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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  October 9, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> it's 10 o'clock and there's a big change in weather headed our way. "eyewitness news" in rittenhouse square as we track rain and a big cooldown. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> and i'm chris may. meteorologist kathy orr is here with more on what's in store. kathy. >> quiet before the cool air and the rain that is coming. we are looking at some clouds giving way to a little bit of clearing during the overnight but they will be back early tomorrow morning. temperatures falling through the 50's right now. in philadelphia 59, in the poconos only 48 degrees going down into the 30's tomorrow morning. take a look. future weather shows by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow 40, in the poconos with morning lows in the 30's. philadelphia 54. allentown 46 and only 48 degrees in trenton. we will watch tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. the clouds really thickening moving from the south and you can see the line right here through parts of montgomery county and moving northward over the course of the day and as it does, we are going to keep an eye on this.
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an edge of rain that will be moving toward the north and east after the 3 o'clock hour. so, that means for the evening rush, we will have some rain and a bit of a slowdown as everyone tries to get ready for the start of the weekend. so, coming up we'll talk about the coolest afternoon that we have seen in months. that's coming up tomorrow. rain to start the weekend and how slow we will be warming back up to more seasonable levels. i'll see you later in the broadcast with the seven day. jess. >> kathy, thanks. new at 10:00 tonight police are searching for serial burglars who may have recently struck in delaware county. >> and the worst part they're targeting the elderly. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco is live at darby police headquarters and you talked with one of the victims. >> reporter: that's right, chris and jessica. the latest attempt came yesterday here in darby. the man showed up at an elderly woman's home and he said he was from the water company. but tonight police say they come with all kinds of stories and they think they are part
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of a much larger ring targeting elderly across several states. police are looking for this man, part of a burglary ring targeting elderly in several states you. >> feel invaded. that's one thing. >> reporter: bob manual says before lunch a man knocked on his door saying he was from the lek particular company. >> and he says he want to walk around i'll show you what we're going to document while bob was in the house police say the suspect radioed to two men in awaiting car. the first stalled bob while the other two ran into his apartment. >> he had papers in his hand and everything, he was writing some stuff down on papers and all, you know. >> reporter: did you believe this guy's story that he actually works for the electric company. >> yeah, because the way he was and the way he talked. >> reporter: police were alerted by a witness while bob was still in the backyard they pulled the two men out of his apartment. >> one cop got his foot on his head you know and he's got the gun on the other guy. >> reporter: robert mitchell ricky parker want in two
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states for burglary were arrested. inside their car stolen items like jewelry coins and cash and hundreds of other possible targets. >> hundreds and hundreds of addresses in had notes written next to them, good, no good. >> reporter: at least these men and two others are targeting elderly after an attempt burglary was thwarted. the elderly woman on main street was told the water company needed to check for toxins while she waited. a man fitting this description radioed. when the neighbor walked in the three fled. >> we believe very strongly this has happened to other people in darby and they haven't reported it. >> reporter: and utility companies say they will never send a representative to someone's home without calling first. if someone does show up at your door, you can always call that utility company and verify that the worker is who he or she says that they are.
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anyone who thinks they may have fallen victim to this scam or have any information is asked to call 911. live in darby tonight, i'm diana rocco for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> thanks for that diana. a bicyclist clashes with a university of pennsylvania police officer after running a red light and now she's leveling serious accusations. >> this is an "eyewitness news" exclusive. our syma chowdhury shows us part of the confrontation that was caught on video. >> you're going to pepper spray me. >> reporter: sara rodriguez asked the university of pennsylvania police officer that after he stopped her for running a red light. she was riding her bike wednesday morning around 10:00 on 38th street near woodland walk. she said she noticed the officer waving but didn't realize he was asking her to stop. >> i see a cop wave and i look at him and i was like whatever and i keep going. >> reporter: but the officer who was also on a bike followed her. >> he comes by me, he was
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chasing me the whole way hit me with the back of his bike and i fell sideways, took my headphones off. >> reporter: that's where the video picks it up a witness named larry started recording the incident on his cell phonily we showed rodriguez the video for the first time. >> i called 911 at this point. >> reporter: that's when things escalated as the officer called for backup. rodriguez says another officer arrived using gay slurs as he demanded larry to stop recording. >> they called him beep beep and they called him beep beep. >> reporter: the incident ended with rodriguez getting a ticket. she says she accepts responsibility for going through a red light but the officers' actions were unnecessary. >> someone slamming their bike into me trying to make me crash and then holding a can of pepper spray, that's ridiculous, that's excessive force. >> reporter: we sent the video to penn police. have you seen the video. >> i saw the clip that was on the gentleman's web site. and that will be part of our
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investigation. >> reporter: penn police say they are in the middle of their share the road campaign and the officer was enforcing the traffic laws but they are looking into the other allegations. >> we take great pride in the work that our officers do. they're truly professionals. >> it was completely the opposite of what cops are supposed to do. this is to calm down a situation not escalate it and make it worse and make you feel threatened. >> reporter: up the penn police say they plan on interviewing all parties involved. >> "eyewitness news" with some exclusive video of the man now dubbed the burka ban digit police are asking for your help as they look for this man in a string of bank robberies in south jersey. the suspect wears a burka during those heists and makes his get away on a bmx bike. the most recent robbery happened at the beneficial bank in audubon yesterday. police believe the same person hit the neighboring audubon savings bank and the susquehanna bank in camden last month. >> philadelphia police are
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looking for vandals who spray painted a racial slur at a center city high school. "eyewitness news" blurred out the slur on the front door of john w. hallahan catholic girls high school. maintenance scrubbed the door before students arrived for class this morning. police are reviewing surveillance video hoping to identify and catch the suspects. the archdiocese of philadelphia released a statement about this which reads in part hallahan takes pride in its designation as a noplace for hate school and strongly condemns this senseless and hateful act. all school families have been made aware of this incidents and the steps taken to address it through a letter sent this morning. >> a guilty verdict for a montgomery county man in the deaths of a baby and her grandmother in king of prussia. prosecutors say that raghunandan yandamuriian killed 10 month old saanvi venna and her 61-year-old grandmother in a kidnap for ransom plot that went wrong two years ago. a jury convicted yandamuri today of two counts of first degree murder.
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prosecutors will seek the death penalty. >> defendant has his mother to beg for his life but that same opportunity was not given by the defendant for saanvi venna's mother. >> given everything he's been through, he is not an evil person and he's not the worst of the worst and accordingly, he should not be put to death. >> well, if the jury does spare yandamuri the death sentence he will automatically be sentence to do life in prison. campaign 2014 now and potential presidential contenders for 2016 are stumping for candidates in the race for pennsylvania governor. the republican incumbent tom corbett was joined in his rally today in delaware county by his neighboring governor, new jersey's chris christie. christie campaigned for governor corbett at the valley forge military academy in wayne. the former secretary of state hillary clinton campaigned for the democratic challenger tom wolf here in philadelphia. the so-called women for wolf
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rally was held at the national constitution center tonight. latest polls give tom wolf a double digit lead over governor corbett with election day less than four weeks away. >> philadelphia city council is working to ease tensions between rowdy temple university students who live off campus and their neighbors. a bill introduced today makes landlords and the university partly responsible for their behavior. >> so we want to make sure that we have in place the necessary provisions and the necessary code and the oversight and ultimately determine who's responsible for some of the conduct of some of these folks in these neighborhoods. >> if landlords are cited twice in three years they could lose their rental licenses. state health officials say a dallas county sheriff's deputy who exhibited symptoms of ebola has tested negative for that disease. that deputy was inside the dallas apartment where thomas eric duncan was staying. duncan was the first ebola patient diagnosed in the u.s. his body will be cremated to
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prevent the virus from spreading further. there is more ahead tonight at 10 o'clock. >> including a case of alleged bullying against an autistic teenager. now he and his mother are speaking out about the act that left him duct taped to a goal post. and it sounds like the start of a bad joke. a horse walks into a police station but this is real. and we'll have the story behind this priceless video. kathy. >> in weather we're talking about the clouds moving in overnight and our next weather system brings the rain. i'll talk about how long it's going to last and we'll track it coming up with our future weather to help you plan for
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>> back on "eyewitness news" now, it is a case of alleged bullying outside as much pittsburgh. >> a teenage are there with autism says two older students duct taped him to a soccer goal post. reporter ralph ianoti from our sister station spoke with the victim. >> you a really frightened. i thought i was going to be stuck there for a long time. >> reporter: 16-year-old austin babinsak is shaken up after his experience on the soccer field. he says he was forced into a car by two senior members of the team sunday evening and driven here where he was duct taped to a soccer goal post. >> they duct taped my hands, all the way up to my waist,
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and tied it as hard as they could and then they intended to try to take a picture of it. i told them no and they walked off in frustration. >> reporter: he was left tied to the post for about 15 minutes he says while he was yelling for help an off duty state trooper an woman walking by untied him. >> i'm just disappointed with the highland soccer team. they should have been run better. >> reporter: the two seniors have been suspended for five days. also suspended now school soccer coach jim turner. his mother says those responsible for traumatizing her son must be held accountable. >> i feel the coach knew. he wasn't there but he knew that it was happening. he knows that it's been going on. so, he's the adult. these are kids, let's face it, they're 17 but, you know, we have to hold the adults accountable first before we can hold the kids accountable. >> reporter: the school district released a statement that says it does not take matters such as haze or bullying lightly. the district issues strict
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disciplinary action on students who think these actions are appropriate and harmless. >> just get new people in there that actually can can coach a team and make sure stuff like this doesn't happen again. >> ralph ianoti reporting for us. the attorney for the coach said he was not there at the time and that he did not condone nor know about that incident. >> a california man gets quite the surprise when a motion detector alarm goes off outside his home. surveillance camera found this. that is a giant mountain lion standing on his car. experts think this mountain lion is about two years old is that trying to establish its territory. >> it was scary and i did not expect this area because this is still a city of san jose even though we are in the mountain area. >> residents say there's no mountain area. the neighborhood. though, they think the mountain lion might want to return at some point. >> selling my home the next day if i'm that guy.
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>> yikes. video from england. watch as a horse just walks into a police station. >> excuse me. >> he had the security guy there, he was taken by surprise. he was able to get that horse eventually to head the other way and right back out the doors . >> [laughter] >> what is he doing. >> the horse apparently got loose from a nearby pasture, thank you, and was safely escorted home. [laughter] >> like he tried to talk it, okay, come this way. >> time to go. >> that is great. weather-wise we are looking at some clouds moving back into the delaware valley. they will move up from the south. we have another storm system moving our way but it won't totally spoil the weekend. not by far. take a look at our temperatures around the region. our high temperatures today range from the 70's through warrington and west grove, to some 60's in medford with some extra clouds late this afternoon. right now on storm scan3 we're
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looking at a variety of sky cover. some clouds to the south. philadelphia partly cloudy, north and west we're seeing mainly clear skies but those clouds are going to build back up from the south overnight and during the morning hours of friday. yes, t.g.i.f. right now in philadelphia, 59. trait '58 in allentown but already 48 degrees in the poconos. to the north and the west where our weather will be coming from the next couple of days temperatures only in the 40's so that is what we are in for again. for your friday we'll watch this front move toward the east. the clouds will be lifting up from the south and will keep it pretty cool with temperatures strug ringling in the 50's. the coolest temperatures we've seen in the afternoon since last april. then by saturday this front sags to the south. because of this dominating high pressure system it brings in cool air but at least it gets rid of the clouds and the rain and we'll be seeing an afternoon that will be partly sunny on saturday with high temperatures bumping back up into the 60's. the winner of the week is definitely sunday partly sunny
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with temperatures in the 60's. after that we warm it up a bit. here's what we expect tomorrow afternoon through early saturday morning, cloudy, on the cool side, half inch to an inch of rain possible. the highest amounts through south jersey and delaware and clearing saturday afternoon. so, overnight tonight looking for skies to cloud back up, the low temperature 53 in the city, 40's in our suburbs. tomorrow morning this is what we'll wake up to. 53 in philadelphia, 43 in allentown. in the poconos waking up to 38 degrees. by the afternoon, highs only in the 50's with some showers moving in by about 3, 4 o'clock in the afternoon. if you have a ticket to the eagles game, yes, it's sunday night football. the temperature 58 degrees with a westerly wind. definitely jacket weather. and on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven-day forecast, saturday some morning rain but i don't think it's going to be a lot. i think it's going to move out fairly quickly and then we will salvage the rest of saturday and sunday and next week look at that, warming back up into the 70's. so, the 70's not gone for good. be sure to wake up with
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"eyewitness news" in the morning. katie will track the weather, the timing and if anything changes, the team starts at 4:30 on our sister station cbs3 and then continues right here on the cw beginning at 7:00. >> those 70's can stay for a little while. >> yes. >> it's okay. >> they're coming back. >> they're comfortable enough. >> kathy thanks. >> big home opener tonight for the fly guys. >> everybody worried about them getting off to a slow start like they did last season so that's what everyone watching. great efforts in the two games. a shootout at the wells fargo center tonight. i'll show you when the moment this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
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>> it was a back and forth shootout tonight at the wells fargo center. doubles first, then the orange and black took over. unfortunately, there was one more momentum swing and it went in the wrong direction. here we go. flyers trailed three-nothing in the second period, then got it going. the captain claude giroux scores his first goal of the season on the power play and it's three to one. final minute of the second, wayne simmonds with the puck, he makes a move and his shot found the back of the net. and it's three-two. but wayne wasn't finished. flyers on the attack. simmonds would light the lamp again with .6 seconds left. three goals in a four minute 162nd stretch and they were all tied up. but the devils scored three more times in the final period. dainus zubrus had the game
10:23 pm
winner and the flyers fall six to four. reports say injured flyers defenseman chris pronger has been hired to run the nhl's department of player safety t pronger hasn't played in three years because of concussion symptoms but he hasn't retired for salary cap reasons. the flyers will pay his $4.5 million per year salary for two more years. a possible conflict of interest to be paid by the flyers and work for the league but commissioner bet man says chris' case is unique. i caught fans peeking through the ivy today at eagles practice trying to get a fix on the game plan for sunday night's big division bout against the giants. the usual trash talking between these close combatants is afoot. this time it's the g men mouthing off. the eagles responded. >> he's the only one talking so like i said we just growing out there and playing football. it's a big game for us, prime time tv, wearing all blank let's go out there and get it. >> listen i'll tell you what motivates me is when i walk
10:24 pm
out on that field and you see 70,000 screaming fans. that's what motivates me. >> demeco ryanss was limited in practice recovering from his groin injury. perhaps practice is wrong the description of what you're watching. here's chip's take on it. >> i think we go out there to train. that's always been the mentality. that's what i've always called it everywhere i've been. military trains, boxers train. i agree with allen iverson so i think he's a hundred percent right so we don't want to go out there and practice because i don't know what practice is good for. training is what we're all about. >> weekly chat with shady mccoy and a special guest focuses on the giants rivalry. see what they have to say after the game over on cbs3. >> always like hearing what >> absolutely. >> just when you thought you couldn't like chip more, he agrees with allen iverson. >> he's so good. agrees with allen iverson. >> he's so good. so brian at citizens said
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>> got a story you would like us to investigate? e-mail your ideas to i-team at >> ♪ >> cbs3 "eyewitness news" comes your way after football tonight. we will have the latest on a hot friend tattooing that could pose a threat. at-home tattoos. are they the ultimate ink or are they dangerous. three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl will show us how it's done and the danger it poses on cbs3 "eyewitness news" right after
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thursday night football. and "eyewitness news" in center city tonight at center square where the clothes pin is all pink. landmarks across the area are displaying pink lights during the month of october marking breast cancer awareness month and reminding women to schedule a mammogram. cbs3 and the cw philly teamed up with susan g. komen philadelphia for the lights for the cure campaign now in its 13th year. >> a new member joins the ridley park police department. you can meet the newest member of the police canine unit. the 16 month old dog came from excel canine in ohio that specializes in this sort of dog and he has been training with his handler who is a 10 year veteran of the ridley park police department. we will can come. >> welcome. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" on the cw philly for kathy beasley and all of us here, i'm chris may. >> and i'm jessica dean. have a goo
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