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tv   Action News at 1130 P  ABC  August 31, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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>> monet davis is such a big star she can't walk around philadelphia anymore. the little leaguer is in philadelphia. she spent a few days you in chicago and today she's in minnesota for wnba playoff game and beforehand shaking whandz britney grinner and teammates in phoenix locker room and a copy of the "sports illustrated" cover and standing ovation. after all her success in baseball has she exchanged her mind about which sport to focus on. >> i still want to play in wnba. i have not about doing basketball because of all this attention but soon enough i'll
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start getting ready for basketball season. >> tony stewart returned to nascar in atlanta for the first time since dirt track car hit and killed a driver three weeks ago. he sat out of respect for the family. >> stewart starting twelfth tonight and can make the chase for the cup with a win or win next week. tonight does not last long. stewart hits the wall twice. he blows a right tire. ending his night. stewart drove to the garage and drove off without talking to anyone about his return to nascar. kasey kahne in the lead now with two laps go go down in atlanta. >> much more to come in the next half hour. we were glued to the taney dragones run for the title and one of the players from kick chick was battling homelessness. tonight his family has a lease on life. >> his head got shiny.
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>> a local
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>> sunday night here's what's happening on "action news" at
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11:30 teenager from lancaster county sentenced for his twisted not murder his girlfriend and unusual way a grieving widower retrieved a late wife's stolen camera we'll explain. after 27 years in business the showboat shut down today. first of three ac casinos cashing in chips this month. it was tough good-byes on the ac boardwalk. people flocked as far as away from florida. 4 p.m. was closing time for the showboat. employees peaked through the doors for the last time. it placed more than 2,000 workers among the ranks of unemployed. some found jobs within the ceasars network and a few hope to come back here. >> i spent the best time of my life here hopefully whoever buys it i'll be the next doorman.
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>> tomorrow, revel casino will begin to wind down operations. doors shut on tuesday, trump plaza is next closing on september 16. meantime players that dwrot collect their whippings will not be short changed. anyone holding chips can turn them at ceasars or harrahs. showboat parent company also says credits and reward credits earned through today will be honored at three other a.c. casinos and more than 40 other locations nationwide. there's one day left until the unofficial end of summer and as always the jersey shore is the place to be. folks were soaking up sultry summer evening steel pier, atlantic city, school is around the corner than were plenty of smiles tonight. >> we're coming back again forever and ever. long live the beach. >> i'll miss it but there's always next year.
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>> all good things must come to an end. looking forward to the snow. >> that makes one of us. >> until then plenty of time for one last funnel cake and ride on the merry go round. all right. remember to take the new with you as you mark unofficial end of summer. you'll find updated radar and the latest accuweather forecast. check out traffic conditions before you hit the road tomorrow final it all right interest right now on >> maibz in lower merion are on edge after a hammer wielding app annie mccormick has more. >> this is is the scene earl le sunday morning as lower merion police dusted for evidence around the living room window where they believe the intruder made entry before getting caught inside. sam miller shairdz a wall with the family and heard the shrug. >> shouting, angry, afraid at
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the same time and i could not hear what they were saying but it was coming through the wall clearly. >> police say 4 a.m. in the 200 block of edge hill 'roid the home owner and son confronted the suspect and suspect attacked the son with a hammer. police believe there was a car in the alley behind the home waiting for the suspect. >> we just heard the noise and then afterwards we thought we saw a car drive up the alley in that direction. >> neighbors described the family as hard working and kind. police say the son was treated at a nearby hospital for injuries. sunday afternoon police continued presence in the neighborhood escorting someone close to the family inside to gather belongings. neighbors say they are rattled by the attack and concerned about their safety. >> we have to call the alarm company and make sure everything is up to speed and little more
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mindful. >> i'm wondering why and why is this going and you know why it happened to them. >> and the crime happened early sunday morning. but police are looking for tips from the public about anything suspicious they may have seen in the days leading up to the crime. reportering in lower merion township, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> a man from lancaster county learned fate for suffocating his girlfriend after she survived a 100 mile an hour car crash. benjamin clippinger pleads guilty to third degrew murder. he admitted he first intentionally sped into a guardrail and sat on the 17-year-old samantha heler to keep her from breathing and he was physically and verbally abusive towards her during their relationship.
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they can serve 28 to 56 years on boards. >> a family dispute led to shooting overnight. authorities arrived 4400 fayet drive biss toll, a.m. they found a man dead from a gun shot wound. authorities have not released suspect's name or possible motive in the case. >> a thief chose unusual township rob a 7-eleven. 5:00 this morning a map wearing a black mask and carrying a sword walked in 5th and independence. he demanded cash while wielding a samurai sword and undetermined amount of cash. no arrests yet in this case. >> coast card guard and knowledge knowledge state police, rescueers responded to distress call and player one mile offshore 9:15. boaters were standing in to foot of water when in the rescue
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boats. disabled vessel was towed to a marina and nobody injured. >> coastguard us is spended a search for a plane that took off from wisconsin headed foremen as as, virginia, that plane continued through restricted air base near washington d.c.. two firefighters watched it and it appeared they were unconscious. 50 miles over the atlantic they ran out of fuel skaenl came down. ronald hutchinson. no further information was released about this case. >> swelling a real home run for star little legaler from chicago. 12-year-old jaheem helped take the team to second place finish in the little league world series. his friend were staying with friends and family were cut at work. when the golder funeral home
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about the family situation he covered to may represent for a whole year. >> he's a super star little jaheem and super star and homeless don't go together. so we had to ask bhaem to do with the super store, our super star, chicago chick's super store. he hopes his gift will be cat catlists. >> a man from california is hopeful about a wife's priceless convention. it contained pictures after she died detectives were september to a pawn shot. they found a camera and detectives turned it on and saw precious pictures inside. >> there was photographs -- we all take personal pictures.
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these appear to be something you will keep for 40, 50 years. amazingly detectives were able to officer the camera after noticing the brown wall in a picture which happens to be in front of the lazy's home. >> it was a joke i thought at first to be honest. hi given up all thought of recovery. >> lacie says he knows his wife is looking over him and played a role in the return of that camera. >> still to come. two vegetarians opened a truly different kind of butcher shop. no app mall products here and their misdemeanor is flying off the shelves and local caper is statement makes a video at chop. and attention is to get attention of jay-z who is in town this weekend. >> we're tracking showers and storms south of the city tonight. humidity sticks arounds for the holiday come monday. we have the details coming up in holiday come monday. we have the details coming up in the accuweather
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>> the butcher is brain child of brother sister duo who experimented with veeing app metal turntive in their own diets. >> they come back every single week. you have people who would never even try vegan meat buying on regular basis and their health sim proofing. >> and sibling say they sell out every single week and hope to
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set up real meat free butcher shop. >> could i get a breakfast sausage corn dog. >> $5. >> here's a woman sticking to the real thing. she's attempting to eat every food on a stick at the minnesota state fair. not for personal gain but good cause. she's raising money for make a wish foundation documenting 10 to 12 beef sticks she eats every day on twitter. she expects to polish off 100 fair food goal this weekend. >> because you have to have goals in life. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast and it's sultry outside. >> yeah. >> so here's summer arriving unofficial end of summer. >> it's unofficial end but mother nature is not done yesterday. we have humidity. stick around. as the kids go back to school. stormtracker 6 doubling scan shows you we're tracking showers and storms and activity is
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firing up around philadelphia. we'll go in tighter. stormtracker 6 live double scan street-level we have showers and storms refiring west of the city close to malvern, downingtown, coatsville, west chester and chadds ford. also getting into wilmington. now we'll show you another cluster moving across interior sections of new jersey and also across costsal sections of new jersey surf city to oceanville and as you move hammonton, glassboro. we have wet weather to contend with. this will die off with spotty activity expected then. we'll show you the picture outside sky6 live in hd as we're giving you nice shot of center city sky line. you can see partly cloudy to mostly cloudy sky as participation moves out. but the humidity unfortunately is sticking around for the rest of the holiday weekend. not only do we have showers and storms we have wind to report and damaging wind gusts. gloucester county earlier today
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with broken line of showers and storms we had reports of 60 foot tree knocked down because of the winds that blew through the region near clarksboro. newcastle delaware winds as high as 53 and fuel trigger showers and storms. high today in the city 93 degrees. that's 10 above average. you had humidity as well. temperatures in the afternoon in middle 09s. 74 city. 68 poconos. 77a sea isle city and beach haven lower 70s. here's satellite 6 and action radar unsettled weather new eng tloond mid-atlantic region and why the storm prediction center placed usness slight risk for severe weather today. there's a lot of moisture working its way east ward overnight tonight and for that matter into labor dayp monday. future tracker 6 has you covered in the overnight hours and spotty activity. you wake up 9:00 in the morning
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and it's cloudy start to the day and as we get into the afternoon hours we'll get breaks in clouds and pockets of sunshine. at that point we could have showers and thunderstorms overhead and it's probably a good idea to allow something to pop up at any point in the day with humidity around. here's the call from accuweath r accuweather. 8:00, mostly cloudy. and 75, 8 a.m., 80 at 11 a.m. and 87 at 5:00 in the early evening. the forecast showing not a washout. high temperature 87. storm likely at any point. hot, shud, and high of 92. late tuesday we're being froming another round of activity. wednesday, the warmth hangs on but humidity will lower by then, high of 88. we stay in upper 80s to near 90 for the rest of the week ahead. >> a cancer patient at children's hospital came up with creative way to try to get
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attention of jay sdxts while in town ♪ >> my hair got shiny what's a glare behind me, >> that's tom he took ajay d song and remade it of course with his own lyrics in hope of meeting the icon and he wanted to show the every day life of a cancer patient in their good way. no word cigarette jay-z is each aw you can wait the eagles kickoff
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the regular season one week today against jacksonville at
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the linc. are they ready to roll or what? they were number bun team in the off season with point, yards, passing yards and completions. nick foles looks to carry that over to the regular season. he's already started working on game planning for jacksonville game. he spent last week studying jaing's defense and he'll get going when eagles resume practice on tuesday: andy reid that drafted nick foles shelling out big bucks to keep his quarterback in capuchin city alex smith gets a four year contract skeng worth $68 million according to espn. foles' contract is not up but he could get a deal at the end of this season. john mayberry jr. showed up after spending the last month rehabbing from a wrist injury just as set to come off the disabled list they ship him to
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toronto. trieded for stafo. who will be next. phillies wrapping up their series. ryan howard, hot and cold the last few days. knocked in five runs in two games. tied at. howard on pace to finish with 24 homers and 1 0 0 runs batted in. later in the game, howard one for three today against the mets with runners in scoring position. phils leave tendon base and lose 6-5. cole hamlees will be be on the mound. sixers fans we will not see him suit up. he's a tough guy. playing overseas, he lost six teeth stayed in the game and had six points. >> not so tough. eastern michigan came without
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sledge hammers and trying to knock down the brick wall before hitting opponent on the field. kind of backfires. they're having a tough time here guys. come on, come on. hopefully when eagles come running out of the tunnel at the linc it goes better as they run out with sgloop and won't have a brick wall in front of them. >> finally, good day to soak up raise with rock and roll ♪ all right the camden county free holder board hosted its annual camden water front barbeque today. along with music there was good food and cooking on the grill. visions is next on channel 6. for sarah bloomquist, melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team i'm walter perez have a great night entire "action news" team i'm walter perez have a great night and great weekend.
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i'm shirleen allicott and i'm walter perez. tonight on visions 2014.. we've got you covered from authentic mexican top of the line tequila.. because its good stuff. we'll meet an inspiring artist and some aspiring entrepreneurs.. "i love being the boss. (laugh)" plus a local initiative that is helping with the child immigration epidemic. "i mean they are kids" hello and welcome to visions 2014.our annual celebration of hispanic history and culture. we are here at the national constitution center where they are celebrating hispanic heritage month with some new display items.. and they have some great events planned during the special event which runs from september 15th to october 15th. we'll show you more on that later.but first we head to a neighborhood that has been the centerpiece for hispanic culture in philadelphia since the 1950's. the golden bloc


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