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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  June 10, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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it's a similar scene for many tonight as well. adam joseph is in for cecily, is he tracking the storms with stormtracker 6 live double scan. >> it's the extreme humidity that returned yesterday and a lot of water drop lets in the atmosphere, and when this pops it rings out the atmosphere, most of area is quiet and dry but where the downpours are popping they are slowly moving and they are strong and the drains with cannot keep up with it. there is no lightning strikes with this, riverside along route 130, palmyra and the betsy ross bridge, all of those areas getting drenched and as we widen out to center city philadelphia, we still see the moderate rainfall, as that particular part of the downpour is raining
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itself out. and glimpses of the philadelphia international airport where the rain is ening there and it will soon end where the phillies are trying to gear up for that game coming up in about one hour. in fact, we look at this picture from kevin, the tarp is on the field but can you see the water on the field as well as the drainage system is getting a workout and being tested right now with a quick 1 to 2 inches of rain. flash flood warnings continue in woods town and frankford and berlin and gloucester and salem county, until 8:15 p.m. if you encounter flooded roads, and find a alternate route, in the full accuweather forecast. >> we'll check back in later. now to say still developing story. a third grader is believed to
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have brought in heroin to school. the children were taken to the hospital by school bus to get checked out. sara bloomquist has the very latest. >> reporter: all the first graders in that classroom when the suspected drugs were discovered this afternoon have been released from childrens hospital. that happening within the last few minutes. the mother of the 6-year-old girl that brought the suspected, heroin into school is being questioned bying detectives are soifrping her home and charges are likely. >> two first graders filed on to the bus to go get checked out at the hospital. they were all in a classroom when a teacher noticed a 6-year-old girl chewing on a
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small packet on a white substance believed to be heroin. >> it's usually inside of a plastic sealed package and that is what this product was. they found ten packets of the suspected narcotics and the contents of one is gone. police believe the girl chewing on a packet brought the drugs to school in her pockets this morning. she complained of feeling dizzy and her classmates followed on the bus, parents came to the school to get their kids and word of the discovery spread and some were frustrated that it took time for the principal to put out a letter detailing what happened. >> picture all of these cop cars and stuff going on here and nobody knows what is going on. >> the mother of the girl suspected of bringing the heroin to the classroom was at the school and she was taken by the police to see her daughter at chop and then to be interviewed.
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a k-9 searched the school after dismissal and there will be counciling for staff and students tomorrow. >> hopefully this is just a little thing that happened to them and we can try to get them to focus in school tomorrow. >> we learned that an 11th packet was found in the little girl's pants when she arrived at childrens hospital this afternoon and she is now placed in the custody of child protective services. the police are issuing a search warrant at the little girl's home and they believe they will be filing criminal charges in connection with this case. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. dramatic moments in bensalem, buck county, this afternoon when a police officer was stabbed in the stomach but an escaped inmate and then he stole the officer's cruiser. they chased the 23-year-old into
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philadelphia and they apprehended them and retrieved the stolen suv, the police officer suffered minor injuries, police say that his bulletproof vest saved the veteran officer's death. a husband and wife involved in an apparent suicide this morning. they say he shot his wife carol ann multiple times in the head and then turned the gun on himself. it happened just after 7:30 and carol ann was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. new developments tonight in the i-495 bridge closing in delaware, drivers shouldn't expect the span to open to traffic any time soon. it could be september at the earliest. david henry is live in wilmington tonight with more. >> reporter: it looks like this bridge will remain the bridge to
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nowhere all summer long. we have learned that the repair work here will not be easy and it will not be quick. the bridge is built on unstable soil and it will not be open to traffic until new foundations go right down to bed rock. >> we'll experience big city traffic on 95 for the summer. >> drivers are in for traffic delays around the closed bridge for the long haul, the most estimates is that they could be open by labor day. the four affected towers are leaning about 4 degrees, because soil compression has bent the steel pilings they were sitting on. del/dot plans to install new foundations that go all the way to bed rock, 150 feet down. the to most compromised towers will have temporary support towers to get the bridge opened
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earlier. but that f that doesn't work it becomes a bigger project. >> we may have to tear down the 400 foot section of this bridge and build a new section, that mea means late this year or early next year before it is done. >> del/dot suspects the load of dirt dumped there by a character made the towers tilt. the temporary repairs cost about $20 million, money that has to come from other projects that had been planned. del/dot may try to recover that cost from litigation and why employees did not follow-up on a 911 call, alerting del/dot to the problem two months ago. >> we have nothing to hide, if we made mistakes we'll own up to
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them. once we figure out what caused the bridge to tilt in the first place we'll focus on that and now we are working on getting this bridge open. >> that could be labor day as the earliest. live in wilmington, david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> david thank you, the philadelphia 76ers are officially headed across the delaware river to camden at least to practice, the team was awarded $82 million in tax breaks to build a facility there including team offices, among the deal is 250 people have to be employed. camden's mayor says that is one of the benefits. >> a great opportunity for small businesses and to reap the rewards and benefits for the 76erses having their practice facility leer on the waterfront. >> we need a place that is 24/7 operations, more than a court we share with med students. this is a whole other level.
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>> the sixers are the only nba team without their own practice facility. right now they rent space and the new facility doesn't open until 2016. voters in trenton are casting ballots to vote for a new mayor, perez and jackson are vying for the seat. neither captured the majority of the vote, they are replacing tony mack who is going to prison for corruption charges. we'll have results as they come in on and on "action news" at 11:00. still to come on "action news" at 6:00, a shark scare off the coast of delaware, beach gores go back into the water a day after the teenager survives a close encounter and chip kelly talks about which players are catching his eye. and the summer soup is still on the menu and creating
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drenching flooding downpours in the region and we'll look at double scan live to see where they are moving in the accuweather forecast. >> those stories and more when "action news" at 6:00 comes rights back. nelson: when i started high school in jersey city
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♪(themstan! ! !om cheers) hey guys! stan the man! hey, how's it goin stan? can i get $55 on pump three? you got it, stan! gas stations. just that. where nobody knows your name. the chevrolet cruze eco. with an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon highway. it's the new efficient. marine biologist and lifeguards monitoring the beaches of the state park in delaware today after a boy was bitten by a shark, he was treated for gashes on his forearm, he was standing in five feet of water when the shark attacked him.
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chad pradelli has more. >> reporter: the shark attack happened at 5:00 p.m. yesterday at the state park in about five feet of water and it happened just about there. a teenager was bit on the arm and he was rushed to a local hospital. >> this morning the hum of a chopper echoed above. the waves crashed into the shore and no one was in the chilly atlantic, some read the paper and some played video games as wildlife officials tried to determine if it was safe after the shark attack. >> it was scary, we were here yesterday. >> i was skeptical that it happened. the victim andrew vance, was wading in five feet of water when the shark bit him on the arm. >> believe it was a juvenile sand bar shark, they are in the area having their young, there are a good many of the young ones out there now. >> was transferred to the hospital by ambulance and
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received a fair amount of suture sutursutur sutures and had large cuts on his arm. >> they cannot remember a shark attack during their time on the job. people were allowed back in the ocean today. >> we didn't see any sharks and nothing from the ground and air, we are opening this beach affective immediately, and as for that teenager, he is released from the hop and according to social media he is recovering nicely at home. in lewes, delaware, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." a teenager is arrested after bringing drugs to school grounds, ryan harris was taken into custody, police conducted a sweep at the school and drug sniffing dogs turned up marijuana in his vehicle.
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philadelphians with 10,000 years of life between them were all in one spot. mayor, michael nutter hosted the centenarian celebration with the guests of honor, they are each at least 100 years old. and 114 is one of the oldest in the world. there are
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phillies are trying to get the game in tonight, hopefully it will be a win. >> sometimes you need a day off, the fillies got one yesterday and hopefully they can start anew. it must never rain in san diego, they are fascinated with the wet fluid falling from the sky, what is this wet stuff rick? >> rain. >> it is rain, and the time is running out, but not completely
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running out. despite being in last place in the division, they are only seven games out of first place. >> we have a week stretch of home games, once again to get things ironed out and the division is somewhat close as you look at it. to come here and use our home field, we need to play better at home. >> the phillies got this done quickly, aaron nola, who they took in last week's draft agreed to terms, the right-hander has big league stuff already. >> i'll try to go out and do my job and it will take care of itself, you know how fast i move up but my focus is on my next start and moving to the organization as best as i can.
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>> eagles ota's continue and the eagles are busting their tails in the humidity but that doesn't mean they can't have fun. >> lesean mccoy, so close you can see what he ate for breakfast of the malcolm jenkins the free agent sign from new orleans. >> has been a corner and safety and rob ryan, i have a ton of respect for him runs a good defense in new orleans and his ability to transition from that to ours, there are some similarities, and he is good and a vocal leader in the back end and we are siexcited to see whe he is going. >> the union has won three matches, and that cost the coach his job.
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the team has begun a global search for a manager. and in the interim jim curtin will lead the team. and the heat will be on the home court for game three. >> we try to protect home and we understand it's tough, going against the san antonio team that beat us here at home before. we look forward to the challenge. >> we know we can play better and we haven't played our bestd game even in the first one, we have to play a better part of those 48 minutes. 8:30 tonight here on 6 abc, that is when coverage begins and you can see it on your may bele device by downloading the watch abc app. >> thank you ducis. a malvern woman is getting a total backyard makeover thanks to her local grocery store, acme
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the action cam is back live along the camden area, this is broadway and morgan boulevard. the driver had to be rescued here by the fire department, a flash flood warning in affect for parts of delaware valley this evening and the floodwaters are surging in camden, new jersey, at this hour. able adam joseph is here now. >> you don't want to drive through the flooded roads, you
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could get stranded and it only takes one foot of water to take your car away. the rainfall totals, they are in pocketed where we see the flooding rains, anywhere you see the greens, in newark, delaware, 2.5 inched of rain in a short amount of time and glassboro an inch of rain south of philadelphia, near the philadelphia international airport a pocket of three inches of rain there, and hammonton 1 inch of rain then is falling within a half hour to 45 minute type span, we look at double scan wide, a couple of showers in surf city but the biggest concentration is around center city philadelphia and north and east along i-95 as you work north of center city. heavy rain near the northeast airport. also, bensalem is starting to move to the north there into southern parts of bucks county,
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again not much in the way of lightning and thunder, falling in a short amount of time because of high humidity, downpours just north of manayunk and german town avenue near chestnut hill, and ridge pike, you connect with the turnpike at king of prussia and plymouth meeting, another downpour popping there. we have flood warnings from gloucester to camden county and northern burlington county and sections of southern delaware county until 8:15, for high water on some of the area roadways, backyards are becoming more like ponds and this is sent in from the facebook from jen and this is piling up quickly when the drainage system cannot handle that amount of rain in such a short amount of time, everyone is extremely muggy as we have more southerly winds
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with high pressure move ago way from st. louis and high pressure south and west of the ohio and tennessee valley, tomorrow an easterly wind, a stabilizing wind, a warm front arrives on thursday and that is a trigger, a forcing mechanism to get more pop-ups and downpours with flooding rains and 83 degrees, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow a temperature of 80 but mainly dry and then the pop-ups are back and a warm front of 83 and many downpours and thunderstorms on friday with a cold front of 85 and then it drys out in time for your weekend, saturday and sunday, sun and low humidity and temperatures in the middle 80s for father's day, monday, tuesday it starts to turn muggy and warmer at 86 degrees, we'll catch a break tomorrow, from the downpours but they will be back on thursday and friday. >> this reminder, we have one more morning to catch cecily
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tynan on "good morning america." cecily joined the crew filling in for ginger zee, she'll be back tomorrow morning and adam joseph takes over the duties on gma and on twitter, using the ~- 6 abc gma, "action news" continues on phl 17 at okay. here on "action news" after the game, we'll have an interview from one of the surviving passengers from tracy morgan's wrecked limo, he describes the deadly crash on the turnpike. after the game. for the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams, have a nice evening. we'll see you here tone after the basketball game
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welcome to "world news." tonight the breaking news. the deadly school shooting. >> shots fired. >> authorities on the scene. what happened inside? including the popular gym teacher racing down the haul to get away. >> the teacher was running away and he got shot. >> the gunfire breaking out just as school children gearing up for vacation. the severe weather hitting this evening. the flooding. parts of the east coast and hart land now on alert. on the run a major rocky city falls to tear or. american soldiers running for cover. families in traffic jams escaping, too. abc's martha raddatz on it all tonight. and your


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