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tv   Local 10 News Saturday 6PM  ABC  March 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the beast. the limousine that the president will use to travel around the island. and you may recallloo back in august the american embassy openen for the first time since 1961. the floog going up for -- flag going up for the first time. it will be one of the many stops for the predent when he comes here. he will greet the staff as he goes into the american embassy. which remains a major attraction for tourists when they come here on the island. expectations are very high for the east side pr heech -- president. he is going@to be here for two and a half days. i spoke with a lot of cubans who have very high hopes. >> reporter: across from the capital building,eople had their lunch and relax and wait for the city bus. we thought it was a good place to get cubans to react to president obama's historic visit. >> you don't want to talk? >> no no. >> reporter: there were some who teams open to expressing their views.
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over here and get to know cuba, then he has the right to. this woman says, president obama has good intentions with our country because he is a person who wasuman before anything. but the most striking and honest comments may have come from lazero. he says, i can't explain to you the emotions i feel for obama's visit. i suffer daily, he says, when i cannot bring home food but our salaries are not enough to live or survive and foo is scarce. i wondered if he fear the response for talking so candedly. he says no, i have neverer been afraid. i feel free. i'm not afraid of what they can do. i waed to know if he had a mesnl for cuban -- message f/r cuban exile in miami.
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think, it's what we think, he says. they have their situation bute don't have anything. >> reporter: he was very brave to talk with us today. he was very open and honest with his comment said as well. major preparations are underway for the baseball game on tuesday between the cuban natitional baseball team and the tampa bay rays. they are going toave a baseball game of diplomacy and you know as we know diplomatic relations were restored in 2014 when the president made his announcement. it's always interesting to hear a certain song played on cuban soil. ke a listen. . >> reporter: a cuban choir of young people singing the national an them all in preparations for tuesday's game between the cuban national team m and the tampa bay rays.
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out as they did back in 1999. the baltimore orioles win the game 3-2. my colleague here had a chance to talk with tamp bay rays baseball players and comments from a miami columnist who really was very very honest and very painful comments too coming from dan. >> very painful and honest. miami calling this now tv commentator says the rayshould not be traveling to cuba or playing against the cuban national team. osciously whee is of cuban heritage and has -- cuban heritage and has a lot to say. the excitement in tamp because i traveled to kavm to talk to the players, this is not just about the comment titian. it's about history. baseball bringing two old foes together. >> the love of the game is at
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>> reporter: players from the tampa bay rays thrilled that the chance to see the legendary baseball culture here in cuba. >> we feel pretty lucky that we got picked. >> rorter: the same union by way of baseball still pains some. >> it just hurt my feelings. >> reporter: now he is tackling a tough and personal subject. >> he gave this show the opportunity to go. it was just heart breaking. >> reporter: it was an espn promo that had him lash out. too much pain h says especially with a small pocket of cubans. >> we were chased through the streets for having different political views. my mother's uncle was in jail for a decade.
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understands. >> reporter: the game goes on. and players on both sides of the florida straights are ready. and they're naurt just ready -- they're not just ready for the game. president obama. >> let's take you back to tampa. very different atmosphere in miami in terms of the game. >> different connection. this is a community that -- has a connection to cuba. back to the late 1800s. a different experience. the first major league baseball played in cuba in 1991. you talk to the people in tampa. they have a difrent feeling towards the island. miami. the president is going to be at the game. do we know where he will be seated? throw the first pitch? >> he is not going tohrow out
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but he will be sitting with castro. mething angering cuban americans in miami certainly. >> and of course you can understand. >> of course. it's pain so personal to him. we're talking about his mother now. it's -- we heard that story time and time again back in miami. we also want to mention too that this is a big issue between the two countries. the issue of migration. nine cuban migrants died at sea. others reckude by a cruise ship on friday. 1300iles off the florida coast. they were at sea for 22 days.. this is a major issue not for cubans trying to cross the florida streets but also trying to cross the texas border. >> we were at the mexican u.s. border waiting for the cubans that were originally stuck in costa rica. this is an ongoing issue and i'm sure local 10 has been covering for years with subsuquent
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we're seeing it again. 40,000 cubans coming in 2015. >> is it fair to say record numbers since the president has been in office? >> yes. yes because thehe fear here on the isisnd we're told is that wet foot dry foot is goingo go away. >> a number of issues will be discussed when the president comes here. he'll have a state dinner with castro and a number -- a number of other issues spoken a about. we have you covered every step of the way. a lot more coming up at 11:00 tonight on the eve of the president's trip here. first sitting american president to come to cuba in nine decades dating back to 1928 when calvin coolidge came here with his wife. see you at 11:00. >> reporter: well in place ahead of the president's visit tomorrow. >> stay with local 10 news for more coverage tonight at 11:00.
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president's arrival tomorrow afternoon at 4:00. now to wild weather in fort lauderdale. a water spout was seen churning off the coast. this video posted on youtube. >> another video shows the conditio out at sea under a severe thunderstorm watch. heading into tonight. we have team coverage on the wicked weather. jennifer is in the weather center. >> first we start with derrick live in fort lauderdale with a look at the damage. >> reporter: people out here say they were actually really scared as they saw this giant water spout moving towards the beach and they have good reason. take a look at the damage that that water spout left behind. those are pieces just beyond these people. pieces of sail boats just tossed everywhere. take a look at this incredible
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away over theater then making landfall in fort lauderdale. >> i was scared for my life. we seen just -- boats just moving. >> reporter: those in the area say it looked l le a talk orb spinning and eventually hitting land tossing sail boats into the areaand snapping some like twigs and scattered across the sand. >> it was raining and just a water spout huge. looked like a ball like epcot at disney. >> reporter: this man was in the water. >> when the funnel cloud came down and i couldn't see which way the shore was, i was concerned. everyone was trying to get into the building of the restroom. >> reporter: scary sight for those just trying to hitit the beach on a saturday. instead sent rununng from weweher.
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just how scared those people were. no injuries reported. just property damage. our team coverage now moves to jennifer. >> in the weather center with a look at ahead and we're stilln a watch in some parts. >> reporter: just youered county still under a severe thunderstorm watch box indicated by this orange box you see around the -- wrapping around the county. so miami dade and monroe, you're not included in any severe watch box. now severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 9:00 p.m. and again that's for broward county. much better on the radar as far as the showers. showers pushed off shore and they're not as intense. light small showering in and around miami dade. still very cloudy with a few showers that cannot be ruled out as we head into tonight. and even into tomorrow which
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we have a cold front on the way. also at 6:00, remembering the life of tray walker. fans avoiding the death of the nfl star involved in a crash wednesday night. live with more tonight. >> reporter: thiss vigil wrapped up just a short time ago. there were dozens of peoeoe here. you can see what is left of it. right here rking the spot where tray walker tragically crashed his dirt bike and later lost his life. the cappedles with his initials with a cap in the center. tonight those who loved tray walker will gather in prayer.
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police say walker was wearing black clothes and riding hisis dirt bike without headlines and collided with an suv. walker was rushed into ergency hospital and it seems his head tromaa was too su -- trauma was too severe. it was less than a full day after the crash. >> and then we can doo that. >> reporter: walker has roots here in south florida growing up in miami attending northwestern senior high and becoming a standout football player. landing him a spot in the nfl with the baltimore ravens and his family couldn't be prouder. >> he had so many dreams. he came too far. too far. too t too far.
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>> reporter: a lot of pain and regret as well. a lot of people wish that tray had just worn a helmet that day. but sadly they can't go back and change the past. the investigation into this crash is still ongoing. coming up next, miami gardens is feeling the groove tonight. this is a live look atazz in
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we're taking you there after the plenty of big games will take to the stage this weekend at miami groove. nicky joins us live. hey, nicky. >> reporter: hey, carlos and cheyenne. what an afternoon. it's a beautiful evening. look on the stage here, nile g. wrapping up his week. look at the crowd. the sun is going down over a beautiful afternoon here. we are dancing in the aisles. is is the 11th annual jaza in the gardens. more tickets available if you want to come on down. lots of great acts. we were@worried about the rain but no rain so far. a great evening. we have cool and the gang coming . michael mcdonald. everyone excited to be out here. jones j jt up on the stage.
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minute. really great evening. let me show you how far back the crowd goes. this is a very important crowd. that's where the food and that's where the dancing and that's where everything else is. i know, cheyenne, you'll be down here tomorrow at jazz in the gardens. a grgrt event. such a big economic factor and the vdors say they do very well. people always ask why it's in the parking lot. they say the vdors can benefit from all the people coming from all over the country. great weekend. it's just getting started. >> reporter: okay. great work. i'm very very happy that the rain stayed away from the gardens. that's what i was hoping for. didn't stay away from broward county and davey. we had heavy showers and thunderstorms.
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watch still in effect for broward county uil 9:00 p.m. tonight. you can see most of these hefy down pow -- heavy downpours were producing water spouts off shore and continuing to push towards the north andeast. they're getting further away from the coast line. the winin picked up a a lit. little more -- a bit. little more sunshine for the lete half of the afternoon. temperature at 85 degrees in fort lauderdale. 87 miami. right now temperatures still in the mid 80s across the area. windpicking up. winds at 17 miles per hour. straight out of of the west. the winds will stay west to southwest. even through tomorrow. tonight temperatures struggle to dip. stay cloudy. rain chces high tonight. it will quiet down overnight and then again morrow, we'll have to keep those umbrellas and rain coats handy because we'll see a
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that shaped up today. again tomorrow afternoon and then the front passes thou by 8:00 p.m. we cool down by monday and become breezy through
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we are live at american airlines arena getting ready for a big ll game tonight. take a look over my shoulder. there are no longer free throws, he corrected us. they are jump throws. he was struggling at the free throw line this season. he changed it up. he is shooting jumpers and all of a sudden he is an 80% shooter. they'll need him tonight for lebron james and the cavaliers. more on that in a moment. we have already had some madness today. how about the hurricanes trying to py their way into the sweet scene? taking on a tough wiciita state team. on that. early. comeback.
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monster apy oop. 65-57. they're moving on. how sweet it is. >> back out here at american airlines arena, james is in the lineup tonight. he is going to start unlike the last time. that game, lebron sat out. becaus the second night of back to back. always big when he comes back. won two championships as a member of the heat. for that reason, a lot of people will have their eyes on him around the country.
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if you're heading out this evening, you'll need the umbrella and rain coat. just in case. it looks like the activity is dwindling down. >> give yourself extra time to get to the heatgame.
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it's a mess. >> see you back here tonight atst text1 italics cc1 test message welcome to "world newsws tonight." protesters trying to stop donald trump in his tracks. taking to the streets in arizona, blocking the mn road to a trump rally. the massive delays, the arrests
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phoenixx to new york. while donald trump doubles down tonight. the passenger jet plunging to the ground, killing everyone onboard. a fireball lighting up the sky, was the pilot disoriented. details from the investigation coming in right now. the winter storm crashing spring break. from heavy rain to freezing temperatures, how much snow is in the forecast? the move to ban texting while walking pb number o of pedestrian fatalities on the rise, is texting to blame? and. picture-perfect pontiff, now on instagram, and breaking the internet in hours. #amen. good evening. thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm cecilia veva. tonight the pushback against donald trump louder and more forceful than ever, this as
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just days away from heading to the polls. in arizona today, protesters blocking the main road tois rally outside phoenix, some chaining themselves to cars, the traffic backing up for miles. anti-trump protesters taking to the streets here in new york city, too. thousands of supporters did manage to make it to hear him speak. right there, you can see itit, a massive rally and a sea ofake america great again hats and the republicans are plotting their own strategy to stop him as he heads closer to that republican nomination and abc's mary bruce starts us off with the growing resistance and donald trump's response. >> reporter: tonight, tensions rising across e country as trump faces new roadblocks. prosters outside phoen blocking a main street to a trump rally.
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three arrested. sherriff joe arpaio, a lightning rod for controversy coming to trump's defense. >> if they think they are going to intimidate you and the next president of the united states, not going to happen. not in this town. >> reporter: and in new york, thousands taking to the streets outside trump tower,r, clarking with the front-runner supporters. this, as the republican establishment tonight tries to block trump's road to the nomination. >> you have the establishment, they don't know what they're doing, they have no clue. >> reporter: top republicans, including mitt romney, now throwing their support behind ted cruz, as their last hope to deny trump the delegates to take the nomination. >> we need to come together and unite. >> reporter: in response, trump is taking aim at romney. >> this guy is a loser! >> reporter: and questioningis faith. >> are you sure he's a mormon? >> reporter: but cruz is punching back. >> it is disgraceful to call into question the faith of another. >> reporter: trump is also hurling new insults at an old foe -- fox news' megyn kelly.


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