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tv   Action News  ABC  June 9, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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news," storm tracker 6 live double scan radar tracking overnight rain moving through the region. accuweather says this is round one. >> a revolution or random attack. investigators take steps to pinpoint the motive for the rampage in las vegas. >> good morning, it is 5:30, monday, june 9. let's get over to meteorologist david murphy to tell us a little bit about this rain that's moving through and karen rogers is keeping an eye on the roads. >> reporter: let's start you out with storm tracker 6 live double scan we're looking at showers popping through from the southwest to the northeast. these are sliding toward the northeast. very little left over in baltimore a little bit of a shower coming up the pike. we have dover with some rain now and then. we have light rain with steadier
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cells. off to the north and west, not much going on. the wider view shows you breaks in the clouds, we expect sunny breaks to build in during the morning and afternoon hours and we are looking at the possibility of redevelopment of showers and, perhaps, a thunderstorm. 67 in philadelphia, 67 in wilmington, and 63 in trenton. most of the areas in the i-95 corridor. as we head out the door, 66 by 6:00 a.m. and bouncing up to 71 by 8:00 a.m. warm today, 79 degrees by noon, 82 is the high today. somewhere between noon and three on into the evening there's a chance of spotty showers or perhaps a drenching thunderstorm. karen, it looks like this is the beginning of unsettled weather this week, i'll have moore in the seven day. >> reporter: we can seep the roads are wet not causing a big
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problem. this is westbound traffic as you head toward the airport. looks like i'm going to get run over here, doesn't it. the bridge was reopened, it was closed for construction. looking good on the platt bridge. boulevard, southbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill. nothing but wet roads. on the big board, all the rod 89 roads have reopened like the kelly drive. speeds in the 50s on the blue route, 9 schuylkill expressway and i-95. delaware, new castle county we have 495 remaining closed between terminal avenue and 1th street. this is indefinite while they continue to work on that bridge. use i-95 is a good alternate. expect extra slowing on i-95, currently not too bad about a 1 minute ride. you can hop into new jersey and use 295, too if you need to do that. matt. >> on the big board we're
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looking into the on going investigation into the police ambush in las vegas. there's no clear motive this morning the witnesses said the shooter shouted this is a revolution during a lunchtime attack inside a pizza shop. two officers were killed. sheriffs believe the man and woman behind all this, gunned down a third person say walmart across the street and killed themselves as part of a murder suicide pact. one shopper described the chaos in the store. >> i started taking off running, too, when i stepped out and started hearing more shots and one of the officers went back in and he ran out and he told everybody back up. they were laying more rounds off. >> reporter: las vegas police officers who normally work alone are being paired up for added
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safety effective immediately. >> up darby police are looking for more victims of a fake craig's list add -- ad. this mother who we are not identifying answered the ad, but it was a sex for higher company. that's when kevin cornish raped her. when she saw a familiar sign on the road she acted. >> i put my bags in my hand exi got out of the car -- and i got out of the car and started running as fast as i could. >> you'll hear more from the victim in the next half-hour. happening today, the tractor-trailer driver charged in the deadly crash that critically injured tracy morgan is due in court. the 35-year-old driver kevin roper is accused of slamming his big rig boo the -- into the back
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of the comedian's limo bus. morgan is more responsive after surgery for a broken leg. he has broken nose and ribs. the driver of the limo bus described the wreck to abc news. >> it felt like an explosion. i just remember the impact and the vehicle going by and i climbed around and heard tracy, screaming for help. >> investigators have yet to determine why the truck did is not slow down for traffic. they no longer believe that roper was asleep at the wheel. walmart will take full responsibility if authorities determine that their driver was indeed responsible. you can find continuing coverage on the free 6abc news app, download it now for your apple and android devices.
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>> $212 million project starts tonight on i-95, it will build a 1.5-mile stretch between girard and alley gain avenues. -- allegheny avenues. this is one of several penndot projects along i-95 in philadelphia. all the work is expected to continue until the summer of 2018. we're definitely getting into that area of summertime, where we have all this construction all over the place. >> it's going to feel like summer this week. >> reporter: it is, warm and humid and drenching thunderstorms and showers possible as we work our way through the humid air mass this week. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows for now, most of us have light rain that began in the overnight hours. of as you take the two dimensional view, most of it is shifting toward the northern half of the region and pushing toward the northeast and there we go slowly sneaking past us.
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as we go in tighter most of the heavily traveled roads are wet at this point. every now and then we get a steadier shower happening. that yellow is an example of that happening coming in from darby and center city philadelphia. the northern and western suburbs not as bad, down the shore is dry, but we're be lieuing at couple of hours of these showers popping through. as we look outside, we have the ben franklin bridge one of those areas seeing the light rain right now. 67 degrees in philadelphia. 63 in trenton. 63 in allentown. 67 in wilmington. almost 70 in millville, new jersey at this early hour. satellite and radar shows you after we get rid of the batch of morning rain we'll get into a period of the day where we see clouds and sunny breaks and humid unstable air malice later this afternoon. perhaps after 2, 3, more showers begin to develop and there could
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showers and thunderstorms. because this air mass is humid, anything that does pop has the chance of producing a drenching downpour. later tonight after 11:00 p.m. or so, we will not have as much to show you on radar. allentown, clouds and sun, humid, a thunderstorm or shower is possible later in the day. even though you're catching a break right now. down the shore, ocean temperature getting better in the 60s. 75 at noon, 76 at 3:00 p.m. cloudy skies for the most part and there's a chance of shower or thunderstorm later in the day and, of course, we have showers now. clouds and sun, showers in philadelphia. 82 is the high. we're in the low 80s for the rest of the afternoon. in the afternoon hours pop-up showers and thunderstorms are possible. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, showers
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today they will taper off tonight. shower or thunderstorm possible on tuesday, warm and humid, wednesday humid, thursday, humid. wednesday's rain may be centered in the afternoon, thursday, highs in the mid 80s. anytime you get a shower or thunderstorm in the air mass this week we could be looking at a drenching downpour at times because the humidity is buildings. saturday we're posting a shower, we're hoping we're drying out, but sunday looks good. >> next up, a daring escape from a canadian jail prompting a massive manhunt. saving with 6abc checks out deals to see big deals and whether it's worth the trip. >> reporter: light volume here, we'll take you to doylestown and talk construction there when we take you back. >> he's not heavy he is my
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>> welcome back, you're taking a live look here in center city you can see through that blue-gray color tipping you off to the fact that rain has come through the area. the day you'll want to keep an
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umbrella in your bag or in your car. it is 5:42 and 68 degrees. >> karen rogers is looking at the wet roads right now. >> reporter: you want to give yourself extra time when it's an wet morning commute. we're looking live in the doylestown area bucks county. 611 bypass at easton road. it's dry in this area, we have construction from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. today. so you want to watch for that and watch for extra restrictions both ways between edison furlong road and 202. construction coming your way here near the doylestown area. for now looking good. how about conshohocken we have an issue east hectic -- hector street will close. new week new construction. you have to get used to it in conshohocken. it will last until the end of august. stick to spring mill avenue or washington street will help you
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along that. let's go outside live in langhorne, bucks county. we were looking at other areas like doylestown it looks dry. in langhorne, route 1 at 213 roads are wet. watch for that as you head out. the commuter traffic report for the most part rain is what people were talking about, i did hear there was an accident i-95 near up land, checking that, we'll see if we are picking up slower speeds. someone is reporting that an accident at i-95 at upland. the rain is not everywhere we're looking it shift from the i-95 corridor east. 2935 new jersey, woodbury, glassboro, route 70 getting wet and route 130 and trenton and i-95 as well. a shower or thunderstorm at any point, matt. >> gotcha, karen.
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the search continues for three men who broke out of a canadian jail in dramatic fashion. he had hopped into a helicopter in quebec city. they were arrested on drug traffic charges in 2010. two were charged with murder. all three are believed to have ties to the hells angels. chris christie continues his campaign tour with tom corbett. today they will be in philadelphia. they will attend a fundraiser at the union league. tonight's events benefits the republican governor's association. rga has raised $50 million since christy became head of the. tom wolf was in was in philadelphia to support gay rights. the annual lgbt celebration took
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on a special meaning it's the first parade since same-sex marriage became legal in pennsylvania. a woman's clothing boutique is closing it's doors after 35 years in business. the owners are clearing out the merchandise at deep discounts. amy buckman has more. >> reporter: a 250 belt for 125. 50% off jeans. a coat that was $1,430 for 358. look at this entire racks full of evening gowns and cocktail dresses 50 to 75% off that's just the beginning of the items on sale at clair dixon's going out of business sale. after 35 years the mother daughter team of clair and decision son has decided to
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close the doors. >> it's been an absolute wonderful run, 35 years, no complaints, but now it's time to move on to something different. >> clair wants to travel more and not just on buying trips. while debby wants to be with her daughter. >> it's a way of giving back. it's a terrific sale everything is 50 to 75% off. >> reporter: the beautiful cocktail and evening dresses are among the best deals. >> this would retail for 2400. le we are offering it under 600. this jersey dress originally $3,298, 123. by the end of june everything is expected to be gun. we'll give you directions so you
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can check out the deals at in lafayette hills, amy buckman channel 6 "action news." >> that store is an institution in that neighborhood. good sale. find out why a michigan teen gave his brother a 40-mile long piggyback right. >> a water main break ohms up a huge hole in the street. >> reporter: when i come back we'll look at storm tracker 6 live double scan. it's going to be bumpy weather this week. if y frozen arnold palmer. it's the coldest arnold palmer around. what you got there? frozen arnold palmer.
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made amazing strides in an effort to raise awareness about cerebral palsy. hunter gant carried his brother on his back for 40 miles. he embarked on the highway to inspire new research for a cure. >> i'm trying to get their attention show them our problems and hopefully they will be able to help us out. >> the walk from his junior high school to the university of michigan took two days. way to go hunter. >> want to know what love looks like that's what it looks like. >> reporter: that's a beautiful story. i love those images. i want to talk about an accident delaware county i-95 at 322. i was telling you that an accident was reported a few minutes ago scanning our cameras, look at the backup.
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the accident at center lane going to the commodor barry bridge. it's a mess this morning, dave. >> reporter: on the big board storm tracker 6 live double scan showing there is shower activity moving through delaware county philadelphia parts of southern bucks and chester county and a good portion of south jersey and delaware we're getting to the other end of it down around baltimore and maryland, but for now the morning commute is rather wet. the northern and western suburbs not much of a problem, but every now and then we get the steadier rain showing up in yellow. slow down. 73 degrees by 9:00 a.m. we have a shot of drying out by 9:00 a.m. this afternoon we'll get up to a high of 82 degrees, through the afternoon another round of spotty showers and perhaps a thunderstorm is possible, tam. if you care about politics
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you'll want to tune into tonight to abc for a dye an sawyer -- die and sawyer exclusive for an interview with hillary clinton. >> i have to make the decision that's right for me and the country. >> is the party frozen in place waiting for you to make it? >> no, people can do whatever they choose to do on whatever timetable they decide. >> the abc news prime time special airs at 9:00 p.m. on 6abc. hillary clinton is live on "g.m.a." tomorrow talking about her new book release that's tomorrow after "action news." we have a water main break impacting septa routes in philadelphia. >> more updates on a local
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priest being .
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>> police in reading hope surveillance video will help them catch two armed suspects. cameras captured the heist on lackawanna street. the clerk handed over the cash to the thieves who held a shot gun to their faces. it was the third day on the job
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for one of the workers he took a one hour break following the holdup and managed to get back out there and finish his shivment. homes -- his shift. homes in brewerytown are cleaning up after a water main break. it flooded the basement of a corner store and ruined thousands of dollars of invent to her. crews are working to fix the broken pipe and the hole that opened up. operation stay onshore is designed to educate and raise awareness of the dangers of swimming in city creeks streams and river. kimberly boyle's 13-year-old son drown in the swollen water of pennypack creek last year. keeping tabs on your teenage driver there's a new way to make sure they are playing it
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>> >> good morning, 6:00 a.m., monday, june 9. here's what's happening. >> accuweather is tracking early morning showers and the unsettled weather will continue during the week. >> a delaware county woman said she was sexually assaulted after answering an ad on craig's list. >> a five hour battle with in


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