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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  January 16, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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restart things off with a check on traffic and weather together. katie and vet tore crashes keeping an eye on things though morning. hey, ladies? >> and good morning everyone. yes, we have nice clear skies initially. little hint after breeze already out there. we actually are tracking yet another cold front crossing through here today. although not really touching much off in the way of precipitation, definitely going to make its mark with cold and certainly with some wind. let's take you out first and for most to storm scan3 basically, just empty once again. we've got crystal clear skies right now so beautiful sunrise eventually going done underway here. looking though at the winds yes, here you go. still out of the southwest in philadelphia. this is your observation from the airport. meanwhile, up in mount pocono, notice, the direction, it is changing becoming more west-northwest. so while, you know, we are starting to see the effects of that starting to move, in it is casino every breezy everywhere, so it is going to feel casino of cold everywhere, as well. basically, you can't go by these numbers. you sort of have to throw out the air temperature factor in the wind as it picks up today. perhaps even with wind gusts as high as 30 miles per hour, that's going to mean it feels definitely no better than the low 30's, for anybody here today. that said, i can see flurry around, as well here today. but overall more than anything looking at some sun quiet end to the week, just on the
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chilly side. vittoria? >> thank you so much katie. and good morning everyone, we have a lot going on right now so going to start first with a live look at chopper taking a look now at accident that occurred eastbound side of the walt whitman bridge. this will affect your commute. very serious accident of an accident on the in other words bound lanes of the new jersey turnpike black horse pike. notice with the live shot here this tractor-trailer hit the guardrail, at this point, blocking the left-hand lane causing one lane of traffic get by causing some southbound gaper delay as well as lane blockage, due to some of it debris that landed on southbound lane. so traveling northbound, southbound, the new jersey turnpike route 168, you will only have one lane only in either direction. causing a big old slow down. also probably not looking forward to the schuylkill expressway. and are you ever. but, if you are traveling on 76 westbound seeing major delays out of the area, the vine street expressway, through to your western suburbs, and if you are headed eastbound approaching the vine, and also some traffic around the curve, 95, also in usual rush hour form. ukee? >> thank you, in the news this morning, philadelphia police trying to determine how a 18 year old college student fell to her death from a eighth floor window. >> so awful. >> this happened last night on 16th street near chestnut center city. the victim actually a student at temple university. that's where we find jan carabeo reporting live for thus morning jan? >> nicole, ukee, her fellow
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student will be mourning her lost, she was a freshman here at temple university, in the meantime police continue to investigate but they do not believe foul play was involved here. they do believe she may have been sitting on the window sill trying to take a picture when she fell to her death and injured a pedestrian walking underneath. >> you would never think that someone would like, fall on you while you're trying to walk down the street. very unfortunate accident. >> it is a tragedy. my heart goes out to the family. >> now, this happened at the intersection of 16th and chestnut streets. it happened right around 6:00 on thursday evening police believe again that this woman a 18 year old freshman, was sitting on that window sill, when she fell to her death. she was actually visiting a couple of friends at a dorm at the philadelphia, the institute of art in philadelphia. and that is when this accident they believe happened. again, she fell on 44 year old woman who was walking on 16th street below. that woman had to be taken to hahnemann hospital with some injuries to her back and her neck. she also lost a couple of teeth. again there is investigation is still underway. but they do not suspect foul play. grief counselors will be on campus here, at temple university today for any student in need. reporting live at temple, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> jan, thank you. >> now news this morning police are being looking for a driver, who smashed into his row home in nicetown and then ran away. it happened around 2:30 a.m. north 18th street. people were inside the house at the time of the crash. a young neighbor we spoke with
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says he woke up to the sound of the suv hitting that building. we will get to. that will. >> i heard like a car noise came, and crashed and a wall and i told my mom that it was outside, i said do you want to look and she said ya. >> thank you young man. amazingly no injuries to report. we're told the crash also caused a large pipe in the home to burst. homeowner tells us his front porch and basement are damaged. >> also, new this morning philadelphia police are searching for the gunman who shot a man inside a park car overnight. it happened just after midnight along the 5400 block of ludlow street west philly. an eyewitness told police another passenger pulled out a gun and shot the driver after the man struggled. the victim was hit in the head and the arm. at last check he remains in extremely critical condition. nicole? >> ukee, stretch of i95 in bucks county is back open this morning, after a multi-vehicle accident shut it down for hours. that crash happened on the northbound lanes near street road bensalem around 1:15 yesterday. fifty-eight year old paul maries died in the wreck. police say he was driving a tractor-trailer that hit another truck and caused a chain reaction crash. one truck lost it load of scrap metal. the road was fully reopened, ten hours later shortly after 11:00 last night. >> a suspect is injured during a shoot-out with police in wilmington delaware, this all happened on vander avenue last evening, just blocks from a pro-police rally. authority say the officers were conducting a routine traffic stop, when a passenger in the car opened fire. the gun violence follows recent demonstrations over
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deadly confrontations between police and the community nationwide. just feel bad about what is to come if we don't begin to heal and help police as opposed to being just solely critical. >> meanwhile hundreds gathered in wilmington's rodney square to show their support for police during a time of unrest all across the country. arraignment set today for the ohio manna cured of plotting to bomb the us capitol and wage jihad on america. fbi says 20 year old christopher colonel wanted to kill as many people as possible in name of the islamic millitant group isis. says controversial government surveillance law helped to discover it, gives the they had authority to eavesdrop under certain circumstances. >> meanwhile, police across europe have made several arrests in the series of anti-terror raids. cbs correspondent susan macinnis in washington where president obama set to discuss terrorism with british prime minister david cameron today. >> europe is on high alert this morning. in a series of raids, in germany, authorities in berlin arrested two men on suspicion of recruiting fighters for the islamic state in sewer y arrests came as police in belgium searched for more suspect, possibly involved in a plot to attack police buildings in the country. yesterday, they preempted what officials say was an imminent plot killing two heavily armed suspect, with ties to syria, during a fears fire fight in the eastern city of rivih. raids follow lassiter or spree in par that's left 17 dead. today at least ten people allegedly connected to gunman
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were arrested. he claimed to have ties to the islamic state. british prime minister david cameron says europe and the us face a major threat from islamic extreme i. >> we have to remain extremely vigilant, then we have to take all the steps we can to beat this evil. >> prime minister cameron meets with president obama, at the oval office today with talks on terror, islamic extreme, high on the agenda. secretary of state john kerry, is in paris to show washington's support. he met with president olan this morning and later placed wreaths at the site of last week's deadly attacks. in washington, susan macinnis, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> the obama administration opens the door for traveling to cuba. starting today, the us is easing travel restrictions, now, among the changes travelers will be able to use credit cards and spends unlimited amounts of money while in cuba. visitors can also bring home about $100 worth of alcohol or tobacco. so keeping cigars are a go. >> bingo got a lot of golf budd that's will be into that. time 7:09. coming up next, why fighting the fly is getting even tougher. >> the flu outbreak worsens across the country. i'm don champion in new york, coming yup this year's vaccine may be part of the problem. >> and fire and iceland. dramatic video of von can ukee have you sean, largeness 200 years. pretty incredible stuff. next. >> ♪ ♪ >> it is a good day.
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>> good morning family. we'll check your traffic and weather together on the other side. be r right back. >> ♪ ♪ ring ring! progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself. and try progresso chili. slow-simmered, homemade taste. >> several newland formations in iceland. the lava field about the size of the manhattan. largest erruption since the 18th century. >> let's get our traffic and weather together. here's katie. >> good morning, we start it off with nice region wide zoom of storm scan3, gave you a sense every what's going on with the frontal boundary. all snow coming in courtesy of the front. technically pretty moisture starved.
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so as this roughs out see the winds kick in, more than anything, end up with sunshine. could some spots pick up renegade flurry, straight up snow shower? it is possible. but i think generally speaking this is quiet day. just going start to notice that wind, chilly wind, no less temperatures that start to feel a little colder than the thermometer reads. are wide open playing field for us, headed into tomorrow, high pressure regaining control. notice these building clouds behind the storm scan. that's the combination of one piece, of a much larger puzzle, for the second half of the weekend. let's take a look here, not just that piece of the puzzle, but area of low pressure set to develop here down across the southeast. do these two beasts actually interact in time? to bring us a significant coastal storm? there in my friends lies the question. that's what made such tricky forecast for us. basically two things that could happen. you're either going to see mainly rain at the coast as this particular model run with the jets, not heck of a lot else inland or two pieces join up, ends up with heavier rain further inland, more widespread, could ends with some snow. so, it really is casino of two-sides of the coin here. some of you might not see anything, some of you might get some snow. really is that far after divide. meanwhile, get your speedos ready, my friend. we got polar plunge to talk about for tomorrow. our friend over at the sister station wogl, billy z and frank lewis will be jumping in the waves, 37 degrees, that water temperature, no thanks. good luck god speed my friend. this is all you. meanwhile, we look forward to the three day forecast, spec more sunshine, headed into tomorrow. so, i mean, what better
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weather for polar plunge, very aptly named for tomorrow. look to sunday, watching the coast, coast for the storm system, 45 degrees our expected high here. and again there is a chance at least, that we end one not just some rain but maybe some snow. so we've good our eye on it, trust me, updates come out we will certainly let you know. >> you're on top of this. >> yes. >> tricky, tricky, tricky i have no you got our back, i know you do. hey, young laid. >> i tricky situation as well on the roads katie. traffic and weather together today as they always do. >> but, if you are traveling in new jersey, we have a major situation on the northbound side of the new jersey turnpike, but it is affecting those northbound and southbound lanes right at the area of route 168. as you'll in the here, crews are working on a tractor-trailer that's mitt actually, it hit the guardrail. as you'll notice, the shot, white end out little bit. this is the tractor trail their was involved. notice, it is basically cut open. and that is basically what happened this morning. when this accident hit that guardrail, debris even spilled on the southbound side. so, what are you dealing with right now? dealing with big old delays in this area. and one lane only on both the northbound and southbound side, as crews continue to work on this incident. so again traveling around the area of 168 and anticipate more time this morning, or if you can try avoid t as we continue and talk about rush hour, if you're traveling on nine, a definitely rush hour. ninety-five southbound, delayed, out of the northeast all the way down through to the vine. if you are traveling on the schuylkill, expect the usual delays there, as well.
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good news there are no delays for mass transit. ukee? >> and on the health watch this morning growing concerns over the flu outbreak, the cdc now says, this year's vaccine has been one of the leasee negative in a decade. don champion takes a closer look. >> in oklahoma sit, so many flu patients need help at times there haven't been enough ambulances to transport people to the hospital. >> it has been little worse than anticipated so we have seen a big increase in those type calls. >> in las vegas hospitals report beds quickly filling up with flu patient. both examples show how bad this year's outbreak has been, now, a possible reason why. the centers for disease control says this year's flu vaccine is only 23% effective. doctor alicia fry the cdc epidemiologist. >> range from ten to 15%. >> flu very active in more than half of the states, the 26 you see here in red and so far there is season, 26 children have died. part of the problem with this year's flu vaccine is each year experts reform late the vaccine by guessing which three, four strains of the flu will be the biggest problem. but that decision is usually made in february months before flu season. >> the influence of viruses are always changing. and keeping up with them means that we have to constantly update the flu vaccine. >> expert say they don't know if the flu outbreak has peaked in the u.s. yet. don champion, "eyewitness news", on the "cw philly". >> now, according to the cdc flu activity still widespread in pennsylvania and delaware. there is moderate activity in new jersey.
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two more people died from the flu in delaware this week, bringing the season total to 13. there were more than 5,000 confirmed cases in pennsylvania last week. and new jersey confirmed more than 1100 cases. of course that only counts for people who were tested. now if you need help fighting the flu please head to cbs philly could the come. our resource guide has some advice for treating the symptoms and you can also finds where you can still get a flu shot in your neighborhood. president obama has signed a presidential memorandum, allowing federal workers to take six weeks of advanced pay sick leave. now it, will allow those workers to leave their jobs to care for a new child or ill family member. the president also called on congress to pass the healthy family act. it would grant all americans seven days a year of paid sick time. he is expected to push the issues in today's state of the union address. >> new jersey governor chris christie heads to iowa today raising more speculation that he'll make a run for president next year. the governor has simple message for everybody wondering about his plan. >> what i've told everybody supporters every mine, potential donors of mine, staff, relax. you know? no one's voting for another 12 and a half months. >> the governor also dismissed reports that's going to form leadership pact soon. that will would let him raise money for it is white house run. now, christy admits, though, his family will not be able to veto his decision. >> u.s. citizen ship test on civics before they graduate. student more discuss 60
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remember or better to get their agree any time needed during those first years. more than dozen other states including new jersey, are considering similar laws. 7:20 right now, we have video of smooth criminal caught on camera. >> coming up next, how a woman used her clothes to swipe a plasma tv. >> yikes? first though here's a look at what's coming up tonight on "cw philly". police interviewing classmates and checking the rooms, from which a 18 year old temple university student fell to her death in center city yesterday. the student fell eight stories, from highrise near 16th and chestnut, a pedestrian was injured. >> police have removed the suv that crashed into nicetown home early this morning. the driver got away and it happened on north 18th street. about 2:00 this morning. no injuries inside the house. >> forty-two year old man after a shooting in west philadelphia, the victim shot in the head near 55th annulet low, eyewitness tells police, it happened inside a car. the gunman, remains at large. gas station robbery ends before it begins when the alleged thief recognizes the clerk. take a look at this. watch as the man walks into the store near denver, sees the familiar face, and then
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heads out even flashed a thumbs-up as he walks away. hey, how are you doing casino of thing. shortly afterward someone marching this man's description robbed nearby 7-eleven. >> really? i mean? don't you hate when that happens? about to rob the store and -- >> this is security video from department store in costa a a where a woman walks over to the flat screen tv's, takes one, and puts it right up her skirt. >> like nothing happened? >> like nothing happened. >> then she walks out with it, and doesn't even look suspicious. store officials say they've never seen anything like it. but there she goes. >> she is so casual? >> yep. >> walks in -- >> i mean, a plasma tv of all things. >> wow. >> goodness, and she makes quick work of it. >> she new what she was doing too, walks out like nothing was there. >> i know, just -- >> nothing to see here folks. >> and who was that, somebody was standing right beside her did you see that? somebody checking itit out? >> good morning, i'm ukee washington, the friday forecast with fehlinger. katie standing by in the weather center definately chilly forecast for us. how much bright, beautiful sunshine popping over the horizon, great sunrise underway. we start off with a look at storm scan3, you can understand y not a cloud in the sky. face east here, check it o beautiful view outside middle township high school cape may courthouse as the sun, an orb of pretty golden sunshine out
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there. 29 degrees currently, we do have a breeze, and that's going to become more and more noticeable chillier, too as the next weak cold front crosses through some could see quick snowflake by tomorrow, bright sunny cold. still watching the dogs for system sunday. still question marks as to where it actually tricks. vittoria. >> thank you, good morning everyone, we have rush hour sprinkled all over the map. >> westbound, 76 approaching the area of the roosevelt boulevard, montgomery drive then all the way out through to just past gladwynn, your delay. if you are traveling on the roosevelt, southbound, jammed, approaching the area of the schuylkill. six is your, well, now seven on 76, your's less than the 40's traveling on nine, a specifically southbound out of the northeast down through to the vine. no delays for mass transit. >> next update at 7:55, up next on cbs this morning inside campus controversy at ducre universit this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at philadelphia police are investigating a woman's deadly fall. >> it happened while the temple university student was visiting a center city dorm. good morning everyone, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is on temple's campus right now where students are mourning the loss after classmate. jan? >> and ukee, and nicole, police are still investigating this deadly fall, as you
7:14 am
mentioned, right now they do not believe foul play is involved. they do believe that this 18 year old temple university freshman may have been sitting on the window sill trying to take a picture when she fell to her death. and injured a pedestrian on the street below. take a look at the video. it was a terrible scene yesterday, as this all unfolds in the very busy area of center city near 16th and chestnut street. police say it was just before 6:00 thursday, when this temple university student fell to her death. they say she was visiting two friends, inside of an art institute of philadelphia dorm room. both of those students are being questioned by police so are witnesses on the gown. when she fell she fell on a woman walking on 16th street. that woman suffered injuries to her neck and had some of her teeth knocked out. she was taken to hahnemann hospital in stable condition. and is expected to be okay. meantime, police are or take search warrant for dom room and reviewing surveillance video in the area, in homes of gaining clearer picture of what's happened. it is a scenario that shocked many specially those in center city last night. >> you would never think that someone would fall on you while walking down the street. very unfortunate accident. >> my heart goes out to her family. >> temple university released this statement reading in part: temple university is deeply sad toned learn of the death of one of the student in center city philadelphia. our thoughts and prayers are with her family and her friends. and the university is also going to have grief counselors available for student today
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who are in need. reporting live at temple, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> jan, thank you. >> now exclusive story for us, a conversation with the exboyfriend of erika the mt. laurel woman missing and prepared dead. her husband kyle crosby is charged with america murder. ham even baker met her in high school. two dated for almost a decade. also seven year old daughter amira. baker said he has been hit hard with the news that she may be dead and now he's focused on their caughter. >> she is not stupid. she has an idea what's going on. but we didn't give her like the overall view of things. because i don't know how she is going to take it. >> they say the couple's daughter live with him full time. >> meanwhile, the reward for missing teacher has now surpassed $10,000. forty year old christopher tull hoy has bipolar disorder and was not taking his medication disappeared january 6th. his wife says he was a pass inning nerve his parent car when he got out on city avenue and justice appeared. tully has taught at the middle bucks institute of technology since 2002. >> let's get your traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> i good morning ukee, high shall everybody, hammy friday to you. very quiet start to the day for us out there. little breezy, but it is definitely bright sunny and nice looking. it will be made older by frontal boundary passing through. margate, now, storm scan3 is totally quiet. nothing but clear skies over head for our area. quick zoom out shows there are few clouds off to the north
7:16 am
and west, some of which will filter in to the north and western counties. that's again all courtesy of front that's crossing through which could touch off shower in the poconos flurry off to the south maybe through lehigh valley or say up ex bucks western bucks county. temperatures generally into the two's across the board slightly milder down the shore where you have the moderation of the open ocean water today generally sunny day still cracking 40 degrees mark in many locations we think. can't go by the temperatures today. it will feel chillier when you factor in that breeze. which is once again present for our area. so that said, overall, not bad way to wrap up the week. and we look ahead to the weekend at least first half looks good. sunday storm that we are going to be discussing, vet tore crashes over to you. >> casino every discusting, especially the traffic reporter, you know what i mean? if you're traveling out and about, ewe you know what i mean, like that dark gray snow? anyway, traveling throughout any of the majors right now going have rush hour delays. doesn't look like it on the vine but you will have some traffic going to and from the area of the schuylkill expressway. travel on the 42 freeway northbound, also want to anticipate light volume approaching the area 15 on 95 delays outbound out of the northeast, down through to the vine street expressway you'll find that today. travel the westbound side of the pa turnpike out of the area of ft. washington down through to mid-county really slow not jammed but slow, factor that in for your commute. also accident on the walt
7:17 am
whitman bridge eastbound just beyond the toll plaza residual delays f that's where you're headed this morning again, another place to give yourself more time. making our way over into new jersey, both the northbound and southbound sides of the turnpike affected as a result of earlier tractor-trailer accident. just before you hit the area of the black horse pike. you will only have one lane in either direction so, again something to watch out for this morning mass transit however, you're in the clear. nick snow. >> thank you. happening today tollefson's trial. yesterday the judge called recess after tollefson who is diabetic says -- said his blood sugar levels were too high. he was taken to doylestown hospital. tollefson charged with fraud accused of collecting money for bogus travel packages to sporting events. >> search on for burglars caught on camera stealing atm from old city bar. philadelphia police say the suspect spent about an hour inside patty's baron race street in old city early monday morning. now, they got away with the atm and two flat screen tv's, if you have any information please call police. your time now 7:36. let's get a check on business. >> mine watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning to you jill so hearing tarring set closing up shop in canada. pretty big move. do you know what's behind it? >> goods morning, target is shutting its stores across the border, it faced problems from the start costly regulations slow economy increasing competition, the company said it can't figure out realistic
7:18 am
way to turn a profit before 2021 at the earliest. ukee nicole? >> we understands there is some good news when it comes to women in the workplace. what do you know? judge women taking the helm of us major corporations, number of female ceo's who replace male counted err parts soured 70%, in 2014. according to new report. now, women still make up a tiny minority of chief executive, just about 5% of fortune 500 companies had female ceo's but still, it is progress so we will be happy about that. >> and that corner offers with the view. >> with the view, i like that this. >> head to our website >> gooing sell halting sales of its wearable computer glass at the ends of the month. the company has been selling the tech toy to a small number of testers called explorers. now, glass has had some issues critics say, it is too easy for wearers to secretly start recording people without their consent. at 1500 a pop some analysts say it is just too expensive. however they do believe it will be lawn. as consumer product sometime this year. 7:38. the pope is in southeast asia. >> a little girl from new jersey has her own personal visit with the pontiff. hear her touching store when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup. ring ring! ring ring! progresso!
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wow soup people, i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh...that's what i'm afraid of. you don't love the dress? i love my sister. 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. >> troops will train syrian rebels starting in the spring. now, hundreds more troops will also go over there to support the trainers. up until this point, the us has only led air strikes against isis in syria. now, during his first mass at cathedral in the philippines, he urged priests to become more like jesus, to reject materialism embrace poverty. later today he is expected to meet with philippino families. france has said his four day trip with focus on the poor the exploited and victims of injustice. >> this morning the pope is inspiring a south jersey girl in her brave fight against cancer? when a wish to meet the pontiff was granted she discovered whole new source of strength. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has that story. >> one year old gracie west is back and still buzz interesting her trip to rome where she and her brother were able to meet pope francis. >> he was so like welcoming and he was so nice, he was very like, either a part of his family. >> gracie was diagnosissed when neuroblastoma just over a year ago. doctors found a tumor in her bones, when she was just ten. she is now on her tenth round
7:20 am
of chemotherapy. >> it is scary like you never know what's going to happen, through any of. >> this but i feel like you just have to stay like positive through it. >> the amount of tests the amount of blood work, and transfusions, and chemo and radiation, and she still smiles through. >> it was her wish from the "make a wish foundation" to meet the pope. last month she and her family flew to saint peters square. were able to get close enough to pope francis during his birthday mass. where gracie shook his hand, and gave him a birthday card. she says the visit means so much because it is her fate that has helped her through it all. >> i'm a very, very believer in that things happen for a reason. if i wasn't diagnosed i wouldn't have had that opportunity. >> it has also been kind of empowering to see her overcoming all of the challenges, and i feel like this whole experience as a whole is just one big hurdle. >> gracie now started a foundation called cookie rumblers to help other kids fight cancer, too. >> i do feel like every kid in the hospital is the strongest human being out there. >> gracie is so thankful for all of the support she has received from her friends in the community she said that's what's helped her stay so positive. she is looking forward to the pope's visit in september. in freehold, new jersey, diana rocco, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> i'm just in awe of those kids. just couple every great kids. and i see it is time for weather trivia, cattery. >> indeed it is. last time around, we kept a sports scene we continue with the theme here again. >> this coming sunday we've
7:21 am
got of course the colt taking on the patriots which you can see cbs-3. now what notable weather vento kurd on that particular day was it a snow, was it b heavy rain, c record cold, or d, high wind? by the way that was also the year that the eagles our eagles, lost in the ffc championship. >> bring that up. >> thanks for that. >> but who would like to take a stab. >> i zero. >> i see you staring at the board. >> all right. >> why such a gentleman today ukee? >> i don't know, it is friday. >> i'm going to go with d. >> high winds. >> all right does the shivery snip. >> yes, it does. >> go ahead nicole. >> i'll go with a snow. >> and you would be, hello super, super. >> i'm on fire. >> all right let's get the totals. >> quick look, traffic, we need to get her head shot in here, 15 right now erika a/k/a nicole today has 11, we add two to that. >> that's right. >> ukee, wow, you're way ahead. >> i can afford a few. >> i got to represent for my girl. doing good job because i have to say poorer kay hasn't had a chance to get anything right because vittoria and ukee have beat her to the punch most of the time. things quiet now across the board. front that will potentially bring flurry or quick snow shower primarily far north of the city mainly cold with wind. but being look ahead to the weekends. we bring up the trivia about the colts patriots. take a look what's forming
7:22 am
hereby sunday, for us possibility either of rain maybe mix of rain and snow. still question marks remain as to the final track. but look at all of the rain headed into foxboro here. almost a given that there is going to be weather affecting that game here on sunday. so that said, we look ahead to your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, today watching for the wind it, will make it feel colder than the temperature of 40 degrees, keep that in mine. tomorrow quiet sunshine, then sunday, that is where the questions remain, there will be a storm where does it go? how does it actually affect us? we'll let you know as things evolve there. by monday, martin luther king day of service starting to clear things out bundle up if you have outdoor plans going to be chilly one. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you katie. good morning everyone, still have rush hour to worry about this morning also, little sun glare. if you are traveling on 95, 95 southbound, going to be super heavy. out of the area of i would say really cottman avenue through the vine street expressway, you know how it is, headed out the northeast at this time is never fun. traveling northbound 95 even though moving fairly well throughout the northeast even around downtown philadelphia, you will run into vroome volume delaware county approaching the area of the commodore barry bridge. traveling the ben franklin bridge, well, you are going to notice we do have some delays head down toward eighth and vine approaching the mid-span at that point down into philadelphia. if you are headed into new jersey, not really seeing too much after problem at all. now, once you get into philadelphia, 14 is your average on 95, the same thing goes on the schuylkill expressway. you have the same old pocket
7:23 am
westbound 76 approaching city avenue affecting the southbound side of the roosevelt. you also find delays on the blue route and big time delay northbound on 476 between 95 and media also watch out for delays on the 42, 55, in new jersey but getting bert. nicole? >> vet tore crashes thanks. former heavy weight champ muhammad ali expected to be release from the louisville kentucky hospital later today. suffers from parkinson's disease, but actually taken to the hospital in louisville few weeks ac for treatment of fino infection, follow up visit. ali of course one of the greatest heavy weight champs of all time turns 73 tomorrow. the six letters try to break two game losing streak when at the take on the new orleans pelicans at the well tonight. drew halladay questionable for new orleans right now sixers tony and robert missed last game with injuries hopefully back soon. ray emory in goal for the fly guys last night in south philly. >> this game went south in a hurry. flyers had trouble defensively. emory allowed goals on three of 12 shots. he faced. they also had issues offensively, shut out for the second game in a row. that's when this one four-nothing fly guys at that time tomorrow night with the sake nerve south fill. >> i viral video you just have to see to believe. texas high school, inbounding ball at soccer game, yep and the flip and throw goes all the way to the net and in. that's about 35, 40 yards. now, i'm told your a not allowed to throw the ball into the goal but it is allowed if someone touches the ball first. and in this case, it was the opposing goaltender. he miss timed it it goes
7:24 am
between the pipes after the flip. bingo. it counts. everybody's off their feet. the flip probably just stunned everybody in the first place and everybody was caught off guard. >> right. >> boom. >> acrobatics on the soccer field, something i've not seen before. i knew you weren't supposed to use your hands but what about a flip? >> as long as he is out of bound, can do anything. >> interesting. wild. >> well, a man raising money for charity credit his costume for saving his life. >> yep. star wars storm troopers are evidently invincible, right? scott wearing the costume of star wars "desert storm" trooper for a charity walk across the australian out back. king brown snake actually tried to bite him the other day, but its poisonous fangs couldn't get through his star wars gear. thank goodness. >> i'm telling you. he has raised more than $33,000, so doing good work out there and he's protected. >> the force is with him. >> it is real. >> it is. >> clock 48 right now. the movie american sniper starring jenkintown own bradley cooper, good friend of ukee washington, is getting a loft oscar buzz. >> i'm too long meet my creator and answer every shot that i took. >> i had a chance to meet b coup about the film. we'll show it to you on the other side.
7:25 am
>> hollywood stars came together to honor the best. >> this year the critics choice is boyhood. >> yes, boyhood took home four prizes including top honor for best picture director richard linklater, actress patricia area quest and all came away with the statuette. mike at keaton best actor for his role in bird man. also smacked six other awards, most of the night, and julianne moore won best actress for still oil. >> oscar nomination g are out american sniper pretty strong show. among the film nominations is a best actor nod for our local guy bradley couper. >> the jenkintown native has come a long way since his days of my old teen show back in the late 80s. >> what with a cents it called again? >> rap around. >> i talk with b coop and his co-star recently about the film and when it meant to him to protect a decorated veteran of war whose life came to tragic end. >> you know, huge responsibility, huge honor quite frank liply and privilege to be able to step no his shoes. >> i'm too long meet my creator and answer every shot that i took. >> this story is not only about chris, it is about his wife, his family. talk about what she went through in holding the family together. >> she is really grateful that the movie also shows his flaws, the conflict he went through, think i she really product of it. also felt like she spent two hours with her husband so pretty huge compliment from my boy here.
7:26 am
>> back in 2011, once murdered it changed everything. and we thought that the store had i to be told. because how ironically murdered, so awful. and thinking that, you know there is relationship between them could is her of it we got it right as a sort of example for those who have gone through what they went through. >> i read where you only talked with him on the phone. what do you remember about that conversation? >> i just remember his sense of humor more than anything i like the tone every his voice which is infectious, his let was very infectious, part of the sort of magic of chris. he was very imposing 240 38 pounds man from texas but had this great sort of easy demeanor. one of the real fun things to try to put on and to digest as i was playing him. >> what did you do come home and get this those philly cheese steaks? you put on some weight, my man. >> it wasn't fun it wasn't, you know, cheese steaks and pizza, no i wish. this woman kristin connor was great chef. i ate 6,000 calories a day pure protein complex carbohydrates. i'm 40 my man so to gain 35 pounds in three month naturally i wanted to make sure wasn't going to kill my organs. >> forty, seems like yesterday were you 15 doing our show. hey congratulations to you both. >> that's right, rap around. >> you got it, buddy. continued success to you both. happy new year to you. looking forward to talking to you in the future. thank you so much.
7:27 am
>> february 2nd i believe it was 2013 when he was killed back here in the state. i remember doing the news store. >> i unbelievable story. >> and learned a lot more about chris in this film. >> so very ironic, lighter note though, up until now wrap around highlight of bradley cooper's career, may get edged out by the oscars. >> he was shy. >> and best friend director who hollywood like a director. best friend came every time. >> warmed him up into the business. >> ducking with the camera. now look at him. >> you heard it here. >> we'll b i'm nicole brewer, week send upon us, so we want to know what the weather is look being like. >> if you have outdoor plans maybe one of those folks that's been procrastinating taking down the christmas decorations, you know, you have got open opportunity here to get that done here, first half of the weekend chill out here for sure, but very quiet overall quick look at storm scan, there is cold front that will be crossing today though funny enough. don't ends up with much more than just sunshine although i could see some of you picking up quick flurry. also in the the colder breeze kicking in. so what it lacks in moisture makes up for in cold air. later hospital the front. quiet and chilly, by sunday watching the coast for a storm, that's definately going to develop the question for us is where does it decide to
7:28 am
track,. >> still question marks on the majors right now in regard to when the rush will end. 476, northbound volume, southbound volume around route one. ninety-five picking up but not so much around girard, speed censors reflecting rush hour. >> next un date at 8:25, up next on cbs this morning preview of the conference championship games. we're keeping it live and local on the "cw philly". you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! thank you cable. for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you... we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. the numbers don't lie. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability, and hd picture quality. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price guaranteed for two years and get a $400 bonus with a two year agreement. hurry! it's your last chance! this offer ends january 17th. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v ring ring! ring ring! progresso! wow soup people, i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh...that's what i'm afraid of. you don't love the dress? i love my sister. 40 flavors. 100 calories or less.
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>> temple university is mourning the death of a student. >> she fell out a window onto a pedestrian in center city. "eyewitness news" reporter jan car bear owe live on the campus where grief counselors will be available. jan? >> reporter: police continue to investigate this deadly fall at this point they don't believe foul play was involved but they do believe this 18 year old temple university freshman may have been sitting on the window sill trying to take a picture when she fell to her death and injured a pedestrian walking on the street below. >> shoes on the sidewalk a grim reminder what happened here at 16th and chestnut streets thursday evening. >> eighteen year old temple university student falls to death out after window eight stories up. >> tragedy, my heart goes out to the family. >> police are searching for surveillance video in the area hoping to gain clearer picture every what happened but preliminarily, investigators say no indication foul play was involved. >> she may have been leaning out the window, she may even have been sitting on the ledge, about 2-foot wide ledge possibly taking some pictures.
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