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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 21, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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welcome back to sam champion. >> i'm representing spring. i'm sam. i realize spring has a lot to apologize for. day of history in cuba. president obama is there right now. he'll meet with cuban leader raul castro today. downpour last night. look at that low-landing for air forc one. people gathering on the streets of havanaeeing the president land. >> president obama sending this tweet as soon as he landed - translated, that means, what's up, cuba? 's looking for forward to meeting and hearing directly from the cuban leader. >> we'll begin with that nasty spring storm. more than a dozen states facing freezing temperatures. as far south as florida. snow is falling from new jersey to maine. rob marciano is in boston where many are facing a messy commut >> reporter: good morning, george. welcome to spring. how about this?
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the first day of spring h a snowstorm covering boston. this is mass turnpike just outside of the city where traffic is moveing slow. ey got nearly 3,000 crews battling this snowstorm with salt and plows. we got several inches on the gras surfaces. schools are closed for an extended weekend. this is pretty sticky snow. the problem with this, 's a wet snow, it will lay down some of the tree limbs and we could see some per outages because of it. very difficult start to the week and red sox, by the way, their home opene just three weeks away. it certainly doesn't feel like spng here in eastern mass. >> rob, thanks v%ry much. sam is tracking the latest on the storm. >> hey, good news, it's almost over for everybody. y 10:00, 11:00 in the morning, all that snow moves out. it clipped the east coast.
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watches and warnings are out. let's show you where t snow goes first. out by the eape and moveing toward the coast of maine. this thing is gone by lunchtime. where you have snow right now, even boston, where the snow is a little heavier, temperatures by 40 means snow is gone. mobile, deep south like pensacola and orlando, we got some cold temperatures not just today and tomorrow morning. remember, frosty morning in a lot of the south this morning. >> all right, sam. >> he made a quiui dash out there. the other big headline. president obama making history, becoming the first u.s. president in nearly 90 years to step foot on cuban soil. he'll meet with raul castro later this morning as the country faces protests over human rights. dozens arrested just hours before president obama landed on sunday and he spoke exclusively
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david muir. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. history madeere in cuba. not just calvin coolidge has a u.s. president visited cuba. but this visit doesn't come without controversy. a year ago, i asked the president if he would be visiting cuba, he said let's wait and see. shortltl after landing here, he explained why the time is right. the president, first lady and their daughtete coming off air force one in cuba. short time after touching down, our interview with the president. mr. president. >> goodo see you. how about that if. >eporter: how about that? you know, as you're well aware as wee spoke last time, i asked you if you would be visiting cuba before the end of the presidency, you said, let's see how things evolved. why now. >> our attention has been to get
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change wasn't going to happen overnight. but what we have seen is the reopening of the embassy and although, we still have significant differences around human rights and individual liberties inside of cu, we felt that coming now would maximize our ability to prompt more change. >> reporter: but you often said when you visit countri around the world, they put a fresh paint up and what are you looking for proof that there's been progress. >> there's no doubt that the cuban government is still a one-party state that's exerting control and that's stifling dissent. >> reporter: the president argues that he's already seen cuban entrepreneurs blossom. american businesses say, if we don't lift this embargo, other countries are going to get in
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>> there's no doubt that we still have some work to do. part of that is bringing the end of embargo. >> does it happen during your presidency? >> it doesn't happen between now and then. >> reporter: when you look out across havana, you see the young people gather on the street corners to borrow the wi-fi. fewer than 5% of the homes here have access to the internet. >> that's why these changes will be significant. one thing we'll be announcing that google has a deal to set up more wi-fi. >> reporter: how quickly does that change a country? >> well, you know, change is going to happen here and i think that raul castro understands that. >> the president telling us change is going to happen here and he'll be visiting with president raul castro a little
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he says he'll be very open with him about his critique of human rikhts, saying it needs to get better and the freedoms of ordinary cubans. >> you referred to the meeting with raul castro later today. he did not greet the cuban president. did not greet president obama at the airport and many critics are making note of that, david. >> making headlines around the world, in fact, robin, not waiting there on the tarmac. lot of people point to raul castro as a leader trying to keep a firm grip on this island nation here. lot of people say they still believe in raul castro while inviting president obama and the first family with open arms. it's a delicate dance and we'll hear what happens inside that meeting room. >> delicate, indeed. more of your exclusive in the next hour and more on "world news tonight." george, you'll be anchoring special coverage later this morning. >> around 11:00
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now president another weekend of protests at rallies for donald trump. i pressed donald trump to condemnen the protests. all of this major policy speeches among the top candidates in washington today. abc's tom llamas here wit the latest. >> reporter: donald trump and the other gop cdidates head to d.c. today to address apac, the powerful lobbying organization for israel. he tries to impre relations with gop powerbrokers. this morning, donald trump's campaign changing the way they handle scenes like this. rallies. over the weekend, in tucson, a protester punched and stomped as he was led out by security. >> this was an african-american man and family that were there to listen to hear me speak.
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george on "this week" the protesters are not innocent lambs. >> at what point do the people blame the protests -- so you're blaming the protesters not the person that actually kicked the proster. >> no, i'm saying these are professional agitators. >> reporter: the campaign manager trump's top aid. >> he wanted to take down those powerful profanity-laced signs. >> reporter: this is the second time that his campaign manager has been caught. they'll be dedicating addional security resources to larger events in the future to prevent staff from having to intervene. donald, stand by me >> reporter: overnight, trump
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at his mar-a-lago mansion. ted cruz and john kasich showing no signs of giving up. trump fighting another war, this time against fox news' megyn kelly. calling her overrated, crazy and sick. fox news firing back, defending kelly, saying trump's extreme sick obsession with her is beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate. both trump and senator cruz addressed the president's trip to cuba. trump said that poim's trip was amateur hour because raul castro didn't greet him at the airport. let's talk with matt dowd let's talk about some votes tomorrow. arizona and utah. the big votes for republicans.
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utah becoming must-win for ted cruz. >> cruz wants 50%. if he gets more than 50% he wins all the delegates. it's like a high-stakes risk board, where they're moving armies around and having alliances in some places and fighting each other in other places. i think john kasich and donald trump's strategy in utah is to keep ted cruz under 50% so he can't get all the delegates. that's the dynamic going on in this race right now. >> a dynamic going inside the republican party, about 100-day plan by anti-trump age day or thes who want to stop him from getting the delegates he needs before the convention, but time is running short. >> well, i think, george, we have seen over the course of this last year the republican party, republican establishment has had various plans in the course of this of how to stop donald trump in this. right now, donald trump looks to
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odds on to win the delegates. you're right, time is unaring this. tomorrow night is a good indication of what's going to happen in this race. but they'll have a hard time stopping him before the convention. >> wisconsin will become a must-win for the anti-trump forces if they're going to have any hope. >> absolutely. now to chilly new information about the parisis terror attack suspect. officials say there may have been new attacks in the work and he had the people and the weapons to do it. abc's alex marqudt is in brussels with the latest. >> reporter: this morning, belgn authorities are worried about the arrest of salah abdeslam can activate other terrorist cells. they believe he was planning more attacks with @he help of a suppppt network that's bigger than they originally thought.
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dramatic raid that captured abdeslam. heavily armed s.w.a.t. teams slowly approaching a house in molenbeek suddenly as a man sprints out and tries to flee but the is takendown. now, salah abdeslam is being pressed by belgian interrogators to reveal more. he was ready to restart something in brussels, belgium's foreign minister said after a large of cache of weaponsas fond in a raid last tuesday. and new evidee of a new broad support network. >> the opportunity to interrogate abdeslam. to find out more about his ties to isis. >> reporter: abdeslam is frightened and weak. his lawyer has insisted to a belgian newspaper. already, abdeslam has revealed he wasn't meant to be thehe only surviving terrorist of the november attacks.
7:13 am
team of suicide bombers that he drove to the germany/france game. but he backed ou ditching his suicide vest and calling accomplices to come pick him up and take to belgium. belgian authorities tell us this morning the arrest could trigger a new attack or make the terrorist goes to ground. the alert in belgium hasn't been raised yet. but european officials say the likelihood of new attacks is very high. >> something to keep in mind. alex, thank you. now to amy with the other headlines. breaking news out of north korea. >> knotnorth korea fired off five missiles overnight, all landing in sea. as u.s. and south korea hold their largest joint exercise. the pentagon isis sending several hundred marines to iraq in the battle against isis. they're headed to a base that came under attack by isis over
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california. experts from the u.s. are helping russia as it investigates this weekend's horrific plane crash, all 62 abroad thelight were killed when it nose-dived into the ground at an airport during strong winds. overnight, russian investigators saying they're having trouble reading the data from those damaged black bocks. this is 20,000 pounds of illegaga fireworks going off up in smokok after the atf ordered they all destroyed. to another first family have welcomed another member. the president and the first family had a lot to chirp about. the first hatching on friday. they'll likely be named by ic vote. right now, their names are dc12
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lot of people want malia and sasha. that makes sense. we'll move on to some outage in the tennis worked. after the bnp paribas open ceo said thaha the men carry the sport. >> reporter: it's one of the most popular tennis tournaments in the world. but this morning, raynd moore the man in charge of the bnp paribas open in indian wells, california, is causing uproar. >> you know, if in my next life i want to be somebody in the wta because they ride on the coat tails of the men. they don't make any decisions. they're lucky. if i was a lady player, i would go every night on my knees and thank god that roger federer and rafa nadal were born.
7:16 am
event twice responded immediately. >> getting on your knees which is offensive enough. we as women have come a long way. and we shouldn't have to drop to our knees at any point. i feel like, you know that is such a disservice to her and everything about a female athlete. >> raymond moore has issued an apology for his comments saying they were in extremely poor taste. unlikely any of the female players will forget these comments. >> does h he know at the u.s. open this past year, the women's single final sold out before the men's? >> he knows now. unbeliable. thank you, linsey. back to sam. >> spring has a doctor's note. a little late on the eastern
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fully on the west, we already got that air. it takes time to move across. give us two days and this milder air gets to the eastern seaboard. d.c. 73 by wednesday. your selected cit cities are brought to you by macy's.
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morning. amy and i are still fuming from that previous story. >> coming up x, lucky to be alive. the teen pilot with the quick-thinking decision that saved he and his girlfriend. this iphone going up in flames. imagine this happed 30,000 feet up in the air. we're going to make sure it doesn't happen again. what if there was another way to look at relapsing multiple sclerosis? this is tecfidera.
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>> we have breaking news out of the of key west three people were shot. local 10 news reporter can is live right now from a duval street. >>er these were three people three men innocent bystander that ended in middle of all of this let's gettraight to video shot overnight by people who witnessed this happening on duval street. it happened just a few blocks down from popular ricking bar across street from irish kevins a domestic fight between a man and woman. some men tried to defend the woman ended up shot. three of them ran separate directions we have pictures of them looking for help inside a convenience store. suspect kauth one block down on green street. right now there are a lot of people outside sloppy joe's waiting to see kenny chesney they witnessed all of this a
7:25 am
share we will continue to update the story. man has been arrested. the gunman police say a 34-year-old derek michael david. he's from sugar love. we will very latest throughout day on live in key west, local 10 news. good monday morning south florida a quite change in a dip in our temperatur. it is overcast as you can see out of miami towery cam temperatures are dipping into the low 60s for fort lauderdale. mid 60s upper 60s down through the keys. still plenty of cloud cover out there an eventually we will see a lot of more sunshine. and it will be windy today, and cool so have those sweaters with you constance. all right jenniferer yar crash miramar parkway we're still seeing dlaes for folks trying to enter on to i-75. in addition to that another crash to talk about if you're traveling on don shula expressway heavy delays for northbound drivers and southwest 10 fourth avenue. also if you're taking those
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spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. morning america." you're looking live at boston, many facing a snowy commute this morning. schools are closeddhere right now. more than a dozen states under a freeze warning as far south as florida.
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obama making history in cuba, becoming the first sitting u.s. president to set foot in that country in nearly 90 years and preparing for a meeting with cuban leader raul c ctro later today. and david muir will have an interview about that. big birthday for twitter. the social media giant turning 10 years old. this is first tweet that came from the ceo jack dorsey. just setting up m -- maybe the spelling -- he had to take that one down. speaking of twitter, check out this young woman getting a lot of attention online. oh, so sad. she's feeling that march sadness after her team, university of kentucky team, lost. more on tournament coming up. first in this half-hour, george, hulk hogan celebrating a big win this morning after ry awarde the wrestling starr more than $115 million in his legal fight with gawker.
7:30 am
abc's li jie janice is still there in st. petersburg for us thismorning. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, rob robin. the jury giving hulk hogan that $115 million. also electing to literallyly punish gawker with punitive damages on top of that. we're back here at court today to decide on a number. how are you feeling? this morning, an enormous victory for hulk hogan and his invasion of privacy battle against gawker. a jury deliberating for just six hours before awarding him $115 million. once the verdict was read, hulk hogan buting into tears and hugging his legal team. earlier in the trial, hogan telling the jury the tape that showed him h hing sex in 2007
7:31 am
friend at the time, bubba clem, turned his world upside-down. >> completely humiliating. >> reporter: in closing argue pts his lawyer portraying gawker's owner -- >> privacy invasion has a positive effect on society. who thinks like that. >> reporter: but gawker says hogan made hish sex life news. giving them first amendment protection. >> giving the key evidence and the most important witness in this case were withheld from the jury, we all knew that this -- e appeals court would need to resolve this case. >> reporter: denton is referring to bubba clem the judge would net not let him testify because of his pleaing the fifth. wker wants all of that considered in his appeal.
7:32 am
>> all right, linzie. thank you ve much. joining us on what's next, dan abrams. lot of people talking about this. what do you make of the verdict? >> it's crazy verdict. no matter how much you hate gawker and you side with hulk hogan, $115 million verdict before the punitive mages, meaning before the point where they're supposed to be punishing gawker makes no sense. the idea that they're giving economic damages in this case to hulk hogan, $55 million that he supposedly suffered economically as a result of this makes no sense. so, i think they've got a very good chance of getting this reduced significantly on appeal. >> gawker has a good case for the appeal. >> yes. lot of people saying, no, problem, they'll go to the appellate court and they're going to throw this out. i'm not so sure.
7:33 am
incredibly nervous and concerned. yes, i'm confident that an appellate court will reduce the amount of this verdict. $115 million to $40 million. gawker is still in big trouble. the phase we're about to s see the next day or so,s where they'll punish them. >> that phase is? >> the punitive damages. it's time for us to punish gawker with money. it seems pretty clear they have punished gawker withth lot of money. >> lot of people are saying, hey, this is g gat news if you're worried about these tabloids being able to say anything about you and you're saying, maybenot -- so fast. >> i think this is going to have a big impact on anyone trying to publish a sex tape. that's going to be thehe impact it's going to happen. >> people are w wting to watch --
7:34 am
the number doesn't make any sense. >> gotcha. thanks very much a survival story now about two teens on spring break lucky to be alive after their engine in their plane gave out and they crash landed. abc's kendis gibson has the stor >> several occupants and it looks like they're getting out of the plane but injured. >> reporter: this morning, two high school students recounting their spring break nightmare. >> the first thing i thought about was my parents. reporter: certified pilot 17-year-old christian dahl and his girlfriend saved up money to rent the small act for a few days of fun in nashville. it was all smooth sailing until the last leg of the flight. >> it just started sputtering
7:35 am
>> i was just looking at him and just trusting he knew what to do. i parade to god we were going to happen. >> reporter: in an instant his emergency training kicked in. crash-landing on the 144th hole of a golf course. >> he did his job and that's how we're kind of alive this morning. >> reporter: residents who witnessed the rough landing rushed to their aid. the teens rushed to the hospital with cuts and bruises. they're expected to be okay. >> he landed right there if the middle, w ere no one was around. >> reporter: the faa is still investigating what went wrong. for "good morning america," kendis gibson, abc news, new york. >> my goodness. he did a great job. >> he did. coming up another mid-air scare. a passenger says her iphone
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back now at 7:41 with that id-air scare and an investigation that's under way after a passenger says her iphone bursts into flames on a flight to hawaii. these photos showing the damage. abc's gio benitez is here with all the details. good morning, gio. >> reporter: listen, this is rare but it does happen and boy is it scary. thankfully this time no one was hurt. but this morning, a warning for all of us. >> i thought the plane was going to up in flames. >> reporter: this morning, these images of anna crail's charred iphone showing the aftermath of a mid-air scare. on her way to honolulu said he was watching a movie on her
7:41 am
>> they were like, oh, my gosh, they didn't know what to expect, either. >> reporter: the fire quickly extinguished. this morning the faas investigating how it happened. the likely culprit the lithium-ion battery wering her phone. cautioning airlines about explosions l le this when batteries shift in cargo self-ignite. while they're rare they do happen. tony olson telling abc news, while the batteries in our phones aren't likely to come bust, when they do it can be cats strofic. >> the problem with lithium ion can happen almost at any point. it can happen when it's fully charged and plugged in. >> reporter: experts say avoid dangerously overheating your phone's battery.
7:42 am
if you drop your phone get it inspected immediately. for this spring brbrker, a cat strophe avoided. >> one other tip, put your phone in airplane mode. that's going to turn off cellular connections. your battery can overheat if it's constantly searching for that signal. as for that airplane fire, if faafa that andpple is looking into it. you can still use wi-fi in an airplane. coming up, march madness turns into march sadness. look at this sax player from the university of kentucky. she's speaking out on "good morning america." new twist in the madonna's custody battle for her son.
7:43 am
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we're back now with all the excitement over march madness. notre dame selle celebrating a huge victory this morning after
7:47 am
thee sweet 16. but other college teams not so lucky. that so-called march sadness. abc's t.j. holmes is here with the very latest. hey, holmes. >> hey. why are you laughing? this is very sad stuff. look, you remember last week, guys, i told you we had some fun grown man crying about the bachelor. but i'll confess i cry every year during march madness. the agony is a little different in this tournament. >> rises up the shot and it's good! >> reporter: as ninth seed wisconsin upsets second-seeded xavier with three-point at the buzzer. the look on one superfanan says it all. >> deadly silent. sindcinderella story out of nowhere. >> reporter: stephen f. austin, their season ended after this last-second tip-in by nonoe
7:48 am
but in this tournament, you can even madness in the band section. the dance-off between unc and providence band members garnered as much excitement as the action on the court. and remember the girlho took home the title of last year's most disappointed n. the villanova band member dubbed piccolo the girl. this year, it saxophone player captured sobbing after kentucky's loss to indiana saturday night. dubbed march sadness girl. just to see the team and they got so upset, i took that in and it took in that it was my last game i couldn't hold the emotions in. >> on bill murray, his son is assistant coach. we had it all in the hallway is morning, sam. he doesn't get it, everybody's mad. >> i'm like, the.
7:49 am
everybody so angry about march? >> i totally didn't understand it. >> the motion. we were yelling at each cther this the hallway. >> thank you, t.j. all right coming up in our next hour, kate middleton opening up with herer little ones and their relationship with the queen. trugreen presents the yardley's. sfx: leaf blower dad! sorry. this is more than a lawn. this is a trugreen lawn. live life outside with trugreen,
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dreammm onnnn! rock the rainbow. taste the rainbow. good morning, america. happy spring. west coast gets a spring storm of its own. let's show you the front that moves through. a good amount of rain into the northwest. temperatures will be much milder
7:54 am
look att local 10 news starts right now. just before 8:00 a.m. hi south florida. i'm jacey burch. let's check with jennifer get a look at the monday forecast. grab sweaters temperatures are cooling down. here's a live view the out hollywood beach cam notice it is overcast we're still dealing with clouds and back of the this cold front.
7:55 am
66 in miami. 68 in key west. plus a brisk northwest breeze also a few shoiers, these are just a last showers before we have that dryir kicking in and high pressure taking control. high 70. constance. all right. thank you so much jennifer. i-95 looking pretty goo this morning a live look just south of a glades. here's 1st street. now our express lanes were pretty expensive this morning as one point about $8. at this point things are beginning to clear up. we do have road debriri i-95 northbound someone left ladder out there use caution. some lanes are blocked on i-95 northbound. and sunrise boulevard. possibly due to crash. those speeds at 43 miles per hour. a driver's in the hospital this morning after being attacked a drive up atm. this happened a bank of america in fort lauderdale along davey boulevard in southwest 31st avenue. provides say a man tried to rob a driver with a knife. the driver suffered nonlife threatening injuries. while fighting against that would be robber.
7:56 am
one man dead after a police are calling a case of road rage.e. and escalated to gunfire. deputies responding to home on southwest 48 avenue. near fort lauderdale. that's where that shooting took place. still unclear exactly what led up to shots being fired. but police are questioning one man in connection with a shooting. no arrest have been made. >> and president barack obama historic visit to cuba continues in a second day family and first family arrived in havanaunday afternoon he addressed staffers from u.s. embassy and a toured old havana another busy day ahead. local 10 haz complete coverage president historic visit tune in all morning long. they begin a 10 o'clock. ry latest rots as well we continue our coverage of a president obama in havana. okay we'll pass it over to abc our partners at "good morning
7:57 am
7:58 am
life's morning multitasking for a growing family, and drawers with many layers, to show exactly what you need. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a newitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. an abc news exclusive. david muir one-on-one with president obama, the first american president in cuba in almost 90 years. we're live from cuba this morning. also this morning -- scary
7:59 am
adele'e extremely personal photos stolen from her fia in, ce's e-mail. how you can keep your private e-mails safe thi morning. from all about tpat bass to all about this dance. meghann trainor will get you dancing across the room. her brand-new look and music this morning. and back in the ballroom and ready to tango. we're exclusively hind the scenes with the all-star cast of "dancing with the stars" as they get ready for the biggest night of the ballroom and inside the final rehearsals as we say -- good morning, america. we defininely do say good morning, america. time to spring it on. we're putting a spring in your step.
8:00 am
look at that. working off those winter blues. megafitness event coming up. >> springing of spring, we have our own astro turf here. flowers for a fresh start to your spring. also, on this spring morning, we have an inspiring weight loss story from social media shrinking star, she shares it all online the as and the tools she's using to stay on track. also sharing with you, the reason we have our good frien sam champion is here is because -- ginger zee as you know, she's getting ready for her big debut tonight on "dancing with the stars." we have all theexcitement. we'll take you behind the scenes for her final rehearsal. >> she could really win this, folks. >> i'm not onene to do it. she's on the odds-on favorite.
8:01 am
we're on team zee. >> good luck, ginger. now it's time for amy and the morning rundown. >> did you see me just do the limbo under the camera right there 1234. all right, this morning the big story to president obama's historic visit to cuba, the president is if havana right now, already spoken exclusively with "world news tonight" anchor vid muir who's live in cuba with the very latest. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. as youknow, history has been made here in cuba because president obama is the first president to visit cuba in 88 years. today, he'll meet behind closed doors withh cuban president raul castro. the president tell me overnight he expects to be very blunt with cuban president with the changes he still beieves need to happen for freedom of s sech and human rights. i asked him about the speech hehel make to the cuban people
8:02 am
also a historic moment. i asked how far he'll go. i think there's already been a moment in which the cuban people recognize that america can be their partner and it's time to open up the world, if we can then get to congress to move the embargo, the last excuse the castro government has for the economic problems, i think that will haasen the changes that can take place. >> i asked the president if he believes the embargo will be lifted before his end of the term. he said, quite frankly, no, because we're in an election year. he's aware of the criticism back home from some that this embargo should not be lifted until human rights are taken care in cuba. we'll ask him about that in another interview. >> david, so happy that rain has
8:03 am
as david just said, much more from him tonight on "world news." george will be anchorink a special report on the president's historic visit later this morning. donald trump's campaign taking action to cut down on violent actctns. trump will be spending more on security at his larger events. trump says the violence is being caused by professional agitators. he's also placing some off the blame of the violence on the media. bernie sanders attracted a crowd of more than 10,000 people at his rallies in n attle. a big scare just outside of baltimore, two 111-year-old boys plunged 30 feet into that sinkhole, it opened up in a mcdonald's parking lot. one boy managed to crawl out and get help.
8:04 am
minutes to get the other boy out. a british judge ruled this morning that the custody between madonna and ex-husband guy ritchie over rocco, should be decided in a new york court. the judge did not rule on whether the boy should return to live with his mother. finally, how big a tip do you leave for a 77-dollar drink order? $1,000 if you're comedian amy humer. they were attending a performance of hamilton, of course, the hottest ticket on broadway and schumer worked as a bartender before her career took off. the six staffers at the theater bar split the tip each getng more than $140. that's a very nice tip indeed. she knows what it's like. >> she did. some of them want to be a comedians.
8:05 am
>> george, robin, andymy you're first morning menu of spring. celebrity hack. adele's private family photos leaked on online. how do we keep our pictures safe? how one woman used social media to shed 80 pounds. time to spring it on, by the way, carrie underwood's trainer is here to share her best spring moves. it's all coming up live on "good morning america" in times square. good morning. to the couple wondering what aood deal looks like... no. seriously? we'll give it a 6 for composition. scary.
8:06 am
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8:10 am
you know that voice. adele. mesmerizing performance when w w were young. >> wow. >> that was at the recent brit awards. the star, though, is facing unwelcome attention this morning reportedly becoming the latest victim of online hacking. her prite photos posted online and jesse palmer is he with the latest on that. good morning, jesse. >> reporter: adele's attack is another in a series of celeb hacks. a huge invasion on this famously privatat star's life. hello >> reporter: this morning, global pop sensation, adele the newest victim of an alleged photo hacking scandal. her private photos, reportedly stolen and posted to a fan page
8:11 am
according to the sun, the leak include extremely personal photographs taken during her pregnancy. an ultra sound scann and newborn photos of her n n 3-year-old son. one of adele's fans ce across the photos and decided to alert the adele's management team. the report also claims that adele's photos were obtained from the e-mail of her boyfriend, simon konecki. adele isn't the first celebrity targeted by hackers. vacation photos of harry stiles and kendall jenner were allegely stolen and leake online saturday. a major hack leaked racy photos to the public. including stars like jennifer
8:12 am
the fbi is still investigating this case. one of the person responsible, pleading guilty of lony. facing anywhere from 18 months to 5 years behind bars. >> reporter: whiledele is known for letting her voice take center stage she's kept her personal life far from the spotlight. she even battled the paparazzi back in 2014 after photos taken over her and her son and won. >> she works very hard to keep her private life private. this was a major violation for her. >> it will be interested to see how the handles this situation goinforward. >> reporter: representatives from adele declined to comment on the matter. pretty scary stuff. you think all the private information that we have on our phones and our computers. obviously this is something that can happen to any of us. robin now has more on how to
8:13 am
joining us more is becky worley and abc senior legal correspondent sunny hostin. let's start with becky first out in san francisco, what can you do to protect yourself sf. >> good morning, robin. most of us aren't as safe as adele. with 7 .of mempbs victimized by identity theftach year and revenge hacking on the rise, security matters. so, let's start with the cloud. all pictures and your data backed up to the interntd. it's a life-saver if you lose your phone, but that account c be access from anyone from anywhere who can guess your password. your google and apple passwordses need to be rock solid. this is important. so much hacking is done by people you know. so, lock down your security questions.
8:14 am
you try to makee it easy for yourself. if you're doing it, you're making it easy for somebody else's as well. we're heard that the adele's boyfriend, it was his phone where the photos were hacked. >> e-mail is a particularly point of vulnerability. hackers send phony lix to peoplpl in e-mamas. they go to fake websites that are made just to steal logon credentials and passwords. tip numberr two, never click a link that comes in an e-mail. even if it look like it from apple, google. >> and a tip fromm facebook. >> anyone can see them in public. thip three, you got to set your facebook account to friends only.
8:15 am
public. >> all right, becky, thank you very much. going to be bring in sunny now. from a legal perspective, what canh we do? >> we have seen it over and over recently. hulk hogan gets over $100 million because someone leaked his sex tape online. we see erin andrews get over $50 million for the same behavior. people should know the law is catching up now witit technology. people will be held accountable for this kind of behavior. >> it's out there in the internet. is there anything we can do? >> once it's out there it's out there. juries coming back giving these astonishing jury awards because we know once it's out there you can't get it down. it' not just the celebrities the law is going to protect, everyday people are going to be
8:16 am
i i ink all over the country, we're seeing laws crop up. the internet trols need to be aware. >> it's not just public figures, we all have to be concerned about this. sunny, becky, thank you as well. we have a good story about sharing photos next. it's the story that people can't stop sharing. this woman using the power of social media to shed major weight. and sharing tips and trickss with all of her followers online. and abc's deborah roberts is here with the story. >> reporter: she has guts and determination. in front of millions of people, not many of us would have the courage to do it. but she says public weight loss is the secret to her success. 26-year-old ariel is social
8:17 am
over the last year. sweet success after yo-yo diets. >> i gained it back because i was so deprived. >> reporter: this my len yal has learned that slow and steady weight loss is the answer and apps hake it easier. and plant nanny where her online plant dies if she's not drinking enough water. also, online, weight watchers. an instagram d dry maz become her secret weapon. she put it on stagram. >> lot of pressure. >> it is. >> she shares her weight loss joyce and struggles with her online community. couple of months in, you had a setback. % >> a man offered to give his seat. i thought because i w holding a lot of seat. he said, yeah, you should sit
8:18 am
that was the turning point. >> reporter: whileonesty has set her instagram account on fire. going from 115 followers to more than 51,000. some saying'm very motivated. especially after hearing i'm not alone in my struggles. you know you're my hero. takes the stairs. and now, opts for a small salad during a company lunch. >> it helps reduce your risk of diet-related chronic illnesses when you make healthy food choices. >> what are the top three things yoyohave learned. >> do your research and preparing your own fooood and number three is to focus on small goals and non-scale victories.
8:19 am
it's also, like, i ran a mile in ten minutes this week. the airplane seat belt fits on me now. >> another nonscale victory throwing out her oversized clothes and donating them to needy women. the weight loss she says is always a work in progress. fifiring out high-profeen, local snacks. another difference is cutting out alcohol. these apps they're using,g like the water nanny. you put it on your phone and you record your water intake and if you don't have enough your plant dies. if you're not drinking enough water you find out. another app,ou can zap the bar code at different snacks to find out what's in the snack. >> that would be key.
8:20 am
it's helping her and she's helping others. win-win. win. out to sam champion. >> good morning. don't keep it all inside. we saw some sunshine a little bit earlier. young man, tell me your name. >> kyle from virginia. >> okay. >> i'mmily and i'm from columbus, georgia. >> i'm lexi and i'm from gainesville, virginia. >> welcome toou guys. let's get to the boards. how about this? waterspout off the coast of ft. lauderdale. they're amazing. that was great to look at. in the nortrtast, we got a good hit o o spring snow. as much as 5 inches of snow. quick look at the nation. all across the nation. we got warm air >> thank you. overcast skies as you can see, don't worry we will see more
8:21 am
up temperatures. it is a windy one, 22 miles per hour out of the northwest, k west with gusts higher. it will be windy all day. low 60's ft. lauderdale, 66 miami and showers over broward. we warm to 7070 this afternoon. >> that's it for weather. let's go back inside to -- >>. >> all: jesse. sam, come back into flower utopia. les talk "pop news." one of the biggest movie premieres, batman v superman. we got the exclusive interviews. starring ben affleck, henry cavill. joining this ct of champions was a real-life superhero. the retired air force vet was
8:22 am
years of service to this country. turnball and his family got to walk the red carpet at the premiere and got to meet hollywood herers ben affleck and henry cavill. it opens on friday. >> 30 years of seseice. >> that's pretty amazing. >> black carpet not a red carpet. >> does a kid like superman or batman? >> and which one? >> can't wait to find out fridayb we're going spr superheroes now to royal news. the duchehs of cambridge sat down for her first solo interview -- >> was that your british accent? >> he tried to slip it by you. >> that was so bad, jesse. >> i'm reading right through you. prince george andrincess charlotte, the duchess shared
8:23 am
take a listen. >> she always leaves a little gift in their room and that shows her love for h family. >> the queen is thrilled about little charlotte saying she's very fond of her. >> let's be fair. you just got back from sney australia. why don't you give us an australian accent? >> i'm getting bullied by amy over here. amy and sam. here's my british accent. >> top of the morning to ya. >> that was awesome. >> and we digress.
8:24 am
meghan trainor's new video. >> of course, this is her first sing from her upcoming sophomore album, thank you, out on the 130thf may. she may be saying no, but we're saying yes to this high-power single. >> she looks terrific. >> she looks fantastic. >> she does. >> thank you, jesse. >> we love you, jesse. >> i'm a great punching bag. so happy to be back, america. coming up, carrie underwood's trainer. great workout tips. and we're behind the scenes of "dancing with the stars"
8:25 am
ginger and the all-star cast coming up and danielle steel is going to be here as well.tt2watu#@m4 bt`n,:$ tt2watu#@m4 "a`n
8:26 am
those not a huge impact. the clouds are. it is overcast, 64 in manned, 66 in miami, key west d 68 with a brisk northwest wind. it will stay windy and cool the rest of the day. high 70. >> if you are traveling on the i this morning, atlantic boulevard a crash affecting northbound, two lanes blocked with an injury crash this morning. it is causing major issues for anybody trying to leave in beach. as you can see drive times also miles an hour. crash i-95 south at the gololn glades. >> university of miami is mourning the loss of one of its students after going to the pollutionvelous friday.
8:27 am
complications from a seizure. >> president obama historic visit to cuba continues, the president and first family touching down in havana sunday afternoon, addressing staffers from the embassy, and d uring. we have complete coverage of the historic visit. >> that is all for us for right now.
8:28 am
next. just dance it will be okay just dance welcome back to "good morning america." little sneak peek at "dancing with the stars'" final rehearsal. big premiere night. everyone getting ready. we'll take you behind the scenes
8:29 am
>> trying to get situated over here. >> i thought you were dancing. >> no, that would be ginger. >> that'ss ginger. lot more of that coming up. let't' go upstairs to amy and sam ririt now. hey there. we were talking about amongst ourselves. time to spring it on. brand-new series helping you spring into shape. we're transformi your body with some help with celebrity trainer erin oprea. >> it's awesome to have her. her book by the way is inspiring stars like carrie underwood and revealing how in four weeks you can save your life with four tips and four exercise and the 4, by 4 week tips. >> we're going to cut out the pasta at night.
8:30 am
use a spiralizer. so delicious. >> it smells good, too. >> it makes me hungry. >> week two, we're going to cut >> thank you. >> we got it change. stuff. we'll go from these loaded and peanut -- >> these are yes and tease are no, right. >> powdered peanut. >> week three. >> tacos are delicious. week three is no sodium. we eat too much sodium in our diet. so, right here, we'll go from tacos, we're going to do a low sodium or a no-salt seasoning. and then change it to lettuce -- >> i love lettuce wraps. hardest.
8:31 am
cutting ba on alcohol. >> it ees's a good -- >> we want to cut it back two, three a week. >> i can do that. >> we can all do that. >> you want to talk about the exercise. we'll walk this way. all these folks have been doing your exercises. amy, don't leave me alone over here. you not to help me. so, what are you supposed to do. >> this is tabata, a four-minute high intensity workout. 20-second exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. round one, they'll do it for 20 seconds. they have a jab cross. solid body. >> this is great for your shoulders. >> working your core. >> i can see them squeeze their core. >> you do it with or without weights. 20 seconds on it. round two, we got jumping lunges.
8:32 am
and switch. >> not in these pants i'm not, it's the morning show. >> perfect form is important. you don't want to get injured. >> this one looks more complicated. >> this is the gator hops. we're jumping side by side. for a modified version, you can touch your toe to the back. that's round three. >> we want swim suit gluts. >> what's on the last -- >> we have sumo squat jumps with air tap. mp in and touch. this one, nice and low, it willl work your inner thighs, too. >> none of these areoo complicated. you can get these and do them
8:33 am
i got to say, everybody's smiling. usually in a workout segment everybody looks pain. >> that's the first four rounds. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. in repeat each one one more time. this is so, now, you guys --y book has easier ones. this is more advanced. beginner from advanced. >> i'm ready to go. >> let's get ready for bikini season. erin's book is available now. let's do a little bit o of weather now. you guys, do you think you can do it through weather all of the way through? i don't know. all right, h@re we go, one or two things on the board. if you're waking upthis morning in deep south, guess what, the chill is on not just today we may have to put up for a little bit tomorrow. early tuesday morning, degrees. meanwhile, there's a nice movement of warm air on the coast.
8:34 am
way to the eastern seaboard. >> good morning. yes, it is cool, also windy, making it feel cooler. temperatures low to mid 60's, eventually we it 70 this afternoon. keeping us well above average. >> amy has a very special guest. this is a great story. >> i know, this is why i left you for a moment. to grab my uncle steve. steve actually was on jeopardy and this was a life long dreams of yours, correct? friday night, let's see what happened. take a look. >> his creator sometimes found him a detestable, bombastic, tiresome little creature. your response was who is poirot and we have a new champion in steve.
8:35 am
>> look at that. "jeopardy "jeopardy" winner. my uncle is seven years older than me. you were in third place coming into final jeeper day did. >> i had written it off. i was determined i lost. i thought there might be a chance at the very en dream coco true, unbelievable. >> buzz in the buzzer. >> the buzzer is the death of jeopardy, timing is everything. you see me -- go. listening. >> i always wondered.. >> now you're talking to the champ. he knows best. watch steve again tonight on jeopardy. we'll have an update for you tomorrow. back downstairs to george. >> that was pretty fun. family.
8:36 am
new season of "dancing with the stars." features jing zee. you see her there practicing with value. melissa rycroft. >> reporter: fox trotting. and cha chaing. >> i'm not really nervous. >> reporter: our very own ginger storm. >> i love adventure. i'll bring it out. >> reporter: donald trump's former wife said she's focused on dance steps andndot politics. >> i was happy that donald trump endorsed us. >> reporter: they're so bonded they developed their own language. >> fox trot is like -- >> everything is falling apart. >> reporter: paige vanzant
8:37 am
>> they're goingo see a girlie, different side of me. >> a little bit different than what you're used to wearing. >> the skwins are different. >> what are his biggest assetet in. >> his charm, his personality. >> reporter: they're excited for this opportunity to reach a huge audience. >uge platform for me and the audience to raise awareness for deaf people. >> reportete wayna morris will be commuting by plane. >> i'm here, fly back to vegas morning. >> reporter: he's not only the one who will be boo geeing coast to coast. >> youou have a brand-new baby, what made you want to delve into this.
8:38 am
friends, everybody's making this not as difficult as i could be. >> ginger getting ready. >> new season of "dancing with
8:39 am
8:00/7:00 central on abc. so many people failed. things need to be done. >> other voices i want you to meet. i want you to meet john connor, he grew up in flint. his mom lives there. >> your song fresh water for flint. powerful song. is it personal to you?
8:40 am
>> that's why we become artist to lend a voice to people that they're unheard. i have always tried to do at for flint, michigan. even before the water crisis. >> so happy sam you're bringing attention. because people can't forget what is happening there. and it could happen anywhere. >> a week ago, 30 schools in new newark they shut the water down. clean water isn't as easy as you think it. >> it's not a privilege but a right. >> it's not regulated in one place. i think we'll learn a lot @or the show. >> 23.5 degrees with sam champion premiers tuesday on the ather channel. thank you for that. coming up test text1 plain cc1 test message today,
8:41 am
to know your fight, is our fight. is our fight. that's why, cleveland clinic florida is here. we feel better knowing we have even better access to world-class cancer care right here, in south florida. the maroone ncer center at cleveland clinic florida is here for you anytime, anywhere.
8:42 am
(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a s saru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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tt2wmrst@! po j# , d tt2wmrstst p!!*n*n\ , tt2wmrst@! p4!j# *6x tt2wmrst@! px#*&`:-8, tt2wmrst@! pt#j'`:98h tt2wmrst@! pt#j)`:2x, tt2wmrst@! pp#j*`:%c0 tt2wmrst@! pp#j,`:d9p tt2wmrst@! pl#*.`:m0\ tt2wmrst@! pl#*0`:v&4 back now with one of my all-time favors, danielle steel,
8:44 am
novels have captured readers' attention. i'm saving this for my spring break in key west in a couple of weeks. >> it's always a thrill to see you, robin. i'm so happy. >> how many now? have you lost count? >> no. i just finished my 150th book last week. >> you write so many at the same time. >> i usually have five going at once. >> you said this year, you want to have six books out. how do you do it, danielle? >> i work all the time. doing six books this year. because the readers keep saying can't you write more or faster. i'm like, are you kidding? i'd never get out of my house. >> i'm one of the those. i'm guilty. tell us about this new book. >> i'm often intrigued by much more older people who we had no
8:45 am
she leaves a safe deposit book with fascinating letters a fortune in jewelry, even though everyone thought she was dead broke and two people, one from the court, one from an auction house want to find out who she was and they pursue her trail and fin all kind of surprises and interesting things. really exciting you said -- you always fun, but you really enjoyed writing this one, why? >> i did, the woman was so intriguing, following her history and it affected the currentteople and it turns out, one of them is related to her and really exciting. >> it's always that little twist. >> i know. that little twist. they sometimes happen without my help. i was doing one that will be out in a couple of years, the main character killed his best friend. how did that happen? >> i didn't see that coming i called my editor in the middle
8:46 am
i said, you're not going to believe it, he killed bill. >> you have some superfans here with us. jennifer has a question for you. jennifer. >> yes, the beginning, middle or end, what's the most challenging for you to write? >> the b binning is the hardest, getting started. i usually alphabetize my nail polish, redo my underwear drawer. i'm always looking for an excuse not to start. that's the hard part. once i get the story then i'm off and run zmrg you're just like us. does your mother have a question? >> yes, if weren't a writer what would you be? >> dancing girl. no, i probably a designer because that was my training and i always liked the idea of being the lawyer. but i really like what i do, i
8:47 am
i have been plugging away ever since. i really enjoy my work. >> i can get you on "dancing with the stars." >> oh, good. >> in case that's what you want to do. all right, you'd still be writing there on the ballroom floor. thank you,anielle steel. >> i love you, robin. >> that's going with me to key west next week. it's available in stores and
8:48 am
8:49 am
martha plimpton text1 underline o'neal o'neal's list the vail on a too good to be true irish family. martha plimpton plays the mom of this dysfunctional but lovable work. >> i'm worried that no one will hire me. i haven't had a real job since
8:50 am
>> your baskets are so good. remember the christmas basket that you made with the peppermint bark and the abstinence educational material. >> it was a classic. >> martha plimpton joins us now. the whole family watched last night. we had so mu fun. your character eileen is a complicated one. >> she's very conservative, very faithful mother of three, homemaker who is sorttf in the midst of a major upheaval in her family life, she's getting a divorce, her son is gay and everybody knows. she wants to keep it a secret. she wants to sort of keep everybody perfect and under control the way she likes thingss and appearances are important to her. she has to renavigate her relationship with all of her kids. >> it kind of explodes. >> exactly. >> not a great moment for the
8:51 am
this is based a little bit on real life the creator dan savage, a friend of yours, grew up in an irish family. in part it's his story. >> it's the launching point. very loosely based on his life, coming out to his irish parents. really had to learn how to accept him and know i don't know be his advocate. we're sort of telling the story of that relationship and how, you know, perfect son is changing her idea of what family devotion is about. >> you find the laughs in it. >> martha mrichton thank you for coming.
8:52 am
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we'll be right back. "good morning america" is brought to you by chico's celebrating wen whose unique style is impossible to ignore. >> let's say good-bye to our spring workout team. we want to thank you to dj irie. thank you for watching. "dancing with the stars." there she is with val. have great day, everyone. if you think i'm running out i
8:55 am
i'm on fire knocking on k-9d app. hi, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. i'm jacey birch. >> jen correa is here with our forecast. you're looking at the hollywood beach cam where it's definitely a little bit cooler on this monday. >> it is cooler, jacey and eric. good morning, south florida. you'll need those light sweaters also. we have the winds out of the northwest up at 22 miles per hour. still a couple of clouds out there but we're done with the showers and then we'll see a little more sununine breaking through those clouds through the afternoon. the higig will only reach 73.
8:56 am
still the big accident of the morning. thth is obviously affecting our northbound lanes right here. flashihi lights. two lanes were shut down this morning. quickly looking at our graphics, still seeing those delays in place. northbound lanes effected here. traveling north the speeds at 29 miles an hour. another crash, thihi one on the palmetto expressway. this one affecting our northbound lanes at southwest eighth street. people shot early this morning. this happened in key quest. derek michael david opened fire when people stepped in to help a woman he was having a a domestic dispute with. two victims had to be air-lifted to jmh, but they are stable. president obama's histstic visit to cuba continues. the president wille at a wreath laying ceremony just after 10:00 this morning and then he plans to meet with raul castst. local 10 news as complete covage of the president's historic visit. just tune in all morning
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> not too >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, film, broadway and television star, jeff daniels. and from "my big fat greek wedding 2," niaiaardalos. also, we'll check out the
8:59 am
kick off our new york autoshow week. plus, "billons" co-star, malin akerman takes a seat at the co-host desk. all next on " "ve." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are michael strahan and malin akerman! [cheerand applause] michael: yo, yo, yo! michael: hello, hello, hello, everybody! welcome to the show. today is monday, march 21, 2016. kelly is on vacation this week. andfilling in for her today is the one and only the poteial, the beautiful, malin akerman. [applause]
9:00 am
malin: thank you. michael: how are you? malin: i'm great, babe. how are you doing? i'm so excited to be here. michael: when you were here a long time ago as a guest, i thought she would be a great co-host to come in. malin: so this is your doing? michael: i do what i can. i'm not the only one. gelman doesn't listen to me. it's all him. malin: oh, thank you, gelman. michael: he makes me feel like i have a say in it. malin: that's what women do with their men too, right? make them feel like to they have some say but they know who the boss is. michael: i know i'm not the bobo. malin: oh, ok. at least you're in reality check. michael: i know my mom is the boss, first of all. that's where it all starts. malin: yes. michael: and then it works its way down. how was your trip in yesterday? malin: it was good. i got in here before the snowstorm hit. michael: oh, that snowstorm?


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