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tv   Action News  ABC  August 20, 2014 1:36am-2:12am EDT

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the world famous fries you love, plus a shake of three new flavors you add. introducing mcdonald's shakin' flavor fries. shake up something new to love at mcdonald's. tbethe journalistrting from
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syria. beheadi of james militants or isis. fnnound its t nampshire. beheaded t airstrikes against isis. and stephen beed also.caur the l
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dam.rols water foruntry an thean ferguson, missouri. the protestors have been marching absent the violence we saw the last couple of nights. they are asked to stay home until after dark to allow peace to settle in. recent violence was provoked by instagators from the outside. >> and it's time for that to stop. >> the family of michael brown the 18-year-old shot by a white police officer and whose shooting parked the violent protests in ferguson said that
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his funeral will take place on monday. hundreds took the street. they called for justice for michael brown and what they term is "police brutality." they said the 52 and market was peaceful. we have the latest developments from ferguson you can read about the autopsy of michael brown and the intense confrontations between the protestors and police. one person was injured tonight when a motorcycle was plowed into a teenager inly in n county. it happened on the 300 block of powell street. the victim has been rushed to the trauma center at cooper. also the motorcyclist was injured so in total there were two people hurt in this accident
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tonight. got that straight. with it was traffic tragedy tonight in huntingdon valley. one person was killed kenneth moton is live at
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-- it's scary that someone can die in an accident from the corner where we live. >>reporter:the stretch of the pike is busy. meanwhile, lower moreland township police are trying to find out what happened. >> the traffic comes from the light it travel as high-rate of speed. not a lot of people stop at the stop sign. >>reporter:late tonight emergency crews pulled the body
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of that third person out of the red car. the crews are removing the wreckage. the identities have not been released. we know that the two survived one is credit, one suffered non-life-threatening injuries. they are still trying to notify the family members jim. reporting live in huntingdon valley. thank you, kenneth. a shootout has left a suspect dead a veteran cop nursing a head wound. stephen korpalski is out of the hospital after a close call. a bullet grazed the left side of his head the moment that he stepped out of his police vehicle in tacony overnight. >> shots fired. the officers returned fire killing david ellis of frankford. and others ran to officer korpalski's aid and to rush the father of a 3 week old daughter
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to the hospital. >> they are scooping him and taking him. authorities say that ellis had a long criminal history and was out on probation. also in philadelphia, everybody escaped from a perishably collapse from a popular queen village eatery. the roof the building caved in at 3:30. it's home for pete's sake bar. above are apartments. bricks crumbled and smashed to the sidewalk. nobody was hurt. there is no word for pete's sake is ready to re-open. and a motorist went into cobbs creek. she can be thankful for the good samaritan and philadelphia police. live at the hospital is dann cuellar. dann? >>reporter:and jim we now know
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the victim's name. she is identified by 60-year-old cheryl allison of southwest philadelphia. she is in credit. she will pull through this. this after she suffered a medical emergency. lost control of her suv and plunged into the mirky waters of cobbs creek. >> it was a lady out here screaming and hollering. i thought that somebody was in trouble. >>reporter:the 42-year-old mechanic marcel jumped into action with two other men. they had to use all thorough strength to turn it over and get the woman driver out. >> me and the other guy we took a rock and broke the glass. i saw her feet dangling. i was not sure if she was alive. i flipped into the rescue mode. >>reporter:they had no idea to perform cpr.
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they tried anyway. one used their hands to pump her stomach. they thought that the woman was gone. they gave it one last try suddenly -- >> she came too. yeah. yeah. >>reporter:byron dawson and michelle casey carried the woman 50 feet up from the creek bed to awaiting ambulance. >> were you amazing that the the civilians stepped in to help you guys. >> it was great. even the strength it was a lot on them. when officer log an logan and cd what they had to do. >> they were true heros. if it was not for them, she would not be living. >>reporter:now, relatives of cheryl allison, the doctors are telling them that they think
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that she may have suffered a heart attack. they cannot thank the good samaritan and police enough to save her life. live at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania, dann cuellar. >> thank you. police in freeholland, new jersey are investigating a crash that killed three people. three vehicles were involved at route 33 and kozloski road. and a camden worker remains in credit condition after thrown from his bucket truck. a tractor-trailer hit the man as he repaired a light. he fell onto the truck then hit the ground. the woman witness is identified as the driver stayed on the scene. six youth groups are plush with new cash. they found that the valley swim
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club discriminated against minority children of philadelphia back in 2009. the private pool went bankrupt amid all the negative publicity and a $1.1 million settlement. $65,000 was distributed to the non-profits like the athletic league and the boys and girl's club the councilors split the rest of the money. there was a peace offering at the second ward playground. mike chitwood and the mayor handed out one thousand cups at community outreach event. buildings bonds cuts down on crimes and makes better neighborhoods. everybody settled in for the viewing of ""the lego movie." there was starting college in bristol at bucks county
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community college. the checklist including exploring the facilities, joining clubs, and the students got their first taste of college cafeteria food. less than 24 hours until mo'ne davis returns to the pitchers mound with the taney dragons. today she was a cover girl. she landed on the cover of sports illustrated. remember her name as if any of us would forgot. they are not surprised by mo'ne's success. it will not going to her head. she says that the mo'ne that you see on the field is the same student that she sees at school. >> quiet determination. if they were to win an olympic gold medal she would walk down the hall as if she had not been to the olympics.
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she's a great kid. she knows what she wants and what her job is and willing to do what it takes to get it done. >> every taney fans hope that she gets it done. and models is stocked. the store at snyder plaza is the busiest. the sales pitch is a winner $10 each the proceeds going to the team and the league. the dragons are finding support at triple-a sports at 9th and christian. the money is donated to taney. join us tomorrow on "action news" as chad pradelli is live from williamsport with all the excitement of the little league world series. we'll see the mug shot of rick perry booked and processed today. and flooding near phoenix,
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arizona. and a warning on what half of pregnant women are not doing. cecily? >> stormtracker 6 live showing showers and thunderstorms developing out to the west. i'll let you know when they arrive in the accuweather. and chip kelly talks about mccoy's help and then he talks about the ice bucket challenge when "action news" continues tonight.
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a new of democracy led to rockets and bombs in israel. three palestinians were killed. the fighting broke out a couple of hours before a temporary
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cease-fire expired. normally arid dry arizona would not handle the monsoon rains. 8 inches fell around phoenix flash flooding stranded drivers this their submerged vehicles. the rushing waters carried a tractor-trailer away. people were trapped in their homes. one desperate man waving a white towel. he was reached by a helicopter that landed on the roof. so far no deaths reported. rick perry was booked on a felony charge. he showed no signs of worry. in austin he would be charged of abuse of power. this is the governor's mug shot taken during processing today. perry is accused of coercion and opposition to promise to veto a
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grand at the da's and rose mary lehmberg stayed in office after the charge of drunk driving. >> i am heading in the courthouse with my head held high. they were lawful and legal but right. [ cheering ] >> a crash in argentina killed three members of pope francis's family. the local police say that a car carrying emanuelual slammed into the back of a truck. he is the pope's nephew. he underwent surgery and remains hospitalized in credit condition. two others dead. the call of arms, the c.d.c. are urging mothers to be
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vigilant and get their flu shots the earlier the better. half of pregnant women got flu shots last season even though they are at higher risks of death. they say that the vaccine does not harm unborn babies. it provides important protection for mother and child no matter what trimester. flu season is over a month away. we expect to have a lot of good weather before that. what about the next seven days? tomorrow is looking good and thursday we get showers moving in. we show that tonight all is dry. no rain is falling from the sky. the action cam, a beautiful shot at the center city skyline. 74 down from the high of 87. millville down to 68. millville 74. and sea isle 74.
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it's a little on the muggy side. satellite 6 along with action radar, shows the system brings a big uptick on thursday. the showers beginning to move in western pennsylvania. high pressure is in control of our weather tomorrow. it keeps the showers at bay over central pennsylvania western pennsylvania. we see a mixture of sun and cloud. humid with a high of 85. the problem tomorrow night is that the little league championship there could be some thunderstorms. it doesn't look to be a washout. and taney in las vegas. a chance of thunderstorms in williamsport high of 74. it brinit brings the showers and thunderstorms. don't go swimming when the lifeguards are not on duty. the sea breeze at 11:00, 76 by
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3:00, 83. the u.v. index is high. apply the sunscreen. wednesday is when the whole complex shifts from the east. it brings an uptick in humidity. clouds an thunderstorms. the heaviest weather is west of philadelphia. up to an inch of rain there. the exclusive seven-day forecast we stay dry. sun mixed with the clouds. on thursday showers and thunderstorms moving in with a high of 80. there could be showers for the eagles' home pre-season game. 78. things clear out as we head for the weekend. morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine. high 78. and 78. more sunshine. three days in the 70s. we are back up to low 80s on
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monday. lots of sunshine. tuesday turning warmer a high of 84. the day you will need your umbrellas will be thursday and kind of a cool weekend for august. thank you, cecily. the four-legged friends made a perfect accessory. the lowe's hotel hosted a yappy hour. they mingled over cocktails and the pets chowed down on their own treats. >> across america with mega jackpot. it's mega millions. >> hello, i am john. tuesday august 19th. it's estimated at $160 million. to win the jackpot you must have the five white balls and plus the gold mega ball. 71. followed by 22. up next we have 67, the next
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number is 39. the final white ball for tuesday evening is 56. for the mega ball, 15. the numbers 71, 22, 67, 39, 56, and the gold mega ball ♪
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the world famous fries you love, plus a shake of three new flavors you add. introducing mcdonald's shakin' flavor fries. shake up something new to love at mcdonald's.
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phillies trying make it two in a row over the seattle mariners. a.j. burnett loss the winning feeling. winless in the last six starts. matt rocking the t-shirts as he throws out the first pitch. and logan morrison, chase utley probably should have the ball. burnett said after the game he probably will not pitch next year. and ben revere and brad miller throws him out. yes way. and he strikes out 11 in 8 things in. the phillies lose 5-2. the eagles require barner. and he played in oregon.
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and lesean has a limp. how serious is it? don't ask a sarcastic coach kelly. >> i will not play again. [ laughter ] >> no, he's fine. >> the intensity he's a practice player. >> it's okay. [ laughter ] >> some days he's great out there and other days he is not so great. >> kevin turner and the entire eagles accept the ice bucket challenge. and standing in a pool-sized vat of iced water is not enough. they upped the ante. that is coach kelly. the first in. >> he likes the crazy battles. the slow game we had, he was hot for it. that is one of the things jumping in cold water, ice.
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he likes the challenges. he's used to that. >> good form. the eagles taking a break with the stealers. you can see that game at 7:30. >> more from the taney dragons and their opponents. and a so i get invited to quite a few family gatherings. heck, i saved judith here a fortune with discounts like safe driver, multi-car, paperless.
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you make a mighty fine missus, m'lady. i'm not saying mark's thrifty. let's just say, i saved him $519, and it certainly didn't go toward that ring. am i right? [ laughs ] [ dance music playing ] so visit today. i call this one "the robox."
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and this time tomorrow the taney dragons would be one step
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closer to the little league. and mo'ne davis the first little leaguer on "sports illustrated." this is like another game. it doesn't bother me. i know they can hit well. i have to go out there and throw strikes. >> probably all of us will be nervous. having many, many people at this game. >> no nerves tonight? no, not really. >> no nerves tomorrow when you take the field. >> you can't be nervous. >> the brooklawn brookers are for the crown. mercy rules. brooklawn wins 18-zip. it's the second straight title. and young authors came face-to-face. they waited at stettler
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elementary school for a book signing. the sixth-graders published their own poetry about frederick douglas and the free black community in maryland. they snagged every author's autograph. and we continue at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell. david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for the entire "action news" team i am jim gardner.
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