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tv   Visions  ABC  August 30, 2014 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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arena did good in the game and in the practices. all of us would thank alex for his three years here, we owe him thanks for the way he handled everything in the last three years. >> reporter: the other surprising decisions matthew tucker and henry jose kwy w among the best backs. the eagles roster is down to 53. they could bring back to the brac squad tomorrow, interesting note with henry and curtis marsh cut today. that means the easily have two players remaining from their 011 draft class, 6 of their 7 pick also including danny watkins are gone.
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mickal sam has been released by the saint louis rams. college football now, new penn state head coach said he was a nervous wreck leading up to the first game in him dublin ireland. penn state taking on central florida, 5,000 on hand the largest ever to watch an american game in ireland. what a show. 79-yard score, penn state up ten. hackenberg. holman runs it in, ryan down
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with one toking. final drive, hackenberg. in field goal range. in for the game winner, down 1, no time left. pep state wins 26-24. first win for franklin who is ready to throw a big party. >> i want to enjoy it with our guys, i don't know what the flight regulations are, but we'll be partying all the way back to the united states. >> they are partying back to state college .
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>> meteorologist melissa magee has the accuweather forecast with the unofficial end to the summer, here comes the summer weather. >> reporter: all those people saying it doesn't feel like summer, it will tomorrow. we'll show you what's going on, storm tracker 6 live double scan showing it's dry. no issues with precipitation, we have a fair amount of cloudy cover overhead today. that he is thanks to a southeasterly wind. it will bring in more moisture. the high if philadelphia, climbed to 81 degrees that's two degrees shy of average. the numbers in the upper 70s from philadelphia to wilmington. the poconos 67. along the coast at sea isle city, 74. no moisture to talk about, i
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think a lot of this activity moving across south central section pennsylvania. mostly cloudy for the rest of the night. as you get an increase with the southerly flow into sunday. it's hot and human tomorrow, we're tracking a building heat. the high temperature in philadelphia climbs into 90 degrees, when you have duties in the 70s it will feel like temperatures 95 degrees, we're tracking the cold front that will move through later in the day. future tracker 6 has you covered mostly cloudy start, 4:00 p.m., a lot of activity confined north and west of philadelphia. with showers and storms. the stays that way as we get into 11:30 tomorrow night. there will be showers that drift into philadelphia, a lot of in a moisture west of the city. down the shore tomorrow,
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76 degrees are it will be cloudy anne warmer with a high temperature of 87. a good chunk of the day tomorrow down the shore looks to be dry, but cloudy. monday, 87 clouds anticipate thunder popping up at any point during the day. north of the poconos it's humid with the thunderstorms as as with track the line that move through. monday, 79 degrees, you have to allow for a pop-up shower at any point the in day. for the rest of the night, cloudy and humid, we'll drop into the 70 in the city, 67 in the suburbs. it's hot and humid thunderstorm north appear west tomorrow, high temperature, 90. thunderstorm around labor day, 88. hot and sticky on tuesday, high of 92. shower or storm possible, wednesday, 90. 88 with lower humidity on
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thursday, walter, get ready for the heat and humidity tomorrow. >> thank you, melissa don't miss "action news" at 10 on phl17. we're back here at 11:30 after college football. for jeff skeverski, melissa magee, i'm walter perez, see you after the game!
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the national constitution center and behind us you'll see the american national tree. it tells the stories of 100 americans who shaped the constitutional history here in the united states. and some prominent hispanics are part of that history like cesar chavez and casimiro barela. incredible success stories of immigrants who have come and made this country what it is. but right now there is an immigration crisis.thousands of children crossing the border.undocumented, with no parents or guardians. locally there are a number of organizations responding to this emergency and helping these kids survive. we can't show you their faces because even here in philadelphia, they remain at risk from coyotes looking to get paid for smuggling them across the border. most are teenagers .between the
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ages of 14 and 17 but some are as young as 4 with notes pinned to their chest giving authorities the name and number of a relative here in the us. if you need help with any of it, you should ask us. guatemala, el salvador and honduras..and they're often fleeing extreme poverty and gang warfare in their homeland. (:07) children seeing friends and family members murdered or losing them, having them kidnapped, children being essentially sold by their families into servitude. and the journey to escape can be just as traumatic for the children.with no parents to protect them.. crossing borders from central america through mexico and into the united states. they are often robbed, raped and sometimes killed along the way. it's always bad. la puerta abierta helps children cope with the emotional trauma .providing individual and group counseling. but also using art and gardening projects to build trust. (:04) it's hard work, we have to use many tools to allow them to open up tamara talking in spanish to table full of kids .talking about family. they also help reunite children with parents who immigrated years earlier to build a better life for their family.
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and almost always the reunification process goes badly. it's the first time that they are together maybe after 10 years. they were like babies. now they're adolescents. it's bitter, why did you leave us? why did you let all of these bad things happen to us? moms say i did everything for you! and now you come here and you're giving me a hard time! for those kids who come to the us knowing no one, lutheran children & family services finds foster families .and they help the children learn english and catch up on their schoolwork. because in their home countries, they've gotten 5 maybe 6 years of education at most, even as a 14-15 or 16 year old youth. and now they're placed in 9th or 10th grade and they've never sat in a classroom before. it's very, very discombobulating and sometimes terrifying. the number of unaccompanied central american children crossing the us border has doubled each year since 20-10. 60-80,000 kids are expected to make the journey this year
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alone.overwhelming federal facilities along the border. next year some immigrant rights agencies predict that number could climb to 130,000 children...making this the largest refugee crisis on u-s soil since the mariel boatlift from cuba in 1980. while critics blame lax immigration enforcement for the problem, a spokesperson for the united nations calls it a heartbreaking trend and says the children deserve to be protected. local relief workers agree. i think we need to be able to reach out to folks, i mean they are kids. and say we welcome you here. lutheran children & family services also provides legal services, helping the children earn special immigrant juvenile status after 5 years, they can apply for us citizenship. and possibly be a voter one day here in philadelphia. hispanic voters will have a big say in the political landscape as their community continues to grow.dan cuellar has the story. the growth in philadelphia's latino population has been explosive.up 46% in a
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decade.according to the latest u-s census. latinos aren't strong enough to make or break a candidate. but state representative angel of only two latino lawmakers in harrisburg. says the hispanic community has yet to translate their growing numbers into increased political power. how engaged do you think latinos are in the voting process? not as much as they can.uh we need to educate the ones that do participate often. these are the people that are you are putting into office to fight for you and represent you. if they knew the candidates, then i think they would be motivated to participate if it was one of their own. in 2007, maria quinones-sanchez became the first latina to serve on philadelphia city council. she says the secret to success is focusing on the problems of the barrio and the greater community beyond
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i represent a district that is diverse .. the majority of the voters are not latino. .. have a large aa community .. large caucasian community that i have to work with and represent. that's the philosophy of ken trujillo as well. a lawyer and owner of spanish language tv, radio and online media ventures, he'll likely be the first latino to ever run for mayor of philadelphia. if someone wants to be mayor of philadelphia .. they have to be mayor of all of philadelphia. we might be a city of neighborhoods .. but ultimately we are a city together. leslie acosta will soon become the only latina serving in the statehouse in harrisburg.. after defeating embattled state rep jp miranda in the spring primary. how did you rally the people to vote on your behalf. the message was right the ability to connect with people .. at their level helped rally people around this campaign and around me.
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and getting latinos civically engaged is a big challenge. voter turnout in the hispanic community has long lagged behind african americans and whites. are there language barrier issues? absolutely. and that's why ken trujillo started his spanish language media company. and last fall, we launched mi philly dot com and quickly became the most viewed spanish language website in the region. civic leaders in the hispanic community say converting their power in numbers into real political power is a key to solving problems in the barrio. 44% percent of the people live under 20k dollars and there's an underemployment of 50%. i would hope that jobs is hugely important. housing is another issue that we have. and cleaning up our community ..we want to be able to bring resources to our community that people feel good and live on a block that is clean.
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in my view , education is not just an issue .. it is the seminal issue of our generation. we need to think about what in 10 or 20 years what a great educational system in philadelphia looks like. it was 30 years ago that wilson goode became the first african american mayor. and time will tell if we see our first hispanic mayor in 2016. something to keep an eye on. coming up.we'll feature the latino business resource center.a group based in reading, pennsylvania that is inspiring latino entrepeneurs. that's next on visions 2014
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welcome back to visions 2014..our annual celebration of
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hispanic history and culture..we are here at the national constitution center. they've added so many great exhibitions to celebrate hispanic heritage. there's a ball hit by roberto clemente, the first hispanic-american to be inducted into the baseball hall of fame.. and sonia sotamayor's bible from her swearing in ceremony when she became the first hispanic supreme court judge in 2009. inspiring stories.and that's what they are doing in reading, pennsylvania. inspiring latino entrepeneurs at the latino business resource center. how to succeed s as a latino entrepreneur is really an 8 week program that teaches the latino entrepreneur how to create their business plan and how to start and manage their business. the kutztown university seminars are one of a kind program in pennsylvania, reaching more than 450 latino's since its inception. we started the program in reading 6 years ago now we've done it in the lehigh valley and kennet square. the bi-lingual seminars are designed to cultivate the budding entrepreneur's ideas while broadening their knowledgebase of the business world.
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it's how i'm going to do the book keeping how i'm going to choose the legal structure, what bank products i'm going to use, am i going to need a loan or not. so we develop that concept at the beginning which is something nobody really wants to see, but they need it. (laugh) we do have great success stories. paula calvo, of smartzstudios in reading is one of those stories. i love being the boss. (laugh) after immigrating to american 3 years ago, paula and her company have developed two mobile applications from the ground up. we have two apps in the market teach kids about heritage, about culture, about language about all the things we want to teach our kid. it's fun when you own your own company you can do a lot of things and it's your baby she owes much of her business smarts to the latino entrepreneurs program. you can think i am not alone in this adventure i can can obtain help with people that really really know how to do things.
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maybe in a couple year this little company can give some people work. and doing our big things. and the success don't stop there from event planners to photographers to magazine publishers carolina martines knows it takes networking and support to truly succeed. for me it's absolutely satisfying. because it's actually helping my community. they are increasing jobs they are increasing taxes and they are developing the academy around them. it's my home, it's my kids home and i'm doing something really, really good. your dreams come true if you work hard. the seminars start up again this fall to help incubate ideas into profitable business.. next stop the hit abc show the shark tank.. still ahead.we've got the amazing story of pedro fuller.a nicaraguan immigrant with an artist's touch.we'll show you some of his work when we come back* *y here in philadelphia. hispanic voters will have a big say in the political landscape as their community continues to grow.dan cuellar has the story. the growth in philadelphia's latino population has been explosive.up 46% in a decade.according to the latest u-s census. latinos aren't strong enough to
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make or break a candidate.
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this is angel corella .the new artistic director of the pennsylvania ballet.born in madrid, spain corella is a superstar in the world dancing community.and he's starred in advertisements with gwyneth paltrow.. the 38-year old brings a new
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style to the troupe here in philadelphia.. as they embark on their 51st season which kicks off in october. welcome to philly angel corell.. well, pedro fuller has been here for 35 years.and creating art is his passion as well.. dan cuellar shares his inspiring story. in 1979, and at just 17 years old, local artist, pedro fuller escaped the ongoing war in his home country of nicaragua to live with his mother in camden. you stay over there you die easy because the war very, very heavy coming over here my mother told me, you go to a school or you go to, to work. whatever you want, i put it in your hands fuller opted for education, attending woodrow wilson high school and later graduating with a degree in painting from the pennsylvania academy of the fine art. i remember for somebody bring to me one book......what, let me see, wow...big impression for me and later for me i do my first painting. fuller's day job is a custodian on the camden campus of rutgers university.but the hours are never an issue when it comes to perfecting his art.working mostly in oil and pastels, his
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images are often abstract in style.reminiscent of pablo picasso or chagall. people like my colors, my shape, my style, they say wow i love it.. drawing inspiration from the world around him, pablo has compiled an impressive collection of art.from sprawling landscapes to intense and intricate designs. i have right now, maybe 5/6,000 sketch ready for paint i concentrate my painting first you know and, and looking at the colors. his work has been displayed in museums and galleries across the region, receiving high praise and acclaim from collectors and gallery owners. the people coming to whatever gallery, museum the people say wow i don't understand, but you know what.i love the colors, the colors talk to me. -- that's going to do it for this edition of visions 2014.. thanks to the national constitution center for hosting us.their display honoring hispanic american trailblazers runs from septemebr 15th through october 15th. and thanks to dann cuellar and
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all our guests.and thanks to you for watching.
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captions paid for by abc, inc. >> this precious prize awaits in the promise land in playoff year one. the reigning champions hoping it will be a cyclircular journey b to texas. oklahoma state and j.w. walsh derail the sequel tonight?


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