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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  October 1, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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we are hours in the three alarm fire in atlantic city and still burning. more than a dozen resident are homeless we are live as fire fighters continue their battle. also this morning a pennsylvania state trooper is dead, victim of a tragic accident during a training exercise, it the is second time in three weeks a trooper has been killed on the job. good morning, it is wednesday, first day of october, i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. we will have more in a moment but first lets get a check of traffic and weather together with katie and vittoria, good morning. >> this will be one of those days, vittoria that features a mixed bag. we have seen that in recent days as well where we're tracking a minor disturbance in the atmosphere and it creates basically a mixed bag have oftive rent headaches for some of you but they are very minor issues. lets go out there first and foremost to the wind. it isn't a minor issue in
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atlantic city. although that wind doesn't look that ominous at 10 miles an hour sustain from the northeast, we have a fire still going on in atlantic city. we will go out live to syma chowdhry with the details on that moment trily. but talking about what is happening on storm scan three we can see a few speckles of green, sprinkling storm scan at this hour all courtesy of this area of weakening and retreating low pressure. while we are stuck under a very thick veil of cloud cover we are looking at very limited sunshine here today and also factor in the possibility of a straw shower. much of what we saw yesterday. so because of the clouds, temperatures are only limited to the lower 07's at best this afternoon, expect as well that you'll find some fog in some patchy areas here through western most suburbs where wind is lighter, but that said right now it is calm as could be and mild here on the cbs-3 skies deck. we will send it into you. >> thanks, katie good morning everyone. it is not calm on your commute, we are experiencing
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delays all over and heavier then usual traveling on 476 and i-95 because of earlier construction at i-95 at commodore barry bridge. backed up i-95 something awful. let start with the blue route, traveling on 476, southbound delay, rounding this here approaching route one we are seeing that slow down all the way down to i-95 because of earlier construction, now on top of just rush hour traffic. speaking of rush hour traffic, here's schuylkill expressway, westbound pesky pocket, that you hit every day at city avenue and traveling on 76, we have the usual pockets all within your western suburbs between 476 and that route one area but eastbound delay does continue to follow you towards vine street expressway. take a look at the blue route trying to get to i-95, all in red, 16 miles an hour is your speed sensor there and then i-95 southbound approaching blue route down to the commodore barry is your other slow spot. seventeen on i-95 in and out of northeast philadelphia worst delay is southbound between academy and vine.
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we will leave with you this a vehicle fire on 295 northbound at 42 freeway is causing delays not only on 295 as well as 49 to, but definitely an area to avoid. mass transit looks great. ukee and erika. >> torey, thank you. more on our breaking news a three alarm fire in atlantic city leaves more than a dozen people homeless including several children. >> "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us from the scene in atlantic avenue where the fire has still not been placed under control, syma. >> reporter: that is right, erika and ukee, about nine hours later, fire fighters are still here on the scene trying to contain this fire. for the most part it has been contained but it is not completely out, they are still working on some hot spots but this is what it looked like earlier this morning. flames light up the the sky, just blocks from the boardwalk and casinos, a three alarm fire burned for hours here in atlantic city, fire fighters have been having a hard time putting it out. >> we have dumped probably a million or 2 gallons of water
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on it, we're still going. >> reporter: it started around 10:00 o'clock last night on the atlantic have avenue between north carolina and pennsylvania have a news. five buildings have been affect. witnesses say the the fire spread quickly. >> there were flames shooting out of several buildings at once. >> reporter: at least two have partially collapsed, first floors are mainly storefronts with apartments above, five families have been displaced, the fire started in an alteration shop which is on the first floor, and it spread throughout the building, shooting from the roof front to back. in one was injured from this fire but fire fighters have had a hard time containing it. >> wind been a factor all night. fire got up to the second floor and roof area and it is going in the direction of the wind. that is our issue for tonight. >> reporter: again, it has been nine hours, since this fire started, the red cross, is assisting with the five families as a total of 17 people, including six children. they all have been taken to a
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nearby hotel. right now fire fighters say it is too early to determine what caused this blaze. we are live from atlantic city i'm syma chowdhry for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. pennsylvania state police joined with philadelphia police to solute trooper david kidra who was fatally shot in the chest during a gun training exercise. it happened last night in montgomery county, public safety training complex in conshohocken. we have eyewitness video here this morning as philadelphia police join state police escorting the 26 year-old flag draped coffin to the givnish funeral home in the northeast. state police are calling the trooper's death an accident but they have not released any details. he was a two year veteran assigned to troop k skippack station. state police commissioner frank noonan says that trooper kidra died serving the people of the commonwealth of pennsylvania, and the men and women of the pennsylvania state police mourn his loss and extend our sincere
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condolences to his friends and family. meanwhile philadelphia police fired at a suspect they believe may be linked to a homicide but he got away. chopper 3hd is over chris even den and wistar in germantown just after 9:00 as police carried out their search. police do not believe the suspect was hit, no officers were hurt. well, we are less than an hour away from our breakfast with the candidates. republican incumbent tom corbett and democratic challenger tom wolf will participate in the second of three debates right here in our studios and you can watch it live. "eyewitness news" reporter and anchor pat ciarrocchi joins us now to tell us more bit. good morning. >> reporter: cbs-3, the cw philly and also kyw news radio, cbs, we are standing at crossroads of gubernatorial politics in pennsylvania today. five weeks from election day to day is a critical opportunity for candidates to advance their agenda take a look behind me we have some support ers of governor tom
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corbett, incumbent republican, there we have a few people who are beeping their horns as they go past and across the street on 16th street we have the supporters of the tom wolf, the democratic challenger. the studio is ready, the the debate begins at 8:00 o'clock this morning. five weeks to go before election day could democrat tom wolf, the york county businessman unseat the republican incumbent governor tom corbett? looking at seven polls taken between yawing 18th, wolf is registering 52 percent support, corbett at 36 percent an advantage to wolf of nearly 16 points. the governor took his campaign to pittsburgh where a 28 million-dollar bridge repair project is to begin. >> we said that we would fix the bridges, fix the roads this year. we have already begun delivering on that promise. >> reporter: promise of
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education reform headlines first corbett wolf debate on september 22nd. >> i don't know if $27 billion is enough, i know if i were doing this would i sit down with the educators and say let's fix this and make sure we are delivering fully on this promise. >> reporter: wolf's campaign launched an interactive web site contrasting candidates vision for education in pennsylvania. corbett has been targeted for cutting a billion dollars from pennsylvania's education budget, and at the first debate the governor defended his reform efforts. >> mr. wolf supporters and public sector unions, particularly teachers unions, spent millions of dollars putting out the lie that i cut education. i didn't. >> reporter: in the meantime the challenger is taking aim. >> i think we need a fresh start. >> reporter: well, candidates always say the the only poll that matters is the one on election day. so today's breakfast with the candidates will it be a conversation, or will it be a debate, we will see today at 8:00 o'clock and you will be
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able to see it live right here on the cw philly. ukee and erika, back to you. >> all right, pat, we will check back with you shortly. you can watch the the debate/conversation live on the cw philly or listen to it on kyw news radio 1060. cbs will stream it live. if you have a question for the candidates tweet it to us using the hash tag, cbs philly debate. developing right now, an unidentified patient is in isolation at a hospital in dallas, texas. he is first confirmed case of ebola, in the u.s. cdc says patient who is in critical condition flew to the u.s. from the west african nation of liberia on september 19th and began to have symptoms four or five days later. september 28th he was admitted to the hospital and tested positive for that deadly disease. officials are trying to track down those he was closest to but they don't believe anybody on that flight was sickened because of ebola in the contagious until the the patient shows symptoms.
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>> the bottom line here is that i have no doubt that we will control this importation or this case of the ebola so it does not spread widely in this country. >> the cdc is not sure how the patient contracted the disease, there is no cure for ebola only an experimental vaccine so far ebola epidemic in west africa has killed more than 3,000 people. there is much more about the ebola case in texas and out break in africa on our web site at cbs and there is links 90 cdc and click on links and numbers. philadelphia's new cigarette taxis now in effect two. dollars per pack taxis in addition to the state tax but only this philadelphia the 45 million-dollar generated by the the taxis already incorporatedded into the school district's budget for the year. it is helping to philadelphian 80 million-dollar budget gap. well, drivers who go through red lights in abington no longer get warnings they
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get tickets. fine for running red light is hundred dollars. cameras are at three intersections they are old york and susquehanna roads, old york and old welsh roads and fitzwater town and moreland road. happening today philadelphia mayor michael nutter will sign new legislation in making fill at largest city to decriminalized possessions of small amounts of marijuana a person caught with less than an ounce of pot will receive a $25 fine f someone is caught smoking marijuana in public they will face a hundred dollars fine or community service. once sign into law the new policy goes into effect october 20th. >> while you are no doubt weakening our troopers resolve is very strong. >> investigators are sending a message to accused killer eric frein as they show us more of what he they have discover. that includes alleged pipe bombs and we will have much more on the manhunt and that after this. also another stunning break down in security authorities want to know how a man with the gun ended up in
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the same elevator as president obama. also no one wants to think about winter but plenty of municipalities have to think bit as well, why it is going to cost more to keep the the road clear, this winter, all that and more coming up. don't forget when you hit roads you can still get you're witness weather toker cast on the go, katie will be delivering shore forecast on kyw news radio 1060 to get you through the morning commute so be sure to tune in. she's every where. we will be right back.
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directly to frein. >> i'm calling on you eric to surrender. you're clearly stressed, you are making significant mistakes. >> we're told there has been at least one credible sighting of frein in the past two days, wantedded for ambush of the blooming grove barracks that killed one trooper and seriously injured another. a southern california mayor, is dead in what police are calling a domestic dispute with his wife. investigators say l levet crisp o fatally shot her husband daniel. after several hours of questioning police released her from custody pepping criminal charges by the prosecutor's office. daniel was the mayor of bell gardens a suburb outside of los angeles. right now 7:15. let get traffic and weather together. how are we looking today. >> it will be a day that features a different you the look depending on your location and courtesy of one larger system moving away right now. we will get to that. let's show you couple camera
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views with sky cam three. we have light rain that has been moving on through here, very scattered in nature, not a widespread issue but in atlantic city we have been battling drizzle but persistent wind throughout the course of the morning where breaking news has been all morning with that fire justin land by a couple blocks. meanwhile lets go next to the live neighborhood network where fog is the story. depending on your location again the little breeze down the shore, wet weather there, right new though it is moisture and light wind responsible for you not being able to see very far in the distance here outside whitefield elementary school. damp pavement on the play ground as well. here is system we have been talking with, an area of retreating and weakening low pressure but it will keep us in the clouds for better part of the day. limited sunshine. just some left over stray shower, not enough to require the umbrella, however. next big thing, here it is, starting to get its act together with potential for severe weather in the plains today, and this storm system
7:17 am
becomes our next big story but it doesn't happen until about the time we hit weekend here. so an october chillies settling in on us, in the days ahead, we have been spoiled as ovulate with the warmth, by the the time this front hits us we will be dealing with heavy rain, gusty wind and that is overnight friday into saturday. in the meantime despite clouds we will give you a b, in the bad. >> in. >> if you don't need umbrella eighties a not a super huge deal. expect lower 07's because we don't expect as much sunshine. >> hi, young lady. >> good morning everyone. as far as traffic is concerned we will have rush hour in the usual pockets but 59 in delaware county is a little bit of problem. but lets get on you you the side and talk about 476, because 476, the blue route, today is directly related to i-95. here's what happened, 95 southbound earlier this morning we had a construction zone between blue route and commodore barry bridge, and, one lane of traffic thousand when that construction out of the way, it is backup at the the blue route something awful. southbound traveling on the blue you are jammed
7:18 am
approaching route one all the way down to 95, traveling speed sensors in the teens. travel northbound we are delayed with just usual rush hour traffic between 95 and media swarthmore. as we look at i-95, this shot a approaching girard avenue, the usual, traveling on i-95 between the academy and vine we're very slow. northbound i-95, it will be delayed so watch approaching that 452 area 18 on i-95 through construction zones heading in to center city. eight is what you are traveling on the schuylkill. speeds are low on 476 and westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike as you make your way out of the willow grove area watch out for a vehicle fire in new jersey, 295 northbound at 42, note only affecting 295 but 42 as well no major problems for mass transit. ukee and quarter. with the winter fast approaching the demand is now out pacing supply for road salt. >> we know that means, pay more for it. trade group says it cannot mine salt as fast as cities and states are ordering it. it stems from last winter n
7:19 am
pennsylvania salt price increases are eight to 9 percent. state transportation officials say that they used more than a million tons of road salt last winter. all of you rode warriors out there, we have something if you feel the need for speed do not do it in these cars. new stud by reveals subaru wrx is top ticketed car, in the whole country. pontiac gt o came in second with run ins with the law and making list of the top five the scion srs, toyota sunra and tribeca. we have all heard the excuse bay dog eating someone's homework. >> now we are hearing from a man whose dog ate some very important tickets. we will tell but that coming up. plus howow a realtor is overcoming odds to work his dream job. but first what is coming up tonight on the cw philly.
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breaking news tops today's headlines on "eyewitness news" at cw philly, cause of the huge fire in atlantic city is under investigation right now. fire destroyed five buildings and burned for more than eight hours, more than a dozen people were forcedded from their homes, but there were in injuries. also authorities are investigating the death of the pennsylvania state trooper during a training exercise in montgomery county, trooper david kidra was shot in the chest and air lifted to temple
7:23 am
hospital but died a short time later. an unidentified man is in the dallas area hospital, very first case of ebola in the united states. the man contracted the disease after a trip to the african nation of liberia. 7:23. the flyers home opener may not be all from the screen. we have video that showed up during last night's final home preseason game. ate announced the return of the flyers ice girls. they were fired after last season. now trouble was the ice guys, who replaced them, they were booed every time they showed up this preseason. the new ice girls team we pick out after a tryouts sunday at noon at skate zone in voorhees. we love the music. >> you spoke, we listened, the ice team returns. >> returns. >> that has to return. >> okay. everyone knows old excuse dog ate my homework, right. >> wait until you hear this the dog ate my world series tickets.
7:24 am
>> ouch. >> karl, says his mountain dog isn't a big orioles fan as he was. he has never chewed up any mail or packages before but the dog went after the tickets when they showed up on federal express. >> i went outside and found basically this, scattered all over the place. i guess when that friendly man in the blue shirt put this new toy over the rail, it was irresistible. >> chew toy is a chew toy. >> the bar codes and seat locations are still okay. that means my man karl can see his orioles in the post season starting with tomorrow's divisional round. how about that. tim wall is not your typical real estate agent. >> he sells homes in california, sight unseen. >> it is in the afternoon, there is a long light. >> reporter: well, he cannot see much. he describes his vision as looking through scotch tape but that has not stopped him from pursuing his dream.
7:25 am
he says a house sells itself, every now and then though there is a little stumble. >> i walk to the right, and, you know, i stepped down like three flights and i said well, that first step will kill you we wish him well. we will be right back. tim says his goal is to become rookie of the year at this office and that means he would have the most listings, his boss says wow not bet against him and in case you are wondering tim makes sure to scope out each home with an associate before bringing
7:26 am
good morning i'm ukee washington. lets start the with your forecast, katie in the weather center good morning. >> good morning everybody. today will be one of those days that does feature a couple different milk bag issues but none of them are major mostly just a little bit of a nuisance as we get to storm scan 31st and foremost. we have low pressure that is weakening and retreating but nothing more than a few little speckles of green on the radar. we have had a few issues with fog through western most suburbs, and that should thin out with time new that the sunnies up. today cloudy day, so limit the warming that will take place, watch for a spotty shower out there and later on tonight we will cool off more readily as skies begin to gradually clear. tomorrow overall we will have some sun, couple clouds, very pleasant, friday looks the
7:27 am
same but friday night and saturday a potent front comes in, torey. good morning, everyone. if you are traveling out and about you will run into this accident eastbound egypt road at 422. as you will notice police are on the scene. it does seem that the right lane is compromised. you can see vehicle involved up ahead. speed sensors reflecting a rush every where, schuylkill, 95 in delaware county and on 476, good news is mass transit looks great, ukee. thanks, our next update 7:55. up next this morning, one of the world's most talented violin players gift a unique concert. for more local news weather traffic and sports we are on
7:28 am
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ring ring! progresso! i forgive you. you do? it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself. updating breaking news a three alarm fire rips through several build initial atlantic city overnight sending five families in the streets with only the clothes on their back. >> good morning everyone. lets get the latest from syma chowdhry who has been at the scene all morning long, syma. >> reporter: that is right, fire fighters have been battling this for more than
7:30 am
nine hours. taking a look behind me it looks like the fire is finally it seems as though everything is out. fire fighters are still on the scene just keeping a close eye on this but we have video of what it looked like earlier this morning. the fire started around ten last night on atlantic avenue between north carolina and pennsylvania avenues. just to give you an idea where that is, we are a few blocks from the casino and boardwalk. behind the resorts casino more specifically. five buildings have been affected. two of those buildings have partially collapsed. first floors are mainly storef storefronts with the apartments above. five families have been displaced. fire started in an alteration shop on the first floor and spread quickly to the second floor eventually shooting out of the roof front to back. luckily in one was injured but fire fighters had a very hard time containing this because of the weather no injuries to civilians or fire fighters. we have had two partial
7:31 am
collapses and 1114, 1116, and then in the rear of 1118 is collapsed. we are right now wind is a factor all night, fire got up in the second floor and roof areas, and then it is going in the direction of the wind and that is our issue tonight. >> reporter: wind was a very big issue for fire fighters this morning keeping flames going from spreading throughout the building. red cross is assisting five families that includes 17 people, six of them children at a nearby hotel. it is still too early to determine what caused this fire. i'm syma chowdhry for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. pennsylvania state police say deadly shooting of a trooper at a local gun range was an accident. trooper david kidra was shot in the chose during a training exercise at montgomery county public safety training complex in conshohocken. troopers joined with philadelphia police to solute the the 26 year-old as his flag draped casket left temple
7:32 am
university hospital last night with a police escort. state police have not released tea tails saying the ion continues, and he was a two year veteran assigned to the skippack station. delaware toddler is fighting for his life after police say he shot himself with the gun found in his home. family members identified the boy as two-year old aj graves. police say he shot himself in the head at valley run apartments in claymont tuesday morning. boy remains in intensive care at du pont hospital for children. the shooting just stun the neighbors. >> he was sweet as could be. he used to play out there with his dad. >> two-year old and his mom were only ones inside the residents at the time of the shooting. >> police are still investigating how the the boy got his hand on that gun and if any charges will be filed. >> man accused of jumping over a fence and running in the white house is due to appear before a federal magistrate later on today. omar gonzales is charged with entering a restricted building and carrying a dangerous
7:33 am
weapon. the prosecutors say he had a knife when he storm past secret service and into the east room. the charges were announced as lawmakers on capitol hill grilled the secret service director about the security breach. >> it is clear that our security plan was not properly executed. this is unacceptable. i take full responsibility and i will make sure it does not happen again. >> i wish to god you protect the white house like you are protecting your reputation here today. >> we're now learning about another potential security breach just three days before the fence jumping incident. a private security contractor with the gun shared an elevator with president obama at centers for disease control and prevention in atlanta. that is a violation of protocol. 7:33. let get the latest on the forecast with katie, good morning. >> good morning, guys. we are looking at a day that will feature a milk bag once again where we have some clouds, a little bit of sun and a little bit of wind and
7:34 am
fog. it all comes from one scenario here a scenario of low pressure which continues to retreat and weaken. as it goes a long here we have had some activity on storm scan three but not enough that you have to have an umbrella now with that said wind as i mentioned is still a concern, although thankfully now we have just had our latest from syma chowdhry in atlantic city. despite a very persistent 10 miles an hour northeast wind flow here in ac that fire does appear to be out now. but the wind does seem to be noticeable in the place like the shore. it is a lot lighter out towards the western most suburbs. because of the lighter wind visability have dropped off in a couple spots here. we have had right drizzle moving in. this is a very much a variety pack kind of a forecast this morning with the area of low pressure retreating. the with the limited sunshine temperatures get held back to the lower 07's at best in any location today but we will see that storm make its retreat. skies should clear out later
7:35 am
on today and into tonight. hey, guys as we watch that low pressure retreat, we are all in the weather observations. we want to you join our eyewitness weather team of weather watchers. head out to cbs for details the brand new program we just kick off, it is cool and we were love for to you join, vittoria, over to you. we do have an incident we do need to address traveling egypt road at 422. it toss seem to me they are making progress, however, that looks like a new vehicle in my mind, there we go, now it is pulled off. good news. we are watching live clearing of the incident again eastbound egypt road at 422. you're moving well at cedar mill road in that intersection. not moving so well is a 95. this is northbound delays approaching area of the commodore barry bridge. we are delayed from the delaware state line and almost through the blue route. if you are traveling
7:36 am
southbound on the i-95 you are delayed approaching ridley park towards 476. so we're experiencing delays all over delaware county, all over northeast philadelphia southbound i-95 between academy and girard, and traveling slow go on the schuylkill expressway. we are at 7 miles an hour at city avenue this delay is affecting the roosevelt boulevard southbound as well. we are at 29 traveling on 476, definitely want to give yourself more time there. on the vine street expressway going to and from the broad street and schuylkill areas, no delays however for mass transit, ukee. >> thanks, torey. there is no word yet of a winner in the bidding for the former revel casino hotel in atlantic city. a canadian form brookfield asset management offered 110 million-dollar but only if it was a done deal by 6:00 o'clock this morning. brookfield owns casinos in las vegas and bohamas. our time is now 7:36. lets check on business. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange and jill, investors are looking forward to a new financial quarter today what do you think they are watching today. >> well, that is right, good
7:37 am
morning ukee and erika. investors keeping a close eye on the tension in hong kong. pro democracy protests are growing even though it is a national holiday, in china, and they are closing streets in the hong kong business district, many in the big banks let workers work from home yesterday. now this morning we will also get data on auto sales, wall street did finish off september which is traditionally worse months for the market on the down side. dow jones and nasdaq both fell slightly. so october here we come. >> indeed. >> we don't normally think of jimmy kimmel as a dangerous celebrity but one software company is warning that he is, what is up with that? >> reporter: yeah, that is right, who knew you have to think twice before you google will your favorite celebrity even if it is jimmy kimmel. the security company deemed him the most dangerous celebrity to search for on line. there is a 19 percent chance of landing on a web site with the virus or mal wear if you search for him.
7:38 am
the bruce springsteen, florida, chelsea handler also some of the most dangerous searches. ukee and erika, kimmel said hard to believe a kid who played the clarinet and carried a briefcase to junior high grew up to be the most dangerous celebrity of 204. definitely not a likely candidate there. >> just goes to show, you know, cannot judge a book by its cover. >> he can be dangerously funny at times too. >> reporter: never underestimate the band kids, right. >> briefcase and you are 12, watch out. that is it, thanks jill. for more money tips and information from money head to our web site at cbs well, we are just minutes away from our breakfast with the candidates. the candidates for pennsylvania governor face off for their only philadelphia debate right here in our studios. "eyewitness news" reporter pat ciarrocchi, joins us now with the latest information on this, pat good morning. >> reporter: hi, good morning, erika. we are at crossroads here of politics in pennsylvania.
7:39 am
we have governor tom corbett and challenger tom wolf in the building right now. from what we understand on the inside they did need to go in make up because it will be broadcast on television on the cbs philly at 8:00 o'clock this morning. let me give you a sense of is what going on out here we have tomorrow wolf wolf supporters who have lined up who have been in place for the last 45 minutes or so, and then on the other side of the street, we have governor tom corbett supporters here in place also, showing him that they want him have to have a second term despite the fact that the poles are showing him 16-point ahead. this is democracy in action. this is power. they are the philadelphia's organization to witness and power and rebuild. it is all about education. it is a hot button issue in this race. joining me right now, come forward, reverend mark tyler, of the mother bethel a.m. e
7:40 am
church. great to have you with us. tell us about what power is about. >> thank you. power is a non-partisan group. we are clergy, lay, black, white, hispanic, jewish, christian, muslim and we here to pray with our feet today. we believe by faith we can change public policy and we want a full funding formula for public education. we want money invested in schools, no more money invested in prisons. we believe that is good for philadelphia but for all of pennsylvania and our country. >> thank you very much, reverend. one of the women who really sees the importance of education day in and day out with the children. this is sheila armstrong. she will, thanks. you have your two sons with you today. >> yes. >> what is so important for you for full funding for education. >> reason why full funding is for is important our children. our children are our future. that is what we are fighting for and praying for. our children deserve a quality education where they can sit down and reach their pull full
7:41 am
potential. >> why turn to prayer. >> because sometimes, may in the always work. you have to sit there and rely on god to touch their hearts sometime. that is what i am praying on that god touch their heart and they do right thing not just for me or anybody, just for all children in the state of pennsylvania. >> reporter: you want two candidates to hear that today. she will, thanks very much. the debate, conversation, breakfast with the candidates begins at 8:00 o'clock this morning. you can see it live right here on cbs philly. back to you, ukee and erika. >> see you shortly. you can watch the debate live on our sister station the cw philly or listen to it on kyw news radio 1060, cbs will stream it live f you have a question for candidate tweet us using hash tag cbs philly debate. our time is 7:41. popular children's book is hitting the big screen, star and director of alexander and the the terrible horrible no good very bad day, will join me live in the studio next.
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love that book growing up, classic. dieting can be difficult. we know. that now technology can help you. we will talk about ways your plate and even your fork can help you lieutenants weight. >> what? >> wait until you see this
7:43 am
7:44 am
place your plate on the scale. >> all right. >> well a talking scale, tells you how much to eat, over how much time, and also, warns if you you eat too fast. now this counter keeps track of each time you take a bite touring a meal and send results right tourist. nutritionist say gadgets help but they can only do so much. >> there can be some value but still does not help you decide what food choice toes make or when to eat. those two things are extremely important. >> now there is also the the
7:45 am
happy fork, that vibrates and flashes a red light if you take by the less than ten seconds apart. the it has a mobile app to help you meet your goals. i like my plate on one fork, kate. >> it makes me think of the ferrell song when i hear about the happy fork. it should have an mp3 player embedded in there too. >> ukee loves that song. >> tropics looking happy. >> tropics look very happy if you like quiet conditions. things are very tranquil in the open waters of the atlantic even though we have bright colors. none of these disturbances have any shot right now of any development. so we are looking good here, even despite the fact that we are just now pulling out of the height of your typical atlantic hurricane season. meanwhile as we move forward in this forecast here we can expect to see storm scan three, generally, empty out with time here. but we are still tracking an area of retreating and weakening low pressure. here it is, bringing in some green, generally at this point up across eastern new england but it will trigger just a
7:46 am
spotty shower and some spots, perhaps some mainly cloudy skies, as the day goes on. we have had fog issues as well. we will talk about the next big thing though and that is our next big storm system which is, still just getting its act together. if you look real closely though we will draw the circulation here, more of that classic comma shape starting to take effect here. there will be severe weather that fires up here in the central plains as the day goes on. more severe weather strikes here but when this does get here, as we will show new future weather, it will pack a punch. now the time has slowed down a little bit, most of you have friday looks good. sometimes, 2:00p m friday afternoon, let's go put it into motion here. western pennsylvania will get, slammed as we go into the night time frame. for us it is main liz overnight friday in, to saturday early morning and i think heavy rain is big store which this with gusty wind and very likely thunderstorms. it is coming overnight. it doesn't because come a severe weather issue. we have a lot of clouds but no fog issues in cape may
7:47 am
courthouse. it is hazy, the the more further inland you go. places like lower merion high school on the main line you might have a couple of patches of that fog. at the moment though eyewitness weather three day forecast, generally very quiet. if we had to pick the most active days, really today we could still see that left over shower, but otherwise, loud and low 07's because of the limited sunshine, 74 appease for thursday and friday. right now it looks like pleasant weather to go witt. torey, back over to you. thanks, so much, katie. good morning everyone. your commute right now is pretty much a wash. anywhere would you usually find rush hour delays is exactly what you will fine today. let's start with the schuylkill expressway. this is traveling westbound, headlights are heading eastbound into downtown philadelphia it doesn't matter where you are going around center city or within your western suburbs, you are jammed on the schuylkill expressway. also, 73, it is now closed tacony palmyra bridge is now opened. you will need to give yourself some more time there and we will let you know when it does get put back down to normal. as we take a look the at wide, notice speed sensors are
7:48 am
normal for a rush hour. twenty-three is your average on 476, seven on the schuylkill, 17 for i-95, give yourself more time out there we have an accident to watch out for, and try to avoid fit you can, link on on a highway at bally road. if you are traveling in new jersey, cross keys road, it is still closed as a result of the accident, at new freedom road. so your best alternate is going to be to take taunt on roads and traveling mass transit wise, this is where things get good, thanks for september, new jersey transit and dart are all running on time and normal. there are no delays through the philadelphia international airport, ukee. >> torey, thanks very much. question to have you, have you ever had a bad day. we all have. maybe not as bad as 11 year-old alexander. inspired by 1972 children's classic disney brings to the big screen, alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. >> i can't believe elliott photo shopped pictures of me to the whole school.
7:49 am
>> unbelievable. >> it is a family fun film with plenty on have have life lessons for one alexander, thinks his family is way too bus toy notice that his day is all messed up so he wishes for them to go through tough times as well so they can understand what he is going through, wish comes true and the chaos ensues. joining us right now is young man who plays alexander and director of film, so good to see you. >> thank you very much. >> at this young age what do you enjoy about this industry first of all. >> i think the experience and hoy worked with on this one i got to work with miguel, and, just the friendships i made and things i have learned. >> do you have any bad days. >> i have had bad days. >> what kind of bad days, you door young to have bad days. >> well, my day is pretty average but i do have bad days where you trip down, you break something, and, you have a bad day. >> the film was fun. i enjoyed that.
7:50 am
>> what did it take to direct this young man the process, can you tell us about that. >> yes, you did. she watch many awetitions late night trying to find the right kid. we want todd find somebody who was lovely, and natural, who who could be generous at heart. that is what we loved. >> that is fantastic. >> i saw you crazy stunts in the film, which one will you remember for a long time. >> it was definitely the fire. it was crazy. it was cool to be able to do that. it was an air of caution on the set, that you have to be careful and it was fun because you have to practice and you have to get the chorography just right because otherwise. >> otherwise things can happen. >> something horrible can happen. >> miguel, you come from the independent world is that right. >> that is right. >> how challenging was it to take a short picture book and turn tonight to a feature film. >> in the book alexander has a bad day. we just decided to continue what would happen if alexander
7:51 am
says my family does than get it and i hoe they have a horrible day and then they do, and then everybody goes into chaos. >> big time. >> big time. >> there we are right there we have steve carol, jen garner. they are ideal parents i thought in the film and probably ideal actors to work with. >> well, i was very lucky, to work with delightful people on top of being really talented. it was fun to work with both of them people. >> did they give you any advice, for the future. >> they don't give me advice but you learn so much from being around them and talking to them and watching them work, you just learn about acting and sets and i really loved working with them. >> is what your message for this film, what do you want both people to say and think about when they leave after they see this film that comes out next week. >> well, i think we want them to look at the film, having said, family enjoyed that and they walk out with a smile but
7:52 am
family matters. >> i think that is what matters, i hope people laugh. we are very prosecuted of the movie. very funny. at the end of the day it is about how lucky you are to have your family. >> yes, he he is the anchor to the family. >> we consider you part of our family come back anytime. >> so thank you for having us if you think you have had bad day think again after seeingal saner in good horrible no good very bad day. it will be in the theater near you next friday. we will take a short
7:53 am
7:54 am
the the word is rejoyce, for all of the twilight fans out there twilight franchise is back with the series of short films. new york times reports lions gate is teaming up with facebook to create five new, mini movies based on the twilight characters.
7:55 am
in of the films will star original cast, i'm shoe fans don't mind though. it premiered exclusively on the social network next year. ♪ i love the sound, fleet wood mack kicks off their tour in minute so the last night. bandies back together for the first time in 16 years. fans in our area will have two chances to catch british rockers at wells fargo center on october 15th and 29th,
7:56 am
good morning i'm erika von tiehl. lets get the to katie for your forecast, good morning. good morning everybody. today will be a day that features a bit of the variety pack because we are still tracking the retreat at this point of april area of low pressure but i do still think we will be stuck in cloud cover and also have to dodge spotty showers. not enough that you have to have an umbrella but more heads up, high limited to 72 because we are not going to see too much sunshine today. mid 07's for thursday and friday as we track, a quieter pattern here, erika, back to you. next update 8:25. next up on cbs this morning new jersey governor chris christie and for most watching cw philly breakfast with the candidates start in a moment. governor tom corbett and tom wolf are live in our
7:57 am
have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from education... almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax. but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change.
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good morning everyone i'm larry kane, special contributor for kyw news radio in philadelphia. this is a debate, the debate is between governor tom corbett, incumbent republican, seeking a second term in office, and his challenger, democratic challenger tom wolf, former pennsylvania revenue secretary. our panel list, it is a good panel, cherry greg, community affairs reporter for kyw news radio and chris may, long time veteran, prime time anchor for cbs-3 in philadelphia.