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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  October 2, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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a teenagers is gunned down sitting on the front porsche. i'm ukee washington. i'm erika von tiehl. let start off with traffic and weather together with katie and vittoria. >> good morning. >> we are looking ahead to the quiet couple days here, vittoria as we sit between systems we will end up with a little bit of sun, cloud cover and in rain this time around. at least in the for now. as we go out to a good example of this, outside beach patrol headquarters, it still looks damp on the sand to me right new but we are seeing brightening skies in the distance, cloud cover as well, but again, in the a sign of things to come but a sign of things that continue to retreat in the area of the low pressure that has been bugging us for a couple days bringing
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in fog, bringing in wind as well as some light rain here and there. currently our temperatures are into the low 60's from allentown to trenton, philadelphia as well and everybody else is in the 50's, this morning. so keep in mind you might still see patchy fog, primary spots for that will be your far, west and northern suburbs, so towards poconos you can see that. or wise up in the mountains we have mid 60's under partly sunny skies and in the shore points similar scenario as well. see same thing in the city. very much a carbon copy forecast here today, vittoria. >> good morning, everyone. traveling out and about on the roads you'll find what you will usually expect during the rush hour. look at 476 traveling on the southbound side of the blue route this shot here in the too far from the schuylkill expressway. you will notice it will set you back. traveling as well on 422, this shot here not too far from trooper, saint gabe's curve, if you are traveling on 422 eastbound we are seeing delays
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stem back towards oaks and continue to haunt you all the way down to 202. ten is your average on the schuylkill, volume on 76 west and east bound backing up roosevelt boulevard southbound. be mindful of. that you'll have delays on the westbound side of the schuylkill approaching vine street expressway into south philadelphia. traveling 18 is how you are doing on i-95. at northeast fill down through the vine it is a squeeze. north bound on i-95 we have delays in delaware county at 452 making your way down towards blue route. traveling on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound at downingtown we have an accident and finally traveling in new jersey expect these pop up delays on the north bound side of the 42 and north bound 55 leading to the 42, ukee and erika. in the news a teenage girl is shot sitting on her grandmother's front important inch northeast philadelphia. >> thirty he lease say the teen ran for her life as a gunman chased her down the street, firing several shots along the way. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us at police headquarters with more, same, good morning. >> good morning, that teenage girl is recovering at the hospital this morning after
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being shot in the arm and police say witnesses helped them identify the the shooter. a 17 year-old girl is recovering this morning after being shot in the arm, police say that she was sitting next to the man of the porch of her grandmother's house on the 5900 block of cottage street in wissonoming around 11:00 o'clock last night. the that is when the shoot he approached them. after a verbal argument with the girl, the man fired five shots, one at point blank range hitting her in the right arm. >> the bullet broke her arm. >> reporter: the girl ran and thates when police say the man shot at her again, this time hitting several homes in the process. >> she ran to several houses, her grandmother's house, two other houses next to her grand hot mother's house trying to get in the front door while this male continue to shoot. >> reporter: the shooter fled but police did apprehend the suspect. >> fortunately these numerous witness december cooperate with police not only telling us a good description so we were able to apprehend this individual but also,
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positively identifying our suspect. >> reporter: we are toll the suspect was already wanted on a warrant. >> we do believe was intended target and the shooter knew this 17 year-old female prior to, shooting her. >> reporter: the teen is recovering at st. christopher's hospital and being treated for had gunshot wound and subsequently a broken arm from that. now the man she was sitting with was not hurt, right new police do not have a motive on this shooting. we are live at police headquarters, syma chowdhry for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. also new this morning flames break out inside a historic school building in north philadelphia around 1c fire fighters respond to the scene at old simon mur school at germantown and allegheny avenue. the school has been closed for some time now and the building was up for sale. in injuries were reported and causes still being looked into. some residents in philadelphia's nicetown neighborhood want new safety measures put in place after a young boy is struck and killed by a car. it happened yesterday
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afternoon on the 3600 block of 15th street. police say that the five two-year old driver of this buick hit the six year-old have after he ran between parked cars and into the street. one neighbor is calling for more crossing guards in the wake of the tragedy. >> as long as i have been around here there has never been a crossing guard on any of these corners from erie avenue, from allegheny and only in front of the schools. >> the driver who struck the child did stay at the the scene, police say at this time the incident appears to be a tragic accident and it remains under investigation. is there a twist in the death investigation of cooper health ceo and his wife. their bodies were found in the burning summer on the county home on sunday and as "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones reports the fire was ruled an arson. >> reporter: sunday morning september 28th there was a fire inside the home of the ceo of cooper university hospital. inside, seven two-year old ceo john their dan and his wife
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joyce were found. sheridan was pronouncedded dead at the scene and his 69 year-old wife died at the hospital a short time later. neighbors i spoke with in this montgomery township neighborhood said they that had their suspicions about the fire. off camera they tell new no that arson is involved they are more concern. wednesday we have learned that the somerset county prosecutors arson task force ruled that the the fire was intentionally set, however, in new details were release and we are still await to go hear results of the autopsy and other test to learn how the couple may have died. in the meantime cooper university health released this statement saying we are saddened and shock by what has been reported about the death of john sheridan and his wife joyce, their death already unbelievably sad are now tragic. our deepest condolence go out to john and joyce's family for their terrible loss. citing ongoing investigation, authorities would not comment on camera about the case. in somerset county, new jersey, todd quinones for "eyewitness news" at cw
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philly. we now know man of the name diagnosed with the first case of ebola in the united states. cdc is investigating why thomas duncan was not admitted to the hospital earlier. he was first admitted september 26th with the fear and stomach pains. a nurse using a checklist asked whether he traveled from africa. he answered yes but still was released. cdc says duncan flew from liberia to the united states, on september 19th. >> regretfully that information was not fully communicated throughout the full team and as a result the full import of that information wasn't factor into the clinical decision making. >> texas health officials are monitoring as many as 18 people who may have had direct contact with the duncans. and meanwhile another patient in hawaii is in isolation and undergoing testing for ebola in a honolulu you hospital. this morning, is there a new temporary leader of the secret service.
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the joseph clancy is a delaware county native who is stepping in after julia pierson resigned on wednesday. the as susan mcginnes report, many says the recent security breaches are not just an embarrassment for the agency but they put the president and first family in danger. >> reporter: retired secret service agent joseph clancy is back, once a member of the president's closest security detail he will now leave the agency. after just 18 months on the job director julia pierson resigned after heavy pressure yesterday. she told bloomberg news it is painful to leave as agency is reeling from a significant security breach. on september 19th a man jumped the white house fence and made tonight to the east room of the president's home, but support for pierson quickly paided this week that a revolution that the armed contractor rode an elevator with the president during a visit to the cdc in atlanta last month. some members of the congress will call for an independent investigation in the agency's operations.
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director of home land security says that will happen. the president is standing by the agents assigned to protect him. >> the president has nothing but the the highest regard for the men and women, of the secret service. >> reporter: white house says the the next permanent director of the secret service could come from outside of the agency. in washington, susan mcginnes for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. clancy, who is from havertown is in the the new to the agency. he served as the the head of the president's protective division until 2011 when he became director of corporate security at comcast. clancy, graduated from villanova university and taught history at father judge high school in northeast philadelphia. happening today, a move toward possibly changing, the laws for pennsylvania hate crime laws. lawmakers will hold a hearing at the kimmel center to discuss protecting lesbian, gay, by sexual and transgendered individuals under hate crime legislation. the last in in two gay men were involved in the fight in center city, suspects arrested
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in that case did not face hate crime charges. ukee. also today the schuylkill banks boardwalk celebrates its official grand opening in philadelphia later this morning. we're looking live along the new boardwalk that now connects the river trail from locust street in center city all the way to the south street bridge. it is all part of the larger initiative to create a continuous trail along the river from pottsville, schuylkill county to southwest philadelphia. that will be beautiful. >> indeed. >> more than a decade after she goes missing a young girl is found, alive, we are learning about a father's desperate search for his daughter, but they won't be reunited just yet, we will explain. then developing right now, the new ultimatum from protesters still packingg streets of hong kong we will be right back.
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developing right now student leaders in china are getting ready to occupy important government buildings if hong kong's lead do not resign by end of the today. it could raise steaks for both sides. demonstrators in is what being called the umbrella m want less restrictions and more choice of their next chief executive. 7:13. here's traffic and weather together. >> good morning everybody. we will start off with the regional zoom on storm scan three, i want to show you area of low pressure that did bring in unsettled weather last few days and rain, drizzle will, we had some clouds obviously and some fog issues, which you might still find here today through central pennsylvania if that is where your travels
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take us. our next frontal boundary is starting to create headaches back through portions of central plains and then most noticeably more toward mississippi valley. it slow bye but surely moving east and it will be our next big story. so here's how we time things out. we are jumping it to tomorrow afternoon, bright sunshine, we will end up with a nice day. because on the timing has sled down somewhat, even by # p.m. we are still in the clear here. you will get in your dinner plans, any kind of, you know, friday foot football plans for high schoolers in without a hitch here. it is in the until early morning hours of saturday. overnight friday into saturday that the rain starts to move in ape right now because it is slowing down, there is a good possibility it sticks around through at least midday, and then it will start to clear. new jersey will be the last to see it but some of you get sunshine before this is all said and done. meanwhile thinks a cold front which will absolutely live up to its name. see that as temperatures begin to drop off, but, today, it is
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a nice day. we will expect to see clouds, sunshine, b plus for that forecast despite the fact that we are starting off with more clouds then anything right now. we are shooting for 72 degrees. union have a match at home tonight. got to win this begins chicago. 64 degrees under a clearing sky. tomorrow is beautiful mid to low 70's, very seasonal and saturday temperatures start drop off. it is a pretty dreary day initially gets better as the day goes on. >> sunday. >> game day sunday. >> looking good. >> yes, shock to the system, tailgaters be ready for that, i'm telling you. you won't be ready for how cool it will be, little breeze tie. i would suggest at least a sweat shirt, team colors, of course. hot chocolate. >> warm liquids. >> layed with a little extra something wouldn't be the worst idea. >> marshmallow. >> what a great idea. >> i was thinking something different. >> hot rum. >> yummy. >> different from last weekend
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my goodness. >> good morning. >> good morning in, everyone. as far as your rush hour is concern right now you are definitely dealing with it, all owe in the usual spots. lets see how you are doing. we are looking at the 42 freeway, if you are traveling in the north bound direction is where you will see all of that volume there and it is stemming back towards 55. so if you are traveling in the north bound direction of the 42, i would say really approaching 55 and all the way down through walt whitman bridge is where we will see that traffic. traveling southbound you cannot see it in the shot but we are word of an accident on the 42 approaching 295. thinks where folks are bypassing that. anyone coming off that walt whitman bridge area heading down towards this stretch you will run into that incident. traveling on the ben franklin bridge we are jammed from the toll plaza down to new jersey all the way down through to eighth and vine. if you are traveling westbound a lot of this volume has to do with construction as well taking out the right-hand lane. as far as your speed sensors they are where they would
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usually at 7:16. we have delays out of northeast down through the vine. we have more southbound volume approaching the blue route and north bound i-95 delays out of delaware county. out of delaware rather moving in towards delaware county. seven is your average on the schuylkill. big pocket of traffic westbound approaching city avenue out through to gladwynn. it does continue to slow as you make your way further west. if you are traveling east bound into downtown philadelphia, you'll also have have the usual delays. and going to and from the vine street expressway, with that said, traveling on the vine street expressway will be slow around the schuylkill. we will leave with you you this, we have an accident in montgomery county at sumanytown pike at old 40-foot road, be mindful of. that try to avoid it if you can. take mass transit. mass transit looks great. erika. >> all right, thank you, torey. an investigation continues this morning in the accidental shooting of a pennsylvania state trooper at a montgomery county training facility. flags are flying at half staff in honor of the 26 year-old david kedra of pottstown. the trooper, based on the at skippack barracks, was shot in the chest during a state
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police firearms training session on tuesday. and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. sources say another trooper was demonstrating a new weapon when it accidentally, discharged. >> he was highly motivated and you could tell that every single day that he walked in. he was extremely proud to be a pennsylvania state trooper and he showed it. >> kedra grew up in northeast philadelphia and 2006 graduate of roman catholic high school and 2010 graduate from temple university where he earned a degree in criminal justice. two state troopers are hurt in the hand hunt for accused killer eric frein. state police won't say how this trooper were hurt but we're told their injuries are not life threatening. frein is has been on the run for almost three weeks after he was accused of ambushing two troopers killing one of them. meanwhile the pennsylvania game commission has temporarily banned hunting in the area of that manhunt. a child abduct more than 12 years ago, will soon be reunited with her father. investigators say sabrina
7:19 am
allen's mother kidnaped her in zero on two. she was four at the time. have a long search authorities arrested dora lawrence in mexico and brought her and sabrina back to travis county, texas. >> i'm going to ask her if i can give her a hug. she is in pretty bad shape is my under standing so i just, you know, pray for healing. >> breen ace receiving psychological treatment. her father once again hopes he will soon get to see his daughter. facebook is changing one of the long standing policies about names on users profiles, we will have more details for you. as we celebrate the start of lights for the cure a fire company goes pink, they are paying tribute to victims and survivors. but first here's what is coming up tonight on the cw philly.
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good morning everyone. here's today's headlines on the cw philly. a 17 year-old girl is recovering after she was shot in the arm while on her grandmother's porch in wissonoming. police have a suspect in custody. they say gunman chased the girl down cottage street shooting as he went. that suspect was already wanted on felony charges. also the search is on for a cause of this fire in the second floor of a former school building in north
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philadelphia. there were no injuries. the building isn't occupied and for sale. new interest rim head of the secret service is from our area joe clancy fridays havertown delaware county and graduated from villanova he replaces julia pierson who resigned over recent security lapses. well, october means the annual lights for the cure campaign. >> campaign is aimed at raising awareness and saving lives. i was proud to take part in the launch party at parkway central library last night. what i was doing was on the cab right to work i get to look outside window and see buildings look up in pink. the campaign is a joint effort between cbs-3 and susan g komen philadelphia. local landmarks will be glowing pink as a reminder for women to schedule a mammogram and is there a pan of the women and our gm john john hitchcock. >> very nice event. philadelphia's franklin square is another land mark taking part, the fantastic fountain there looking great in pink. the lights for the cure campaign is now in the 13th
7:24 am
year. october is breast cancer awareness month. and that pink color is attracting the attention in one ohio community. >> prompting breast cancer awareness by painting their fire engines pink. the fire department broke out the pink truck yesterday, good look at it right there. donation to the komen foundation means you get to sign the the pink vehicle. one survivor says fire engine saves lives, besides fighting fires. >> mine was found early, and this right here bill make people aware that they need get their mammograms done, and early detection is important. >> donations go to the pink ribbon girls a group that helps breast cancer patients and their families. the nicely done. everybody chips in. this month and all year round, that is what it is all about. >> the the details too did you see that the color right there, it is pink also. >> i just noticed that. >> that will catch your eye you hear siren you know fire
7:25 am
truck but then look at that. >> all in long in our area, we will show you different areas of our city lit up in pink, once again a reminder for a mammogram. we will take a short break you're watching "eyewitness news" at cw philly. we will be back in a bit. good morning family. we will see you soon.
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good morning everyone i'm ukee washington. time for that friday eve, forecast, here's katie, good morning. >> you always get me on that wait a soak what day is it. >> friday eve, you know it. >> indeed it is. the that is right. here is storm scan three our friday eve as well as legitimate friday. we look pretty good here. we are between systems right here so storm scan will remain empty for you. we are starting to brighten up, already out there, expect a partly sunny day, a very seasonal high of 72, and a very seasonal low i may add of 56 and tomorrow, it brighten up more for more sunshine. seventy-three, and then as yom kippur sets in there that evening still just some clouds but overnight into saturday a potent front arrives for
7:27 am
heavier rain and gusty winds as well. >> good morning every would be. if you are traveling on any of our majors thaw usually find rush hour traffic you will find that as well. we will take a live look at ben franklin bridge notice commuting in the westbound direction is a slow go. we have construction taking out right-hand lane, causing delays, speed sensors reflecting rush hour 18 on i-95 heading in to downtown, 22 on the blue route. >> next update 755:67:89 up next, cbs this morning a new rule in seattle will could have resident paling for throwing away too much food. for more local news weather and traffic and sports we are on the cw p philly.
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good morning. the texas hospital, treating a man for ebola admits they mishandled the case. >> now omar villafranca reports more than a dozen people including five school children could be at risk. >> reporter: some parents in dallas say they won't send
7:30 am
their kids to school today after hearing five students in the area being machine toward at home for signs of the ebola virus. health officials, say they are among 12 to 18 people who may have had contact with the first patient diagnosed with the disease, in the u.s. >> the students didn't have any symptoms, and so the odds have of them, passing on any sort of virus is very low. >> reporter: health officials are also, monitoring the ivy apartment complex. paramedics transportedded the patient from the apartment there and has been identified by cbs dallas station kt tv as thomas. >> the kids won't get sick and everybody. >> reporter: federal health officials, now are trying to figure out why the until medical staff here at texas the health initially released the infected patient when he first felt ill. duncan originally went to the hospital on september 26th. complaining of fever and abdominal pain, a week after flying in from lie beer y a nurse reading from the
7:31 am
checklist, has traveled from africa. he answered yes but was released anyway. >> key had hallmark of the triage process is where have you been, along with having these symptoms, and, with developing these symptoms. >> reporter: duncan was admitted to texas health two days later where he remains in isolation. omar villa frank ca for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. a hawaii patient remains in isolation in the honolulu hospital over ebola concerns. the the man checked in yesterday morning and under going testing to rule out several conditions including ebola. the state's department of health could not confirm if that man traveled to or from west africa in the most recent weeks. lets get traffic and weather together. we better enjoy this weather now. >> i would say that is good advice although we will have a nice solid 48 hour window to enjoy seasonal weather as we stepped between systems right now. we will take things outside first and information mess to the localized zoo and storm
7:32 am
scan three. not a lot to see here. all you have to does zoom things out here and you can see that there is still wet weather, to deal with here in southeastern new england. the same system, that was, i wouldn't say hitting us for last few days but it has been sort of the bugger out there for last few days. slow to retreat. we have fog, drizzle, eventually we are going to see another round of some heavier rain come overnight friday into saturday. we are between systems. we still have clouds. you can see there is sunlight penetrating through cloud cover. fifty-six outside cut town area in middle school and not too much fog to speak of in this location anyway but i won't be surprised if you do run into that perhaps traveling west on the pennsylvania turnpike in towards amish country. throughout the course of the day to day we got to see partly sunny, in matter how you say this there are many ways to say the same thing in weather, right, a few clouds, some sun, sunny interval is it all means a partly sunny day
7:33 am
and seasonal as i mentioned. seventy-two is where we should be on this day of the year. vittoria, over to you. good morning, everyone. traveling on the schuylkill expressway will definitely be a slow go as we take a look at westbound delay approaching city avenue that usual pocket where you hit brick wall of traffic every single morning. definitely looks like it should at this time. as we move along we are looking at 476 traveling the the blue route you will notice north and southbound around baltimore pike area we are definitely experiencing a delay. southbound approaching area of the schuylkill out of the mid county tolls. once we get to 76 it is usual, as we have seep in that previous shot where speed sensors dropped down to eight. your delays in and out of the center city bows west and eastbound. nineteen on the blue route north bound and 16 is what you are traveling on i-95 out of northeast philadelphia making your way down towards center city, we have some volume in the delaware county sections where i-95 is so had maneuvering through the the
7:34 am
area of the commodore barry and blue route. we have an accident at sumanytown pike at old 40-foot road and henderson and shoemaker. if i have yourself more time. the mass transit looking great. ukee. major change at the top of the secret service to tell but. a delaware county native takes over as interim director after julia pierson offers her resignation. pierson is stepping down, after testifying before congress about several security breaches at the white house. another breach directly involves president obama. last month the president shared an elevator with an unauthorized armed guard at the cdc. >> over the last several days we have sceneries event and accumulating reports raising questions about the performance of the agency. the the president concluded that new leadership was required. >> joe clancy will take over as the new temporary head of the agency. he is from havertown and graduated from villanova and taught history at father judge high school this northeast philadelphia. the boston hurled is apologizing for a controversial cartoon. take a look here. that cartoon was public in yesterday's paper with the
7:35 am
caption, white house invader got farther then originally thought. the drawing shows the president brushing his teeth in the white house bathroom with a stranger in the tub, asking president obama if he has tried the new water melon flavored toothpaste. artist apology guyed saying he picked water melon toothpaste because he saw tonight his own bathroom. our time is 7:35. lets get a check on business. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. >> a bit of the scary start to wall street, what is driving the market down do you think. >> reporter: that is right, good morning, ukee and erika. dow jones fell 238 points on wednesday, nasdaq finished 71 points lower. in party bowl a fears are sending the market down specifically airline stocks, there is concern americans can get too lower to travel. these are climbing. in general, october is spooky, reputation here on won street. they are men for huge market
7:36 am
swings including 1929 crash, black monday in 1987 and tipping point in the 2008 financial crisis but hopefully today we will see a turn around as stocks will finish up, ukee and erika. while on the subject of the month of october it looks like americans have pumpkin fever. the what is up? >> reporter: that is right, pumpkin sales have actually jumped, 34 percent, in the last five years. companies who seem to be adding pumpkin flavor to just about everything these days. we have seen pumpkin beer, oddes maybe, pumpkin beef jerky, and, of course, we have also seen star bucks famous pumpkin spice latte. there is some reports that was what got this kicking a few years ago when star bucks launched it and that started the trend. if anyone is asking, i will take one. >> is anybody baying. >> i'm a huge fan of pumpkin spice waffle, with mapel syrup. >> yes. >> i have never had that.
7:37 am
>> erika is buying. and, have a good day. >> yes. >> and, just head to our web site at cbs facebook is changing a long standing policy, on the site, and, social network came under scrutiny after suspending the the accounts of several gay and transgender entertainers because of their accounts were not in the holder's legal names. c net sumi does has story of how facebook plans to amend its policy. >> reporter: facebook is changing a controversial policy that long required users to provide real names. intended to prevent fake accounts, the the policy recently drew fire from the lgbt community and in particular, drag queens, like sister roma who were forced to add given names to their profiles. >> we have also heard from victims of the domestic violence, people who for different reasons want to protect their privacy. >> reporter: city supervisor david camp o and other lgbt
7:38 am
leaders met with facebook representatives to discuss the policy. they told c net that facebook a will guyed for any harm that the policy had charged and agreed to add a clarification allowing names that aren't necessarily legal. the the clash with facebook led some users to explore other social outlets, and a invitation only network attracted users with more than just privacy. >> they built a social network to be as free, they are going to charge for certain features, and so it will be a toll like if you want to be able to use mobile app you have to pay a couple bucks. >> reporter: scott pando joined them to make a statement. >> it is important for facebook to realize that they also need me as well. they are using our information to create revenue for their own business. >> reporter: el lo's founder says facebook isn't a competitor saying quote facebook is antissing competitor, ello is a social network. in san francisco i'm sumi does
7:39 am
for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. we are learning more this morning about the injuries tracie morgan suffered from an accident on the new jersey turnpike. morgan's attorney revealed that the comedian suffered a brain injury in the june 7th crash with a tractor trailer. his lawyer tells the new york post that morgan is working on speech issues and it is unclear if morgan will ever perform again. in the healthwatch this morning, is there another confirmed case/entero virus 68 in camden county. that brings total number of cases in new jersey to seven. officials won't release any information, other than that, the patient is a seven year-old child. the rest friday virus continues to spread making it way across the country. our time is 7:39. we are getting a look at whether incredible video fans at a soccer match sending flares raining down, we will show it to you when we come down. stuck in the sky window washers make it best of the tough situation as fire fighters scrambled to rescue
7:40 am
them. more dramatic moments when we come right back.
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this bear knows what to do i he found a tree and then work it out. the washington department have of fish and wild life posted this picture, lessons from a county black bear, how to scratch an itch. >> do it again. >> all right, yeah, wait right there. oh, yeah. split is, that is it. >> that is it. imagine being stuck on scaffolding 17 stories above the ground for more than three hours. that happened to two window washers in orange county, california yesterday. >> as michelle, from our sister station in los angeles reports the pair waited on the 17th floor of an office building for help.
7:43 am
>> reporter: as news helicopter buzzed overhead one of two window washers stranded 225 feet above the ground, passed time buy shooting photos on his cell phone. down below urban search and rescue crews from the fire authority were devising a rescue plan, to get the man safely off of the disable platform. which bee can. and, we will go in for a roller coaster, and not that much high, pretty nerve racking so you can imagine what they are going through. i wish him the best. i hope that they get down here safe. >> reporter: for more than three hours, men hung on the side of the 20 story high rise, in the center in your vine. while office workers watched the drama from inside, fire fighters, mobilized on the roof. first lowering backup safety hardnesses to secure the window washers in case the platform shifted. as temperature climbed, cold
7:44 am
the water, was sent to them. hours ticked by and game plan change. fire fighters, ruled out hoisting themselves down to the men and instead rigged a new cable to the platform and let window washers manually crank it switching off to raise themselves to the roof. it took time, but it works. >> we had to make sure they were far enough from the building to come up so they didn't get caught up on the sign, and then again, this building is over 260 feet tall, it took sometime to get them up. >> frightening. that was once again michelle, reporting. >> we are told those window washers asked for two things when they were rescued. more cold water and to use the rest room. you can imagine. >> i sure can. >> yes. >> lets get traffic and weather together and start off with katie, good morning. >> good morning, everybody. we will be eventually dealing with a very potent cold front and the rest of the basically the eastern two thirds of the united states, also have to, deal with this, frontal
7:45 am
boundary in one way, shape or form, and i will show you what this pattern will do not just our weather but across the rest of the board here. here we will stand on storm can three between systems a brief break in the action here but beginnings of the next front and you can see some very nasty storms that have been rumbling through central illinois this morning. still a lot of sign of life basically out there with this system and we will be likely severe weather that comes with it for at least a mid mississippi valley. but eventually when this whole mess, it starts to move in for us it will be packing a punch of very cool and much dryer air. so what that really means is that of course you will see a drop on the thermometer but this is a very serious clash going on in the atmosphere and the the air masses, so, i think even tonight, for thursday night football, on our sister station cbs-3 we will have have a little bit of wet weather to talk about, at lambeau field. do i do it justice, ukee. >> it was good. >> you are very, very, very kind. >> yes. >> showers and thunderstorm likely in that forecast for
7:46 am
football here tonight but for us, in time for the the eagles game, totally out of here. don't worry bit. lets take you through future weather. friday 12:00 noon, no worries. to system is taking its sweet old time. we will see sunshine through the better part of the tomorrow, and let's time set things out for you shall we? by 10:00 p.m. it is still moving our way, we're starting to see the the clouds thicken and overnight tonight, into tomorrow morning, probably through at least the midday through the timing, since it has slowed down you will be dealing with some rain. locally it could be kind of heavy, you are generally talking about a half an inch, give or take a few tenth of an inch here and there, before this is all said and done and then somebody even sees some sunshine before it all clears out as i promised it will clear out. really quickly i want to take you through future temperatures here. look at the blue that starts to drop in here, so that by early sunday morning, we're talking about temperatures as far south as atlanta, into the 40's, and this is a serious cold front for us, it will feel, like november, on
7:47 am
sunday. vittoria, over to you. >> thanks so much, katie. and don't forget if you love watching the weather, katie, tell us bit. >> that is right, i missed my cue. >> we want you to join our team of eyewitness weather watchers, guys, toll us, sign up by heading to cbs that is the place to be, torey, thanks for saving me. >> you got it, girl, i got you your backy got your back traffic wise because if you are traveling out and about on the majors just know you want to plan accordingly that you'll find rush hour delays all over the map. as we look at 202, this shot here not too far from the, construction zone, it is not awful but northbound side is growing just a bit at that delay between 401 and 29, as we lot at eastbound side of 422, i mean it is jam. royersford all the way down to 202, will be quite the squeeze. the as we move now to our wide speed sensors, they are in fact, indicating a rush. seventeen is your average on the schuylkill. it is within your western suburbs and approaching center city as well. don't think it is one place or the other, it is both. fourteen is your average on
7:48 am
i-95, southbound slowing down out of the northeast philadelphia a down through the vine, it is volume on i-95 in delco. nineteen is your average on parts of the blue route. if you are traveling on the southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard you'll find some traffic around the olney section pushing your way down toward the schuylkill expressway. we have an accident in center city, probably one of the most inconvenient places to have an accident, 15th and market. that ill with set you back for sure. we will a accident in montgomery county at henderson road at shoemaker road no delays for mass transit and definitely a good option this morning, erika. >> torey, thank you. we're glad to report that actor charlie sheen has kept hid promise to the serve shore got a 20 cents tip from eagles running back lesean mccoy. here's the the infamous receipt. sheen pledged $1,000 to the waiter after hearing about the tipping incident last month. sheen has delivered that $1,000 to the waiter no word what he will do with that money. but great to see charlie sheen made that promise and took a little while but that thousand dollars showed up, all that
7:49 am
matters, ukee. >> that is true. speaking of shady mccoy birds are trying to get him going and next chance is sunday at lincoln financial field against the one -two st. louis rams. shady is averaging 2.7 # yards a carry in 2014. compare that to 6 yards a carry after four games last year. rams struggles a against the run last season and, shady sound pretty sure of himself. >> i know who i am, i'm still confident. i know what i can do it doesn't really bother me that much. we're winning games. we're three and one. as long as it is not pressure. at the end of the day i know who i a.m. >> big guy, center jason kelce is recovering after sports hernia surgery. kelce could be back in time for the panthers game, that is what he is shooting for. he hopes to be ready for carolinas panter at the lincoln november between the the have the evan mathis could also be germantown and west allegheny back that week. get well fell as. is there prime time football coming up tonight, it is an nfc north rivalry, minnesota vikings face green
7:50 am
bay packers on the historic turf of lambeau field. get the pregame coverage beginning at 7:30 and then the game, live on our sister station, cbs-3. last week, the giants larry donald caught three touchdowns. for a fantasy players that is a great day. donald plays himself on fantasy football. but he benched himself before his play. went with the 49ers vernon davis instead. that cost him a fantasy football win. he says he definitely will start himself, this week. is there a full slate of baseball playoff games tonight, game one, both american league division series. detroit tigers face orioles in baltimore and the kc royals play the angels out in anaheim. national league last night giants, brandon crawford became first short stop in history to hit a grand slam and it was only part of the offense, the giants blew out buck owes. brandon belton had three runs batted in.
7:51 am
giants shut them out, 208 nothing behind a complete game by madison baumgartner. giants face nationals in game one of the national league division series friday afternoon in washington. check this out, ugly moment in sports when a they tossed flares on to a sock are field in england. this scene played out at the arsenal stadium during championship league match. fans from the visiting team, were unhappy, very unhappy with some rough play by the home team. presidentially, one of the goalies scooped up all of she flares and riot police restored order so the game could go on. arsenal won the game anyway four-one. that is not a good thing to see, erika. >> flares. >> flares. >> what were they thinking. >> i know. right now 7:51. major celebrity couple welcomed their first child together. also we have big news for adam sandler fans, those stories and more coming up in today's word. we will be right back.
7:52 am
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the couple gotten gauge last february after rekindling their relationship, and, back in february. hollywood, and highest paid actor, robert downey junior took to the robert duval as part of the los angeles premiere of the new film the judge. in the film downey plays a big shot lawyer and duval plays his dad a local judge accused of homicide. billy bob thornton and vera round out the cast. it opens up next week. comedy fans listen up adam sandler just signed a tiehl with netflix, expected to be a big hit here, the comedian will produce and star in four
7:55 am
exclusive feature films. now, that is all of the information being released, and this might in the come as a├║surprise but netflix says sandler is one of the the few actors whose films consistently rang among the most viewed by subscribers. >> yes. >> smart move on their part. treasure trove of movie memorabilia goes on display in london a head of the auction later this month. everything from, bat suit from the original batman, to a golden ticket, from willie won ka and chocolate factory to
7:56 am
good morning i'm erika von tiehl. >> will lets check with kate any our forecast, how sit looking, today. >> not bad at all. things do, look as those they will stay tranquil and quiet for us for next two days, in fact here and that is all courtesy of just being in the little bit of the break here between systems. we're still tracking a retreating area have low pressure but on storm scan three not too much to see right now. we are left with cloud cover as a result, 59 degrees, your current temperature out in the live neighborhood network here in lower merion high school, and we're going to see some of that sun basically throughout the day here. we will call it partly sunny, very seasonal. tomorrow a bit more brighter i think but also another seasonal day before that potent front comes along, vittoria, over to you. >> thanks very much, katie.
7:57 am
good morning everyone. we have a full swing rush hour no matter how you cut it. anywhere you find delays you'll fine them this morning. taking a look at 422 your eastbound direction we are seeing jams from royersford down to 202, and take a look at these numbers it is in the the good the at all. seven on the schuylkill, you hit that brick wall of traffic the at city avenue as you do every day. seventeen on i-95, high volume out of the northeast, 19 is your average on 476, coming from i-95 and in center city an accident, very inconvenient spot at 15th and market. might be good idea to take mass transit. >> torey, thank you. next update 8:25. next up on cbs this morning meet the the green bay packers fans who have not missed a game in 50 years. your local news weather and trtraffic continues with us on like to make it through the cold and flew season without
7:58 am
getting sick? all week, starting monday, america's top health experts reveal the best ways to get your immune system in tip-top shape. how much sleep is enough? can your diet make you a target for disease? how do you decrease stress? which supplements are best? and which exercise gives the
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good morning everyone. gunfire on the streets of the northeast philadelphia leaves a teenage girl whommized. police have a suspect in custody and they tell us he
8:00 am
was already a wanted man. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us with the latest from police headquarters. >> reporter: teenager is recovering in the hospital after being shot, in the arm, and police say witnesses, helped identified this suspect. a 17 year-old girl is recovering this morning after being shot in the arm, police say she was sitting next to the man on the porch of her grandmother's house on the 5900 block of cottage street in wissonoming around 11:00 o'clock last night. that is when the the shoot he approached them. after a verbal argument with the girl, the man fired five shots, one at point blank range, hitting her in the right arm. >> and bullet broke her arm. >> reporter: girl ran and that is when police say man shot at her again this time hitting several hems in the the process. >> she ran to several houses, and her grandmother's house and two other houses next to her grandmother's house trying to get in the the front door while this male continues to shoot. >> reporter: shooter fled but police didpr


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