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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  October 4, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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>> i invited them because we in your city why not come? >> a portion of the proceeds will fund scholarships for college bound students. the tournament ends tomorrow. >> salvation army showing off its new community center. this is the ray and joan krac community center in camden much it's a 120,000 square foot state of the art facility. it provides programs for camden community and all kinds of activities. including a theater water park, pool, kitchen, chapel, fitness center and soccer and baseball fields. >> unidentified object seen in the sky. is it a ufo? we'll show it to you after the break.
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plus, a group of kayak kearse have a close encounter with a great white shark. we'll tell you how they escaped the jaws of a man eater. and caught on tape a man trying to reach bermuda in an inflatable bubble rescued bite coast guard. katie. natasha, if you're a diehard tailgator this one is for you. by the time the lots open at the linc tomorrow we will be struggling to get out of the 40s. we'll have a taste of november in that forecast for you. all the details you need to know co
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with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation.
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and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
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>> welcome back. parents avenue missing university of virginia student are appealing now for help to find their daughter. this weekend marks three weeks since hannah graham disappeared in charlottesville, virginia. authorities are searching an 8-mile radius around the downtown mall for any sign of the 18 year old. today john and sue graham issued a video taped statement thanking the search teams. >> we would also like to thank the many, many people who have supported our family during this terrible ordeal, through words, deeds, thoughts and prayers. >> a 32 year old jesse matthew is his name lives in charlottesville has been charged with abducting her. the methodist church highest court will decide later this month whether a minister who efficiented at his gay son's wedding can remain a pastor. the reverend frank schaeffer was defrocked last year. then reinstated by an appeals panel in june. that decision was then appealed
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to the church's highest court. the united methodist church bans ministers from performing same sex marriages. >> and three kayakers narrowly escape a frightening encounter with a shark. take look at their kayak what's left of it. those are holes allegedly from a great white shark. the kayak kearse were fishing in the waters off of santa barbara, californiaing when they came across the shark. they used a distress call and nearby fishermen came to the rescues. >> upside down and he's clinging to the top of it. we get the kayak. and we get him on our boat, and two other of the guys that were him hopped on our boat also and we towed them all three into the landing. >> the same fishermen then rescued three more kayakers in the same area. about an hour later. a man's request to reach bermuda in an inflatable bubble ends when he's rescued by the us coast guard. he was found about 70 miles off the coast of saint augustine,
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florida. coast guard tried to get him to give up his request on wednesday but he refused. crews returned today when the man activat activated his locatn because of fatigue. >> and police in breck ken ridge colorado they're looking into reports of three signee objects seen in the sky. officials say multiple people have called in to report these sightings. witnesses say the objects sometimes form triangles or straight lines in the horizon. norad said it is investigating and local police have alerted the faa. >> meantime beautiful sight in new mexico. hundreds of hot air balloons filled the sky at the annual international balloon fiesta. 550 pilots were equipped with tablet computers capable of running a mapping application. that allows them to steer clear of of the emery strucked areas. >> the national museum of american jewish history is glowing pink tonight. looking beautiful. buildings all around the region
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are turning pink as part of a lights for the cure campaign. joint effort by cbs-3 and susan k komen philadelphia. it's awry minder for women to schedule a mammogram. october is breast cancer awareness month. >> and we certainly like to see the sky lit up in pink. my favorite month because of that. let's take look outside at storm scan3. things are nice and clear. you wouldn't have any issue viewing the pink lights out here in the city and everywhere else that they're shining brightly. we could have a frontal boundary already since made its retreat. it's long gone. we've cleared out nicely. but that is also allowed these temperatures to start really taking a dip and you can see we've got a pretty decent circulation here with the center of circulation off to our north and west and, yes, that is a little bit of light snow in fact chicago reported its first snow so far this season. we'll switch our focus briefly to the tropics. despite a lot of pretty colors out here in the open waters of
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the atlantic it is still just dead quiet right now. no worries or any signs of life in the atlantic any way. but it's a much different story out in pacific where we are tracking a category three hurricane simon right now this one actually expected to recurve and strike the baja california and the reason i bring that up we may actually end up with moisture from that long into next week. you'll see that in the seven day. but we take you time lapse here the sun went down outside pope john pope paul high school in royersford. the temperatures are starting to drop. we're at 48 there. we look at just a difference in the enter 24 hour temperature change across the board, you've dropped anything from five to 10 to 15 degrees from this same time yesterday up until now. so that cool air is absolutely starting to take hold. we look ahead to what you'll wake up to tomorrow. that's a taste of november for sure. solid month ahead of schedule with these values many spots likely to drop into the 30s.
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whew? a little chilly. we have seen way worse than that. we all know that. but this is a shock to the system i think just because it's been so long. it's been since april after all since we've seen these values. nice clear sky for you but the breeze thankfully not really chilly breeze it will add to that chill. 44 as we said for the nighttime low. and i do think that you're struggling to even break out of the 40s by the time the lots open at 8:00 a.m. bright and early tomorrow morning if you're one of the diehard tailgators kickoff temperature right around 59, 60 degrees. but we're only shooting for about 61 at best. for the daytime high. so way cooler than average we do see a rapid turn around the reason for by monday we've already got a warm front moving in. so we're right back into the low 70s where we should be. mid 70s then on tuesday. but that also mark the arrival of our next disturbance and we've actually got two of them in the seven day for you. some showers tuesday. possibly leading into wednesday and then another batch comes in on friday. leading into saturday. that might be the batch that
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brings moisture i showed you earlier with simon. we'll keep an eye on that for you in the meantime if you like to keep an eye on the sky and watch the rain role in join our team of "eyewitness weather" watchers brand new program we started here at cbs-3. you can sign up right now for it at >> that's going to be cool. it's fun stuff. >> it's really cool program. >> thank you so much, katie. appreciate that. you know hundreds enjoyed the final day of the king of prussia beer fest today and why not? "eyewitness news" at the king of prussia mall. organizers say this is the largest outdoor beer festival in the region. 50 brewers served more than 100 cast and international beers and all the proceeds from the event will be used to fund economic projects in king of prussia. very nice day for a little beer fest. >> absolutely. >> once the rain rolled out of here. >> lovely day. people do need to layer up for the game tomorrow. you too, lesley. >> break out the jacket tomorrow. eagles taking on one of the worst run defenses in the league. how much will lane johnson help shady mccoy tomorrow? sports is
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>> the eagles looking to get back on the winning track tomorrow when they host the rams. chip kelly hopes to get the offense back in gear after last week's performance against the 49ers.
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nick foles and company did not put a single points on the scoreboard. lane johnson will be back in the starting lineup after serving a four game ped suspension. the rams have one of the worst rushing defenses in the league. >> everybody has a plan until they get hit in the face. we got hit in the face and we got to respond it to. >> got it going pretty good towards last year. moving the ball really well. get shady back in the game and start attacking again. >> this is a good football team. this team could be four and zero. talking about a team that's got five returns for touchdowns already. >> we'll get you ready for the game tomorrow morning at 11:30 on sunday kickoff join sports beasley, merrill reece, myself. live from lincoln financial field on cbs-3 at 11:30. the sixers finished training camp today at stockton college. they will start preseason action on monday against the celtics.
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now it's year two forehead coach brett brown. last year season he won 19 games. this year he'll have noel nerlins to go along with michael carter williams. management still preaching patience to the fans. >> everybody around here is on the same page, and in a situation like we have whether it's me and sam, josh and sam, myself and the owners, the players, we're quite transparent about everything we've been doing. >> the flyers spending the week mend cape cod. they're practicing and having team bonding activities like paintball and fishing to open the season wednesday in boston. they finish the preseason with a three-three-one record. last season they started off losing allege out of 15 games. they somehow made the playoffs they don't want to start this season the same way. >> same roots. it's a good thing we kept the team from last year. we'll just be better.
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>> thinking about it, it was painful. just every day live any time you lose like that you take it personal and walk around philly and people let you know and i mean it's a motivation to kind of want to do better. >> to college football. villanova on the road against maine high powered wildcats offense continues to put up points on the scoreboard. john robertson through four touchdowns in his fourth straight game as villanova beat maine 41-20. this is the fourth consecutive game the cats have scored 40 or more points. wow! >> ivy league act. penn opened league play this afternoon against dartmouth. but it was a big date for court mouth and their qb williams. ran for three scores. they bee the quakers 31-10. >> all right. >> looking forward to the game tomorrow lesley. >> don't forget to wear your jacket. >> i'm not even -- i might even wear boots. >> don't let the sunshine fool you. >> exactly. throw it a
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>> katie we're taking a dip tonight. >> just a little. (laughter). >> just a little. >> very significant pattern change coming our way here. we'll give you one last check of that "eyewitness weather" seven day. one of these days is not like all the rest and of course it's tomorrow. as despite that bright sun soon we only top off at 61 degrees. a solid month ahead of schedule there but thankfully a quick turn around. back to reality back to the norm at least already by monday with our next warm front moving in. not a very prolonged -- >> that is definitely more than a little dip. you're right. i under meat you had. keeping it real. >> thank you very much katie. thank you so much for joining us here on the cw philly. for katie, justin -- and lesley all of us here we appreciate and justin too wherever he is. >> have a good night, everyone. >> see you a
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