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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  March 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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here, just a few blocks away from here where he is meeting with young cuban entrepreneurs,talking about the private sector, one of the growing sector of the cuban economy, and also he's talking about self-employment. the president is really making it a point to meet with young people during his time here on the island. now, let's go back to that full day that the president has had so far. the president beginning his day at jose marti, the memorial outside of the plaza derevolution and let's show you those pictures and that moment of that national anthem that was played by the cuban military band as the presint stood and listened with cuba's vice president salvador valdez then it was on to the siphoning guest book at that memorial. it was one of those moments where people of thought the president wasreaking from protocol as he was surrounded beau a number of journalists and reporters but the president was simply signing the guest book.
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revolutionary palace behind joe jose marty's memorial. this is the u.s. president walking into they rurungs ri palace in community u.s. cuba, something many thought they uld never thrive see. then the photo that is broadcast an ash the worm, president obamaand mr. castro shaking hands on cuban soil, their countries and their governments longstanding years of animosity and acrimony dating back five decade but they shook hands today and sat next to each other. that is a picture we haven't seen hins april of last year when both men met in panama at the summit of the americas. now, president obama also could be overheard saying that he had a good dinner last night and that he had a good time in old havana. now, both mr. castro and obama talked for quite a bit today, in fact, for most of the mid-afternoon will bilateral issues with longstanding issues between both countries from telecommunications, to trade and
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direct mail that happened just last week. then it was on to theiroint news conference where mr. castro was asked about political prisoners and he had a very testy response. >> i have said consistently after more than five very difficult decades, the relationship between our governments will not be transformed overnight. we continue as president castro indicated, to have some very serious differences, including on democracy and human rights. [ speaking in spanish ] >> give me a list of the political prisoners, and i will release them immediately. just mention a list. what political prisoners? give me a name or names. or whehe after this meeting is over you can give me a list of political prisoners, and if we have those political prisoners, they will be released before tonight ends. >> calvin: and the president, we
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has not yet made it to the brewery. but there was a lot of response not on here from journalists but also around havana as castro had to answer those very tgh questions. we're going to have that reaction in just a moment. but let's take you back to this morning what i lot of tourists happened to be out there at the plaza dederevolution. they had a lot of reaction. l that's right, calvin. this morning really was about the president paying homage to jose marti with cuba's' national hero, but the folks we met whether american or cuban, were paying homage to the president's first-time visit. in the shadow of jose martu, cuba's national hero, a found be father of this caribbean nation, president obama lays a wreath, and watching it all, some americans and coincidental fre miami. >> i think it's an incredible opportunity in regards to people-to-people diplomacy. >> hatzel: nathaniel styles has
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he is proud the president of the voyage. everybody that's here every time we have come here, they be excited about obama. no animosity, no resentment. they welcome the c`ange. >> hatzel: styles moved up his visit a week so we can be here the president. >> i think it's significant tt obama would be the person considering he is a man of color and the population of cuba is greatly about 70% people of color. >> everybody needs to talk. >> hatzel: harn, his friend also from miami, knows he's a witness to history. changes, the opportunities that there's a benefit here. >> it's not about the it's about the people. ask it's a great day in terms of opportunity for the cuban people. >> hatzel: those are two americans, specifically from
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and shared those with us this morning, but we also spoke to a cuban man who was wearing an american flag, and he said this was his third attempt at trying to see the preresident. no chance. the one thing that i took away from speaking with him was the fact that he felt like the cuban people had not been given the chance yet to really interact with the president, to even see the president because, as you and i seen, lots of road closures, lots of security measures to keep people away from the area where the president is traveling. >> calvin: you know, i think, despite -- in spite of what has happened all day long and all the events that of happened, i think the news conference seems to be what everyone is focusedon. what was your reaction when you saw mr. castro take a questn about political prisoners? you group in south florida. you know the history, and you know the context, and for raul castro to stand there and sort of waiver waver, maybe hesitate,
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his voice when asked about that issue, the political prisoners issue, it was amazing to see, being -- and the fact that we're here in havana and that the question is being asked by an american journalist, what a day. >> calvin: he almost felt like he didn't have to answer the question. it was almost like how dare you ask me this. >> hatzel: let's be premium the cuban media for a long time has not had the accessibility that american media has back in the states to the united states president, and so it is something that he truly is used to. he doesn't have to answer any questions. but here we were in a different format, in a different time period and he had to answer. >> calvin: and then there was that very awkward moment at the end, and we'll show you that picture coming up at 5:00 when mr. castro walked up to president obama, t ty didn't know whether to shake hands or not but itnded up being something very weird and it seemed very awkward at the end. we will show that you coming up at 5:00. but we want to take you now to what happened with michelle obama today.
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president for those bilateral talks, and she w!sn't with him at the wreath-laying ceremony, but she happened to be at what's called the old cuban factory in old havana and there she met with ten teenage girls who were selected. they were there to talk about art, but they were also there to talk about mrs. obama empowering young girls, and she even said to them "you can ask me anything." and when you empower young girls, you also empower the people family. so michelle obama meeting with young tnage girls about her let girls learn initiative, bringing it here to havana, cuba, to talk with a selected group of young people. and we're going to have a lot more coming up on t both of them as they will have a state dinner tonight at the revolutionary palace but we'll have a lot more andcomprehensive coverage what has happened so far here in havana. what a day it h been. janine and laurie, i'll send it back to you. >> laurie: thank you so much.
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discussion about with our local10 senior political reporter michael putney. it only took half an hour for you to get a vicinitying list in the mail. >> michael: for anybody who wasn't watching at the news conference this afternoon, jenn cross of cnn asked raul castro how many political prisoners do you have and why don't you release them. andrea mitchell of nbc repeated the question later. and raul castro got defiant and angry and said, well, who is on that list? give me a name. give me a name of somebody on the list. well, about half an hour after it was over in my email i got from the cuban commissio on human rights and national reconciltion a list of political prisoners, and they say there are 1,141. here is the list, the print out of the email i got. this didn't ake long at all. somebody to say, here's a list, and then yet another group called the victims of communism
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list of 51 prisoners of conscience in cuba. so if raul castro needs a list, hey, i've got a couple right here. >> janine: and you know that awkward moment at the end of the news conference that calvin and hatzel were alluding to, it was almost like the end of a boxing match, i think, and sort of raul kind of grabbed his arm and almost wanted to brag dg himm out of there. it was elle something else. >> laurie: that was after saying enough, pretty much. >> michael: it was a very awkward moment. first -- we'll see it at 5:00 but we can industry describe it now. raul castro sort of grabbed obama by the biceps and started to lift his arm, except obama wasn't having any of it. he wasn't going to raise his arm. and then raul castro almost pushed the president, president obama out of the -- off the stage and out of that room, grabbing his arm. it was just very strange. >> laurie: a power play, perhaps. >> michael: here we go. you see castro grab his arm like that, and then they don't know
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whether they're goioi to shake hands or whatever. now, watch castro, well, he -- >> laurie: kind of yoree sentenced the exit, and then he wants president obama to walk out first, but he very much wanted to hur at the end of that press conference after taking that huge step, though, of at latest takin questions. for the first time. >> janine: and then at the end he said "too many questions," so he moved on. >> michael: our president is used to sparring with reporters. raul castro is not. >> laurie: we will have much more no doubt. do stay with uses for complete coverage on president barack obama's historic visit to cuba. there are so many moments to come. look for us in the next half hgur. a specific look at how the uncuban community here in south florida is reacting to the president's trip. >> janine: in other news today, miami-dade metromover supervisor facing some very serious charges in after p afternoon. he is accused of raping a woman. police say that woman from brazil and had just left the ultra nuke music festival.
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livingston live in miami with these distutuing details. >> layron: that's right with we've learned 41-year-old carl wilt started with the crown in 2003, eventually moving upo metromover maintenance supervisor. we're flamingo miami-dade poli that he confess dollars to having sex with this woman inside one of the utility rooms here on the first floor of the park west station. >> they knocked on the doooo be with took about five minutes. once he came out he sll had his pants undone or his zipper was down. >> layron: miami-dade police say after wilt bkled his britches he confessed to having second with this 22-year-old victim who was so intoxicated, she was not allowed onto metromover saturday night ouster concern for her safety, and miami-dade police say that woman was so intoxicated, she doesn't even remember meeting wilt at the metro station, and officers say she was under the influence of an unknown substance. and a witness later reported
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carrying the unconscious woman into this ground floor u ulity room. that witness then went and found an officer. >> we should alts be sober enough to have a sense of what you're doing. >> and where you are. >> yeah. >> they observed the female. something looked wrong. and we were able to at this point, for this incident arrest an individual that committed the inous, the worst crime you can commit against a female, which is rape. >> :large we'll have much more on this stoty starting at 6:00, including how the county is responding to the situation when where wilt's job now stands as a result of it. he is in cut of in the meantime on sexual battery and kidnapping charges. >> laurie: staying with the aftermath of ultra, dozens of people are behind bars after ultra music festival this past weekend. authorities tales total of 67 people were arrested. the charges include 29 felonies and 38 misdemeanors. and an official cause of
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a um student who died after going to ultra. an obituary reports it appears the one-year-old adam levine died of complications from from seizure. ultra released a statements saying levine was there on saturday night when staffers noticed he what is in need of some sort of medical attention attention. he was a senior at um and part of greek life. students plan to hold a vigil on campus later this week. >> janine: now to a story you saw first onocal10. shots fired near a nightclub on a popular street in key west. three people were shot on duval street and now one man is in custody. local10 news reporter amy vititi live at jackson memorial hospital where two of those victims are being freedom amy, you also have surveillance video of that shooting. >> amy: s, we do. we spoke to one of those shooting vs. at ryder trauma center. he says that bullet grazed the bone if his forearm. as a result doctors tell him we
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will hav to stay here three more days getting antibiotics through aniv assistance program precaution. these are the the moments leading up to this shooting. i what the show what you we have in our newsroom. it shows to a fight between the suspect, derek david and a woman, and in that video you can see david dragging that woman on the ground. just before several people try to jump in and stop it. that is what leads david to pull a weapon. apparently he is seen first shooting it into the air and then firing down the street where he hit three bystanders to popular duel street. been, we spoke with one of them this afternoon. >> i thought fireworks were going off, a political celebration, and i ended up seeing a guy run past me and then i heard another pop, and that's when my forearm w wt numb. reid spoke with us from his hospital ged at jacksks memorial trauma center. thth27-year-old from day of was on a first date walking on.
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was involved in a domestic fight with a womanan on charles street when several team people tried to step. david opened fire but hit ogden and two other by standers. >> a saw a little bit of blood that's when i took the lady friend and i and we ran backaround the corner into one of the bars. >> amy: it happed before bars closed with people still gathered for spring break week. a helicopter transported ogden and another man to jmh. a third man went to the hospital and was later released is if you got to deal with everything comes at you, and a bult came at me. >> amy: and dog ogden sai that bullet went in and out of his arm andis grad his stomach so he feels fortunate this was not worse. and that suspected gunman is facing several count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. 're live at ryder trauma center, amy viteri. >> laurie: and we continue to follow every step of president obama's first full day in havana.
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with reaction from the cuban
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florida. referral now to symptom breaking news. miami police need your help in the search for a mention and endangered teenager. police say 13-year-old jasmine raral was last seen in her home along northwest fifth avenue and 15th street last night. this is her photo. her family said she has the mental capacity of a six-year-old. she was last seen wearing a pink t-shirt with striped btoms. if you think you have seen jasmine ravel, please give a call to police. back to live pictures now out of havana where president obama is about to speak at this entrepreneurship event, it's a businessvent for about 200 people at a local brewery and everyone waiting to hear from president obama. >> janine: day two of president obama's historic tp to cuba is underway. >> laurie:ell underway, and just that meeting left and then a state dinner.
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all angles with the white house releapg several photos of more intimate moments of obama's trip. here is the president touring old havana greeting sevel locals in that area. >> janine: then he moved to visit a cathedral meeting with cardinal jaime ortegaa which as you know has been so integral helping ease the relationship between excite united states. >> laurie: there's also this picture, the first lady and her daughters sasha and malia tour go t`at beautiful cathedral. >anine: and malia also translated for the president at a havana restaurant. they were at a paladalr.& >> laurie: and right now back here at home let's take a life look from our miami tower cam.. starting to get a little gray, a little hazy out there but this cool weather, duly durda is here to join us and we have to tell you i liked it a lot.. >>&janine: we did, although we had the feeling this might be our last shot at a cool front. >> meteorologist: indeed, ladies. what i difference a d makes. yesterday a high of 86 degrees, our lows in the 70s.
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in 60s and it's only going to get cooler all thanks to that cold front that cleared the area. unfounately, though, we still that have stubborn cloud deck inh space. strata cumulus clouds will continue to filter that sunshine throughout the rest of the evening. cutler we have the 60s all across south florida. 66 in pembroke pines, 66 in hialeah, 64 in kendall. and 66 in marathon. but it's t winds, it's that brisk breeze that make it had feel really comfortable, cool and refreshing with the winds out of the northwest. that's our cool air connection. wind g%sts in the 20s. the wind speeds are going to stay very strong throughout the afternoon and into the evening hours and that will continue going into tomorrow. thatgs going to cause a threat of rip currents for beachgoers and boaters are going to have advisories as well going into your tomorrow. now, as you can see, taking a look at the radar all is quiet each though we do have those clouds around so i don't want you to be c/ncerned p. if you have plans tonight the with kids, don't worry. you're for the going to get rained out. cloud cover is
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across the sououthern half the state and push into cord the western atlant. we have this dome of high pressure that's located right now over texas into louisiana. that's providing for a dry air mass in the upper level. we love high pressure. it's our fair weather friend we like to say because it provide for a north breeze and provide forthe dry atmosphere. how long will it last? looking to the weswe have another storm system set up that will provide for big changes in the forecastp by the end of the work week. currently look at these temperatures from coast to coast. the southwest steamy right now with temperatures in the 80s. we've got the 60s across the gulf coasttates, a frigid northeast as they're dealing with a clipper that will continue to bring them snow and even cooler conditions thin. look at this. temperatures in the 30s. you wouldn't believe that it's spring. as we're waking up to 31 degrees in washington, dc, tomorrow, 29 in buffalo, we're also going to be dealing with a bit of a chill. our lows will be in the 50s, again something we haven't seen in quite some time.
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it will be refreshing, a great way to start our tuesday. our inland models are showing temperatures in the low to mid-50s across parts of pembroke pines, hialeah and then warming to s degrees by the later half the morning. we're talk that cool, brisk breeze. lots of sunshine tomorrow, unlike today. then the breeze will continue, and then you'll see that gradual warm-up as we go into good friday. we're also going to incase the rain chances due to tropical moncks corner that will move in for the easter holiday weekend. janise. >> jenise: our roadway is off to a great good start. at the mark arthur causeway, a crash around fountain street be right back looks like traffic is moving although if seen from this camera view that that traffic sometimes completely stopped ps as we zoom on in to our maps we are seeing delays, there is a right lane blocked right at fountain street. speeds are at 25 miles per hour. as you're heading into miami beach you will run into stop and go track of there as well, speeds thereat 13 miles perr hour.
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is an accident around northwest fifth street with speeds at 33 miles per hour. now, broward county is looking pretty good but we dof this one crash we are watching, this is on i-95 northbound right around sheridan streebut we are seeing the green there so it doesn't look like that's really impacting your commute. 60 miles per hour. janine. >> janine: ahead at 4:30 we continue to follow president obama's historic visit to cuba. a breakdown of the president's second day and the debate that
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florida. >> laurie: i want to take to those live p@ctures in havana as president obama is now going to address the crowd of about 200 at this entrepreneur shi event at a localrewery. let's listen. >> cuban survey, i hear they
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great pollo. annos and, of course, cerveza. but today we're here to work so i want to thank all of you for being part of this unprecedented event. the cuban government, the u.s.chamber of commerce, and the new u.s. cuba business council. i also want to express by appreciation because we are joined on this trip by nearly 40 members of congress as well as some of america's top business leaders and innovator who are eager to invest in hugh and its people. and most importantly -- invest in cuba. want it to welcome all the extraordinary entrepreneurs, men and women, who are here from across cuba. now, i'm not here to give a big speech. i'm going to do that tomorrow. what i really want to do is hear from you and have a conversation about what we can a chief together. but i do want to begin by stepping back and talking about the forces and hopes that bring us together here today.
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can be understood through the labor of the cuban people. for centuries under colonial rule and then during decades of american involvement, the toil of the cuban people was often used to enrich others as opposed to the people who were doing the work. and then for much of the past half century it was virtually impossible for cubans to operate their own businesses. but in recent years that's begun to change. to its credit, the cuban government has adopted some reforms.cuba is welcoming more foreign investment. cubans can now buy and sell property. and today many cans own their own homes and apartments. it's easier for cubans to travel, to buy a cell phone, for farmers to start cooperatives, and for a family to start their n business. the united states has been proud to help. shortly after i took office, we said that cuban americans could
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they are families h@re in cuba, and we allowed cuban americans to visit more often. across this island cubans have used those remittances, often to start businesses, and when cuban americans come visit, they oft bring supplies and materials. we also made it easier for cubanentrepreneurs to import and to export. and since we have made it easier to travel to cuba, a lot more americans are vising the island. you may have the cuban economy is beginning to change, and just look at the results. groups like cuba yimprende are training a new j jks entrepreneurs. today half a million cubans, including some of you, are proud -- rung your own restaurants, cafes, beauty salons, barber shops or working as artists, seamstresses, and taxi drivers. your busininses now employ about
4:31 pm
workforce. with help there services look air b&b more americans are staying at your cast as you particularlyoris and eating at your -- [ speaking in spanish ] like my family did last night. the food waseally good, even if my spanish is not that great. [ laughter ] those of you who run your on business know what this means. you can earn a little more money for your family. you can provide more for your children and then therors the pride from creating something new and improving the livesf those around you, and that's the power of entrepreneur shi. it'sbout self-determination, the opportunity to forge your own future. it's the belief that even if you don't have much, maybe just a kitchen or a sewing machine or a car, if you're willing to work hard, yocan make your own way and improve your situation in
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it's the spirit ofouth, talented and driven daring young people, like so many of you, ready to make your mark on the world. it's an investment in the future, because as we have seen in america, businesses that start small, en in a garage, can grow into some of the world's most successful companies and change the way we work and the way we live and connect with eh other. that's the spirit of entrepreneurship, and that's what we're encouragi here today. because cuba's economic future, its ability to create more jobs and a growing middle class and meet the aspirations of the cuban people depends on growth in the private sector as well as government action. and it's not easy. in the united states we work to help entrepreneurs and small businesses get the resources they need because it can be a struggle to get a new venture off the ground. around the world we help young people and entrepreneurs access training and skills to put theirideas into action.
4:33 pm
the challenges you face as entrepreneurs in cuba. now, many of the changes that our two countries have already announced, including today, will help youo meet some of the those challenges. more americans coming to cuba means more customers for your businesses. more americans using t t dollar will mean that they will spend more as well. there will be more channels for you to import supplies and equipment. more americans will be able to buy your arts, crafts, food, cuban-origin software, as well as, of course, cuban cigars. we also know that around the world entrepreneurs flourish when there's an environment that encourages their success, when professionals like architects and engineers and lawyers are allowed to start their own businesses as well. when entrepreneurs can get loans from banks, capital to start and expand their business.
4:34 pm
markets where you can buy supplies, and when there's a single issues and a modern infrastructure psycho get your goods to market and import supplies. and perhaps most importantly when everybody has a chance to succeed, including women and afro-cubans. these are all aas where the united states hopes to be a partner as cuba moves forward. and i can tell you one of the reasons i'm so confident in the potential of the cuban people is because you he some important advantages. your commiment to education and very high literacy rates, that gives you an enormous advantage in the 21st century. that's been an investment that has been made here in cuba. your ingenuity. who else could keep -- rung all these years. you've got m me than 300 million potential american customers and one of the world's most dynamic
4:35 pm
and you he more than 2 million talented, successful cuban americans, some of whom joined me on this trip, readyo invest in you and help pursue your dreams and have deep family commitments, and and dp roots in cuban culture. so i'm absolutely convinced if just given a chance, more cubans can succeed right herere at home in the cuba that you love. so i'm here today to say that america wants to be your partner around this sprint american companies moving forward with new commercial families ge is goingg to sell more products from aviation to technology. cleaver will be the first u.s. company to baled factory here in re than 50 years. they're going to build tractors for can farmers. starwood will become the first u.s.s.otel that operates here in nearly 60 years. anan marriott plans to come as well. and they'll help training cubans in the hospitality industry.
4:36 pm
expected to pull into havana in may, and i will -- carnival cruise-- and i will keepsake one of the best ways to help cubans succeed and improve their lives would be for the u.s. congress to lift the embargo once and for all. [ applause ] you know here today we're doing even more to empower cuban entrepreneurs. i know you've been network week each other and potential american partners. innovators in business like air b&b and prine chesske are sharing the things they have learned. we have a shark named may don't shon@john. for those of you who don't know there's a show in america called the shark tank which is an outstanding show where o
4:37 pm
bring their ideas and present them and they try to get some financing right there on the air, and it's a fun show to watch. julie hanna supports entrepreneurs all over the world with micro-financing, so give them your best pit@h. they just might bite. and decideo best intense we're also announcing some new commitments today. as part of our young leaders in the americas initiative, we're going to welcome up to 15 young cuban entrepreneurs to the united states to help them get the training and skills to grow their own business. for the first time we'll welcome cubans to our annual global entrepreneurship summit, which i'll host in silicon valley later this year. and later this year our small business administrator maria contreras sweet who is here with us today -- there she is -- she's going to lead a delegation of business leaders had to promote more entrepreneurship in cuba.
4:38 pm
more cuban entrepreneurs to the internet. some are here today, including gutierrez who kind olmes a, an app to connect cubanso restaurants, and infoet med, connecting doctors and students 69. more companies are going online at wi-fi hot spots but still very few gans have internet access, although iust learned that my skip with benfillo got 2 million hit here in cuba, so i think anyone with internet access paid attention here. and -- but in terms of internet access, even those who have it often are using old dial-up connections that can be kevin and slow. i don't even remember the sound of the phone. neee. you know, the -- so new technology has come and we need to bring it to cuba. if we had internet, and one cuban entrepreneur said, we
4:39 pm
so america wants hope to you take off, and verizon will help deliver direct land line phone connections between cuba and the united states. sisco has announced it will help cuban students develop their i.t. skills. the american high-tech firm stripe is partnering with a start-up circle here in havana to help cubans start verifies and do business online. so the bottom line is this: we believe in the cuban people, we believe in artists like ileana del rey oh who designs and illustrates her own goods. 99% cuban designs, she calls it. we believe in merchants like sandra m medici who says one of the most important things in the cuban nature is perseverance, optimism, and our capacity to find a solution to any obstacle in the way.
4:40 pm
who said, i think these changes in cuba, there's no turning back. another who said, this opens us up to the world. and one who also said, just give us the chance, just give us the chance. well, as your friend and as your partner, the united states of america wants to help you get that chance, and we're so grateful that we're off to this outstanding start at this event here today. matureos gracias. thank you. muchos gracias. thank you very much. thank you. [ applause ] thank you. as i said, i didn't want to just talk. i want to also hear from you. so i've asked to join me one of outstanding journalists in the united states, an entrepreneur herself who works to empower
4:41 pm
she is a proud cuban american who on this visit has brought her children to cuba to meet their cousins for the very first time. please give her a big round of applause, soledad o'brien. [ applause ] >> so welcome, everyone. my name is soledad o'brien and i'm a journist as the president said, and i'm also a cuban american high. mother grew up not very har from here in havana veeeja so it's not only nice to be back but it's great to be able to bring time. i'm also an entrepreneur. i one a small business that employs nine people full-time so i know very welll the joy and is the struggles of-run your own
4:42 pm
here today to moderate a discussion to talk to several business people, some people who work in private sector and others who work in the state sector to discuss some of the opportunities to improve business and also improve united states. so i'm going to ask the people that i call on to stand and talk for just a couple of moments about your business and then if you have a question for the president, we would love to hear it. so we'll begin with gilberto papito. a small business owner, a barber. heels a community organizer. welcome. [ applause ] [ speaking in spanish ] >> good afternoon. mr. president, my name is gill berto alvarez, everybody calls me by my nickname pepito. >> janine: right now you are
4:43 pm
summit that is being held by president obama, a journalist soledad o'brien is next to him. the president saying that the united states is proud to help the cuban people. as you know, laurie, there have been some regulatory changes to open up commercial ties between cuba and thenited states. >> laurie: and the president running down some of those great changes, t tling us that ge, cleaver, starwood and marriott and carnaval, of course, all ofthem are going to be doing so much more business in cuba, and that is what these small business owners want to hear.
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our >> hi there. good afternoon, south florida. the time is is 4:47. i know we've been overcast from time to time throughout the day, peeks of sunshine peeping through some of that cloud cover. we will wont continue t t keep that cloud cover in place. the good news those clouds are not producing precipitation. the atmosphere is relatively dry because of a cold front that cleared south florida. not only did it take the heat and the humidity with it but it also provided in the wake of it some cooler, crier drier, more comfortable conditions. it's been a perry refreshing day, right? right now we haveemperatures
4:47 pm
64 degrees. in fort lauderdale, key west checking in at 64. pembroke p@nes 66. that northwest wind will keep this cool air connection through the overnight hours. wind speeds between 8 to 14 to wind gusts even stronger. that's been our big concern throughout the day, is tt now that the wind gusts are getting into the 20s and 30suyer the keys, going into the evening hours and tomorrow we are elting the risk of rip currents for boaters. keep that in mind for your forecast the next 24 hours. as we go into the next few hours refreshing out there. get out there and enjoy,aybe go for a walk or a run or if the kids of sports out this evening maybe you have to go to practice, you're going to enjoy a temperature of 65 degrees at 6:00 and then temperatures are going to start to drop. 63, cool and comfortable and breezy by 8:00. so again i know it doesn't look pretty out there but don't let this picture fool you. it feels so nice. our hollywood beach cam. you can see a break had in some of the cloud cover in the
4:48 pm
again, everybody enjoying this nice breeze coming in from the north. with that said, even though we have those clouds in place we are dry. u heard me mention the atmosphere is relatively dry in the wake of a cold front but we will keep the blanket of cloud cover in place in the central half of the state. don't worry. that cloud cover will be eventually pushing toward the south tomorrow provide can for more sunshine. we can thank high pressure for that breeze keeping much of the nation in the southeast quiet and dry. down to the 50s in atlanta.for us in miami 60 as well. the heat and humidity staying well across the southwest, and a bit of a cooldown for our friends across the northeast. tomorrow high pressure in the east, it will be cool, it will be breezy and we will keep our temperatures a bit miami-dade aying into your wednesday, breezy conditions, and with our winds moving in offthe ocean by wednesday we'll start this gradual warm-up. you will see the on the seven-day forecast. don't forget, though, we do havethat i will vated risk of rip currents for beachgoers
4:49 pm
the breeze will continue wednesday. as we get rid of the breeze we'll start to warm and increase that chance of showers going
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
don't go anywhere. >> laurie: live pictures from havana where president obama is hearing from local small business owners. >> janine: this is an an entrepreneurship event at a local brewery. he was also talking about some big companies wanting to do business in cuba, including sisco, verizon, starwood hotel. helso talked about the need for the embargo, he thinks that needs to be lifted. of course, there's so much reaction here in south floda about the embargo and about the president's historic visit there. >> laurie: not all of it good, many in the qian cuban american community are are upset. local10 news reporter glenna milberg has been getting the
4:53 pm
joins us live. glenna. >>lenna: laurie, janine, of course, the people who are most upset are the people who/have the most personal connection and had felt the most personal loss, and even the decades that have gone by have not dulled that sense of loss. some of them came right here, out here to the street corner to protest, and theiressage is the president's trip to them feels like a betrayal. la planadora, a steamroller, a smsml protest is all spectacle and symbolism not unlike the president's trip to cuba. >> air force one for us he have mama businessmen. they are looking for money. they d't care about the suffering of my people. >> glenna: this particular ganization and these very people have been among the loudest local contradicts of the castro government for did critics of the castro governmnnt for decades. today the anger is toward
4:54 pm
consider a surrender to raul castro. for others of generations once or twice removed, renewed relations and relax rules might signal progress, though the shape of that progress is hard to predict. >> i think it will come eventually. it's just somebody has teak the initiative. i mean, you know, i think it's the better part o o if we're there first. >> thiss community, this hill havana neighborhood is really changed so much over the decade. it used to be maybe not too many years ago that protests to a president's trip to cuba, to a communist cuba would stretch for bloc, last all day, probably all night. that is so not the case now, although that really doesn't mean the pain has eased. it's just not as public for many people. i'm glenna milberg live in little havana this afternoon, local10 news. >> janine: thank you. >> laurie: do stay with local10news for our continuing coverage
4:55 pm
visit to cuba. we'll have more live reports coming up your way from havana from our colleagues anchor calvin hughes and reporter hatzel vela just ahead at 5:00. ugh. i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i should. and i will. i deserve this. i'm a bogo findin', weekly ad flippin', couponing mastermimi.
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can i helplpou? indeed. this queen of savings deserves a reward. a cannoli, please. the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same plac you love to shop.
4:57 pm
y right now on local10 news at 5:00, historic hand shape.
4:58 pm
for the first time on cuban soil. >> laurie: earlier in the day barack obama laid a reith to remember cuban revolutionary jose marti. >> janine: and one man is in custody, two people in the hospital after a shooting on duval street in key west. >> laurie: andings ding were the stars. it's back live on -- "dancing& with the stars." it's back live on local10 new tonight. >> janine: evening, everybody. i'm janine stanwood in for calvin hughes on assignment in cuba. >> laurie: and i'm lauer jenks gneration. thanks for being with us. local10 news at 5:00 starts right now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> laurie: off the top at 5:00 president obama and cuban president raul castro holding a historic joint news conference in havana today with raul castro again calling for the end of the embargo. >> janine: earlier in his first full day on the island, president obama and raul castro changing a warm handshake at the revolutionary palace. >> laurie: back here in south
4:59 pm
exiles were marching in the street outside versailles restaurant in lite havana, even using this steamroller as their protest against relations with havana. >> janine: our local10 news crew has been covering every step of the president's historic visit. >> laurie: it's been a day full of events still underway and soon the president and first lady get to enjoy a little bit of down time before tonight's state dinner. our calvin hughes is here to kick-off our team coverage. >> calvin: clouds lined the streets of havana as the present made his ray to the palace of the revolution for a ceremony liking jose marti. cuban vice president salvador valdes and president obama stood side by side and walked detect into the memorial where the president signed the official guest book. then in a long anticipated moment, u.s. president barack obama and cubaneader raul castro shook hands warmly and
5:00 pm
greeted each other. >> calvin: after greeting delegations from both countries, the leaders sat down for a private meeting to discuss the future of u.s. and cuban relations. castro calling for the r turn of the land now home to the guantanamo naval base, and an end to the economic embargo against cuba. >> we recognize the position of the presidint president obama and his administration against the block aide, and his repeated appeals to congress to have it removed. the most reason measures adopted by his administratatn are positive but insufficient. >> i've said consistently after more than five very difficult decades, the relationship between hour governments will not be transrmed overnight. we continue, as president


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