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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  October 2, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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was already a wanted man. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us with the latest from police headquarters. >> reporter: teenager is recovering in the hospital after being shot, in the arm, and police say witnesses, helped identified this suspect. a 17 year-old girl is recovering this morning after being shot in the arm, police say she was sitting next to the man on the porch of her grandmother's house on the 5900 block of cottage street in wissonoming around 11:00 o'clock last night. that is when the the shoot he approached them. after a verbal argument with the girl, the man fired five shots, one at point blank range, hitting her in the right arm. >> and bullet broke her arm. >> reporter: girl ran and that is when police say man shot at her again this time hitting several hems in the the process. >> she ran to several houses, and her grandmother's house and two other houses next to her grandmother's house trying to get in the the front door while this male continues to shoot. >> reporter: shooter fled but police did apprehend the
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suspect . >> fortunately these numerous witnesses did cooperate with police in the only telling us a good description to apprehend this individual but also positively identifying our suspect. >> reporter: we are told suspect was already wanted on a warrant. >> we do believe was intended target and we do believe that this shooter knew this 17 year-old female prior to shooting her. >> weapon was recovered at the scene. the teen is at st. christopher's hospital where she is being treated for that gunshot wound and broken arm. the man she with was not hurt during this incident. right now no motive on this shooting. we are live at police headquarters, syma chowdhry for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. >> thank you, syma. new this morning a historic school building up for sale is damage after an overnight fire in north philadelphia fire fighters responded to the scene at the old simon mayer street at germantown and allegheny avenues around 1:00 a.m. that is where they found smoke coming from the second floor.
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that fire was quickly placed under control, and investigators are now working to find out what sparked the flames. 8:03. lets get traffic and weather together and start off with katie, good morning. >> skies are brightening up nicely for us out there. we will call it partly sunny here and generally throughout the day but we are between systems so we will end up with a pretty nice weather overall here today and tomorrow but with that said there will be a very, significant, pattern change that comes our way, and just in time for the weekend though. storm scan three, it is quiet no storms is to track here. we're looking good. but with that said there could still be a couple of minor incidents, where we find some very patchy fog, out there, and just looking at the current visibility it isn't that bad. we will bring it up because it is possible. you can see into dover for example we are under 2 miles right now. it is important to keep in mind because are seeing here are just observation stations. we're not talking about 8-mile visibility across the city of philadelphia, or even 1.7 across the town of dover. so just watch for it, patchy,
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but it is out there, 63 is the current temperature at the airport. 60 degrees in atlantic city. modest wind flow at this point up at mount pocono where we are checking in a pair of five's and we're talking lower 07's. the very seasonal. both down the shore and in the city. sixty-five at best in the mountains but everybody can bank on a full, dry day, with some sunshine, vittoria. >> thank you so much, katie. speaking of sunshine it was a great segway into this shot of the schuylkill expressway. it is definitely a sunny look at a very, well, not so very bright situation. traffic on both sides of the schuylkill eastbound as well as westbound you're delayed not only around this area of the roosevelt boulevard but within your western suburbs to and from the vine street expressway. traveling on i-95 this shot in delaware val a approaching the commodore barry bridge. it does seem to me that northbound delay is getting better but other parts of i-95 still are not great. traveling southbound out of northeast philadelphia, down to the vine we are at 14 miles an hour. seven is your average on the schuylkill and as i mentioned it is not just center city but
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within your western suburbs. we have draize from the southbound side of the blue route coming from the mid county tolls, northbound, coming from i-95, 422, eastbound, delays out of the royersford into 202. volume westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike. we're also dealing with the an accident at 15th and market right here in center city. we have an accident in new jersey 55 northbound near glassboro. good idea to take mass trans to it day because that looks great. erika? >> vittoria, thank you. a tragic accident leaves a six year-old dead in philadelphia's nicetown neighborhood. that little boy was struck and killed by a car while walking home from school. eyewitness tried to help lift that car but it was just too late. our natasha brown has more on what neighbors say could help prevent future tragedy. >> reporter: crews scrapple told free a six year-old boy struck by a passing car. no one more horrified by the scene, then a man who tried to save the child. >> i think... unaudible. >> reporter: this witness chose not to show his face but unshakeable image of the
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little boy trapped deneat his vehicle, brings him to tears. he tried to use a carjack to hoist the car off the boy but had no idea the gravity of his injuries. >> in hindsight now, seeing how bad it was, i'm glad i was than the able to jack the car up. i have seen more than i have seen. that was enough. >> the the child was walking home from school and that is all i know at this point. he walked between the parked vehicles and was struck by the vehicle. >> reporter: police say distraught five two-year old male driver behind the wheel of the boost i can never left the scene. long time resident like evelyn wiggins say on any given afternoon the block is filled with kids leaving the the nearby charter school. she's calling for more crossing guards in the wake of this tragedy. >> as long as i have been around here there has never been a crossing guard or in of these corners from erie avenue, from allegheny, and they only in front of the
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schools. >> reporter: the child's name has not been released, just yet, meantime police say the driver has been cooperative. they don't believe, and they believe drugs and alcohol played a factor in this accident. they believe this was just a tragic accident n nicetown i'm natasha brown for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. our time is 8:06. cdc is investigate using the man diagnosed with the first case of ebola in the united states was not admitted to the hospital, earlier. thomas duncan first arrived at i dallas area hospital september 26th and sought treatment for a fever and abdominal pains. cdc says he flew to the u.s. from liberia on september 19th. duncan told a nurse at a hospital about his recent trip but was still sent home. >> regretfully that fur was not fully communicated throughout the the full team and as a result the full import of that information wasn't factored into the clinical decision making. >> health officials are now
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monitoring as many as 18 people exposed to duncan and that includes five children. they have not shown any ebola symptoms and a hawaii patient is quarantined at a honolulu area hospital while he under goes testing fore bowl. neighbors in somerset county, new jersey are on edge after learning a house fire was intentionally, set. cooper health ceo john sheridan and his wife joyce were found in their burning home early sunday morning. authorities ruled the fire as arson. officials are awaiting an autopsy to determine the cause of death as the investigation continues. this morning is there a new interim director of the secret service, joseph clancy is a delaware county native. he is taking over as head of the agency for julia pierson. as soon as mcginnes explains, the the recent security breaches at the white house are raising questions about the safety of the president, and the first family. >> retired secret service agent joseph clancy is back, once a member of the president's closest security
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detail, he will now temporarily leave the agency. after just 18 months on the job director julia pierson resigned under heavy pressure yesterday. she told bloomberg news, that it is painful to leave as the agency is reeling from a, significant security breach. on september 19th a man jumped the white house fence and made tonight to the east room of the president's home. support for pierson quickly faded this week with the revelation that an armed contractor with prior arrests rode an elevator with the president during a visit to the cdc in atlanta last month. some members of the congress called for an independent investigation into the agency's operations, director of home land security say that will happen. the president is standing by the agent is assigned to protect him. >> the president has nothing but the highest regard for the men and women of the secret service. >> reporter: the white house says the next permanent director of the secret service could come from outside the agency n washington susan mcginnes for "eyewitness news" at cw philly.
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clancy protected president obama and served as head of the president's protective division until 2011 when he became director of corporate security at comcast. clancy is a graduate of villanova university and was also a teacher at father judge high school in northeast philadelphia. and this morning, "eyewitness news" viewer doug their old 1984 year book out of the storage and shared a few photos of chance friday his father judge days. here's a photo, and then lets show you a pick of chance any his history class, the caption read mr. clancy succeed in his desire to find a student with incomplete homework. >> how about that. >> that is great. >> that is a viewer that dug out the year book. thank you so much. we have an up close look at rescue efforts that continue near a japanese volcano that erupted last weekend. we will show you new video. we have a wrongful birth lawsuit, a same sex couple in ohio is suing a sperm bank, they accused have of giving
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them the the wrong donation, that is coming up. and also it has been 12 years since she disappeared and now a young girl has been found, alive, we will hear from her father and why they won't be reuniting anytime soon. reminder when you hit the road you can still get you're witness weather forecast with katie on the go. she updates the forecast on kyw news radio 1060 to get you through your morning commute, you never have to be without katie fehlinger. be sure to tune in when you hop in your car when you head to work and school, we will be right back.
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developing right now here's a live look at hong kong where tensions couldes rate from a few hours if demand are in the met. they are threatening to occupy key governmental build physician hong kong's leader does not step down by the even of the day. pro democracy demonstrations
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and demonstrators want freer elections, and more choice of their next leader. well, search for survivors, high atop japan's mountain resumes following last weekend's deadly eruption. let's show you new video of rescue workers carrying more bodies down the the the mountain side on stretchers. crews wore surgical mask and goggles as ash continues to spew from the volcano. the eruption killed at least 47 people and injured dozens more. well lets look at this raging fire that tea steroid more than 100 homes in brazil. at least one person was killed, after flames ripped through the closely packed homes. investigators are working to figure out what sparked that huge fire, erika. we are learning more about the accidental shooting that killed a pennsylvania state trooper in montgomery county. flags are at half staff for 26 year-old david kedra, based at skippack barracks was killed during a kerr exercise public training center. sources say another trooper
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was demonstrating a new weapon when it accidentally went off ape hit the trooper in the chest. >> he was highly motivated and you could tell that every single day that you walked in. he was extremely proud to be a pennsylvania state trooper and he showed it. >> trooper kedra was a graduate of the criminal justice program and roman catholic high school of philadelphia. pennsylvania has closed down portions of the delaware state for necessary montgomery county as police tinman hunt for eric frein. the gaming commission has banned hunt nothing that area. police found two pipe bombs in the woods where frein is believed to be hiding. he is wanted for last month's deadly ambush at state police barracks in blooming grove. one trooper was killed, another was wounded. a child abduct more than 12 years ago will soon be reunited with her father. investigators say sabrina allen's mother kidnaped in her in 20 # on two. she was four at that time. authorities arrested dora
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lawrence in mexico and brought her back to traverse county texas. >> i will ask her if i can give her a hug. she is in pretty bad shape is my understanding. so, i just, you know, pray for healing. >> breen ace receiving psychological treatment we're told, her father hopes that in timetable has been set but soon he will get to see his daughter. it is 8:15. lets get traffic and weather together. >> good morning, everybody. we are sitting between systems right new so we can expect quiet weather today as well as mess of tomorrow but throughout the overnight hours of friday this next system is going to make its arrival. we will zoom it out more. it is a storm system with a lot of energy. it is responsible for gusty wind, heavy rain, nasty thunderstorms that crop up even at this hour out towards mid mississippi valley and advancing into indiana. but this is a system that is
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very slow, it is in it's a approach. we will get two straight days off without any wet weather hitches and keep sunshine around. but as that cold front comes through temperatures will just start to drop off like a rock. so into this afternoon we will hit lower 70's. lower 07's, mid 07's tomorrow with more sunshine. very seasonal draw. and, one front comes in. timing is overnight friday into midday saturday. we will be dealing with a stiff breeze for one thing. also some pretty heavy rain, at this point, i don't think we are talking about any significant kind of rain amounts but when it does roll through, it is going to be dousing you. so you have got early morning soccer matches or something like that with the kids, there is very likely going to be a delay if not even a postpone. for some of that activity. this is a model, it is not gospel . but i like how this is initialing. flip flopping back and forth, generally i think we are talking a few tenth of an inch to a half inch, maybe locally
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higher amounts. thursday and friday, it looks pretty good. we will kick off yom kippur friday evening. still dry but clouds will thicken as that front approaches, vittoria. >> thanks, katie. traveling on i-95 you will find rush hour traffic, skew you kill expressway, vine street expressway, 476. the it is a full bag of volume. ninety-five southbound head ing out of northeast fill down through the vine street expressway. you are definitely experiencing delays in the teens, so plan accordingly for. that also, the same thing is to be said for ben franklin bridge traveling westbound direction, from, really admiral wilson boulevard all the way down through to eighth and vine. it is a slow crawl near the right lane being taken out by construction. the opposite end of the spectrum heading in to new jersey we are moving just fine. besides the bend been, other bridges look good. ninety-three is your average on schuylkill. high delays in the western suburbs in the big pock of red. westbound approaching vine out of the south philadelphia is another slow pocket. traveling, 18 on 476, and 16
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on i-95. traveling in new jersey, 55 southbound, we do have an accident near glad glassboro so watch out for. that traveling however mass transit we are in the seeing any problems. ukee and quarter. >> torey, thank you. a northeast ohio couple turned to a sperm bank when they were ready to have a child. >> but now they are suing that sperm bank forgiving them the wrong donation. tiffany tucker picks up the the story. >> i have always wanted a child. >> reporter: jennifer and her partner amanda looked forward to becoming parents. they went to the midwest sperm bank in the chicago suburb back in 2011 requesting sperm from a white donor with blue eyes. >> it was the most amazing feeling to know that i had a child that i was going to be able to raise to call my own. >> reporter: but that excitement turned to concern when jennifer, five months pregnant called the facility requesting the same donor's sperm so amanda could get pregnant. center gave jennifer vials of an african-american donor. she says mix up happened because a sperm bank keeps handwritten instead of
8:19 am
electronic record which allowed the donor number to be miss read. >> after a moment of panic, and, everything is changing on me so quickly, i knew i had to be strong. i have this child in my stomach. >> jennifer gave birth in 2012 to a beautiful bi racial girl named payton but raising payton in their white uniontown community jennifer says may be challenging. >> i want her to feel like she has a place with the people that she has a place with, white, black, asian, any, whoever she feels comfortable around. >> reporter: jennifer and her partner suing, her attorneys demanding change. >> i have never seen a case like in my career. >> we want to change their procedure so it is transparent and hopefully, this will prevent this from ever happening again. >> reporter: midwest sperm bank apologized saying we are so very sorry for the mix up. we were like to refund the cost of your vial.
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>> this is a life you are creating. you have to take all measures possible to make sure you get it right. >> once again that report from tiffany tucker of our cbs station in cleveland. >> we will be right back. >> as we go to break though here's is what coming up tonight on the cw philly.
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this morning. very nice. heads up next time you are cruz ago cross the tacony palmyra bridge. >> double-check to make sure it is not open. >> we have video, a car, went flying right here, right there, and do you see that right over the draw bridge. it looks like a movie stunt but this is very real. driver says the sun blindedded her and she never saw warnings or a red light. mother and daughter who took that wild ride we're told she's okay but carries banged up. >> thank goodness good that must have been scary. crews near buffalo are engaged in the pursuit of the world record. >> they are working on the world's largest six pack. >> oh, no, not that one. >> painting it, in the drinking it or doing crunches for it. river works at buffalo is repurposes grain silos in upstate new york. they are make them in six packs of le bat blue. it will be an in house brewery.
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>> how about that. >> who was in that -- >> what. >> traffic producer, mike, strange brew, rick maranis. >> and dave thomas. >> yes, they have a huge beer and this is just something canada two. >> i have to go to you tube and check that out. >> yep. >> don't you know. >> we will be right back. we will take a short break good morning family seeee new a bit. i'm robert de niro and new york is my home. it's the best place to visit in the world and now it's the easiest, because now there are new tourism guides on the road, and on your phone that make it easier to find the places you love. find great dining, amazing history, and world-class entertainment, no matter where you are. take the ultimate road trip and see why i love new york. for more information, go to
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good morning everyone i'm ukee washington. seventeen year-old girl is recovering this morning after a gunman shot her while she satan her grandmother's porch. it happened late last night on the 5900 block of cottage street in philadelphia's wissonoming neighborhood. a man shot the teen in her arm at point blank range and as victim tried to runaway police say gunman fired several more shots at her. he was arrested a short time later. katie has your forecast from the weather center good morning. >> good morning, quiet weather as we continue on through this workweek and we can thank a break between systems for that quiet tranquil forecast for next few days. we are going to see a few clouds today, and with that said still a very pleasant day. things brightened up and storm
8:26 am
scan three is representative of that. you can expect it to be somewhat again just a day that features both. you get sun and a few clouds and comes through in intervals. very seasonal temperature profile. we will drop to 56 tonight under just a couple of clouds. similar scenario tomorrow but you'll get more sun. seventy-three for the a high, overnight friday into midday saturday. our next cold front will cross through, vittoria. good morning everyone. traveling right now you with some sunshine in areas, i know it doesn't look like much but we have sun glare affecting your commute. been looks dark. but anyway traveling on the been westbound we have some delays approaching admiral wilson boulevard down through to eighth and vine. it will slow you down. traveling right now on the schuylkill you you are at 7 miles an hour. seventeen on i-95. twenty-two on parts of the blue route. anywhere you usually fine rush hour volume will be there right now. fifty-five southbound in new jersey we have a accident near glassboro be mindful of that and also this accident
8:27 am
northbound on the 42 freeway at 41, a accident that has been push to the shoulder but you you have residual traffic. mass transit is great, ukee. 8:55.
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8:29 am
good morning. more than a dozen people may be at risk for ebola after coming in contact with a man diagnosed with the deadly disease. >> as omar villafranca tells us five school children were exposedded and that revelation
8:30 am
has parents very concerned. >> some parents in dallas say that they won't send their kids to school today after hearing five students in the area are being monitored at home for science of the ebola virus. health officials believe they are among 12 to 18 people who may have had contact with the first patient diagnosed with the disease in the u.s. >> the the students didn't have have any symptoms and so the odds of them passing on any sort of virus is very low. >> reporter: health officials are monitoring the ivy apartment complex, paramedics transported the patient from the apartment there and been identified by cbs dallas station k tv t as thomas eric duncan. >> it concerns us what is going on. >> reporter: federal health officials are trying to figure out why the medical staff here at texas health initially released the infected patient when he first felt ill. duncan originally went to the hospital on september 26th, complaining of fever and abdominal pain, a week after
8:31 am
flying in from liberia. a nurse reading from an ebola checklist asked if he traveled from africa, he answered yes but was released anyway. >> key hallmark of the triage process is where have you been along with having these symptoms and how licensing have they been developing for. >> reporter: duncan was admitted to texas health two days later where he remains in isolation. omar villafranca for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. another possible case is being, in hawaii. health officials say a patient is in isolation at this honolulu you hospital with ebola-like symptoms. doctors say it is unclear why the man is very ill but he is under going testing to rule out virus among other conditions. all right. lets get traffic and weather together and start off with katie, pretty calm out there. >> absolutely we have a light wind out there, a little cloud cover but or wise we are sitting pretty here. we will do so for two straight days for next big thing comes along that is our next very
8:32 am
potent cold front but storm scan three remains very quiet as we are rid of that area of low pressure even though it was very weak. it did plaque us with fog issues, light wind issues as well as a couple of spots of light rain along the way. here's where we stand with a handful of observations, for the most part right around 60 degrees give or take a degree or two or three, just depending on your location especially in one of of the more remote suburbs, probably on the cooler side for you then maybe in the urban corridor here but we will take you through your day planner and it looks like a very pleasant day. some sun, some clouds, we will see intervals have of both throughout the day. or stuck in the clouds right now, some of you are seeing full sunshine or you have a mix. that is how it will be throughout the day. seventy-two is your high and that is where you should be. yom kippur looking quite as well but it is only looking quiet for a short time because that wet weather will be
8:33 am
making its advance at that point with the cold front arriving overnight, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie good morning everyone. traveling on our majors we are seeing usual rush hour delays. i feel like i'm opening up every hit with the same lynn but it is so true. traveling on 422 in the eastbound direction we are seeing delays stemming back toward oaks and then continuing down toward 202. that shot right around trooper. schuylkill westbound at city avenue usual pocket of traffic you hit every single day in this same stretch. it is not only westbound we are seeing this volume but both east and westbound. within your western suburbs and around the vine. seventy-six looks like the schuylkill right now. speeds are just topping off at 11 miles an hour. sixteen is your average on 95, delays out of the northeast down through vine street expressway. once you get to the vine you will notice volume heading westbound toward broad street and schuylkill. eastbound coming from 76 to broad. seventeen on 476 and we have westbound volume on the pennsylvania turnpike. in new jersey we have an
8:34 am
accident at 55 southbound near glassboro so keep in mind a void that if you can if you are traveling mass transit, that however, looks great, ukee. a delaware county native will step in as interim director of the secret service a after julia pierson's sudden resignation after 18 months as head of the agency, pierson stepped down under heavy pressure. she testified before congress about the recent security breaches at the white house n1 instance president obama shared an elevator with an unauthorized armed guard. >> we have seen report raising questions about the performance of the agency and the president conclude that had new leadership of that agency was required. >> retired secret service agent joe clancy will fill in as the temporary leader. the villanova graduate fridays havertown and taught at father judge in northeast philadelphia. boston hurled cartoon morning secret service scandal is drawing backlash. hurled a will guys fod they're cartoon published in yesterday's paper. cartoon shows the president,
8:35 am
brushing his teeth with the caption, white house invader got farther then originally thought. you can see a stranger in the tup asking president obama if he tried the new water melon flavored toothpaste. the artist also apologized saying he pick water melon toothpaste because he saw tonight his bathroom. we're learning more about the injuries tracie morgan suffered in the accident on a new jersey turnpike. morgan's attorney revealed that the comedian suffered a brain injury with the wal-mart tractor trailer. his lawyer tells new york post that morgan is working on speech issues and it is unclear if morgan will perform again. well, facebook is apologizing to the lgbt community for the controversial name change policy. social network came under fire after deactivating accounts of drag queens because the entertainers did in the use their real names. c net sumi does has more on how facebook plans to make amend. >> reporter: facebook is changing a controversial policy that has long required users totprovide users real
8:36 am
names. intended to prevent fake and malicious accounts the policy drew fire from the lgbt community and in particular, drag queens, like sister roam, who were forced to add given names to their profiles. >> we also have heard from victims of the domestic violence and for people want to protect their privacy. >> reporter: san francisco city supervisor david campos and other leaders met with facebook representatives to discuss the policy. they told c net that facebook apologized to others for harm it caused and agreed to add a clarification allowing names that are not the necessarily legal. >> the clash with facebook led some users to explore other social outlets. ello has attracted users with more than just privacy. >> they built this social network to be ad free. they will charge with certain features. if you want to be able to your mobile app you have to pay a couple bucks. >> san francisco resident scott panda joined to make a
8:37 am
statement. >> it is important for facebook to realize that they also need me as well. they are using our information to create revenue for their own business. >> reporter: ello's founder tells us facebook isn't a competitor saying facebook is a advertising platform, ello is a social network n san francisco i'm sumi does for c for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. on the healthwatch this morning, entero virus 68 continues to spread across the the country and another local case is confirmed. officials say that a seven year-old child in camden county tested positive for the the respiratory virus. no other details were released because of medical privacy laws, there are now seven confirmed cases of the entero virus 68 in new jersey. soda wars are heating up on line, pepsi unveils a new drink but won't find it in the grocery store just yet. pepsi true will be only sold on amazon for now. seven ounce drink is made with
8:38 am
suing a and stevea and has 30 percent fewer calories. look for pepsi true on amazon in the middle of the month. it will be eventually sold in grocery stores. well, talk about kids saying the darndest things a mommies behind the the latest view i rally with video which features some of the saying her four year-old daughter has said to her. >> and they are not very nice. we will show you then wait until you see just how this women is playing her harp for, it is a unique performance. don't miss it coming up. we will l hear from the stars of one of this years most anticipated films, gone girl, we will be right back.
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police have a suspect in custody. gunman was wanted on felony charges. there are in injuries in the fire in the former school building at germantown and west allegheny avenues in north philadelphia officials are looking for the the cause of that fire.
8:41 am
interim head of the secret service is joseph chance friday havertown, delaware county. clancy graduated from villanova and taught at father judge high school in the northeast. he replaces julia pierson who resigned after several security lapses. every musician has faced a tough crowd, but if it can be easy for harp player terry to win over an audience. >> that is not always the case as reporter rachel shows us, terry doesn't play for just any audience. >> ♪ >> reporter: some performances take more practice then others. for terry, it can be not left to chance. >> i play for weddings,. >> classical sheet music isn't terry's preferred style. >> relationship between myself and the harp changed the minute. >> she likes to take center stage for an unlikely audience. >> they appear to be enjoying it.
8:42 am
>> they came forward to listen >> reporter: primates hear the tones as part of the volunteer enrichment program. >> it really is stimulating for the animals. both mental and physical stimulation. >> reporter: terry, a therapeutic harp player knows suiting sound has same calming effect on animals as it does on humans. >> they respond to music like we do. very similar. >> reporter: eight years since her first concert she knows each primate species takes the music differently. orangutans are not so willing to show their appreciation for performance. >> they are quiet, listen and chew their vegetables. >> gorilla are much more easier. >> they are very similar to kindergarten boys who will come running up when i come in the classroom and they want to sit in front of the harp. >> she will never hear a plays or cheers. pry mays show their ways.
8:43 am
>> gorillas have have never thrown anything at me. i guess that says something. >> reporter: every so often she will learn the equivalent to a standing ovation, it is call the gorilla pur. >> that says that they are really pleased and happy thaw are here. >> reporter: for life long musician it is a compliment that strikes the right cord. >> it is heart opening, because you know that there is somebody there. they are so intelligent. >> that was deep. >> the gorilla pur. >> how about that. >> pur. >> fantastic. >> i'm sure they love that. >> what is that saying music comes, savage beasts, how about that, that was beautiful. >> yes. >> is that the ukee pur. >> are you okay. >> i'm chillin. >> you know that remind me of delaware county spca has a program where kids come and read to the cats because it helps suit the rescue cats and
8:44 am
it helps kids work on the reading. wonderful. i loved the idea. >> win/win. >> it just goes to show. lets take a look what is going on here. we have low pressure one that brought us white rain here the last few days in spots but that is new long gone. we have catch a break. we will end up with nice weather today and tomorrow. next big thing, away from the wings here and this is a big thing. this has been bringing some severe wet's cross central planes. bringing gusty wind, heavy rain, what is it bringing for us. well, no severe weather but it could bring a little bit of the damper to your outdoor plans for first half of the week ebb. lets walk through it. time stamp is important. 1:00p m friday afternoon. sunny, beautiful. this is a slow moving system. we don't see clouds thicken until later that night. you've got outdoor plans? keep them. in worries. but you rain will move in. it will in move in overnight friday into the early morning hours of saturday. you can see where there will be pockets of steady rain and
8:45 am
because it is so slow to moving 11:00 a.m., up to five or 6:00 p.m. there may be lingering rain around. it is a relatively slow system but clearing from west to east and we can eventually expect to see clearing skies. some off will get sun before the day is said and done. currently in the 50's or 60's, key pending on your lurks. we will give you a quick check of that eyewitness weather three day forecast, pleasant today and tomorrow. watch for rain on saturday. hey guys do you have love watching weather. maybe watch that rain roll in. we want to you join our team of eyewitness weather watchers. it the is a brand new program to sign up by heading to our web site at cbs vittoria, over to you. >> man, i cannot follow-up with these things, katie. >> you think it is coming. >> i don't know. >> throw me the ball. >> good morning, everybody. if you are traffic on 476, in the southbound direction, you are going to volume volume approaching the schuylkill. traveling northbound, on 476, you'll find volume approaching the schuylkill. give yourself more time going
8:46 am
to and from that area from the blue route and traveling on 476 around i-95 heading north is another pocket of traffic. speaking of pockets of traffic, well, in the really a pocket a slow crawl on the westbound side of the ben franklin bridge, construction blocking the right-hand lane. we have just tons of rush hour delays once you get down toward 95 and vine street expressway. it is backings things up on the ben on top of the construction and rush. sixteen on i-95, still a slow go out of the north east, seven is your average on the schuylkill, high delays around the boulevard. we have delays southbound getting to 76. look at path turnpike westbound delays at willow grove down toward mid county tolls, good news that is mass transit isn't awful but paoli line is experiencing ten minute delays. be mindful of that. ukee and erika. >> i have seen it, enjoy it, gone girl, one of the most highly anticipated girls. >> you have seen it, i read the book, we are covered. >> based on the best selling novel of the same name. susan marquez has the preview.
8:47 am
>> as you all know, my wife disappeared three days ago. >> reporter: ben afflict plays a husband suspect of foul play when his wife disappearance in the new movie gone girl. >> killing your wife. >> reporter: sensational case quickly turns into tabloid fodder with nick finding himself in the harsh glare of the media spotlight. it is something that the oscar winner knows a things or two about. >> i went through a particularly intense period, it is an unsettling experience, weird experience, rare disturbing experience and i have envision myself projected on to the world that i thought this is amazing. this is all false. >> reporter: david center direct the thriller based on the hugely popular envelope by gilli an flynn who adopted screen play herself. she plays the gone girl, the amy. >> they have a fragile sense of self underneath there and
8:48 am
therefore, it is always totally aware of what she's doing and everybody else in the roomies doing. the it is exhaust continuing. it is exhaust continuing. >> reporter: just like the book expect lots of twists and surprises. susan marquez for cbs news, hollywood. >> i'll give you another preview and talk with those two, tyler perry, neil patrick harris, five or six people in the cast. it is a special movie. it had has a twist. when twist is revealed, it continues. >> you were saying there is some things that may be different from the book. >> yeah, that is what i understand from some people who read the book but they are looking forward to going back and reading the book and putting those visual story lines in the book. >> read it before tomorrow. >> about gone girl in theater nation wood tomorrow. we will be right back. >> this year, wouldn't you like to make it through the cold and flew season without
8:49 am
getting sick? all week, starting monday, america's top health experts reveal the best ways to get your immune system in tip-top shape. how much sleep is enough? can your diet make you a target for disease? how do you decrease stress? which supplements are best? and which exercise gives the
8:50 am
have you ever cringe because your child insult you or some other adult publicly. >> imagine compiling your child's worse sayings and turning them in a you tube video. jeanie moos has a story of a mom who did just that. >> they say kids say the darndest things and in this case sometimes most insulting. >> momma. >> are you going to make yourself press toy day or you going to look like you always do. >> mother and humoris t joe
8:51 am
and stein has a viral hit video on her hands. >> it looks like a bagel. >> thanks to her daughter's inn intended insults and yes, they are truly things that saidie said when she was four. >> she has been dropping truth bombs out of her mouth, most of us think, they are true, my tummy, at times has looked like a bagel. >> you have a lot of hair on your face is that a mustache or beard. >> unaudible. >> i was in the wearing them at the time, by the way. >> her daughter, recreated these in her current seven years old voice, and mom recorded the video called mom head on a go pro camera, attached to a special rig on her head. >> can i have your ipad when you are done. >> most viewers fine the insults hilarious and some say she needed more discipline. you better believe my kid said
8:52 am
any of these things i won't be making a video of it because i'll be ripping them a new one. noted another poster kids are like mean little drunks. >> did you take a sure today because i don't think it worked. >> joe and first compiled her insults in the chapter of the book entitled how not to calm a child on a plane, the the title was inspired by the time she tried to stop saidie from crying by making puppets out of barf bags. and then stuck her hand in the bag only to discover it had been recently used. now that saidie is seven, bottom line is she has not turned out to be a monster. >> no, she's a lovely sweet kid. >> reporter: true, mom took a licking but you by the time saidie is a teen and no longer speaking to her parents joe and will be longing for good old days of insults. jeanie moos. >> mommy, when we come home i'll tell you all of the things did you wrong today. >> reporter: new york.
8:53 am
>> was that in any of your home. >> never, never. >> mommy do not play. >> look the at this side of saidie and when i understand what mom did i don't think i would be so thrilled witt. i would be mortified. >> that is not good at all. >> only a few million people have have seen it yeah, right. >> you have to look at it. >> millions on this planet. >> that is a shame. >> lets get our traffic and weather before we roll. >> we have to switch some gears right here. >> don't get me started here. >> it is cooler in comparison depending on your location but we are off to generally and okay start here. we have a couple clouds here. sun shining brightly. it will continue to do so today as well as tomorrow to bring very seasonal weather before that nasty looking cold front comes along torey. >> thanks, katie. >> i don't have many kind words for our commute. traveling on the schuylkill, 95, 476, it is bad news bears all over the place, so where would you usually find rush hour delays you'll find to it
8:54 am
day. ten minute delays for paoli thorndale line for regional rails. >> thanks very much. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at cw philly. for more local news weather traffic and sports we are always on cbs >> check talk philly at noon on cbs-3. we are back in 30 seconds with one more check of your traffic and weather together. we will be right back.
8:55 am
good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. we have breaking news to tell but right now a hot air balloon crash land into a tree in warrington bucks county. now we just got this exclusive video from an eyewitness viewer, this happened on easton road, and lower barn road. there are in reports of any injuries. carolina ramierez used her cell even if to record this incredible video as that balloon was coming down. caroline says that the balloon narrowly avoided utility lines as it was making its landing, once again no reported injuries and some good news there but incredible video captured with the cell phone here. lets get your forecast with katie in the weather center, good morning. >> it does not look like the weather will have an impact on
8:56 am
that rescue. things very quiet. the light wind. certainly some sunshine, some clouds we will call it a mixed bag and go partly sunny for the day but storm scan three is quiet. clouds and sun. seventy-two for the high. very seasonal day and night. fifty-six is our expected low, still with just a few clouds overhead. tomorrow looking the same. probably blighter. seven for daytime high. we will see a potent frontal boundary. we have been talking about it all week. buzz words in the weather center. sixty-eight saturday with some rain and clears out for sunday. for i. >> thanks, katie. good morning. you are going to have rush hour delays on all of our usual spots, so schuylkill expressway, 95, so on and so forth but we have this incident that came up on the southbound boulevard, ramp to westbound schuylkill expressway, so this will definitely backup the boulevard. you're already delayed from about broad treat to 76, but as a result of this i would expect even heavier problems. if you are traveling on the schuylkill itself you drop down to 10 miles an hour. there you go all that red around the boulevard. fifteen on 95, still slow go
8:57 am
out of the northeast down through the vine. eighteen is are average on 476, northbound, traveling between 95 and media watch out for ten minute delays on the paoli line. >> thank you. >> that is "eyewitness news" for now talk philly coming up a the noonan cbs-3. i'm erika von tiehl i hope you
8:58 am
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>> he's a former governor, and maybe even a future president. we'll sit down with mike huckabee. plus...the man dubbed the best preacher in america. max leucado joins us live. and then a chronic condition healed in an instant. >> an angel was on my side. >> wendy: on today's "700 club." ♪ >> pat: welcome to "the 700 club." who is protecting our president, you say? it's the secret service. but you would be just as accurate to say that the president's life is in the hands of a bunch of government bureaucrats. if the old image of a secret service agent is a guy in a suit with black sunglasses, the new image would be a guy sitting at a desk drowning


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