arrival to cuba on sunday starting at 4:00 p.m. >> it is heart breaking. it is crazy. >> neki: the family and friends trying to keep with the loss of miami n nive and nfl star tray walker. he died after his dirt bike hit a suv. he wasas riding the bike wiwhout head lights and wearing dark clothing. he suffered severe head trauma and even after a surgery that lasted several hours, he could not be saved. >> they tried everything theh tried.
10:07 am
and i will keep his spirit and dream alive. something he wanted to do, raven's nation. >> neki: the baltimore ravens expressed condolences through twitter. >> andrew: developing now. a flight recorder in a plane that went down in southern russia. look at the video believed to have showed that crash. e plane comes in from the top of the screen and explodes. the plane crashed while trying to land in russia. the crash is under investigation this morning. we are told that local authorities said bad weather may be to blame here. >> neki: a suspect in the paris attacks in custody following
10:08 am
salah abdeslam is in custody. investigators found his finger year. >> what we have seen is a lucky break in the investigation. when they went into this safe house tuesday afternoon, not expecting it to be a terrorist den or have salah abdeslam, one of the most wanted menn the world. >> neki: he will face trial for his role in the deadly attack that killed 130 people. >> andrew: there is a new isis journalili. strikes. cantley said the americans have little concrete intelligence and target. he was kidnapped in november of
10:09 am
closer to home, a search under way for a critical weapons in a deadly south beach shooting. it happen last weekend in spring break fefeivities. this man is christopher huff. and the 20-year-old was killed in the fight in ocean drive. this is another look at huff. look. we learned he had a criminal record and includes armed robbbby. if you have information and think you know where he . call the miami-dade crime stoppers. >> neki: hulk hogan winning 150 million in the sex tape lawsuit against gawker. the company argued it was their first amendment right to post the tape. the jury didn't see it that way. hogan'ss real name is terry bolea
10:10 am
of him having sex with his best friend's wife. >> andrew: tonight, details on the jazz festival. >> jennifer: this is what to expect in miami gardens. yes tis steamy and steamy for all of south florida. we expect to see showers after 2:2: and maybe i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where rzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle.
10:11 am
if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what u do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do.
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10:13 am
>> andrew: there is that music and miami garden. >> neki: today is old school day. lots of good stuff. the jazz in the garden festival kicks off and not much sit issing down with all of the artist. baby face tomorrow. and we have local t ten lai livingston and he's there all morning. good morning. >> rorter: good morning and i will not be singing tomorrow which is a disappointment for some people out there. five hours and 49 minutes and 59 seconds now until the doors open today. my ticket is for sunday and hopefully more people will join
10:14 am
78000 people came out for the event last year and some say that's what keeps them coming back. >> it is the top of the line. >> reporter: roxy keeps coming back for more. >> the music and vibe is amazing. >> reporter: he owns one the of the repeat vendors that plays for jazz in the garden upon. >> you have your presentation and you booth is nice and presentable and guaranteed to make money. it will be beginning to end of the show. >> i think a lot of times, y go in education and they take art out of school and not realizing the economic generator. >> reporter: ashley thomas is with the muse. >> people don't realize how much talent we have here and our
10:15 am
art renaissance in miami, local artist are part of the conversation. >> reporter: a dozen local artist will be on display just feet from the main stage. and 80000 people expected to be here. >> it is generating income and putting miami gardens on the map. >> reporter: speaking of map. if there is weather. they will make sure people are safe as possible. and get here early because of construction around the stadium. parking is limited and get one of the first serve, spots. >> i will get dropped off. can i get a ride. >> andrew: please, please. at least the weather is going to hopefully cooperate. >> neki: we are keeping our fingers crcrossed. >> jennifer: if it is not
10:16 am
theable because of the humidity. that makes temperatures feel warmer. drink plenty of water with all. events happening outdoors. enjoy it and keep yourself hydrated and it is currently 80 degrees in miami. we are seeing more sunshine and it is cloudy over broward and northern part of miami-dade county. this is what it feels like for kendall. and actual temperature is kwo degrees. and so yes. very warm out there and so far, as far as rain over us. broward through the keys, not much to talk about. there is a batch over collier and henry county. and westin, that rain diminished in the past few minutes. there is a bulk of moisture and this is strong thunderstorms embed ped in this. this is ahead of the cold front
10:17 am
but not just yet. the concern for today is shower activity and thunderstorms for south florida. by the way, storm prediction put out marginal risk for severe storms in central florida and including parts of broward. if we get them over broward, there is a chance they could produce gift winds and heavy downpours. and the threat for fatherer south it is limited and there could be a thunderstorm over miami-dade. and by tomorrow, cold front arrives in the evening. and boaters keeping an eye on the side. and we have to talk about the seven day forecast. today and tomorrow warm this monday. >> thank you, jennifer. nright now the music festival
10:18 am
more than 55000 fist pumpers will be attending the event. crowds are pumped. >> it is the best music festival ever. >> everybody knows about it. >> spring break we come here. it is a ton offun. >> andrew: keep in mind the festival is causing traffic delays, i mean a lot. southbound traffic on biscayne is detoured to northeast 2nd avenue. >> neki: not going near it. enjoy it and safe. >> andrew: you are about to go on vacation. >> neki: i have to finish the news. new video released after the deadly kakalamazoo's rampage.
10:19 am
10:20 am
10:21 am
what was he robbing the store >> andrew: new surveillance driver of an uber driver in kalamazoo michigan. it was recorded 25 minutes before dalton was arrested.
10:22 am
his car is the second black suv. dalton allegedly killed six people in the february 20th attacks. >> neki: police are searching for five people in a robbery. they threatened people with a gun and shatter aring a jewelry case. they got away with the jewelry. new this morning, a man in vegas behind bars, he robbed the utore, get this, for nachos. he pulled a gun on a store clerk who ran after him for stealing the nachos. the man took out the gun. the nacho thief is looking at burglary and assault and weapon's charges. >> andrew: right now looking at our hollywood beach cam. more people are packing the
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:25 am
10:26 am
>> neki: on the broad and i am keeping my eye on the dar still. no showers over broward or the keys. take those umbrellas. highs of 85 degrees and drink that water and we cool down on monday. n>>andrew: first dayay of s spring tomorrow. >> neki: that's right. thank you for joining us on local ten.
10:27 am
10:28 am
>> neki: you can get the >> in the spring, a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love wrote alfred lord tennyson.
10:29 am
turn to thoughts of spring food. that wawas shot michelle bernstein, which is me. now with t t winter in the rearview mirror, it is time to do our thing for spring, here on the spring edition of so flo ste. this is south florida, where i live and work. i am chapter 8. south florida is more than some, send come and see. it is a lifestyle fashion, sound, fashion, and of course food.. food with dates from all over the world. join me as we celebrate the food of south florida and the people who love i. join me as we experience so flo taste. . >> well, i am chapter night here at the miami culinary institute. welcome to so flo taste. tomorrow morning, the sun will cross the celestial equator on its way north along the ecliptic. or in other words, at 12:30 am, spring arrives and it is almost my birthday. i thought it would be fun to honor spring with some spring ings.
10:30 am
i have a friend with me today, hi, honey. the reason why he calls me chef is because i am his shift and he is my ship. this is mike, and mike is the chefefofof cenna which is my restaurant, air restaurant now. [laughter] >> and, i asked m mike to come here. finding some of the best of ford's harvested things locally, i thought it would be wonderful to have them here to introduce spring to office. so, he will be making two dishes.. >> today, we will make a pizza and carrot salad. so, we have some snow peas. >> and i like that, by the way. >> @hey are from lake helen florida, so it is a little bit north of lake tampa, central florida area. >> and we also have some baby care to come from sam sewall as well, >> i do not know that area at all, but year. >> so, the first thing we will do is start with the vinaigrette. what we want to do is we ha


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