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tv   Local 10 News 11PM  ABC  March 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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assignment on cuba. >> president and raul castro at the revolutionary palace tonight. >> and earlier today this the star spangled banner song of freedom played on cuban soil. >> and diplomacy ending with a khand shake and having a testy news conference. >> gave me a listf the political prisoners and periodpolitical prisoners and periodically just mention the list. . >> and after that, challenge by raul castro awkward andbrupt ending to that news conference. it was a format that clely left the cuban leader uncomfortable. and highlighted one of the stark dichss between our two countries namely freedom of the press. team coverage continues with
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calvin, what a full day. >> it really was and the president wrapped up phis day after a state dip were raul castro. and just about everything on the president's schedule is carefully core graphed and metic eye lusly timed out hour by hour until the news conference earlier today where reporter were able to ask questions to both leaders obama and castro and it was pretty clear obama is used to answering questions and castro is not and thatt difference was made very clear. a night the pomp and circumstance as president barack obama attend aid state dinner with raul castro and the two breaking bread after wrapping up a historic day. the american national anthem playing this morning ap president obama started his day by taking partn the memorial ceremony remembering cuban
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cuban vice-president salvador valdez. from there it was on to historic bilateral meetiti with cuban president raul castro and a moment frozen in time as president obama shook hands with a cuban leader on cuban soil and it was not the most memorable handshake of the day.>> and awkward ending and at times uncomfortable news conference forecast row. the cuban leader and psident opening the floor to questions and journalists did not hold back for either leader. >> in your meeting with president castro what words do you use to urge him to pursue mocratic reforms and expand human right here inuba will you invite president castro to the white house. >ur starting point we have two different systems and two different systems of f vernment and two different xheez and we have decades of profound differences. >> castro decided today enough
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was holding any political prisers. >> that's not correct to ask me about political prisoners in general plse give me the name of a political prisoner and i think this is enough. we have concluded. thank you for your participation. >> and in an exclusive interview with "abc n ns," president obama addressed castro's concept of getting him a list of names. >> well, the truth of matter is we've given him lists in the past and they have responded intermittently to our engagement . >> so with castro and obama coming together for dinner and preparing for the baseball game of diplomacy it's unclear if the two countries will ever be able to bridge their differences. >> i believe president castro truly wants change. do i not believe president
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rurung party for the system that they have. >> and a footnote to the state dinner tonight some of the invitees included congressional delegation, house minority leader nancy pelosi and secretary of state john kerry from the cuban government miguel diaz bermuda anesthesiamiguel diaz bermuda anesthesiaen bruno rodriguez and john kerry's cuban counterpart hernandnd and mr. castro by the way is woyd oweer, his wife died nine years ago. and i would like to join my colleague here he will join me to talk about the reaction from that news conference. no matter what happens from this point forward, what happened both during the news conference and after the news conference will be hard to top. >> this is the major headline tonight. and we know everybody in south florida was watching because as soons this press conference ended, the emails at loc 10 were flooded with folks saying this cannot be.
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just said. a lot of folks pointnt together fact there are political prisoners here on the island inciting numbers and when you talk to folks here on thee island, in havana, you get a differenteaction. >> why do you have political prisoners and d/ you have -- and why don't you release them? >> queioned by american journalist and it seems raul castro gets nruingterred when answering and castro says show me, give me a list of political prisoners to release and if there are political prisoners they'll be free before night fall. as soon as castro says it social media lights up. local ten starts getting emailslocal ten starts getting emails. people are outraged by the comment. >> cuban american national foundation quickly sending a list they y names 47 verified
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demanding they be releaseddemanding they be released unconditiolly. here in after an after some of the folks we talked to didn't't want to say much. others said they deposit catch the press conference because they were working. but the owners of this souvenir shop had plenty to say. >> there are no political prisoners here, he says, carlos castian owe says castro talked to american reporters and this is nothing new.>> he adds, eryone knows disdents are paid his business partner says >> if political prisoners existed castro would h he said it. she asked the question was out of context because again cuba doesn't have political prisoners. >> those two havana residents tell me we should focus on
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a sure you people in south florida are saying otherwise. >> a lot of folks turned their attention not only to pivotal speech takin place tomorrow ere president barack obama will once again be on state-run television and his speech will be broadcast here on the island and also the baseball game that's going to take place which is major component to the cuban culture here and there was a great moment today where cuban baseball player from tampa bay raise had a chance to come home. take a look. . >> we met him a couple weeks ago here he is embracing his family for the first time in several years. he left in 2013 with his mother and made his way to haiti and end upped up in theitis. now he's a player to for the tampa bay raise and will likely play outen the field tomorrow. we understand that just an exciting time for him.
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doin what a lot of cubans love doing that'slague baseball. >> hopefully one day he will be able to earn a salary and big salary for plague baseball no doubt about it. it's not by coincidence that tampa bay raise will play here on the island and tampaisland and tampa has a different view of cuba than folks in miami. >> it's a different relationshipdiffentship that dates back to late 1800s when folks from cuba went and migrated to tampa and started factoryes and it's a poignant, importanplace in tampa when it comes to cuban american families there. >> no doubt about it. so it's going to be a big rubber match between the two teams. they're tied 1-1 in 1999 and baltimore won the first game cuban national team onene second five weeks later and i want to end this lori and jeanine a lot of folks are wondering what the first lady had on tonight at the state dinner it was a black dress with a floral print.
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with that one. but reporting from havana witit my colleague here. i'm calvin. i'll send it back to you. >> it was a casual night kind of a surprise for a state dinner. calvin, great job today. so much politics tomorrow about baseball and cuban people. we'll tu in to you. thank. not everyone was celebrating the president's historoc visit and protesters gathered outside little havana voicing their opinion of the trip and other unger people nearby were not as critical. >> they are businessmen and they are looking foremen and they don't care about suffering my people. >> i think they'll come eventually. it's just somebody has to take initiative i mean you know i think this is better if we're there first. >> ultimately,the protests against president obamatrip was small and limited to few he than 30 people. our coverage continues when president obama will directly
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meet with cuban disdents on the islandnd and attend a baseball game as we mentioned between the tampa bay raise and cuban national team. >> here at home a developing story ft. lauderdale city officials say 500 gallons of hydrogen peroxide spilled into a holding tank and sue annual treatment plan. people nearby the plant near u.s. 1 are not impacted by the spill. the tank that caused the chemical w designed for exactly that purpose in the event of spill. peroxide has been removed. >> a a developing tonight a family breathing a sigh of relief after a teenager with a developmental problem is found safe one day after she disappeared from her home. carlos is live in miami with the details. carlos. >> janine, late tonight that child's great grand mother was reunited with the teen. the girl is doing fine. she was found safe and sound and that call name 9:30 tonightand that call name 9:30 tonight.
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great-grandmother getting miami cruiser for the short ride to police head qurters. earlier we heard the woman shoutingfter she was told t t girl was found. 13-year-old was min riffle was seen at her home late sunday. she went to bed around 10:00 at night and when checked on her late this morning the child was gone. a window in her bedroom was found on. police became increasingly concerned about her because the family says she has mental capacity of a 6-year-old. officers spent much of the day canvassing the area of northwest 17 street and fifth avenue where that family lives and we're told she was found in the area and was not hurt and that police do not suspect foul play. the exact circumstances surrounding her disappearance and who she was with is still unclear. we're live tonight in the city of miami carlos schwar he's, local 10. >> carlos thank you to a story you saw first on local 10 this surveillance shows the moment leading up to a shooting in key west that led to three people
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you see a fight break out on duval street between shooting suspect and two other men. that suspect then pulled out a gun and shots missed his target and hit three innocent di standand hit three innocent di standers i itead. >> i thought fireworks were going off a little celebration and i ended up seeing a guyuyun past me and heard another pop and that's when my forearm went numb. >> you have to deal with everything that comes at you and bullet came@ at me. >> the suspect derrek michael david is in custody and facing charges and victim's injuries are not life-threatening. miami-dade metro supervise area caused of raping a woman after the ultra music festival period. in court he was held without bond. a witness said wilt carried unconscious woman into a utility room at the metro mover station sunday night and when officers arrived on the scene they found the woman was
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wilks confessed to raping her. >> i find probable cause on count two. count one 10,000 and count two no bound. >> he's been relieved of duties without pay and facing several charges including kidnapping. >> armed robber on the attack a man at atm becomes a victim. surveillanan you have to see. >> parent concerned about chemicals sprayed othe ground before a popular easter egg hunt here in s sth florida all new coming up. >> and grab sweaters and jackets t t chill is in the air you're feeling it this evening and temperatures will get cooler as we go to the overnight hours. we're forecasting 50s across parts of south florida. normal low in mid 6 0s. how long will this chilly change lasi'll have the
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>> new at 11 concern from parent after a popular easter egg unit. chemicals were sprayed on the ground before kits started
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liver with this story is andrew. . >> well the issue here was kids and chemicals. crews say they were trying to deal with a reall nasty fire aunt problem tonight. > william harris took kids to eggsstravangaza. while waiting for the festival to begin he noticed a crew walking a round spraying something and then saw this container aunt killer and started to ask question. >> who sprays pesticides at a kids function. for me, common sense tells me pesticides and children don't mix. >> harris started recordidi as one of the men started spraying around the easter egg hunt site after he asked officials he saidhe kopz were put out mark ago infected areas and only one of them he said had a sign and it was not nearly enough to warn parents. . >> i'm watching a lady sit down in the grass feeding children
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freshly spared area i saw the guy spray in and i saw a kid lay opening one of the cones hugging it signature oun on it. >> parents enter up to tell them and they said they were only spot spraying for fireants that area. >> we actually do thepot spraying two or three days before the event and when we do the morning off is check to see if they're still active or not. >> hernandez says crews with working to protect the community from the fire ants and concerned parent now insistand concerned parent now insisting when it comes to chemicals the risks should be made clear. they say they'll make a better effort to mark affected areas and let people know what they're using. live tonight i'm andrew perez,
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>> thank you first at 10 the search continues for armed robber accused of attacking a driver and atm. he was attacked after he took money out of a bank at bank of america. it was earlier today. victim was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. >> let's talk weather now. julie is hanging out with us tonight and it's kind of chilly out there. >> yeah you brought the breeze and a chill for spring. >> indeed it's a nice change. refreshing ladies s mpared to what we had to deal with as we wept to weekend and i'm happy to tell you the thing of the past we saw high today of 74. will below normal as you can seat normal high is 81 and this morning we woke to below normal as well in the low 60s and that's nothing compared to what we'll wake up to tomorw. so grab sweaters and jackets it will be one of the last times i'm able to say they especially
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begun spring and it will feel like winter into the overnight hours. live look outside georgous over magic city all is quiet. breeze starting to pick up though and that noh breeze is what's providing for temperatures already flirting in the 5 5. we have 58 right now in pennbrook pines and 59 miami and 57 ft. lauderdale and t tse temperatures continue to drop further as we get into the evening and overnight hours. right now anywhere between 9 and 13 miles per hour and we had wind gust reported in the 20s moments ago. i want to remind you because of the strong breeze we'll elevate riri of occurrence for beachgoers tonight to tomorrow morning and boaters will have advisoryadvisories as well. l of you spring breakers be caution cautious. check out the temperatures. 10 to 15 colder than we saw yesterday at this time thanks to the cold front t tt cleared earlier this morning and took heat and humidity with it and in the wake of the cold front throughout the day you notice fwloomy conditions at times and
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that cloud cover. that will all continue to pusm away as well going into tonight and tomorrow. well, think high pressure for your beautiful forecast for tuesday and wednesday and you turn attentiono two storms moving in from the west and soaking pacific northwest done to southern california and eventually that system is closer to us as we end the workweek and increase rain chances. look at temperatures across the great lakes in 30s already and jet stream continues to allow for the north breeze to provide for temperatureses in the 30s across the great lakes and great planes of northeast and allowwing temperatures to draw down to the 50s. get ready for it now we're going to see a gradual warm up in a hurry and so tomorrowill be nice and cool. breezy wednesday, much warmer and wetter as we end the workweek and begin the holiday weekend. >> okay. for now we'll bundle up. >> yes and enjoy this change. thank you, julie. >> still ahead a scary scene at florida christian school.
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way ton campus. >> an a trafficlert if you travel original or southbound at the turnpike at sunrise boulevard at the exit ramp you can expect delays all part of long term kux f construction
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>> now to a one an only exclusive an undercover investigation against a former city of miami employee accused of drug traffickingd it shows 56of drug trafficking it shows 56-year-old pedro torres showing an agent two gil owe grams of owe cane. aen torres follows him outside to receive payments and is surrounded by agents. he faces charges including
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well while committing offense. he was fired shortly after being arrestd students at a school got quite the squararwhen nearly 10 foot gator showed up outside. staff and opportunities at the geneva academy said they were sthokd see such a huge alligator around their school. professional trapper had to be called in and eventually was able to trap this gator. clay. >o thank you. hey if the hurricanes dance on they'll be led b b a guy that is not biggest man. we'll have that story and plus the panthers try bounce back in the big ale. this was a fight literally and figuratily. >> first a look at cash three
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kevin spacey was the big story whiche showed up to support his team. contact panthers hold off the lightning over the last ten games of the season. takingngn the rangers and new york honoring current pantherstar yager for moving up to third on the all scoring list and cats falling bebind and starting to mounlt a come back here. benson scores making it 2-1 rangers would answer back and back come cats. hudler scoring on the power play makes it 3-2. could got get over the hump. rangers had final goal and win by final score of 4-2. basketball now with hurricanes as i big dance continues taking on villanova and ncaa tournament thursday night at 7:10 right now canes were born
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really liked his squad and really liked point guard and leader angel rodriguez. >> he has a one of those i don't know what it is called. like basketball is big boy game and i'm under sized guard and i'll takeover the world attitude. >> meanwhile the heat coming off the huge win over lebron james and cavaliers. they not overlooking the game in new orleans despite shutting down all star davis and they're fight foring playoff positioning right now and in fact, even tough to play against bell cans now because they'll play more freely with top guy out. and league action this afternoon marlins taking on the mets.
11:32 pm
and 1st and reporter andino takes off for third and not where he meant to throw it comes to score. marlins taking lead and going toin by final score of 2-1 guys. >> meantime football kind of weather here. >> what's going on. >> enjoy one nighthtnd you know what it means, florida roller coaster we'll warm up and then showers and storms. enjoy the good news for now. >> we'll talk later this week. >> bundle up andave fun. thanks for being here.
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the president and now abc's jimmy kimmel live. >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- harrison ford,
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and music from cam. with cleto and the cletones! and now, moving right along, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. show. thank you for watching. very nice. spring is here. can you feel it? do you feel that springiness that a new season brings? it's almost like, hey, it's almost like your heart is bopping around on a pair of skechers shapeups, right? tonight to welcome spring the way it should be welcome the we have a special treat.
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parade. let's bring out the animals! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: this little pig is named jolly. jolly rolling around in her own vehicle. hello, jolly. how you doing, jolly this is donald the duck. hello, donald. yeah, that's right, donald. look at him go. oh, a baby goat. this is a baby goat. hare name iss tubby. e, tubby. and finally -- oh, what happened? did a car stall out? oh, wow. [ cheers and applause ] we've got to get a seat belt on tubby. tubby, i'm taking you out of


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