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tv   Action News  ABC  September 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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jennifer lawrence ace monk victims of the on line hacker who is revel's luck has run out. the glistening jewel of atlantic city that i attracted billions of dollars in investment money has gone bust. casino could not turn a profit with the hand it was dealt.
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and now the signs are coming down, and the doors are about to close. monday night, jim's off i'm rick williams. the big story on "action news" is the third casino set to fold this year n the harsh irony about this labor day is that thousands office union employees are being laid off. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live outside the revel where the clock is ticking tonight. kenneth? >> reporter: well, rick, i just walk in a few minutes ago. it is a somber mood with t minus seven hours until full shut down of revel. the hotel is closed but people are still gambling in the casino of this financially troubled, boardwalk business. on this clear but humid night down the shore, those lights lit up the the atlantic city boardwalk and this marvel of the building that is about to go dark. >> they put so much money in and now it is closing and it just so little for the city anyway. it seems to be a big waste. >> reporter: monday revellers
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made it a party during final hours of revel. this 40 story glass tower, state of the art hotel and casino, filled with high even shops and restaurants, is ac's 2 billion-dollar failure. >> this little party is okay but at the even of the day a lot of people will be home trying to figure out how to pay rent. >> reporter: in the shadow of revel there is show boat which closed its doors sunday. trump plaza is next in two weeks. thousands out of the job like john watts who work his last night at revel. >> very serious. usually we have fun, goof off and everything but we took variety serious in our jobs. >> reporter: we found people here two years ago who were here for opening taking one last look inside. susan, of north jersey said her sister in law brought her here for a surprise visit. her husband recently died, they spent their 39th anniversary at revel last year. >> it was remarkable. we were on the 40th floor, and we had views of everything. it was just amazing. >> reporter: monday night revel's hotel check out its
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remaining guests but casino won't stop the gaming until 6:00 a.m. tuesday. for those looking to strike a little luck, in this unlucky building. what are you hoping for this building. >> that it stays the the way it is, as beautiful as it is and they get somebody to reopen up this place. >> reporter: but four casinos closure in one year, next week governor chris christie will hold a bipartisan summit of state and local leaders to discuss this city's future. reporting live from atlantic city tonight, kenneth moton channel six "action news", rick? >> kennel, thank you. the process of shutting down a casino is more complex then putting a closed sign on the door. at 6:00 a.m. there will be an announcement over the loud speaker. revel's private casino guards will secure money and gambling chips to provide by new jersey state police and inspectors from the state division of gaming and enforcement. security will also have to oversee the orderly exit of the patrons, who played into the last moment. when the atlantic club closed in january, for instance,
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guests ripped out interior decorations as personal souvenirs. teller windows will stay opened for a few hours to let gamblers cash out. technically people can go to revel to cash in chips until september 30th. also, any open bottles or alcohol must be tossed, sealed ones can be resold. the the doors are locked tight and security guard will remain in place as revel pursues, a post shut down buyer. and so to put atlantic city's situation in context tonight take a look at the numbers. the casino industry's totallal revenue has been cut in half since 2006. falling from $5.2 billion to under 2.9 billion in the last year. pennsylvania on the other hand which launched gambling in 2006 has grown from a 450 million-dollar operation to a $3,000,000,000.01 in the last fiscal year, eclipsing atlantic city and clearly stealing business. the "action news" morning team will be following development from atlantic city
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overnight and, they are on the air from 4:30 to 7:00 tomorrow morning as the revel shuts its doors for g. the cloud hanging over the casino industry in atlantic city difficult not leave everyone on the boardwalk in glummy spirits. far arer south in ocean city the up some of summer echoed in the night. merry go round, baby boat and train rides and a cool walk along the planks with your family to cap off the season. labor day may bring summer to an unofficial even but the heat isn't going anywhere. after that, we will check with meteorologist cecily tynan in the "action news" big board tonight, hi cecily. >> hi rick. heat will be here right through the even of the workweek and toast the end of the labor day weekend. saturday 81 with low humidity. felt like fall but yesterday shot up to 39 degrees. today, 89 degrees. that is 6 degrees above normal. and, the oppressive humidity made it feel very uncomfortable. the heat index, combination of the temperature and humidity makes it feel like 28 degrees
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in philadelphia feels like 81 in wilmington. seventy-five in allentown. trenton 28 degrees. it is certainly a very warm night, and a very wide view of storm tracker six live double scan showing we are in between showers. we have a few downpours in chester county and cape may, atlantic county earlier tonight. they have dissipated. looking at the big picture there is a cold front across the midwest. that will be moving in, by tomorrow night. but ahead of it we will get those wind out of the southwest. that pulls off that warm and very humid air. so tomorrow, it is going to be hotter then today and the dew point, how it feels, above 07 degrees. that is a tropical air mass a lot of kids starting school tomorrow. you definitely don't want to wear fall clothes. wear summer clothes, shorts, the short sleeves, because it will be very hot. this is what is ahead. the heat will be peeking. the heat will be peeking on tuesday, hood midty will drop on wednesday, and however, there is no real cool down until the weekend. we will talk about that in the
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full accu weather seven day forecast, rick. >> all right we will check back later, thank you. walls came down tonight in southwest philadelphia. two buildings partially collapsed here along the 4800 block of woodland avenue. the upper floors fell down to the sidewalk after 7:00 o'clock but fortunately the ground floor storefront were unoccupied and no one was hurt. two properties with the damage are common walls with neighbors, but l and i has not yet determined if those buildings are safe or compromised. officials are saying little tonight about a fatal crash in bethel township, delaware county. police say a vehicle struck trees before overturning on the 3300 block of foulke road. the the cause of the crash under investigation. neighborhood protest tonight against a corner store that sells bee bee guns to children. it has become a divisive issue in the point breeze section as many resident and parents say the store should either stop selling to kids or shut down. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has the story.
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>> reporter: a large crowd gathered outside point safe supermarket in point breeze and le tone use, they allege the merchandise had been selling bee bee guns to minors which ace begins city ordinances. >> we don't want a child to come out here and have an incident with our police because they thought it was a real gun. >> reporter: protesters pointed to this video that went viral on social media in which kids with bee bee guns said they had purchased them at that store. >> where did you get that from. >> on the corner. >> seriously. >> yes. >> the stories still continuing to sell the bee bee guns, even after several community organizers went to him. and we felt that was disrespect to the community. >> it is disgusting. i mean you have a business selling bee bee guns to children and some of those children could be mistaken as using a real gun, and possibly be murdered. >> reporter: residents say almost daily they have to sweep up bee-bee gun pellets the scattered across streets and sidewalks being shot by minors way below the age of
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21. their greatest fear that is sooner or later one of them will end up getting hurt. >> first and foremost it is illegal but it is a predatory business. you are selling illegal bee bee guns to young people who can go outside, use these guns, and wind up being murdered. >> reporter: pro testers say they have reason to believe other stores in the area are also doing it. >> we're going to continue to protest each and every store, in the southwest ape southwest philadelphia area. >> reporter: owner refused to talk to the news media and then closed early. but councilman johnson expects to follow-up with the l and i commissioner to determine what, if any action can be taken begins the owner and or the the market. in point breeze, i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news". students who will return to classes at council rock high school south over the next two days without three of their classmates. school opened its doors in holland bucks count own this holiday to allow students to speak to grief counselors about the tragic loss this
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weekend. sophomore's ryan lesher, shamus digney and cullen keffer were killed in the poconos. school community is remembering all three as bright young men who were involved in a number of sports and activity. >> just three bright lights, three tremendous individuals, who shared their gifts ape talent with council rock high school south and those bright lights were extinguished way too soon. >> grief counselors will be continuing to be available to students and staff for freshman orientation tomorrow and first day of school on wednesday. meanwhile, there will be a special assembly for students at mainland regional high school tomorrow morning after a crash involving five soccer players. fourteen year-old aceland cookies on life support, her four teammates are out of the hospital. a pickup truck crossed in to their lane on route 40 in hamilton township atlantic county on saturday as they were heading to the the soccer tournament. the school year starts on thursday. fire fighters believe they are looking at a case of arson
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on the ground of exiter township high school. flames destroyed two sheds which housed the football team's practice equipment, late saturday night. fire fighters have not said what spark the blaze but they did find other damage including slashed signs, around exiter's athletic field. well, this weekend's made in america music festival is over but it is leaving quite a lasting impact. music no longer fills the atmosphere on the ben franklin parkway. the crowds of thousands are gone as crews dismantled the stages and swept trash overnight but money ways for united way of greater philadelphia and southern new jersey remains. non-profit says $300,000 was invested to fund education and talent development programs in our area. and still to come on "action news" monday night, the fbi's response to the hack that exposed nude photos of many celebrity. plus the hunt for serial bank robber dub the ak-47 bandit. jamie apody shows us something that the phillies
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accomplished as a team today that they have never done in their history. cecily. it was warm, humid to day, 89 degrees, temperatures in the 90's south moving in our direction. i'll just tell you how long it will stick around and details on storms on the way in the accu weather forecast. also new tonight we are learning of a u.s. military mission inside yet another country when "action news" at the 11:00 comes right back. to prove a point about internet speeds, we slowed down an up escalator this is crazy like i don't get it, this one is working ladies, shouldn't up be as fast as down? yeah. shouldn't internet speeds match as well? yes. do your socks match? my socks match. do your eyeballs match? yes. cable does not match the speeds. makes you want to go mad. erggggh. only verizon fios comes with speed match. upload speeds as fast as your download speeds. join now at verizon.
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everyone survived a frightening crash of the u.s. navy helicopter at sea today. twenty-five sailors and marines were aboard ch53e super stallion just like this one as it attempted to land on the u.s.s. milka verde. file video shows how difficult it can be to land them on the deck of the strong wind, and choppy waves while the ship is
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moving. officials say today while returning from the training mission the the helicopter clipped the ship and crash in the gulf of aidan between somalia and yemen. a rescue boat was launched and saved everyone. only one victim was seriously injured. meanwhile the pentagon says american military forces conduct a mission inside somalia, targeting the islamic extremist network al-shabob. defense department official was confirm no other details while results are being assessed. you may remember the the name al-shabob, they are al qaeda affiliate that claimed responsibility for that deadly massacre in kenya, last year. in accordance with law president obama sent a letter to congress today letting lawmakers know he authorized this weekend's round of air strikes in northern iraq. the move supported humanitarian aid drops there. air strikes also reportedly helped iraq reclaim a town, which isis has taken control of back in june. meanwhile, britain has taken a first step to prevent citizens from joining the
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ranks officeis. prime minister david cameron proposed a measure to allow police to seized passports of people suspect of traveling aboard to fight with terrorist groups. british intelligence officials estimate close to 500uk nationals have gone to syria and potentially iraq to join extremist. from california, to nebraska, and all out manhunt continues tonight, for the suspect in this surveillance video. wanted for a slew of bank robberies in four different states. he is nicknamed the ak-47 bandit, and you can see why. in each of his hold ups he wields a powerful assault rifle and often wears a bullet-proof vest with the word sheriff written across it. he could be a former law enforcement officer or ex-military. it is believed his robbery spree began two years ago in california but most recently he made off with a duffle bag of cash from a bank in nebraska. well, massive leak of naked celebrity photos is getting the attention of the
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fbi tonight. the agency says it is a addressing the at parent hack possibly of apple's icloud on line storage. private pictures of the well known women including jennifer lawrence and super model kate upton are now getting public exposure with the their consent. abc's curt hawkins reports on the violation that has outraged hollywood and beyond. >> reporter: oscar winning actress jennifer lawrence, super model kate up ton and nick star victoria justice, they are among superstars whose private, nude and sexually explicit photos were stolen and posted on line. a user on the popular photo sharing site for jam posted personal photographs of numerous a list celebrities in various states of undress. the allege hacker may have gotten some from the apple i cloud service an internet storage program supposed to keep users information and media private. >> we delete them from the phone, they continue to exist.
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>> reporter: lawrence's representatives the say pictures posted on four chan are real. they told abc news this is a flagrant violation of privacy. after at least one selfie obfuscate up ton posing need with her boyfriend tigers pitcher justin versacelander surfaced on line her attorney say they pursue to anyone disseminating or dup dieting these images to the filles extent possible. but not everyone says that the pictures are legitimate. victoria justice is one of those denying photos are real, tweeting these so-called nudes of me are fake, people. >> it is one great big, d a. >> reporter: jeanie wolf says celebrity are more vulnerable to privacy issues then average computer users but after another hacking in 2012, revealed photos of scarlet johann son and others, she said one thing is clear. >> people are now, less sympathetic because it happened too often. >> reporter: fbi says it is sorting out allegations, lapd is preparing to make an announce b. next step of the investigation, sometime
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tomorrow. curt hawkins, abc news, los angeles. iron meteorologist cecily tynan back here now. it was too hot to run today and tomorrow too. >> if you get out early, you can do it. >> even early. >> listen tour body, drink lots of water. >> how about that forecast. >> any excuse. >> it is going to be hot tomorrow you are right about that. storm tracker six live double scan, showing the winter, you say it is too cold. we have dry conditions out there tonight. any of the pop up isolated showers have dissipated. lets go live, on sky six, taking a look at the boardwalk in atlantic city, the the steel pier as our summer vacancies on, draws to a close. but it is still summer, until september between the second and it will feel like summer this week. currently in philadelphia temperature is 79 degrees. muggy night in allentown. seventy-five. wilmington a warm 78. millville 76. sea isle city and boardwalk
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currently at 79 degrees. the dew points, we have not really fell dew points lick this most of the summer. they are oppressive. when you get depoint is above 70 degrees that is extremely humid. wilmington dew point is 76 degrees. nearly tropical air mass. ac airport 75. philadelphia 73 degrees. dew points will remain above 70 tomorrow and will get more heat. satellite six with action radar showing a cold front across midwest and that is moving through late tomorrow night. it could bring a round of showers or storms primarily north of philadelphia, and most of us will be rain free. future tracker showing 8:30 tomorrow morning lots of sunshine. it will be warm, already by 4:00 o'clock, still clear. and then late tomorrow night, some showers and thunderstorms, again you can see most of these will be north of philadelphia lehigh valley, poconos has the best chance of any storms. but a head of it we will get wind out of the southwest, 92 degrees tomorrow. very humid. heat index, the way it feels,
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close to about 96. that front will move through, but by early morning hours of wednesday, it will still be warm, behind it, 88 degrees. when you get a wind out of the northwest that is wind over land, so that is a lot dryer. it will be less humid. so slight relief on wednesday with lowering humidity. we haven't used this graphic for a while but heading to school tomorrow, i know my kids are, it will be warm, tropical with hazy sunshine at 6:00 o'clock. 73 degrees. by 8:00 o'clock 76. definitely a day for summer wear for shorts and short sleeves. it is if they are allowed to wear them to school. hopefully they have air conditioning if not just drink a lot of water. the exclusive seven day forecast, hot and humid tomorrow, 92 degrees. some storms tomorrow night and then wednesday it will feel better, still warm 88 degrees but humidity drops. thursday that humidity in the uncomfortable zone 88 degrees. but humidity is back on friday with a high of 90 degrees. saturday a cold front will write us thunderstorms.
11:23 pm
it looks like best chance will be late in the day 88 degrees. perhaps a lingering shower on sunday. hopefully they will clear out in time for eagles home opener, 84 degrees. the monday if you are hoping for more of a taste of fall you get it on monday 78 degrees, under partly sunny skies but you tomorrow, 92 degrees and humid. just get up early for that run. >> okay. >> run slowly. >> or walk, thanks. philadelphia's union workers continue their labor day, tradition on columbus boulevard today. >> ♪ >> members and their family marched in their annual display of pride. event acknowledges how much has been accomplished in the battle for higher wages, better work conditions and benefits. the parade, after the parade workers enjoyed a picnic at penns landing. volunteers in spring garden made labor day a day on instead of the day off today. tonight, chosen 300 ministries served those who are out of work. dozens of homeless and needy individuals came in for a hot
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meal. they were treated to entertainment and good conversation, chosen 300 distributes more than 10,000 meals a year to the so brian at citizens said
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right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus 24-month special financing. hurry ends monday! know better sleep with sleep number. tom wolf. he'd be a different kind of governor. he served in the peace corps in india. and then got a phd from mit. and as a businessman he gives between 20 and 30 percent of his profits back to his employees. when he served as pennsylvania's secretary of revenue. he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity he refused take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead. can't argue with that. tom wolf. he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania. to prove a point about internet speeds,
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we slowed down an up escalator this is crazy like i don't get it, this one is working ladies, shouldn't up be as fast as down? yeah. shouldn't internet speeds match as well? yes. do your socks match? my socks match. do your eyeballs match? yes. cable does not match the speeds. makes you want to go mad. erggggh. only verizon fios comes with speed match. upload speeds as fast as your download speeds. join now at verizon. jamie is here with sports and labor day to remember for phillies fans today. >> this is great we need that had this year for sure. ironic, in a year with way more lows than highs and hard work is celebrated and many feel like phillies have not worked too hard this year they go down not history books with the combined pitching performance. not your typical no hitter
11:28 pm
type of performance for cole hamels. five of the first 12 batters he faced reached base with a walk or hit by a pitch. also got help from the d. look at marlon byrd's catch. unusual hamels he got support in the plate. phillies up one to nothing. hamels on second. jimmy rollins triples him home, for a two to nothing lead. then hamels would be pulled after bottom half despite the fact he didn't allow a hit. his control was off. he thrown 108 pitches, struck out seven, walk five and hit a batter. other hero on this game ben reveer. he hit i three run triple, five rbi's. phillies had, 15 going into the game. fill business a five to nothing lead n come jake diekman and he threw a scoreless seven. they brought ken giles on in the the eighth and would strike out the side. it was up to jonathan papelbon to close this thing out and he did just that. his first ever, combined no hitter, 132 year history of
11:29 pm
the phillies. the 12th no hitter for the franchise. the third no hit their carlos ruiz has caught him early is. last place team a rare reason to celebrate today, phillies win seven to nothing. >> i was having to bolt every single pitch i was than the really, in sync. so knowing that, what was at stake, it wasn't the end of the world. i did. i felt confident. i was just trying to enjoy the moment as much as possible and i'm happy that the outcome came out, you know, the way that it did because this is probably one of the better experiences you can have in this situation because it was a complete team effort. >> once in a life time experience. i'm happy to be a part have of it, with this team and these three guys right here, and i will enjoy every minute of it. >> they called down and asked me if i wanted to back down there and i said, for sure, and i was walking out, and i even told a fan i will try not to blow it. >> the game ball will be delivered to president david
11:30 pm
montgomery who announced last week he was taking a leave of absence to continue his battle with cancer. we will finally get to see a big piece of the phillies future in action. i will explain when "action news" returns.
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well, tomorrow's time for september call ups, phillies added seven to their roster including guy everyone wants to see their top prospect infielder miguel franco he was this lehigh valley player of the year after hitting .257, four triples, 16 home runs in 133 games. it is opening week, eagles will hit practice field tomorrow to get ready for jacksonville, now it all count. eagles added one more to complete their practice squad, signing fourth quarterback gj kinne he was with the team all last year as well and give them an extra arm to run drills. he looked good in the presees on, too.
11:34 pm
fun to watch. >> it will be. >> thanks, jamie. finally tonight, how about another honor, for those taney dragons. the growing list of accolade grow as parentally. they have been named team of the year by philadelphia sportswriters association. taney was third runner up in the 2014 little league world series, but their achievement transcended sports according to the sportswriters, who said they will be honored by the group in january. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. "action news" continues at 4:30 a.m. with tamala edward, matt o'donnell and david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, jamie apody, and the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. we will see you right here tomorrow, good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- jennifer aniston. barbecue master adam perry lang. and music from bob mould with cleto and the cletones. and now, sit back and relax. it's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody. welcome to the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. we're all in this together. hey, i'll tell you something, we have a great lineup of guests. this would be a good night to