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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 11, 2014 2:06am-4:01am EDT

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myself, believe it or not. >> what? >> "what?" [laughter] >> you could knit a tie at your competition. [laughter] "and i want to save the world for animals." [laughter] be like, "oh, she's talented." >> i'm goin' for it now. um, i would like to ask the audience, please. >> nice. all right. audience, amy needs your help right now, so go to those keypads and vote. help her out. [percussive music] all right, we have the results. let's see what the audience has to say. so 55% of 'em went with a dramatic monologue. >> they're leaning the direction i was leaning. that feels like a good sort of reinforcement. i'm gonna go with the audience and say "a," dramatic monologue. >> final answer? >> final answer. the correct answer was "d." >> oh.
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>> baton twirling. >> really? >> wow. all right. man, amy, what amazing player. you were so great. thank you so much. we'll be right back with more millionaire right after these messages. i got a tie, man. nobody told us to expect it... intercourse that's painful due to menopausal changes. the problem isn't likely to go away... ...on its own. so it's time we do something about it. and there's help. premarin vaginal cream. a prescription that does what no over-the-counter product was designed to do. it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue and make intercourse more comfortable. premarin vaginal cream treats vaginal changes due to menopause and moderate-to-severe painful intercourse caused by these changes. don't use premarin vaginal cream if you've had unusual bleeding, breast or uterine cancer, blood clots, liver problems, stroke or heart attack,
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>> welcome back to millionaire. joining us now is bob mcgovern from bethlehem, pennsylvania. what up, brother? what's happening? >> oh, not much, cedric. how you doing, man? >> bob, i like it. this is the month of bob. >> it's the month of bob! >> tell me about this. >> well, let me see. uh, started off with a couple scratch-off tickets, won a 150 bucks on those. >> nice. >> yeah, that was good. i've been out of work for a year, and i landed a job friday. i got a job offer. >> good month so far. >> and... [cheers and applause] i owe it all to millionaire. it started off with millionaire. >> and you're here, too, right? >> yeah, and i'm here. >> that is the month of bob right there. i like that, bob. i like it.
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good celebration, man. well, we want to make this thing even better for you. we want you to win a lot of money, man, so this is what we did. i randomized everything for you already. all of the money, all of the questions have been scrambled up, so if you ready to play, bob, we can jump into this. >> i am ready to go, sir. >> let's play millionaire. let's go. according to a popular t-shirt, "after monday and tuesday, even the calendar says" what? >> well, i'm not familiar with the t-shirt, but i know what wednesdays are like. and i probably would say, "oh, my goodness," which is "omg." [sighs] i'm gonna lock in "b" as my final answer. >> go with "b" as your final
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answer, bob. correct answer was "d." >> [groans] >> ah! wednesday, thursday, friday. >> yeah, wednesday, thursday, friday. >> ah. come on, man. bob, come on. you havin' a great month otherwise. thank you so much for bein' here, bob. thanks, man. >> thank you. >> thank you. ready to play next is hazel spears from philadelphia, pennsylvania. what up, hazel? [cheers and applause] there you are. how are you doin'? >> just fine. >> good. [cheers and applause] hazel, welcome to the show. >> thank you very much. >> i understand you had a little secret where you just, you know, you want to go to argentina and become a tango dancer like this. well, the secret's out. [laughter] >> so it seems. >> it's nice. i want you to win a lot of money so you can take that trip. >> all right. >> so we want to get things started. we randomized everything for you.
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all of the money, all of the questions. you ready to play? >> i'm ready to play. >> come on, hazel. let's play millionaire! [cheers and applause] in 2004, a bear was found passed out in washington state after apparently 36 cans of what beer, named for a local landmark? >> oh, my word. i don't know the landmarks in washington--not too much. is washington the big sky state? i don't think so. i think that's wyoming or something. rainier, of course, is close by. that might be a beer. they say don't guess on the first question. oh, my gosh. i think-- >> who is this "they?" >> huh? >> who is this "they" that you speak of? >> they--you know, they! >> the "they," the "theys" out there. >> they are the people that give me advice, all the people in my head. they. >> right. >> kids in my classes? i don't know. they. all right, normally, i-- it could be--a local landmark.
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that's not big sky. okay, first question, i'm gonna guess it. "c." final answer. >> you had 'em all goin' in your head. and one of 'em finally came with a clear voice. and luckily for you, you listened to the right one. [cheers and applause] "c," correct, rainier. let's get hazel goin' with some cash. let's go! $100 is all. it's all. it's all in the positive side. >> yes, it is. >> here we go, hazel. here we go. this is your next question. we're "locked and loaded." although they mean different things, the phrases "half-cocked," "flash in the pan," and "lock, stock, and barrel" all refer to what?
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>> bl--okay, i don't know too many blacksmith terms. characters in boogie nights... oh, my god, it's been a long time... since i watched boogie nights. >> yeah. >> uh, julia child cookbooks makes no sense. half-cocked, flash in the pan, lock, stock, and barrel all refer to--flash in the pan? that's the one that's throwin' me. i'm gonna go with-- i'm gonna go with "b." that is my final answer. >> hazel, you got it right. that's the one. that is the one. flash in the pan. i liked your half-cocked. i liked that. you were just, like, half-cocked. i was like, "whoa. hazel's a bad-ass right now." she's like, "yaaah!" you went and got it right. let's show her some money! $15,000, hazel!
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[cheers and applause] big cash right there. there, she's doing it with $15,100 in the bank. hazel's getting down. more millionaire right after this. whoo! whoo!
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>> welcome back to millionaire. i got hazel spears from philadelphia right here with $15,100 in the bank. all of your lifelines available. you're doing your thing, hazel. what's goin' on? >> i'm feelin' good. >> ready to keep playing? >> yes, i'm ready. >> well, here we go. let's play. [cheers and applause] which film director patented a t-shirt with a numbered grid on the back so he could more easily tell someone exactly where it itched. >> itch. okay. what would be itching? brian de palma--horror films. peter jackson, of course, the lord of the rings trilogy. itching. oliver stone--political films. francis ford coppola--well, he does the godfather. itching? what's this itching got to do with it? itching. who's doing anything with a grid
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here? [laughter] what--let me see. >> yeah, i don't know. i know you're off the grid right now. >> i'm off the grid. okay. uh, let me see now. i think i may have to punt on this one. >> you got all your lifelines. that's for sure. >> i do have my lifelines, and, you know, this is a pop-- i don't know. i think i'm gonna jump it. >> gonna jump it. >> i'm gonna jump it. >> decide to jump this. none of 'em really kind of popped out. you couldn't figure it out. it's very interesting. you jumped over. the question is now out of play. hazel, let's see what the correct answer is. it's francis ford coppola. all right. jumped over it. hopefully it's small bucks once again. what'd she jump? oh! whoa! big cash. well, i mean, the thing is that you're still alive. i mean, you know, there's still some money on the board to be made. it's all right. it's great. >> it's all right. >> all right, here we go. we keep it moving.
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hazel, come on. it's your next question. which of the following oxymorons refers to the rapper who recorded the '90s hit hypnotize? >> i wish i knew this. i know a little bit about my hip-hop. i do not know this. and i would have no clue, but i'm thinking... >> okay. >> the audience might have a clue on this one. '90s-- >> so you gonna go with the audience? >> i'm gonna go with the audience. >> all right, audience, hazel needs your help right now. go to those keypads and vote. [percussive music] '90s. vote is in. i'm looking forward to the split on this. let's see what it is. 94% went with biggie smalls. >> oh, my gosh. biggie smalls? >> there's one person in here goes with shorty talls that i'm really... [laughter]
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really want to highlight that individual, right? 94% went with "c." what do are thinkin', hazel? you gonna roll with the audience? >> i'm thinkin' i got my audience--the audience from heaven here. i've got to go with "c." final answer. >> goin' with "c," final answer, and that is the correct answer right there. aka the notorious b.i.g. >> oh, right. let's get hazel some more dough. $1,000 added to her. there you go, hazel. she's got $16,100 in the bank, and we got more millionaire in just a little bit, man. yeah! life with crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis is a daily game of "what if's". what if my abdominal pain and cramps end our night before it even starts? what if i eat the wrong thing? what if? what if i suddenly have to go? what if?
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thisfind the perfect gift for dad... ...on sale at hhgregg. like this 51" samsung hdtv for just $429. for huge savings on all the gifts dad really wants... ...come to hhgregg.
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and fill your home with happy. >> the answer to that question was thwong. [cheers and applause] welcome back to millionaire. hazel spears from philadelphia right here. $16,100 in the bank. hazel, you got 1 lifeline left. you are 6 questions away from being out of round 1. 10 questions away from a million dollars. >> oh. >> ready to keep playin'? >> i'm ready. >> here we go. let's play! let's get it done! [dramatic musical flourish] so they both don't fall ill, an airline pilot and copilot are often given what? >> [laughs] chicken soup is the universal, you know, uh, health food, i think--or bring you back from being very ill. pretasted food sounds horrible. um, nonperishable foods could be
2:26 am
pretty awful-- so they both don't fall ill. they're given different meals. that would be the only one that would make--that would make sense. so i'm gonna go with "c." that is my final answer. >> you got it right, hazel. that's right. hazel's got it right. more money for hazel! $2,000 added to the bank right there. 18,100 bucks. here we go. this is your next question. "weather or not." which of the following is not a predecessor to a hurricane. >> tropical rumble is the only oddball there. tropical depression, i've heard about. tropical storm--that makes sense. tropical depression. tropical disturb-- okay. here we go.
2:27 am
"a." final answer. >> you went with tropical rumble. hazel, you got it right. it's tropical rumble. that's not one of 'em. that's not one of 'em. >> okay. >> let's give her some cash. rumble up some dough! $500 more. all positive cash flow right there. >> yes. >> 18,600 bucks in the bank. here we go. this is your next question. "15 stars and bars." modified to 15 stars and stripes, the first significant change to the u.s. flag was in 1795 to signify what states joining the union? >> i'm thinking about-- i'm thinking that i have no idea what this answer is, but let me see if anything makes sense. tennessee and ohio. i don't know anything about that.
2:28 am
new york and rhode island? these states were all sort of contiguous. they're near each other except vermont and kentucky. 1795. lot of states joined in 1897. um... well, i think i'm--have no idea, so this is gonna be my second and last lifeline, so... >> all right. >> i want to jump. >> gonna jump it? >> yeah. >> all right. you jumped this question. it is now out of play. what is the correct answer? vermont and kentucky. knew that? you had no idea. >> means nothing to me. >> not at all? all right. what'd she jump over? $3,000. you still alive-- [horn blares] you jumped over it. oh, hazel, we're out of time for this show, but you get to come back and play again. that's all right. hazel doing her thing. you'll see her next time on millionaire. until then, watch your wallet! yep!
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stay quiet. no cell phones. >> reporter: worried parents waited outside for news of their kids. >> i know everyone wants to get to their kids. we have to account for everybody. >> reporter: one student was killed by the shooter. the victim remembered by friends. >> telling me how he wants me to smile because he likes my smile
2:33 am
and it's just -- i can't imagine it without him. >> reporter: police here say the suspect was a teenage male. no word yet whether he was a student at this high school. authorities say that they found him slumped in a bathroom stall at the school and sent in a robot to confirm he's dead. david wright, abc news, troutdale, oregon. all right, thousand to breaking political news. we've been following it overnight. eric cantor has been beaten in the virginia primary by a little-known tea party candidate, the defeat was apparently fueled by voter anger over looser immigration laws which kantor had backed. he spoke to supporters last night. >> we need to focus our efforts as conservative, as republicans on putting forth our conservative solutions so that they can help solve the problems for so many working middle class families that may not have the opportunity that we have. >> david brat is the man would carried off the major upset a
2:34 am
college economics professor who spent $100,000 to win that race, cantor spent 5 million. hillary clinton getting a rock star reception. a crowd of a thousand went wild as she arrived at a barnes & noble in manhattan for a book signing for "hard choices." some of her fans slept on the sidewalk to be among the first to meet her. in chicago today. now to a major setback for the iraqi government. militants in control of the city of mosul after a stunning swift takeover. iraqi soldiers provided almost no resistance. here's abc's martha raddatz. >> reporter: the sound of all-out war. explosions. gunfire, al qaeda flags flying. militants linked to the terror group moving freely throughout this city. mosul was once a focal point of america's tight to bring peace and stability to this country. face after face of the fallen, more than 200 u.s. troops in all, giving their lives to
2:35 am
secure this city and now this. james smith still suffers from traumatic brain injury after hitting a roadside bomb in mosul in 2005. >> my heart sank into my stomach and i was very, very upsetting because of all the hard work we did to save lives in the city. >> reporter: it was where a confident general david petraeus told me hundreds of thousands of troops who were trained would not be intimidated. those same forces fled under attack in u.s. supplied armored vehicles eventually abandoning them. their weapons and even their uniforms and this is just the latest city to spiral out of control. now that the u.s. has pulled out. in january, we headed to militant-controlled fallujah. about five miles out of fallujah, the road became far more desolate and iraqi security forces warned us we should not go any further. america's ambassador telling us
2:36 am
then of his fears. >> it's very much in our interest to have an iraq that is stable and not to have sectarian conflict or an al qaeda presence that can be used to destabilize the rest of the region. >> reporter: so 11 years after the u.s. invaded iraq, nearly 4500 american lives were lost and spent over $730 billion, iraq is in crisis. those iraqi forces were trained and expected to stand up to the threat clearly they failed and there is little the u.s. can do about it. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. well, this morning defense secretary chuck hagel will be under fire for his role in handing over five taliban leaders from guantanamo bay exchange for sergeant bowe bergdahl. hagel will answer a furious house panel who is not notified about the swap that was happening. the administration says bowe bergdahl's health was a concern. >> the number of police officers killed in the line of duty is soaring from coast to coast. >> two officers gunned down in las vegas sunday, the latest in
2:37 am
a long list of victims, those who put their lives on the line every day struck down in cold blood. abc's pierre thomas has the very latest. good morning, per rt good morning, john and reena after the deadly police shootings in las vegas police across the country are angry and concerned. the attacks came as there's been a ride in police fatalities including shootings in the first five months of this year compared to last year. so far this year, 62 officers have been killed in the line of duty compared to 45 through the same period last year. according to the national law enforcement memorial fund. a number of police killed by firearms through june 8th stands at 23. it was 15 through the same period last year. that is up 53%. another cause for concern, anti-government and white supremacist groups. the fbi and other federal law enforcement agencies are assisting in the vegas shooting and an extraordinary assault on a georgia courthouse last friday by a man allegedly affiliated with the sovereign citizen movement which refuses to recognize the u.s. government. the fact that two violent
2:38 am
assaults involving suspects with extreme anti-government philosophies both happened within 72 hours of each other has the attention of federal authorities. jon, reena. >> oh, pierre, thank you so much. topping our house headline, a medical bombshell from the cdc. it says 29 million americans have diabetes. that's up 3 million from just four years ago. and one in four americans may be diabetic and not even know it. another study just out shows diabetics who have had obesity surgery can remain in remission for 15 years or longer. topping our health headlines this morning, another piece of advice for women of childbearing age. eat more fish. the fda and epa advising pregnant women and those nursing that women who may become pregnant eat at least 8 to 12 ounces of seafood every week. until now only a maximum limit had been advised. but the problem was too many women were being overcautious and consuming little or no fish over worries about mercury.
2:39 am
i was a big fish eater when i was pregnant because i'm a pesketarian. what they're saying is salmon and fish -- >> yeah, shrimp. >> yep. >> tilapia. >> and i believe it. i -- that was my main source of protein and kind of ignored the other rules. >> limit the amount of shark steaks, albacore tuna, tile fish. high mercury content. another health headline, a battle brewing over cheese. the fda is set to crack down on cheesemakers who use wooden boards to ripen cheese because they say they harbor bacteria. cheesemakers argue that wooden aging is centuries old. a tradition around for so long and good bacteria is what makes cheese cheese. the fda ban would ban imported cheeses as well from europe and canada. coffee about to get more expensive at dunkin' donuts. the spike is modest they
2:40 am
respond. it follows 9% spike in packaged coffee by dunkin' donuts and folgers's. they're being blamed on a fungus that destroyed plants and a drought in brazil. now here's a look at the nation's weather. thunderstorms will again dump heavy rains across the eastern nation as another system chews up behind it across the upper plains and midwest. temperatures will be cooler across many areas. 60s in new england, northern plains 70s. along the west coast and 80s and 90s across the south, another scorcher in the southwest where temperatures could reach 120 degrees in death valley. all right, here's an adorable of youngsters growing up together. the 6-week-old cheetah cub and its 7-week-old puppy. >> very cute. the little cheetah's name is ruksi rejected by his mom unfortunately because he wasn't born as part of the litter so the folks at the zoo in san diego paired him up with a puppy for companionship. >> the two are cute.
2:41 am
they will be raiseding to and spend their lives together. the zookeepers say they like to play and snuggle and take naps together. >> the puppy's name is reyna, a rhodesian ridgeback. >> another big dog. >> yes. >> sooner or later he'll lose the little playfulness. too cute. coming up a consumer alert at a new restaurant chain. potential identity theft. what make women in full makeup and women who wear none at all. later, a set of twins born nearly a month apart. the challenges for bomb, dad and the daughters for a special delivery. ♪ baby baby oh wheeeeee! the comforting scent of air wick's snuggle fresh linen you love,
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♪ go on take the money and run ♪ go on take the money and run all right, new reports this morning of yet another big data breach. this one involving the restaurant p.f. chang. the customers may have had their information stolen. >> tens of millions are victim of credit card theft every year. byron pitt shows us how easy this is to commit. >> reporter: you don't need to be pick pocketed to have it stolen. it happens to 40 million people every year electronically. in $18 billion a year internet based business. remember the hackers who broke into target's system. that credit card information is then distributed in an underground web world most of us
2:46 am
are unaware of. >> when we do the search to how to get credit card numbers that work in 2014 we got 26,000 results. tom galvin shows us how it works much reaching one bank saying he could provide social security numbers for 10 to $20 per card. >> every single card i give you is valid. all the blocks they block or cancel i replace for free. >> reporter: he is a carder, the broker between those who stole the information and anyone wanting to buy it. we called him too. he told me if i bought 100 credit card number, he'd also provide a how to manual. like stealing money for dummies. you can use them for online sales, to make your own card but machines that are perfectly legal and easily bought online. >> i bought that on amazon about $175. >> reporter: matthew ferrante is a former secret service agent and as a test duplicated his card and took it to a department
2:47 am
store. >> you took it to a store, handed it to a teller. >> correct. >> reporter: they took it. didn't look at it, swiped it. >> reporter: new security technology is already available in europe. coming to the u.s. next year. in the meantime, carders are hard to stop. experts tell us for now your best protection vigilance. check your card statements frequently. reporting anything suspicious. byron pitt, abc news, new york. i don't know why in europe they've got these smart chips they're talking about that we'll get next year and it's made such a difference for security. i don't know why we don't have it. >> i don't know what the lag is. nice to know in the piece we'll get them next year, until then check the statements. how scary was that a blank card that has nothing on it. >> like a hotel room key. they just swipe it through. >> craziness, right. check those statements. coming up, full makeup or none at all. the fascinating experiment about how we react to how much makeup a woman wears. >> that's right. you're watching "world news now." i'm all about the mull fakeup.
2:48 am
2:49 am
♪ ♪ a day without freckles is like a day without the sun why waste a second ♪ >> makeup makes the woman. a young woman set out to find out. >> she conducted an eye-opening experiment to see how people react to a woman who wears full makeup or none at all. >> reporter: they say beauty is only skin deep. but a recent survey says nearly half of american women admit they wouldn't be caught dead without a little makeup on. and that 44% say they feel unattractive without it. >> >> we feel more confident. we exudes confidence. >> reporter: but can the amount of makeup you pack on your face increase the way you're perceived by others? 21-year-old college senior briton parker decided to find
2:50 am
out. conducting a one-week cosmetic experiment, using herself as the guinea pig, wearing makeup, everyday light makeup and heavy, smoky-eyed full face. then she posted her results online. >> my generation is focusing a lot on appearances. day one, no makeup. her boyfriend thought she had fallen ill as did so many others. >> i got so comments saying you look like you had a long day. >> reporter: briton, day two with light makeup. >> no guys made any comments about my appearance. >> reporter: on the last day of her experiment donning pink pouty lips and smoky eyes she was bombarded with praise. >> i had a guy ask me if i was going out that night because it looked like i was ready to party. >> reporter: the truth is, this is how i normally spend my days. it's only when i come to work when i layer on the war paint, and this is me after.
2:51 am
what impact does wearing makeup have on not just the wearer but the perceiver? >> well, when women wear makeup we feel more confident and what happens is we come across as more credible. >> reporter: as for britain, she says her experiment has changed her definition of beauty. >> what i think of myself is important, not anybody else. >> reporter: juju chang, abc news, new york. >> and can i just say juj was just in the makeup chair and she looked gorgeous without any makeup. i'm envious. >> absolutely positively. >> it is true. this woman who did the challenge is a 21-year-old senior at the university of california and she said she's from a generation of the selfies where you always put out the perfect image of yourself. >> yeah. >> remember the days when you just take a 35 millimeter camera that you couldn't filter. >> a little kodak. on the withins if you're just chilling at home are you going to put on light makeup or go au naturel. >> i go au naturel crazy wild hair and people look like i just came from the jungle, quite
2:52 am
frankly. >> change of pace is always good. mix it in all three. >> i get different treatment, though. >> from your family. [ woman ] i've got someone who understands my sensitive side. and a razor that understands my sensitive skin. new venus embrace sensitive. more than a strip. an entire ribbon of gliding gels surround 5 comfort-coated blades for less irritation.
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♪ ♪ can you call this one truly a special delivery. how about that. a set of twins born nearly a month apart. >> and doctors say that's what saved their lives. we get the story from mary soladno from ourtation in boston. >> reporter: they are twins but they don't share a birthday. in fact, alshon day is more than three weeks older than his brother renaldo but both are thriving after a risky delivery that exceeded every expectation. >> this was unique in many ways.
2:56 am
including that both twins are doing well. >> reporter: the challenge began when mom linda da silva went into labor only 24 weeks into her pregnancy. doctors at tufts tried to stop the contractions but four days later a very premature aleshonndr. ar was born. >> we were praying to hear his cry and we did. it was a relief because we knew there was 50% of not surviving. >> reporter: doctors here placed baby number one in intensive care and told mom and dad it was time to consider keeping baby number two in mom's womb a little longer. >> i thought it was absurd. i said, i don't think there's -- i didn't know this was possible. >> reporter: but doctors explained a delayed twin delivery could be done and linda was a perfect candidate. >> and living in there. he is fine, his heart is beating well so then said okay, then we started praying. >> reporter: a healthy renaldo would be born 24 days later weighing in a full pound more than his brother. >> we told mom to be grateful
2:57 am
every day you're still pregnant and, you know, we can try to get you as far along as we possibly can and this is just a perfect example. >> aleshonndra is smaller than his brother and might need surgery for eye problems and a hernia but they hope that the pair will be able to leave the hospital next week and right now june 18th is that due date. >> the mom said she knew right away he was too tiny and was something wrong here. he has eye preliminaries and a hernia potentially but next week that's pretty good for twins. >> yeah. >> i think, no. look at how cute they are. oh, my gosh. >> weighed by the way 745 gram, roughly 1 pound, 10 ounces. >> oh, my gosh. such a tiny -- that's like in the palm of your hand practically, right? >> absolutely. bless them. that's our news for this half hour. remember, follow us on facebook and and wn. . ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids.
2:58 am
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this morning on "world news now," political bombshell. house majority leader eric cantor and his big loss in last night's virginia primary. what it means for the gop after a tea party victory. school tragedy. deadly gunfire again on an american high school campus. students taking cover with police moving in. the second shots, it sounded they were really loud and really close. >> what we're learning about the teen who fired the shots before killing himself. and remarkable journey, twin sisters born conjoined sharing their story 18 years later. >> being conjoined you can actually look at a picture, wow, they really were close. >> born joined at the chest sharing an unbreakable bond, it's wednesday, june 11th.
3:01 am
>> good morning, everybody on this wednesday morning, i'm john muller. >> i'm reena ninan. boy, #omg on this cantor upset, the virginia upset. >> can you believe it? it's quite a story. i want to see the conjoined twins story. pretty fascinating. >> 18 years later. we'll begin with the major political upset for one of the most powerful republicans in the country, eric cantor, the number two gop lawmaker in the house beaten in the primary by a tea party candidate. >> yep, that's right. cantor lost to david brat, a political unknown. cantor was widely thought to be the next speaker of the house. he spoke to disappointing supporters last night. >> obviously we came up short. it's disappointing, sure. so i look forward to continuing to fight with all of you for the things that we believe in for the conservative cause because those solutions of ours are the answer to the problems that so many people are facing today.
3:02 am
thank you all very much. >> now, it's possible cantor could run as a write-in candidate. shoshanna walsh is in washington to explain the impact. >> jon and reena, a massive political upset. house majority leader eric cantor beaten by a political unknown. dave brat, a university economics professor. how much of an upset is it? cantor is the first person in american history to lose his primary while holding the position of house majority leader. and when it comes to money, cantor spent 50 times -- $5 million to brat's 100,000. why did he lose? the big issue was immigration. brat reeled against cantor saying he would support president obama on immigration reform. something cantor denied. but clear this will have serious effects on what happens next in the immigration debate. with some political analysts saying this means the issue is
3:03 am
absolutely dead. this is also likely to embolden the tea party and encourage them ahead of another important contest. the senate runoff in mississippi in two weeks. if it was hard for the establishment candidate to get re-elected before this may make it impossible. john and reena. >> shushannah. we turn to another school tragedy in thought, oregon, a teenage student armed with a rifle opening fire killing one classmate wounding a teacher before he turned the gun on himself. abc's mary bruce has the latest. "sirens ] >> reporter: students at this oregon middle school were about to start their day when a lone gunman opened fire. >> priority call, reynolds high school. got a report of shots. at least one person down. >> i was really scared. like is this happening. like this is real. >> reporter: armed with a rifle the gunman started shooting in a locker room and allegedly chased a beloved phys ed teacher down the hall.
3:04 am
>> our p. ex-teacher mr. rispler who actually ended up getting shot. >> reporter: that teacher survived. >> the second shots, it sounded -- they were really loud and really close. >> reporter: terrified students huddled in the game as the shots rang out. officials from multiple agencies raced to the scene at the school locked down. >> everybody was, be quiet. there's a shooter. this is not a drill. >> reporter: hundreds of students were led out of harm's way, evacuating with their hands held over their heads. their backpacks left behind as they fled the scene. anguished parents rushed to find their children. >> it was really -- really scary. >> reporter: the shooter was found dead. his motive remains unknown. >> this is just a tragic event. it feels so permanent. >> reporter: tragedy is an all too familiar scene. by one count this is at least the 74th school shooting since the massacre at sandy hook elementary. >> we now know the name of the student who was killed. 14-year-old emilio hoffman. he died just one day shy of completing his freshman year.
3:05 am
john and reena. >> news of the shooting quickly reached the capitol and earl bloom bloomenhour as he asked them to observe a moment of silence. it includes his high school and tweeted he hoped the tragedy will inspire action and called for universal background checks and president obama, however, was much more pointed. >> my biggest frustration so far is the fact that this society has not been willing to take some basic steps to keep guns out of the hands of, you know, people who, you know, can do just unbelievable damage. >> as mary points out her report since the newtown, connecticut tragedy there were 74 shootings in 31 states. thousands of iraqis are on the move this morning after the
3:06 am
stunning and swift takeover of a major city by militants, mosul was once a focal point of america's fight to bring peace and stability to the country but it is now controlled by a group linked to combatant kw. the iraqi army offered little assistance with them stripping off their uniforms. the u.n. says 500,000 people have fled the city. traumatic day for 15 crew anyones from the south korean ferry disaster. relatives cursed and cried as the crew pleaded not guilty to nemgs and failing to protect passengers. scuffles broke out. the crowd erupted in anger when crew member appeared to smile. more than 300 people were killed when the ferry sank. mostly teenagers on a school trip. the captain and three other crew members have now been charged with homicide. exclusive new details this morning about what was going on in tracy morgan's limo in the moments before and after the deadly crash. comedian harris stanton said everyone was upbeat and joking when the tractor trailer slammed into them on the new jersey turnpike. stanton who spoke exclusively to
3:07 am
wabc was conscious the entire time. but he didn't even know the limb po bus had flipped over. he said morgan was in his seat facing him when he heard metal crunching. >> it happened so fast and when it stopped, tryst si was on top of me and i didn't see anyone else, just metal. i could see stars from my side because the top was ripped open. >> stanton suffered a severely broken wrist. he said morgan was breathing but unconscious and severely injured. just amazing sometimes when you see these car accident, you know, here he is, he was awake the whole time. he's out of the hospital. tracy is in critical condition and comedian james mcnair killed in that accident and they were all next to each other. just so -- >> that truck driver set to be arraigned in a new jersey court today. it'll be interesting to see exactly how this develops in the next few -- >> of course, that truck driver said he hadn't slept in 24 hour, yes. happening today an attorney for shelly sterling will be in a california courtroom to ultimately seek confirmation of her authority to sell the l.a. clippers. she's already brokered a deal to
3:08 am
sell that team for $2 billion to steve ballmer. but her husband donald wants to block the sale. his representatives will also be in court and he can appeal any decision. meanwhile, on the court it was game three of the nba finals between the spurs and the heat and it was the spurs who came out scorching, 16 points to lead there at the end of the first quarter then they just kept that lead up for the rest of the game. spurs won it 111-92 and lead the series 2-1. game four, by the way tomorrow night and it'll be right here on abc. well, it's almost showtime for the world cup in brazil and final preparations are still being made. construction workers were busy in sao paulo putting the final touches on the stadium where tomorrow's opening match between brazil and croatia takes place. work has already been done on a new heliport next to the stadium and a big turtle at a sanctuary has given the home team a boost picking brazil to win tomorrow, hey, okay, maybe that's not such a surprise. but this is a surprise. in a complete reversal j. low
3:09 am
saying she will appear at tomorrow's opening ceremony. earlier organizers said she couldn't be there because of a scheduling conflict. j. lo says she will be there to sing along with pit bull. >> the whole world is watching that. >> great song too. now to givers who look like they could be playing in a college softball championship game but it might be in about a dozen year. >> for now the members of the pearland texas power all-stars will have to be satisfied with their undefeated season. 6-year-olds and racked up a string of 45 straight wins. >> the girls work hard and always follow their motto. >> we want them to know never give up, always try. >> that's a good motto. during their winning streak they've scored 638 runs and allowed only 128. they'll move up in age group next year but who can bet against those girls? >> how cute are they.
3:10 am
what was their motto. always try hard and never give up. >> i'd take that. >> good motto. can't argue with that. the mythical national champions -- what's it say here? for 6-year-old softball anyway. >> mythical national champions. >> i don't know what that means. we'll fill up the coffee. >> yes, we are. >> coming up in the mix, one way to handle boredom during an aggravating airport delay. we can't wait to share this video. you got to check it out. speaking of flying who is changing the rules about flying with frequent flier miles? the winners and the losers and what it means next time you're flying. you're watching "world news now." ♪ and i'm up on the airplane cleaning the home. it often means heavy duty cleaning with bleach. but lysol power & free can change the way you clean.
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3:14 am
♪ and i'm up on the airplane ♪ here in my -- all right, if you're a frequent traveler you probably heard the big news. united airlines making a change in the way you earn miles. >> soon and no matter how far you fly it won't necessarily matter. it's how much you spend. rebecca jarvis has the details. >> reporter: you remember george clooney in "up in the air" counting his miles and who hasn't done that?
3:15 am
>> i don't spend a nickel if i can help it unless it somehow proves my mileage account. >> reporter: for every mile you flew you earned a frequent flier now. now with united's changes it's based on what you spent, not the miles you travel. take one flight, the people in the front of the plane that pay more will be getting more miles than the people in the back. >> they're in longer frequent flier programs. they're frequent spender. >> reporter: it's a boon for business travelers but not for the people in the back. delta, southwest, virgin america and jetblue already implemented similar plans and now united is on board too. and why are they doing it? because too many american families are getting too savvy with those miles. just like clooney. >> he just hit 10 million miles! [ applause ] >> united's new plan takes effect march 1st of next year and the experts tell us, if you do have those frequent flier miles now would be a good time to use them, so you might want to start planning that summer vacation with miles.
3:16 am
rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> i didn't know that. so actually now -- >> cash in now. american is the only major carrier that hasn't gone to this. maybe they shouldn't and people start flying american. >> you don't think they'll come around -- whoa. >> by the way -- >> please, oxygen mask, everything. it's time. >> evacuate. reena is in the anchor chair. get out while you can. >> insomniac airlines. do you like that. >> i didn't catch that. aye-ayesight isn't that good. >> pretty cool. coming up two of a kind. meet the young women who started life as conjoined twins and share their challenges and their victories. ahead in our next half hour, serial dating. thanks 0 online options he says dating options have changed him and he's not so sure it's for the better. you're watching "world news now."
3:17 am
3:18 am
♪ two different faces but inside places we think and rewrakt as one ♪ ♪ those who have seen us >> all right, well sisters have a special bond but two young women share an 18-year journey unlike any other. >> the twins were born conjoined attached at the chest they shared their amazing story with robin roberts. >> i can tell us apart perfectly. >> reporter: you'd never know it from looking at twin sisters emily and kate lin copeland today but 18 years ago they were physically attached. fused together at the chest. they were conjoined twins. >> when people talk to us they're like you seem so close and i think being conjoined you can actually look at a picture, wow, they really were close, like i mean it's true. like the physical aspect of it is 100% true emotionally. >> reporter: they're able to joke about it now but back in
3:19 am
1996, hearing that their daughters were conjoined was difficult news for their parents. >> our minds went completely blank the minute she said conjoined twins. that was a long, long horrible weekend. >> i think the biggest thing was the lack of information that we had on the whole situation. >> there wasn't anything good on the internet. it was all one baby survives separation, and the other died or circus acts. i mean, there was nothing good. there were no good stories. that was the worst. so it was definitely a roller coaster. >> reporter: doctors at children's memorial hermann hospital in houston did everything to ensure a safe delivery of the hospital's first case of conjoined twins. >> i was just taken aback because this is such a rare, rare event. we could not promise her anything. 50% of all conjoined twins end up in stillbirth and those that are born a 25% survival. a rough track the rest of the way. >> he said they're joined at the liver and the liver regenerates and we'll give each a portion
3:20 am
and it regenerates and it doesn't look like they're sharing anything -- any other major organs. >> they were so cute. >> reporter: fast forward 18 years. these girls are all grown up. emily has an artificial bladder and bile duct but otherwise they're your typical teenagers. >> that looks like you. >> no, that looks like me. >> fine. >> reporter: identical twins with a strong connection but just how different are they? so tell me a little about each of you. >> emily is more girlie than i am. she's definitely very into design and planning things out. and she likes to coordinate things. >> reporter: how would you jai your sister. >> at first it's like she's sweet and quiet then she gets like out on a softball field and she's like getter done. lease do it. >> hi. say hello. >> reporter: the girls don't remember being physically conjoined. the only clue is the scars on their chest. but they want to share their story to help others. it's quite a story that you have to tell and if somebody is going
3:21 am
through that right now, what do you say to them, caitlin? >> it's something very special and unique and i don't think people should look at it in a bad way. >> i want people whenever they google conjoined twins i want this to pop up and someone to be able to see that it is hard at first and there's nothing good about it at first and then there's a way to get to the end like 18 years later there's nothing about it that affects us right now. >> what great girls. >> excellent but 18 years ago what little information they had about conjoined twins. >> and now look at them. by the way, they are co-valedictorians at their high school and are going to separate colleges. they're terrified really but going to separate colleges and different places so it's going to be the first time on their own. >> fascinated because they were joined at the chest liver and bile ducts so pretty incredible that they -- >> yeah, they're magnificent girls. good luck to them. coming up, the 2-year-old rock climber. you got to see this one.
3:22 am
plus, tuck in the airport with nothing to do. viral video up next. suck in the with nothing to do. viral video up next. suck in the with nothing to do. viral video up next. suck in the with nothing to do. viral video up next. tsuck in th with nothing to do. viral video up next. uck in the with nothing to do. viral video up next. [ male announcer ] meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card. and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts, and stole her hard-earned money. unfortunately, millions of americans just like you learn all it may take is a little misplaced information to wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft. and no one helps stop it better than lifelock. lifelock offers the most comprehensive
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all right "mix" time. how many types have you been stuck in an airport and sort of feel lonely. nothing to do. next time you might want to consider when you feel lonely making a viral video because a guy named richard dunne, 43, did this on his iphone. listen to this. he sings "all by myself." listen to this. ♪ >> isn't that impressive? >> the camera on his luggage and was rolling it around. he shot from all these creative angles. wailing for a flight because he got bumped and got a free flight and had to spend the night in the airport at las vegas. >> it is deserted. no one in the airport at las vegas. >> unbelievable. he's a canadian so he went to
3:26 am
google and searched songs for loneliness and came up with celine dion's "all by myself." >> he made this pretty well. >> he can come and shoot our show welcome any time. okay, next up we've got a rock climber who is 20 months old. can you imagine this? 20 months old scales a wall at an indoor gym, rock climbing here just wearing that diaper here, blue t-shirt, going up is daddy there shouting, oh, buddy, yes, yes. you've got it. putting a foot in front of you. look at that. all by himself. >> a vine video. >> don't know where it came from. 11,000 like. >> wow, that's awesome. very amusing by the way. this is pretty cool. not a lot to say other than to say it's incredibly cute. world cup season. let's get into the spirit with the beagle who plays soccer. check him out. >> no. >> yeah, he does it all, man. >> he plays goal. >> no, is that -- >> is that photoshopped. >> no, this is real and in japan. the dog's name is puran and he's ready for the world cup, i'm telling you.
3:27 am
go! >> how great is that. >> that's awesome. >> cleared for team usa? >> he's on team japan. >> team japan. >> hey, money talks. you never know. well, up next, can you imagine a leaf blower meets a dog. crazy video. a dog who likes to be blown with the wind. see the leaf blower there. he's really into it and so he likes that feeling, that strong breeze and look at the reaction when they -- >> kind of looks mean. >> oh, look at that. that's me without coffee when i arrive here in the morning. and then the crew like gives me an intravenous coffee shot and then -- >> i'm hoping he enjoys this. i mean it's hard to tell, right? i think he does. >> is he? that's not a sign of pleasure to me. >> i get the feeling -- i get the feeling he likes it. put him down and let's see his tail wag. >> look at those fangs. we'll be back, folks.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," stunning defeat. virginia voters give prominent republican eric cantor the house majority leader the boot. the far-reaching political impact after a tea party win. cliffhanger, the large home teetering 75 feet above a lake. the shaky ground and dangerous conditions and the family forced out. cracking down, the danger in the skies as culprits point blinding laser lights at pilots. who took action and who got busted? >> they're back. jim carrey and jeff daniels returning to the screen in "dumb and dumber to." the movie trailer released overnight and already it's an online hit. the first look at "the skinny" on this wednesday, june 11th. >> really? >> "dumb and dumber to."
3:31 am
>> i never was into that kind of humaner. >> pretty funny. >> everyone else in america clearly was. >> i did too. let's get to it. good morning, everybody on this wednesday. i'm john muller. >> i'm reena ninan. >> we're going to begin with the biggest political upset of the year. this one is really a shocking loss for one of the nation's top republicans. virginia lawmaker eric cantor upset by a little-known tea party candidate. karen travers is in washington with more on what this law means. >> it's a stunning upset. one of the biggest in political history. >> i know there's a lot of long faces here tonight. and it's disappointing. >> reporter: majority leader eric cantor, the second most powerful member of the house was crushed by an unknown republican challenger. dave brat, an economics and ethics professor at virginia's randolph macon college was considered quite a long shot in his bid to take down cantor who was seen by many as the next to groom the house. >> i'm running because washington, d.c. is absolutely
3:32 am
broken. >> reporter: brat said cantor who was elected in congress back in 2000 just wasn't conservative enough. >> we could have done better if we had someone with principles up there and not getting special breaks and t.a.r.p. -- >> reporter: cantor has been considered the member of the house gop leadership that's the most friendly to the tea party. often it made him a major thorn this speaker john boehner's side like during the tense negotiations at the fiscal cliff. but this primary focused heavily on immigration and cantor was under fire. brat was in favor of amnesty for illegal immigrants. cantor fought back taking a hard right turn on the issue in recent weeks but it seeps it didn't work. this richmond, virginia, area congressional district won't tip the balance in congress. it's safely republican but it's a big win for the tea party and a major blow to the republican establishment and leadership on capitol hill.
3:33 am
karen travers, abc news, washington. >> hard to really sum up how stun had gone is. this is the first time ever that a house majority leader in american history has lost the primary. >> such a big deal. what i love, people love stories of underdogs that win in america and this is just put everybody in washington on alert. and what i found fascinating, a 23-year-old kid named zachary not even a year out of college who was brat's campaign manager. he got the job meeting in a panera according to an interesting article by "the washington examiner." look what he's shaken, capitol hill to its core. no one saw this coming. >> he's got a bright future too along with brat. >> sure does. let's move to a homeowner's nightmare. this happened in central texas. a luxury home dangling from the edge of a cliff 75 feet over a rocky shoreline. the earth beneath the back of that 4,000-square-foot house on lake whitney crumbled last night. it fell into the water below.
3:34 am
there are visible cracks all over the base. when the first cracks showed up in that land, the owners were told to move out, so no one was inside. officials say the entire cliff could collapse. east of lake whitney, flood warnings posted across a wide swath of louisiana. yesterday a storm dumped up to 7 inches of rain over lafayette. roads were turned into rivers as you see here. of course, it's never a good idea to drive through floodwaters like that. at least one driver found himself stranded. further north also finding itself stranded in fast-moving floodwaters was this frightened little fawn. firefighters in kansas city, missouri, made two unsuccessful attempts to rescue it. luckily the floodwaters receded enough for wildlife officials to capture the fawn and relocate it to a wildlife facility. swirling off the pacific coast of mexico a tropical storm named cristina. the storm has maximum sustained wins of nearly 40 miles an hour ten tered 155 miles south-southwest of mexico's southern coast. the national hurricane center
3:35 am
says cristina could grow into a hurricane by thursday tracking northwest along the coast but it is likely to stay offshore. let's take a look at today's weather. thunderstorms will dump heavy rains across the eastern third of the nation as another system is behind that across the upper plains and midwest, otherwise, it will be clear and dry across the southwest, rockies and the west coast. temperatures will be cooler across many area, 60s in new england in the northern plains and 70s along the west coast and 80s and 90s along the south. another scorcher in the southwest. the nation is coming to grips with yet another school shooting this morning. this time shattering a quiet community in oregon. a teenage student armed with a rifle headed into the gym locker room at reynolds high school in troutdale. he opened fire. he killed one classmate, 14-year-old freshman emilio hoffman, before chasing down a gym teacher. >> he was carrying a gun running after one of our teachers. our teacher mr. rispler who actually ended up getting shot. >> that gym teacher was shot and
3:36 am
wounded and the student eventually turned the gun on himself. by one account this is at least the 74th school shooting since the massacre at sandy hook elementary. thousands are fleeing the iraqi city of mosul this morning after it was taken over by an al qaeda-linked group. militants seizing the government's headquarters and rampaged through police stations. military bases and the airport as security forces just collapsed and abandoned their posts. now, during the iraqi war, more than 200,000 u.s. troops gave their lives trying to secure that city. >> my heart sank into my stomach and i was very, very upset because of all the hard work we did to save lives in the city. >> earlier this year those same al qaeda-linked fighters took control of fallujah. so far the iraqi army has been unable to win that back. a friendly fire is being blamed for the deaths of five american troops in afghanistan. the soldiers were on patrol with afghan forces when they were ambushed by the taliban near the pakistani border. but when they called in for air support, the bomb was mistakenly
3:37 am
dropped on them. the family of one u.s. soldier killed said the 19-year-old joined the army right after high school and was doing what he loved. >> he was looking for the challenge. he was looking for the opportunity. he wanted to serve his country and he told me it's something he wanted to do. i just wish it wouldn't have -- i'm sorry. >> sources say there was a miscommunication about exactly where the air strike should have taken place. it's being called one of the deadliest friendly fire incidents in nearly 14 years of war. well, this morning defense secretary chuck hagel will be under heavy fire for his role in handing over five taliban leaders from guantanamo bay in exchange for sergeant bowe bergdahl. hagel will be answering to a house panel that's still furious about thought being notified that the swap was happening. the administration says bergdahl's health was a concern. someone with a laser pointer took aim at a sheriff's helicopter blinding the pilot. but the pilot had a high-tech
3:38 am
gadget of his own and it didn't take long to track down the 19-year-old suspect. for more, here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: a routine midnight patrol suddenly gets alarmingly bright. >> we're just consistently struck by a green laser. >> reporter: it happened early monday to a seminole county, florida, sheriff's helicopter and completely blinds the cameras and lights up the cockpit. the latest in an alarming trend. here's the problem on the ground. the beam is tiny, but just a few hundred feet away, pilots say in the cockpit it becomes a dangerous distraction. lasers can cause blindness and disorientation, so serious pilots say it threatens their lives and passengers too. they began tracking them and incidents jumped 11,000% last year. nearly 4,000 last year. all field offices are offering a $10,000 reward. >> i'm going to try and narrow it down. >> reporter: in florida, deputies followed the laser right to their suspect. >> he's lasering us then running.
3:39 am
>> reporter: 19-year-old trevor ragno now facing felony chargse, thousands of dollars in fines and up to five years in jail. part of a new crackdown on laser law breakers. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. well, the mayor of an upscale near los angeles apologizing for not disposing of his dog's waste. check this video out. dennis kinnear caught on surveillance video saturday tossing that waste on a neighbor's walkway. the man who caught kinnear red-landed admits he's been vocal at city council meetings. he says maybe that was the mayor's motivation. can you believe that? >> that's crazy. what do you think? >> that's gross is what it is. >> weighing in. thank you. well, we all have a rare -- we know how rare a triple crown winner is but a pair of twin horses is even more rare. >> yeah, this happened at a farm in kentucky. twin colts born last thursday. they say chances of that happening is about one in 10,000. mom and the kids are fine which is pretty amazing because a mare's body isn't made to have
3:40 am
twins and a veterinarian says the fact that she gave birth without complications is almost unheard of. >> check out that little colt. >> ooh. >> very cute. >> they are cute. the colts names, aaron and andrew after aaron and andrew harrison. the twins are currently on the kentucky's team. they'll be back for the sophomore season. >> and the first time that momma horse has given birth. >> that's pretty traumatic. coming up in "the skinny," one of the original boy bands are hitting the road again. and later, taking a plunge with a daring young woman swimming with the most dangerous sharks in the world. she's a modern-day mermaid. you're watching "world news now." ♪ under the sea ♪ under the sea ♪ darling it's better down where it's wetter take it from me ♪ the lowest price
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♪ is she really going out with him ♪ ♪ is she really going to take him home tonight ♪ all right, that is the question many people might be asking about the women who date the guy in our next story. he is a self-proclaimed serial dater, and he says he's a god among men. >> but this ladies man says all my dating sites have turned him into a guy that can't be satisfied and now he's wondering if it's time for change. here's ryan smith. >> reporter: online dating. it's a new normal for many singles hoping to find
3:45 am
true love but is it creating a new type of ladies man? the serial dater. that simply can't be satisfied. >> it's very hard to date somebody and not think about the 20 other beautiful girls that are waiting for you in your mailbox. >> reporter: meet joshua pompey online dating and relationship expert for "the huffington post." >> for online dating i was a disaster. >> reporter: but now -- >> 73 winks. 45 likes. 27 -- >> reporter: these are all different women? >> and these are all different women. >> reporter: he is a self-proclaimed online god among men with women contacting him by the hundreds. but this article, "has online dating turned me into a bad person: confessions of a professional online dater," he is coming clean. he writes "the time when i appreciated women for both their perfections and imperfections is long gone. in a world of unlimited options, there is no longer room for imperfections." >> you know, sometimes i'm torn. sometimes i wonder is it because there's too many options, and i do enjoy just meeting -- i'm not
3:46 am
going to lie -- meeting beautiful girls. >> reporter: josh says he's not a bad guy. he's just being honest. he knows how to connect with women online giving him more options than he can choose from making it harder to find and want a relationship. >> the newness can be somewhat of an addiction. >> reporter: but there's no love lost for him. >> i don't agree with it. it's not something i would be dating. >> this is the kind of guys that i definitely want to avoid. >> reporter: since writing the article, he's been called everything from a narcissist to a psychopath to which he says -- >> not perfect, but i'm going to live my life the way i want to live it. >> reporter: ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> i would think if nothing else it's got to be a very expensive and exhausting to live that life. >> i must practices on online dating. but it comes into your in-box. like how easy can it be. >> fish in a barrel. >> fish in a barrel, absolutely. >> if it's not quite perfect,
3:47 am
there's 20 more people in the in-box. >> but he might be singing celine dion's "all by myself" soon. comes catching up to you. >> spends a lot of money on those dates. coming up, our first look at
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny
3:49 am
it is "skinny" time. and we start with a long awaited sequel to a classic comedy hitting the big screen 20 years after the original. >> get ready. "dumb and dumber to," that's "to" instead of "2." it'll be released later this year and we're getting the first look at it really. take a look at the trailer. the movie, once again, stars jim carrey and jeff daniels as harry and lloyd and the pair are up to their old tricks. >> got to get over her. she was just a girl. >> come on, come on. spit it out. come on, come on. spit it out. >> got you! >> do you mean you have been faking for 20 years? >> uh-huh. >> and it was all for a gag? >> yep. >> that's awesome! >> all right. the movie is set for release on november 14th. it looks like "dumb and dumber,"
3:50 am
doesn't it? >> totally. all right. if you remember the song skinny girl, cool it to you and telephone man, you're a child of the '80s so you might be psyched to hear one of the biggest boy bands coming to a town near you. >> new edition, bobby brown's band, is going on tour called the all six tour because all six of the band members will perform. they have 18 multiplatinum albums and 14 number one hits and they've worked on their first new album in 12 years. it kicks off june 26th in connecticut of all places. >> more bobby brown news. expecting angst about a biopic based on his life and late ex-wife whitney houston. he told "the insider" nobody involved in the production has talked to him about it. >> and he also said any movie should have the truth claiming it's a lot better than the fiction that has been made up about the couple. the tv movie will air on lifetime next year. >> asked who should play him, brown said he should portray
3:51 am
himself saying "i can act and i can lose a few pounds." >> okay. all right, ladies, a little less hugh jackman to love. he shared this snap on instagram showing his newly bald head. >> is that really him? all part of a transformation for jackman's upcoming role as a pirate in the upcoming movie of "peter pan." "blackbeard is born." you'll have to wait until july, of course, that's next year to see the film. >> already cool. some happy news this morning from olympic champion ice dancer. the 26-year-old sochi gold medal winner announced his engagement to tanith belbin, a silver medalist herself in ice dancing. >> skating partner meryl davis was quick to tweet her congratulations and her compliment on tanith's beautiful engagement ring. let's celebrate a few birthdays. actor gene wilder best known as willy wonka turns 81. joe montana, 58 today.
3:52 am
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[ female announcer ] tide plus febreze. that's my tide plus. ♪ under the sea ♪ under the sea ♪ darling it's better down where it's wetter take it from me ♪ i love that movie. >> all right, under the sea is where we go for our next story to meet a mermaid. >> and she's on a mission to prove that the world is wrong about sharks. this is our favorite story of the day. abc's matt gutman introduces us to a woman who's cozying up to the ocean's deadliest creatures. >> reporter: 30 feet down and with no air
3:56 am
professional mermaid hannah fraser looks like shark bait. >> we're at five tigers down here. >> reporter: but for fraser these sharks aren't close enough. the only contact in fact a tickle on the snout. >> that's one brave girl. >> reporter: her seemingly death defying dance is protest performance meant to show sharks' man-eating reputation is undeserved. in fact, while every year humans kill about 100 million sharks, sharks only kill about six humans. you surrendered yourself to these animals. >> there was not one single moment where i felt like the shark was trying to attack, was interested in eating me. >> reporter: it's a point this mermaid has made over and over swimming with whale sharks, manta rays, even a 50-foot whale. >> hannah fraser is a live, breathing mermaid. >> reporter: diving in with her i saw firsthand with a nurse shark that seemed to crave affection. but with those 16-foot tiger sharks, the risk is real, which is why her mermaid tail stays on board. too easily mistaken for shark food. >> behind her. behind her.
3:57 am
>> reporter: instead lead boots anchoring her to the sand for a full hour at a time. no mask or air tank. every 90 seconds, she gulps air from a safety diver then another breath hold, and she's back dancing with her shark friends. matt gutman, abc news, the bahamas. >> crazy enough but getting air every 90 -- >> every 90 seconds. that was like the little thing at the end. that was the footnote at the end. that might be the lead. how do you do that and get air every 90 seconds. >> crazy. >> i don't know where you start with that. >> oh, there's where you start, under the sea. yep. looking good. >> yeah. >> it's paying off. >> now i get why you are at the gym quite a bit. oh, my god. >> you didn't know i was so buff. did you? >> i didn't know that. the mermaid life on "world news now." >> announcer: this is
3:58 am
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4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- shocking defeat. the second-most powerful house leader loses to a virtually unknown challenger. we're live in washington with the latest on the primary election upset. tragedy strikes another high school, as a student opens fire inside the building. what we learned about the young shooter overnight. and president obama's strong reaction. wild ending. a man surrenders after a high-speed chase. but his car just keeps on going. and first look. the hottest thing on the web overnight. >> what? am i right? >> am i right? >> that's insane. >> the newly released trailer for "dumb and dumber 2."


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