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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  October 17, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news".
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>> right now at 10 o'clock we have learned that doctors have downgraded the condition of nina pham, the first person to contract ebola on u.s. soil. good evening, i'm chris may. >> and i'm natasha brown in for jessica. doctors downgraded pham's condition from good to fair. researchers are working on an ebola vaccine at the national institute of health in maryland. that's where pham is being treated. today president obama named ron crane former chief of staff to vice president joe biden and al gore to serve as ebola czar. a cruise ship carrying a dallas healthcare worker being monitored for signs of ebola is headed back to texas. the ship was refused to dock in mexico. city officials are urging calm. today we learned another philadelphia hospital will be on the front lines of any fight against the virus. the hospital of the university of pennsylvania will care for
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medical workers who contract ebola while working in west africa. the hospital has conducted refresher training and says it is able to safely and effectively isolate suspected cases. >> pennsylvania currently does not have any positive cases of ebola. >> reporter: urging calm and trying to allay fears, state and local leaders are appealing to pennsylvania residents assuring them that steps are in place to deal with the ebola crisis. this on the heels of news that three people from northwestern pennsylvania were on the frontier airlines flight on monday from columbus to dallas that carried nurse amber vincent who has ebola. >> at this point in time they are showing no symptoms. in addition to having daily calls with those residents, we will be continuing to have themself monitor. >> reporter: governor tom corbett says the three unidentified pennsylvanians are still in texas and have been told by the cdc not to travel for 21 days. the governor was flanked by state health officials during a press briefing. secretary of health michael wolf reiterating that the ebola risk to the general
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public is very low but preparations for potential cases are ongoing. >> what we are doing now is evaluating all of our procedures to determine if there are any gaps or elements that may need to be changed based on the news from texas. >> reporter: from governor corbett to philadelphia mayor michael nutter the mayor tried to quell fears among city residents. officials say protective gear for first responders healthcare workers and hospitals is being upgrade in there case the threat of ebola reaches within the boundaries of philadelphia. >> the best we can do is to be as best prepared as we can with nothing going on at the moment. >> reporter: of course stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of ebola. we have assembled an online resource guide for you to help keep you informed. you can find it on our web site, and happening right now hurrican gonzalo is battering bermuda tonight. gonzalo was downgraded to a category 2 but the massive storm's winds are still packing a powerful punch.
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>> our meteorologist kathy orr is standing by. she has the latest on gonzalo's track. kathy, how much longer is bermuda going to have to deal with this. >> for the next two, maybe four hours. they're in the eye of the storm, the calm right now. the northern part of that eye wall has moved through now the southern end of the eye wall has to move through and you can see it, it is very impressive on this radar and satellite view. we're looking at conditions that are going to continue to be on the calm side right now and that eye of the storm but then when the second part of that eye wall moves through it is going to be dangerous again. but winds at the airport in bermuda clocking at hurricane force with some higher gusts and when you consider how big this storm is, you know, bermuda is only 22 square miles but gonzalo is about 350 miles wide about the width of kentucky so we are talking about a massive storm. this is the view right now. this is the latest bermuda doppler radar from their weather service. there is the eye of the storm
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where you see the plus right there, that is the bull's eye, that is the island of bermuda. here is the northern eye wall that passed through, now we're in the calm and here's the southern part of the eye wall that doesn't look as intense as far as the winds are concerned. this lifting towards the north-northeast at about 16 miles an hour and it will take some time before it's out of there. here's impacts from gonzalo. we're talking about life-threatening storm surge comparable to fabian in 2003 when they had a 10-foot storm surge significant coastal flooding as a result and hurricane force winds sustained at 110 miles an hour. coming up we'll talk more about our weather and the weekend. we are facing more benign conditions just a major cooldown. for now, chris, we'll sends it back to you. >> kathy thank you very much. new at 10 o'clock tonight a corrections officer has been found dead murdered in her own home. >> it happened on south 63rd street in southwest philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones talked to the victim's family.
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>> my sister was loving and she didn't deserve what they did to her. whoever did it, turn yourself in. let my sister be rest in peace and let the family rest in peace, please. >> reporter: the sister and other family members of correctional officer freda denning met outside her home friday night. inside her home on the 2500 block of south 63rd street, her brother found herr body. the 50-year-old was stabbed multiple times in the back. >> i just want them to be caught whoever did it 'cause he was a -- he was a bum to come stab her in the back. >> reporter: her family became suspicious after the correctional officer failed to show up at work in the morning at the philadelphia department of corrections university avenue facility. denny was a correctional officer for more than 20 years according to her family and investigators tell me they are looking into the possibilities her killer may have known her. there were no signs of forced entry into the home and sources indicate an acquaint tans of denny's was pulled over for a traffic stop while
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driving her suv wednesday night. they say the man was given a ticket for driving without a license and her vehicle was impounded bee police but at that time denny was not reported missing and the man was allowed to walk away. denny is survived by a daughter and her two grandchildren. >> we just want justice, that's all we want, just justice. >> reporter: and late this evening the president of the union which oversees the city correctional officers released a statement saying the law enforcement community mourns a beloved officer. correctional officer lottie denny was a dear and wonderful friend an great coworker. she will be missed by all the employees of the philadelphia prisons system and the entire membership of the afscme local 159. as of right now, no suspects have been arrested. reporting live tonight from police headquarters in center city, todd quinones for "eyewitness news" at 10:00 on the cw philly. >> all right, todd, thank you very much.
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well, it was a violent night in chester. a shooting has left a young woman dead tonight. she is not identified so far. we do know she was 25 years old. she was shot in the chest on the front porch of a home in the 2900 block of west 11th street. chopper three was over that scene just before 5 o'clock today. the woman pronounced dead at crozer chester medical center. again, no word as of now on a suspect or a motive. >> also the search is on for a hit and run driver who sideswiped a new jersey state police cruiser in monmouth county. dash cam video shows the close call there for two troopers. they were conducting a vehicle stop on i-195 in upper freehold last saturday when a light colored jeep whizzed by and struck the driver side of the vehicle. the troopers were not injured. >> well, a big protest was just the beginning. the philadelphia federation of teachers is now heading to court hoping to get their contract reinstated. union members and their supporters blocked broad street yesterday angry over
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the school reform commission and its decision to force them to pay part of their healthcare premiums. the pft feels this issue should be heard by the court of common pleas, the pennsylvania labor relations board or a labor arbitrator and not in commonwealth court. a bankruptcy court judge voided a big contract with workers and atlantic city's trump taj mahal and they say the move will allow the taj mahal to stay opened. billionaire carl icahn who holds the taj's nearly $300 million debt said that he would only take over and invest in the property if he can get union concessions and multi-million dollars tax breaks. atlantic city leaders and new jersey leaders have told icahn they won't play ball and the union is vowing to fight. >> we're going to fight for our rights, what we deserve. we work hard here in there city and for some billionaire to come by and just try to sweep it all away, that's unacceptable. >> the fight is won here on the street at this property
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because it stops here. this is carl icahn's waterloo. he got himself into a fight he's not going to win. >> the ceo of trump robbed griffin released a statement that read in part we are proud of our efforts to keep the taj mahal open to deliver our loyal customers a continued first class gaming experience and to have the ability to save 3,000 jobs in a very difficult atlantic city economy. >> the pennsylvania state trooper wounded in an ambush on september 12th is out of the hospital tonight. trooper alex douglas left guyinger community medical center with a police escort on thursday. he was taken to a rehab facility by ambulance. despite sightings and evidence that's been mounting, suspect eric frein has eluded police for more than a month now. trooper bryon dixon was killed in the attack. and sugar house casino meantime it's getting ready to expand. 24 new poker tables arrived at the casino this morning. they will be a part of philadelphia's first poker room expected to open to the public early next month.
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for now the tables will go to an interim room until construction on the permanent room is completed. septa is asking that you take some time during your commute to remember the hungry. septa celebrated its stop hunger at your station food drive today at dillworth park. starting monday you'll seafood collection containers at 43 stations to make donating to philadbundance a lot more convenient. 900,000 people in the greater philadelphia region are currently in need of assistance. >> septa is again asking for staples such as canned pastas, soups, stus, canned vegetables, creamy peanut butter and jelly just in time for the impending cold weather. >> septa riders and employees have donated approximately 90 tons of food to philadbundance since 2009. the campaign runs through november 3rd. >> there is much more ahead on "eyewitness news" at 10 o'clock tonight including perhaps a major change for the catholic church.
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a policy shift that some believe is in the works this weekend. >> president obama's credit card declined. where it happened and who wound up picking up the check for him. kathy. >> in our weather we are talking about a major cooldown. the coolest air yet of the season. so, how low will those numbers go? we'll take a look at that coming up as "eyewitness news" on the cw philly
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>> well, the catholic church should know by sunday if it's bishops will be welcoming gays and catholics who are divorced and remarried. tomorrow's vote on a final report compiling two weeks of discussion at the vatican could be contentious. >> the response to this interim report raised a lot of questions about language and some very long held beliefs. our pat ciarrocchi reports. >> reporter: pope francis has told 190 bishops to speak frankly and without fear. they've argued and that's after a mid senate report got international coverage bowel coming gays for their gifts and accepting co-has been at any timing unmarried and divorced couples. bishop said to ask for more church teaching to be part of the report, english speaking bishops even asked that the language change from welcoming gays to providing for gays. michael viola a gay philadelphia catholic felt the
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initial change of tone to be he couraging. >> saying stop shut this group of people out. you can't grow as a church by limiting who can be members. >> reporter: viola is with dignity philadelphia a catholic lgbt community that's found a home in the lower level of an episcopal church. dignity masses follow a traditional catholic services. >> this is who i. , this is how god made me and i'm okay with that and god's okay with that. >> reporter: the question is are the bishops who lead the institutional church okay with it. >> we're not giving in to the secular agenda we're not collapsing in a heap. >> reporter: cardinal of australia told the catholic news service he sees no change coming that would allow divorced and remarried catholics to receive communion. he said some of the more liberal bishops want even more. >> they want rider changes, recognition of civil unions,
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recognition of homosexual unions. the church cannot go in that direction. >> reporter: the bishop study stretches over a period of two years and the recommendation to the pope won't be made to him until next year. one week after the holy father is expected to visit philadelphia for the world meeting of families. in the sat center, pat ciarrocchi, "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> a slightly embarrassing moment for president obama. he says that he was dining out at a restaurant in new york with the first lady when his credit card was declined. >> i guess i don't use it enough. [laughter] >> that was the there was some fraud going on. [laughter] >> fortunately michelle had hers. [laughter] >> it's happened to all of us, right? the president was in new york at the time for the un general assembly. he made those comments about last month's incident today as he signed an executive order to improve credit card security. now, under the plan federally insured credit cards will have new chip technology which will
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replace the magnetic strip. major retailers like home depot and target victims of recent data breaches say they'll have that technology in stores by next year. the beautiful battleship new jersey is shining pink tonight. it is one of many local attractions taking part in lights for the cure. this is a joint effort between cbs3, the cw philly and susan g. komen philadelphia to raise awareness about breast cancer and remind women of the importance of scheduling a mammogram. meantime ronald mcdonald house charities and the philadelphia ronald mcdonald house celebrating its 40th anniversary tonight. a big birthday bash held at the simeon automotive museum in southwest philadelphia. kathy and i were on hand to emcee the event as were other members of the "eyewitness news" team. tonight was all about honoring the families with children receiving medical care who have called ronald mcdonald house home. the volunteers and donors who have provided for them were also recognized. the very first ronald
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mcdonald house opened in philadelphia october 15th 1974. >> it is a quiet night across the delaware valley even down the shore as we're looking at clear skies and comfortable conditions but with light winds temperatures will fall pretty fast tonight. this is the view from our skycam3 in atlantic city. our live neighborhood network shows us the highs for the day. in philadelphia northeast airport 73 degrees, valley forge middle school 73. 72 at international airport forge middle school 73. the middle school 71 degrees. right now hanging in there in the 60's for most of the region. in trenton 59, little bit cooler. in the poconos at 56. 56 in lancaster and right now in dover, checking in at 59. temperatures fairly uniform throughout the northeast and the midatlantic without much change. we do have a broad area of low showers across the great lakes and some clouds moving toward philadelphia so we could have a few clouds overnight tonight but that's just about it. nothing in the way of precipitation expected.
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that is a low moves to the north, it will draghe clouds and the showers northward for saturday. so, we expect plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 60's. it will be breezy, though, with westerly winds. by the time sunday rolls around, still a little bit on the breezy side with temperatures in the 50. so, much cooler. the cooler air will be drifting through as well sunday night and by monday morning we are talking about the coolest air of the season. by the afternoon we rebound to 60 but once we get in the 50's and 60's we're going to stay there for quite some time. we'll take the jet stream down to the midatlantic, that cool air will really bottom out sunday and then it begins to retreat monday afternoon but not so fast as far as the warm air, like the 70's are concerned. we won't see a day like this in the near future. overnight look for a few clouds rolling in. the low temperature 55 degrees with a southwest wind. for your saturday, breezy, sunny, the high temperature 69. and as we look ahead on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven-day forecast, temperatures really getting cool. look at this.
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57 degrees on sunday. monday looking at 60. then some showers tuesday and wednesday, possibly thursday. not a great week next week. friday look for some clearing and a temperature of 64 degrees. if you love the weather, like to take measurements, observations, we want you to join our eyewitness weather watchers. sign up now. go to >> ♪ and we'll be right
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>> i spent last three days in dallas and eagles fans would love to hear the talk in big d. cowboys fans have the thanksgiving meeting circled in red and i'm sure the philadelphia feeling is mutual. the talk brings to mind our m.v.p.'s so far, darren sproles is an obvious choice. but he's doing what he has done his entire nfl career exciting play maker, highlight machine. jason peters protects his quarterback better than any lineman in the game. he's off to another pro bowl start. his legends grew when he defended nick foles from a bully. but my choice is safety malcolm jenkins. we have been looking for a play making leader since dawkins, not comparing the two but jenkins is playing better than advertised and better than he played in new orleans. malcolm jenkins my m.v.p. through six games. surprise move in seattle. wide receiver percy harvin has
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been traded from the seahawks to the jets. harvin has been injured a lot of his nfl career. playing on a $67 million contract when he's healthy, though, he is a game breaker. temple owls on the road in houston with their spotless conference record on the line. first quarter is where we pick it up. temple down by a field goal. pj walker steps back and throws and picked off by stuart. he took it 29 yards to the house. the owls trailing 17 to three in the seconds quarter of play. to the flyers now. they start that three game road trip tomorrow in dallas. they hope to have defensive man braden coburn back in the lineup he's missed the last three games with a lower body injury. the orange and black still looking for win number one on this season and this road trip will be against three playoff teams from last season. >> in my opinion i think we have the top three teams in the league coming up. it's a great challenge for us.
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we got to make sure we are ready to play because if we going to start the next three games like we did start the last games at home we're going to be in trouble. >> the sixers resume preseason action tomorrow when they take on orlando in allentown. center joel embiid is headed back to cameroon to be with his family. they are grieving the loss of a younger brother arthur. a preview of the friday football frenzy school of the future versus im hoe temperature charter. parks finds nasir louis find the defense for 65 yards. i'll have highlights at 11:00 over on sister station cbs3. the home of the friday >> give us just one get 'em. >> get 'em. >> i was waiting all night for that. >> stay up for that if nothing else. automotive innovation starts... right here. with a control pad that can read your handwriting, a wide-screen multimedia center, and a head-up display for enhanced driver focus.
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10:28 pm >> tonight on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11 o'clock, protected chemical suits made right here in the area are being used by aid workers in africa in the fight against ebola and i had a chance to try one on today. we'll show you exactly how effective they are tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11 o'clock. >> wow. >> that's interesting. >> kathy one last check. is it going to dip yet. >> not dipping yet. >> we're not dipping yet. i got another day to enjoy. >> we're going to dip on sunday, okay, and once we get there it is going to stay cool through the rest of next week with a lot of rain, too. >> and that was so much. thank you for joining us on the cw philly tonight. >> for kathy beasley and all of us here, i'm chris may. >> and i'm natasha brown. have a great night. we'll see you at 11:00 on cbs3. >> ♪
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