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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  November 30, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> just bum rushed me. hit me, stomped me and kick me in my head. >> he says he was pinned down and beaten by a group of teens. an attack he claims could have happened to anyone. good evening, i'm natasha brown. tonight he's telling us exactly what led up to this attack. it started last night as he walked to his car at 20 and oregon in south philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers a live there tonight with more on the victim's story. matt. >> reporter: natasha, the victim says he parked his van along the street here in the 1900 block of oregon just before 6:00 p.m. on saturday. he was going to get some groceries. he left the van but then when he was leaving he realized he had forgotten his wallet in the van.
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when you turned to get it that's when he saw the group of people rushing towards him: he asked that we not identify him for fear of retaliation but he described what happened next. >> they just bum rushed me, hit me, stomped me and kicked me in my head. >> reporter: pinned down on the sidewalk and surrounded he says there was little he could do. >> like this. trying not so much as putting my 50 up but trying to protect myself. i was trying to stay alive. i was doing the best to protect myself. nervous, scared. >> reporter: eventually a bystander comes over to help and the victim says the group scattered. he went home and filed a police report midday on sunday. the victim says all he wanted to do was grab some groceries before heading home but instead he's nursing bumps and bruises across his body after the alleged attack. >> it's a question if you're at the wrong place at the wrong time, it can can happen
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anywhere. >> reporter: do you think it was completely random? >> yes. >> reporter: and police say they are continuing to investigate this case by trying to locate surveillance video of that alleged attack as well as trying to identify any witnesses that may come forward. no suspects have been identified in this case so far. we're live in south philadelphia tonight, matt rivers, "eyewitness news" at 10:00 on the cw philly matt, thank you very much. and we have also now learned that the fbi is joining in the search for shane montgomery. the west chester university student went missing after leaving a bar early thanksgiving morning. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson tells us today teams turned their attention to the manayunk canal. >> reporter: this is what day four looks like in the search for shane montgomery. seven guys in yellow jump suits with the grim task of poking the manayunk canal a few hundred times. with all the optimism she could muster shane's mother watched. >> it's upsetting to know that this is what they have to do
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but it's also -- i can't express my gratitude to the police department and anybody that's been helping head this search. the police marine unit started slowly wading the boulevard shortly after 10 o'clock sunday morning. with a crowd gathering along the way they searched for any signs. to give you an idea of how long this process may take you see the seven member crew behind me, they're stretched out the entire width of the canal poking and prodding every inch. they can't see to the bottom. they have to stop in case they feel something there. the commander says this may take somewhere in the area of five hours. >> i'm not giving up any hope. i'm going to find shane day. shane's uncle and godfather kevin describing the spirit of a family that won't quit. >> nobody disappears like this. we'll find him day. even as they watched this for hours shane's loved ones convinced they'll see his smile again.
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>> i want to find shane and bring him home. >> reporter: in manayunk, steve patterson, "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> murder in north philadelphia. a man in his 20's was shot multiple times in the head arm and leg just before 3 o'clock this afternoon on the 700 block of west tioga street. he was pronounced dead at temple university hospital. police are still searching for the suspect and the weapon. and police are investigating a suspicious death in cobbs creek. someone called 911 after 6:00 this morning and reported that a man had passed out on the 5100 block of webster street. when first responders lifted the person up, they found a gun shot wound to his neck but no gun. he is described only as a black male between 50 and 60 years oldly. >> all right, good sunday night everyone. if you like mild temperatures you'll probably like the forecast dan certainly you'll like it tomorrow. these were the highs and right around philadelphia we should be near 50 degrees this time
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of year so we were above that, 56 the official number. upper 50's to low 60's in parts of south jersey and in dover delaware this afternoon with the exception off to the north and west. allentown, reading, mount pocono area 30 to around 40 degrees. that snow pack keeping the temperatures much cooler for this time of year across the delaware valley. again now we're talking about temperatures right now holding out in the 30's as we speak currently and still in that area in the suburbs coming in at 47 degrees, 40 in doylestown, up are 50's this hour here in northeast philadelphia. so here we go across the region, just a few clouds coming through right now as we speak. nothing dry, though. warm front pushed through. going to keep things dry overnight. temperatures tomorrow morning holding in the 40's for many spots. some of those suburbs will drop into the 30's. coming up in the fill forecast, milder temperatures for monday approaching 60. tuesday see a little bit of light rain even snow for parts of the area. i'll break down that for you
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in a few minutes. stay one step of the weather by downloading the cbsphilly app. download the app now on google play and itunes. natasha. >> thank you, justin. today also, it's one of the biggest travel days of the year as people return home from their thanksgiving trips. more than 95,000 people made their way through philadelphia international airport today. 15 percent more than last year. officials there say this is their busiest day of the year. people are rushing to get home before the start of another work week. kids are also dreading monday after long weekend, time to go back to school. many did forego the airports and rode the rails seven. "eyewitness news" at 30th street station tonight which was packed with passengers waiting to load up their luggage for that trip back home. now, the holiday shopping season has gotten off to a rocky start. preliminary numbers show 134 million people hit stores online and in person over
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thanksgiving weekend. a more than 5 percent drop from last year. the sales are expected to be down 11 percent to just under $51 billion. spendy spending dropped more than 6 percent with shops shelling out $381 over the last four days. center city philadelphia was bustling today with shoppers eager to check those names off their holiday lists. there were deals to be had out there if you were willing to brave the crowds. shoppers that we spoke to said there's nothing like the experience of being inside a store during the holidays. >> i like to see what i am buying. i like to touch it. little bit old generation. >> i don't do online. i don't trust credit cards online. i would rather do anything everything store, cash it out and be done with it. >> before you hit the mall visit and click on top spots and there you'll find a list of holiday hours. now, tomorrow, that is
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cyber monday. it's been the biggest online shopping day of the year since 2010 to really save you, you need do some research though. gather coupon codes for discounts and also check company and twitter pages as well. bit of discounts on apparel electronics and health and beauty products. shoppers expected to spend $2.5 billion tomorrow alone. a the warriors watch riders joined philadelphia police to escort dr. jump bikehill to the german society on spring garden street. he was given tokens of appreciation before a concert in his honor. bikehill was a prisoner of war during world war ii but that's just part of his story. >> he was declared killed in action and eight months later he showed up at his parents' home and said i'm still alive
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and he had the purple heart and he was not finished with serving. he went back and worked on the manhattan project. he helped develop the atom bomb. >> an amazing story. after the war he taught did he mean industry at saint joe's for 50 years. it wasn't until he reached his 90's that his daughter contacted veterans groups to ensure they knew her father's incredible story. >> ♪ now a reality tv star ties the knot. that is coming up next. plus, we know officer darren wilson has quit the ferguson police department today. we're learning new details about his resignation. and talk about a close call. two men in a car escaped moments before it splits into a sinkhole. we'll tell you about that when we come back. justin. >> it's a mild end to the weekend. warm temperatures continue for the start of the work week but for how long. i'll show you the seven-day forecast coming up. >> just because the eagles
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aren't playing doesn't mean we can't rejoice in the woes of the rest of the nfc east. lesley hig
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>> welcome back. we now know darren wilson was not given a severance package when he resigned from the ferguson police department. wilson's lawyer says this decision was made when the 28-year-old learned there had been credible threats against his brother's and sisters in blue after the grand jury decide the not to indict
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wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. the mayor says all ties between wilson and the department have now been severed. well, a couple accused of hiding a 13-year-old boy behind a false wall for four long years appeared in court today. the judge denied bail. the boy is the man's son. police say he came to georgia to visit his dad in 2010 and his father refused to return him. the teen was rescued yesterday after he used a cell phone to send his mother a text message. the boy is now home finally with his mother. and former jersey shore star nicole snooki polizzi officially ties the knot. snooki married boyfriend gianni lavelle about 15 miles west of new york city. 17 groomsmen and 15 bridesmaids attended the ceremony which had a great goolsbee gatsby theme.
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two men survive after their car falls into a sinkhole in china and all of it was captured on video. take a look for yourself. the driver and the passenger were traveling through a busy intersection when the hole just suddenly appeared. they stopped and got out of the car leaving it dangling just moments later it flipped over and fell in. >> well, the 2014 atlantic hurricane season has officially can come to an end and just like we predicted it was a quiet one, only eight named tropical systems this season. that's fewer than average. six of the storms were hurricanes and only -- and the only hurricane that made landfall was the very first one of the season, arthur, it grazed north carolina back in july. things looking pretty quiet outside right now except temperatures are on the mild side for this time of year. it's all about the snow back and where your in the delaware valley. just to the north of philadelphia, up in perk
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caskey, chuck checks in at 36 degrees. closer towards the city, not too far... actually not too far from perkasie barbara lane checks in at 54 degrees. it's depending on that snow pack. if you want to be featured in our forecasts you can become an eyewitness weather watcher. sign up now at if you're heading out tonight again it is pretty mild can currently. take a live look at the ben franklin bridge. we have some clouds over the region. that helps keep the temperatures up. think of it as a blanket holding in the heat from today's daylight and again those temperatures holding in the 50's this hour. so far for the month of november it has been on the cold side and a lot of extreme weather for the month. about two and a half degrees below average for the entire month so far. this does not include yesterday or today. precipitation above average,
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just over an inch and again some extreme temperatures going on this month. 72, that was the record we broke last week. one night we dropped down to about 20 degrees. no cold air coming in the next 24 hours. in fact we're on a warming trend. look at the numbers compared to yesterday at this time. six to almost 20 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. 57 at the airport, 55 in millville. there's that colder air trapped up in the lehigh valley right now checking in at 36 degrees. but look at just to the south and west. 62 in pittsburgh, 61 in washington d.c. this is ahead of a cold front. it's still across ohio right now so we're on the warm side of this system. most of the shower activity stays to the west over the overnight hours as the front approaches tomorrow. a lot of this moisture will dry up. eventually that front stalls off the coast and we see the return of some more shower chances and maybe more snow heading into tuesday. tomorrow upper 50's to potentially 60 degrees if we see enough sunshine.
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the front comes through later on monday, stalls off the coast. there's a weak disturbance that will try to come in here tuesday afternoon, tuesday night. there could be enough cold air trapped that we see a round of some light rain and maybe even wet snow mixed in especially north of the city. this is going to be very light stuff. another warm front pushes back in for wednesday. we see a return to temperatures above average for the middle of the week. nothing happening overnight, clouds, tomorrow looks good for the ride into work. maybe doing traveling, friends and family leaving the area. clouds linger across the region for the afternoon hours. there's that front i mentioned stalled off the coat. in the afternoon we could see some rain developing and potentially where that cold air hangs out northwest suburbs to the lehigh valley a brief round of light wet snow and that changes to all rain as the warm air moves back to the region. tomorrow approaching 60 degrees, well above average for this time of year.
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colder air returns briefly on tuesday, we struggle to get to 40 degrees. again spots north of the city hold out in the 30's. that's why we could see the chance for a little wet snow. overnight mostly cloudy, 45 degrees for a low temperature. a mild monday partly sunny up to 58 degrees. here we go with the extended forecast. again, 40 for the high and tuesday. could be some rain and snow mixed in. wednesday a few showers, we're up to 52. for the end of the week holding right around 50 for thursday, back to the 40's by the weekend with some rain around friday and saturday. overall no big signs of cold air none big storms to talk about this week. >> okay, just a little bit of a dip there. >> yeah, just a little tuesday. >> okay. thanks so much justin. well, you can help to make the holidays a lot brighter for underprivileged children. our joy of sharing campaign is under way. buy a new unwrapped toy and and wing it to one of our drop offlocations. for a list of those location go to n-slash joy.
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you can text word joy to 41444. lesley's got highlights today. >> no eagles. >> i know. i didn't know what to do. >> meanwhile our other teams not as fortunate. flyers will head west trying to turn things around after losing eight of their last nine. sixers still trying to win
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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>> well, the flyers slide continues. they've now lost eight of their last nine and questions are starting to swirl about if they'll be making changes. yesterday they continued their freefall losing to the
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rangers. the flyers will continue their road trip out west in san jose on tuesday. flyers have lost seven in a row on the road. as for the sixers they broke the franchise record for losses to start the season yesterday with a loss to the mavs. that's despite a triple-double from michael carter-williams. they've lost 16 in a omit next up the spurs at home tomorrow. the nba record for consecutive losses by the way to start the season is 18. sixers on a record setting pace early in the year. coming up tonight in the sports zone on our sister station cbs3 we have the great tony bruno joining us to talk flyers sixers and eagles. beasley will break down the eagles win over the cowboys on thanks give. that and much more coming up in the sports zone. eagles-redskins game scheduled for saturday december 20th in washington. the game will be played at 4:25. you can catch the game over on our sister station cbs3. meanwhile the giants taking on the jaguars. not a good day for the giants.
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eli manning with the fumble. that will end up in the hands of jt thomas in the end zone for the touchdown. then in the fourth quarter eli manning with the pass to larry danel but he fumbles it on the hit. it's picked up and returned 41 yards for the score. they lose to the jags 25-24. colts with a big skin against the redskins. andrew luck with a monster day. hits dante moncrief for the 48-yard touchdown pass. that makes the score 28-17. then luck again, this time he'll find kobe rams and raiders before the game, before the game the rams receiver showing support to protesters in nearby ferguson, missouri. mason big run here busting
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89-yard run for the touchdown with some blocking there. the rams win it 52 to nothing. browns and bills, look who it is, johnny football getting in the game against the bills. what does he do? he'll run in it for 10 yards out for the score. that's just not enough. bills win 26 to 10. so, yes, we have a full blown quarterback controversy in cleveland. okay, could be a potential super bowl pat matchup between the patriots and packers. brady finding his man from 2 yards out to pull the patriots within two. but aaron rogers just way too much finding jordy nelson for the 45-yard touchdown pass. packers beat
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>> you're looking at the world's largest floating
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christmas tree. it's in rio de janeiro brazil and this tree is 280 feet tall, has 3.1 million lights. that at lot lights. it holds the guinness world record as the largest tree of its kind. since the tree floats it can be moved to different locations all around the city. how cool is that. >> pretty cool. >> speaking of lights. do you love putting on your holiday lights and putting them on display? we want to see it. send your pictures to us on social media. just use the hashtag cbs3 holiday lights or you can go to to share them with us and we may be live at your home. justin drabick that will probably be you at some time. >> you in ever know. >> you'll be expecting hot chocolate. >> of course, that's the deal. good day to put the lights up tomorrow. check it out. 58 degrees pretty comfortable outside. rain and snow showers possible tuesday we're back down to
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