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tv   Action News  ABC  June 8, 2014 9:00am-10:31am EDT

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chris sowers and the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: yesterday was picture perfect, yesterday was a perfect ten today we're talking about a 9 1/2. let's go outside and show you what's going on this morning. that's the philadelphia international airport. we don't have too much of anything going on, just a few high, thin clouds overhead. comfortable temperatures that are climbing. 73 is the 9:00 a.m. number. 75 for millville. even the jersey shore has shot up to the 70s. 70 in beach haven, will also -- atlantic city, and ocean city. the poconos a very enjoyable 68 degrees. satellite and radar shows a few high, thin clouds. these are called blow-off cloud tops from the great lake states. we'll have more clouds in the first part of the afternoon followed by increasing clouds in the afternoon and evening hours. a 84 degrees by lunchtime, #--
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3:00 p.m., shooting for a high of 87. 6:00 p.m., 81 degrees. there's numerous showers and thunderstorms in the seven-day forecast. it turns warmer and noticeably more humid. we'll have that in the seven-day forecast when i come back in just a bit. philadelphia police are investigating a deadly road rage shooting. a gunman shot a man and a woman in feltonville around 11:30. the 43-year-old man was killed. a 31-year-old woman is in critical condition today. police say the suspect is in custody. of course, stay with "action news" for the latest on the deadly road rage shooting. new this morning, crime tape surrounds this south jersey walmart after someone tried to comiet -- commit a robbery
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overnight. police say details are sketchy right now. there is no word on the description of the suspect or confirmation that anything was actually taken, nor do we know right now if anything was hurt. comedian tracy morgan is fighting for his life following a deadly crash on the jersey turnpike. the driver of the tractor-trailer that hit morgan's limo set off a chain reaction wreck is arrested an charges. taking the life of modern began's friend who -- morgan's friend who played a role in his comedy. this is of scene after tracy mon and his friends were pulled from a wreck on the jersey turnpike. the 45-year-old former s and l
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actor was seriously injured. his comedy writer james jimmy mack mcnair were inseparable. 6 vehicles were involved in the chain-reaction crash 15 miles north of trenton. morgan was injured and he and artery arty ffuqua were injured. he posted this picture on instagram. mcnair spoke of him. >> our father was the epitome of a great man. he would give you the clothes off his back and the shoes off his feet you in needed it.
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>> reporter: walmart said if the truck caused the accident it will take full responsibility. safety is our absolute highest priority we'll do what is right for the family of the victim and the survivors. the limo driver and front-seat passenger another employee were not injured. reporting from the satellite center, kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> you can find continuing coverage. accident on the 6abc news app, we've included photos from the scene as well as pictures. you can get "action news" and accuweather anytime with our 6abc news app. it's free at the apple and google app stores. in the next half-hour we'll show you celebrities taking to social media on morgan. >> a water main break turned a philadelphia street into a total mess last night. "action news" was there as water gushed from a ruptured main at
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27th an master in strawberry mansion. the main was capped, but the intersection is closed. you can see how badly the water tore up the road. of course, you'll want to avoid 27th and master today. we are told no one lost water service saturday of the break. police in camden are investigating what led someone to shoot up a car overnight. the driver of the car was hit by at least one of the bullets. that car plowed into the buildings leaving a hole in the buildings in the 700 block of sycamore avenue. someone got the wounded driver to cooper university hospital. he is in critical condition right now. police are looking for the shooter and trying to determine a motive for the gunfire. a man is thanking the neighbors who came to his rescue when he was attacked by his own dogs. a pregnant pitbull vishtly attack -- vishtly vicious arely
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attacked the viciously attacked her other than his 10-year-old dock followed her lead. a neighbor beat the dogs away. across the street someone hollard for help. feather dog had a history of violence. the dogs have been quarantined for ten days until a decision is made if they should be youthized. >> philadelphia police need your help in finding a missing man. this is 47-year-old leroy hurling. police say he has a mental capacity of a 7-year-old child. he was last seen on lindbergh boulevard in scwes philadelphia. fun where's contact police.
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7-year-old darren symack will be back in school after being suspended for bringing a toy gun in school. he picked up a backpack and he did not realize the toy gun was in there. he give it to the teacher and was nearly suspended because weapons, even a toy are not allowed to be brought on to school ground. >> the boy's parents understand the policy, but feel the actions are too severe under the circumstances. part of patco train service is shut between broadway station in camden and 8th and market in philadelphia. riders will be put on a shuttle bus, instead.
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camden city hall is closed, normal serb -- service is expected at noon at the latest. the platt bridge in southwest philadelphia is back open this morning. penndot was laying sealant on the road as part of a 43 million-dollar upgrade to the 42-year-old bridge. happening today gay pride today in philadelphia since pennsylvania allowed same-sex marriage. it will end at penns landing. organizationers say mayor nutter and gubernatorial candidate tom wolf are set to appear there. >> 3, 2, 1 [horn sounds] and with that they are off, runners hit the pavement for the odyssey half marathon.
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thousands will run through belmont plateau on the kelly drive. according to organizers the race features live music there will be medals with beer openers built in. all proceeds from the race go to students run philly style. great day to be outdoors. more to come on sunday morning edition of "action news." those who wanted to see the triple crown winner are disappointed. strokes are the biggest killer of women, but would you know the warning signs? ali gorman has the information you need to know. looking live over the center city skyline. chris sowers will
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>> triple crown remains an elusive dream. california chrome fell flat yesterday. the colt couldn't go the distance. tona list was the one to beat. he came to the belmont fresh. >> it's not fair to the horses that have been in the day since
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day 1. >> chrome sustained a bloody gash to his right front foot sometime during the race. the colt's camp said the injury isn't serious. >> the comments by california chrome's owner, somewhat controversial. >> reporter: we were talking about it, and that's what made the triple crown so prestigious, you have to race against fresh horses. we have high, thin clouds overhead with comfortable temperatures and low humidity levels. you will notice a slight increase in the humidity. very, very nice for june standards. 73 degrees, dewpoint, 58. pressure reading 29.98-inches.
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upper 60s allentown, poconos 68. trenton, 72, 72 on the boardwalk in sea isle city. 67 is the ocean temperature we're starting to warm things up a little bit. we have these high, thin clouds over the dwfl these called -- over the delaware valley. these are called blow-off thunderstorm clouds. they are coming in from the great lakes. this is settling up an unsettled pattern monday and tuesday. it is flying on by now, but it will hit a block as soon as it hits the delaware valley. it will slow down significantly, with this over top of us for the next 72 hours we'll have showers in the forecast for the foreseeable future. high pressure in control. winds out of the southwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour, a slight breeze it will get us into the
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upper 80s. here come the two storm systems, overnight tonight into tomorrow, they he shaly sit there for tuesday, as well. neither monday nor tuesday appear to be a wash at this point. but just about at any point in time there could be the showers and thunderstorms. poconos 400 taking place this afternoon. temperatures currently in the upper 60s, we'll be in the upper # owes by -- 70s by 1:00 p.m. high, thin clouds overhead. the jersey shore, quite a bit of sunshine comfortable temperatures a nice sea breeze developing by lunchtime 75. 3:00 p.m., 76. the seaks putting a lid on the the -- sea breeze putting a lit on the temperatures ranging from 65 to 68 degrees. 86, 87 in philadelphia. milled 70s on the beaches. wildwood, 73.
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some of the communities on the delaware bay will pull back into the 70s as well. sun and clouds in the city, 87 degrees is the forecasted high. 73 degrees right now. 84 by lunchtime. 86 by 3:00 p.m. somewhere between 3 and 4:00 p.m. we'll top out by 87. 6:00 p.m., 81. overnight tonight, showers and thunderstorms developing after midnight. mainly north and west of the city. tomorrow morning is when some of these get into the city itself and interior sections of south jersey. 62 degrees outlying suburbs, 64 center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast looks pretty good today and unsettled over the next couple of days. humid on monday, showers and thunderstorms, 80 degrees. sunshine expected on tuesday, but still that threat of showers and thunderstorms. 8 #. 83. as your honor and clouds, wednesday, 82 -- sun and clouds, wednesday, 82.
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a cold front comes in and triggers showers and thunderstorms for the thursday and friday, and it clears out in time for the weekend. >> this is a reminder our cesily tynan and adam joseph will be on "good morning america" all this week. they are filling in for ginger zee who is getting married. you can tweet them to wish them luck with the hash tag 6abc on "g.m.a." >> graduation season is upon us, for one family who has had to overcome special odds this is special. michael more graduating from akron high school is homeless. they lived in a car for a while. s mother encouraged to stay in school and stay the course. he plans to work for a year and apply to college and stud commuter science.
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>> welcome back, 20 minutes after 9:00 a.m. on this sunday morning as we look live through sky6 live hd at cape may, new jersey, what a beautiful scene this morning. if the beach is not in your plans, hopefully something outdoors is, because a sunday stunner is on tap. >> stroke is the third leading death for women. >> but a study shows many women don't know the telltale signs. >> reporter: the american heart association uses this acronym to know the signs of stroke. f for face drooping, a for arm
9:21 am
weak ntz and numbness and s for speemp difficult, and t for time. the american heart association found many women can only name two signs of stroke. our own informal survey found the same result. >> weakness. >> reporter: do you know any of the other signs. >> no. >> reporter: some of them lose a left side. can't use it. >> slurring your speech. difficulty thinking. i guess walking. >> reporter: a inure oamtion at temple -- a neurologist at temple isn't surprised by the results. people experience stroke systems and don't realize it's a stroke. >> they go to sleep thinking the symptoms will go away.
9:22 am
>> reporter: doing so delays recovery. there are other symptoms. >> dizziness, a sudden headache that's greater than one has ever experienced and has no clear cause, confusion, difficulty walking and coordinator. >> reporter: the good news once someone suspects stroke, 84% knew whether a to do. >> call 911 right away. >> go to an emergency room and see what's going on. >> you get to the hospital as fast as possible. >> reporter: as a nurse i can tell you will the quicker you get someone to the hospital, especially a stroke center, the better the outcome. we have more at
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 9:25 time for the boat and beach report. we'll start out with storm tracker 6 live nothing going on. we have high, thin clouds increase the sunshine throughout the first part of the afternoon and more clouds will follow that later on in the day. we have a nice south/southeasterly breeze, a sea breeze for the communities on the delaware bay and the oceanfront. that means temperatures will be held back a little bit. inlands locations top out in the 80s. on the sand in the 70s. winds out of the south at 7 miles per hour. fortescue gandys beach showing 69. for wildwood and cape may, temperatures are in the 70s, waves are light at 2 feet. seeing the combination of sun
9:26 am
and clouds. nice morning for boating. shirleen. >> that's for sure. gone are the days where you have to drive to big-box store to buy in bulk. saving with 6abc with amy buckman has an online alternative. >> reporter: by now most of us have heard of groupon. it's a site where you can get discounts on spa treatments and restaurant meals. now they are all of these bulk items. >> we started a new service called groupon basic. household and personal care it's an online bulk service. >> reporter: among the deals we found 6 pack of 33-ounce clorox stain remover for 39.99. or a 9 pack of 70 pack bounce
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drier sheets for 39.99. >> the discount is 20 to 30% off. the frequency of purchase increases the value. >> reporter: on the downside you can't use manufacturers coupons on the site. >> as a promotion, we'll allow anyone who purchases a groupon item, they will get 5% in bucks. >> reporter: most of the deals are comparable what you will find at a costco or b.j. which means you don't have to carry them home yourself they come right to your front door. amy buckman channel 6 "action news." >> there's much more to come on
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"action news," that's right, plus chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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>> bucks county authorities are investigating a deadly auto pedestrian accident. >> police in delaware county are looking for more victims of a man accused of rape.
9:30 am
>> a hollywood-style prison break leaves three inmates on the run this morning. >> but first we go outside to chris sowers with a fantastic forecast. >> reporter: you're right, brian, is 9:30 a.m. to early for a barbecue. we have beautiful day, repeat of yesterday's comfortable weather. 73 degrees, sea isle 73. dover, 74. we'll zoom into the jersey shore, a lot of you heading on down there today. it looks like a perfect beach day. ship bottom sitting at 72. beach haven 72 with appear ocean temperature of 67. atlantic city the official numbers at the airport they are showing 74. on the boardwalk we're seeing a temperature of 70. ocean city, 73. avalon the same number, cape may, 71. a very light breeze about 5 to 10 miles per hour out of the south that will get the sea breeze going later this
9:31 am
afternoon. you'll see highs on the sand in the mid to upper 70s. for the city look for a combination of sun and clouds. it will be a warmer day, yesterday's high, 84. today we'll see a high of 87. you'll notice a slight increase in the humidity from yesterday. still looks to be a very enjoyable day, but the pattern changes as we move into the new workweek. it will get muggy out here, especially tomorrow, tuesday a couple of frontal systems stall overtop of us. with the humidity comes the unsettled weather. we have numerous showers and thunderstorms in the accuweather forecast. as a matter of fact the only day that doesn't feature a shower or thunderstorm is wednesday. enjoy the lovely weather we're seeing out here right now, because it will not last, when i come back in just a few minutes we'll talk about that and i will the seven-day forecast. >> bucks county authorities are investigating a tragedy as a person was struck and killed on business route 1. the driver stopped and the
9:32 am
police are ironing out what happened. the victim's name has not been released. the second largest construction project in penndot history is expected to begin tomorrow. the construction will expand on i-95 as penndot crews begin a 212 project to he rebuild 1.5-mile section of i-95 between girard and allegheny avenues. they will rebuild the ramps and put in new retaining walls. penndot is doing several projects on i-95 in philadelphia until the summer of 2018. >> penn state's new president is talking to "action news" about taking on the job amy the controversy. -- amid the controversy. he was the president of florida state he left sfu while the university was in the midst of a sexual assault scandal. in happy valley he has the job
9:33 am
of repairing the penn state reputation post jerry sandusky scandal. >> from my prospective, i didn't look at penn state that way, i look at what its like today that's very powerful. >> he told "action news" he has not spoken to joe paterno's family if eel -- if he'll do anything with regard to the late coach's legacy. a georgia truck driver faces charges in a new jersey accident that killed a man and seriously injured tracy morgan and three others. this is james mcnair who was killed in a pileup on the turnpike early saturday morning. he was in a limo bulls after performing -- in a limo bulls after performing in a show in
9:34 am
delaware. the bus was rear ended in cranberry township. friends say they were inseparable. >> he and tracy performed at the same venues. next thing i know he is writing for tracy. >> a truck driver kevin roper may have dolessed off and -- dosed off and failed to see the slowing traffic ahead. morp began is still in -- morgan is still in critical condition. celebrities and fellow comedians are taking to twitter to offer support.
9:35 am
>> a man from drexel hill has been arrested for ealgtdly raping -- allegedly raping a woman he lured with a fake add on craig's list. he posted a fake ad looking for a home health care worker. when an 18-year-old answered the ad, police say cornish went through a full interview process with her, instead of having a contract for a job he had a contract for an escort service. >> she said i didn't yik for t- i didn't come here for this, i came here as a healthcare worker. he took pictures of her niewld
9:36 am
and then he raped -- nude and then he raped her. police found other contracts in the apartment and police are tracking down the women to his if the crimes were committed against them. >> three canadian prisoners are being hunted after using a helicopter to escape jail. these are mug shots of missing inmates. however there are no details of the charges against them. the second jailbreak involving a helicopter in quebec province in just over a year. >> the fbi and other agencies are investigating death threats against the former taliban prisoner, bowe bergdahl. hailey idaho has been swamped with hate mail.
9:37 am
bergdahl said he was beaten and tortured and held in a cage by his captures for trying to escape. officials say he is not emotionally ready to return to his family. >> president obama is expected to announce a new executive action to help people with heavy student loan dealt. it lone debt. it is pay as you earn program. it's available to those who started borrowing after october 2007 and kept borrowing after october 2011. the president will direct the government to renegotiate contracts with federal student lone servicers. he wants to make it earser to avoid default. philadelphia is in the competition for the "d" nc
9:38 am
convention. hosting a convention would cost the city up to $60 million. philadelphia hosted the republican national convention in 2000. a final decision is expected late this year or early next year. >> the remarkable life and powerful worlds of the late -- words of the late maya angelou. the memorial service at lake forest university was packed with her family and friend and famous admirers including former president clinton and oprah winfrey and michelle obama. >> dr. angelou's words stained a little black girl from chicago that carried me from the south side of chicago to the white house. >> maya angelou was one of the
9:39 am
21st century's most celebrated writers. one of the largest african street festival wraps up. it's a celebration of a can heritage. the street fair kicks off at 23rd and south street. the central theme is rooted in the tradition of the people of my nigeria. >> there's much more to come on sunday morning edition of "action news." phillys manager ryan sandberg earned his first career ejection. >> we'll show you a puppy class for children with autism. >> you're live in center city, a beautiful scene out there.
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chris sowers as the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come right back. while stopping at dunkin' donuts, so now i'm sitting in the bed of my truck, sipping a latte and smiling. #mydunkin"
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>> 4 female polar bears are the newest nature video from alaska. video was put on the bears to see how they eat on sea ice. it captured their eating habits and more intimate things [laughter]. it shows he how they are changing while polar ice changes. >> the antithesis of cold here. >> reporter: we have the zoo balloon there this morning.
9:43 am
a perfect day to head to the philadelphia zoo. a couple of clouds overhead. the temperature, the only difference today the only difference is the fact that the humidity has come up a little bit. we're showing 73 degrees at this 9:00 a.m. hour, dewpoint 58. winds are calm, pressure reading 29.98 inches. across south jersey, you get into central and southern delaware interior sections of south jersey, humidity has come up through here. not too bad as of yet north and west of the city. everybody in time will notice the increase in humidity. this is a look at the documents. again, this is the way -- dewpoints, this is the way we measure the month of moisture in the air. dover, 63, wilmington and wildwood, 60 degrees. while we scale it it's on the bottom of the scale. by tomorrow this is in the muggy category we'll be flirting with documents in the 68 to 70-degree
9:44 am
range late in the day. these conditions will be feeling more summer like if you're not a big fan of the humidity as we progress along over the next couple of days. it's thanks to these storm systems out through here. each one that travels east draws in the moisture out of the south. kind of counter clock winds draws everything out of the gulf. it will increase the humidity over the next couple of days. high, thin clouds overhead. later this afternoon, we'll see an increase in clouds, they will lower and thicken. later tonight showers ascertain thunderstorms start to develop. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning you could see heavier rains in the lehigh valley and more stuff across central and northern delaware that will continue to push on by to the north and the east. monday appears to be a day that's rather gray. you can see wet weather from time to time. by afternoon you can catch a break to see more showers and
9:45 am
thunderstorms flare up after 5:00 or 6:00. we get into tuesday we'll do it all over again as the system sits over top of us. in the lehigh valley. comfortable high of 85 degrees, jersey shore, another picture perfect day. right there on the sand sea breeze developing, mostly sunny skies expected. maybe a few high, thin clouds from time to time. the uv index on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 9. that means you can catch a burn in 15 minutes. apply the sunscreen. philadelphia, sun and clouds, warmer than yesterday. overnight tonight cloudy and showers ascertain -- and thunderstorms developing after midnight. 62 for the suburbs, 64 center city. we'll keep it nice and quiet today. unsettled for the workweek. 80 degrees tomorrow, muggy. thunderstorms expected from time to time. tuesday, sun and clouds, still that chance of a shower or thunderstorm. 83. wednesday quiet, sun and clouds, 82. we get into the second half of
9:46 am
the workweek. thursday and friday another couple of frontal systems approach that will increase the chance of showers and thunderstorms. neither day in the seven-day forecast looks like a watch, burr there are several you have to keep an eye to the sky. next weekend looks good, though. >> keep an eye on "action news." you can get "action news" and accuweather anytime with our 6abc news app. it's free at the apple and google app stores. >> a new initiative at a georgia school partners autistic students with future service animals. these 8 weekend golden retriever puppies will grow up to be service dogs for war veterans. until they are 4 months old they will stay with the students with autism. they will socialize the puppies in exchange the puppies help the children who are struggling with social an emotional connections. this past week they all took a trip together to target. >> when the students go out in
9:47 am
public, and they their little puppies in the pouches. it immediately creates opportunity for interaction with with people. >> teachers call the experience at that life changing lesson. i think that about wraps it up. so... great, i'll send a follow up email. i don't - there's nothing much to follow up on so i... well, we...we should regroup we just regrouped - this is the regrouping. (laughing)
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[ female announcer ] new tide ultra stain release helps remove 99% of everyday stains. ♪ music plays [male announcer] from the tide factory in lima, ohio to a walmart near you, join walmart and tide in supporting american jobs. >> welcome back everybody, on this beautiful sunday morning.
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9:50 right now. you're taking a live look at old city, independence hall off in the distance. it's going to be a hot one today, 87 degrees. america's biggest homes are getting bigger. the average size of homes built an all time high of 2600 square feet. during the housing bubble years homes averaged 2400 square feet. experts say one reason is the rich are getting richer and they are buying bigger homes, extremely large homes, 4,000 square feet and up make up a much larger slice of new homes being built. meanwhile, first time home buyers the biggest market for smaller homes either having trouble getting mortgages or are heavily in debt. consumer experts urge customers to look at the
9:51 am
products in the grocery. many are downsizing, but prices remain the same. consumers used to pay for 100 diapers now they get 92. panara bread is making changes to his dining menu. they plan to dump all artificial ingredients. they will be working to remove high fructose corn syrup from many beverages. we have more much, sports is
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>> good morning, rise and shien on this sunday morning, 9:54 as we look live sky6 live hd at the u.s.s. olympia this morning. the sun reflecting off the delaware river. the l.a. kings have more on the first two games in the stanley cup finals they beat the rangers in an double overtime game last night 5-4. they won game one in overtime. the series heading back to new york city. the phillies will wrap up a miserable road trip in cincinnati. manager ryan sandberg got ejected arguing a call that was pivotal in a loss yesterday, jeff skeverski has sports. >> reporter: the phillies have been the worst team in the league over the last month. they are off to their worse start in 14 years and for the most partly they have no one to blaism but themselves -- blame but themselves. but yesterday you could point
9:55 am
the finger at the umps. first point the finger at the pitching. phils fell behind 6-2. back they come. carlos ruiz leads off the 6th with a solo homer. later in the inning dom brown doubles to deep right center. here comes marlin byrd. the phils argued that the catcher was blocking home before he had control of the ball which is now against the rules. ryan sandberg gets thrown out and he can not argue a replay now. jimmy rollins a 2-run bomb, it could have been a tieing homer, instead phils down 1. later in the 7th they can tie it again. chase utley to deep center. ruiz is trying to score he is thrown out, too.
9:56 am
it's a game of inches phils looks like 6-5. they have with an only one since last saturday. phils reliever mike adams on the disabled leaf with an inflamed rotator cuff. taking a spot on the team the kid who can throw over 100 miles an hour, phils brought up ken giles from the lehigh valley. his fast balls have been recorded as high as 103. >> that nasty cramp in game one was not the reason labron james was running a little behind from miami heat practice. apparently it was all because of the i can't being. >> last question. >> you ready to get to practice
9:57 am
bro, you've been talking all day. >> practice? you mean the game. >> game two tomorrow night coverage begins at 7:30 as the heat try to to even the series at a game apiece. nascar, denny hamlin on the pole. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski. >> a florida man said he is tired of being hounded by code enforcement so he decided to paint the home as a american flag. he said the city is threatening to fine him. he said it's not the city's business to tell him what his home should like like. he plans to paint the liberty bell on the second floor, by the
9:58 am
way. >> much more to come on sunday morning edition of "action news." >> coming up our stop stories, and -- top stories and meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action
9:59 am
>> hello, it is 10:00 a.m. on
10:00 am
this sunday, june 8. >> in the news, philadelphia police are investigating a deadly road rage shooting. >> and new this morning, a south jersey walmart became a crime scene overnight. >> a race this morning in fairmont park ends with an unusual medal for runners. >> but first to meteorologist chris sowers at the "action news" big board with a look at the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: hi, brian, it's an easy morning in the weather department. a lot of sunshine, and comfortable humidity levels. philadelphia, 77. wilmington, 78. trenton, 77. even on the boardwalk in atlantic city, temperatures are starting to climb up to 75 degrees. forecast for today, mostly sunny skies, a few high, thin clouds out there. it will be a warmer afternoon, we'll see a high of 87 degrees with a slight increase in humidity. if yesterday was a perfect ten today we're looking at 9 1/2.
10:01 am
another picture-perfect day. changes are arriving. we have a series of frontal systems that will sweep through over the the next five dames. this will sit over top of us monday e monday and tuesday. it will stall off the coast. because it will be so close by, monday and tuesday this area runs the risk of seeing showers and thunderstorm. wednesday we get a back door cold front we see everything clear out and temperatures are comfortable again. this gets picked up by another approaching front thursday and friday this sweeps over the delaware valley as we are back into it. we have several chances of wet weather in the seven-day forecast. i'll have the details when we come back in just a bit. >> philadelphia police said they are investigating a deadly road rage shooting this morning. police say a gunman shot a man and a woman on the 500 block of
10:02 am
west roosevelt boulevard in feltonville. a 43-year-old man was killed and 31-year-old woman is in critical condition. the suspect is in custody, stay with "action news" for the latest on the deadly road rage shooting. new this morning, crime tape surrounds this south jersey walmart after someone tried to steal from there overnight. camden county authorities got word of the attempted robbery at this store in somerdale after 2:30. no word on the description of the suspects or if anything was in fact taken. we do know that no one was hurt. >> comedian tracy morgan is still in the fight of his life. he was rushed into intensive care following a deadly crash on the new jersey turnpike. the driver of the tractor-trailer that hit morgan's limo setting off a chain reaction wreck is arrested
10:03 am
an charge. police say he may have fell asleep at the wheel. among the offenses, taking the life of morgan's friend. >> reporter: this was the scene after superstar funny man tracy morgan and his friends were pulled out of the bulls on -- of the bus on the new jersey turnpike. the 45-year-old s and l and 30 rock actor was seriously injured. his comedy writer, james, jimmy mack, mcnair was killed. >> when they first was getting started together into comedy they were inseparable. >> reporter: morgan and his entourage were injured. he and his assistant and arty
10:04 am
fuqua. he posted a picture on instagram with a standing ovation for morgan. road life is a good life he wrote. >> our father, uncle jimmy mack, jimmy mcnair. he was the epitome of a great man. >> the middlesex county prosecutor charged the driver kevin roper of georgia with one count of death by auto. walmart said if the truck caused the accident, it will take full responsibility. we'll do what is right for the family of the victim and the survivors. another comic at stanton was treated and released yesterday. the limo drive and the front-seat passenger, another employee were not injured. morgan's family is by his side. kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> you can find continuing
10:05 am
coverage of the accident with the 6abc news app. we included photos from his star-studded career. the app is free for your apple and android device. >> "action news" was there overnight when water gushed from a 36-inch main at 27th and master. some water damaged a home and corner store. you can see how badly the tore up the road. ment good news here we are told no one lost water service saturday of the break. someone shot up a car in camden overnight and the driver was hit by at least one of the bullets. the car then plowed into a building. the impact of that left a hole in the structure here in the 700 block of sycamore avenue. someone got the wounded driver to cooper university hospital where's listed right now in
10:06 am
critical condition. police are looking for the shooter and trying to determine a motive for the gunfire. >> a man is thanking the neighbors who came to his rescue when he was attacked by his own dogs. yesterday a 3-year-old pregnant pitbull viciously attacked her other than louis rodriguez. the 10-year-old pitbull rock followed the lead. both dogs were in a fenced yard in port richmond when he want into to clean up. a neighbor beat the dogs away. >> she was screaming she said they are killing him. >> i said what? >> they said they are killing him, you got to do something. >> reporter: rodriguez was eventually freed. neither dog had a history of violence. they have to be quarantined for ten days until a decision is made if they should be euthanized. >> philadelphia police need your help finding a missing man.
10:07 am
this is 47-year-old leroy hurling. he has the mental capacity of a 7-year-old child. he was seen on lindbergh boulevard in southwest philadelphia. fun where's contact police. >> 7-year-old darren symack will be back in school after being suspended for bringing a toy gun to school. he picked up a backpack when he left home and did not realize the toy was in there. when he found it he gave it to the teacher, but he was suspended because the school policy forbids any weapons on school grounds. >> i sended it to a teacher. >> the kid succeeded in the circumstance it's a mixed message that we're sending him now. >> the boy's parents say they understand the policy, but feel the school's action is too severe under all the circumstances. tomorrow is the last day of school for this academic year.
10:08 am
>> some of the money from the sale of the los angeles clippers is going to charity. source said up to 10% of the sale which would amount to $200 million will be spun off into a charitable foundation that shelly sterling would essentially run. donald and shelly sterling co-oand -- co-owen co-own the team. it is charity would target under privileged families. the nba banned donald sterling for recorded racist remarks. patco's train service has resumed. it was suspended between broadway and 8th and market. crews were repairing tracks, but
10:09 am
train service has resumed. more traffic news, the platt bridge back open right now. here's a live look from sky6 live hd traffic is getting along just fine. penndot was laying serial on the road as -- sealer on the road as part of an upgrade. it opened a day sooner than expected. >> happening today the first gay pride parade in philadelphia since pennsylvania legalized gay marriage. the parade kicks off at noon at 13th and locust. it makes its way to the great plaza at penns landing where a festival will be held. several couples are going to get married on independence mall. mayor nutter and gubernatorial candidate tom wolf are scheduled to appear. >> 3, 2, 1 [horn blows] there they go, runners hit the pavement for the odyssey
10:10 am
half marathon. organizers say the race features live music along the course and at the finish line a medal with a beer opener built in. all proceeds from the race go to students run philly style. >> my kind of race. the powerball jackpot jumped to $257 million. the numbers if you missed them are as follows. 28, 30, 35, 58, 59, powerball was 15, of course the power play was 2. you can see the powerball drawings every night wednesday and saturday night, this is they air during "action news" at 11:00 p.m. >> still to come on "action news," this morning, students lobby lawmakers in trenton to make a shore treat the official candy of new jersey. >> plus a senior prank for the record books we have the school officials response, maybe not
10:11 am
what you expected. now a live look through sky6 live hd as we look live over penns landing him meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. you're going to like the start of it at least when we come right back.
10:12 am
>> maybe mother nature didn't
10:13 am
thing there were enough balls in brussels on saturday? i don't know, because an international friendly game was stopped in the first half due to golf-ball sized hail. it poured on to the pitch and in the players' way. the world cup will takes place in brazil from june 12 to july 13. hopefully fans didn't get height with golf-ball size hail. >> reporter: we don't have any weather like that in our forecast. look at this view in cape may. what a nice, tranquil picture that is. we have people on the sands. we have temperatures in the mid 70s. light breeze developing off the water. a fabulous start to your sunday. 77 in philadelphia. the dewpoint has come down in the past hour or so. it's back in the 50s right where
10:14 am
we like it. other loarks are in the 6 -- locations are in the 60s. winds out of the southwest at 7. trenton, 78. wilmington, 76. dover, 78. even the poconos climbing into the 70s. the humidity will increase over the next couple of days. it's comfortable out there, but a little more humid than yesterday. we get into monday these dew points start climbing into the mid 60s, when we scale it we're in the slightly humid category for monday. tuesday, each and everyday here, the numbers increase. dewpoints approaching 70 and we keep climbing on the scale. tuesday we're in the humid category, we get into wednesday, assuming the back door cold front pulls through, this will drop back down. if it holds offshore this may
10:15 am
get higher. each and everyday the humidity, the dewpoints will increase, the muggies return. satellite and radar we're watching this system here that will provide us with a little wet weather after midnight tonight. surface maps look like this, that's the good guy, high pressure in control winds out of the as well as at 7 miles per hour. tomorrow is a gloomy day, lots of clouds, on and off periods of rain and thunderstorms, as well. the poconos this afternoon, nice and comfortable, quiet low humidity levels 80 degrees is the forecasted high. the jersey shore look at the ocean temperature, 67 off the coast of atlantic city, cape may is seeing an ocean temperatures of 71. we'll see a high of 76 degrees we're close to that now. a nice sea breeze in the process of developing we'll go mostly sunny skies with a few high, thin clouds during the afternoon. this afternoon, sun and clouds, 87 degrees, overnights tonight, cloudy skies showers and thunderstorms developing late.
10:16 am
probably after midnight. mainly north and west of the city they will move into the city and into south jersey around 45:00 a.m. that will set up a slower commute tomorrow. 62 degrees outlying suburbs, 64 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 87 degrees for today. 80 for tomorrow with all that cloud cover it will be hard to get the temperatures much higher than that. sunshine tuesday, thunderstorms late in the day, 83. wednesday, it depends whether or not the back door cold front slides through. it could be a nice day with low humidity levels. in the low 70s and 80s. thursday and friday another system moves through and we clear out for the weekend. >> a little trivia for you here the new jersey state flower is the violet and the bird is
10:17 am
american gold firch -- finch but they don't have a candy. >> reporter: salt water taffy has been a chewy treat for a century. >> we discovered unlike other states new jersey does not have any official state candy. >> reporter: students are lobbying lawmakers reminding them how in the 1800s salt water taffy came to be. one year a storm flooded my storm and salt water got on my taffy. the next day a girl came into the store i said do you want to
10:18 am
buy salt water taffy? >> the idea of making it the official state candy is a winner. >> it's classic to the jersey shore, everybody knows salt water taffy and the jersey shore. >> i don't know if there's a state candy for other states. nothing says jersey shore like salt water taffy. >> each ledge later was given -- legislator was given a bag of salt water taffy. >> this is an idea for young people to see an idea they had can become a law. >> it's not grounds-breaking legislation, but if the kids are successful in their quest it will be a sweet lesson they will never forget. at the state house in trenton, nora muchanic channel 6 "action news."
10:19 am
10:20 am
at hampton, with free wi-fi, just for staying the night... hi! hi, buddy!'ll have more to smile about. now you can power up while earning double points or double miles on your next getaway. feel the hamptonality >> welcome back, 20 minutes after 10:00 a.m. on this sunday morning, 78 degrees as we look live at penns landing and the great plaza where today's gay pride festival will culminate. the first parade in philadelphia since the same-sex marriage became legal in the state of pennsylvania. it is time for our odd and unusual stories this week it
10:21 am
includes thousands of tree huggers and hedge hogs as pets. >> first we start with a high school prank that will be remembered for a while. ♪ a group of seniors in is santa barbara california hired a band to follow their principal around. he walked into the office in the morning, they followed him through the halls for more than an hour. the principals said the pranks don't bother him, as long as the seniors are making good grades. >> they are tiny animals with cute little faces and roll into prickly balls when they are scared. hedge hogs are growing in popularity despite laws that 6 states ban them or restrict them as household pets. they require less maintainance
10:22 am
than dogs and cats. >> reporter: call it the antimcmansion. you may have heard about tiny houses popping up all over the country. a community in portland organ held a tour -- oregon held a tour of a home between 200 and 800 feet. the city supports sustain ability efforts and waiving fees, they build 3 to 400 homes like this four times a year. >> a world record was being set for the largest tree hugging event. they gathered at the park on the outskirts of katmandu. they were spreagd awareness for the importance of trees, so they
10:23 am
hugged them. >> you can relieve stress by hugging a tree. >> you can do that this afternoon. >> will you join me? >> not today. >> okay. >> that was so wrong, ryan. >> maybe i will. >> we'll be right back.
10:24 am
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>> coming up this morning at 11:30 is inside story and here's a preview. >> reporter: hi guys coming up on inside story, two new polls about political leadership in the future has interesting leads going on. we'll talk about the mayor's
10:26 am
race. and the governor's race, tom wolf up 20 points over tom corbett. will that last? we'll have more on inside story, i hope you join us. >> chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: it's comfortable today, but it's unsettled next week. 87 degrees today. 80 tomorrow, lots of clouds and showers around. same thing for tuesday. wednesday is clear, thursday and friday we get into the unsettled pattern again, chance of showers and thunderstorms both days, saturday at this point looks nice, sun and clouds and a cooler high of 82. looking good. >> this week with george stephanopoulos is next on 6abc. here's a preview. >> reporter: good morning we have new comments from diane's
10:27 am
interview with hillary clinton. and we have more from bergdahl and what he went through during his five years of captivity. we'll get nate silver's world cup predictions coming up on this week. >> all right, george. "action news" continues at noon. we'll have the latest on the new jersey crash that has comedian tracy morgan and two other friends fighting for their lives. military vets answer the call with an amazing new wound sealant. now for chris sowers, eva pilgrim, nydia han, and brian
10:28 am
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starting right now on abc's "this week" -- hillary's choice. >> i'm going to decide when it feels right for me to decide. because -- >> by the end of this year? >> her biggest hints yet on 2016. new answers from diane sawyer's exclusive interview. plus, our new poll reveals hillary's biggest weakness. firing back. >> we still get an american soldier back. >> as outrage grows, brand-new details from our global team at guantanamo bay and in qatar, where the freed taliban prisoners now live in luxury. plus, world cup wind-up. we're live in brazil, as a global celebration, four years in the making, kicks off. from abc news, "this week" with george stephanopoulos begins now.


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