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tv   Action News  ABC  August 15, 2014 1:36am-2:12am EDT

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or a mouth breather? a mouth breather! [ whimpers ] how do you sleep like that? well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. allergy medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more. so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do -- sleep. add breathe right to your allergy medicine. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. >> this is the way it looked last night in furing sop,
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missouri. tier gas, rubber bullets, molotov cocktails and bricks. it looked, and sounded luke a war. and this is the way it looks tonight. a peaceful march. police standing and watching and in some cases even talking with the protesters. and this is a live picture from the scene of the demonstration still plenty of passion but no violence. and so, what has changed? what has taken the confrontation out of the confrontation at least for now? thursday night the big story on "action news" tonight is a big change in tone on the streets of this troubled city. hundreds of people are been marching peacefully through the streets of furgeson tonight continuing to protest the fatal shooting of 20-year-old african-american michael brown by a white police officer. but there's a whole different feeling out there tonight. because the missouri state highway patrol has taken over the job of supervising security.
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there are no military weapons, no police in riot gear that after missouri governor jay nixon relieved local police of their command duties. ron johnson, who is black s. now in charge. >> i know there's a lot of people out here being peaceful. that's why today you don't see barricades and officers out here today. we want people to have a frae come to march and express themselves. >> michael brown's mother and cousin attended a big vigil tonight for brown in st. louis. >> we appreciate all of the supporters who have gone out marching and standing alongside. we do not want to have any ludeing or violence going on at all. and the demonstrations peacefully we love that. please keep showing us your support with peaceful demonstrations. >> "action news" reporter sharee williams is live in philadelphia's love park where they held a vigil tonight as well, sharee. .
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>> reporter: jim it was a powerful demonstration. even when the heavy rains came they pressed on with the message of peace. it's a call to action. >> we're all just so angry about like what happened. it's not fair. >> reporter: a response to what many view as police brutality. from times square to st. tlus washington d.c., to right here in philadelphia. thousands across the nation took part in a grassroots movement called national moment of silence, remembering those who were slain by law enforcement including most recently, 18-year-old michael brown of furgeson, missouri. >> people are tired of the youth being shot down in the street and they're tired of them being second glass citizens. what's the difference? the difference is race. >> hundreds gathered at love park bearing signs in hon are of those lost wearing rhetoricones
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a ace list of names shot and killed by place or authorities figures was read allowed. >> it bomingers me like the level of what people have to put up with and what police seem like they're getting a way with and it seems look a culture. >> mrs. james made a point to be at the peace rally and bring 6-year-old jaylynn. >> it could have been haim. >> david rose demonstrated by holding his hands up in the air symbolic he says for michael brown, unarmed when he was shot multiple times. >> it's too much. just too much. it's not a black thing. it's not a white thing. it's an american thing. it's too much. >> hands up! >> the moment of silence and spontaneously it turned into a peace march. more than 100 people marched from love park to the stepsch the art museum and when it poured rain they state course.
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>> we have, mike brown. >> not even the weather could stop their message. >> we are. >> mike brown! >> and just as demonstrations and protests continue in furgeson, organizeers hearsay you can expect to see more rallies for peace right here in philadelphia. we're live at love park. sharee williams. "channel 6 action news." jim. >> thank you, sharee. we have been covering the situation in furgeson all week on you can head there for the latest updates as events continue to unfolded. you can also see the collection of powerful photographs of the confrontations between police and protesters. >> and philadelphia police continue to serve for a ghaun and his accomplice in the shooting death of alexis quevora outside an anti-violence concert in fairmont park. tonight a candlelight vigil in olney and "action news" reporter annie mccormick was there. >> at the memorial for shooting victim alex the rain barely made
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the candles flicker. family and friends huddled together in prayer. he died thursday at the hospital after shot twice wednesday night outside the dell music center attending a peace awareness concert. his mother and sister flew in from tennessee and went to their hometown block of philip street. >> i need the person who did this come forward. i want justice to be served. i want him to feel our pain. >> dolly says her brother had a job at macy's and mrabd to attend college in the fall. >> he loved the people around him. he didn't want to get into no trouble. he was not that type of person. >> surveillance show two people harassing people and township shots were inquired both at cuevera. young people in the community came up with the idea for the wednesday night concert in response to recent violence and raise money for 3-year-old tyn
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tynera boram killed last month. he lived in frank ford and was raised here and came back almost every day. yesterday she saw him before they left for the show. >> he got all his love out here. everybody came out here to show him love. everybody came for him. >> tonight's downpours did not keep people more than 100 people that came out for this vigil. the candles set up here are in a spot where organizeers say many people saw alex guevera for the last time in his neighborhood. app an, "channel 6 action news." >> new jersey state troopers say a recently fired security guard was key to daring heist at ceasars atlantic city last month. investigators say 19-year-old isaiah plumber knew when the money would be changing hands. he allegedly pointed a gun at casino employees while he and alleged accomplice aaron evans grabbed two boxes of cash.
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inside those boxes more than 180,000 dollars. police say within four minutes the pair hopped in a car and took off sparking a 3-state manhunt. security cameras captured the robbery and the car leading police right to the suspects in all five tem were charged with involvement in the robbery. and a pedestrian is in the hospital tonight after being struck by a car. chopper6hd was over the scene in chester, delaware county. police say the victim was struck along the 1100 block of colors lane an hour and a half ago. they have not said whether the driver will be charmed. >> the holy sea is not officially confirming pope francis will visit philadelphia next year even though the pontiff himself told a reporter si speaking in native spanish he reportedly answered yes to the question whether he will attend the world meeting of families in september 2015 it came during the pope's ivrt ever trip to
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south korea. archdioceses of philadelphia says there's no dive uptive word from the vatican. that typically comes 6 months before an event. philadelphia's taney dragones play their first game at the little league world series tomorrow and they cannot wait for the cry of play ball! chad pradelli is live in williamsport tonight, chad. >> jim, the anticipation has been building all weekend. tomorrow the taney dragones take the first step to winning a little league world series title. a procession of little leagueers entered the stadium today to wow the fans. the little league series is underway. playing baseball was on their mind. >> we are confident. i think if we play well like we mostly always do i think we can
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overcome the team we're playing. >> i'm excited because you know the first games are starting today and i'm excited to get to see what our competition looks like. >> the teams took batting practice. coach rice called it one of the best sessions yet. >> i think they're fine. they just want to play. we've been sitting here for what four days now. >> and taney takes on tennessee at 3 p.m. friday. most of the players know little about the competition and they're not taking the southeast reej yol winners lightly. >> any team that made it this far is a good team. we're pretty confident. >> what do you think the key is for your dies to maybe get a victory in game one. >> to get our bats working earlier. and to fill cleanly like we dein the delaware sglaim world series is double elimination win or lose these pro kosh us players have perspective. >> at this point i say it's probably just we're all champions.
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you can go to city hall tomorrow afternoon were there will be a pep rally and public viewing. i'm live in williamsport, chad pradelli, "channel 6 action news," jim. >> thank you, chad, we invite you to stay with "action news" for continuing coverage from williamsport open the taney dragones at the little league word series and follow chad pradelli on the air and on twitter. >> still to come a major development in iraq. u.s. hopes can stabilize the country and robin williams widow reveals a secret medical shrug m country and robin williams widow reveals a secret medical shrug m the actor was facing in the plus television star david borainis takes the ice bucket challenge and then knowledge nature me. i'll let you know what our game plan is in a moment. cecily. >> we knew that would happen eventually.
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not quite ice bucket but we had a lot of downpours. a taste of fall details in the accuweather forecast 7 day forecast. >> the final day of practice before the eagles play the patriots. before the eagles play the patriots. that and more when "action news" celebrate blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale. buy one get 50% off one. because you know what they say: 60 is the new 50. they also say your're only as young as you feel. we feel great. how about those blinds of yours? blinds to go blinds for life.
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your windows don't need a facelift. just a new wardrobe. take them shopping during blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale going on now. buy one get second at half price. blinds to go is 60. boy, time goes fast. and so will this sale. blinds to go blinds for life. >> nory almaki relinquished his post to alabadi. a shiite, will open the government to sunnis and curds as well. with that done the u.s. says it will expand humanitarian relief to iraqis threatened to advancing army of islamic state militants. we learned today robin williams was in early stages of parkinson's disease when he
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died. that information came from his wife today. she release aid statement saying williams was sober at the time of his suicide. but he was struggling with depression, anxiety and parkinson's. susan snyder said her husband was not ready to share that diagnosis publicly. the city of philadelphia made its final pitch to the democrats tonight. democratic national committee ended a two-day visit with going away party on the steps of the museum of art. earlier today the city held a big reception for the delegates at the national constitution center. and the dnc is checking out five cities as potential sites for nominating convention in 20 16 and candidates for pennsylvania governor took some time out tonight crack jokes. it was 2th annual candidates comedy night at finnegan's wake in spring garden and democrat tom wolf and incumbant republican tom corbett both took the stage. >> even my family says i'm a
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little too wooden and i'm sort of sorry for that reason that senator bob casey is not here tonight because when i stand next to him i look down right exciting. i really do. >> i was actually born in this city. hahneman hospital. a very long time ago. and with all the research we can get i'm the first governor born in philadelphia since revolutionary war. i tell that everywhere i go and it was not gotten me one damn additional vote. >> the good natured ribbing is for a good cause. it all goes to variety children's charity. >> "healthcheck" at 11 inner city children are more likely to have food allergies than suburban youth. one out of ten youngsters are allergic to milk, eggs or
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peanuts more than half had a sensitivity foods and not a full-blownalery. the study followed children in baltimore, boss stop, new york and st. louis. researchers say it was a wake-up call to investigate the causes and why it's so widespread. tonight on social media a hollywood actor and member of the "action news" family dared a certain person that television station to take the als ice bucket challenge. this is a viral effort to raise awareness and money for als also known as lou gehrig's disease. participants have 4 hours to dump ice water or donate to charity. in the past week we have seen chris christie, delaware governor jack markle take part, roy halladay. kennedy clan, justin timberlake and thousands of people on social media. and today, actor david borians son of dave roberts threw down
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the gauntlet. >> i accept your challenge and i'll go back to philadelphia the big story tonight on "action news" jim gardner accents the als ice challenge bucket dump. yeah! >> well, i wish it was delightfully warm water challenge. >> that's no fun. >> it's an important cause and lou gehrig and i went to the same college. how could i refuse. i accept. we'll do it tomorrow. >> you'll air it on "action news" afterwards. >> only if you force it. >> well i will. >> i guess you will. >> then you have to pick somebody else too. >> at least two maybe three people tomorrow night i already have one in mind. >> oh. i have an african bull frog pea all over me so i can do it no problem bring it on it's for a good cause. >> all righty then. >> speaking of rain, i guess
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stormtracker 6 live doubling scan showing that we did have a line of some heavy downpours moving through and it's pretty much offshore right now. there's a little still left over lbi and couple springs south of mays landing and generally it's moving offshore and behind us we have a reinforcing shot of some cool air. as we also have beautiful pictures in pennsylvania the showers moved through before the sunset in many regions and that created beautiful rainbows kelce sent this to my name herly'sville. "action news" dar showing clouds from this cold front sweeping out quickly. what this is doing is waiting for the high pressure to build n it cools us down overnight. right now if philadelphia, 67. wilmington 70. allentown 63. millville 66. poconos 54. poconos likely will drop down to the mid 40s tonight and the next two days is high pressure.
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it will be sitting pretty. what this means any oppressive heat and hutty will force way down to the south. we're looking sgat amount of sunshine. dry conditions. low 450u9ty. and below normal -- low humidity and below normal pressures. we get a return flow out of the southwest. that warms us up back to the 80s, mid 80s. more humidity surprised with a chance of storms. down the shore the weekend looking really nice. friday, lots of sunshine. and 78 degrees. saturday, mostly sunny and 80. and sunday we'll see more in the 230r78 form of clouds could have afternoon showers. and rally not going to be a washout with high of degrees. and poconos again overnight lows in the 40s next two nights and tomorrow the fall feeling. 6 9 the high. saturday bump it up to 74. sunday clouds with thunder showers possible temperatures in the 7 0s. morning rush hour tomorrow loads of sunshine. refreshing 6:00. 61 by 8:00. 64 and the exclusive accuweather
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7-day forecast shows nice weather tomorrow. but again on the cool side. 78 the high. normal high this time of year is 86. saturday, we warm things up to degrees. we keep that low humidity on sunday it will get more muggy and more clouds 6 degrees and future tracker showing that we could have a few showers erupting especially in the afternoon this shows:00 with spotty showers again not a washout and not a completely dry day everywhere. on monday, mixture of sun and clouds, 4. heading into tuesday and wednesday when the humidity makes another come back and both dates could have a few popup thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening hours and thursday partly sunny, high of 84 degrees. so a cool start to the weekend and warming back into the mid 80s sunday. >> thank you, cecily. another summer night and another great concert at the dell east in fairmont park.
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>> ankley stone opened for brian mcknight tonight. two more shows to go in the summer concert series. next weekal geroe and ryan sanborn. now to the beach and bayneyes and lots of them. it was the 105th baby bar parade. little ones were decked out. many in their personal floats and of course new jersey played a starring role. there were jersey tomatoes. courses baby ice cream babies and a surfer or two. wake up. even with the excitement for some kids it was just time to take a nap.
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>> it was enthusiastic welcome home tore robinsville girls softball team a day after winning little league softball world series the girls from the mercer county town defeat aid team from louisiana to clench the championship in port
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happened, oregon and we congratulate this terrific team from robinsville new jersey. eagles will be without two wide receivers one tight end one wide receivers. >> two wide receivers. >> it's remarkable. >> good. >> it's remarkable that we're not even a couple weeks into the season and season has not started we're already having issues here receiver the issues can't catch a break. jeremy maclin and riley cooper are banged up and barely been on the filed together in training camp. ducis rogers has more from eagles practice. >> expect the birds to be thin at wide receiver position tomorrow night reilly cooper is out and as for jeremy maclin while no official announcement is made i would be shocked as he tries to make a go of it. he was a spectator at a morning walk through group. cooper is working his way back from a foot issue. he hopes to play against pittsburgh. >> i want to get back in the swing of things.
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i'm feeling better many really am familiar with the game plan and all that stuff and nothing changed in that aspect. so, i'm anxious to get back out there. >> with two receivers dinged up tightened see more balls thrown their way. second year pro back er. it z is getting confidence from his coaches. >> he's getting better and displayed an ability to make a play the other night like i mentioned earlier in the month here i think he's developed in his total game. >> certificates striving for more consistency in one specific area. >> and i put a lot of emphasis on the run game this year. >> expect the offensive starters to go more than a 3 series we played last week n fox borough, ducis rogers, "channel 6 action news." >> eagles patriots here on 6abc tomorrow at 7:30 after the game deep here for the postgame show. finally nick foles
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>> a day off is probably a good thing. last place phillies back at it tomorrow night in san francisco. cole hamels is scheduled to start. when bud retires in january, rob manfred will takeover. he's chief operating officer and been labor lawyer for major league baseball since 1998. in the history of the little league world series a team from philadelphia has never made to
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this big stage until now. the taney star davis says she's not nervous. female phenom is expected to take the mound when they take on nashville at 3:00 and the team can't believe they're center of attention here back home. and they're getting brotherly love in williamsport, too. >> yes, from the parade yesterday there's a lot of people and they were like yelling philly so i can feel it from that. >> what do you want to say to philly. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. everywhere you look people are dumping buckets of ice water over their head. it looks crazy. right? right? it's for a good cause. raising awareness and money for als. did you say roy halladay challenge to philly's rub and marrow? >> we're in la, clayton kershaw of the dodgers here we go. >> that was cole hamels getting from philly phanatic and andy
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reid in on it too cooling off after chief practice big thumbs up from big red and you my friend are next. >> that's what they say. >> new jersey native making waves on national swimming scene came back to hometown today. sicklerville brandon mc que won the men's 50 meter breast stroke at the national championsships and if that was not enough he broke a national record. dozens welcomed him back to the hometown swim club green wood park turnersville and mc que encouraged the kids to follow their dreams. "jimmy kimmel live" is next on channel 6 followed by "nightline". for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good
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