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tv   Action News  ABC  September 2, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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$140,000 in gold, speaks exclusively to "action the news about steven sotoloff is being met without rage in this country and excruciating sorrow this his family home in florida, where friends, come to have grief. and at the the white house
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the call to send hundreds more troops, back into iraq. tuesday night, the big story on "action news" tonight is the beheading of a second american in two weeks by the islamic state isis. thirty-one year-old steven sotoloff was a apparently executed today by an isis militant with a knife, who had these words for president obama, our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people. the authorities have yet to confirm the videos authenticity, but it comes two weeks after beheading of american journalist james foley. isis says it is acting in response to u.s. air strikes against the group. in miami, mourners are coming to the sotoloff's home. spokesmen says that the family is grieving privately, and there will be no public comment. and early tonight, president obama approved sending another 350 troops into iraq. the additional troops mostly army, some marines will help protect the u.s. embassy in
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baghdad, this latest deployment will push the number of american forces in iraq to over 1,000. tonight's quick hitting storms are on the way out but they left some damage in their wake. route 07 in cherry hill, was shut down for a stretch between i295 and brays road when a large tree branch toppled on to the eastbound lanes. no cars were damaged. and it is snapped wires in haddon township, cut power temporarily to customers, along the 100 block of west crystal lake avenue. the rain came down, tonight just as accu weather predict it would. and it was a accompanied by lightening strike throughout much of the tri-state area lets get the latest from meteorologist cyst liz tynan at the "action news" big board. >> jim, storm tracker six live double scan is showing that the storms are really over for philadelphia, and areas north and west. we have one real strong batch, of thunderstorms working right off shore as we speak, between surf city and atlantic city.
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it has moved off shore sea isle city, 47 lightening strikes in the past 15 minutes with this. this continues to push to the east, and there is also a line of storms, currently, between wilmington, and glassboro, you can see only one lightening strike with this and this is generally working up to the north and east and this does have heavy rain associated with this. all of this is in advance of a cold front that will be sweeping through, tonight and i have a lot of images like this one. this is really impressive this was sent in by stephanie in kenneth square. it looks ominous but it is a shelf cloud. you often see ate loud of the squall line of thunderstorms. it is barrier between down draft and up draft in the thunderstorm. this photo sent in, from coatsville by dave, and if you look closely you can see a double rainbow and you can see the the cloud to cloud lightening a lot of lightening strikes with this line of storms what these storms will do is bring us a change in the air mass. we are done with the sweaty
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stretch, for two days. i will talk about a little bit of relief from the heat and humidity and return on the way coming up in the full accu weather seven day forecast, jim. fire fighters in delaware county are assessing whether lightening sparked this fire at a chocolate factory tonight in eddystone. it broke out at 8:30 at the call about warehouse on the 900 block of industrial highway and was brought under control an hour later. fortunately, nobody was hurt. a nine year-old philadelphia boy is back home tonight, after being grazed in the head by a bullet meant for somebody else. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is in northeast detectives headquarters and has the story. >> reporter: detectives are still working on trying to get a fix on the gunman. he is said to be a teenage male wearing a red ban dann a they say he was shooting from across torresdale standing on the west site of kare in just outside the public library. >> he was all excited, and, could not calm him down. don't let me die.
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>> reporter: augusteen row said owe says those were nine year-old words to him moments after being grazed by a bullet to the head. police say nine year-old his mother and four year-old sibling had left tacony library at corner of knor and torresdale. >> they just left the the library which a four year-old sibling. the she's putting her four year old in the car. shots rang out on the corner. >> reporter: witnesses tell police a teenager wearing a red bandana was firing at a group of teens from across the street, when a nine year-old was caught in the cross fire. >> you know, the kid was crossing the the street and he heard a pop, pop, and then he just started screaming. >> i heard second shot when they went around the corner. i heard the child screaming. >> reporter: police say there are conflicting reports as to whether the shooter jumped in the getaway car. >> absolutely insanity. there is total disregard for human life. >> reporter: neighbors were taken back that this happened in broad daylight in the middle of a busy street. >> so, to me that is the the most brazen thing that i could ever imagine, not only do you have gun shootingness this
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particular neighborhood but they have audacity to do tonight broad daylight. >> reporter: police say the nine year-old suffered a grazed wound to the top left side of his head and he has been treated and released from st. christopher's hospital. police are asking anyone who may have information about this incident to call 215-686-tips. at northeast detectives, i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news". good samaritans jumped out of their car and ran to help a victim in this crash on i-95 tonight just before the vehicle burst into flames. delaware state police identified the driver as 26 year-old matthew brown, of newark, they say he was driving on the left hand shoulder of the highway to speed around traffic, when he crashed into the back of a broken down van. this southbound side in newport had to be shut down after 6:00 o'clock. brownies in the hospital, but the the van's driver was treated and released. troopers say charges are expected. tonight philadelphia police are on the look out for a man with a bag full of stolen gold.
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"action news" reporter chad pradelli spoke exclusively with the victim and has the full story. >> reporter: cohen's passenger window is smash out, side of the vehicle covered in fingerprint dust. after a thief broke into the suv and stole a bag, containing a $140,000 in gold. cohen says that the the heist happened in just a few minutes, after he walked into this gold business to pick up some cash, just before 2:00 this afternoon at 52nd and market street. >> i come out, i saw a guy telling me that somebody was running with the bag. he hit it with the hammer, the window, and he took bag and left. >> reporter: cohen is a wholesale gold dealer. it is a dangerous business. he and others in it can be targets. he does not believe, this was a random act. >> obviously somebody know me. >> reporter: do you think were you followed. >> 100 percent because i come here every week. they know. somebody was following me. >> reporter: detectives went door to door looking for surveillance that may provide a clue to help catch the thief. cohen says that the stolen
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gold is not retrieved, he may be on the hook to pay back his new york supplier. the it is money that he does not have. he is hopeful detective will move fast to make an arrest. >> have you ever been ripped off before. >> no, never. it is first time. >> reporter: at this point police have no suspects, southwest detectives here, continue to investigate. in west philadelphia, chad pradelli for channel six "action news". students in one bucks county community spent the eve of the first day of the school, mourning three classmates. families poured into council rock high school south tonight for a vigil, the group remembered ryan lesher, cullen keffer and shamus digney. the friends were killed in the roll over crash saturday in the poconos. a fourth out student was injured. teammates of the teenagers helped organized the vigil tonight. an estimated 2200 people attended, including several of the victim's families. >> everyone wants to just show
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that they are here for them and even people who didn't know like my family is coming, just to show like we all are here to help them through this hard time. >> to take we have learned an unlicensed, 15 year-old girl, from new york, was behind the wheel at the time of the crash. revel casino has lost its nearly two and a half billion dollar bet. all gambling tonight has stopped and the doors are locked shut. atlantic city's newest and most expensive casino never once turn a profit in its short two and a half year history. it struggled through two bankruptcies and yet to find another company willing to buy it, even at a steep discount. at 5:15 workers chain the doors and by 6:00 o'clock, security had ushered out the last gamblers. patrons can technically visit to cash out their chips until september 30th but otherwise the 47 story glass paneled property will sit idle as the
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owners seek a post shut down sale. >> there have been people looking at these properties all along because they didn't materialized for whatever reason. it is a whole different thing. place is now closed. there are no contracts. there is no leases. you are starting with a property that is brand new good mayor guardian says he knows of interested investors but cannot identify them because of confidentiality agreements. hopes the revel will reopen as a casino resort while possibility of the show boat reopening without gambling is much higher. meanwhile trump plaza is set to close two weeks from today on september 16th, it will be the fourth atlantic city casino to shut down this year. still to come on "action news" tonight, a new credit card breach that could be bigger than targets. plus in the wake of the celebrity photo hacking, we are hearing some experts about the two things you need to do to protect your private documents. on health check a new study investigating the cancer
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survival rate of double mastectomies, stephanie. we have had strong storms tonight and it will bring us brief relief from the heat but then heat returns as well as weekend rain and i'll have details in the accu weather forecast. donovan mcnabb speaks his mind about whether nick foles is or is not our franchise quarterback, jeff skversky has that torre when "action news" continues tonight.
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three teachers and a former principal had their preliminary hearing today in the philadelphia school cheating scandal. former principal evelyn cortez, is accused of being the chief corrupting influence at the cayuga elementary school. prosecutors say that she pressed teachers to cheat on the pssa standardized tests, that during a five-year stretch.
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the judge dropped the most serious charge today, the charge of corrupt organization, but maintain the rest. apple today acknowledge that hackers specifically targeted celebrities accounts, leading to the leak of nude photographs of jennifer lawrence, kate upton and others. the computer giant says it found no evidence of a widespread problem, with its icloud or iphone services, and instead apple says hackers specifically targeted victims, figuring out their user names, their pass words and security questions, and the fbi is investigating the breach. to protect your is self from hackers, apple is suggesting its users turn on a feature to add extra layers of cure to their accounts. the system is called two tell verification. a special code gets sent to your smart phone when trying to log in from a new device. that means a hacker could not hack your accessory metally even if they knew your pass word because they wouldn't have that that pin.
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this feature is a railable on many platform including google, mike off the, facebook and twitter. >> owe we're eag this across the board, financial services accounts, definitely a must. on line storage accounts if you are in the already using a serve that is has dual factor move to it quickly. ill versace lining is more attention is focused on better security practices, for cloud, and services. >> the other key is using stronger pass words, the longer the better. on experts recommend making nonens california phrasees from a string of words that only you would remember and use numbers, punctuation marks and special characters. it is also important not to use the same pass words on different web sites, a pass word manager could help you manage all of this for you. home depot is investigating a possible hacking attack that seems to have led to another major credit card data breach. batch of stolen credit and debit numbers went on sale on the black market earlier
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today. cyber security expert brian craft, who also broke news of the target breach, says this could be many times bigger. fit effects all 2200 home depot stores in the united states. several is banks say they believe that the us fish us activity bee again in late april, or early may. justin beiber has found him early on the wrong side of the law again this time in his home country. canadian police arrested the pop star friday for assault and dangerous driving. charges tell from a fight, and after beiber's a tv collided with a minivan. he must appear this court court september 29th. the last month beiber pleaded guilty to careless driving and resisting arrest in miami. on health check tonight word undergoing ape double mastectomy to treat breast cancer on one side does not the boost the rate for survival. stanford university doctors looked at 190,000 cases today. they say that they saw the same success after ten years
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from lump removal combined with radiation with fewer complications. in the past 20 years, five times as many patients have opted for double mastectomies even if cancer was just on one side. the beyond f kennedy recreation center in willingboro, new jersey will remain under that name. tonight, township officials, sleet todd rescind a deis situation to rename the facility after president obama. willingboro's deputy mayor proposed the idea because of the president's historic election in the first term but the reversal followed a outpouring of criticism. bells rang for first time in months in many schools across the region. the principal warmly welcome students as they hopped off the bus in east bradford elementary in chester county. in norristown 250 kindergarten students kick off their school careers in the brand new building, muscleman learning center. in eagleville super heroes
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high fiveed students as they walk in giving them the confidence for a good year ahead. on six we're hoping you prepare for the the new school year. there is a advice on ways to get your kids back into their routine, important health information for their child and tips on how to save on school supplies. it is all at six to school, and on twitter, using the hash tag six abc bts. >> my kids started to day good i know. >> they loved it. my daughter said her only complaint recess it was too hot. >> how nervous were you this morning. >> let's in the talk about it, i will try. i'm welling up. i was than the nervous, i was emotional. big day for my family. we will talk about the weather. i don't want to cry, jim. storm tracker six live double scan showing that we do have some lingering storms across south jersey right now. is there one line that has moved across the mouth of the
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delaware bay, swedesboro, glassboro, crossing route 55 and new jersey turnpike, the the atlantic city expressway. this has blossom. we have had 18 right evening strikes in the past now 20 lightening strikes in the past 15 minutes. you can see how this is generally lifting up to the north and the east. ones this is out of here we will have a cold front swing through overnight and what this will do is it will sweep out heat and humidity for two days. we will get a mid week break. today's high 93 degrees. that is 10 degrees above normal. the record high though is 100 back in this date in 1953. but it felt like 99 degrees this afternoon. with the heat and index. right now it is warm, still very muggy. philadelphia is 76 degrees. millville 74. wilmington 75. sea isle city currently at 79 degrees. the the dew points are still pretty high. when we get dew points around 70 degrees, that is oppressive but once this front moves through, overnight, the wind will shift and that will have a big impact on our dew
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points. satellite six with action radar showing actual cold front is right about there but not much shower activity with it. so once these storms across new jersey move through, we will be drying out in the overnight hours, and future tracker is showing the the dew points are going to be plunging, by the afternoon except for along the coast when we get that ocean influence. we are looking at inland dew points will be in the 50's. so that is a very dry air mass, a lot more comfortable and it will still be a warm day, 88 degrees but with that lower humidity and bright sunshine, i think a most people will enjoy ate lot more than today. on thursday, the the heat remains, 88 degrees, it will still be pretty low humidity but on friday this warm front will shift wind out of the southwest and that will bring temperatures back into the 90's, muggies will return before a cold front moves through over the weekend. bus stop forecast for tomorrow not as oppressive as this morning but it will be warm mostly sunny at 6:00 o'clock 72 degrees. by 8:00 o'clock seven 36789
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the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast a warm day but less humid, 88 degrees, great weather for the union game tomorrow night. thursday, kind of a carbon copy of tomorrow. sunny and warm but the muggies at the bay, 88 degrees. on friday, the steam bath returns, hot more humid 90 degrees. on saturday 90 degrees, ahead of the cold front which will bring thunderstorms late in the day and saturday night. hopefully against temple home open inner before the storms. on sunday morning showers, hopefully they will clear out before the eagles game, home opener 1:00 o'clock and then temperatures will take a nose dive, high on sunday 80 degrees. monday and tuesday feeling more like september, afternoon highs in the upper 70's. so feeling better for the next few days. still warm but lower humidity. >> second day is easier then the first. >> oh, thank goodness. >> jimmy kimmel live coming up at 11:35, here is jim which a preview of tonight's show.
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>> tonight's show, hello philadelphia. the here's what we have in store for tonight. >> i do egg whites because i don't eat yoke. >> really. >> not because i'm trying to be healthy but when i was little i didn't like the color yellow. >> wow, remarkably strange. so brian at citizens said
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he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity he refused take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead. can't argue with that. tom wolf. he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania.
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three eagles players flew into north philadelphia tonight, rookie jordan matthews, mark sanchez and bennie logan stopped by practice for the cecil b more stingrays, the the pros led a few drills, offered some pointers to these budding football stars. this kicks off the birds annual community monday initiative, for the 2014 season. phillies, again, in atlanta and again, they did pretty well. >> playing much better, they won ten of 14. phillies fans if you are looking for major changes you may in the like this the interim president the path path gill lick stands pat. gill lick has final say on baseball decisions says he does not plan to get rid of gm reuben amaro or manager ryne sandberg. change at third could becoming. miguel franco making his
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major league debut tonight in atlanta franco tested early. how about this in the second, fires to ryan howard. kyle kendrick seven innings, no runs. carlos ruiz gets phillies on the the board in the fifth. out of here. ruiz drives in two runs tonight. not bad. franco has been driving in runs left and right in triple a and drives in his first major league run tonight, here in the eighth with the sacrifice fly. franco zero for three with an rbi. phillies win four to nothing. back to back shut out against the braves. they have held them to three hits in this series. football nick foles is one of the greatest season in nfl history last year and we are about to find out if the eagles quarterback can back it up. foles and the eagles open up the season in just five days against jacksonville. big year forbidder quarterback. foles wants to prove he is no one hit wonder after having the best touchdown to interception ratio in nfl history last year. big debate surrounding foles is will he be the franchise qb. they have been looking for
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since donovan mcnabb left. well, mcnabb was asked that on 97.5 if he thinks foles is the new franchise qb. >> i would say no, you know, i think what he will do, he won't do what he did last year. that just won't happen. >> everybody is entitled to their opinion. i haven't earned anything yet. it is a weekly thing. it always will be. my job toys play the best of my built. i haven't earned anything yet. >> not yet. we are getting you set for kick off come sunday with two brand new shows eagles game day kick off starts sunday morning at is is is is 11:30 with ducis rodgers and mike quick. full recap of each game with exclusive interviews on eagles game day final, sunday night after "action news" at 11:00, we are right back wi
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flyers forward zach renal do scores a new contract he gets a two year extension that will keep him here until 2017. flyers open up the season in little more than a movement renalto can throw punches nobody can throw down like this guy bernard hopkins who will turn 50 in january. he is still fighting. hopkins is gearing up for his fight begins sergei covelove in atlantic city november 8th. this is like fighting in his backyard. >> when you have been in a sport and know the craft and understand it, no matter where a ring is at, on this earth, it is my home. >> finally hometown hero mo'ne davis, little league star from south philadelphia, among the stars in los angeles today. is there davis throwing out first pitch at dodgers game. how about this, she even signed autographs for dodgers player in the doug out before the game. she's bigger star then the ball players. >> absolutely.
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finally tonight a california mall is in a strange predicament, problem is there are different minimum wages in different parts of the mall. it is really a tail of two sit is is. the here's the story, valley field mall technically sits in both san jose, and santa claire a. san jose raised its minimum wage to 10.15 an hour and it is only $9 in santa claire a. some businesses like this pretzel shop have shops on both shops of the dividing line so they rotate employees each week but other stores are having a hard time hiring employees, who only want to work on, the other side of the mall. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest tonight e va longera and music from wiz cleve a. for entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, good night. >> ♪ >> "action news" is sponsored by elkins chevrolet south jersey's premiere chevy dealer ship featuring 2014 silverado.
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visit elkins than route 73 in marlton or on line at from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! [ cheers and applause ] tonight, eva longoria. and music from wiz khalifa. with cleto and the cletones. and now, by the way, here's jimmy kimmel. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. thank you very much. thank you. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of this show. thank you for watching. [ cheers and applause ] thank you for coming to join us. that's very nice. i hope you had a -- [ cheers and applause ] sun and more relaxi