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tv   Action News  ABC  August 5, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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humanitarian ceasefire. >> philadelphia police say the man accused of gunning down an innocent three year old girl is now behind bars. >> we have your weather and traffic previews with david and karen. good morning. >> good morning, guys. we're off to a fairly decent start out there, still feels kind of muggy but satellite shows you most of our intense cloud is over south jersey, cloud cover i should say and over toward the shore, southeastern pennsylvania looking fairly clear. there are some areas of some patchy fog over parts of new jersey in particular this morning so be careful if you run into that. 71 degrees and muggy in philadelphia, 62 in allentown a-little better up in the lehigh valley. 65 in wilmington and reading. 65 in trenton and 69 in sea isle city. as we take a look at the afternoon call, it does look like it's going to be warm. 78 degrees by 9:00 and then 85 by noon. your high today at 3 o'clock will be 89 degrees. winds on the light side. however, winds are coming down genderly out of the north. that should lower humidity as
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the day goes on. we have an air quality alert today, though, especially in urban centers around the i-95 corridor and down towards wilmington. ozone action day means those of in you sensitive groups should limit outdoor activities and that includes young kids senior citizens and those of you suffering from asthma. tonight at musikfest the big show at 8:30, moody blues, partly cloudy, moderately humid, 78 degrees, the slight chance of a spotty thunderstorm trapping up. more on those thunderstorms with future tracker 6, okay. >> all right, dave, i-95 near broad street construction crews are backing up picking up the cones right now. the construction was in the process of clearing out. right now it has been blocking the right lane. hasn't been causing a delay but sometimes as they back up and start to clear it o it begins to back up on i-95 so watch for this southbound near broad street, that construction beginning to clear but a good shot of the roads right here, clear and dry. david talked about the fog that we are seeing in parts of south jersey, certainly no evidence of it right there on i-95. you're nice and clear. on the blue route, schuylkill
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and i-95 seeing speeds mostly in the 50's. tonight is night two with katy perry. take the broad street line, they're running extra service so express trains will help you out to get there a little bit more quickly and then you don't is to deal with the problems with driving there. a 3-d fly here of the northeast extension heading south. watch for some overnight construction blocking the left lane as you past lansdale. otherwise seeing speeds mostly in the 60's. those crews should be wrapping up pretty smoothly and so far a good looking ride, matt. >> we begin with a developing story. crews have been working all night to demolish a camden house that collapsed last night. it happened when a car smashed right into it. "action news" reporter katherine scott scott is live at the scene with the very late e katherine. >> reporter: matt, emergency responders were on the scene after that car crash. they were in the process of trying to pull the passenger and the driver from the vehicle when that house start d to collapse and you can see there's not a whole lot going on right now t it's really
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quieted down here. mostly rubble is just what's left. demolition crews were called in to take down the rest of the house because it just wasn't stable so it's largely cleaned up now but take a look at this viewer video from earlier and you can see the damage, the front and back of that car that had crashed, the downed poles and there was debris spilling into the street from that house and the roof was just slandering down. chopper 6 was overhead last night soon after this all happened. police and fire crews were surrounding the scene. it was around 11 o'clock last night, authorities were called out to the intersection of tenth and linden in camden. that car had last control, it hit the house, it spun out and took down several light poles. the driver and the passenger were trapped inside and again it was during that rescue operation to get the pair out of the car that the house started to collapse. the house was being renovated. there was no one inside at the time, though they did check the premises to be sure. utility crews were called in to shut off the utilities and the heavy equipment was
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brought in for demolition and now all that's left is a pile of rubble. no first responders were injured in all this but that man and woman who were in that car crash were taken to the hospital in critical condition. we're live in camden, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, katherine. breaking news out of the middle east, israel and hamas have silenced their weapons for now. both have agreed to a three day ceasefire. the fragile deal has ended nearly a month's worth of fighting. israel has pulled all of its ground troops out of gaza. the truce was reached through talks in cairo. during the ceasefire israel and hamas plan to hold indirect talks aimed at ending their border conflict. nearly 1900 palestinians have been killed during the fighting. most of them civilians. 67 israelis have been killed. >> the man police say opened fire on a three-year-old girl while she was sitting on a front porch is now behind bars. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is at the big board with the details. erin. >> reporter: eva, police
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were on the hunter for 22 year old brandon ruffin late last night and they put him in handcuffs in the 5600 block of lloyd street in germantown. police say he is the trigger man in the etting street shooting that took the life of a toddler and wounded three other people. a community was thrown into a state of shock friday night after learning about the murder of little tynirah borum. she was outside on a porch having her hair braided by a neighbor when police say ruffin opened fire. now police caught ruffin's alleged accomplice douglas woods almost immediately but were urging the community to come forward with any information about ruffin. police say his intended target was 24-year-old man. relatives mourning the little girl say she was full of life. >> i just miss my niece and i love her so much and i just wish she still was here. >> brought her back from north carolina with me. this happened to her, it's crazy.
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doesn't make no sense. >> ruffin is behind bars. woods' alleged accomplice is in custody charged with murder, three counts of attempted murder aggravated assault and related offenses. eva. >> thanks. creamery fifty seven efforts will take place in neighborhoods all over the country. several neighborhoods and organizations will be marking national night out. this is an annual event observed nationwide to raise awareness about crime and prevention. the program helps neighborhoods across the country promote safety and strengthen relationships with local law enforcement. and you can ask the police commissioner your pressing questions on crime and safety in philadelphia. charles ramsey and his top deputies will be at the 6abc studios to take part in a live web chat. commit your questions now and then join in live on from 4:00 to 6:30. >> david murphy joins us. hottest day of the week and it's really not all that bad. >> we're going to get up to like 89 degrees, a couple spots might hit 90's. storm track sick live double
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scan, we have no precipitation for you this morning. that's always nice a little bit of patchy fog especially in parts of south jersey this morning. as we take a look outside, we have the ben franklin bridge and partly cloudy skies overhead for the most part right now. in fact, the farther west you go through the region back through southeastern pennsylvania, the better chance you will have of seeing some sunshine early this morning. and a little bit more cloud cover over by the shore. so, here come the numbers. 71 degrees is your temperature currently. dewpoint up there at 65. still feeling a bit muggy this morning with that dewpoint dropping as the day goes on. winds are calm out there which is an added comfort factor i suppose. as we take a look at future tracker 6 this afternoon between noon and 6 o'clock there could be a couple of little spotty thunderstorms or showers popping up but obviously this is not a washout. and it will not be happening everywhere. hopefully we miss anything up at musikfest tonight but it's something you want to keep your eyes o very small chance but a chance nonetheless. as we take a look at temperatures today, 74 degrees
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by 8 o'clock, by 11:00 we'll be at 83 and by 2 o'clock 88. that high of 89 probably around 3 o'clock and then by 5 o'clock dipping to 86 again getting a little bit less humid as the day goes on and just a slight chance of a spotty pop-up thunderstorm. high temperatures everywhere, how about 88 up in allentown, 89 in reading association very even numbers from the lehigh valley down through the i-95 corridor. you get down to the shore and it's a little better. 84 on the beach in atlantic city and 82 in cape may with humidity lowering as the day goes on. for the phillies tonight, they're back home against the houston astros, now an american league team, how about that? partly cloudy, likely dry, 81 degrees for the first pitch, 75 in the ninth inning. be prepared for a possible pop-up shower or thunderstorm but chances are pretty small for. that out to the atlantic we go and bertha was a hurricane but is now a tropical storm with winds down to 65 miles per hour. this storm will be splitting the difference between bermuda and the east coast as it passes us by today. but over the next couple of days the waves generated by that storm will be coming in
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on the delaware and jersey beaches so be careful of rip currents and high wave action down the shore the next couple days, okay. little heads up to you swimmers. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 89 today today very warm out that, humidity evident in the morning, less so in the afternoon. spotty thunderstorm possible. tomorrow clouds and sun, 84, looking at the potential for a thunderstorm popping up. little better chance tomorrow afternoon. after that sunny and nice on thursday, 84. friday partly sunny, still pretty nice, 83. and then we head into what's going to be a great weekend. we guilty the phillies home, the union home. musikfest will be wrapping up this weekend and it looks great with a couple of fairly sunny canes highs in the mid 80's. then monday a thunderstorm chance returns, okay? >> perfect timing, david. >> yeah. >> yeah, maybe. next and all new on "action news" a violent attack at a new york city grocery store. we have the video and details on what sparked the argument. >> streams of debris laced mud have damaged dozens of homes
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in south california. the latest coming up. karen. >> looking pretty good here on the vine. that's eastbound traffic headed towards 95 with no problems. we're going to check 309 when we come back. >> the princeton review has crowned a flew top party school in the country plus others are uners up around here. details in the morning buzz.
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>> ♪ >> good morning everyone,. philadelphia international airport on sky 6, it is 5:12 and it is 70 degrees on city avenue. >> let's get a check of our traffic now with karen rogers much hopefully it's not too bad early this morning. >> well, it's early so we're off to a good start. we don't have any accidents the report out there so it's
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that's good news on a tuesday morning. let's check your suburban traffic report and we're going start with a look outside. this is wait looks like here in fort washington 309 at the pennsylvania turnpike. you could see roads are clear and dry, no problems. we've been talking about fog in a couple of spots and certainly not here. it's looking pretty clear with no issues here in fort washington. as we head on the pennsylvania turnpike, we're going to take a little fly and the only problem here is construction, it's blocking the right lane and the center lane for almost another hour out here. this is westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike between willow grove and virginia drive so watch for that. looking at the jersey overview, speeds of about 56 miles an hour on 55 northbound as you head to 42. 42 looking at about 55 miles an hour so no problem there. but as we begin to look at our commuter traffic report this is where you get to tell us what your commute is looking like with the waze app and we travel along route 55 and you can see these icons along here and that's because people are reporting problems with foggy weather there. this is on 55 near monroeville. as we bring in our reporting
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sites here we can see that in millville, new jersey, we're looking at 0-mile visibility. you have 10-mile visibility in philadelphia, wilmington, atlantic city. so it's really only in a couple spots there. 4-mile visibility in allentown, maybe a touch of it but the worst of in it salem and gloucester counties as we're dealing with that early this morning. eva. >> allall right, thanks karen. new on "action news" a music video shoot at a bronx bodega turned violent after one member avenue rap duo reportedly opened fire on his partner. we have to warn you this video is a little disturbing, shocking footage from a security camera inside the store shows the gunman open fire on the 37-year-old victim hitting the man several times at point blank range. the victim was grazed in the head, took one bullet to the chest wasn't hit in each leg. the shooter has not been arrested. the detroit man accused of fatally shooting an unarmed woman on his porch will be back on the stand today.
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theodore waver is charged with second degree murder of ran niche shah mcbride last fall. waver said on the stand yesterday he feared for his wife when he heard the teen banging on his door. prosecutors say he could have remained behind his locked door and called 911. major cleanup is under way following severe weather that devastated two southern california communities. rivers of mud streamed through oak glen and forest falls after 4-inches of rain fell in one hour yesterday. one man is confirmed dead after his car was swept away. at least 31 homes are badly damaged. several destroyed. crews cleared some roads allowing people to leave. matt. >> eve is that correct, sir the phillies start a three game home series tonight with another team that has struggled all season, the houston astros though houston has won its last three games and the phillies have lost their last two. nick foles prepared for friday's preseason game with the chicago bears by throwing the ball to a bunch of second stringers.
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you see receiver jeremy maclin left practice way limp. said he was fine. receiver riley cooper has a foot in a boot. foles says injuries can happen during the regular season so he needs to build chemistry with the backups. >> just to build the chemistry, having them go against everybody it's huge for me because i need to develop that chemistry just in case that does happen. >> the eagles have announced that mark sanchez is the number two quarterback. the former jets starter beat out matt barkley who will be third on the depth chart. 6abc will get you amped with our pregame special great expectations. watch it at 7:30 friday night then watch the game at 8:00 here on 6abc. that would be a great name for a novel. >> details on a new campaign to prevents children from being left in hot cars. >> airline ticket prices have >> stay on top of the changing
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weather situation with the new visit for storm tracker 6 raid today, both the hourly and seven-day ok buddy, aim it at us.
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there you go. so it's kfc night. [cheering] last week we hosted. yes, this week the kids invited us to their place. sorry i was late. i had a little trouble with the rope ladder. he fell twice. but look at all this food we've got. yeah we got this delicious kfc meal and they threw in 2 extra sides for free. for free!
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and i love what you've done with the drapes. are those your bedsheets? [laughing] ♪ >> look before you lock. that is the message from lawmakers and health experts that is the message from children from being left inside hot cars. the connecticut children's medicals center has teamed up with yale new haven hospital to educate and bring awareness. experts say the body temperature of a child can increase five times faster than an adult's. >> let's get a check of weather and traffic now and pretty clear on the roads so far. still early. >> yes, pretty early. let's take a live look at the ben franklin bridge and see what's going on as we look here. you can see not much. eastbound track on your right-hand side. we've got the right lane blocked with construction. westbound we've got four lanes coming in so no problems this morning on the ben. mass transit is looking good and you might want to take mass transit. we have sports express trains, a the lot of them running and
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that's because the phils play at 7:05, katy perry is going to be out there at 7:00 and you're not going to want to drive. 618, 2628, 648, david, take it away. >> you get all that. avoid all that mess just head up to bethlehem and see musikfest. moody blues playing. 85 by noon dam we're already in the low 70's and it is muggy. our high today is going to be 89 at 3 o'clock, one thing about today that is kind of nice the humidity levels are going to drop off a little bit as we go through the afternoon. there's just a slight chance of a pop-up thunderstorm in a couple neighborhoods. most of you probably don't see that this afternoon and this evening. there's a chance, though. all green planes on the big board at the airport and it doesn't look like we've got any precipitation in any of our most heavily traveled destinations. eva and matt. >> all right, thanks, david. a a new study find a woman's health during childbirth has a lot o do with where she delivers. researchers compared hospitals across the u.s. they found in mothers who delivered at low performing facilities suffered twice the
5:21 am
major complications for vaginal births. the difference was worse, five fold for moms who had c-sections and there's no source that women can rely on to find the best hospitals a heads of time. medical groups are working to change that but it could take three to five years. >> airline ticket prices and sandra bullock's salary are both heading for the clouds. abc's devon dwyer has america's money. >> reporter: topping america's money air fares continuing to climb. in the first half of this year the average round trip ticket caught over 500 flynn dollars up 14 bucks from last year. fewer seats and more people who want to travel lead to those higher fares. pf chang says the data breach that was discovered in june affected 33 restaurants in 16 states. it's believed an intruder may have stolen the data over an eight month period. sandra bullock tops the forbes list of highest paid actress. she made $51,000,000.02 is jennifer lawrence with 34 million, jennifer aniston was third after making $31 million and lego has sold
5:22 am
off its new play set featuring three female scientists. the research institute was the company's answer to a seven year old girl's letter which criticized lego for its lack of sets that include professional women. it's expected to be available again in about two weeks. that's america's money, i'm devon dwyer up. >> next in your morning buzz we tell you who tops the annual list of the nation's top party schools. >> utah's newest bed and what's up, george? massage chair. my little indulgence. dunkin' french vanilla swirl, my little indulgence. indulge in the sweeter, creamier taste of dunkin's new french vanilla and hazelnut swirl coffees and lattes -- try one today!
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a mint flavor that hointensifies as you chew.. 5 ascent gum. stimulate your senses. >> philadelphia police are looking off. >> philadelphia police are took place on the 700 block of west montgomery avenue on june 21st. a 16-year-old boy was killed that night a.m. 20-year-old man was shot but survived. there's a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of hall. >> new on "action news" a large home built for warren justin and his family is now a bed and breakfast. the leader never got to occupy compound before he was sentenced to a long prison sentence. owner willie jessup calls it america's most wanted bed and breakfast. the 2011 structure features multiple bedrooms and living rooms as well as a reminder of its past a-14-foot wall.
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>> this is the time of year administrators at colleges and universities across the country brace themselves hoping that they're not on this list. the prison review rankings of top college party schools. there are the local universities that made the list. lehigh, the high of at number six, penn state seven, university of delaware at 20 and syracuse university according to the princeton review, the number one party school in the nation. look out for marshall street. all those who went to su know what i'm talking about. >> no surprise that your university was thereon as well. >> university of delaware. very good academic school as well i might add. >> a good balance. >> yeah, that's a good way of putting it, eva, thank you. >> still ahead in the next half hour of "action news," flames lit up the night sky as fast moving fire ripped through a house in delaware county. >> homes in southwest philadelphia could be sinking. find out why and what is being
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>> an out of control car slams into a house in camden and the impact proved to be too much for the abandoned building. >> a charred shell is all that remains of a home in delaware county. find out what hampered firefighters efforts overnight. >> seconds american infected with leak ebola is expected to arrive in the u.s. today. with leak ebola is expected to could help save her life. >> good morning its 5:30 on this tuesday august 5th. >> tam is off as you see eva pilgrim joins us. jong, eva. good morning david and karen. >> we have satellite and, see there is some cloud cover over parts of south jersey. southeastern pennsylvania a little more in the clear. there is some patchy fog areas in parts of south jersey this morning, too, so be careful of that driving in. 71 degrees in philadelphia. little bit on the muggy side us a step outside. 63 in allentown, 65 in wilmington, 64 in trenton and 69 in sea isle city. as we head out do the door between six and 8 o'clock looks likes we climb up into the mid 70's so a pretty quick
5:30 am
climb. kind of muggy across the region. a couple changes. first of all it is going to be warm, 78 by 9 o'clock, 83 by noon. your high of 89 probably around 3 o'clock. but as we go through the day we expect the humidity to drop. those dewpoints will go from the mid 60's down to about 60 so just moderately humid late in the day and tonight. there's the slight chance of a spotty pop-up thunderstorm in a couple spots. most don't see that. we have an air quality alert today especially in urban centers along 95 through pennsylvania and down into delaware. that means those of in you sensitive groups should limit your outdoor activity, young kids, senior citizens and those of you with asthma or other respiratory ailments. musikfest tonight, moody blues 8:30 p.m., 78 degrees, just a slight chance of a spotty thunderstorm. hopefully it misses musikfest tonight. karen what are roads looking like. >> i had such a hard time driving with the fog in south jersey. on 95 it's crystal clear so no problems. i-95 in delaware county, we see a car off to the side here


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