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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  October 20, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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tied up, and robbed at gunpoint. a group of temple university students are terrorize in the their home this morning the serve on for the suspect, also there is morning,. >> frost warnings, advisories, are in effect. so, it is cents a coal one out there. good morning to you, today is monday, october 20th, i'm nicole brewer in for ukee this morning. >> i'm erika von tiehl. we start things off first, checking your traffic and weather together. speaking of those chilly temps, carol's been parked out on the skydeck all morning. how are you feeling out there, carol? >> i'm tough. >> yes, you are. >> it looks beautiful, look how prep think looks, i would, absolutely gorgeous shot.
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>> mildest temperatures along the shore areas, get little bit of help from the ocean, in keeping slightly miler, but you mover inland, it is cold. we have the frost advisory, the freeze warnings, all in effect this morning, until 8:00. so we have another hour of them, i think they're pretty necessary. finding temperatures at or below the freezing mark. now, it is 34 in trenton, we pick up one agree there, 33 allentown, 41 philadelphia. forty in wilmington, 32 in atlantic city, some of these areas mt. holly was 32, quakertown 32, same thing pottstown. so just know we have the cold air out there it warms up, today 60 he is mixture every sunday and cloud, 63 at the shore, poconos, 52 degrees, and we have fairly comfortable day tomorrow. temperature wise at 66, but chance of some showers specially in the afternoon, maybe wednesday and thursday, as well. otherwise, some sunshine, to close out the week.
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>> we go outside right now, show you actually some good news, on trooper road at egypt road. little bit ago, a lot of police activity. cleaning most that far up, it should be cleaned up in the next couple of minutes or so, but elsewhere on 95, approaching allegheny, we have big mess out here jammed solid, see all brake lights toward the center city area, northbound lanes, still moving great. going over to our maps now, kings highway, closed due to earlier accident near pleasant valley avenue tonight get around that mess, rush hour starting to pick up now, take camden avenue, or route 38, otherwise, out in montgomery count a accident at welsh rd., spent that to be quite some time. for some clean up, otherwise travel times everything starting to slow up. schuylkill expressway
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westbound from the vine st. expressway, about 27 minutes, really heavy on 95, southbound, we just saw, route 422 into oaks 202 eastbound about 14 minute trip there. back over to you. >> all right, jess, thank you. update on breaking news in kensington, detectives are searching for the person who shot a man to death while on the 1800 block of east ontario street overnight. police say the 27 year old suffer gunshot wound to his head and back. he was rushed to temple hospital. instead short time later dose describe very violent scene. >> we have projectiles gathered within a few hours cents cents, and we also have numerous marks and people's doors, window frames. police hope private surveillance neighborhood will lead them to the suspect. new this morning, philadelphia police are looking for the suspect want in the connection with two separate 7-eleven robberies overnight. if i happened 2:30 a.m., 7-eleven, aramingo avenue in port richmond.
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investigators say, a man walked into the store with a handgun walked out with around $60, no injuries reported. >> police in northeast philadelphia respond to another 7-eleven robbery this time holmesburg near frankford and academy. armed man walked into that store wearing a hoodie, and bandana on his face he only got away with 20 bucks. anyone with information. >> robbery at montgomery county rite aid. gunman got away with oxycontin pills rite aid bethlehem pike in ambler early today. the man was arm and fired a shot inside that store, but, thankfully no one was injured. police say the suspect was 5 feet tall, wearing a hoodie when he got away. >> local college students tied up and robbed at gunpoint in that terrifying home invasion. >> january, good morning. >> good morning, definately frightening night for some
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student here, north philadelphia, and investigators say, a group of temple university students were tied up, threatened at gunpoint, and robbed in their own home during home invasion, if you take a look at the video, you can see where this happened. 8:30 last night, off campus housing, happened at the 1900 block. >> two men enter, tied up six people inside one of the student also pistol whipped. university sent out alert to terrible student about the inches den and asked student don't avoid the area, school officials are also asking anyone with information to call police. unfortunately no detailed description of the suspect, only that they're two men in their 20's, one of them with facial hair and wearing bucks county community college sweatshirt told in one had to be taken to the hospital. it is cents still unclear this morning, how much if anything was taken from the student, during this robbery. reporting live at temple
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university, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> surveillance video from drexel hill, shows those armed suspect, entering walk straight to machine injury's offers forced her to open a safe and then lock her and three other employees inside a freezer. >> you know, this type of stuff when it happens, you know, recovering, and needs to happen, and i think everybody on the road to recovery. >> police say they're also reviewing surveillance video from nearby businesses, that may have captured the suspects happening today, philadelphia firefighter and his girlfriend have a preliminary hearing, to face domestic assault charges. mike al law some, accused of attacking lawson's ex-wife and current boyfriend on two separate dates last month.
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>> ex-wife, # months pregnant, the pair face conspiracy and assault charges. >> philadelphia police officer is due in court this morning, following accusations he violated a protection from abuse order. officer kenneth allen was first arrested october 3rd after police say he assaulted his girlfriend, a fellow philadelphia police officer. he was re arrested and violated state order. >> new law goes into effect today making philadelphia's the largest us city to decriminalize marijuana use and possession. penalties for violators caught with less than an ounce of marijuana were seen smoking in public, now reduced to minor fines, and community service. law enforcement, focus on more serious offense he is. >> breaking news, encouraging news, too, just into our news room. worlds health organization has just declared that nigeria is now free of ebola. the organization goes on to
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say the containment of diseases just a spectacular success story. at the height of the outbreak nigeria had 20 reported cases including eight deaths. >> that is some great news. meantime today big day for those had contact with the first ebola patient with contact in the u.s. mandatory 21 day quarantine expired at midnight. susan macinnis reports, now the us is ramming up its response to fight the spread of the disease here at home. >> confinement over, the liberia man who was the first person diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. louise tree, and three family members, are now free, after being kept under armed guard in quarantine for 21 days, duncan was staying at tro's apartment when he first started showing symptoms of ' bowl a also no long area threat for about 50 others, who had some contact with dunk can. >> you have this uncertainty with your own health, or some
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of them, loved one has either died or struggling, to overcome the disease. and it is restricted movement. >> us continues to ramp up its response to ebola on sunday, the pen gone announced formation of a sexual military support team, to assist civilian medical staff here in the u.s. also finalizing new safety protocols for healthcare workers. >> going to be much more stringent. >> in the sense of instructing. >> expected to set firm standard, including full body suits along with rigorous new rules for removal of equipment, dis infection, and supervision. two nurse who is contacted ebola while caring for duncan are in stable condition. in washington, susan macinnis, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> scene of brutal crime. >> coming up vehicles underway
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after man beaten to death across from a church. also this morning, frantic moments for a family in a race against time. see the dramatic rescue from house fire that was caught on tape. you want to think a pumpkin festival could turn violent? coming up see the mayhem that ensued as the fun turned to chaos. >> ♪ >> good advice this morning, shake it off, all of those cool temperatures, they crop up, get into your bones this morning, the first time really we're experiencing late fall temperatures, just grab that jacket, grab the scarf before you head out this morning, you'll be fine. just shake it off. right? i like it.
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>> used tear gas in an effort to control the crowd around keen state college. off the err arrested more than dozen people there. the parties around that school coincided with the annual community pumpkin festival. >> police say this was damage left behind by west virginia university students over the weekend. this follows saturday's big win over bail or. shrek are torrey parties actually turned into riots. fires were set throughout parts of morgantown, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage police say still work to go figure out what sparked all of the violence. elderly man has good samaritan to find and thank. >> incredible story here. this rescue was caught on camera. now, as chris van cleve explains, many want to know who this mysterious hero is.
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>> with a he will err will he man's life on the line dramatic video, 73 year old robert carter wells was carried out of the burning home. >> i know where this man came from, never seen this man in my life. but he is the hero he is the blessing, got sent him here. >> i would like to tell him thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> your dad is in there? >> before firefighters arrive, several good samaritans try to battle the blaze with a garden host. that's when we saw the man walk to the fire. >> really amazing how people just stepped up in this crisis with courage, and compassion,
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and comfort, and a lot, a lot of people were heroes there. the one hero everyone talking about remains a mystery. gone the way he arrived, seemingly out of no where. chris van clove, cbs news, new york. >> and talk about just a bizarre rescue now, firefighters were called to this home in southern california to help a woman trapped in the chimney. >> police say trying to break into the house when she got stuck. >> neighbors heard her and called # one; they had used dish soap to slide her out. she was treated for minor injuries, and later arrested. imagine being that home owner? you get home wondering what happened to my chimney? >> and you're not getting any sim pat in a situation like. that will that's crazy. all right, traffic and weather together. carol out on the skydeck. wow foles like fall. >> in this area she might have found a fire under her in a
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chimney. looking at cold temperatures. >> going through the next bit of time, one more dry day today. then, chances of some on and off showers, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, we do clear out, though, the way it looks now, for friday, saturday, and sunday, so we'll hope the weather moments to that. storm scan3, clearing out, few little light clouds we saw overnight, had moved on. and it is an absolutely gorgeous sunrise out here, but cold one. >> 16 degrees colder in allentown this morning than it was yesterday morning, but cold temperatures will help with foliage if you like to see that happening. >> enjoy leaves that haven't been blown down by the wind over the weaken, 30 miles per hour. now today we expect 60 degrees, or so in philadelphia poconos,
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52 degrees, sun clouds to tomorrow, 66 degrees, just slight chance of an overnight earlier no tuesday morning, when the temperatures are a lot milder. in fact, tonight the temperatures drop to 50 degrees. then tomorrow afternoon, i think probably better chance of some showers wednesday, thursday, then like i said, hopefully dry the rest of the week after that. roads this morning with jessica. >> good morning, going outside right now immediately check out our cameras here, new jersey, on 42 at creek road. starting to pack in some volume right here headed northbound. >> everything looking great as well on the southbound side. otherwise 95 approaching allegheny same story for the past hour or so, a combination of volume, typical volume for the morning commute. so, society bound, towards the city see all break lights, northbound lanes moving along great. though. then we head over to the maps now. out in northampton, we have
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road closure here, due to water main break. so bustleton pike completely closed between tanyad road and lower holland road. take second street pike or holland road. out in kennett square, an accident baltimore pike at route one at greenwood road involving tractor-trailer. and otherwise out in moorestown, new jersey, road closure there, as well. if we can advance our map here, we keep that going out in moorestown, new jersey, i guess we don't have it? we head over to nicole. >> investigators are trying to determine if remains found over the weekend are those of hannah graham. >> search teams fawn the remains just 8 miles from where the university of virginia student was last seen. police have not confirmed the remains are those from gram, but they notified her parent of the discovery, also cents called off the rest of the public searches. gram disappeared september 13th. jesse matthew is charged with her abduction. suspect on the loose, two
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others in police custody after man savagely beaten to death on small bucks county community. >> happened yesterday morning near the intersection. post road, and pennsylvania avenue in morrisville. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson has the latest on the investigation. it didn't happen in the woods, alley, or at home. it happened on the street, in broad daylight, across from a church. murdered in suburban bucks county. >> his head was really, really end caved badly. >> george mc clay says the man in his 30's was beaten to death with a object sometime sunday morning, around 8:30, at the corner of post road and ohio. police recovered screwdriver, they say, was used to stab the victim, but believed a beating is what caused death. mc clay says witness saw part of the beating in progress and called police. >> we get here very quickly. >> police say two men being questioned after they search for possible third. investigators believe the victim was rioting with the
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suspects, in this white van, and the attack was cents premeditated. >> this is personal. this isn't random act. they didn't just grab this guy off the street. >> quiet neighborhood. i never had anything like this happen. >> which often a cliche with neighbors near crime, the chief says, here, justified. >> the only homicide this year for the year. >> now lab work based on leg work, question the suspect, process surveillance video from the church, get a warrant for the van. >> i would be very surprised not just something really stoop i had that they killed this poor guy over. >> the van they say comes from trenton, new jersey, so likely ends in the in community. didn't start in this community. reporting from bucks county, steve patterson, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". time right now clock 20. and zombie's take over popular tourist destination. >> coming up next the bike parade with bloody and pail skin participants. >> first though, here's what's coming up tonight on the "cw philly".
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>> breaking flues leads this look on today's headlines, police searching for the gunman who shot and killed a man along east ontario street kensington earlier today. several shots hit nearby cars
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and house. >> also, breaking right now, armed men robbed a 7-eleven in home berg this morning, then two hours later robbers hit 7-eleven in port richmond. investigators don't believe the robberies are connected. >> police say two armed men tied up and robbed six temple university students happened around 8:00 north 18th street. one student pistol whipped, and the robbers got away. >> i'm betting you have never seen a bike race like this before. >> i think you're right, erika. thousands of costume creepy crawlers, that's scary, pedals in the annual zombie bike ride in key west, florida, the ride part of the zombie fest street party. the week long costume and mask festival goes on through next sunday. they take a lot of time for this sort of up. >> know plan it all year long. >> week long. >> yep. those costumes, they're a big deal. >> wowment looking good. little scary but good. we'll be right back.
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm nicole brewer. let's get right over to the eyewitness weather forecast with carol erickson, standing by on the skydeck. hey, carol. >> good morning, nicole, high, everybody. we do have chilly temperatures out here this morning at the freezing mark in some locations, not all that much warmer in others. we head outside, looks beautiful, 33 degrees, though, greenwood school, in philadelphia, but boy, what a great looking sunrise we've got going on. and we've got temperatures in the 30's,. >> forty-one at the airport on our way to 06 degrees sun, clouds, 50 degrees tonight, milder overnight, by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, then maybe couple of rain
7:27 am
showers on tuesday afternoon no guarantee, chance that far and on wednesday and thursday, as well. but looks great starting on friday. >> carol, good morning, everybody, we start off on cameras here on 95, at cottman avenue. a combination every ongoing construction patterns, normal delay, head over to the schuylkill expressway, city avenue, another pretty normal delay here, so headed westbound where the headlights are coming in toward the king of prussia area, see most of the problems. nicole, back over to you. >> next update at 7:55. up next on cbs this morning, crowd of college students, riot at pumpkin festival. more local news on the "cw
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good morning this morning, search continues for two gunman who tied up and robbed college students in north philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo at temple university with the latest. jan? >> good morning, nicole,
7:30 am
erika. police say this all happened at off campus housing, and investigators tell us group of temple university students were tied up, then held at gunpoint and robbed inside of her own home during a late my home invasion take a look at the video, see where this happened about 8:30, sunday night, 1900 block of north 18th street in north philadelphia two men with guns enters this house, tied up six temple university students, who live here. >> asked student to be vin length, stay from the area. meanwhile investigators are asking anyone with information to call police, unfortunately, however, there is no detailed description of the suspects, only that they're two men in their 20's, one of them with facial hair and wearing a bucks county community college sweatshirt. >> still unclear this morning just how much was taken during
7:31 am
late night robbery. we continue to bring you the update. for now live at temple university. jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> 7:31, we check out traffic and weather together. start things off with carol. it is bright, gorgeous, out here, yes, it is cold, we've got temperatures in the 30's, low 40's at most, you couldn't ask for more beautiful start to the day. at least the way it looks. let me share some of that with you. with storm scan3, and you can see, that we are dealing with clear skies, we do not anticipate any rain today at all. but it might be changing by the time we get to tuesday, wednesday, thursday. forty-one right now in philadelphia, 34 in trenton, 33 allentown, still 32 atlantic city, 40 in wilmington, we've seen temperatures 32 in mt. holly and quakertown, as well. the winds are starting to come up lit bit 7 miles an hour up out of the southwest in philadelphia, calm wind elsewhere where it is so cold, 7-mile per hour winds may be run of the reasons it is slightly warmer in
7:32 am
philadelphia wind tends to make you warmer at least the temperatures little warmer, we've got 60, probably today, 60, 62 degrees, then front starts to come through here, low pressure begins to develop. and we get chances cents of some showers. >> wednesday, maybe again on thursday, for that matter. otherwise, let's put this into motion. see we're dealing with just cup of clouds into the afternoon hours, and we see shower overnight? do woe see some showers on tuesday? it is entirely possible, again, our temperatures this afternoon, 660 to 62 degrees, let's check on the roads with jest outside to 95, had quite a problem for the predominant part of the morning, at cottman avenue, southbound toward the center city area. see a loft brakes lights, a lot of slow going, so losing outright hand lane, combination of construction, and really just added rush hour. northbound lanes, and over on the schuylkill, switching the camera here at city avenue.
7:33 am
westbound toward the king of prussia area, you can see this is actually pretty typical morning delay, as well, but really slammed solid headed toward the king of prussia area. westbound, over to the maps now, out on the roosevelt boulevard, an accident, northbound, just past c street, which is the outer drive. over in west philly, another crowd at fourth and girard. local detours there, water main break northampton, bustleton pike closed between lower holland road. get around the mess and clean up we want you to take second street pike or holland road. over to you. >> jess, thank you, with midterm elections just about two weeks away president obama gets back on the campaign trail. >> well the point is, pat is real. he is who he is. he's not trying to front. he is not trying to pretend to be something else. >> the president addressed a crowd of 6200 supporters, at historically black college in chicago last night. he was in town to drum up support for fellow dram cat. illinois governor pat quinn. now, quinn faces republican
7:34 am
challenger bruce next month. the president remains in his hometown to attend funds raiser today. before returning to the white house. and fighting continues in the syrian border town of kabani. now pew prophaganda surfaced. over the weekend the us sent weapons and other supplies to head the kurdish troops against extremist. meantime us continues its air strike campaign targeting isis. the pakistani teenage here survived the shooting at the hand of the taliban receives the liberty medal tomorrow. >> malala yousafzai will attend the ceremony at the national constitution center. malala yousafzai now voice forgiving girls the opportunity to go to school. she is also continuing her own education, and has published memoir i am malala yousafzai. also the winner of the nobel peace prize. malala yousafzai you are our hope. >> remember this social media campaign from the students at mount st. joseph academy?
7:35 am
well, they created? video hoping to get their malala yousafzai visit to get malala yousafzai to visit their school. the malala yousafzai funds saw the video and reached out to the school and actually invited four of the students to tomorrow's is her moan. >> i that's fantastic. >> pretty cool. >> exciting for them. >> wonderful to see the social media campaign pay off there. >> and have a positive back. absolutely. time for check on business news. money watch's wendy gillette joins us from the new york stock exchange, wendy, what are we expecting on wall street? been roller coaster blast the last couple of weeks. >> definitely true. volatile week here on wall street, stocks lost ground after a lot of ups and downs but friday's session helped make up some of what was lost. >> add 41, today, we will see several big companies, report their third quarter earnings, including apple, ibm, hasbro and hal bert on. nicole, erika?
7:36 am
>> the fix, and six plus, includes mobile technology, to allow custom to pay in stores, apple heist signed up the three major credit card networks but not that many retailers just yet. nicole, erika? >> wendy, thank you. for more money tips and information from money watch. com head to our website >> cross fit isn't just exercise program, forfeit necessary buffs. coming up next, how the lie intensity work out helping veterans get back on their feet. >> i'll be your announcer for the royals. >> oh! >> don't be cuter. >> a wish come troop for boy battling brain cast err, how viral video landed him tickets to the world series. we'll have his story coming up next. >> ♪
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>> and temperatures taking a tumble for this morning, beautiful sunrise, but don't be fooled. you need to bundle up if you're headed out this morning. >> you certainly do. pull those jackets, those scarfs, i think you can hold off on the gloves. >> depends how chill you your fingers get. >> and how long you'll be outside. >> definitely taking a tumble this morning. we'll have the full forecast for you on the other side. >> ♪
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>> finding special place to do a high intensity work out. >> kylie atwood introduces cents us to vet, cross fit program credits to getting his life back on track. >> watching brendan fer area a push himself to the limit, would you never know what shape his body was in. eight years ago, a suicide bomber struck his base in afghanistan, the army sergeant suffered traumatic brain injury, shattered every bone in his face. he losses his left arm, night one eye, most of his hearing. it took 500 stitches and more than 40 surgeries to get ferriera back on his feet. >> i start today just abuse my medication a little bit, a lot of alcohol, cigarettes, not a healthy route. >> his dream to become a fitness coach was wade down by depression and an extra 40 pounds. until his girlfriend suggested cross fit. specially designed high intensity work out and competitive sport. >> it was a goal that i had before i got hurt anyway, when i got back, i wanted to get my
7:41 am
certification. i ended up knocking out one of my life goals after all of this. >> big round of applause for brendan, four times wounded warrier from yellow ribbon fund. >> now, ferriera is cross fit coach. he competed at obstacle race in brooklyn few weeks ago. veteran jason stern was on his team. >> like being in the military. you are part offing. >> that something was a physical challenge so tough it, helped heal a soldier's heart. >> it made me feel like where i lost the military, when i got out it, made me fowl like i still have a piece of t and that was a big deal to me. >> ferriera and stern vets, encouraging them to pull themselves off the couch with cross fit. >> good for them. fantastic. >> such an inspiration to see someone like that overcome such adversity. >> now, he designed that strap himself so co-do chinups with his amputated left arm. >> his team called taking up fit necessary or tough as they're known is joint effort on behalf of the yellow ribbon
7:42 am
fun, blue titan fitness urging veterans to take on fitness to combat the after effect of the military injuries. >> philadelphians stepping to up continue an annual tradition, nearly 10,000 people filled the streets for the 28th annual aids walk. officials from the event say they raised close to $300,000. now that money will benefit 18 different organization that is focus on prevention, education, and medical care. it is coming up on 7:43, time for check on traffic and weather together. hey, carol? >> how are you, nicole, erika, and everyone at home whose names aren't erika and nicole. we are looking at really nice weather today as far as the sky goes. it is beautiful. this is a gorgeous sunrise. but it is coal. we've been saying it all morning, we had just little more time left for the freeze warning and frost advisory, still in week expect for most of the area. forty-one in philadelphia, 34 in trenton, 40 in wilmington, little warm up there. thirty-seven in millville. and let's see some of these
7:43 am
temperatures, still 32 mt. holly. dropped in doylestown, 31, quakertown, 30 degrees, pottstown, 31, so you don't have to go too far to fine temperatures that are at or even below the freezing mark. storm scan3, nothing but clear skies, we've got beautiful looking start to the day though, i think few more clouds may come in later today. these colder temperatures will really enhance some of the color changes in the leaves. we will be find that right now we have moderate change throughout the philadelphia area. and it is a high change to the north and peak through the poconos. so, good viewing of these leaves coming up. school day forecast, well, let's give everybody oh, i don't know a b plus. our producer decided on that grade. i would probably have given a c based on the cold start to the day. but he is right at b plus, 06 degrees, when the kids return home today. partly sunny with this obviously chilly morning. future weather we put this into motion, you notice we do see couple of clouds as we hit the noon hour, find few more by 7:00. and then by the time we get to
7:44 am
tuesday, do we see early shower, in one or two spots? maybe. will we going to be finding other showers around the area? if possible, and i think, just casino of generally some shower chances as we go through tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, but this system, at least this computer model wants to keep any kind of precipitation mostly away from us. so still, still the jersey out on that. but just casino of plan for t06 degrees plan for sunshine today, though, few clouds, tonight, 50 degrees, and then, tomorrow, wednesday, and thursday, chances at least of picking up a shower. no guarantee at any particular time. then looks like dry after. that will let's check on our roads with jess. >> thank you, carol. good morning, everybody, serious accident actually out in bensalem. state road completely closed between street road and dunks berry road. take alternate to get around the clean up and investigation of the accident. take bristol pike. chopper three over top of the accident just shortly. otherwise out on the ben franklin bridge we head over there where you see from the jersey side from the toll
7:45 am
plaza, headed westbound, into the city there, pretty much crawling, also losing out one lane to the ongoing construction project, so a combination of that rush hour volume. and construction over on the schuylkill expressway, at city avenue, pretty much the same story there. headed westbound, and jammed from montgomery up into belmont area, even past this point, headed into the king every prussia area, over on the roosevelt boulevard northbound just past c street. and the outer drive there, a crash, take that out. and west philly, another crash, over in 40th street, at girard avenue. nicole, back over to you. >> jess, thank you. in sports this morning, there is new record holder, the nfl, peyton manning has thrown more touchdowns passes cents than any other quarterback. >> peyton set the record last night. the milestone touchdown was a second quarter pass to thomas. thomas and ronnie hillman caught two touchdowns each last night as manning and the broncos beat them. the 49ers, 42 to 17. now after the catch, check it out here, players were
7:46 am
playing keep away with the ball. manning says he understands his place in history. >> i've always been a fan of quarterbacks, whether it is brett favre, dan marino or john elway. and so i'm very honored and humbled to join, you know, a pretty unique club. >> manning finished with four touchdown passes on the night. he now has 510 in his career. well done. >> never too old for monkey in the middle. >> there go. >> grown men. by another record set in the cowboys giants game, but first things first, the cowboys beat the giants 31 to 21 mind three touchdown passes from tony romo, another from demarco murray. murray's seventh straight, hundred yard gain from the start of the season breaking jim brown's record. boys now lead the eagles by half of a game, just a half, because the eagles of course were off yesterday. and even though the eagles had the day off, the linc was still pretty busy. check this out. more than 3,000 young fans dressed up in costumes, got the werewolves there, enjoyed the eagles kids club halloween
7:47 am
party. in addition to all of that can i, yum, the young fans also got to tour the eagles lockerroom and engage in other eagles activities. oh, hang on, there is a balloon artist. balloon animals, candy, eagles lockerroom. i think i should have been there with them. >> and then animal balloons. >> nighttime kid in a costume, just too cute. little boy's world series dreams are coming through. great story. >> he's getting today to game two, all thanks to video and neighbor who shared that story on line. erika reports. >> my name's noel, and i'll be your announcer for the royals. >> it all started when this video of noah wilson cheering on the royals from his hospital bed went viral. >> his last 24 hours, incredibly emotional, but it has been a lot of fun, too. >> ryan zimmerman shared the video caught the a ten shore of people who wanted to get the six year old battling rare bone cancer to the world
7:48 am
series. zimmerman set up an on line campaign to raise money and his twitter feed has exploded with people want to go help. >> and i have been checking it like non-stop. >> stub hub donated sick text et cetera for noah's hole family to get to game two. moments after that, new york yankees former manager, joe torre tweeted inviting noah to be his asbestos to the fall class glike world series is once in a lifetime. to be able to go and meet a legend like joe torre, another once in a lifetime. >> noah can't wait to cheer on his favorite player. and his dad can't be more thankful for all of the support. >> just left in awe. so appreciative, so humble, so blessed. >> just henning him get bert. gives him strength every day, just a change to you everyone. >> that's the kind of news you like to see, right. >> but with err can reporting, by the way, and noah turn
7:49 am
seven at the end of the month. so, he's getting up there. big guy. >> here is hoping his team gets a win that night. >> it will be fun. still ahead this morning, critically acclaim new series on the w -- cw. >> gina rodriguez, when "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly" comes right back.
7:50 am
7:51 am
>> pit's fury flew past gone girl. fewer bye group of soldiers and their journey in a tank across worn torn nazi germany. it gone girl starring ben afleck, moved to second, with 17 million.
7:52 am
book of life third, very bad day, then coming in fifth, the best of me. >> all right, well, new comedy series, on the "cw". getting a lot of buzz. >> yes, about a young woman, how her meticulous life plans get turned upside down. take a look. >> what are you doing? >> i'm proposing. >> but i mean, our time line? >> who cares about the time line. >> i haven't established my career we have debts, or forever whatever reason. as of today we've been together for two years. wait. before you say anything. i'm not doing this because i want to have sex with you. okay? i mean, if you want to have sex, because two years is a really really long time, but that's not why i am proposing. i am proposing because i want to spend my life with you. and raise children with you. and have sex with you.
7:53 am
>> so will you? >> michael, i'm pregnant. >> yep. okay, on the show, jane the virgin, there is a huge mix-up by a gynecologist. jane, that girl right, there discovers she has artificially insemenated during her routine doctors visit. last week i had a chance to talk with the starve jane the sir gin about the show which has basis, popular soap opera, tv soap open, a popular in latin america. >> there is cents parallel, so you see the family very, very into the mother, the grandmother, gotten jane, since she was very young, which can happen, you know, which happens in households all the time. and this end when this happens to her, it is really great, the way we're toil like laugh at the things that happen in our life, yet very grounded, plays reality and say like
7:54 am
wait what's going snob sorry, excuse me, so really nice that we confront with such reality and such like what? >> you mention the mother and grandmother. how do they give her advice throughout this story line? >> well, for jane, she made a promise to her grandmother very young to safe herself from marriage. so when the circumstance happens it, really takes a turn on the idea of sexuality, but to deal with your mother and your grandmother, in regard to that. it is a real cool open conversation. and one that i think is going to create dialogue, amongst parent, and then also really funny fact amongst adults. jane the virgin airs tonight and every every monday night ate on this "cw philly". how about that plot? a lot going on there. >> sounds like you can tell --
7:55 am
>> a lot of angles, proposal, i mean, how romantic. >> but i'm pregnant. what? >> we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪
7:56 am
♪ good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. let's get out to carol on the skydeck, oh, what a cold one. >> chilly morning, coldest morning we've seen a lot of temperatures at the freezing mark, or slightly below. and some places cents, it is even warmer than we would normally expect. like margate. where you have got temperature of 51 degrees, right now, and it is just as beautiful there. sky wise, as it is every place else. forty-one in philadelphia, 34 trenton, 40 in wilmington, but then you don't have to go too far before you find 32 degrees in mt. holly, 31 doylestown, and 30 in quakertown. cold start to the day, we will be finding our temperatures, climbing, though, we will fine them all the way to 60 maybe even 62 degrees today. sun and clouds. tonight woe drop down to
7:57 am
50 degrees. warmer tomorrow, maybe shower chance, especially as we close out the day. let's check the roads with jessica. >> good morning we start off right now here with our maps, you know, actually we don't. can we see this? i can't see it behind me accident in bensalem, state road, completely closed so completely closed between street and dunks road, alternate, take bristol pike. back to you. >> next update 8:25, next on cbs this morning, what you need to know before giving your chi it's about getting to the finish line. in life, it's how you get there that matters most. like when i found out i had a blood clot in my leg.
7:58 am
my doctor said that it could travel to my lungs and become an even bigger problem. so he talked to me about xarelto®. >>xarelto® is the first oral prescription blood thinner proven to treat and help prevent dvt and pe that doesn't require regular blood monitoring or changes to your diet. for a prior dvt i took warfarin, which required routine blood testing and dietary restrictions. not this time. while i was taking xarelto®, i still had to stop racing, but i didn't have to deal with that blood monitoring routine. >>don't stop taking xarelto®, rivaroxaban, unless your doctor tells you to. while taking xarelto®, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. xarelto® may increase your risk of bleeding if you take certain medicines. xarelto® can cause serious bleeding, and in rare cases, may be fatal. get help right away if you develop unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto®, watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical
7:59 am
or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any conditions such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® is proven to reduce the risk of dvt and pe, with no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for me. ask your doctor about xarelto® today. >> breaking news in the kensington section overnight. police looking for suspect who gunned down 27 year old plan along the 1800 block of east ontario street. that vicks tim was shot in the head and the back, and pronounced dead at the hospital. police say violence could have been much worse after stray
8:00 am
bullets strike several homes in that area. >> we also cents have numerous marks, and people's doors, window frames. >> northerly no one else was hurt. no description of the suspect at this time. but police are checking surveillance video in the neighborhood looking for clues. >> new this morning, police looking for the suspect wanted for two separate 7-eleven robberies overnight. >> first happened port richmond, investigators say male suspect in his 20's, robbed the store, at gunpoint, and got a which with about $60. luckily, no injured were reported. and another 7-eleven held up. this time, in holmesburg. police responded to the scene near frankford and academy. officials say a man armed with handgun, walks not store wearing hoodie and a bandana on his face around 4:00 this morning. >> more breakinws


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