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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  September 4, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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tonight show with johnny carson and was the first to host her own late night show. >> i called him and he hung up on me and never, never spoke to me again. she wrote a dozen books and was the red carpet fashion critic. >> orange is the new -- [ screaming ] >> rivers spoke openly about her husband's suicide. >> i am still furious with him. they say you'll go to heaven and find egg garand i'll kill him. >> she found comedy in every situation. >> you find humor in it and you can deal with it.
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that is how i lived my life. >> just make fun of everything. that is what joan rivers said. she was 81 years old. >> an incredible life. thank you. we have more breaking news regarding ferguson, missouri, that police force is undergoing an investigation over police procedures over the last several years they looked into it after a police officer killed unarmed teenager, michael brown after clashes with police and protesters following brown's death. >> they are determining whether the police violated federal law. our investigation will assess the police department's use of force, including deadly force and searches and stops and arrest. and people detained at ferguson's city jail.
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and tactics and techniques that have been brought to light. >> this is separate to the civil rights inquiry following brown's death. two men are facing criminal charges after firing at police officers after a chase in wilmington. they tried to pull over jackson and mitchell both over 21 at 11thth spruce street last night. that is when the car took off. one of the men started firing at officers, the car crashed and both men went running and didn't get very far. jackson and mitchell are held today without bail. two men that stole from an apartment complex in rittenhouse square are still on the run. they are shown walking into 1616. one brazenly tried to take a flat screen television right off
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the wall in the lobby. if you recognize the menu are asking to call police. the driver of a van slammed into a building this monmorning. chopper 6 hd was over the scene in berlin, we don't know yet what caused the driver to lose control. here at the big board now. it's the first day of the nato summit, where president obama is addressing concerns in the mideast and the ukraine. russian aggression in the ukraine marks the top of the agenda in this summit. while russian president, vladimir putin, has proposed a
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cease fire. russian officials say that ukraine flirtation with nato could compromise peace and a white house official expressed solidarity with the ukraine and says that russia should be punished for their actions. >> this is unacceptable. >> cameron met with president obama to tackle the subject of isis. they are trying to decide how to take action against the militant group. when it comes to british military action. >> don't rule anything out. we should pursue our national interest. >> the president is still vague about the military action and many are awaiting word on the strategy, to go after the extremist groups in syria. as the summit unfolds this is something we are following.
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>> alicia, thank you. world news tonight with david muir will have more on the nato summit, at 6:30 after "action news" at 6:00. a new park opened today, more than $50 million was spent to redo dillworth park. a fountain and a cafe and there will be an ice rink. vernon odom is live at the park with all the excitement. hi there vernon. >> reporter: i can tell you this makeover is a booming success, it's a glorious day outside of city hall in center city. a festive atmosphere as the landmark get a new name and a new lease on life. with great fanfare, the former dillworth plaza on city hall's west side officially became dillworth park after two years and $50 million of remodeling it
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has new entrances and exits and a new park. there is skating come winter time including wifi. >> this is one of the most exciting projects that the city has seen in the last 50 years or so. >> indeed your honor, maintenance will be handled by the city districts. >> they will be here 24 hours a day with public safety and cleaning and landscaping, for folks that come to these parts five days a week -- >> i take public transportation and it's nice to see this done. >> a nice pace. looks great. >> i think this is absolutely beautiful. it is just bringing philadelphia together, all the brotherly love together? >> it's beautiful. >> the lady is right on, folks
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you need to come down and see it and savor it in person. live at city hall, vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> culmination of a lot of work out there. >> thanks vernon. >> it's time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> lets get back outside with adam joseph. a hot day but nice. it's an appropriate day to hit any parka cross the region with a decent amount of sunshine, the number in philadelphia, 86 so far and 85 right now and 83 in wilmington and 81 in millville and warmer to the north and west in the lehigh valley and the sea breeze kicking in only in the upper 70s at the shore. we have the sunshine now and if you look towards the virginias and the carolinas, the eruption of downpours and thunderstorms, that is where the heat is building and that will move in our direction to close out the week on friday. temperatures drop to 79 with the sea breeze pushing colder air
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in. and by 10:00, 73, you'll notice the humidity jumping up overnight and as we look overhead. the humidity spikes with the threat of some storms and then a big change arrives here in time for the second half of the weekend. we'll talk about when the storms arrive and what the change has in store for us all coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> see you shortly adam, thank you. some more children will eat lunch and breakfast for free, all students will be eligibility for the free meals. because they are changing their requirements, groups will have to submit a paper application, they will keep the dpoek us on learning rather than hunger. up next, the dancers have been chosen. who will bow vying for the mirror ball trophy. >> and fast food workers vying
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for higher wages are in handcuffs across the country. that and more when "action news" save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.d everybody knows that. well, did you know pinocchio
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the search continues in california for a rare and highly venomous cobra. as we told you here yesterday, the 6 foot long snake was last seen when it bit a dog and the dog survived. there is a frantic search because one bite from the albino cobra can be and often is, deadly. people are warned to keep their pets indoors. they are illegal to keep as pets. >> a federal judge has ruled that bp's reckless conduct results in the nation's worst offshore oil spill. it could quadruple the amount of fines they pay for the spill in
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2010. 11 men died in the spill. the company has already agreed to billions in criminal fines. to business now, we check the numbers, the dow jones closed 26.5 points and the nasdaq down 12 points and the s&p is down as well. just about 5 points today. 11 protesters were taken into custody after marching down broad street in philadelphia. they were among the fast food workers advocating for higher wages, they chanted and held signs and demanding a $15 an hour wage and to unionize without retaliation. this was all part of a national day of protest planned for 150 cities nationwide. back here to the big board and the dance card has officially been filled for season 19 of "dancing with the
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stars." the shows new cast was revealed on "good morning america." marcy gonzales was there and has details. >> reporter: today the big reveal. of the "dancing with the stars" season 19 cast. >> first off, this actor showed off his dance moves on the fresh prince. alfonso rivera and sade robertson and michael wall trip and lo lo jones. and jonathan bennett who says this is a dream come true. >> i saw it and i was like i want to be on the show. >> leah thompson hopes there is a mirror ball trophy? his future. >> how many times do you think you'll be without shirt? >> you'll have to ask cheryl. >> he thinks taking on the dance
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floor will be much tougher than the ring. and janelle parrish and bethany moda. designer betsy johnson showed her flexibility on the runway a and. let the dancing begin. it's time for the traffic report, here is mat pellman. >> there is always rhythm in his step. >> i don't know about that, catch me late at night on a saturday night. good evening, and afternoon to you brian and shirleen. we are dancing around and a whole bunch of traffic problems including a vehicle fire, southbound side, i know it's difficult to make out what is going on here, can you see a sea of vehicles trying to get southbound from cotman through
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this point just past allegheny and one lane is blocked travel times are worse. an accident in the work zone approaching cotman, speeds in the single digits and teens. of course, we have the westbound right lane blocked on the ben franklin bridge, that causes slowing because of the ongoing construction zone there. and in upper gwinnett, a crash by the rite-aid and the gulf station and the fire and police are there helping you. if you normally head home camden via southbound 55, you don't want to do that, past route 47 there is a crash and just the shoulder is getting by and mount laurel, a vehicle is slowing down traffic. lets grab the ipad and checking
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the waze app, no problems in the first state, typical volume along 95 and 13. >> thank you matt. commuters will notice big changes at septa's market east station, market east is now known as jefferson station, new signage was unveiled in the news kofrnts, the deal means millions of dollars for septa and increased public exposure for jefferson where the complex is just two blocks south. >> homicide detectives are piecing together clues for a double murder in the crescentville neighborhood. monica malpass is in the newsroom gathering details. >> police at this point say they don't know who the victims are and they are working with limited investigation, this was the crime scene discovered insides of a home at the 500 block of allen grove street.
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we'll hear what one witness saw just last night that could help police as they search for clues. we'll have that story and more coming up on "action news" at 5:00. see you in 45 minutes, thank you. up next, we have the full accuweather forecast. looking live at sky 6 hd, lets take a look at that sunny scene, right there the ben franklin parkway, meteorologist, adam joseph has the details straight ahead.
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it survived hurricane sandy and the boardwalk fire and now it has survived being sold. the iconic seaside heights carousel will live to see another summer thanks to council officials. they agreed to swap property with casino pier in exchange for the town taking charge the
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historic merry go round. no one came to buy it. time now once again for the accuweather forecast. lets go to adam joseph. he is live outside. >> all smiles out here especially with the sunshine and very comfortable temperatures and the humidity pretty much in check this afternoon. as we look at the numbers north and west of town, this is the warm spot, 84 and 85 in pottstown and center city 89 and we cool the numbers a little bit as you get close to the shore. 78 at the boardwalk and 81 in buena, and smyrna and hockessin coming in at 84 degrees. as we look at the dew points, the dew point is how much moisture is in the air, when it's in the 50s and low 60s, it's not too bad out there. trenton 58 and 61 in allentown, notice higher humidity down to the south in wilmington and dover. what happens overnight tonight
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and especially tomorrow morning, a surge of tropical humidity arrives as the dew points jump into the middle 70s and the summer soup is on again tomorrow and that lingers into saturday. as we look to the south and west on satellite and radar, in response to the humidity, thunderstorms and showers will come back into the forecast tomorrow as we start to add more moisture to the atmosphere. future tracker at 8:00 tomorrow morning. could be a scattered shower around and mainly a mixture of sun and hazy sunshine and clouds, as we get into the afternoon, again it's not widespread, but there could be spotty showers and thunderstorms in some spots and then they start to fall apart tomorrow evening, and then we are watching a cold front and warm front over the great lakes, double scan live radar showing storms east of minneapolis and north of chicago, all of that is pushing in later on saturday. future tracker shows right up
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until 5:00 on saturday, it's hot and oppressively humid, with temperatures above 90 degrees and then we watch the front north of the poconos at 5:00 and it pushes through as a squall line with nasty storms late saturday afternoon into saturday evening and then exiting the coast by saturday night. overnight temperatures are warm, 70 in philadelphia and 65 in millville and as the humidity starts to increase, and your four day at 4:00, it's oppressively humid tomorrow and 89 and isolated storms and downpours in the afternoon and nothing widespread, but saturday afternoon in the evening we'll watch for a squall line to pass through, 90 hot degrees and behind that, very comfortable for the eagles, returning sun and dropping humidity at 78 and sunny and pleasant on monday and only 77 degrees, it's a tale of two seasons come this weekend, summer and fall, pick which one you like better. to get from summer to fall, we'll have rocky times here by
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saturday evening into saturday night. mother nature can't make up her mind. >> thank you. can't make up her we have a little baby buzz for you today. taylor swift is taking to instagram to give a pep talk to a fan about bullies. we'll tell you about it it's great. at sabra we put more love into making a tastier salsa
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it's time now for the buzz, everything is coming up rosy on the view. who will fill the final two seats, actress rosy perez and nicole wallace. the new season kicks off on monday september 16th the new view kicks off here on 6 abc. congratulations to melissa milano, they welcomed their
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daughter, elizabella. they have a son named milo. finally in her new hit single, taylor swift says the players are going to play and the haters are going to hate and she practices what she preaches. she gave a pep talk to a fan that was picked on by high school bullies. she wrote a long note, saying i know why are you crying i have been in your place, be strong and walk in the sunlight, every time someone picks on me i'll think of you and every time someone picks on you i hope you think of me. she signed it tailer. >> we talked about her being a kid in this industry coming up and dealing with all the negativity. she has learned a lot. still ahead here, saving
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with 6 abc, tackles school lunches and experts share their tips. and a moments of magic that changed this bab
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, shirleen with allicot and brian taff. it is 4:30 and "action news"
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continues with an answer for anyone whose cell phone bill is skyrocketing. what is being blamed for killing data plans. and shedding plans is not about trying it's about tying. the new weight loss accessories that promise to shrink your stomach without surgery. >> and a man does an experiment examining race and employment in america. and last night firefighters were called to philadelphia's olney section for the report of a burning car. after the flames were extinguished they realized this was a matter for police, the man's body was found inside of the car and this became part of a criminal investigation. david henry is live with more on the chain of events. >> reporter: brian, homicide
4:30 pm
detectives didn't have to look for for a suspect. he is the owner of the car that was found burning, he is here at police headquarters and police say he will soon be charged with murder. >> heart breaking. heart breaking. >> star watson was among those franticly looking for her brother. was last seen in a car when the driver shot him in the head and then the car sped off. three and a half hours later, the car was found burning in an alley, along the 6100 block of lawrence street. firefighters knocked down the flames and made a gruesome discovery. >> they found a dead body in the front passenger seat of the vehicle. police are waiting for the results of an autopsy before identifying the victim.
4:31 pm
the family had the grim task of identify him at the morgue. he is 25-year-old rafael rivera and was out of jail on probation and was making good progress in rebuilding his life. >> he is a good guy and just had a baby. >> shaterred glass and two votive candles mark the spot. police say they have a suspect in custody and his girlfriend reported the car stolen. at this point there is no word on the motive. the suspect is cooperating and they expect to file murder charges against him very soon, in the meantime, the victim's family is holding a candle light vigil at the murder seen tonight. live at police headquarters, david henry, channel 6 "action news." a 19-year-old pottstown man will head to trial for the vicious beating of a park range under love park.
4:32 pm
today a judge held all charges for curtis tanner for a trial later this month. he described on the stand how the teen and to others attacked him when he tried to enforce the no skateboarding rule. tanner appears to be the main aggressor, spitting and stomping on tanner. police arrested him and a juvenile. they are seeking a third man that video taped and participated in the crime. >> he was on his back being kicked repeatedly and spit on, i done think that things are so bad that a park ranger would accept that part of his job is to get pummeled on the head and spit on. >> they are part of the the
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protected class even they though do not carry weapons. two men that held up a 7-eleven last month on the 1600 block of bustleton avenue. one man flew over the counter and stole two safe deposit bags and fled with money, cigarettes and lottery tickets. and a duo accused of robbing a restaurant this one on august 22nd. they were caught walking into the red robin, one pulled out a gun and demanded cash from the worker after taking cash from the register, the suspect ran off. if you see any of the suspects in either of these robberies, call 911. police are looking for the cause of a failed science experiment
4:34 pm
that ended in chaos at a children's museum. that blast went off just feet away from a group of kids inside of the discovery museum in reno, nevada, the chemical flash was ignited by boric acid. this time 13 people were hurt. including one girl that suffered acid burns on her face. >> she was on fire. completely on fire, her hair, back and face. my best friend tackled her and was putting her face out with her hands. the girl remains hospitalized in good condition today. the museum is reopen but the tornado demonstrations are suspended. officials at a juvenile detention center in tennessee, say they are reviewing their security policies, after two
4:35 pm
incidents in the past few days. some climbed up to the roof before they were all rounded up. two guards were treated for minor injuries, 32 teens escaped from the same facility monday night and 6 are still on the loose. governor jack markell, was red faced when his office sent out a racy picture. this is the photo that the office meant to send out instd. they issued a statement apologizing for the error, they blamed on a auto generated link. they wish it had been a cat video instead. >> a big oops. no big oops in the weather department. beautiful out there and flawless so to speak. as we look outside on sky 6, a
4:36 pm
high definition shot, beautiful blue sky and puffy cumulous clouds and the dew point is coming back up. 63 degrees and winds out of the south-southwest at 13 miles per hour. as we head our way to cape may -- on the way to cape may ♪ >> well done. >> your dew point is at 63, as we look to the south, on satellite and radar, showers and thunderstorms erupting in the carolinas and virginias. that humidity will usher in tonight and we'll talk about that higher humidity and the chance of storms and a big change over the middle part of your weekend coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> we are done. two tunes and i am done. >> have you to sing more for us. a drexel university paleontologist unveiled a major new dinosaur discovery, this is dre
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dreadnautous. it's the biggest prehistoric animal to ever be discovered it would take nine t-rexs to equal him. almost 77% intact. they hope to learn more about this giant that roamed the earth 77 million years ago. dozens of people showed up ready to eat for an outdoor dining experience. for a lutheran senior service, for people 62 and older, this year's theme was picnic with the stars. the delicious food and music from the d.j. and a chance to mingle with their friends and new friends in their community. still ahead here today, a dropped letter and gain aid title. how a job seeker inadvertently
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did a study on -- from overwhelmed to overjoyed, you do not want to miss this incredible video. that changed a baby's life forever. and david murphy is back tom wolf. he'd be a different kind of governor. he served in the peace corps in india. and then got a phd from mit. and as a businessman he gives between 20 and 30 percent of his profits back to his employees.
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when he served as pennsylvania's secretary of revenue. he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity he refused take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead. can't argue with that. tom wolf. he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania.
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turns out there is a little known feature on facebook that could drive up your smart phone bill. the auto play setting for videos on facebook. it's being blamed for boosting data plans well over the limit. the consumer issue flagged it. just tap your settings button on you are why facebook pap, set it to off or wifi only. >> on health check, there is now
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a band to wrap around your waste. the malory band, it's suppose to be your conscious. reminding you not to overeat. she got the inspiration for somebody that wore one but the idea goes back to ancient egypt. >> this is really, really ridsiclousily simple. simple yes, but also expensive. it cost $40, some swear it helps them stay on the straight and narrow. it's a help to some people but others would likely ignore it. the big talkers, what is in a name? this introduces us to jose zam zamora. he send out resumes to any job he was qualified for, little
4:42 pm
success. and then he changed one thing, changes his name from jose to joe. >> his inbox was full. we want to meet you and call us back. the exact same job and exact same resume, just a different name. >> jose says i don't think people know or are conscious or aware they are judging even if just by a name. today is beyonce's birthday and one college student in maryland is such a die hard fan, she decided to observe it by not attending classes at townsend university. she let her professor know. because it is, the goddess, beyonce knowles birthday, she will not be coming to class and wished her professor a blessed
4:43 pm
day and bow down because -- she never meant to send it, no word on the professors reaction, but the thing is, she really stayed home and didn't go to class. >> finally our producer jessica described this as joy wrenching, it brings tears to our eyes, this is 17-year-oldlack land. he received his first hearing aids. first you saw there. a few tears and then -- >> hi. >> oh. hi. lachland. hello. my name. >> big smiles from that cutie. his parents called it the most magical thing they had ever seen because his world just opened
4:44 pm
up. his mom was afraid i would not be able to talk and would be teased and now he is 2 years old, every day he simply amazing them. i get chills watching that. >> my joy is wrenching. great video and cute smile too. alicia thank you. lets get a check of the roads right now. matt pellman in the traffic center with an update. >> you ready to gets wrenched in a different way. >> no. >> a wrench in the works on 55, a crash on the southbound side and speeds are still in the teens brian and shirleen as you come off of route 42 and down to depford, 12 miles per hour and 16 miles per hour, the earlier accident was southbound past 47, the good news is, the crash is gone and both lanes are open and as you head down to vineland and millville this afternoon it's a slow go. a broken down vehicle in camden, on southbound 295, speeds in the teens there as well. as you come south of 561.
4:45 pm
in voorhees, look for a crash at cooper road and adelweiss lane. keep in mind the sound of music. in claymont, a crash on naaman's road. by the shopping center. a rough afternoon along 95, the vehicle fire on the southbound side near allegheny and then a bus broke down south of that and lanes are still blocked. this is your southbound delay going down to allegheny, northbound not a whole lot better with earlier problems and the work zone here by cotman avenue. watch for a crash in upper merion at moore road with normal westbound slowing on 422. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you matt. an oregon family has an answer that was plaguing them for months. where have their socks been going. it turns out they had a hungry thief, this is an x-ray of their
4:46 pm
great dane's stomach and the missing laundry, the big dog was dining on socks of all shapes and sizes, they found this out after their great dane started throwing up one day. they got the animal to the hospital, the vet discovered and removed 43.5 socks. we are happy to report he is just fine.
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here you go. mm, spicy! you mean her? no, it's the spicy smoked sausage sandwich, honey, s-see? see the spice? right. it better be. you going to the car? we're going to eat in the car. add some spice to your day with dunkin's spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy! grab one today! america runs on dunkin'. start your morning spicy! hurry in today for a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. now to the accuweather forecast, and adam joseph very much a tale of two seasons. >> summer and fall both this weekend, one day is one and one day is another and a big change in between. get ready for it. we are trying to make everyone happy, at tinicum nature reserve, this gentlemen is going
4:49 pm
on a nice bike ride, nice to get to the shade and away from the summertime heat, as we look at double scan live across the region, not much going on, tomorrow could be pop-ups develop in the afternoon, until then all is quiet, 84 in trenton and 87 in allentown and philadelphia 85 degrees, so far we hit 86 for a high and we have winds invading in the southeast and we are down to the upper 70s at the shore and millville down to 81 and the philadelphia number continuing to drop here later this evening as the wind off the water continues to push up to the i-95 corridor. as we look to the west, the heat is building and many 90s -- it drops to 67 degrees, summer and fall and that arrives here late saturday, into early sunday, satellite and radar, high pressure is in control and we have some of those downpours to the south and the tropical humidity is building and storms
4:50 pm
over the great lakes and a couple of fronts that push through here over the weekend. hazy sunshine and it's the general consensus, a scattered shower at the shore and the afternoon tomorrow at 3:00 and most areas it's hot and humid and there could be scattered downpours around and not everyone will see them tomorrow and once the sunsets by 9:00 or so, after the sun goes to bed and long after that, showers do pop up really start to fade off the radar. saturday, that is the summer swelter and that is when a cold sfron arrives late in the day. tropcly humid and 90 degrees and a squall line of storms with this storm that passes through late saturday afternoon into saturday evening, gusty winds and torrential rain and vivid lightning, as we transition to more fall like on sunday. tonight partly cloudy and humid, 63 to 70 for the overnight low,
4:51 pm
your day planner, 74 at 8:00 and 11:00, 84 and muggy. and afternoon hazy sun as we get up to 89 degrees in the middle of the afternoon and watch for scattered storms, and it's exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we peak at 90 on saturday, and very humid with the afternoon and evening thunderstorms to pass through, behind it we quickly clear on sunday and the humidity drops and the high only 78 degrees on sunday, we stay in the upper 70s monday through thursday and monday, tuesday are your dry days, wednesday into thursday. and a lot of clouds and showers around. there you go. have you summer saturday and fall. >> everything. thank you adam. >> we'll go saving with 6 abc.
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it is time to save with 6 abc, and as the kids head back to class, they are packing up the backpacks and they are packing up the lunches, amy buckman shows how to save on lunch box essentials. >> as kids back to school parents have to head into their wallets to buy them or the kitchen to make them. leah ingram says the kitchen is the thrifty choice. >> it's easy to say you'll buy lunch, in my district lunch is about $4 a day, what are you getting for that $4. >> peanut butter and jelly are the old stand by but there is tuna and hummus pouchs that are convenient and cost affective. >> throw them in with lettuce and crackers. and nothing will get soggy. >> to save on fruits and
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veggies, ingram suggests hitting the farm stand and buy what is in season. it's half the price of the super market. apples are is.9 -- $1.99 a pound at the supermarket are 99 questions a pounds at the market. >> these are the best investment i ever made they are not a lot of money and they can go in the dishwasher and it saves you from having to buy baggies or aluminum foil and if you are looking to be green, this is definitely a green choice. >> leah talks about her money saving tips and we'll give you a link to her money saving side at >> and finally at 4:00, summer may have unofficially ended on monday, try telling that to a
4:56 pm
dog named walter. the owner strapped a go pro to his collar and waltser takes off on a tear and his only goal is to make it to the beach. he sprints over trails -- in case you are wondering, what that mad dash looks like from a human point of view. still fast but not as frenzied. walter enjoy the swim my friend because you earned it. you can watch the whole video again on >> those cameras are incredible. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for shirleen allicot, alicia vitarelli, and adam joseph, i'm brian taff. shirleen and i along with adam are back for phl 17 at 10:00. here is rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead. hollywood mourning the death of joan rivers, looking at her
4:57 pm
life and legacy. homicide detectives are looking for clues that left to people dead. >> plus, we'll show you the fast food workers that led to protesting in philadelphia. >> those stories and more c
4:58 pm
"action news" delaware
4:59 pm
valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. hollywood is mourning the d legend tonight. actress and comedian and icon, joan rivers died at a new york hospital today. the 81-year-old was surrounded by friends and family when she passed away. those that enjoyed her work and knew her well are remembering her life and all the laughs she brought to the world. the big story is the death of joan rivers it was just last week when she went into cardiac arrest. >> she was known for her risky sense of humor that targeted celebrities and world leaders and it was her fearless persona
5:00 pm
that brought her fame. she was bee loved in california and around the world. in the early 1960s she was a trailblazer, breaking down barriers and all male comedy clubs and was a regular on the tonight show with johnny carson and she would later be black listed by carson and the rest of the industry but she was a survivor to the end. she is dead today at 81. marcy gonzales is live now at the hospital where she died this afternoon. >> reporter: joan rivers died at 1:15 at mount sinai hospital, she died last week after going into cardiac arrest at a private clin clinic, the click inis under investigation and fans have graernled here heart broken