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tv   Action News  ABC  August 17, 2014 9:00am-10:31am EDT

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morning, but this afternoon we'll have a decent amount of sunshine. there's the view in cape may. we have a couple of showers working over the coast at sea isle and ocean city. mixed skies for the shore. everyone else seeing scattered showers. storm tracker 6 live double scan everything you see here is very, very light. some of it is not reaching the ground. we're picking up these darker shades of green, that's where it is reaching the ground, accuweather feels there could be a spotty shower around through the late morning hours and then a combination of sun and clouds. allentown, 65. millville, 74. you'll notice an increase in the humidity down here across south jersey and delaware, as well. for today, accuweather has a combination of sun and clouds, it's milder than yesterday, up to 84 and slightly more humid be on the look out for pop-up shower, you may hear a rumble of thunder, but this is not a wash by far. actual looks like a decent
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finish to the weekend. that will change next week. we have several chances of showers and thunderstorms in the seven-day forecast. along with that, the return of muggies, i'll have the details in accuweather when come right back. >> chaos erupted overnight on the streets of ferguson, missouri wunsz -- once again, 8 days after michael brown was shot by a police officer. police in full riot gear disbursed the crowd. one protesters was critically injured during gunfire and someone in the crowd was the shooter. meantime, seven people were arrested overnight. it was the first night of a state-imposed mandatory curfew. meantime we're learning more about darren wilson, the officer who shot brown. else 26 years old a 6 year veteran of the force and in the past has been awarded for his work. authorities say he is hiding in a safe place. we'll continue to have the
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latest updates from ferguson, missouri at head there for the latest details and the collection of powerful photos of intense confrontations between protesters and police. >> five people were rushed to the hospital overnight following a nasty head-on collision, this is video from our delaware newsroom as medics treated one of the injured. two cars collided head on in tell tell tullyville. a collision between an antique fire truck and a bus and and a car.
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8 people suffered minor injuries. >> a close-knit liberian community said goodbye to four young children killed in a philadelphia row home fire. annie mccormick was there. >> reporter: the sounds of grief filled the steps outside of divine mercy parish. family and friends wailed and collapsed on the ground. when young ones were carried out, the sobs became noticeable. the four children perished in the july 5th blaze. they were not all related, but the families chose to on them together. >> it's difficult to say something about a child that was such a precious little tot. >> reporter: family ladies flowers on their caskets between pair and -- prayers and song.
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>> he was very protective of his little brother. >> reporter: the twin girls had big dreams for their grown up life. just a day before the funeral philadelphia chief fire marshal released a report stating the damage to the 1 homes was so extensive officials could not determine a cause. initially there were reports fireworks were to blame. >> investigate it, what happen, how it happen. >> reporter: today city and state leaders spoke at the funeral giving the appearance tensions have eased. >> standing here with you. >> reporter: the four children were buried at st. peter and paul cemetary in springfield, delaware county. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> the philadelphia skyline is undergoing a major change at this hour, the pnb letters which
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sit atop the one south broad building in center city are being removed. the workers are preparing the letters for removal. a helicopter will take down the letters which were partly of the skyline since 19 50s. the action cam is on north broad street where the letters are being placed after they are removed. 16-foot high letters were built by the wannamaker family. the removal of the letters come after the buildings was sold and the new owners received permission from the philadelphia historic commission to take them down. there are street closures because of the removal of the pnb letters. south broad is closed until noon. septa has rerouted the bus routes around city hall during the project. you can find the closures on our website at former penn state president gram spanier has won a round in
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court. he won the detective defamation lawsuit against louie free. he said he hadn't done enough to show why a trial hadn't been heard in a federal court. new jersey taxpayers will have to poney up $6.5 million bill for legal fees racked up by the chris christie administration. the governor is facing state and federal investigations related to the lane closures on the george washington bridge last september. >> local heros, taney dragons will take to the field tonight for game two in the little league world series in williamsport. "action news" is in the williamsport with the team, the dragons will take on texas
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tonight beginning at 7:00 p.m. the world series is double elimination, so they will play again tomorrow win or lose, "action news" reporter, chad perdelli checked out the fun for the players and their families in williamsport. >> reporter: there's more to do than just watch baseball at the little league world series. kids can test their skills in the family fun zone, grab a photo or take a turn with a bean bag. >> i say it's disney world for kids who like baseball. it's clean and safe, everybody is having fun, it's a nice atmosphere. >> it's fun, we come here, we've been here for five years and every year we come it's fun. >> and it seems everywhere you walk, someone asks for a pin. yes trading pins is big business. >> you want this pin, because if you get double of it you're good to go. >> i guess it's like a
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tradition. >> reporter: how long have you been doing it? >> i start in 2011. >> reporter: or take part in a world series tradition and grab yourself a cardboard box and slide down the hill into the outfield. [laughter]. you have to check out the world series museum. it has everything from babe ruth's uniform to this mid 1800s baseball. >> it's a fantastic place it's everything a young child would dream of with baseball. >> reporter: in williamsport, chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." >> mayor michael nutter is hosting a pep rally at city hall courtyard. chad perdelli will have more as the taney dragons go for it all in the world series. >> there's much more to come on "action news."
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the cutting edge technology that uses medical marijuana it could be life saving for people who suffer from sickle cell anemia. >> sky6 live hd clear skies over pladelphia international. meteorologist chris sers word on possible storms here in the area, "action news" sunday morning continues in just a moment.
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giant storms hit parts of texas, and took down power lines. 32,000 residents were without power. area restaurants dealing with minor flooding from the heavy rain in that area. the rain and wind affecting flights delaying many of them. >> we're expecting rain this week, right. a little bit today. rain this >> reporter: today's stuff is like nuisance-type drich -- drizzle and things like that. we have a couple of things to talk about in just a second. we're waking up to cloud cover, it's more humid, but temperatures are nice especially for the month of august. most locations are in the 60s. storm tracker 6 live double scan is showing a line of showers that is pretty much falling apart, it stretches from harrisburg all the way to areas north of toms river. we'll zoom in tighter, in and around the philadelphia area, you can see places like willow
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grove and norristown, malvern, crossing over the excuse me, 202 and route 1 here, you can see a little bit of light rainfall. nothing too terribly heavy enough to get the roads damp and that's about it. all that is pushing off to the southeast at 35 miles per hour. there was not too much to the northwest behind it. that might be all for the rain today. 67 in trenton, 65 in allentown, we're showing 71 in philadelphia. wilmington, # 2, millville, 74 and dover, 74. one thing you'll notice is the increase in humidity south of philadelphia. you get above 60 these are documents, it will be uncomfortable. 67 in millville, dover is 67. very spring-like, comfortable conditions north and west, 58 in philadelphia, trenton, 59. and reading, 58. everybody will start to feel the muggies as the week progresses.
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tomorrow looks like a nice day, as thed through, whatever increase in humidity tomorrow we'll knock it back down. esdanesdy,nd thursda the numbers increase, we're lilyouay aernpressive by air-conditioning on at that point. satellit radar, you can c t sou. this is the coldront that'sshine light shower activity. unfortunately what is only go sf low pressure and it stalls, that will act as a a -- will act as a that push east and that willtems bring thundershowers to the area numerous times. you can seem it only gets so
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far. tomorrow we'll see mostly sunny itshgton, d.c. t at'ut far, ng thant fro bringing a chance of showers. combination of sun and clouds, look out for a pop up spritz or sprinkle or brief shower. mostly sunny skies north and west later in the day, mainly clear overnight tonight. tomorrow, what will happen is, you can see how we have clear conditions north and west, cloudy skies south and east, because the front is stalled right there. you have more activity to the south it will be hanging out there all week long. there will be showers in dover, cape may, everybody else you're be looking at a combination of sun and clouds. 74 degrees in the mountains, mayb pope ap shower, although i think most of that activity is already to your south. jersey shore, this will n be a great beach day, lots of clouds, pick up a land breeze, 10 to 15 miles per hour.
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82 degrees ie fecasd highit wimited sunshine philelphia, 84. maybe a shower earlyotherwise cs out of the west/nortest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. 84 degrees by 3:00 p.m. thexclusive accuweather seven-darey focast shows 84 for monday, monday is a quiet day, tuesday we see showers and storms move on in. wednesday is quiet, thursday and friday, we see the showers and storms pull through as an another area of low pressure slides on in. looks like every other day there's a chance of showers and storms. thursday the eagles are home, looks like there could active weather for t can take the new wherever you go, the new smart design changes the lateout to fit any device no matter how small or large your screen, check it out by visiting anytime anywhere. >> this weekend was about the 19 40s on board the battleship
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new jersey. ♪ folks were celebrating the end of world war ii back in 1945. a dinner and dance were held p trackig band fromp pews seem
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>> welcome back on this suny, 9:19, 70 degrees, sky6 live hd taking a live look at the principle there. traffic moving smoothly on this sunday. there are sprinkles, though, in and around the city, no big deal. "healthcheck" this morning your behavior can have an affect or i don't know baby's health even before conception. we know that smoking and drinking and poor diet can have an impact on the embryo.
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if you smoke or have a poor diet that could have influence on gene development and put your baby at a higher risk of anxiety or heart decease -- disease or immune resistant developments. medical marijuana could provide hope for people suffering from cycle cell apeople in a. it's a liquid marijuana called cbd. >> it's not psycho active, but it is active against inflammation and pain. >> while mice were genetically programmed to develop the painful condition. normally round blood cells become crescent shape and clog
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the blood path to the body. when treated with the medical marijuana, they showed less pain and less inflammation. the doctor has the greenlight for vaporized cdc which a safer way of ingestion. >> ali gorman has ways to get going again. >> reporter: i met up with the city fit girls, their boot camps have inspired many women to get moving and get healthy. >> keyara had 100 pounds herself. >> get up put your feet on the floor and splash warm water on you and get out of the house. it doesn't allow to time to
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reconsider or not do your workout. >> reporter: have an accountability partner or hit a group fitness class, that way, someone is counting on you to show up. number three, use social media. you can post your workout plans. or look for motivation, using hash tag 6abc get fit. we found this shot on twitter, runners from gold gym train train i traiping for a race. or -- training for a race and even our own rick williams was caught pumping iron at the gym. >> so many people are working out and doing something positive and inspiring. it's a good tool to use. >> think positive thoughts, your body achieves what went mind believes and we have more information on city fit girls boot camp and fitness retreat where you can try different
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workouts and learn more about nutrition at ali gorman channel 6 "action news."
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 9:25 sunday morning, here's the day planner, i know you're waking up to a lot of gray, you'll see a decent amount of sunshine, 79 degrees by lunger time, 84 buy 3:00 p.m. at any point during the afternoon there's a chance of a pop-up shower, but it will be light and brief. here's the front that's pushing through right now. that's triggering the brief showers this morning. eventually what will happen it will stall out somewhere in this
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area here, but the forecast are not sure where. some stall it out around the mason dixon line, others as far south as richmond. the problem you'll get these areas of low pressure all week long they will ride the front. it depends on where the front stalls, it stalls close to us, the systems move over top of us and we get wet. if it stalls south of us, we could see a couple of showers to the south. eva. >> do you have beauty products you never use, we're here to help you stop wasting money on makeup. one company claims you can get the perfect product without stepping foot into a store. plumb perfect uses color science to make your makeup collection full proof. >> we extract your colors and
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find your perfect match. plump perfect uses the fundamental of color signs. the app gives you a list of products perfect for you in a variety of prices from number of different beauty brands and retailers. the app account for the lighting in the room where you snapped your picture. abc's hit drama nashville is set to return for its third season next month and premier will be live. they will perform live from the show's blue bird cafe set. studio versions of the sessions they perform will be available for do you know load. you can see the live airing on wednesday, september 24 at 10:00 p.m. much more to come on the sunday edition of "action news," your call for room service may
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be answered by a robot instead of a human. alabama teenager got a new hairdo for the school year, the school sent her .
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>> chaos in ferguson, missouri, protesters i ignore a curfew and gunfire erupts on a city street. >> we're expecting storms to pop up across the delaware and lehigh valleys. >> you're calling they say nuisance storms. >> reporter: yes, because they are a pain, we want to go to the beach, but they are very light.
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there's the view of the camden waterfront. we have a little bit of light shower activity moving through parts of the area as i speak, but, again, it's very, very light just enough to get the pavement wet. storm tracker 6 live double scan once again showing a broken line extending south of state college all the way to lakewood, new jersey. there's heavier stuff here and more heavier stuff out here, there's a dry air in place you can see how we get a break in the middle, that's the dry air eating away at the line. we're seeing cloud cover with it, but it's moisture that's falling apart. saint davids, be of 5, chester, 70. center city, 70. gandys beach, 74. and vineland 74. you can see the cloud cover with this front. it's only a small window. so we're only looking at a a couple of hours worth of gray conditions and spotty shower. once the front pushes to the south, the skies will open up again and we'll see a lot of
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bright blue and sunny day,n're e chaos. as riotason. hoondein oim ty an nhasnte ph ahe imposedfe he re repor abc fgu mlac. headreoll
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treenty b nt uss i u.s. haskesi atef inalonta islami militan captured sevmele. officials say the strikes are an effort to suppo humanitarian needs and protect american persneanond facilities. >> we are learnin themiffia ti dtrictlig f .he
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tsts. coai were aesdly beingdr. drouble wh was tocackuthoriti sdine and a of mt ed tsopt in free backpacks
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and enough supplies to stuff them to overflowing. >> pens and notebooks. >> reporter: no shortage of pens or enthusiasm among the kids, especially those heading to school for the first time. >> i see all the kids are very excited. i think it's really cool. >> reporter: this is christmas morning here. >> it is, he is very excited grabbing all his stuff. >> reporter: this mountain of school supplies has been donated and here through the hard work of an army of volunteers a big help for a lot of army parents. >> it means a lot. >> it takes a big relief off you, saves you a lot of money. >> reporter: this back to school give away was organized by operation home front, the mostly volunteer organization has been providing financial and other assistance to military families since 2002 and the families
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definitely appreciate it. >> reporter: most of them have been very, very outspoken, i go home and my in-box is flooded with thank you e-mails. >> reporter: and a needed boost for these kids whose a y daviti y daviti relle aint's>> pee hover nuisachrien e you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww!
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>> welcome back we're taking a live look now, via sky6 live hd as crews on a helicopter removing the pnb letters from the 1 south broad street in center city. we can hellhehe baven rovofrsgoe re b wn borloles thettalysus as w b wn borloles thettalysus in uesciuring t this far. this e has laid out 66 degrees in reading, 65 in allentown, there's our 71. 65 in trenton. lancaster, 64, dover a little bit milder sitting at 74. generally speaking we're anywhere from 3 to 6 degrees miles per hour than yesterday at this time. a lot of it has to do with the increase in clouds as it
9:38 am
prevented temperatures overnight from dropping off the way they did the night before. satellite and radar, here's the cold front that's continuing to push to the south. it will get as far south as washington, d.c. it will stop dead in its tracks, as i complained earlier it will act as the track work for a series of storm systems, the first of which is out over the ohio valley. very impressive system, we're getting tens of thousands of lightning strikes with this and strong gusty winds. this will follow the front which is right there that drops to the south, once that front stalls, this guy rides the front and pulls east into the mid atlantic. that's going to be the case all week long, that front will hang out to our south. we have a series of those lows kind of riding the front through friday. future tracker 6 by 3:30, we have clouds out there, skies brightening up north and west,
9:39 am
be on the look out for a passing shower, not heavy enough to cancel plans, first thing tomorrow morning, lots of sunshine north and west, probably more in the way of clouds south and east, thanks to the frontal system showers begin developing south of city, as well, as the system passes ons by and works out to sea. again, it's not going to be a wash, we have to keep an eye to the sky. should the weather turn threatening, move in doors. jersey shore, could be a brief shower, 82 degrees on the sand. you'll is a land breeze, no sea breeze to cool of on you today. winds out of the west at the 10 to 15 miles per hour. light to moderate chop. low rick for rip currents. uv index on the moderate side. apply the sunscreen. 84 degrees for philadelphia. clouds and sun, maybe a shower. winds out of the west/northwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. partly cloudy and comfortable, overnight. 58 in the outlying suburbs, 635
9:40 am
for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows just about each -- or just about every other day, excuse me we have that risk for showers and thunderstorms. there's a slight chance of a passing shower, tomorrow for the morlt -- most part is quiet. tuesday comes another system. wednesday is quiet. thursday there's more showers and thunderstorms, and friday is quiet. thursday is when the eagles are at home and tctay. hopefully we can changehat. don't forget take with you. the new smart design fits any device you have, whether it's your tablet or smart phone, no matter how large or small that screen. check it out by visiting anytime anywhere. >> these pooches are
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quite bleedere bei blesser
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th fries yo of three new flavors you add. ries. ak m.
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0 o adelphiayou see thelouds the, showers inur area,fut oond ael california issgoing bo, che i deliver room service,ok like something out of jettisons. ifer fromoom prto.ows up youroor th by the sta warsob, r2d2. theasngton redskins are
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nam andreleased a minute a me.redskins is per itbe ofribes awho arepeaking upt i've been called no n o their skin. > a a itdyand you
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>> if you're not dancing at home right now, something is wrong with you. th's 10-year-old kay leah. that's breaking it down with ricky, he has this message for all the dads out there. let's step you mean anticipate make the world a better place by being the lives of our children. >> zahree ward for her good grades she is going to disney lands. no better place than that. assy girl>> onhe expen cars was sold othe auctionlock . check it out, this is 1962 ferrari gto. all the car enthusiasts are drooling. it was sold for $38 million. the highest price ever paid for an auction. it was used in a race that crashed and killed o it ter
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>> turning so sports, the phillies wrap up their series against the giants in san francisco this afternoon. they hope to turn things around after yesterday's loss. here's jeff skeverski with all your sunday morning sports. >> reporter: series finale for the phillies later this afternoon out in san francisco after just another head scratcher for this baseball team yesterday. it's hard to have fun if you're a phillies fan. the big piece comes up big for
9:48 am
the phils at the plate. ryan howard drove in three runs including this 2-run i think is in the -- single in the 5th. le phils took a 5-1 lead it falls apart in the 6th. a pop up, i got it, i got it, no, you don't, phils drop the ba and it gets ugly. two batters later, michael morris, giants are within 3 and kendrick is done, he doesn't retire a batter in the inning. it's just the beginning. reliands come in and pvides no ou to the b sin he ajasothes tey he19 inseasoni.
9:49 am
we have to get our butts in gear and do something about it. >> reporter: the taney dragons quest for little league world series continues tonight. since mo'ne davis is not he eligible to pitch tonight, expect jarrett sprague lott is on the mound. >> thanks for the support. >> reporter: he said he actually sleeps with a baseball under his pillow, we'll see facility works tonight against texas. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski. have a good day. >> this was the pdx adult soap box derby where there were very few rules of the road the car
9:50 am
was required to have 3 wheels no functioning bakes. the shame of throwns car and transgendered mr. potato head. there were several awards including best in show and crowd favorite. >> ve there's much more to come on "action news," he can sing and play instruments all of them at once. >> the new app developed by a mom who was tired of not being able to get in touch with her teenage son. chri
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>> welcome back it is 10:00 a.m. on this sunday, august 17. in the news, more protest and gunfire in ferguson, missouri overnight. we have the latest on the unrest. >> we are live as the famed pnb letters he remove forever changing the philadelphia skyline. >> we're live as the taney dragons continue their quest in the little league world series. those stories, but first chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. hi, nid with a we're getting the rain out of here early, temperature are milder than this time yesterday.
9:53 am
philadelphia, 73. dover, 78. millville, 76. wind speeds are all over the place, actually they are all west. never mind. earlier they were variable, mean an increase in humidity since the west/southwest, you noticed the wind is off the bay and the ocean. you have a cold front closing in right it -- right here, this is increasing the clouds and there's showers. you have slightly more humid conditions for south jersey and in and there will be a couple of showers passing through in the next couple of hours. the good news it is a quick moving front pushing off to the southeast at 35 miles per hour. by lunchtime cruel see a little bit of blue out there. le we'll go partly sunny, a chance of an isolated shower. by afternoon most of the activity is gone, 82 degrees by 3:00 p.m., by 4:00 p.m., 84.
9:54 am
we'll have a brief passing shower today and then it becomes very active later this week. >> chaos erupts on the streets of ferguson, missouri once again, 8 dates after black teenager michael brown was shot by a why the police officer. police in full riot gear fired smoke canisters and tear gas in response to a reports of a ferguson shooter at the protest. someone in in the crowd was injd and someone else was the shooter. police say most people did abide by the curfew. meantime we're learning more about darren wilson the officer who shot brown. else 26 years old, a 6 year veteran of the force and in the past awarded for his work. authorities say he is in hiding in a safe place. we'll continue to have the latest updates from ferguson, missouri at head there for the latest
9:55 am
details and a collection of powerful photos of intense confrontations between protesters and police. the iconic philadelphia skyline is changing even as we speak. the pnb letters that sit atop the 1 south broad street buildings are coming down. john rawlins, joins us live. >> reporter: while the sounds of helicopter is being herd all over the streets of philadelphia, up there, two letters down, a south facing p and b have been removed. the buildings changed hands recently, and so the city issued a permit last month for the removal. the letters stainless steel 16 feet high, 3,000 pounds were add the to the 1932 vintage bell to your in the early 19 50s when
9:56 am
philadelphia national bank took over the build. building now with pnb gone, so is the helicopter. >> i like change, what a better way to have change than to take this thing down and start something new. >> my son and i enjoy the architecture, especially the skyscrapers, my son will keep me up to date on what's happening down here, so we came down and see what's happening. >> reporter: they are lifting off the letters, two of the 12 letters have been removed. they expect the removal of the other ten to take about two hours, the total time two hours, they started around 9:30, so the work has begun and the letters are dropping to the ground, very gently, what happens to the letter, we don't know. the company not able to talk to
9:57 am
us at this point, the company doing the lifting work. live in center city, back to you, eva. >> there are temporary street closures in place because of the removal of the pnb letters. south broad is closed until noon. septa has rerouted the bus routes around city hall. you can find the closures and route detours at >> five people were rushed to the hospital overnight following a nasty headon collision. it was on the scene as medics treated the jitter. two cars collided on thompsonville road at midnight. two of the injured are in critical condition. police in camden are investigating a crash involving an off duty fire truck and new jersey transit bus and a car.
9:58 am
the car was pinned against the wall of a building. a person inside the car was trapped and suffered serious injuries. 8 people on the bus suffered minor injuries. >> four children killed during the row home inferno in southwest philadelphia were laid to rest this weekend. family members wailed as the four small caskets were carried out from divine mercy parish yesterday. family members remembered the bonds between the crowning -- the young siblings. >> three days after the baby was born, patrick told his mother, mommy, he is the best birthday present you can give me. >> philadelphia's fire marshal released a report stating the row homes were damaged to badly,
9:59 am
investigators could not determine how the fire started. >> former penn state president gram spanier has won a round in court he won the defamation lawsuit. louie free has not done enough to show why a trial should not be heard in a federal court. free argues that the trial should be moved because he is not a pennsylvania resident. taxpayers in new jersey will have to poney up 6 had $.5 million racked up for the federal investigation related to the lane closures on the george washington bridge last september. >> taney dragons will take to the field for game two for the
10:00 am
little league series in williams williamsport. we caught up with the players yesterday as they got in a little practice. chad perdelli checked out the little league world series museum while in williamsport. >> reporter: the little league world series is steeped in tradition, and it's museum tells the story, from this uniform worn by babe ruth to the baseball from the 1800s. >> we completelily refurbished it last year gutting the place and starting from scratch. >> a fantastic place it's everything a young child would dream of with baseball. >> reporter: while taney dragons pitcher mo'ne davis has been the star of the world series, the first girl to play in it was victoria roach.
10:01 am
the sport debuted in 1961 and the first broadcast was in 1963. >> christina signed up for the little league at age 7. even though most girls her age preferred softball. >> reporter: there's a tribute to former phillies manager dallas green's granddaughter christine green who was killed in a mass shooting in arizona. le she loved baseball. >> she was like good. >> reporter: this year marks the 75th anniversary of little league baseball and today the s artwork commemorating it. >> it's like a pop-out children's book, everything is layered in 3d, painted or hand-printed in layers. >> reporter: the museum is inter active and for today's youth it's baseball heaven. >> all this stuff is pretty cool, all the old stuff is neat. >> terrific it tells you a lot of stuff that probably nobody
10:02 am
knows about. >> reporter: chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." >> philadelphia mayor michael nutter is hosting a pep rally and viewing party for the game. the rally begins at 6:00 p.m. an hour before the first pitch. chad perdelli will have a live report at the taney dragons go for it all at the world series. look for it tonight on "action news" at 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. marlton reds from new jersey won the cal ripkin world series for ten-years-old, they crushed the team from kentucky in the tournament in virginia yesterday. look at them enjoying this moment in the sun, in true championship form they took advance of four errors to win easily. >> the app that forces children to check in with mom an dad. >> a rock slide is triggered when an earthquake rattles a
10:03 am
south american county. looking live through sky -6r - caring for you ... just got a little easier. right now, buy one pair of eyeglasses or
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prescription sunglasses, and get another one free. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. >> an earthquake rattled parts of oklahoma last night. it was row recorded near medford 86 miles northwest of oklahoma city. so far no reports of injuries or major damage. there have been small quakes reported in the state of
10:05 am
oklahoma in the last week alone. a small earthquake rocked the country of ecuador this weekend, it hit near the capital city. no major damage was reported. it caused large rocks and bolder to collapse from hills on to road in a nearby town.and bolder >> we won't see sun yet, right? >> reporter: well not at least now. we're looking down at the beach in cape may. the wind is at their back, enjoying sunshine out there this morning. we'll see an increase in clouds during the late morning hours and the first part of the afternoon and then a decrease a as the front swings through, kind of everything cruel experience today. storm tracker 6 live double scan we have showers out there, as well. we'll make a couple of zooms. it will take us into the far
10:06 am
western suburbs, this is the area that's picking up the wet weather, everybody else seeing the clouds and maybe a spritz or sprinkle. lang reporting rain, coatsville, honeybrook reporting wet weather and pottstown looks like you're seeing a little bit of wet weather as well. quakertown maybe a few sprinkles, but again, nothing too terribly heavy, every now and then you're picking up a shade of yellow. that would indicate something a little bit heavier, but none of is too terribly heavy. 73 in allentown, 73 in philadelphia. sea isle, 76. boardwalk in atlantic city, 76 degrees. the wider view showing the cold front collapsing from the north and at the same time we have an area of low pressure that will ride that front. that's something we'll have to watch all week long. we'll see a series of these lows intensify and ride that front. each one brings the chance of showers and thunderstorms. here's the close up on double
10:07 am
scan where we are tuned into the lehigh valley. there's a squall line developed on the front end picking up wind gusts anywhere from 40 to a miles per hour battering marshallville. we'll see this -- nashville. you can see the sudden burst of clouds that's where we're seeing the most moisture. dry behind the front that's the front that's pushing through right now. the front will trigger an isolated shower, behind it we get into that dry air mass for monday, tuesday we start to pick up the lows, series of them sweeping through the delaware valley. here's the forecast for today, future tracker 6 combination of sun and clouds, during the late morning hours into the afternoon you'll see more clouds than sun, as the afternoon wears on you'll see more sun than clouds. there could be a pop-up shower, from this point on, most of us stay dry.
10:08 am
monday, clouds to the south, sun to the north. because you're closer to the front, delaware bay region there's a chance of a spotty shower late in the day, and you run the risk tuesday, as well, everybody sees the threat come thursday and friday. poconos, 74, pop-up shower, otherwise clouds and sun, very comfortable in the mountains, very low humidity leaves. jersey shore, increase in humidity as the dewpoints have come up. the ocean temperature has come up, as well. 745. that's nice and refreshing. 82 degrees is the forecasted high on the sand and there could be a spotty shower developing. reading, 83, allentown, 82. millville, 84. partly sunny skies, slight chance of a pop-up shower, trenton, 82 and cape may, 81. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 84 degrees for tomorrow, low humidity levels, 79 for tuesday, becoming more humid, channels of showers and thunderstorms -- chance of
10:09 am
showers and thunderstorms, especially south of the city. wednesday not too bad, combination of sun and clouds, 83 degrees. thursday another system swings through chance of showers and storms, friday, another chance of showers european -- and storms, saturday, 8 # - 83 degrees. >> don't forget take with you. the new smart design fits any device you have, whether it's your tablet or smart phone, no matter how large or small that screen. check it out by visiting >> parents of teenagers know all too well how frustrating or frightening it can be when you can't locate your teen and giving your child a cell phone don' mn they will answer. a texas mom has taken conol, literally, and invented an app that her kids and yours can't ignore. we have the details. >> reporter: sharon standford
10:10 am
was lived when s texted her childrnd they didn't respond. she got an idea. >> develop an app you can shut their phone down wrehey can't use it. ide wasn't surprised.iam nything she set her m to as done. >> in iraq we did patroin as military polic thatas thetsassi phone, all t c, s ds thoaot d hndsckco
10:11 am
it' ay.ts.9 ac with every des ersh... anlay cookie'sd.
10:12 am
d morethre o ee mme pla >> we are at the "action ns" big brd with a look athe odd and unusual pictures. including a musically inclined guys. kids in kansas had a confrontation with the cops, it's not whatou're tnking, it was all in fun, a dance off. there's the boy with his moves. cruel see the police officer respond his own mov. a serie of flailing arms and toe tapping that he refers to as the octopus. he said if making a fool of
10:13 am
himself means connecting with >> there's a new mayor o comer ant minnesota,he won e.wornorts asa gsist,usmi tsgoagpadlyagedtonoa
10:14 am
onhess tte tl at s b uk nat a ou
10:15 am
tsvi ortmndf leematofin cehepe ortmndf leematofin cehepe yodacoorr:op .he cav f aretime.> emlalppe nio deomg >> replways. decenthe del now, we sthn t74 forndvery e'is>> u rep cncish ghas btle cts handlbenefiiddllois wo
10:16 am
wll givekig herey hrowers, a
10:17 am
>> announcer: starting right now on abc's "this week" -- breaking news. state of emergency. >> return to your homes immediately. >> announcer: overnight, a curfew in ferguson, missouri. >> oh, they dropped gas.
10:18 am
>> announcer: dramatic measures after a night of looting and violence after this video they didn't want you to see. martha raddatz is on the ground, asking the tough questions. searching for answers. leading our team coverage. terrorists targeted. the u.s. unleashes a major new wave of air strikes in iraq. can isis be stopped? and texas governor rick perry indicted. he's fighting back with some surprising allies. from abc news, "this week" with george stephanopoulos begins now. good morning, from ferguson,
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