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tv   Action News  ABC  September 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> good morning everyone. it is 6 o'clock on this wednesday, accept third and here's what's happening. >> students in bucks county return to class for the first time since a crash claimed the lives of three classmates. >> a thief smashes through the window of an suv to steal tens of thousands of dollars worth of gold. only "action news" speaks to the victim. >> a resource center opens its doors in atlantic city today to help with the recent wave of unemployment. >> and a bit more pleasant outside we shall say. here are david and karen with weather and traffic. good morning. >> i remember this time yesterday you walked outside and you could feel how thick and heavy the air is. today it's very comfortable. take a look at satellite. we do have a little bit of cloud cover overhead but a lot of it is in the process of evaporating and i think it's thin enough we'll get a fair amount of sunshine through those clouds pretty quickly. 73 degrees in philadelphia. maybe slightly muggy at this point but we're in the process of drying the air out and making it less so it
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definitely feels better. 65 in allentown, 69 wilmington, mid 70's down the shore. and as we head outside to catch that school bus this morning, not too bad. 73 degrees by 7:00, 74 by 8:00. some clouds and not as humid as yesterday which is really nice bonus to today's forecast. it is still going to be warm this afternoon. 75 by 9 o'clock, 82 by noon and then 87 by 3 o'clock with a high of 88 probably around 3:30. we'll still be in the mid 80's by 6 o'clock but with lower humidity an bit of a breeze fairly comfortable. we are looking at a return of higher more humid air coming in toward the weekend. i'll have details on that coming up in the seven day, karen. >> all right, dave, we're going to go on a camera tour. starting in new jersey, that's 42 northbound traffic at creek road. no problems. an easy 14 minute ride from the a.c. expressway what the walt whitman bridge. on the ben franklin bridge westbound light volume, construction blocks one lane. an hour ago it was blocking two lanes. at least that's better news but still one lane blocked. that will slow you down as
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volume builds. live in king of prussia, this is 202 at the schuylkill if you're coming in from exton or malvern you're looking good right now, no problems coming in on the schuylkill expressway. we have this fire that's under control. we've been talking about it at this day-care center here. watch for it onwards ford avenue and prove dent road. you may still see crews on the scene in mount airy avenue. stick to mount airy avenue as your alternate matt. >> students in the bucks county community return to school with heavy hearts. they're mourning the loss of three classmates. annie mccormick is live outside council rock high school south which begins its school year in just hours. annie. >> reporter: matt, that's right, school is set to start in just a couple of hours. students will be beginning the school year without three of their classmates. the administration has made sure since sunday to have outlets for these kids for their grief including last night at a vigil held here at the school. students and families filed into council rock high school south tuesday night for a vigil in honor of three students killed in a rollover crash saturday in the poconos.
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many nervous about what the first days of school will be like without the popular teens about to begin their sophomore year. >> it's going to be hard for a lot of people. a lot of people are very, very close to these kids. it's just going to be hard for a lot of people. >> reporter: ryan lesher cullen keffer and shamus digney were all killed in the single vehicle accident after leaving breakfast with friends. a 15-year-old new york girl was at the wheel of the suv driving without a license. two other teens who were also in the vehicle including another council rock south student. he has since been released from the hospital. the driver and the 16-year-old passenger from new york are also okay. more than 2,000 showed up for the vigil. all three were athletes and received support from their teams, the student body and the community. we are told three of the four families whose children were involved in the crash were also there. students and the administration talked about how they are planning to cope during the first week of school. from the beginning of this
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tragedy the school administration has made counselors available and now they will continue to offer support but also get kids in the routine of school knowing that there is still tough days ahead. >> our kids are about to go through something that we don't even know how to manage, three services services in thre. we'll support those families that go through that terrible time. >> reporter: and again, administrators say in that routine is important for children especially dealing with situations like this and since this is the beginning of the school year they tell that you say today they will have classes as normal. they will have a moment of silence at the beginning of class and of course they will have grief counselors on hand. for now, reporting live in holland, annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." >> annie, thank you for that. it is now six:04 and new this morning a 69-year-old new jersey man has been charged with sexually assaulting two children in the lehigh valley. hunterdon county prosecutors say frank curial jr. of asbury
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engaged in sexual acts with two children while he was in bethlehem township in 2003 and 2008. prosecutors did not give the exact ages of the children but said they were under 13 years of age. they also did not give the sex of the children. curial is in hunterdon county prison on $100,000 bail. >> police are looking for surveillance video that might lead them to the man whose smash and grab theft of an suv netted him $140,000 in pure gold. chad pradelli spoke with the victim simon cohen. he has been in the wholesale gold business for years but says this is the first time this sort thing has happened to him. the heist happened while cohen was making a stop at a gold business at 52nd and market streets yesterday afternoon. the thief smashed a window in the suv and grabbed the gold which was in the front seat. >> obviously somebody know me. >> reporter: you think you were followed. >> a hundred percent because i come here every week and they know. so, somebody was following me. >> cohen says if the stolen
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gold is not found he may be on the hook to pay back his new york supplier and claims he does not have the money to cover it. new at 6:00, a berks county man will spend four years on probation for his role in a deadly boating crash that killed two of his friends. a judge allowed 21-year-old brandon allen to enter pennsylvania's first time offenders program. allen faced two misdemeanor counts of homicide by water craft. his two friends drowned last year when allen's boat capsized along the susquehanna river. >> today is a tough new reality for thousands of people in atlantic city laid off as casinos closed their doors. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square. she's got more details on hopefully some help coming to them. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, tam. indeed casino closings in atlantic city leading to mass unemployment filing. ac unites here begins its services at 9 o'clock this morning. thousands of newly laid off casino workers are expected to turn out. the resource center will help
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former casino workers file unemployment applications and sign up for health insurance or health coverage under the affordable care act. workers will be able to learn how to get assistance with food and utilities. this comes after more than 5,000 employees of the showboat and revel lost their jobs over the weekend. another retailer is reporting a massive hack. home depot is investigating some unusual activity that possibly exposed its customers' payment information to hackers since may. the company said tuesday it partnered with banks and law enforcement to look into the issue. talking stocks, september starts off with the dow and s & p losing steam. futures pointing to a higher open. finally the new mad didn't video game may have the best glitch ever. check this out. a 1 foot tall, 1 foot tall linebacker. a bug in madden nfl 2015 caused the tennessee titan to run around the field at about 1 foot 2-inches. but sadly the tiny titan is no
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more. the flaw has been corrected but matt and tam talk about david and goliath. >> yeah, you could hide that guy in coverage pretty easily. >> platinum with the ball. >> jason peters could squash him like a bug. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan. >> reporter: thank you. >> are squashing those thunderstorms from yesterday. they're all gone. as we take a look outside we have a decent morning starting out. you can see some sun coming in below the cloud cover and in off the horizon right now and the clouds beginning to evaporate and it look like's going to be a fairly bright start. 73 degrees in philadelphia right now, so we're still starting out kind of warm. 69 degrees in wilmington, 65 in allentown. 70 in trenton and mid 70's down the shore. and it might be a little bit humid as that sun comes up over the horizon but not nearly as oppressive as yesterday and as the day goes on, winds out of the northwest are not only going to erode a lot of this cloud cover but also bring drier fair place. there you see the lack of rain. again most of the cloud cover out there fairly thin and thin enough to allow in that sun.
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up in allentown, sun and clouds today, less humid than yesterday and not as hot. a high of 84 in the lehigh valley. down the shore, not too shabby, looks like we'll be in the 70's in the water and 83 degrees on the beach a little bit later on. less humid, breezy on the beach. pre pretty nice beach day over all. in philadelphia going for a warm high of 88. it is going to be fairly toasty out there but breezy and less humid than it was yesterday. winds out of the northwest attention to 20 miles per hour. that's a nice comfortable breeze. 74 degrees by 8 o'clock. by 11:00, 79 and then 86 by 2 o'clock with there high of 88 probably around 3:30 or so and we're still in the mid 80's at 5 o'clock and at the dinner hour, so a warm one today. for the union tonight, great night for soccer at ppl park as the union face the toronto fc club. that's two straight games we've got with them at home tonight and then this weekend up in toronto. 82 degrees for the start, 79 for the 90th minute and again i have a union blog published on my facebook page and also being tweeted out on my
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twitter account today previewing that big game tonight. union trying to make the playoffs. tomorrow it looks like we've got some clouds in place but generally speaking a lot of sun and dry air still in place, too, so humidity low and if you liked today, you'll like tomorrow. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 88 is today's high, breezy and warm out there, nice for soccer tonight. in chester, partly sunny, then tomorrow 89, warm but also pretty nice. then on friday, hot and a bit more humid as the day goes on, a high of 90 and in the afternoon and evening, a chance of a shower or a thunderstorm exists. then on saturday to start out the weekend hot and humid, a high of 92. fairly soupy with late day showers and thunderstorms on saturday as well but it looks like a front gets through on sunday and while there might be a lingering shower in the morning we're hoping for drying in the afternoon. a nicer high of 80, less humidity and all of that adds up to a pretty nice forecast for the eagles game assuming we can get those showers out in the morning. that game is at 1 o'clock against the jaguars. homer opener and the eagles are looking pretty promise meg
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this year. >> a lot of people agree. thanks, david. more stories you didn't see last night including new revelations in a murder mystery in the lehigh valley. >> the california drought has neighbors going to extremes to collect much needed water. karen. >> nothing more than a little building volume eastbound on 422 near 29. some ramps along 422 are closing later today. details on that when we come back. >> atlantic city could use that good news, you know, and we have some beauty queens coming to the boardwalk today. that's coming up later on "action news." >> ♪ ♪
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two amazing ways to score. >> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here at the platt bridge. we can see the sun has broken there over the horizon. it is 6:14. 73 degrees out there. >> things look like they're moving there, karen. >> moving nicely. we had a disabled truck here on the schuylkill expressway eastbound near gladwyne but it just cleared so right now things are looking pretty good. otherwise i think i see one right up ahead off to the side rider here. other than that things are looking good on the schuylkill expressway if you're coming in this morning from king of prussia or gulf mills you'll have no delay so good news there. pottsgrove township, these ramps are going to close today and it lasts through mid-november. so the ramps connecting 422 eastbound with armand hammer boulevard. if you follow the detour it will take you to the ramps in sanatoga that will be congested. use the ramps at hanover street.
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levittown bucks county bristol pike route 13 between haines road and levittown parkway from 9:00 until 3:00 today they'll be stopping traffic for construction while they work on a nearby bridge. expect slowing there. mill creek might be a good alternate for you instead of 13 or use new falls road. weather-wise no weather related problems impacting your morning commute or your evening commute so 73 degrees is finally comfortable right now in philadelphia. the humidity's lower, 65 in allentown and 69 in millville but it is going to be another warm one today, 88 degrees, breezy and warm, tam. >> thank you, karen. new here on "action news," a suspicious death in the lehigh valley has now been ruled a homicide. an autopsy on the victim shirley doo dileo revealed that was strangled. police found the body of her on sunday. it's unclear who did this but the victim's landlord had recently warned her to limit the number of guests or she would face eviction. drought restrictions in place in the town of lemore
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california. someone is tang who hydrants and stealing hundreds of gallons of water. the hydrants can shell out up to 800 gallons of water a minute. >> apple is saying not so fast to those who believe it is entirely responsible for the hacking of celebrities nude photos. abc's renna ninan has tech bites. happy wednesday. apple says the icloud celebrity hacks were not the result of a technical glitch. the computer giant says the hackers figured out the user names and pass words and urges everyone to use stronger pass words. initially the hack of celebrity photos was reported as a flaw in the system. sprint is lowering the price of its prepaid mobile phone plans starting today boost mobile customers can get unlimited calls and texts as well as a full one giga bite of data for just $35 a month. netflix making it easier for subscribers to share recommendations with friends. users will be able to select which of their facebook friends can see what they're watching. there's a new social tool for
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rainy days. umbrella here uses a portable light to let passers by know when you're willing to share your umbrella. hm. those are your tech bites. i'm renna ninan. >> 6:17 and ebola strikes another american doctor working with a missionary group in liberia. >> employees at a california mall have a very good reason for wandering to work on only one side of the building. >> we have shorts and t's on the kids as we dress them for school this morning. it is going to be warm but at least it's not as humid. i'll have your daypart forecast and you (postal worker) hey! millers!
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line so what they do is rotate employees each week but other stores are having a hard time hiring employees who only want to work on one side of the mall. >> wow. [laughter] >> that's a tricky one. let's take you outside in delaware county and show you what it looks like on the blue route approaching route three. no problems between the schuylkill and i-95. look at the road conditions here. we are dry, we're clear with mass transit here septa buses trolleys and subways, new schedules took effect earlier this week so make sure you grab a new schedule, dave, before you head out the for on the big board this morning, karen, we've got temperatures in the 70's across the region right now. by 9 o'clock probably still about 75 in philadelphia. we're going to spend most of the day in the 80's. 82 by noon, 87 by 3 o'clock. and a high of 88 probably around 3:30 or so before we're back down to 85 by 6 o'clock. but the good news, humidity will be continuing to lower during the day and while it's warm the not as humid as yesterday and boy, that's not saying much. wouldn't have to do much to make it less humid than
6:21 am
yesterday. it was just awful out there. as we take a look at the big board at the airport all green aircraft as no major delays being roared as any of our most frequently traveled destinations. tam. >> another american doctor has contracted ebola in will i be yam the missionary group serving in mission said he worked at an ob tech at this time ward. they don't know how he became infected because ebola patients were treated in a separate area. the two american doctors who survived ebola after returning to atlanta also washed for sim u.s.a. more than 1500 people have died across west africa have ebola. >> phillies gave fans a taste of the future as it started its top minor league prospect for the first time. franco had a pretty good game making that tough play look easy. he didn't get any hits but hit a long fly ball in the eighth to earn his ifers major league rbi. phillies win four to nothing shutting out the braves. the series finale is this
6:22 am
afternoon. nick foles will lead the team as they open the season in four days at home against the jacksonville jaguars. former birds quarterback donovan mcnabb said yesterday that he doubted foles would equal his record setting 2013 season or even that foles should be considered the eagles franchise quarterback. foles responded that everyone is entitled to an opinion. join 6abc each sunday during the season for two brand new shows. eagleseagles game day kickoff ss sunday mornings at 11:30 a.m. with ducis rodgers and mike quick. then watch a full recap of each game with exclusive interviews on eagles game day final sunday nights after "action news" at 11:00. >> 6:22 now and today is your chance to brush elbows with beauty queens. >> annie mccormick is outside a bucks county school where this will likely be one of the most difficult days the students will ever experience. annie. >> reporter: matt, that's right, the first day back back o school for students at council rock high school south. we'll tell you how
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6:26 am
their wake. route 70 in cherry hill was shut down for a stretch between i-295 and brace road when a large tree branch toppled onto the eastbound lanes. no cars were damaged. and snapped wires in haddon township cut power temporary to customers along the 100 block of west crystal lake avenue. firefighters in delaware county are assessing whether lightning sparked this fire at a chocolate factory in eddystone. it broke out at 8:30 at the warehouse on the 900 block of industrial highway. it was brought under control an hour later. no one was hurt. and you can always visit for the very latest when it comes to your weather conditions. our interactive maps allow you to see exactly what the weather is like in your neighborhood. you can also check for the hourly and the seven-day forecast in time you need it. >> 6:26 and we're following two breaking news stories overseas. one of them involving isis. a live update from the sat center is next. >> fire damages a philadelphia day care.
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"action news" continues. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> breaking now on "action news," there's word of a possible ceasefire in eastern europe. and president obama responds to the savage murder of an american journalist. we're gathering new information around the globe. >> a student body will come together to mourn three classmates who would have started the first day of their sophomore year today. >> a teen takes on the dmv when he says he was turned away simply for trying to be himself. >> good morning everyone, 6:30 on this wednesday. let's turn to david murphy and karen rogers for weather and traffic. good morning. >> good morning its a much more comfortable start this morning than it was yesterday. sun coming over the horizon,
6:30 am
high thin clouds. satellite showing you the cloud cover not thick enough to knock out the sun and we're probably see a fair amount of sunshine throughout the day. storms from last night long gone. 73 in philadelphia, 69 in wilmington, 65 in allentown, 70 trenton and mid 70's down the shore. maybe a tad humid but nothing like yesterday. it's going to be warm and fairly bright for a good portion of the time. 75 by 9 o'clock, 82 by noon. 87 by 3:00 and 88 is your high but the big story is the lower humidity its not going to feel as humid as it did yesterday especially as we get into the afternoon. karen, when i come back inside we'll take a look at the exclusive accuweather 7-day. there is the return of another round of more humid air coming in a couple of days. i'll have details coming up. >> all right, dave. roads are clear and dry for your morning commute. looking live right now on 422 near the pennsylvania turnpike overpass. we see traffic moving nicely. maybe a little building eastbound volume but that's it. we had a disabled vehicle here that has since cleared so
6:31 am
lanes back opened and looking good. in east mount airy watch for this under control fire but it's at a day-care center here. wadsworth avenue and provident road. stick to mount airy avenue as your alternate to avoid any problem there. live in east falls, this is the boulevard, southbound traffic headed towards the schuylkill. maybe a little slow here as you approach the schuylkill but no big deal just yet. we saw some heavier volume on i-95 southbound yesterday with more people going back to school, it's now a 21 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine on i-95 southbound. not too bad just yet, tam. >> tang you karen. we're following some breaking international news on two fronts this morning including the beheading of an american journalist. we begin with new details on a possible ceasefire in ukraine. let's go right over to "action news" reporter erin o'hearn. she's in the satellite center with brand new information. good morning, erin. >> reporter: good morning, tam. some conflicting information being distributed this morning. initially news of the ceasefire broke about an hour ago with ukrainian president petro poroshenko saying that
6:32 am
the ceasefire agreement occurred over a phone call with russian president vladimir putin. however, a short time later, russia denied any accord had been reached adding that it would be impossible because russia has nothing to do with the hostilities in eastern ukraine. the brief statements from putin's office went on to say that a mutual understanding was reached regarding the steps that will contribute to the stab bridge. of peace but gave no details. ukraine and the west has accused russia of sending weapons to support pro-russian insurgents fighting government troops in eastern ukraine since made ainge the white house has confirmed that that horrifying execution video of journalist steven sotloff is in fact authentic. it is being called a second message to america from the islamic terrorist group isis. in the grisly video 31-year-old american journalist steven sotloff who you see there is on his knees
6:33 am
and next to him appears to be the same executioner of journalist james foley who was murdered two weeks ago. sotloff is at least the second american killed in retaliation for more than 100 u.s. airstrikes on isis targets in iraq. president obama is now in europe meeting with allies to discuss a strategy for syria. he seemed to give a more concise statement about the united states' goals to deal with the terrorist group. recently his administration has been criticized from both sides of the aisle for being too cautious developing that strategy to combat the terror group. >> you have to deal with this threat comprehensively and thoroughly now and that is what i want to hear and see from our commander-in-chief. >> our objective is clear and that is to degrade and destroy isil so that it is no longer a threat not just to iraq but also the region and to the united states. >> reporter: president obama also vowed justice for the beheading of the second american journalist and added
6:34 am
that the united states will not be intimidated. isis is also holding at least one british journalist and possibly two american workers. so, very fluid situation over there, tam. >> karen, thank you -- erin thank it for all those details. new this morning, crews make quick work afire that spread through a children's center in east mount airy. the action cam was outside the prestige learning center on wadsworth avenue around 3:00 a.m. no injuries were report. >> students at a bucks county school will be relying on counselors and each other as they start the first day of school. three classmates who should have been starting there sophomore year today with them will not be among them. "action news" reporter annie mccommish is live outside council rock high school south. >> reporter: this is such a tremendous loss for the school, the students and for the community that immediately administrators did respond even before school began. they had grief counselors on hand as early as monday. today they will begin with a
6:35 am
moment of silence and last night they held a vigil. >> it's definitely for support. everyone wants to just show that they're here for them and on people who didn't know, you know, like my family's coming just to show like we all are here to help them through this hard time. >> reporter: students and families filed into council rock high school south tuesday night for a vigil in honor of three students killed in a rollover crash saturday in the poconos. ryan lesher, cullen keffer and shamus digney were killed in the single vehicle accident after leaving breakfast with friends. three other teens were in the vehicle and survived including a 15-year-old new york girl who was at the wheel and driving without a license. a 16-year-old passenger from new york and another council rock south student have been released from the hospital. more than 2,000 showed up for the vigil including three of the four families whose children were involved in the crash. students and the administration talked about how they are planning to cope during the first week of school. >> one of the things that we
6:36 am
know about kids and grieving is routine is very important. so we want tomorrow to be routine. we want them to come into school, go to homeroom. we will certainly acknowledge this loss with a moment of silence tomorrow morning but for the rest of the day we will try to maintain our routines. we will have counselors and cares teams available for any kids who are grieving and in crisis. >> reporter: the superintendent also still says this is a long road ahead. these three boys were tremendous athletes. this is also the beginning of the fall athletic season. also, many of these students will still have three funerals that they will have to attend. for now, reporting live in holland, pennsylvania, annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." >> a lot to deal with. thank you, annie. the search continues for the teenager who fired a shot that came within a few inches of killing a nine-year-old boy. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon along the very busy torresdale avenue in the tacony section of the city. police say the victim had just left a nearby tacony library with his mother and four-year-old sibling when the
6:37 am
armed teen started shooting at another group of teens. a stray bullet grazed the nine-year-old in the head. augustine rosada ran to help the wounded boy. >> law all excited and i couldn't calm him down. he was please, sir, don't let me die, don't let me die. >> the boy was treated at saint christopher's hospital for children and released. investigators are urging anyone with information on this shooting to call them. >> new at 6:30 a trip to the casino landed a father from new york behind bars in bethlehem. he's accused of leaving his two young daughters locked in a car outside sands casino over the weekend. police said wong tried to deny that the girls belonged to him. his daughters ages three and five are now in the custody of a northampton county children and youth. >> 6:37 now and what do we have in store in accuweather? >> it's going to be warm but not as hot as yesterday and not as humid. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows now precipitation and as we take a look outside we do have bright conditions
6:38 am
building off the coast of atlantic city. we see some sunshine mixing with some early clouds and those clouds are going to give way to a fair amount of sunshine as we roll through the day. 73 degrees right now in philadelphia, 64 is your dewpoint. now, about an hour and a half ago when we went on the air, we had a dewpoint of 68. the fact that that number is lower is an indication of drier air coming in, the humidity dropping and today generally speaking is going to be a lot more comfortable. winds are out of the north-northwest at 8 miles per hour currently, so a little bit of a breeze out there this morning. satellite shows you cloud cover but again, most of this is high and thin and eroding as that sun gets up over the horizon so we expect a fair amount of sunshine with some occasional clouds. as we roll through the day, 74 degrees by 8 o'clock. still in the 70's by 11:00. a real comfortable morning to get out there, take a jog or run some errands do whatever you want to do. this afternoon we will be spending most of our time in the 80's. in fact we'll go up to 88 for a high around 3 o'clock. that's pretty warm put with lower humidity a little bit of cool drinks and you can get on
6:39 am
down the road without much trouble today. 84 degrees in allentown, 85 is your high in reading, same thing in trenton, 86 in wilmington. down the shore a little bit less intense with that warmth, 83-degree readings later on in atlantic city and cape may. less humid, breezy, obviously still on the warm side. tonight for the philadelphia union at ppl park they play the toronto fc club coming from canada. mostly clear and nice. this is the beginning of a home at home hit. the union only have 9mls games left this season and they're just a hair out of the playoffs so a big game. 82 degrees for the start, 79 in the 99th minute. follow me on facebook and twitter and right now on my facebook fan page and being tweeted out this morning and today on twitter i have a preview to tonight's match and all of the implications if they can win that game. tomorrow we have a lot of sunshine, occasional clouds. it's going to be another worm one but with low humidity, another nice one. things do change again, though, on friday.
6:40 am
your exclusive accuweather 7-day, breezy and warm today, 88 degrees. not bad with humidity on the low side. and then partly sunny, 89 tomorrow very warm but also comfortable humidity -wise. hot and getting more humid on friday. 90 is the high and with a front coming through or getting closer to us there could be a pop-up shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon or evening. saturday hot and humid ahead that of front. 92 is the high. pretty soupy and another chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening similar to what we just saw last night. and then on sunday we expect that front to be gone or at least pushing through quickly and that should hold our temperature all the way back down to 80 degrees. could be a morning shower. we're hoping for some sun returning in the afternoon and if that plays out correctly it will be nice weather for the eagles home opener against the jaguars which of course will be a victory. >> already counting his chickens. >> i hope. >> he was counting his chickens. 6:40. more brand new stories are next including a smash and
6:41 am
grab thief hoop stopped at nothing to get away with some goods. >> mo'ne in l.a. a local little leaguer makes her debut on the mound. >> emergency workers on the scene here, an ambulance just pulled away. from the blue route, the latest details coming right up. >> and also when we come back, a teen driver takes a lawsuit for a spin. why he's suing the local dmv. that's up next on "action
6:42 am
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who's more excited about back to school sthe moms? staples? or the dads? with guaranteed low prices on mechanical pencils, it's definitely the dads. staples. make more happen for less. >> ♪ >> 6:43. check this out. now, we had the sky 6 hd
6:44 am
camera positioned perfectly so we can catch the reflection of camera positioned perfectly so reflected, did i say that already -- being reflected off of the comcast building. pretty neat. wow. >> it's a gorgeous picture but not looking so good on some of our roadways, karen. >> no, we've got an accident here we're following. just happened a couple minutes ago. we saw more emergency workers on the scene a few minutes ago, an ambulance already left. we're looking live in delaware county and you can see it look like a minivan went up into the pole right there and we see penndot right now pulling up as well. police here on the scene. this is the ramp from the blue route southbound as you head towards baltimore pike. right now we've got police and penndot. currently you can't make a left onto baltimore pike eastbound. they've got that blocked. we'll see if they're going to open this up now that penndot is moving but i think they're still keeping that blocked for the time being. this is the ramp from the blue route southbound to baltimore pike and you could see eastbound you're having the
6:45 am
trouble. here is this car thinking what am i doing now? they're blocking it. you have to go to baltimore pike westbound at this point instead. they still have this blocked right now so be careful as you're headed out, this accident scene, wednesday emergency wokers, ambulance all on the scene and looks like this minivan ran -- into a pole. 95 southbound 18 miles an hour. heavy traffic from the betsy ross bridge to girard. tacony palmyra bridge scheduled to go up right about now so watch for that one. ben franklin bridge westbound we've got construction blocking the right lane. that caused some extra slowing yesterday so if you're trying to come into the city and i think that will be again the case today. loave lower pottsgrove township ramps connecting 422 eastbound with armand hammer boulevard will close today. this lasts through november. this is a long time you'll be dealing with this. the detour will take you to the ramps to sanatoga. you might want to use the ramp
6:46 am
to hanover instead because sanatoga will be extra heavy. let's take one more live look at this accident we've been following. penndot kind of pulled off. completely blocking the ramp from the blue route southbound to all the more pike. again you have to go westbound. let's look at the weather conditions. 73 degrees rider now and feeling very nice. no storms today, matt. >> sounds good. thanks karen. this is new video here at 6:30. these determined thieves wouldn't stop until they got away with at least part an atm. the surveillance of the smash and grab was taken in kansas yesterday. the burglars ran their van into a convenience store six times trying to crack open the money machine. that didn't work so the men then grabbed the atm's computer only to find it doesn't store any user information. they eventually dumped it all on the side of road and sped off. >> new this morning temple university says it's widening the area that's police force patrols. the university is creating one large square there will be patrolled by the school's 215
6:47 am
full time police officers and staff along with its 250 full time security personnel. the patrols will extend to a 18th street on the west, ninth street on the east, susquehanna avenue and jefferson street on the south. the school says it will continue to work closely with the philadelphia police department to protect the 13,000 students who live near or on the main campus. >> this is new on "action news." a teenager has filed a federal lawsuit against a south carolina dmv because he could not take his driver's license photo while wearing makeup. a lawyer for chase culpeper accuses the dmv of sexual discrimination. the teen's mother never expected such a simple task would create such a huge problem. >> it was heartbreaking to see my son humiliated because he wears makeup. >> i wanted my license photo to accurately reflect me. >> south carolina requires a disguise or anything that alters someone's appearance cannot be worn in a driver's license photo but culpeper says the law does not apply to him because he regularly wears
6:48 am
makeup and women's clothes. >> 6:47 now. we're following breaking news america." the overnight confirmation isis terrorists have murdered another
6:49 am
6:50 am
>> we've got a new accident coming in. let's get the very latest and go to the maps. this is in win feel. it's an accident involving a school bus right now. this accident parkside avenue and win fields avenue. i know the kids are just going back to school for many just
6:51 am
this week and here's an accident involving three vehicles. one of them is a school bus. we don't have any other details yet. this is just happening. stick to belmont avenue instead of parkside avenue and wynnefield avenue. we'll be on top of this one as news come in from it. tacony palmyra bridge i had warned you it was going up. here we can see in this live look it's up for app northbound ship. head for the betsy ross bridge. you might expect an opening at the burlington bristol bridge in about an hour. >> all right karen. dressing the kids in shorts and t's. we're in the 70's right now. getting well into the 80's later on but the good news, it will not be as humid as it was yesterday. of course last night we had those thunderstorms that might have kept some of you up a little bit. ryan of paoli my twitter viewer got this shot of one of those lightning streaks going across the paoli area last night. all of that is gone. weather today looking good. 75 degrees by 9 o'clock, 82 by noon. a very comfortable morning to get your errands done. 87 by 3 o'clock with a high this afternoon of 88, probably around 4 o'clock. again, humidity dropping as the day goes on, matt and tam. >> thanks, david.
6:52 am
about to give the handoff to "good morning america." about to give the handoff we've been telling our viewers this morning about the president's reaction to the beheading of steven sotloff and i know you're going to pick that up this morning on "gma." >> reporter: that's right, tam and matt. nice to be with you on this wednesday morning. coming up next on "good morning america" we're talking about that developing story. the new video of the apparent execution of another american reporter. as you mentioned steven sotloff by the terrorist group isis. the big question, what is the united states next move? so we will have all the details of president obama weighing in this morning. an abc exclusive of a mom behind her wheel of an suv shot at by new mexico police in this dramatic video. her children were inside that suv. per story of course shocked the nation. she's speaking out for the first time and you will hear it coming up on "good morning america." switching gears we'll revealing the nominees for the cma awards live.
6:53 am
plus we have a big performance from the one and only darius rucker. it's all coming up next on good morning america. matt and tam back to you. >> hootie were but now he's got his own crew. >> taney day at the dragons, mo'ne davis has another starlit moment. this came in the shad coast to hollywood sign. she threw out the first pitch in last night's los angeles dodgers game at dodgers stadium. he had she threw a perfect strike. the 13-year-old is the first girl to ever throw a shutout series
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> top stories at six:56. students at council rock high school south begin the school year this morning with enormous grief. three students who should be starting their sophomore year were killed in a car crash. >> getting more details on this multi-vehicle accident involving a school bus. this is in wynnefield. parkside avenue wynnefield avenue we're hearing there was one child on the bus and he was not reported injured but there was a pickup driver injured. dave stick to belmont avenue. >> all right. nice one today. still very warm with a high of 88 around 3:30 this afternoon but not nearly as humid and not as oppressive as yesterday. the morning in particular looks pretty good.
6:57 am
in the 70's now and only into the low 80's by lunchtime. >> thanks, david. we will be back in 30 minutes giving you the latest that are weather traffic and breaking news. for karen rogers, karen rogers, matt o'donnell, i'm tamala edwards. have a great wednesday. >> ♪ you need blinds. you know it. your neighbours know it. complete strangers passing by your house know it. don't be that house. do something about it. during blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale going on now. buy one, get a second at half price. blinds to go blinds for life. hey, jennar fuzz mike trooawwwwww scram!g... i'm crust mike jubby roll bond chow gonna lean up an kiss bet. peas charty get town down. [laughter] ♪ borf a liver tute face stummy wag ♪ pow pam sha-beeps stella nerf berms. saxa-nay nay?
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blinds for life. good morning, america. breaking right now, president obama's tough words to the isis terrorists who executed american journalist steven sotloff. >> we will not be intimidated. their horrific acts only unite us. >> we learn the brutal video is real. authorities believe it is the same extremist who killed james foley. our entire abc news national security team here this morning. developing now, home depot investigating a brand-new massive credit card breach. data from tens of millions of customers possibly stolen and sold online. as we learn new details this morning on that hollywood hack attack, apple now saying how it happened. >> it was the most horrifying moment of my life. >> the video that shocked the country. a police officer opening fire on a minivan packed with kids. this morning the mother and her family speak out fo