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tv   Action News at 1130 P  ABC  June 7, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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tonight tide at 4 a piece rangers are trying to even the series at one game a piece. nba finals now that nasty cram in game one was not the reason lebron james is running behind for heat practice today. apparently it was all the yapping he was doing miami guard dwayne wade teammate calls him sglout last question back right you. >> ready to go to practice so we can get better bro', you been talking all day, let's go. >> practice? not the game you stalking about practice? all right i got to get to practice. >> lebron a little bit poking at allen iverson right there and it's ai's birthday too. game two tomorrow night coverage starts at 7:30 miami trying to even the siri as i game a piece. what are we talking about, practice. >> i'm not going to go there. >> thank you, jeff. all paws on deck at region's largest pet adoption event. the met smart on chemical road
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is change nod into adoption center. if you did not get a chance to check out furry friends today you'll get a chance this weekend. hundreds of animals will be up for adoption again tomorrow from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.. >> "action news" at 11:30 is next on "action news" and small plane prompt a brief scare at the u.s. capitol details of the incident that led to 'vaction and be loved brother gunned down in frankford section neighborhood [ male announcer ] tv's come a long way.
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redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. >> sdaw night here's what's happening on "action news" at 11:30 a grim discovery in the delaware river is now a death investigation and philadelphia police are asking for your help in tracking down the man who tried to rob a dollar store. and plus a trail-blazing journalist is honored in south philadelphia. but first tonight, tv and film star tracey morgan is in critical condition after a tractor-trailer crashedsh into the limo bus he was riding in. the accidents killed one xheed dwran traveling with morgan and seriously injured he two others and now the driver that allegedly cause today all has been charged. abc's michelle franzen has
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details. >> tracey morgan and six others riding mangled suv limo bus when the six car pileup happened on the stretch of the new jersey turnpike. police sources take a truck driver may have dozed off and failed so tee the slow moving traffic ahead and the semi-swerved to avoid morgan's vehicle and ended up slamming into it. and the limo bus then lost control, spiping into two other vehicles from landing on its side. >> the truck driver identified as kevin rope frer george as was charged including the death of morgan's long time friend and comedy writer james mcnair that died at the scene. >> he's done the circuit for years and he and tracey performed at some of the same venues and next thing i know i'm writing for tracey and they got closer and closer. >> medics rushed four people to the hospital. three of them said to be in critical condition including morgan, he sustained head injuries.
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45-year-old morgan has been on the comedy circuit for over two decades. he rose to fame as regular on saturday night live from 1996 to 2003. >> from 2006 to 2013 morgan played character tracey jordan a character tour of himself opt tv show "30 rock" a role that earned him emmy nomination in 2009. he was traveling back to new york after launch of standup tour in delaware where he got a standing ovation. michelle franzen, "abc news" new york. >> of course, tune into "good morning america" beginning 8 p.m. for the latest open crash, investigation and tracey morgan's condition. that's here on 6abc. >> police in philadelphia are investigating a gruesome discovery in the tacony section this morning. officers say someone found a man's body mroting in the delaware river near 6300 block of tacony street after 10:30. police are now working to
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identify the victim. only described as black male between 30 and 40 years old. >> they're also working to determine the exact cause of death. >> a 25-year-old man is dead after a shooting in west philadelphia early this morning. the victim was found unresponsive on the 5400 block of hunter street shortly after 1 a.m. and detectives say he was shot once in the back. investigators have no further information about possible suspects or a motive in this case. >> and police in philadelphia also searching for the man that tried to rob a dollar store in wissanoming. surveillance video shows suspects in the act tuesday at the family dollar 5800 block of torresdale avenue. investigators say he walked in with metal pipe demanding money and clerk told him she could not open register and the suspect tried to do it himself and failed and ran off empty hand snrd a collision involving a car and police cruiser cents a pennsylvania straight trooper in the hospital in berks county this afternoon. officials say 21-year-old
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jaiquawn grandy slams into patrol car while trying to turn around in parking lot in hamburg. the trooper was taken to the hospital as a precaution. grandy from upstate new york is behind bars and faces a bunch of of khavrms aggravating assault and attempting to elude an officer. it's been more than two years since a man was brutally gunned down inful's frankford section and his sister is asking for your help. he's ankle us in anchor rick williams with tonight's crime fighter report. >> very good artist and he could do anything woodworking. if you needed anything, you just had to call him and he was right there for you. he was very family oriented and everything was family. >> eileen horn says her brother girard market stopped at nothing to do what was rights. and she wlevz that may have cost him his life. late new year's eve 2011 market was spending time with relatives 4100 block of orchard street in
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city frankford section trouble started when he helped break up an argument between his cousin and two anyone a car accident a short time earlier. >> he heard hollering on up the street and ran up and stopped it. >> two men ended up leaving and marng ert's family said they circled the area 45 minutes. just before 1:30 a.m. mark ert and his cousin were returning from the start and the two men came back and shot mark ert. >> once behind him the shooter stood in front of him and put the gun close to his chest and shot him in the chest. then shot him in the neck as he was falling. >> mark jp ert died at the hospital and us is spengtd were seen leaving the scene in 2010 ford edge painted silver and citizens crime commission is administering a $1,000 le ward and city of philadelphia is offering up to $20,000 for any information that leads to arrest and conviction of the shoter e you can make anonymous call to the hot line 215-546-tips or the
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police tip line at 251-686-tips. markert family says it's been too long without closure. >> if anyone has anything it would be helpful to get any information they may have. >> rick williams "channel 6 action news."" >> philadelphia police officers, teachers, students, paid respects to be loved school police officer today. sergeant darryl giles died monday george washington high school and 54-year-old suffered apparent heart attack hours off breaking up a fight at the school. funeral service was held today at calvaryer khur. chuck stone died on april 6 at assisted living center in north carolina. he was a pillar of philadelphia journalism community. stone was influential in the founding of philadelphia association of black journalist and served as
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founding president of national association. during today's servicemany guests wore bow ties and attributed his well phone fashion accessories. he was 89. >> hundreds came together to promote breast health awareness. it started here in our area. it's caught breast fest in south jersey and held each year in several states but started in haddon township in memory of tyana o'brien that lost her battle some same ago. her daughters wanted to help. 90% of money raised today will stay right here in our area to help patients add virt eye a. >> still to come on "action news" tonight, tourists were forced to plea a landmark in washington. details of the scare in the nation alcapital coming up. >> it could soon be legal to treat a common disorder with marijuana. >> walter we had sunny and warm start to the weekend and
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comfortable at some time. looks like the temperatures will be above average aerlzly as tomorrow. those details coming up in the accuweather forecast next on those details coming up in the accuweather forecast next on "action news."
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>> a series of car bombs are blamed for deaths in baghdad today. targeting shiite neighborhoods. this under skortz violence trat that erupted in parts of rye ak after late a. >> the nation's capitol was evacuated after a brief scare involving a small plane. the aircraft flew into restricted airspace over washington this afternoon. when the pilot refused to
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communicate with air traffic control capitol and surrounding buildings were evacuated. air traffic finally made contact with the pilot and the secret service plans point view the pilot. >> toby cosgrove head of cleveland clinic has taken out of his running to head the department of veteran affairs. he was considered a favorite to stepped down last month over scandal involving va hospital wait times for veterans. some veterans were waiting more than 100 days to get an appointment and show many va hospitals hid that fact by keeping the waited list under wraps. >> state of arizona can treatment people suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and medical marijuana. that is result of court ruling this week. health service direct tore has a month to accept the ruling, change it or reject it altogether. and he says he'll study specific of plan before making a decision. >> fire company in delaware
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county marked a very important milestone today brook line fire company celebrated 100th anniversary today with parade through the streets of havertown. meteorologist david murphy serving as grand marshall as a thank you for operation 6abc save a life campaign. takes long running effort to promote fire receivety and district smoke detecttors to homes across the region. david enjoying sunshine. >> yes. >> like many of us and more to come. >> it was, walter,mentty of sun. temperatures above average. we'll be above normal as well tomorrow as well we'll show you as well if i didn't say you enough. stormtracker 6 live doubling scan showing you quiet no issues with ription. outside we go. sky6 live in hd. looking at the center city sky line on this saturday night. we got mostly clear sky overhead. comfortable conditions. low humidity. that's going ob the story as you step outside tomorrow. >> and currently in philadelphia, 7 0 degrees.
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14 cooler from high the high today in city 84. due point at 57. metty comfortable outdoors and have south to south easterly wind 6 miles an hour and pressure 29.897. sounds tonight you look at other numbers across the delaware and lehigh valleys. up in the lehigh valley, allentown, 6, poconos 55. peach haven down to sea isle city temperatures there at 66. same thing in dover. wilmington in at 7. and here's satellite 6 along with action radar you can see it's queue fret new england down to mid-atlantic region high pressure keeping things clear as now but you notice the clouds off to our west moving across areas in the midwest and ohio valley. and the clouds will continue to work their way east ward as we get to sunday especially sunday afternoon then we're tracking moisture you can see with strong showers and storms arriving through the start of the workweek. future tracker 6 has you covered as you look at the day planner. 9:00 in the morning most locations tomorrow morning in
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the lower 7 0s. upper 60s morm and west of town so pretty mild start as we goat noon tomorrow low spots in the lower 80s. even upper 7 0s. i think by the afternoon along the coast from white dooingt wildwood there will be afternoon seabreeze kicking in especially with south facing wind. so here's one thing to keep in mind with the sun overhead as we get into the rest of our weekend here it is 9 today and 9 tomorrow which means you can get a sun fwhurn 157 minutes. it doesn't take a whole lot this time of year to get the sunburn especially with uv rays open the high side. the call from accuweather for couldn't mostly clear, comfortable, 63 in city and 63 suburbs with south wrlly wind at 3 to 6. >> and here's a call from accuweather warm warm tomorrow, dry good chunk of the day, afternoon clouds likely high temperature of 87. some indicate showers could move
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to western suburbs as early as 1:00 tomorrow night and bumming hold off until overnight sunday into monday with showers and storms on the move. high temperature 79. disturbance clears out late in the day. high temperature 81. dry midweek sunshine and clouds and high pressure take over 81 before another disturb an late next week. few showers possible. high temperature of 85. we're stuck in the clouds on friday and in at 87 degrees. 80 is the number as we get into saturday. so it's warm tomorrow walter just watching few more clouds tomorrow. >> thank you, melissa. >> hundreds ran the super mere owe 5 k today at the school there in blue bell hit the pavement in memory of john shapiro a 6-year-old who lost his bat until 2011 all the money raised today will go to local familys with a child who has been diagnose wtd cancer. >> much more to come including
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sports phillies struggle on the road in cincinnati. sports phillies struggle on the road [ male announcer ] tv's come a long way. from color. to the remote. to flat screens. now it's taking a quantum leap. introducing fios quantum tv. record up to 12 shows at the same time. store up to 200 hours of entertainment in hd. plus watch live tv anytime with the fios mobile app. redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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>> you know it's bad when phillies hit three home runs and it's not enough. phils fall once again five games under 500 worst start since 2000 they can't get a break. 6th inning dom brown doubled to deep right center marlin bird is thrown out at the plate and phils argue catcher was blocking home right here. it's against the rules unless catcher has possession of the ball first. sanburg argue after they looked at it in new york major league
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headquarters he had doesn't care he claims the catcher is blocking plate before he had the ball. then another play at the plate here to end 7th inning. carlos ruiz thrown out and rough day for phillys. they lose again. yeah, tough time for phils they drop the ball 6-5 series finale tomorrow in cincinnati. and they'll have kept giles called up from the minor leagues to replace mike adams giles can throw over 100 miles an hour. >> to hockey. mark richard and so-called flyers west la kins are trying to score a stanley cup. carter aunt kings take lend cyst. third people leave. doubling over time. la willie mitchell,. la wins. two games away from being kings
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in nhl. they have a-0 series lead. >> nascar in the poconos tomorrow. track in long popped doesn't seem to be tricky for citizeny hamlin he's on the pole third time in the career after polting a traffic record 181 miles an hour in qualifying. >> drivers getting in their typal practice in the poconos today. all eyes on jimmie johnson who is going for the third straight win on the circuit and he is not worried about johnson he has enough issues of his own right. concerns -- find irnd five and they'll start 26 tomorrow. >> folk know has not been one of my best hist toricly i'm not sure what to expects. i'm looking forward to getting out there and last year's results were not great here so hopefully, i'll i believe able to do a better job. >> soccer wild night for the
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ruinon. they score three goals. sa bass tan le toux tie is up. finish 3-3 draw. >> nfl players are big airport stronger than most of us but that means they can eat! that's right. wait until you see the din are bill from eagles nights out last night. check this out offensive lineman johnson tweeted picture of eagles rookie dinner bill from alfrescos it's nearly 18,000. is that the right. drinks, appetizers, dozen steaks, sides, desserts can add up. 15 guys at dirp last night. that's a lot of money. >> remember you don't tip on drinks. >> correct. >> just to make that clear. >> correct. >> there was a special reunion in delaware county. are you looking at largest gathering of swarthmore college alumni in 150 year history in honor of the sent stepial they invited all grads to campus to celebrate events. .tudy -
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>> led pi louis dubs williams she was 100 years old and graduated in 19346789. >> taken was very happy group of dads and daughters at the con veption center earlier today fifth annual daddy daughter dance organized by daddy incorporated and dance was designed to help strengthen bond and in 2008 more than 1400 dads and daughter have taken part in the event than year there was no shortage of smiles, laughs and of course, lots of dancing. >> all right. "castle" is next on chapel 6 and "action news" con tapes at 6:00 tomorrow morning with nydia han, chris sowers and now tore jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team i'm walter perez have skversky and the entire "action news" team i'm walter perez have a great night.
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