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tv   Action News  ABC  August 20, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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workers rallied tonight in atlantic it began with great prom business mo'ne davis on the mound for the taney dragons. but, taney had to play from behind the whole game, and finally, the the roof fell in in the time inning. but this is doubly limb
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nation, and so taney gets to play again tomorrow. it is wednesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is a night of disappointment for philadelphia's taney dragons and at least on this night they seemed a little over matched by the west regional champions las vegas. but they will have a chance to redeem themselves and they won't wait very long to do it. >> as you mentioned jim this is doubly limb nation. today's loss was their first, which means they will play again. dragons will face team from illinois, the the winners will take on the team taney just lost to nevada saturday for u.s. title. 35,000 fans will be on hand, and with that perspective, there were 25,000 at the phillies game today. at least announced 25,000. mo'ne davis from the sports illustrated cover to the mound. austin with the highest batting average in the tournament. thinks a triple. drives in the run. one to nothing nevada. second inning this one, hurts. and davis surrenders a two run home run to cave, he falls
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behind three to nothing. davis fold after two and one-third inning. sixth inning game is out offhanded. brandon, a two run job, and taney loses, eight-one the final. once again doubly limb nation. and the the dragons will take on that team from illinois tomorrow night at 7:30. >> thanks, ducis. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live from williamsport and chad, most impressive number tonight, 34,128, the number of fans who watched this game. >> reporter: yes, jim, it was an electric, crowd, a great crowd, also pro taney. if you want to take a poll of most of the fans they watched mo'ne davis and rest of the the crew. that number 34,000 plus was almost identical to the last game involving taney and fans, they got to see a pretty good game. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> reporter: until the end the game was close, the taney dragons hung in there tough. it was a game of highs and
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lows but several great defensive plays, by las vegas ended at least two taney rallies and the dragons suffer its first defeat of the little league world series. >> tough loss for taney. >> it was but they played a great game and we were holding on until last minute thinking they would come back but overall fun anyway. >> reporter: mo'ne davis started and pitched well. she struck out the meat of the order in the the first but made a mistake in the second and it was three to nothing vegas. still she was a big reason many fans came to the game, the line wrapped around le made stadium earl they're morning, several hours before the the first pitch. >> one bad pitch and gave up a home run but she had good velocity. she struck out the the side a couple times. very impressive. >> reporter: crowd was on the dragon wagon for this marquis match up. at announced crowd was just over 34,000 said to be the biggest of the tournament. >> everyone was a taney fan. >> reporter: taney fan last feeling they got to see a great game but don't tell them that this team is done,
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because the the dragons live to play another day. >> they will be great and they will be, they will be beat the west in the final. >> reporter: you think they will come back from this. >> yes, they will be ready next time. >> reporter: that game begins chicago is tomorrow night, chicago is a team that has garnered quite a bit of national attention. it should be a great match up. live from williamsport, chad pradelli for channel six "action news". >> thanks, chad. mayor michael nutter join fans at spring side chestnut hill academy tonight, where three taney players go to school including mo'ne davis. the the school set up a 25-foot led screen in the courtyard to watch their little league superstars. taney coaches and sponsors set up watch parties, at several spots around the city including here, at new wave cafe in queen village. the restaurant at third and catherine, and television's tuned in and some free snacks, in a family friendly
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atmosphere. the city of philadelphia hosted a watch party tonight at city hall and "action news" reporter kenneth moton was right there, kenneth? >> reporter: well, jim, as we have said, and shown there is so much support around our area for this team. we have seen it first hand with the wins and we definitely saw it tonight with this loss. as, soon as that game ended, in williamsport, i can also tell you that people walk out of here applauding and with their heads held high for this young roster of players who have done so much for this city. earlier tonight here at city hall it was a party from the start with phillies power behind it, the philly fanatic was definite hi feeling that taney dragon fever and family members of the little league star mo'ne dave writes front and center. her grandmother and her great grandmother were surroundedded by fans and supporters on those bleachers. game time all eyes were on those screens and every play made by mo'ne and her teammates who may be down but not out of the little league
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world series. when you talked to her what will you say to her. >> keep your head up did you a wonderful job, win or lose, she has to come back home, she did a wonderful job and she broke all kind of records and made everybody proud. >> reporter: we are very proud and mayor michael nutter says as long as taney is playing the city will be hosting watch parties so we will be right back here tomorrow, jim. reporting live from philadelphia city hall, kenneth moton for channel six "action news". stay with "action news" as reporter chad pradelli will be covering the the rest of the little league world series live from williamsport as taney gets a chance to play again tomorrow night. sources are telling "action news" that a police involved shooting, sent one man to cooper hospital in critical condition tonight. chopper 6hd flew over the scene, on the 1100 block of north 35th street, in camden, a few details have been released but we have learn that the man was shot the in the head at 9:30 tonight, the camden county prosecutor's
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office is handling this investigation and they have not returned our calls for comment. philadelphia police are investigating an attempted firebombing late tonight, at a chinese take out in north philadelphia. investigators say that somebody threw a molotov cocktail-type device into the restaurant at 18th and cambridge, fortunately no one was hurt. tonight the administration revealed that president barack obama authorized a secret rescue mission to save photo journalist james foley and other american hostages. but the operation failed when special forces arrived, and the the hostages weren't there. the military isn't sure if the intelligence was bad or g several isis fighters were killed, only one american was injured in the raid, which happened earlier this summer in syria. now the hunt is on for foley's killer. the the biggest clue being that the executioner spoke english with a british accent. isis militants are threatening to bee head a second american
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journalist steven satloff but president barack obama said the united states will not back down in the face of barbaric acts of terrorism, those his words and will press ahead relentless liz with air strikes. >> there has to be a common effort to extract this cancer so it does not spread. that is the the clear rejection have of these kind of thinking. >> foley was kidnaped in syria two years ago and his heart broken parents called him a fearless journalist representing the best of america. >> he was an inspiration to us, and so many others. so, we miss his courage, his love, and his determination and his laugh and his smile. >> american fighter jets and drones continued their assault on isis after the gruesome beheading video was posted, 14 strikes targeted sites around the mosul dam, to help create
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a buffer zone for iraqi and kurdish forces who retook the dam this week, meanwhile the pentagon is weighing whether to send more troops to baghdad at the request of the state department to beef up security there. apparently there are over 700 american service members in iraq, with up to 300 more being considered. the attorney general of the united states, eric holder, visited ferguson, missouri day to enlist confidence in the probe into the shooting of michael brown, by a white police officer. >> my hope also is that through the trip i'm making out here today and by, stressing the the importance have of and the way in which this investigation is going, that hopefully will have a calming influence on the area. >> holder also met citizens of ferguson at a local diner and described how he had been repeatedly profiled by police, even when he was a federal prosecutor. holder stood to greet highway
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patrol captain ron johnson who has headed up the security operation in ferguson. meanwhile ferguson has been quiet tonight, just one peaceful march earlier in the day. demonstrators in philadelphia echoed calls for justice in ferguson tonight. the close to 200 people will rallied peacefully at love park, some held up signs reading hands up, don't shoot. group demanded charges in michael brown's death and an end to all discrimination. it was a very close call in northeast philadelphia late today when a car crashed into a deli. "action news" reporter dann cuellar was there and a has the full story. >> reporter: police say it was after four at grant plaza at grant and welsh, an 86 year-old man, thought he hit reverse on his 2011 toyota prius but hit forward. he then hit the gas instead of the brake and crashed right through front doors of the steve stein's famous deli and restaurant. >> deli was opened for business. there were approximately 20 people inside, customers, as well as employees, however,
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fortunately, none of those, individuals, who were injured. >> reporter: eighty-six year-old managed to get out on his own and appeared to be dazed. he was transported to aria torresdale hospital to be check out. >> it could have been a whole lot worse due to the the fact that this 2011 prius drove completely through the front double doors and ended up against the the rear counter of the deli. >> reporter: that in and of itself authorities say is nothing short of the miracle. >> it happened. >> reporter: as it turns out it is second time this year that a motorist has accidentally driven their vehicle in to the deli. >> after the first incident the owner put up these metal poles to prevent vehicles from going through, but the owner of the prius managed to find the only opened parking space where there are no poles and then this happened. >> where this vehicle today drove into the building, you only have inch toes get into the building, it was like threading the needle. >> he pick the one spot. >> reporter: that can still get the through.
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>> unfortunately. >> reporter: late tonight the driver was treated and released from the hospital as things stand now, police are looking in the possibility of suspending the 86 year-old's driving privileges n northeast philadelphia, dann cuellar for channel six "action news". still to come tonight escalating violence in the middle east as israel and gaza move farther away from a cease-fire, and the odds are against thousands of workers in atlantic city, our prayers the only thing left to save casino jobs? the same week four and a half million patient record are stolen we have learned a hospital hacking is far more common then you think. heat and humidity, building to the south with 90's, here i'm tracking unsettled weather with scattered showers or thunderstorm and then a big cool down i'll have details in the the forecast. ducis rodgers with the eagles getting ready for their preseason pennsylvania showdown tomorrow against those pittsburgh steelers when "action news" continues tonight.
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atlantic city's casino crisis is coming to a head. today state gaming authority gave final approval to revel's planned closure, ape in a fate of coincidence labor day weekend will seee limb nation of thousands of union jobs. show boat is shutting down august 31st, revel will unwind operations over the following two days and trump plaza follows september the the 16th. hundreds of union employees who will be out of a job come mid-september marched from the boards, to new shiloh baptist church tonight in atlantic city. they won't want to see atlantic city's industry go dim. clergy members invited workers to hold a vigil and pray for cities economic future. family members in philadelphia fire fighters
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marched to engine number 28 tonight to pay tribute to two fallen brothers. tonight marks ten years since captain john taylor and fire fighter ray rubio were killed in port richmond. they became trapped as they bat old a house fire caused by a marijuana growing operation. bombard. of gaza continues today bias rail, and israeli prime minister says it won't stop until hamas stops firing rockets in to israel. sirens sounded in the southern part of the country and israelis headed for the bomb shelter. israel hit building where military chief of hamas is living with his family, he was not there palestinians say his wife and daughter were and were both killed. ebola out break in west africa has killed 350 people. liberia alone accounts for more than a third of the death toll, accord together latest report from the world health organization. today the cdc also announced
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that u.s. hospitals reported 68 ebola scares in the past three weeks. some far no patient has tested positive on american soil. security of patient data is in critical condition. a new report says hospital hacking is not as uncommon an you might think study says 90 percent of health care companies have exposed patient data or had it stolen in the last two years. just this week community health systems announced the personal information of about four and a half million patients was stolen. more than half of the dozen hospitals in our area were hit by this. ups delivered some bad news today, a computer virus exposed customer data including credit and debit cards and addresses. the it affect at least hundred thousand transactions in 24 states. in our area the ups store on the 1400 block of route 70 in cherry hill was breached, from august 29th, make that from
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april 29th to august 11th. former vice-president candidate paul ryan stopped in center city philadelphia tonight. the wisconsin congressman brought his book tour to the union league. the way forward highlights ryan's political vision for the country and tonight he shared those ideas on stage and as you may remember, ryan ran with mitt romney on the republican ticket in 2012. it looks like we will get unsettled weather, for the tri-state area, and some chilly weather. >> exactly, unsettled first and then cool down, behind that. we are not looking the at widespread rain but scattered showers and thunderstorms. storm tracker six live double scan showing most of the region is rain free but we have light showers, sprinkles near allentown right now and moving towards the easton area and atmosphere is beginning to moisten up. notice an up tic in humidity tonight and tomorrow. but chopper six was flying high above center city tonight despite some of the cloud
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cover and some threatening showers earlier. pretty nice night to take flight on chopper six. temperature wise our high today 86 degrees which is average high. 1 degree above average but seasonal, philadelphia 73. allentown 76. reading 75. millville dropped down to 69 degrees. sea isle city 37. wilmington 73 degrees. warm, muggy night, satellite six with action radar showing as expect that band of showers across central pennsylvania just breaking up moving across the the region, still some cloud cover but the main culprit that i'm tracking low pressure is north of the great lakes. do you see this swirl right here. what this low pressure will do is it will slide to the south and east and that will bring us the opportunity for scattered showers and thunderstorms especially in the afternoon hours future tracker showing 8:30 tomorrow morning we will see clouds, and some peaks of sunshine especially east of philadelphia as we head in the afternoon, you can see not
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widespread but some pop up showers and then are storms and any of them could contain brief but heavy downpours. heading in the evening hours around 10:00 o'clock or 8:00 o'clock we will have have some the scattered showers, if you are heading to the eagles game would i say go ahead and take rain gear. it is not all evening rain but some showers are possible if you are down the shore tomorrow, not a bad day, breaks of sunshine in the afternoon. this is when you keep your eyes to the sky, down load our storm tracker six app to track showers as they move in. at 11:00, 78 degrees. by 3:00 o'clock 79. water temperature 76 degrees. it that is time of the year. allergy sufferers may be feeling a little bit of the watering of the eyes, sneezing, ragweed, for the next four days will be medium, to medium/high. so not a good time of the year, if you are suffering from ragweed allergies. planning out your day tomorrow, lots of clouds, some bits of sunshine especially at 8:00 in the morning.
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by # 1:00, 77. by 5:00 o'clock 85. so the the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, not all day rain but scattered showers and thunderstorms especially in the afternoon and evening hours, 84 degrees. friday, still some scattered showers. 78 degrees. saturday, cloud really ruling the sky. by the afternoon, some brightening of sunshine but more clouds and sun with a high of only 78 degrees. temperatures stay in the upper 70's, sunday through machine so cool for august. increasing sunshine. by tuesday, backup to 82 degrees. wednesday we will warm up to 85. so good idea for tomorrow really through friday to keep the umbrellas on hand. >> thanks, cecily. it is not as hard to say good bye to summer if going back to school is this much fun. that is how these kids felt at an end of summer party in west philadelphia achievement charter school tonight. a bounce house provided care free fun, and a cook grilled up plenty of food, families also stopped by, the uniform
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redefining what tv can be. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v is he, folks watched that game tonight, that left-handed pitch their las vegas has, the phillies this should draft him right now. >> he can pitch, he can hit. he looks bigger than other kids too. you will see in a second. it is cliche but ball does not bounce taney's way tonight. not all was lost though taney has a game tomorrow, a win there would put them in the u.s. title game, on the saturday. maybe bias, but young and old are on taney's band wagon. they are all behind mo'ne davis. she has been unhittable up against nevada. first inning nevada gets to her. here's austin, that jim was just talking about. highest batting average in the tournament with a triple. he drives in the run. one to nothing nevada.
11:28 pm
taney with the chance two on for jack wright, alex barker makes an unreal catch. and out there in right field. it would have been a # run double. second inning this one hurts, davis surrenders a two run home run. they fall behind three to nothing. davis pulled from the mound after two innings. and fourth inning, fourth inning, taney down three-one buzz with the bases loaded, a double play. eli hits into it. taney loses eight-one. illness will be on deck tomorrow in that, consolation game. taney's run as helped us forget what a miserable season the phillies are having. today a chance for a rare series win facing the mariners. phillies prosecutedly displaying their taney love, in the dug out, cole hamels on the mound and he has had a rough game as well. morales with the second inning home run. hamels last five innings and allowed three runs. phillies bailed him out in the bottom of the fourth. chase utley throws the bat at the ball and sometimes good things happen.
11:29 pm
jimmy rollins scores. phillies take a four-three lead. chase was zero for eight in the previous two games before this one. jake diekman, ken giles and jonathan papelbon combined for nine strike outs in the final four innings. phillies win four- 36789 hamels knows that diekman, giles, those two guys are very important to this teams future. >> they are coming out and they are firing and that is fun to see. that is the type of baseball that from a starters view you want to see that from the bull pen. they are definitely developing into topical ber guys which is going to set up the bull pen for the future. you have to like what you see. >> still to come, the eagles made a trade and just how concerned are they about the defense? we will hear from connor ba (vo) ours is a world of passengers.
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today team acquired kicker codey barker, rook friday auburn from the colts in exchange for david lou elian. two preseason games but safe to say the eagles defense needs some work. patriots rack up nearly 500 yards of total offense this past friday, but no one is panicking. >> no, i'm not concerned. but obviously, you know, i see what you guys saw and know there is some things that need to be fixed. >> most of the plays where they were big runs, deep balls, you know, people were in the right position, they didn't have the right leverage. they were not dealing with the responsibility. we have to get that fix and we should be fine. >> eagles will face steelers, tomorrow night, at 7:30 at the link, you can see the game right here on six abc. we are your official eagles station. >> yes, we are. >> proud to be it. >> thanks ducis. finally officials unveiled a big investment in young athletes tonight in south philadelphia. local boxers, young and old,
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helped councilman johnson cut the ribbon on the new rec center. not long after students stepped into do some sparring. johnson secured funding to renovate the boxes facility and replace its center piece. jimmy kim ill live next on channel six followed by night line. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. >> ♪
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