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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 5, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> can we talk? good morning, america. celebrating the trailblazing queen of comedy. >> here's joan rivers! [ cheers and applause ] >> tributes pouring in from big names for the late night ground breaker. >> i had a hot flash so bad they wanted to use me instead of the olympic torch to open. oh, oh. >> who ruled the red carpet. >> you be nice. >> i'm trying to be. >> we remember her funniest and most shocking moments. >> my whole philosophy of life, if you laugh at it, you can deal with it. >> and rivers' wishes in her own words about her final tribute. >> i want it to be hollywood all the way. >> happening now, hurricane norbert barreling up the pacific coast set to drench the southwest with monsoon rains and flash flooding and in hawaii
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this lava approaching homes. evacuate vac weighings set to begin. >> we're stuck in the barth and there's a shark. >> the frantic 911 call after two kayakers were attacked by a great white. their terrifying wait to be rescued. what happened to the gopro camera that captured it all and a massive search for the beast right now. ♪ are you ready for some football? the season kicks off with a blow-out by the super bowl champ, the seahawks pummeling the packers. how seattle showed they can do it all over again. >> and we do say good morning, america. and what an outpouring of love for joan rivers this morning. there's a live look outside her home in manhattan. fans leaving flowers overnight. >> her comedy was great but she
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had a tender side as well. final performance last week. the night before she went in for a relatively minor procedure and she was aware what kept her at the top of the comedy world. she said, i succeed by saying what everyone else is thinking. >> but are afraid to say and she was not. her funeral is set for sunday and we have a special tribute for her this morning. abc's mara schiavocampo has the latest on the plans and the worldwide outpouring of support right now. good morning, mara. >> reporter: robin, good morning. as you mentioned, fans have been leaving flowers here outside rivers' apartment building throughout the night along with messages of love and support. many celebrities also sharing their condolences. this as an official investigation is now launched looking into exactly what led to the death of the comedic legend. exactly one week after being rushed to a manhattan hospital, joan rivers passed away. her only child, daughter melissa
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saying "she passed peacefully surrounded by family and close friends." adding "my mother's greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. although that's difficult to do right now, i know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon." rivers suffered a eed cardiac a during an outpatient procedure at this manhattan clinic last thursday. the department of health launching into an investigation into the clinic looking into the unanswered questions of just what happened. although a source tells abc news that there is no suspicion of wrongdoing, an autopsy will also be conducted on the comedian. overnight an outpouring of mourners comforting melissa returning to her mother's apartment just hours after her passing. a sentiment shared far and wide. >> she loved her job so much she never wanted to stop and she didn't have to stop because she was so great at it. >> oh, my god, the force and power of her comedy was
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overwhelming. >> i love your hair. you have to tell me where you bought it. that's joan. >> ellen degeneres tweeting "joan rivers will always be a pioneer." though known best for her comedy, rivers did have her serious moments. seen speaking candidly and without makeup in this episode of the reality show "joan and melissa: joan knows best." an amazing life that in her most recent book she said she wanted honored with an equally ms. funeral. >> when i die, and, yes, melissa, the day will come and, yes, melissa, everything is still in your name, i want my funeral to be a huge showbiz affair with lights and cameras and action. i want kraaf services and paparazzi and publicists making a scene. i want it to be hollywood all the way. don't give me some rabbi rambling away.
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i want meryl streep crying in five different accents. i want to look gorgeous, better dead than i do alive. i want to be buried in a valentino gown and i want harry winston to make me a toe tag. i want a wind machine so strong even the casket my hair will be blowing more than beyonce's on stage. >> now, as you mentioned earlier the funeral issic thatting place sunday here in new york. no word yet on whether it will be public but as you just heard rivers certainly wanted it to be a huge affair. george. >> oh, she did and just an example of how she made us laugh and made us squirm so often at the same time, here joan rivers in her own words. >> i was such a dog to get me down the aisle they threw a bone. you know what i'm saying? my husband and i no longer see eye to eye, but he doesn't find me sexually attractive. last night i said do yyou find e sexy. i'd rather not find you away.
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i worked a jewish nightclub. we had a two complaint minimum. i am at the age now i have liver spots, yes, and my dog tried to eat my hand. my house is so filthy, oh, michael jackson puts on both gloves before he walks in. you don't know. you know what it's like to have a hot flash so bad it sets your dress on fire. my wedding, bring along something black and sexy, i brought along diana ross. that's the one great thing about living in beverly hill, kids are allergic to plastic. i'm in awe of people who sing. i sang once for barbara streisad and her eyes crossed the other way. it was just -- very good friend is nicole kidman. >> okay. >> you know, gorgeous -- no humor but god bless her. 125 feet tall. three pound, always in a red dress with a white face, looks like a ketchup bottle.
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and no humor. i was wearing a mustard dress. i said, look, we're condiments. >> oh, you should hear the laughter here in the studio. joining us jess cagle from "people" and "entertainment w k weekly." the last to interview her last week. >> last week the night before she went into the hospital. there was a group of gay employees at time inc. and did a "q" and "a" and always said i don't want anybody in the front row that i know. i just want a bunch of gay people and that always put her in a good mood. she was as warm as i'd ever seen her before in a better mood than i'd ever seen her before. she was hilariously funny. hilariously funny and seemed very healthy and very happy and it was a real privilege, first of all, to interview her but what a fantastic, you know, memory to have of her.
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>> yes, just last week, you said and she was doing so well. >> yes, and she went from the interview actually to go try out some more stand-up material down at the west bank cafe a few blocks away. >> did that often here because being a new yorker but meat us laugh and she could make us squirm, a little biting at times but was able to connect with audiences over all the years. >> one of the reasons is joan was not a mean person. as you say her comedy was biting but she really considered it a compliment if she put you in her act. i am not sure that everyone would agree but she considered it a compliment and we also loved her story that we knew over the years as a survivor, we knew she didn't feel entitled to anything. she was a hard worker and as she said i talk about the things -- i say the things that people think. >> uh-huh. >> you know, so her comedy was that of an outsider looking in. >> yeah. >> she never -- she never pulled any punches so she could have a place at the table. >> very sweet to see her relationship with her daughter
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melissa and her grandson cooper. >> it's true. we saw it on television. we've known joan and melissa over the years and i believe that over the past week when you've seen this outpouring of affection for her, a lot of that has to do with knowing melissa. we know melissa, we feel like we are kind of part of their family whether you realized it or not and there is, you know, there's something very touching and, you know, we sort of know melissa and have an idea of what she's going through. >> hey, jess, thanks very much. join us for a special "20/20" celebrating joan rivers. >> we turn to the battle against isis. president obama zeroing in on a tragedy to go after the terror group holding a press conference to lay out where things stand later this morning as u.s. officials consider a plan to rescue other hostages held by the extremists. abc's brian ross has the latest. >> reporter: u.s. officials have not ruled out another attempt to rescue the hostages. believed to be near the syrian city of raqqah. even with isis on alert after
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the earlier unsuccessful mission, former special forces commanders say it could still be doable even if more risky than before. >> it's not factored in that it has to be perfect and there's always a chance that we will lose somebody but that's just part of the job and that's part of the mission. >> reporter: u.s. officials tell abc news that the top isis leaders appear to be using encrypted communications to avoid being detected. but that overhead surveillance at isis command centers has begun to produce a few possibling its. >> if the u.s. as a drone or fixed wing aircraft with the ability to strike an isis target, especially a senior leader, they'll do it now. >> reporter: after the murder of the two american journalists isis has now threatened this british citizen david haynes prompting the british prime minister to reiterate the policy of not paying ransom. >> it's a difficult decision to make but convinced it's the right decision and tried to convince other world leaders to take that view. >> reporter: president obama is
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expected to answer questions about his strategy or lack of strategy on isis later this morning. but his deputy national security adviser ben rhodes continued the white house hedge when pressed by abc news white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> is he considering air strikes on isil targets in syria? >> absolutely we don't rule out action in syria. >> i'm not talking about ruling out but actively under consideration. >> we're actively considering all options that are necessary. >> with all the attention on the threat posed by isis u.s. officials have not forgotten about al qaeda, especially with the coming anniversary of the 9/11 attacks next week. out of sight but not out of mind. >>ing 0, thanks very much. we'll have much more on sunday on "this week." that hurricane in the pacific threatening to bring rough surf and drenching rain and ginger, of course, tracking it all for us this morning. >> yes, this is hurricane norbert here in the pacific ocean so we'll zoom in. a category 1 hurricane at this
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point. max sustained winds 90 miles per hour and hug along baja california and weaken and get closer to southern california. what it will do, bring extra moisture for that monsoon flow starting today, flash flood watches for parts of new mexico. you can see that's the 3 to 4-inch range and next couple of days very wet and high surf, already seeing some 20-foot-plus waves in the far southern area next to cabo. here four to seven feet at the start of the weekend. much more coming up in your nation's weather. >> we'll get the top developing stories right now with amy. good morning, amy. >> that's right, good morning. we begin with the state of emergency declared in hawaii on the big island, lava from the kilauea volcano is creeping toward a rural community at a rate of 800 feet per day and is now within a mile of reaching about 40 hopes. the molten rock blazing a path of damage through a forest could soon cut off a major road. no mandatory evacuations have
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been ordered yet but officials are still hoping that lava could take a different path. oversea, new developments in the standoff with russian president vladimir putin. today the u.s. and nato countries are expected to announce a new round of economic penalties hoping to pressure russia into pulling its troops out of ukraine. and the u.s. government has revealed a hacker was able to break into the website raising new worries about security on that site. no personal data was stolen but members of congress are demanding testimony from the obama administration. and the pharmacist blamed foramenen jiet 'tis outbreak that killed 64 americans is under arrest accused of trying to flee the country. glen chin worked at a massachusetts company that produced contaminated drugs in 2012. he was about to board a flight to hong kong. bp says it will appeal a judge's ruling that found the company grossly negligent for the 2010 gulf oil spill. bp could be fined as much as $18
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billion. well, a stunning discovery. scientists have revealed bones found in argentina from a new species of dinosaur, the biggest ever found. it stood two stories tall with 85 feet long and weighed more than a boeing 737. wow. well, it is that time of year. football is back and so are the seatlle seahawks. the super bowl champs picked up right where they left off last season. robin is going mm, mm, mm. dominating the packers, 36-16. analysts saying the seattle offense looks more dangerous than last year. look out. finally, we have one of those what would you do moments as in what would you do if you came across -- stay with me -- a giant mutant spider. take a look. some pranksters dressed up their dog to look like a huge spider
7:15 am
and then they made it look like the spider had attacked someone in an elevator. and you see these people's reaction. they're running for their lives. another guy takes off running like falling down the stairs. he gets all tangled up in a giant spiderweb they put up there. really it's just the dog running. this is all happened in poland but now they're famous worldwide. i mean i'm pretty sure we would all do the same thing. >> yes, absolutely. >> though would make me stripts. >> and it really looks like a spider. >> halloween costume this year. >> oh, that would be fun. >> that would be. >> especially in new york. >> okay, amy, thank you. we'll get the latest on that freak explosion in the reno children's museum. we're learning more what happened when a science experiment went terribly wrong and aditi roy with the story. >> okay, ready? >> reporter: this morning fire officials say the explosion that
7:16 am
injured 13 at reno's softry museum caused by employee error likely. she is leaving out a key ingredient in the tornado experiment. >> you know what i didn't add, the alcohol. >> after she pours the methyl alcohol watch closely as a flash ignites then flames race across the countertop spilling onto the floor where children are sitting. >> something just exploded. children are hurt. >> reporter: officials say that alcohol is supposed to be applied before lighting a cotton ball to create the effect of a tornado, not after. this morning, children injured in the science demonstration gone wrong are speaking out. >> we just don't want to do that ever again. >> ready? >> reporter: 6-year-old hayden and 4-year-old river rider were sitting in the front row wednesday. >> it was loud. and then just tons of screaming. >> reporter: museum officials won't comment on what went wrong but say the presenter is now on administrative leave. >> how are you making sure this doesn't happen again? >> the demonstration, that caused the incident yesterday is
7:17 am
suspended. we won't be doing that. >> reporter: little solace for the rider girls, their burns bandaged. >> they have second-degree burns to their leg, arms, toes, hands and she's got a tiny one to her cheek right here. >> reporter: for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, reno. >> all right, thank you, aditi. what a night at the u.s. open. roger federer taking on one of the game's rising stars in a match that had it all. after five epic sos and 3 1/2 growing hours five-time u.s. open roger federer stormed back from the brink of defeat. bursting the hopes of flamboyant frenchman gael monfils. >> fantastic. >> who lost not one but two painful match points. >> that was a break for fedder. >> reporter: in a tension-filled match. >> tension is rising for both these guys. >> reporter: as the 33-year-old
7:18 am
fedder managed to put those retirement rumors to rest yet again. >> a full split stretch. >> reporter: against the soda drinking 28-year-old widely considered one of the best trick shot players in the game. >> whoa. >> reporter: and his moves without the racket getting just as much attention. check him out break dancing at this year's french open. ♪ >> reporter: but his showmanship not enough to take down the fedex press. >> that was some serious snap. >> gale put such a great fight. served well and stayed in the match and somehow turned it around. >> lara is not getting any sleep this week but the weather is cooperating with the open. >> yeah, it sure has been. i know they've had less delays than they usually day. if it was in the great lakes it would not be the case. rough in illinois up to detroit. you have to be on the lookout. you could see large hail and damaging winds. isolated tornado.
7:19 am
>> reporter: hi, everyone, david murphy here with an update from accuweather, storm tracker 6 live double scan picking up areas of dense fog, be careful of that as you drive. in as we head outside we have fog lifting at the airport. warm and muggy, temperatures in the 70s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 89 warm and very humid spotty thunderstorm here or there is possible during the afternoon or early evening. tomorrow, humid, 91 and strong storms possible
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>> so summer is sticking around for two more days then things drastically change by sunday. i'll tell you more about it later. >> we'll enjoy the two days. coming up, the former navy s.e.a.l. who said he was shot after a confrontation at the mall. police now say it was all a lie. also ahead, the georgia father left his toddler in a hot car now formally charged with murder. he could face the death penalty. plus, great white 911. two women were attacked by a shark while kayaking. much more of our special tribute to joan rivers this morning. making them all new, any day treats. starting with cheesecakes, reinvented using thick and creamy traditional greek yogurt. then delicately topped with delicious fruit sauces. the twist? less than 200 calories. new dannon creamery desserts. cause life's better with a twist. ♪ dannon!
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you mean her? no, it's the spicy smoked sausage sandwich, honey, s-see? it better be. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy! america runs on dunkin'. >> hello, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, 7:26 it is friday, september 5. him let's start off with the place that's always jammed, karen rogers and the schuylkill expressway, karen. >> reporter: you can count on the schuylkill expressway for a jump up, off to the side, an accident westbound past city avenue, it's jamming from past
7:27 am
the boulevard to bell month. the action cam was on the scene in overbrook. look at this vehicle an suv turned over in overbrook. it brought down the pole and traffic light debris all over the roadway, this is 59ing and upland way. le avoid the area altogether, they have a lot of cleanup to do stick to lancaster and wood wine avenue in them west oak lane we have and accident here, the actual accident happened at 16th abbey 66th street. they pushed it off to cutler avenue, cutler is brocked. stick to cheltenham avenue. >> check out the fog here, penns landing camera you can see a glimmer of i-95. david murphy as the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: the fog looks worse when you're looking at it from up in the cloud like that. we have fog around, but it's better on the terrace. 74 degrees in philadelphia, very muggy and there's patches of dense fog, be careful of that
7:28 am
this morning. this afternoon, 89 degrees, very warm and humid, a shower and thunderstorm is possible in a couple of spots this afternoon and evening especially between the hours of about 3 or 7 or 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, humid, 91, hot, and there's another line of stronger gusty thunderstorms coming in, probably mainly at night the way things look now, improvement for sunday, matt, lower humidity. >> the best and worst cities to retire according to wall let hub on the new
7:29 am
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it's a love/hate relationship for me absolutely. as a dress, i hate it. as something to wash the bird [ bleep ] off my car, i love it. >> i guess only joan rivers can get away with that. poking a little fun at heidi klum and for her all is fair on the red carpet. if you stepped out she zeroed in celebrating her life and legacy. her friend joy behar will be here as we say good morning, america. also ahead, the former navy s.e.a.l. who says he was shot after a confrontation at a mall parking lot much his story was all over the news. now police are saying it was all a lie. >> oh, no. plus, great white shark emergency. the dramatic 911 call after a terrifying attack off the coast of massachusetts. two young women fearing for their lives as they waited in the water to be rescued. >> very scary.
7:31 am
then we have a great story about taylor swift responding to one young fan on instagram who was distraught about being bullied. the superstar's inspiring message shining sunshine on the young girl's life. >> that all coming up but we begin with that strange story you were talking about, robin. a former navy s.e.a.l. charged with lying to police. chris tear heeben told them a story that they say never happened. gio benitez. >> reporter: an elaborate story of survival is in question leading a former navy s.e.a.l. to turn himself in to police. 44-year-old chris heeben, a motivational speaker and father telling abc news this april that he was shot during a dramatic fight over a parking space back in march. >> for you, the parking lot was a battlefield. >> it was a battlefield, yeah. >> reporter: he told police and other media outlets the same story. that a routine trip to the shopping mall in ohio was more dangerous than his tours of duty
7:32 am
in afghanistan. >> i get out of my car, two, three spots up from me, a car almost backs up into me so we exchange words. >> reporter: and then as heeben told it the other guy started shooting. >> pie stomach was just on fire. it was searing burning bane. >> reporter: he said he got in his car chasing the shooter. >> i don't walk away from danger or trouble. >> reporter: but said he eventually gave up and drove himself to get help never calling 911. at the time police verified his story and gave no indication that they were suspicious. but this morning, investigators believe heeben lied about where the shooting occurred and is now charged with falsification and obstructing official business. >> basically through hours of investigation, interviews, review of surveillance footage, subpoena requests of telephone records we determined that it did not occur at the west market plaza. >> reporter: so exactly how did heben come to be shot? police say they don't know. heben has built a business
7:33 am
around security launching this website where he sells gears and supplements but court documents show he's lied in the past too. the medical board of ohio suspending his physician's assistant license indefinitely after heben was found guilty of forging prescriptions for controlled substances. neither heben or his attorney called us back but overnight his business partner told us they are shocked by the charges that he stands by heben and he confident an objective review in court will clear up any discrepancies, george. >> gio, thanks. let's talk to dan abrams about this. the police built a pretty strong case there but is this the kind of crime that's prosecuted. >> this is a misdemeanor, right? facing up to nine months behind bar, not the sort of case where you typically see jail time but this could be different. why? because of the public nature of the case. the authorities are going to want to send a message, they're going to want to tell the public we take this stuff seriously.
7:34 am
here you're talking about lying to the police. that's the sort of thing that drives them nuts and so i think they're going to try to throw the book at him as much as they can in the context of a misdemeanor. >> so even though lying to the press which he did in a lot of interviews as well -- >> you can lie to the media all you want. no one cares -- no one is going to protect the media but when you lie to the cops totally different story and they take it personally. and also just the fact that he's putting it on his facebook page all the time. all these updates about how he's doing, et cetera. i don't think any of that is going to help. >> does it matter if he comes up with a good explanation? >> it's hard to imagine an explanation that will satisfy the prosecutors or a jury, et cetera. even if he has some sympathetic reason, the fact that he lied and, you know, the reason he got caught in essence was they started looking into it more and find surveillance video and cell phone records that say he wasn't in the area so no matter how sympathetic if he changes his
7:35 am
story it is, it's hard to believe it'll be enough. >> okay. dan abrams, thanks very much. all right there, george. now to the georgia toddler who i good after his father left him in a hot car back in june. a grand jury has now formally charged justin ross harris with murder. and, amy, i know you have much more on this. >> that's right. good morning. justin ross harris maintains that his child's death was a horrible accident. but now harris could face the death penalty. this morning, justin ross harris accused of leaving his 22-month-old son cooper in a hot car to die has officially been charged in the boy's murder. the georgia father indicted thursday on eight charges including malice murder, felony murder and cruelty to children, prosecutors set to decide in the coming weeks whether to seek the death penalty. >> we look forward to the case running its course and ultimately justice being served this this matter. >> reporter: the indictment says the 33-year-old father purposely left cooper in the back of his silver suv outside his job for
7:36 am
seven hours on hot day in june while harris was inside texting lewd pictures to multiple women who were not his wife. one of them, only 17 years old. an offense he's also charged with in the indictment. >> you see a child left alone in a vehicle, please call 911. >> reporter: police also say harris watched these child safety videos only days before cooper's death warning of the dangers of leaving children in hot cars. >> how many types did you view it? >> he viewed it twice. >> reporter: but harris' lawyers insist he is innocent claiming he forgot to drop cooper off at day care after finishing breakfast with his son at a nearby restaurant. >> cooper's death was a horrible gut-wrenching accident. >> reporter: a witness at harris' july bond hearing describes seeing an anguished harris in this parking lot after realizing cooper was dead. >> i heard the desperate cries of a father who had just lost his son. >> reporter: harris was denied bond and has been in jail since his arrest in june. >> he's lost his son, his
7:37 am
livelihood, his freedom. he's basically lost everything. >> harris' wife continues to stand by her husband regularly visiting him while he has been behind bars these past few months and we anticipate she will be back in the courtroom when her husband is arraigned later this month. she was there for his bond hearing. she'll stay with him through the end. >> we have every reason to believe that's the case. time now for the weather again and it's at least cool somewhere. >> it's very cool somewhere. frost advisories in parts of the northern rockies. this high pressure system has a lot to do with it and sinks down, the coos you off. helena at 40, 36, jackson hole this morning, rapid city is 45 and denver 50. two shot anniversary cold air, the first one comes through late weekend into early next week. new york city close to 90 as we start our weekend, by monday in the 70s but look at this one, chicago is in the upper 70s and the 60s by the end of next week so it's two shots. you'll definitely feel it. it will be much more autumnal as
7:38 am
we're getting closer to that. i'll leave. >> reporter: thank you, ginger, david murphy on the terrace, a lot clouds around a little fog. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a warm and humid afternoon 89. tomorrow, hot and >> all that weather brought to you by mazda and someone asked why can't we just call it fall. >> autumnal? >> autumnal. you have to look it up. >> you're so smart. >> thank you, ginger. coming up, a dramatic 9/ mm call and the all-out search for the great white right now. apple making changes after that hollywood hack attack and tightening security for all its customers right now.
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we are back at 7:4 with that terrifying shark attack off the coast of massachusetts. two women with a close encounter with a great white while out kayaking and this morning we're hearing their frantic call for help and abc's reena ninan has that for us. >> i was just on the phone. we're stuck in the water and there's a shark. >> reporter: this morning the frantic call for two kayakers who came foist to face with the jaws of death. >> ma'am, where is the shark? >> i don't know. he bumped me out of my boat. >> was it a seal. >> >> no, no, there's something
7:43 am
in the water. >> okay. >> it was a great white. >> reporter: ida parker and kristin record snapping pristine photos off plymouth beach when they say a shark attacked. experts say the bite marks in their kayak suggest it was a r. christopher white. >> hey, what if he comes back? how long will he take? >> i see a shark biting my kayak. >> we sat in the water for about 30 minutes. it was the scariest 30 minutes of my life. >> reporter: it shut down plymouth public beaches thursday and officials in an all-out manhunt searching by air and sea. >> it was like right next to me. >> yeah. >> it was petrifying. >> reporter: orr says her gopro camera captured the entire thing and terrifying detail. but that camera now somewhere in the deep either knocked off during the wild encounter or
7:44 am
eaten. >> are you back in your kayak or are you in the water? >> it's sinking and my friend's leaning on to her. >> reporter: massachusetts has seen an uptick in shark sightings. they're known to hunt seals in the area and usualliant aggressive to people. ida and kristin not thrilled about being the exception. >> i don't think i'll ever kayak again. >> and as reena just said, it's unusual for them to attack. >> right. >> there has to be some reason usually. >> yes, starving, in a different place, disoriented or they thought it was a seal. >> i mean, they're so low to the ocean. you feel like you're in the water. >> which is why they're never doing it again. >> i don't blame them at all. coming up we have the latest on the new drug approved to help fight off skin cancer.
7:45 am
taylor swift's inspiring message to one young fan who was being bullied. how the superstar said to shake it off. and our special tribute to joan rivers. a look back at some of her best red carpet moments plus her friend joy behar joins us to share some of her favorite memories. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. i hear it's better to do most of your planting in the fall. what are you, a plant whisperer? maybe.
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joan rivers all morning. so many tributes being paid to her on social media. lena dunham wrote watching joan rivers do stand-up at age 81 was incredible, athletic, jaw dropping, terrifying, essential. it never stopped. neither will she. younger generations know joan best probably from the red carpet and woe want to take a look at some of her most memorable moments. >> i am joan rivers and i'm back on the red carpet. stay tuned for glamour and romance, suspense and blood chilling horror at many so of those outfits. >> subtle on the jewelry which i know you're supposed to. >> you call that subtle. you're very spoiled now. >> i have not seen cups this empty since i did shots with dina lohan. >> how do you look? >> you look good. >> i look good. i don't look like a swashbuckler. that's what you said five years ago. >> you look like a swashbuckler with money. >> the flower is gone. >> you want brutal honesty? you think you can handle the
7:50 am
truth. >> do you diet? should i? are you trying to give hoe a subtle hint. >> jenna elfman. she is a valentino. >> valentino was drunk supply don't think joan liked the color. what are you going to do. wear that color again. >> i did like the color of her dress. people don't listen. i thought it was an amazing color, okay. it was just [ bleep ] amazing. >> if jim henson did clothes -- [ laughter ] >> look at this. >> i wore it for you joan. made it myself out of trash bags. >> it's amazing. >> that's what she's going to say now behind my back -- >> am i all right. >> you look great. >> i don't want to hear you talking about me come monday. >> can we sing the ring? >> sure. >> oh, you are a fool. it should be four times this size. you should be ashamed of yourself. >> i know. >> i mean, she just went for it. >> you got to love it. with her everyone was in on the
7:51 am
joke. everybody loved it. >> absolutely. >> hey, join us for a special "20/20" tonight celebrating the one and only joan rivers. and coming up we'll talk to one of her friend and fellow immediate yelps joy behar will be here and share what she learned from the legend and who she'll never forget. also supermodel gisele bundchen and olympic gold medalist lindsey vonn about their inspiring new project and famous men in their live, as well. come on back. [ breathing deeply ] [ inhales deeply ]
7:52 am
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, 7:56, it is friday, september 5, a little fog in spots, let's go to karen rogers for traffic. hi, karen. >> reporter: we're jamming up from the platt bridge, matt, look at the traffic -- ben franklin bridge, matt, look at the traffic, you're jammed from the approaching the tolls from 8th and vine. we've been warning you about the construction. we have a motorcycle accident on the the black horse pike near cardiff drive. stick to washington avenue. overbrook an accident has been causing problems all morning.
7:57 am
look at this video you can see the suv overturned on its roof. this is in overbrook, 59ing and upland way. stick to lancaster and woodbine as the alternates. 422 heavy traffic eastbound from 29 to 23. fog is not a problem here. we have a shot of philadelphia international airport with fog, that's causing arriving flights to be delayed by half-hour. >> reporter: we have patchy fog around, 71 in allentown. very warmed and humid this afternoon, 89. there could pop up afternoon thunderstorms. humid tomorrow, high of 91. late in the day or especially at night there will be a long of strong storms coming through, some of which could produce heavy winds and lightning and
7:58 am
downpours. sunday, lower humidity, not as hot, high of 80. >> saving with 6abc has ways to save on school lunches. see the ideas on the new hey, jennar fuzz mike troober munny sling...
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good morning, america. it's friday. we're celebrating the queen of comedy, how joan rivers made america crack up. >> at night when i'm undressed my husband looks at ee and mentally dresses me. >> tributes pouring in overnight from so many people who say she paved the way. ♪ shake it off >> and taylor swift helping one fan battle bullies. the singer's heart felt message going viral and we hear from the girl she's inspiring to shake it off. ♪ shake it off ♪ and angelina jolie's kids customized her show-shopping wedding veil. how you can get the look and get her dress for less. all that and gisele and lindsey vonn -- >> good morning, america. ♪ i think i want to marry you ♪
8:01 am
>> there is beauty in the world with that audience that we have outside and here inside beautiful inside and out, supermodel and olympic champion. they're going to open up about -- really an inspiring new project. it's under armour and we'll hear about the famous men in their life, tom brady, tiger woods. >> it's really funny. yin and yang. they're delightful. you'll see coming up. my favorite tease of the week. we'll talk about the dress and the veil that made headlines around the world. there she is on the cover of "people." made with the help of her kids. how you can save big by putting your own touches on your veil and get a look-alike dress for less. >> you did really well. >> you took one for the team. >> speaking of good this is great. everybody check out robin roberts featured in the october issue of "essence" magazine on the newsstands. inside the beautiful robin talks
8:02 am
about her equally gorgeous sister sally-ann talking about family and being strong together during that very tough time in your life which you overcame so beautifully and you also touch on some funny moments when you may not have always been the best of friends. >> well, of course, everyone knows she was my donor for my bone mar wroe transplant and, oh, my goodness but, yeah, we had times. >> you're very different. >> yeah, we're keeping it real but we said with family, we may not have it all together but together we have it all and it's very important. your daughter, maybe they don't get along. >> right. i tell them they'll be best friends one day. one day. >> that's the mantra. you hope it's true. >> absolutely. >> we're here to say it's true. >> thank you. that's great, robin. check it out, everybody. >> coming up. amy with news. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with president obama's new push to take on the militant group isis. this morning he's expected to announce new steps to bolster
8:03 am
security forces in iraq with the help of other nato countries and there's another major development this morning, the bbc reporting that iran has approved unprecedented meetings with u.s. military officials to discuss the threat isis now poses to the region. meanwhile, america's u.n. ambassador is raising new concerns that syria may be hiding chemical weapons and that isis fighters could get their hands on them. the syrian regime gave up its weapons after the u.s. threatened air strikes but there are fears there could be more. the third american to be stricken with the ebola virus while treated are nowrecovering. and there is new hope in the battle of the deadliest form of skin cancer. the fda approved a promising drug for patients with advanced melanoma.
8:04 am
researchers say keytruda made by merck shrank tumors in 24% of patients. it's a new class of drugs to use the body's own immune system to flight it. an asteroid is expected to fly by us on sunday. a relatively close encounter, a distance of 25,000 miles. nearly close enough to interfere with satellite orbits of the it was just discovered last week proving how vulnerable we all are to space junk. okay. apple announcing new security measures in the wake of thatting hag of celebrity nude photos. it is saying it's going to make it harder to hack into your icloud device. a special alert will be sent to you to make sure you authorized it. this wasn't the best way to propose marriage. blake fuhriman decided to take his girlfriend, alissa on a mountain climbing adventure. he planned to pop the question during their trek through the
8:05 am
big horn national forest but they ended up getting stranded for five nights. >> five nights? >> she injured her leg. she ran out of food. they almost ran out of water. the good news is eventually rescuers did finally find them but what about that big question. despite all thee went through five terrifying nights alone in the wilderness alissa said yes. that's true love. apparently -- >> they made it through that. >> yes. >> i don't think hiking is going to be in the honeymoon. good luck to them. >> hopefully it gets easier. >> right. >> you got it. >> got to get easier. we turn to taylor swift making a big impact by helping a young fan who was being bullied. swift responded to the distraught teen on instagram sharing her personal experience with bullying. paula faris has more. >> reporter: her hot new single "shake it off" is an anthem
8:06 am
about persevering. and she's sharing it in a personal and poignant way with one of her biggest fans. 14-year-old hannah webster instagrammed this photo sunday tagging swift, the caption -- >> taylor, why are people at school so mean? i don't know what to do anymore. >> reporter: a heart-wrenching message to swift about being bullied at her lakeville, massachusetts, high school. >> all my friends were leaving me and saying they hated me. >> reporter: but swift would prove she was in her corner leaving this comment on hannah's photograph. >> i hate thinking about your pretty face covered in tears but i know why you're crying because i've been in your place. people cut other people down for entertainment, amusement out of jealousy because of something broken inside of them. just don't let them change you or stop you from singing or dancing. >> reporter: she went on to write reading this made me so sad because i love seeing you in your videos and photos being so
8:07 am
happy and wide eyed like the world isn't as harsh and unfair as it actually is. this isn't a high school thing or an age thing. it's a people thing. it's just what they do. and you're a target because you live your life loudly and boldly. your bright and joyful and so many people are cynical. they won't understand you and they won't understand me but the only way they win is if your tears turn to stone and make you bitter like them. for hannah, the superstar shout-out a life changer. >> the line that i connected with the most was at the end when she said that when someone picks on her that she'll think of me and when someone thinks about me, i just think of her. in. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> she was so thoughtful there. >> yeah, really nice. >> so many girs are in that position. we've all been there in moments in our life. i just -- how great she's using her music to give girls hope and
8:08 am
responding like that. >> there's a way to handle it. >> there is. a little later gisele bundchen and lindsey vonn, they talk about that too. about taking -- when you're young and how being a girl, how you just own up to it, being strong. >> important message. "pop news" and weather coming up too. now lara is over in the social square. >> i am, george. gosh, we do love that taylor swift. but first here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." in "pop news," bruce string steen is taking his act to an entirely new stage. if you're a fan you want to hear this. plus, celebrating the life, the joy, the laughter, that joan rivers gave us. how she paved the way for so many women in comedy. one of them, joy behar, is with us live to talk about the legend. then how you can make your own angelina jolie inspired wedding veil. our bride-to-be will share that for us coming up on "good morning america" here in times square. hi, everybody. how are you? thanks for being here.
8:09 am
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♪ welcome back to "good morning america." great crowd outside. it's 8:13 and here we go. "pop news," everybody. we begin with bruce springsteen, the boss about to make his acting debut joining steven van zandt on the netflix series "lillehammer." how will his moves translate? i want to point out he was in a film "high fidelity" but playing himself. this marks the first time he's playing a character. the rocker will guest star on the show's third season which
8:14 am
films in new york and norway -- >> hard to imagine him as a character. >> it is hard to imagine because he himself is such a huge character. can we get past that and not just see the boss. ♪ born in the usa". >> we'll be able to. >> was that your air guitar. >> ever the life story of bryce springsteen. i just entered my own audition. last night marked the official start of the 2014 nfl season and leave it to jimmy kimmel to kick off the celebration with a football themed installment of mean tweets. >> isn't steve smith like 50 years old? >> no, actually i'm 35. >> hoping vernon davis blows a hamstring tonight. fingers crossed. that's not nice. >> hopefully a ball to your temple will knock the stupid out of you. >> michael strahan's teeth are having a middle school dance with a boy standing on one side of the room and the girls
8:15 am
standing on the other. >> gets a smile like that. >> didn't finish reading it. >> that's pretty good. >> oh, so great, michael. we love your smile. >> we do. and then finally if you grew up in the '70s and '80s you know what i mean when i ask this question, conjunction junction what's your function? >> saturday morning. >> oh, yeah. ♪ conjunction junction what's your function ♪ >> i mean, we're all still singing it so many years later. that is "schoolhouse rock," of course, which i bought for my kids and they were like, mom, what is this? but we love it and the animated short musicals taught us things like how bill becomes a law. >> and i'm sitting here on capitol hill. >> that's how i remember singing i during an exam. the classic cartoons that are just the ultimate earworms coming back. it's about time. abc, we love you for this. one night only, this sunday on abc "grey's anatomy" star shonda
8:16 am
wilson counting down the schoolhouse cartoons. check that out airing sunday night at 7:00 p.m. >> animation, you know. >> yeah, not the songs. the songs were cool but the animation has evolved. >> okay, that was great, lara. more of the celebration of joan rivers in a minute. joy behar will be here live. first let's go to ginger with the weather. >> oh, what a crowd out here. i see a lot of southwest. new mexico and you are from phoenix. it's whose birthday. >> my wife's 50th birthday. >> happy birthday to you. let's go ahead and get into the forecast. the pacific northwest have been about average as of yesterday, seattle, slightly above and red flag warnings, fire watches are out in the south east, the opposite. it's very wet going into the weekend. the next three days you'll see heavier rains along the atlantic coast.
8:17 am
>> reporter: thanks, ginger, david murphy on the terrace, mainly cloud skies, patchy fog around this morning. it's muggy. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 89 is today at high, warm and 34u67 more humid than yesterday. there could be a spotty thunderstorm in some places this afternoon and perhaps early this evening. tomorrow, hot and humid, 91. clouds and sun, and late in the day and more especially at night, a line of stronger storms is possible. improvement for sunday feeling a lot better. # >> so hold on. the kansas city grandparents, chase, keyl etch e and kendall. you have cool grandma and grandpa. joan rivers was a trail blazer for so many women in comedy. we've been seeing the tributes roll in and joy behar here to contribute after chris connelly takes a look at this part of her legacy. >> you have not. because i have doorbells. i am so -- >> reporter: born joan molinsky,
8:18 am
phi beta kappa at barnard, one of just a few sole le female comics ever on "the ed sullivan show". >> you're 30, you're an old maid, not married. a man, '90er y eyears old not married. he's a catch. >> reporter: later her signature phrase -- >> can we talk. >> reporter: opening up the comic-con fegsal. >> how many kids? >> six. >> six! oh, god. one by one or a litter? >> here's joan -- >> reporter: but the 19 0s as johnny carson's designated host for "the tonight show" that pushed the edge of a precable universe. >> and i walked -- really pregnant and on my chart under condition she wrote ugly. >> reporter: in 1986 she signed to become the first female late night talk show host. carson was said to be furious. >> i called johnny and said, i've got -- he hung up on me.
8:19 am
never, never spoke to me again. >> reporter: maybe she preferred not to be viewed as anyone's groundbreaker but spotting the influence of joe pa and her persona had on multiple generations of women in comedy isn't hard to do. >> i bought the book "the joy of sex," okay, i got -- did you read that chapter 11. you wrap yourself up in saran wrap. i laid down on the dining room table. he said, leftovers again. >> reporter: that same kind of attitude would power the feistiness of rosieann. >> i hate that word housewife. i refer to be called domestic goddess. >> reporter: beyond the fly, what will she say next irreverence for kathy griffin. >> i love anybody who just how shall i say appears to be cuckoo. >> you look at this outfit. you know why children are afraid of clowns. >> reporter: and invigorating fearlessness of amy poehler. >> only at the golden globes do the beautiful people rub shoulders with the rat face
8:20 am
people of television. >> reporter: all have anti-seed depths in the cab driver style that joan rivers reveled in. >> this is called the push-up shove over bra. look, it pushes from here everything -- push, push, all the skin has been moved up. my belly button is right here. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> oh, with much more joining us now our good friend joy behar who worked with joan many times and when she was on "the view" and knew her off camera, as well. first, great to see you. >> good to see you. >> i student, had her albums, joan rivers' album, can we talk. what did she mean to you? >> well, you know you have to know joan abhored political correctness and thought it was killing comedy and was the an:30 cyst of comedy and what she means to women in general is we're taped to be nice and to be good little girls and don't speak your mind.
8:21 am
she's the opposite and all of us women comedians are like that. we just say whatever. so we took a page from joan. she was a great role model. just go out there and say whatever and be funny. don't worry if the men don't think you're sexy or don't like it. too bad. >> right. right. >> that's an important thing for women to understand. >> it sent a subliminal message you didn't realize. she knew she was good. talk about when you were on "leno." >> i was on "leno" one time of i do this joke with leno. he said do you have any plastic surgery? and, you know, i said, well, i have a little botox but i'm not like joan rivers. i'm not on a botox drip. she's had so much botox her clothes don't wrinkle that type of joke. whoa, you better be careful. she's not going to get mad. that's the kind of stuff she would do and i said, and i love joan. she's the funniest woman that ever lived. it's joan. listen, the funniest woman. you're the funniest person that ever lived in the whole world.
8:22 am
>> she didn't care about the botox. what is this picture i remember that you posted one time when she -- >> i have it on twitter. >> do we have it right now? >> what -- >> what -- >> we call that bosom buddies. well, you know, we were just fooling around, you know and two girls trying to get a laugh, i guess and we were lesbian lovers. those two things always played into each other. >> you heard it here first. you did spend time with her off camera. let us know what was she like. >> a lot of people think that comedians are funny constantly. we're not psychotic. we're just fun and funny. and also trying to ward off the grim reaper. that's the bhan thing. and, you know, that's a whole other conversation. but, you know, she was normal. she picked up a check. she had a conversation. she was a normal person you would have enjoyed her company, i think. not one of these people who has to be funny 24/7. >> wasn't constantly on and very generous. >>workaholic. >> she was still booked through the rest of the year. >> you saw that documentary.
8:23 am
i said, joan, what is it with this empty calendar -- oh, sure, sure, you have a husband. you have somebody to hang out with. she was right. it was like, you know, she's a single widow and she needed to do things with her life. >> her lasting legacy will be. >> her lasting legacy is to girls, speak your mind. say what's on your mind. if you're funny, go for it. >> well, she did that. >> she did. >> good to see you joy. >> you too, hon. >> hope all is going well with you. >> over to lara. join us for a special "20/20" we'll celebrate more with joan rivers. lara. >> thank you so much. next on "heat index," angelina jolie is sparking a new trend with that wedding veil. that one-of-a-kind creation all thanks to her kids. her was emboyered and likely cost a pretty penny but you can get this look for less. linzie janis explains how. >> reporter: she's the blushing bride everyone is talking about. angelina jolie's stunning white
8:24 am
gown from the front, the picture of elegance and tradition. from the back, anything but. the veil covered in colorful drawings by brad and angelina's six children. >> it was so her and i thought it was great she incorporated everyone from the immediate family. >> reporter: terry hall, fashion director of "kleinfeld says her look launched the latest craze in wedding wear. >> i think the veil has been overlooked as far as its significance. somewhat in the past, i think we'll see a trend all about veils. >> reporter: her dress and veil designed by atelier versace the mastermind behind the leggy black velvet number she wore to the 2012 oscars, that thigh high slit copied by so many. but for some duplicating jolie's hand embroidered veil might seem difficult. >> i can't imagine all the hours they must have spent. it was breathtaking. it was gorgeous -- >> but not practical. >> mott for everybody. >> reporter: to get diy ideas
8:25 am
for your i dos i met up with erica domisek at m & j trimmings. >> we have the same one angelina wore, oval cathedral veil. what you'll do is cover your surface. white craft paper here. these are crayons especially for fabric and let your kids at it. >> not exactly versace but charming nonetheless, don't you think so we've got angelina's look-alike dress here from mark vonino for kleinfeld. angelina's veil as you can see on "hello!" magazine. she showed us other ways, paint your veil and put your kids' thumbprints and iron on letters. if you're going to have a statement veil go with a simple dress like angelina did. >> yes. we were all saying there's other ways to do it. incorporate your kids' designs. if you don't want to go all out on your dress and have it in
8:26 am
every picture do things at the reception too with those drawings. i love all these -- >> i did. i said have your kids make the place mats for the reception, are to the meal and you're getting married so we want to see how you personalize your wedding. >> i'll go with the crayola veil. >> we want to hear from you. how did you personal a's your wedding. tweet us #social square. coming up, giselle and lindsey vonn. ♪ i want it all
8:27 am
>> a gunman shot a man repeatedly as he was trying to get into his car in chester, delaware county. police arrived to find his lifeless body at the foot of appear open car door along boyle street. the victim was in his 0s, the killer got away. i'm matt o'donnell. let's check traffic with karen rogers. >> reporter: this is bucks county i-95 past 332, that's northbound traffic heavy from past 332 to the scutter falls bridge. in this area in bucks county we have an accident at taylorsville road. we have an nasty accident where an suv flipped over at 59th
8:28 am
and upland way avoid the area altogether. look at the debris. it brought down the traffic light. lancaster and woodbine the alternates. an accident involving a motorcycle, black horse pike near cardiff plaza drive stick to washington avenue instead. >> david murphy is tracking the fog and heat today, let's go to him. good morning. >> reporter: matt, the fog is better around 6abc, it's patch request and dense if spots. 75 degrees in philadelphia. much muggier this morning than it was yesterday that's the way it's going to stay. accuweather says this afternoon, 89 degrees warm and humid, there could be a spotty thunderstorm during the afternoon and early evening. tomorrow, hot and humid, sun and clouds, 91 is the high. a chance of evening thunderstorms in particular that could produce strong gusty winds and drenching downpours. a lot better for sunday, lower temperature, lower humidity. >> thanks, david. employees at walmart don't
8:29 am
like the new dress code. find out why at
8:30 am
♪ i want it all >> and there they are, gisele bundchen, lindsey vonn, part of an inspiring new project we heard a little about yesterday. today they'll dish a little about the men in their lives, looking forward to that come up. >> that's why i had to dress down. i wouldn't feel comfortable because they were -- >> so big of you. >> i took one for the team and thought i would dress appropriately. >> by the way, looking good. >> that would be -- >> can i tell you how comfortable i am right now. >> casual friday on "gma," i'm in. and it is friday. you may remember the story we told you last week about kelsey and larry. they were about to get engaged when a drunk driver hit larry causing severe brain injury and dreamed of getting married in disneyland but didn't have the money and thanks to a social media campaign video set to "marry me" they were able to celebrate the wedding of their dreams in disneyland. it happened questioned with a very special surprise. take a look.
8:31 am
>> hi, kelsey and larry, i'm pat, i'm here with everybody else from the band train, as well and your story is so inspiring that not only did we want to play this music for you but we wanted to invite you as our guests on our next cruise, our sail across the sun cruise in february. please come out, have a great time with us. ♪ ♪ forever could never be long enough for me ♪ >> their reactions are so beautiful, it is truly a remarkable thing to watch those two together. larry with his signature thumbs up, he gives then the thumbs up when he hears they're going on this cruise and the way they communicate with each other, their love, there's his thumbs up. you see it? i couldn't stop smiling when i watched them together. >> so real. >> so real. they have known each other since middle school and they're now husband and wife as they had always, always dreamed of
8:32 am
becoming. >> wow. that was -- i wasn't expecting that one. i didn't see that. >> it is such an unbelievable story. >> whoo. >> we wish them the best. they're on a disneyland honeymoon right now. we hope they're not watching this morning. we hope they're having fun. >> that makes us feel good. that's what we want to do on friday and we hope this next story will do that for you as well. we want to share a story that touched all of us here at "gma," a maryland sanitation worker has become a local hero for helping homeness families. he and his wife are changing the lives of thousands of people in their community. >> wow. ♪ it's 5:00 a.m. on a saturday morning. >> how are you doing, sweetheart? good morning. >> as the city sleeps, arnold harvey starts his day by hitting the trees of silver spring, maryland, quietly delivering bags filled with food.
8:33 am
toiletries and blankets to the homeless. he calls them love bags. >> sometimes i just -- when the shelters get full, chef no other place to go so they got to turn to the streets even if it's for a night or two they're out there. we're going to leave you this bag, man, all right. well, you know who i am? >> trash truck driver. >> i'm the trash truck driver. >> after seven years they recognize him. in 2007 the waste management truck driver noticed a growing number of families sleeping on the streets of his overnight route. he and his wife teresa took action immediately making sandwiches and collecting blankets to donate. >> as long as i know there's somebody out here, it's hard to go home, sit at a table, eat a me meal. that's it. >> reporter: their street ministry led the couple to create god's connection
8:34 am
transition, gct. a nonprofit that today provides donated food and supplies to 5,000 families a month from a rented warehouse in gaithersburg, maryland. the harveys convince major companies, as well as local stores to donate. >> the reason that we're here is the passion of god, the love of people, so god's connection transition is god joining people together to undergo a change. >> reporter: people from churches and food pantries work at the warehouse to create a nonjudgmental shopping environment for low-income and homeless families. >> it means a lot to my family because a lot of times we don't have everything that we need and then those moments to know that we can come to gct and just really shop, you know, without being embarrassed in any way because the doors are open to us. >> a lot of times you find yourself in situations where you lose hope and so theresa gives you that shot of hope an arnold
8:35 am
is right behind them and make an awesome team. >> they do make an awesome team and both have full time jobs and still manage to find time to do something like that. showing us all the way. you have something that will be making us feel good later. >> it has to do with dolphins, the prosthetic tail. you cannot wait for this. you had a team -- where is that sign? put that up. one i know robin likes. >> they're going down playing the falcons. >> the lions, i'll just stick that in there. the forecast and right to the severe storms that made their way through northern wisconsin. green bay, a picture of a shelf cloud. and then a look at what the severe storm area looks like today anywhere from parts of central illinois up through indianapolis, ft. wayne, detroit. you could see hail, damaging winds and, of course, watching hurricane norbert right there in the pacific ocean just sliding parallel to baja california.
8:36 am
i think high surf is one of the big issues but also the fueling of monsoon moisture into parts of new mexico, arizona, even colorado could see some flash flood issues locally 3 plus inches. i know a lot of you want that rain, it's good for you but as it cops too fast, you could see potentia >> reporter: thanks a lot, ginger, david murphy on the terrace. still muggy and cloudy a little fog here reap there. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, warm and humid, spotty afternoon thunderstorm. 89. tomorrow, hot and >> all that weather brought to you by choice hotels. george. >> thank you, ginger. now to action hero and comedian terry crews about to try something new taking over "who wants to be a millionaire." he flexed his new game show muscles. >> reporter: he won us over on the big screen. >> i got the shakes that will make you quake. >> reporter: made us laugh on our home screen.
8:37 am
>> calling them doodles is an insu insult. >> reporter: showed us his power and spice. now funny man terry crews is taking over daytime television in yet another role, host. >> let's play "millionaire." >> you know, my thing is always every day i have to do something i'm scared of and all of a sudden you are doing things you never thought you would do. i never thought i would be hosting a show. >> reporter: but he is. and 15 years after he wants to be a millionaire debuted he is joining the list of legends who hosted the iconic show. i'm guessing you'll see a lot of laughs. >> you'll see lots of this. lots of this. >> terry crews takes on the game show. >> a lot of t & a involved right now. i'm talking about the explosion kind. for me i'm explosive. so what i'm saying it's going to be a mix of old spice meets "expendables" meets the game somehow. pow! >> reporter: he clearly brings
8:38 am
his love of life and humor on set but the million dollar question. no one has won a million dollars since 2009. is it going to happen on your watch? >> i think so. i'm on their side. i am trying to give away abc's money. every day over a million abc says -- >> it's out of your pocket. >> it's going to be millionaire. >> reporter: since i was there on set he put me in the hot seat and, oh, boy. >> are you ready to play "millionaire"? >> yes. >> here you go, sara. what homonym for a large european capital city would you find on a list of former "good morning america" host, berlin, london, paris, madridy. >> "b," london. >> you are so correct. that is how you do it! let's go to the next one. which of these "good morning america" spin-offs aired on abc, "daybreak." your "gma" preshow. buenos diaz, americanosome, good
8:39 am
afternoon america. gma after dark. >> although i wish the answer was gma after dark, "c." >> you win. take that, regis. a little twerk action. >> for "good morning america," sara haines, abc news, new york. >> hey, sara did pretty well and the 13th season of "who wants to be a millionaire" with terry crews debuts monday. coming up here supermodel gisele bundchen and olympic skier lindsey vonn open up about their inspiring new project.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ i want it all the fun continues today as supermodel gisele bundchen and olympic skier lindsey vonn are added to the list of incredible women. the newest ads for under armour of the the first one featured ballerina misty copeland went viral and now they're both here to tell us how this wonderful, powerful i will what i want campaign is all about you. you were here yesterday. you're here today.
8:43 am
we enjoy having your presence here. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> gisele, when i saw that you were doing this, what is it that drew you to this kind of campaign? >> i felt very honored to be considered because i felt -- i love what they're wanting to show which is, you know, it's really about not listening to the outside noise and really about finding your strength and really knowing that you are all that you want to be. >> that's why you were the perfect one for it. you too, lindsey, we know that you got injured. you're an olympic skier. champion. and you go down with a bad acl and the fact that your ad shows how you are getting back the strength you need. >> yep. i mean, this campaign is perfect timing for me because it really encompasses everything that i've been working towards. you know, i've had two pretty major knee surgeries in the last years and a lot of people want to speculate and i just don't listen to it. i keep working hard and i know
8:44 am
i'm going to be back and, you know, the more people tell me i can't the more i'm going to show them that i will what i want. >> and we are able to see another side to you in this ad, gisele. i got a sneak peek of the ad and to see the athleticism and there's an understatement to it that i think comes through so strongly. >> i like that, you know, they were honest so, you know, i have been doing this for almost 20 years and i feel like a lot of times people get to see me glamorous and the hair and the this and the that and the heels and for me it's liberating because quite frankly there's so much more of who i am even this business so much judgment all the time. you know, either makes you or breaks you. i think -- i feel very grateful that i i came out the other side feeling pretty strong. >> it's really made you. and you, as well, lindsey. i know we're -- what, six, eight
8:45 am
hours a day in yeah. >> what are you doing? what are you doing to get back? >> i mean, for a long time it was just knee rehab but now i'm doing, you know, two, three hours of cardio a day and weight lifting and, you know, upper body, lower body, yeah, it's a hard job. >> it takes so much mental toughness. i was telling her i just learned to ski last year. my kids were flying by me and i was like, wait. amazing, right. but -- think about what she does. no way that i would go down that mountain, no. >> no high heels. >> you see, this is another thing. we all women are so special and unique. we are all so different and you know it's like we each have our strengths and it's different -- it's all special and it's like i couldn't do what you do. you couldn't do that i who. i couldn't do what you do so thank good for the differences.
8:46 am
we all have a job. >> we all have a job. >> that's what the campaign focuses on, as well. you two have i would say competitive men in your life. tom brady, tiger woods. and, yeah, and, tom, he has an under armour deal, as well. is there a little competition in the -- >> there is no competition. he's a wonderful man and he's so supportive. it's great that way. you know, i'm really shall i cheer for him. i'm his biggest fan and i think it goes both ways. >> he always has a big smile when he's with you. >> i'm grateful. >> how about with tiger. do you all -- >> i'm totally different. we're like what can we compete at? oh, yeah. we're like anything that we can compete at we compete at. that's just -- we're fierce competitors and we're both in the gym. who can put up more weight. it's always a battle and i love it because i push him and he pushes me and we're just -- we're two athletes at heart and
8:47 am
it's really a fun relationship. >> that's what makes the world go around. what do you both want people to take away from this campaign? >> the whole idea is to really trust in yourself of the you know, get to know yourself and, you know, that's it. you are your -- you're the one who creates your reality so like why listen to everybody else around you? like go there, focus on what you want and go get it. >> don't listen to what anyone else says. do what makes you happy and your will is the most powerful thing that you have so will what you want. >> giselle, lindsey, thank you so much. we'll be right back. ♪ i want it all this segment was brought to you by under armour, i will what i want. ♪ what i need is one more night
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ an inspiring underwater adventure. winter, the star of the movie "dolphin tale" and upcoming "dolphin tale 2" lost her tail and now she's helping humans
8:50 am
rehabilitate and, ginger, i know you got up close and personal with this story. >> this was so special and so many people said, gosh, i wish i could do this at the clearwater marine aquarium in florida, the goal to rescue, rehab and release animals. some injuries are too great and they have to stay like winter the dolphin who wears the first full prosthetic tail and i got to hang out with two inspiring kids and winter, check it out. it's the second tale of that famous dolphin tale. >> you remember winter who inspired the movie with this tail. >> whoa. >> now winter has inspired hundreds of people including my friends levi and rosie. congenital birth defects left rosie without an arm and leg just like winter, rosie has some help to get around. >> ready? >> whoa! >> she's ticklish. >> reporter: it's no surprise that winter's story is all rosie perez talks about.
8:51 am
what do you love pose about winter? you tell me? >> that we're matching. >> that you're matching. >> yeah. >> when you get here and you see rosie's reaction, how does it make you feel have. >> i couldn't be happier. it makes her feel normal. >> reporter: levi suffers from asperger's, a form of autism. how does it feel to see winter? >> feels good. >> reporter: for him emotional and social interaction are difficult unless it's with winter. >> when he first spied her, i couldn't believe what i saw and he -- it was like he had just seen his best friend. and i had never seen that smile. >> reporter: regular trips to see winter have helped rosie, levi and countless others. the clearwater marine rehabilitates animals. the animals that can't make it back out stay and rehab humans including yours truly. >> winter. look at her. hi.
8:52 am
i was lucky enough to swim with winter and joined by the co-star hope. and they're absolutely remarkable. and that is the beauty. hand to fin -- >> one, two, three. >> experiencing the special connection these charismatic stars share with so many. rosie and levi, thank you very much for letting us tell your story. they are the coolest kids. they really are. when they get in there with winter that eye that winter has, it is so human. >> and that smile that is p perpetually there. we do these stories and the impact they have. ginger, thank you very much. check out "dolphin tale 2" in theaters september 12th. we'll be right back with more "good morning america." don't go anywhere. ♪
8:53 am
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starting monday "gma" and "dancing with the stars" are traveling the country turning major cities into giant ballrooms live. >> here we come. >> reporter: >> announcer: as americans dance and compete to win a trip to the "dancing with the stars" premiere. don't miss "good morning america's" epic mirror ball tour next week. >> it's all starting on monday. we're kicking off our epic shake it and dancing tour making its way across the country. the premiere of the new season is ahead and you can be there.
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>> we'll be in boston monday. go online to our website on yahoo! to find out how you can sign up for a chance to win a trip to the "dancing" premiere. meantime, tgif. have a good one. >> fears are growing that the trump taj mahal might become the next casino to close in atlantic
8:57 am
city. they are having trouble paying its bills and negotiating with creditors to restructure its business. 8:57, friday morning, checking traffic with karen rogers. >> reporter: hey, matt, we have fog and construction on the ben franklin bridge it blocking the right lane, it's causing a huge delay. westbound was jammed and mysteriously it vanished. traffic is moving better, so looking better. i-95 allegheny past bridge to girard, 21 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine taylorsville road at maple veil drive. another one at hung -- hundreding ton valley and one at balligomingo road. >> david murphy was the forecast. >> reporter: warm and muggy, 77
8:58 am
in philadelphia. 79 in millville. 74 in allentown, everybody is feeling humid. it stays that way, accuweather says warm and sticky, high of 89 there's a chance of a pop-up thunderstorm during the afternoon hours. humid with thunderstorms arriving late in the day or at night on saturday. some of the storms could be on the strong side with drenching downpours and gusty winds. sunday looks great for the eagles home opener. >> coming up on "action news," details for the funeral plans for joan rivers. nato announces a new response from the terror threat and you'll hear from president obama. "live" with kelly and michael is next on 6abc. i'm matt o'donnell. have a great friday and
8:59 am
9:00 am
kelly: all of us at "live! with kelly & michael" are deeply saddened by the passing of our friend, joan rivers. for decades, she's been a part of our family and has brought us joy and laughter. joan's greatest love was making people laugh and that's what we're going to try to do for the next hour. unfortunately, today's show was prerecord yesterday before her death. joan, we love you, and you will be missed. [applause] i'm very nervous now. >> yes, joan rivers who has guest hosted -- has been a guest of ours over the years. kelly: i'm a huge fan of hers. >> here's one of our favorite funny ladies, the one and only joan rivers. kelly: she is hotter than