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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  October 27, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". ready to walk the picket line. septa workers vote to authorize a strike, leaving plenty of passengers in limbo. live with windows -- with when those work coaster walk off the job. >> also, following breaking news right now, workers suit up in hazmat gear to take child with possible ebola symptoms to the hospital in new york, we have the latest on the child's condition, and the fight over the strict quarantine rules in new jersey. >> morning, monday, october 27th, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. first a check with traffic and weather together with katie and jessica. >> coming to you now for my wards robe options, what am i getting away with later today? >> layers great idea, jess, wacking -- walking out the
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door, chilly start, ever so slight, hint of breeze outside, and it is not enough, though, that it is as gusty as yesterday was. but today still going to feature a little hint of a breeze, but it is more after westerly flow, which basically means, that we keep full sunshine, but it won't be quite as harsh perhaps as what it felt like yesterday. any time that wind blows. so satellite, radar, showing not a heck of a lot here locally, but temperatures balls that far nice clear sky have really responded to the drop or to the fact we have seen heat up build back up to the atmosphere, low 40's, even 30's, in couple of choice locations cents, but because still a hint after breeze, don't worry about frost. meanwhile, the day progresses cents, all expect to go see full sunshine, mid 60s from the shore, to here in philadelphia, 66 degrees here and hit the up 60s up in the poconos, jess? >> thanks, i will grab my jacket later this afternoon, good morning, everybody, just after 7:00.
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looking like rush hour, outside 422 trooper road, see brake lights, and flow going as they head up toward the king of prussia area, at 95 at girard avenue, so, northbound lanes headed towards northeast philly packing in punch there, but really on the southbound side where you can see most of the japan volume aoun headed up toward center city. out in delaware county, closing in on laurence road, get thunders by taking parkway avenue to avoid that clean up. route 206 at retreat road. this is southampton new jersey, accident pulled over into the shoulder. majors starting to slow up little bit. schuylkill expressway eastbound still slow blue route, about 26 minute trip there. currently no problems on 202, if you are headed northbound, septa, new jersey transit, dart, are all doing great. ukee, erika, back over to you. >> jess, thank you. leadership from transit workers union -- holding a news conference, ongoing negotiation was septa. >> last night vote today
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authorize a strike could side line thousands of bus, trolley, subway operators. jan carabeo joins us now at the frankford transportation center reaction from those riders. jan, good morning. >> good morning, everything is operating normally here this morning, but how long will that lasts? that is the big question and zero lot of riders minds, rely, union leader hip could strike, but were told to report to work. the strike they say is bargaining chip as two sides continue to negotiate. >> despite vote to go give leadership the authorization to strike, members of the transport local workers 234 say they expect to be on the job this week, meaning septa buses, trains, trolleys will continue running at least for now if we have to go on strike we will go on strike. >> for septa ride terse will mean huge inconvenience. >> i can get a ride but i wouldn't want to wait.
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>> unanimously approved strike authorization sunday can now call a strike if they deem it. members tell us they don't want to strike, but that strike their only leverage against septa negotiators. >> we are the ones that operate the trains, the buses, mechanics, if you don't take care of us this stuff won't be out here operating properly. >> 5,000 bus drivers, sub waits, trolley operators, and maintenance workers have been without a contract since march, continue to be pension benefit increases and pay raises. >> repeatedly want to take away, the union won't sell l for. that will we gave up enough through the years. >> as riders cross their fingers hoping they'll continue to have a ride, some are already taking sides. >> they make enough money. they should get off this. everybody is struggling out here. everybody is going through the same thing, they need to come to work. >> hang in there, i hope you get what you want before you
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have to go on strike. >> septa officials say they've received no word that a work stoppage is evident. as you can see, everything running smoothly this morning, if a strike were to happen, only philadelphia trains, bus, trolleys, would be impacted. reporting live in frankford, jan carabeo, eye with witness news on the "cw" fill. >> i stay with "eyewitness news" for the little he is developments in the septa talks, as soon as we have any new information on possible strike, we'll let you know on >> we learn overnight one of four students seriously injured in the washington state school shooting has died. this bridges the total of the phallitis to three, 14 year old gia soriano died overnight. friday freshman jaylen fryberg opened fire at the marysville pilchuck high school before killing himself. three other students remain in the hospital clinging to life. we'll have more on this story coming up in about 30 minutes. also, new this morning, police are investigating a
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shooting in southwest philly, investigators tell us 18 year old plan shot in the ankle, happened at 66 and woodlands shortly after 13 returned to the hospital where he is list in the stable condition, no word on suspect or a motive. >> breaking news coming in on the ebola outbreak. five year old child who just returned to the u.s. from west africa now being treated at a hospital in new york doctors have not confirm if he is infected with the virus, but reports say he has a fever, he was also traveling with several family members, they about been quarantined inside their apartment. meanwhile the question over containment protocol continues to become more complex. some states are changing their rules, in order to avoid further legal trouble. cbs news core upon dent brian web joins us now live in newark, new jersey, to explain how some of the changes are being made, brian?
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>> new york governor sort ends his stance, new jersey governor did not, that means, nurse from maine is stuck in isolation at this newark hospital, setting up a legal battle to get her out. >> weekends of fears opposition, new york governor andrew cuomo updated his state's mandatory 21 day quarantine protocols. following screening at the airport, cuomo says anyone who shows no symptoms of ebola can now quarantine themselves at home. >> twenty-one days, healthcare workers would check on them twice a day, to monitor their temperature and condition. >> nurse casey hickox is the first healthcare worker isolated un the new protocols in new jersey. hickox is being head in a isolation tent here at university hospital in newark, after returning from sierra leone, where she treated patients with ebola. she calls her treatment inhumane, the isolation tent has a portable toilet, but no shower. she has hired a team of civil
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lawyers to help get her out. >> she knows how to treat and deal with ebola. unfortunately governor christie apparently does not. >> new jersey governor chris christie is standing by his statement's protocol. >> i don't believe, when you are dealing with something as serious as this, that we can count on a voluntary system. >> new jersey quarantine policy will most likely face first legal test this week, as hickox plans to file a federal lawsuit, within days. cdc is promising new guidelines, soon, meantime governor of eight states, quarantining healthcare workers who recently treated ebola patients in west after a live in new york, i'm brian web, back to you. >> how do you think that lawsuit could change the quarantine rules? >> reporter: this is the first legal challenge we've heard of. it could set precedence across the us, and again it, could happen in the next couple of
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days, if not today. >> all right, brian web for just newark, thank you very much. >> mother facing charges for allegedly throwing her own infant into the ocean. few eyewitnesses cents saw the whole think happen near the end of the pacific avenue in atlantic city. they say the mother through the baby into the water then jumped in herself. the bystanders jumped in to pull them both taught safety. one rescuer was shook up after he got back on the beach. >> very bizarre very sad for her, too, you know, i hope she can get some help the mother identified as patricia cherig, held on charges of aggravated assault. the child is in the hospital being treated this morning. >> two years since super storm sandy slammed into new jersey, new this morning, hear what the people hit hardest by the storm say about the recovery process. >> plus, a dangerous driving
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crack-down, steps being taken to keep illegal atv and dirt bikes off city streets. >> eagles game comes down to final seconds in a matter of inches. but that's the only play that -- that's not the only fly cost the birds the play. paul jolovitz here to breakdown what went wrong. >> eagles nation might be tough but we have to slack it o eagles will have to shake off the tough loss for sure. who do you think is to blame? tweeting hashtag cbs-3 eagles. answers coming up later this morning. be right back. ♪
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>> lags week hundreds of atv, dirt bike riders took to the
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streets of philadelphia weaving in and out of traffic. now, police are cracking down, sending a clear message to these dangerous drivers. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers takes a closer look. >> the message from police is certainly, if you ride illegal dirt bikes, atv on city streets wifing in and out of traffic making roadways more dangerous like that woman, there your ride will eventually end up here. impounded in police custody. >> while it is illegal to ride dirt bikes, atv's in philadelphia, we're seize ago lot of these vehicles. >> police showed off their most recent hauls, nearly three dozen dirt bikes and atv's confiscated around north philly. sunday's operation comes days after hundreds of riders hit city streets, gnarling traffic, making drivers nervous. they were riding in honor after dirt bike rider from philly, who was killed earlier this month. it is the just because of what happened last week.
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>> sunday's rounds up not done in response to tuesday's ride, rather, he says, it was part of continuing thefts have confiscated over 100 such vehicles this year in north philly alone have very wreckless, riding on sidewalks, cutting vehicles over definitely public safety hazard. >> no injuries during the tribute ride, but officials say only matter of time before something bad happens. >> my heart goes out to the young man who is dead, but we've gotten out of control in dirt bike riding in the sit. >> i holds office remembers not allowed to pursue those dirt bikes or atv's during traffic stops for fear it would only make their riders more wreckless, therefore, make streets more dangerous matt rivers, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i almost two years after super storm sandy new pole finds dependents on neighbor's more than government helped communities recover from the disaster. a new associated press center pole also found 272% of those
7:15 am
surveyed say their neighborhood is either mostly or completely recovered, wednesday marks the second anniversary of sandy hitting the jersey shore. >> let's get our traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> i amazing it has been two years already. let's take a look at storm scan3, no tropical activity to speak of at this point. so, we don't have to worry about that. rather, what we are going to find this week is a very significant swing on the thermometer, we warm up real nicely tomorrow, courtesy of large dome of high pressure, helping to fuel or fun nel very warm air to our area by tomorrow. and then we've got cold front right now the combination of it, it is going to pacca punch of cold air, but not going to pacca lot of moisture with it. i think end up with shower here or, there but not much more than that wednesday specifically. let's talk temperatures. very well defined difference here, as high pressure starts to nudge in, these cool temperatures, to kick start our day, definitely going to start warming up nicely, mid 60s expected today, and the core of the warmth comes tomorrow, behind the cold front already starting to feel
7:16 am
chillier, actually casino of on parity hour rapid sit, south dakota with bismarck, north dakota definitely sign of things to come for us. meanwhile, we take you out to one of the area school cameras, enough neighborhood network looks little frosty out here, very light wind outside kutztown area middle school, sun about ready to pop over the horizon becomes ten minutes away interest that taking place, you got to give beautiful day like this a-plus, even despite the fact it is chilly it is seasonably so hereby 8:00 a.m., mid upper #'s, 3:00 p.m. expecting high to hit about 66 degrees bright sunshine, take a look at the eyewitness weather three day forecast, i mention, we will heat up easily, mid 70s with sunshine looking ahead to tuesday. good morning, we start off right now on cameras here in the schuylkill expressway. you can see, big westbound delay, a loft brakes lights, actually headed westbound, toward the king of prussia
7:17 am
area. thirty by that is, see the eastbound delay toward downingtown, headlights coming through, westbound lanes look moving great so far. delaware county warren boulevard completely closed at laurence. alternate around the clean up just take parkway avenue. southampton new jersey accident at route 206, and retreat road taking out the right-hand lane there. and currently traffic time, starting to slow up, southbound slow 34 minute trip from wood half mean the vine st. expressway, currently no problems on 202 headed northbound, still 14 minutes from route 30 into the schuylkill expressway, currently no problems for mass transit. septa, new jersey transit and darryl all running on time no delays. ukee, back over to you. >> eagles game back from the cowboys, and the cowboys could extend their lead in prime time later tonight. whose fault is it? that the birds lost to the cardinals? let's talk with paul jolovitz with sports radio 94wip.
7:18 am
jolovitz i, let's do this. good morning. missed opportunities. >> all game long. so many phases. >> all game long, every which way. field position, turnovers red zones, missed challenges, shotgun on the goal line many many more, give up couple, the bomb, everything they do have done to throw it game away the eagles it, unfortunately it, work, and five and two team should be six and one team. >> no question. >> could have gone different way but this one hurts. >> let's talk about the one down the goal line or take your pick. that will was so close, they were in the shotgun. you got 6-foot 6-inch quarterback? >> to me the shotgun on the goal line makes no sense. you lose the momentum. give the ball, chris polk, got you down there, and we see, right here this close, i was
7:19 am
tweeting, throw the fag, first, yes, you got to challenge this. >> they got a bad spot. >> bad spot. you got to challenge it, you have three time outs, plus don't -- then give it to shady a lot say poke should have been in. out of the shotgun makes no sense. >> the fields goal do you have take. two minutes l. defense is supposed to hold them. that will sequence, i mean, the 49er game there is game, the goal line, the red son, with turnovers, has been the eagles bugaboo. and up three points with two minutes left, then the unthinkable happens. >> let's talk about that bomb. it wasn't, at that time, wasn't that much pressure on carson, and then secondary got beat. i didn't know if kerrey this have popped him in the first 5 yards, nate should have been further back? i'll get back, there i'll do it, but talk about that situation? that hurt. >> third and five, neither got sacked, so people had too much
7:20 am
time. >> the one thing you say will run ten, 12 yards, got time left. go over the top then just can't happen. one thing the quarterback can't let them behind them. this just can't happen. both fronts, got juice, gets to the ends zone, just can't next step before. that will can't let that happen. they come back in the red zone again, and have a few tries here, third down. >> plenty of time. >> plenty of time. but again, so close, yet so-so far. fourth down, cardinals in the howls, back, unable to get it done. >> what's the rule there? aren't you supposed to give them room? most lands with both feet in bound, periods, he didn't. and a w turns into an out. >> we have to bounce back, we have jj watts. >> half the eagles are from the texans, damico ryans, donnie jones, kind of borough them. see about courtroom i.
7:21 am
but tough test. bill o'brien has four and four, won yesterday, aryan foster, should and win, but they're playing well, look at the tape from yesterday, they'll get it right. bang, always a pleasure. erika, back over to you. >> thank you, jolly coming up new entrants in the dumb criminal file. hear how bumm link crooks became the butt of the jokes. we'll explain. also, here is a study you can really sing your teeth into. and just in time for halloween the sweet news for chocolate lovers, coming up in the health watch. first what's ahead tonight on the "cw philly".
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for information and savings options, download the xarelto® patient center app, call 1-888-xarelto, or visit and here is a look at today's headlines, the union, thousands of septa workers has vote today authorize a strike, promise news conference this afternoon, the work verse been without a contract since march. also, a five year old child who just returned to the u.s. from west africa is now being treated at a hospital in new york. doctors cents have not confirm if he is infected with beil. his family though is un quarantine. >> a 14 year old girl is the latest person to die in the washington state school shooting. another girl, and the gunman, died friday. through seed include g gunman cousin's still in the hospital.
7:25 am
police maced phonecall leads a group in new mexico right to the criminals. >> should have got a lot more. we got away safe, clean. >> ya, what was likely a pocket dial, that was recorded by 911 operators. investigators checked the ad dress mention in the call, they confirmed a flat screen tv had been stolen wasn't long before the police tracked down the owner of the phone and two of his alleged accomplices. >> how about that? >> butts dollars -- busted by the
7:26 am
good morning, everyone, i'm ukee washington. we kick it off with katie and get that monday forecast. >> good one, to start things off, good morning everybody, happy monday to you. we get you out the door on nice bright sunny note but it is chilly outside. looks can be deceiving this time of year even despite the clear skies, that's depicted here on storm scan3, and the sunshine that you will find, it is chilly outside, so be ready for that with a extra layer of at least a light jacket, sunshine all day today so looking at beautiful afternoon, 66 degrees, drop it down to edge 50 tonight, not quite as chilly as it morning will be. >> tomorrow looking to be nice day, 57 degrees sunshine wednesday touches off shower with latest cold front. >> busy morning so far on this
7:27 am
monday morning, we go outside, show you a crash 95 northbound, northbound lanes, so see a loft back up if you are head that direction. actually on the off ramp toward cottman avenue, see past the trucks, actually pull over on the ramp to the right-hand side. and over on the pa turnpike, an accident eastbound at bensalem, be prepared to squeeze on by. >> thanks, for the heads up, next update at 7:55, up next on cbs this morning, after teenage son suffers traumatic brain injury, one mother turned to medical marijuana. but now, she may face time behind bars. more local news traffic wet he
7:28 am
7:29 am
a number of passengers on edge this morning, after workers vote to authorize a strike. they won't walk off the job just yet. but that threat is looming. the union president will update us on a situation at a news conference. that will happen later on this
7:30 am
after innocent. >> good morning, everyone, so what does it all mean for riders? january war bay owe at the transportation center with what many of you need to know. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everything is operating as normal, right now, but how long will that lasts? that's the big question on a loft riders minds, this morning they sake say a strike will be a huge inch con kreen yens. union leadership has the authorization to strike, but members say they've been told to be on the job this week. so, that means, septa buses, trains, trolleys here in philadelphia will keep rolling for now, everything normal here in frankford. but members of septa's largest labor union approve the strike authorization unanimously sunday, means members have approved union leadership to call a strike if they deem it necessary. 5,000 bus drivers, subway, trolley operators, maintenance work verse been without a contract since march. sticking points continue to beat fen sean increases cents cents and pay raises, union
7:31 am
members tell us they don't want a strike but will strike this strike organization rather their only leverage against septa negotiators. even though no strike announced some riders here are already taking sides. i think they make enough money. we're all struggling out here, nobody wants to give us benefits. everything going through the same thing, they need to get to work. >> hang in there. i hope up get what you want before you have to go on strike. >> officials say they have been given no notice that a strike or stop, work stoppage; imminent. they'll continue to negotiate both sides will, again, nothing out of the ordinary this morning, everything is running, if a strike were to happen only philadelphia buses, trains, and trolleys would be impacted. reporting live in frankford, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> jan, thank you. we have breaking news right now, five year old boy is taken to the hospital in new york, with possible ebola symptoms.
7:32 am
doctors are running tests to confirm whether he's infected. we do know he just returned to the u.s., from west africa, and he now has a fever. he was was traveling with few family members as well, also quarantined inside their apartment. more cases reported some states are wrestling with possible legal problem surrounding con tablement efforts. casey hickox returnedlily re turned from sierra leone, in isolation since friday, not fallen ill, nor tested positive for ebola. she has contacted civil rights attorney who is now work to go get her released. >> i feel like my basic human rights have been vie slated. >> i understand ms. hickox is uncomfortable. i understand she doesn't want to be quarantined. but my responsibility, migrate err responsible, the 8.9 million people of the state of new jersey.
7:33 am
>> the obama administration working on new guidelines for returning healthcare workers. those guidelines expected in a few days. 7:33, hoping for nice day, katie, what do you think? >> i think definitely we can deliver on. that will chilly walking out the door. be ready for. that will temperatures bottom out here under clear sky to the 40's, some spots even down to the 30's, this morning. still enough of a breeze you don't don't have to worry about any frost developing, couple choice locations more remote suburbs could see some that far on the win shield. so depends within you are. start things off by storm scan3, remains empty at this point, high pressure anchored in place keep the sunshine all day, means we eventually do warm up. as we go forward through not just the month of november, the entire season of fall, our typical range of temperatures, by november 1st, still typically low 60s, by the end of the month of november down to about 50.
7:34 am
, moving forward, we are looking at early morning lows at this hour, currently in the four's if phil, in reading, in millville, chillier, mount pocono, even allentown colder than mount pocono region, but that said, as we go forward today, we end up with slightly above average thermometer reading, beyond this point, tomorrow, and ends up being an even miler day but today we take it, lovely afternoon, 66 degrees with you for the bright sunshine, could expect the sun to last us all day today. have the sunglasses reading to go. temperatures definitely right around that border of where it starts it fowl chilly in the morning, and then you may be able to shed a layer later this afternoon. expect the sun to shine, keep it around tomorrow, nice warming trend out there, but eventually some much cooler air is going to work its way into the forecast. jess, over to you. >> 7:34, show you it is starting to lock like rush
7:35 am
hour, this is 95, at cottman, northbound lanes right here, actually the the off ramp toward cottman, where accident pulled over, blogging party of the ramp, part of the shoulder, and taking out little bit of the right hand lane. see a loft traffic and back up headed towards northeast philly squeezing by the crash scene. over on the ben franklin bridge, everything moving along great there. we have everything reopened all lanes open from the new jersey side. so from the toll plaza headed westbound into the city currently no problems volume starting to pack in, over on the pa turnpike, eastbound, at bensalem, accident there pushed over to the right-hand side, squeeze on by, to the left. and an accident cleared from warren boulevard, completely reopen at laurence avenue. southampton new jersey also an accident there route 206 at retreat road. majors starting to slam up. we just went over 95 northbound, 95 southbound also real heavy 36 minute trip from wood half mean the vine st. expressway 422 heavy oaks into
7:36 am
202. >> jest, thank you, families in a small town near seattle washington are grieving this morning, another teenager injured in friday's high school shooting has died. this week, school was cancelled to give student time to cope. correspondent susan motorcycle begin its reports on devestated community now awaiting word on other victims. hours after they gathered to grieve at the marysville pilchuck had i school came word, gia soriano died early this morning after being shot in the head by a fellow student. doctor joan roberts of providence hospital delivered a statement from gia's family. >> we are devastated by this senseless tragedy. jew an is our beautiful daughter, words cannot express how much we will miss her. >> she becomes the second teen killed by freshman jaylen fryberg when he opened fire in school cafeteria killing student zoe, he then killed
7:37 am
himself, three students remain hospitalized. days later, no one knows what motivated fryberg, a member of a prominent native american family, and recent homecoming prince, to commit the senseless act, and struggle to make cents of it. as folks here try to comfort one another. >> we care about each and everyone every you, you matter to us. >> gia soriano's family is honoring her. >> we've made the decision to donate gia's organs so that others may benefit. >> folks here continue to comfort one another, and to try to make sense of it. today a moment of silence will be held at 10:39 a.m. the moment of the shooting for community members, to offer thoughts and prayers to those grieving. susan macinnis, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> a 28 year old man died last night after being shot four times, in the head, on the 7,000 block of forest avenue. police only have a vague description of the gunman, who ran away in a alley.
7:38 am
>> at special ceremony american and british flags fold today join the marine who defends philadelphia for their final journey home. camp has been the center of uk operations in off began stand since 2006. it ends important chapter in the 13 year afghan campaign, which started after the terrorist attacks on the us in 2001 as they prepared to pull out, nobody claiming victory over the taliban. >> have to come back, start over again, much like iraq. >> left nearly $300 million worth of infrastructure and equipment behind, for the afghan army. over 2,000 american servicemen and women have lost their lives, fighting on afghan
7:39 am
soil. >> joins us from the new york stock exchange, just turbulent weeks on the market but at least finished strong. what are investors now watching? >> yes, that's right. good morning, ukee, erika. more companies report their earnings this week. today we'll hear from burger king, investors, want to see if the fast-food chain does better than its competitor mcdonald's, which saw big drop in sales this quarter. twitter and facebook will also be reporting their earnings this week. >> closed out the best week of the year, so we'll take repeat this week, if invest letters have it, ukee, erika? >> and jill, we are coming up on the second anniversary of super storm sandy, and we're hearing that in case another natural disaster hits, one insurance company is looking at a new way to assess damage. what do you know about it? >> statefarm reportedly filed an application with the department of transportation.
7:40 am
they want to test drones, which would flow no higher than about 400 feet, they would be able to look at damage to roofs, and other structures, after hurricanes, tornados, fires, and floods, right now, though, it is still in the testing stage. but ukee, erika, seems like it could be real good idea, cut down on the time that it takes for the assess ers to stop by everybody's house. >> anything that speeds that process, about to get it checked for the homeowners, thanks, jill. right now, 7:40. and break through in the fight against one of the most deadly types of cancers. the simple test, a new one, you can take, starting in the privacy your own home, we'll explain what it is. >> also, imagine seeing this. creeping toward your home. we'll tell you about the growing threat, as that oozing lava gains steam and takes aim at one neighborhood. >> and we would not minds if this beautiful weather stays. >> ♪ stay with me ♪
7:41 am
>> oh, i jumped the gun on, that lovely, if the beautiful wet we are stay with us a little longer. i think katie was showing us something like 20 degrees spreads in the seven day, right, katy? oh, my goodness. so enjoy it now. >> i love this tune, too. ♪
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but do you really? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. can your makeup remover do that? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover. >> eagles lost a heart breakers against the arizona cardinals t came down to the final minutes. fourth quarter action, birds up a feel goal. when cardinals rookie john brown gets behind the defense, ya, perfect pass, he ran right un it. snags a pass from carson palmer, goes 75 yards, last play of the game, foles to matthews, great catch, but out
7:44 am
every bound. twenty-four to 20 your final score. >> we talk about it all the time, got it clean up that, especially game like this, so close against real good quality opponent, turned it over twice inside the red zone, do you that you lose a football game. >> never want to turn it over in the red zone. want to get points in the red zone, especially such a great kicker. we have great kick their can kick it through the uprights s. >> should have had that one. we are asking who is to blame? you hashtag cbs-3 eagles hit us up on twitter, we'll discuss it later on. offense on display, rogers connected when randall for this 70-yard touchdown pass, to put greenbay on top of new orleans early on. after, that it was all saints. drew brees through three touchdowns, including this 50 yarder, and the saints crews to 44 to 23 win over the packers. talking baseball, san francisco giants could win their third world series in the last five years. with a win tomorrow night in
7:45 am
kansas city, they got great hitting in game five last night. juan perez drove home two giants, in the eighth inning last night to give san fran some breathing room. the giant got complete game from ace madison baumgartner, who held the royals to four hits, in the five-nothing victory. my man was in a zone, getting the guys to put the balls on the gown, scooped up, over to first, game time. giants lead the series three games to two. well the baseball world is morning the passing every st. louis cardinals outfielder oscar. he died yesterday, in a car accident, in his native dominican republic. he made his major league debut this year, and hit .239, 22 runs batted in, oscar was 22 years old. right now 7:45, let's get traffic and weather together. but first, check this out. it is cents not moving fast but it is destroying everything in its path. large lava flow continues to push across parts of hawaii this morning, at about
7:46 am
10 yards per hour. now, if it keeps on moving in that same direction, nearby village may be forced to evacuate. geologists also reported several methane explosions cents near the edge of the flow, rough for those residents. >> erika, we can expect to see pleasant weather here we kick start our work and school we are hook. >> high pressure in place, ends up with sunshine today, very plant afternoon. looking forward, though, we go on the swing on the thermometer, start things off with a lock at the roof camera, sun has just popped over the horizon so sun gray will get you traveling eastbound, here in certain city bright blue sky, beautiful start it the day, basically to you -- how it will look all day. to storm scan3, i want to show you nice high school zoom. keeps the entire even seaboard dry. over wichita, see the clouds starting to build? that's the combination at least of the next cold front that's going to send
7:47 am
temperatures on nosedive. here's what's up. high pressure today, typical afternoon, mid 60s with sunshine, tomorrow warmfront lifts through, very weak, so it does nothing more than to really help the temperatures rebound, don't expect any wet weather, mid 70s, though, by tomorrow them cold front wednesday, weak front, but will pacca punch of cool air behind t still expecting high of 70. just shower around midday. then temperatures just get knock back here, and you will see that reflect dollars down the road with temperature readings. starting tuesday 7:00 p.m. >> today dry, all tomorrow dry, here comes the front. it is somewhat slow to move. see how it fizzles with time. again, this is not very potent system whether it comes to moisture, but it does have the cool air. so yes, see shower midday, that's about it, skies start to clear. today 66 degrees, expected hi, tomorrow, mid 70s, significant surge on the thermometer, jess? >> can't wait for that.
7:48 am
good morning, everybody, we go outside right now, show you jam on 95 at 322, so a lot of slow going here headed northbound toward the commodore barry bridge. also, on the blue route, pretty much jammed in both directions cents, pretty much the same thing at route one southbound lanes crawling nicely, northbound lanes doing the same. over on the pa turnpike an accident just at bensalem, the pa turnpike eastbound at bensalem, be prepared to squeeze on by to the left-hand side, it pushed over into the shoulder. montgomery county. joshua road, second street. jersey everything starting to slow up in typical spots. route 42 northbound, route 55 northbound, everything looking great so far. north and southbound sides on 295 don't forget when on the road get updated information from traffic backups with the new your drive app. download it for iphone and android devices by going to drive. erika? health watch this morning starting today, millions of
7:49 am
americans who have avoided colon cancer screenings tests can now take a test in the privacy of their own home. it is called the colo guard test, vale within prescription for patients 50 and older. the tests looks for cancer related dna in your stool, it is covered by medicare. in cast you need another reason to eat chocolate, researchers at columbia university say it may help your memory. scientists studied effect of flavin owls, ingredient found in cocoa, find it could help reverse memory loss in older dents. fawn patients who have more flavonols, performed better on memory tests, in some cases having the memory of somebody 30 years younger. how about that? >> if you are wore bid ebola, or have another health related question if so three's on your side. hosting a docks on phone phone bank tomorrow afternoon. doctors from the pennsylvania medical society will be here in the cbs-3 broadcast center answering your questions about general health issues from
7:50 am
5:00 to 6:30, be sure to give us a call tomorrow 5:00 to 6:30. >> who is the most valuable star in hollywood? word on surprising celebrity on top of the list. also this: ♪ >> performing the national anthem is never an easy gig. just ask that singer. he botched the star spangled banner. what he says about the mistake in front of millions of people. we'll be right
7:51 am
looking for one of these?
7:52 am
yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. how many on or for britney spears, celebration for the pop star coming up.
7:53 am
♪ >> words is hit cbs comedy gets a dose of reality. >> kim kardashian west makes guest appearance tonight in the season for premiere of two broke girls. kim will play herself in a story line that involves her reality show. now, she tweeted this picture from the set asking her fans to watch tonight and you can watch two broke girls on our sister station cbs-3, it all starts at 8:00. >> and, also, we're hearing that britney spears is getting ready to get a key to the las vegas strip. sin city honoring the pop star with brittany day, on november 5th. spears kicked off her vaguest residency at the "planet hollywood" resort and casino last year. and recently extend that deal, it is now going through 2,017. actress jennifer laurence tops fortune magazine's most valuable starlet for 2013. knocked iron man rocketer
7:54 am
downey junior pushing him to two. host of factors determine a movie star's value, including, box office numbers, and social media buzz. leonardo, dan develop washington, rounds out top five actors on result your list. and, oiji cast a spell on movie-goers getting into the hollywood spirit. you didn't go see it? >> too scary for me. >> don't be scared. tops the charts with $20 million in weekend box office sales. second place, revenge, action film, john whitt pulled in strong $14.2 million. last week number one film world wore two tank drama fury slid into third, holding strong in fourth, ben afleck gone girl, adding to its total rounding out the top five animated fill being the book of life. >> error in game five of the world series, it happened before the first pitch.
7:55 am
>> ♪ >> yes, that wasn't what you're supposed to sing. >> singer aaron lewis messed the board up to our national anthem. was supposed to sing at the twilight last gleeming. instead, though, he sang we're so gallantly streaming, which, you know, also is in the song just not there. >> that's tough did he tweet apology, quote, my nerves got the best of me. >> that's why some people wear the sun
7:56 am
good monday morning to you, i'm err have a con teal. we check in with katie and get our forecast, for a monday at least we have some nice weather. >> absolutely, real nice start to the week for us. we go on bit of roller coaster ride, which you will see reflected in the seven day forecast, but for now, let's enjoy the great forecast coming up here today. little chilly at the onset, because we have very, very clear sky, so allowed the temperatures to just bottom out this morning, into the 40's, even 30's, quite a few locations cents, so be red which extra jacket and your sunglasses, it is very bright outside, as is is obvious outside beach patrol headquarters in margate. sixty-six with sunshine today, 75 tomorrow, by wednesday, still mild, but by then, tracking a cold front, and a shower here and there through midday.
7:57 am
jess? >> city avenue, not still shot, you can see, there are cars moving off the off ramp right there, but headed westbound, toward the king of prussia area, you can see completely jammed solid from boulevard to belmont. you can expect that to be out there for quite some time. over on the pa turnpike accident eastbound at bensalem, out in delaware county another accident at goshen road at boot road. erika, back over to you. >> thank you, jess, next update at 8:25, next on cbs this morning, company calculating the risk of disease before you have a baby. finds out thousand works. your local news weather and traffic continues with us on the "cw philly" on these channels. i'm erika von tiehl. hope you have a great day.
7:59 am
this is the cbs-3 "eyewitness news". ready to walk the picket lines, septa workers vote to authorize a strike, leaving plenty of passengers in limbo. good morning, everyone, without a deal, buses, subways, trollies come to a halt. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us at the
8:00 am
frankford transportation center with what septa commuters need to know this morning. jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, ukee, good morning, no disruptions this morning, that's a relief for a lot of riders here who rely on the transportation, now, union leadership has the power to strike, but members tell us they've been told to report to work this week. a strike they say is a bargain chipping, as the two sides continue to negotiate. >> despite voting to give union leadership the authorization to strike, members of the transport workers local 234 say they expect to be on the job this week. meaning, septa busses, trains, and trolleys, will continue running, at least for now. >> nobody want to be on strike f we have to go on strike we will go on strike. >> for septa riders, huge inconvenience. >> i can get a ride but i wouldn't want to wake nobody up this early in the morning to get me to work. >> members of the largest union ought rides dollars the strike sunday, union leadership can call a strike if they deem it necessary.