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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 6, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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t to pennsylvania. good morning, america. breaking overnight, wild weather weekend. monster storms ripping through the midwest, toppling trees, shredding awnings and sparking fires. hundreds of thousands of people now without power. millions more are in the threat zone right now. emergency evacuations, wildfires forcing people in california and oregon to leave town. flames coming close to houses and roads. the desperate attempt right now to bring these fires under control. ghost plane. fighter jets go scrambling when there's no response from the real estate mogul behind the controls of a private plane. the scary sight air force pilots saw when they peered into the cabin as the plane traveled thousands of miles off course. the catastrophe on board that
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made it crash into the ocean. and ticket to ride. the guy who found a lottery ticket that he'd totally forgotten about. >> i got to the sixth number. manufacture i just freaked out, couldn't believe it and said things i can't say on tv. good morning. we've got a lot of news to get to but we want to start on a personal and personnel note. we have a new member to tell you about. his name is rob marciano. he's right over here. >> hi, guys. >> you'll see him every weekend here on weekend "gma" which we are excited about. >> i am so pumped. >> he is a great addition
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to our extreme weather team, and he is no stranger to being smack dab right there in the middle of the storm. >> you have to embrace a storm. that's for sure. >> and you seem to be lacking a fear gene given the weather we've seen you cover over the past couple of years. as we said, we're super happy to have you here this morning, and you are starting on a busy note. we've had storms tearing through, serious damage. hundreds of thousands of people without power and you have the latest pictures. >> yeah, this is dramatic stuff coming out of the lower great lakes. neighborhoods there really being pretty roughed up. overnight flooding. high winds and power outages devastating chicago, detroit and surrounding areas as a powerful set of storms move through the midwest. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: this morning, nearly 500,000 in the region without power thanks to up to 80-mile-per-hour winds leaving behind downed trees. some crashing through homes. >> and this big gust of wind comes. everything shattered. >> reporter: this church in dearborn heights collapsed
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sending several people to the hospital. one in serious condition. >> it was devastating. >> reporter: the winds also ripping down power lines some causing fires. other fires sparked by lightning strikes. >> lightning strike? >> yeah. >> reporter: flooding was the cause for concern in most areas. the friendly confines where the cubs were hosting a game versus the pittsburgh pirates felt the effects from the storm as the game was postponed until saturday afternoon. and chicago, streets were swallowed by the deluge, almost an inch of rain falling in just 20 minutes. take a look at these storms as they roll through the area yesterday afternoon through the evening. the radar just firing up. we had over 100 storm reports. most of those wind reports from just north of chicago to just south of detroit. winds in excess of hurricane strength, so that's where the damage came from and those storms will be pushing off to the east as we go through the day today. cold front coming through. the northeast, new york, up through boston. portland, you're going to see strong winds. the same deal, possibly not as bad. at least keep your fingers
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crossed. the possibility of seeing a tornado not out of the question, as well. time frame for the same deal late afternoon in through the early evening and could see rough weather including more power outages. the other big weather story we're working on, hurricane norbert, a category 3 storm with 120-mile-an-hour winds coming up and headed to the baja of california. we'll talk more about that later in the program. >> so thrilled to have you joining the weekend "gma" team. from flooding to fires, a wall of flames now threatening homes in the west. extremely dry conditions sparking wildfires that are raging out of control. homeowners are told to get out of harm's way. abc's aditi roy is in our los angeles bureau with more. good morning, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, paula. it's a busy morning for firefighters. both these western fires are burning out of control and have forced hundreds out of their homes. let's tart in oregon. rough terrain and high winds are the challenges for firefighters in corvallis. that blaze is 100 acres and crews are just starting to gain the upper hand. more than 200 homes were evacuated. now, residents are being allowed
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to about back home, but they are warned they may be forced back out again. let's head over to mariposa county in california, near yosemite where 300 acres are burning. that blaze forced 700 people out of their homes. that started under a major bridge and 10% contained right now. dry conditions and the statewide drought are making this blaze a tough one for firefighters and so far there's been no property damage in that fire. dan. >> that's good to hear but several desperate fights going on. aditi, thank you. we move on now to the latest on the investigation into that out-of-control private plane. a couple flying from upstate new york down to florida when the husband/pilot loses consciousness drifting for thousands of miles. fighter jets scrambled. they could see directly into the cockpit. the pilot breathing but unconscious. the faa is investigating right now, and abc's gloria riviera joins us from washington with the latest. gloria, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. you know, this was a much beloved, respected couple in the rochester, new york, community. pillars of philanthropy all
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about giving back who had made countless flights together as husband and wife, pilot and co-pilot, which is why it makes it so hard for so many to fathom what could have gone wrong on an otherwise perfectly normal day. this morning chilling pilot's radio recordings in an aviation mystery. how did a new york couple's brand-new plane fall from the sky 14 miles off the coast of jamaica. >> 900 kilo november atlanta center, how do you read? >> reporter: according to flight records, real estate developer larry glazer and his wife jane left at 8:45 headed to naples florida, where the couple own a home. about an hour in, 28,000 feet over north carolina, the first indication of trouble. a request to descend 10,000 feet. >> we need to descend down to that 1-8-0. we have an indication that is not correct in the plane. >> stand by. >> reporter: due to traffic, glazer is only cleared to drop
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to 25,000 feet at first but then repeated instructions from controllers to descend further go unanswered. at 10:40 a.m. two fighter jets scramble. one pilot so close he describes the terrifying image of glazer slumped over at the controls. >> i can see his chest rising and falling. right before i left, it was the first time i could see that he was actually breathing. >> reporter: breathing but unconscious. then the windows icy, a sign the plane likely lost cabin pressure depriving the couple of oxygen. that could lead to hypoxia which impairs judgment. a possible explanation for why the experienced pilot did not declare an emergency. >> i can imagine the horror as they come up to the aircraft and they see that there's ice within the cabin, and they know right then this pilot has to wake up at some point in that descent. >> reporter: at 2:15 p.m. after four hours as a ghost plane, it crashes off the coast of jamaica. this particular type of airplane does not have a black box on board. of course, that makes it harder to find those very important clues.
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paula. >> bizarre details. gloria, thank you very much for that. as we heard it, is believed that hypoxia or sudden loss of oxygen incapacitated the pilot and the passenger, and a few years back ron found out firsthand the effects of hypoxia. >> it can happen in a matter of seconds and also be prolonged if it's a slow depressurization and can happen over the course of minutes. this test i did at an air traffic safety facility in new jersey, the interesting thing when it's done slowly, which is the test i did there, you don't notice anything. maybe some lightheadedness that begins to impair your judgment but you don't know it. so you saw in that case the pilot had been in contact by radio and then suddenly was not in contact. could be he was incapacitated or euphoric or his judgment was lost. it happens -- it can happen slowly. as you said, it can happen very quickly. >> it can happen sometimes and you don't even know it and
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that's why the flight attendants say put that mask on before you -- >> because sometimes you only have two or three seconds before you pass out. very dangerous. >> dan. >> fascinating, thanks, ron. now to the fight against isis, president obama arriving home overnight from a nato summit in europe where he started building a coalition to fight the fundamentalist islamic group that's been on a brutal march through iraq and syria and, as we all know, beheaded two americans. here's abc's jeff zeleny with the latest. >> reporter: overnight president obama returning home for a meeting of world leaders where he delivered strong new words in the fight against isis. >> we are going to degrade and ultimately defeat isil. >> reporter: at a nato summit in europe, the president and leaders of nine other nations vowed to form an international coalition to fight the islamic state in iraq and syria. it was the toughest talk yet from the president, who once dismissed the extremists them as a jv team, even earlier
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this week calling them a manageable problem. >> you can't contain an organization that is killing that many innocents, enslaving that many women. the goal has to be to dismantle them. >> reporter: some signs of that determination already. isis fighters posting this photo friday of what they said was an unarmed american surveillance drone flying over syrian territory, but the president is still weighing how much force to bring against acts of barbarism like the beheading of american journalist steve sotloff and james foley. >> you take out their leadership and over time they are not able to conduct the same kinds of terrorist attacks as they once could. >> reporter: now, the president must now decide how to turn that tough talk into action and whether he can build the case for a broader military campaign even with international support and he warned that any fight will be a long one. paula. >> jeff zeleny live from washington this morning, jeff, thank you. and now new details about the untimely death of entertainer joan rivers. while the autopsy results are inconclusive, we are learning
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more about that procedure that she was having when she stopped breathing. all of this as her daughter plans the funeral. abc's linzie janis in new york city at the temple emanuel where the funeral will be held. linzie. >> reporter: good morning, paula. it has emerged that joan rivers went in for what was supposed to be a routine diagnostic procedure when something went badly wrong, and this morning a close friend of rivers telling us the family still want to know exactly what happened. overnight, abc news has learned joan rivers was concerned about a raspiness in her voice. when doctors at an outpatient clinic put the comedy icon under anesthesia so they could drop a small camera into her throat, but the 81-year-old went into cardiac arrest. deborah norville, host of "inside edition" and a close friend of rivers visited her at the hospital. >> this was to look in there and see why her voice had gotten raspy. it shouldn't have happened. it shouldn't have happened. >> reporter: also this morning
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friends and family of rivers confirming there was a call to 911 at 9:39 a.m. thursday. but by 10:08 when rivers arrived at the hospital, she was already on life support. the state health department this week launching a full investigation. it says as a matter of protocol, but norville says the family want answers to how this could happen to a woman who told tmz just last month she was feeling fine. >> right? >> my health is good. >> reporter: the clinic declined to comment on rivers' procedure citing privacy laws but said it has an exceptional safety record and in the event of an adverse incident would promptly report to appropriate government and regulatory agencies. rivers' daughter melissa speaking publicly for the first time friday. >> what's the outpouring been like? >> humbling. >> she's doing a spectacular job planning her mom's funeral making sure that the people her
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mother loved have a role to play. >> reporter: the affair is likely to be far from the one rivers joked about in her most recent book. >> don't give me some rabbi rambling on. i want meryl streep crying in five different accents. i want to be buried in a valentino gown, and i want harry winston to make me a toe tag. >> reporter: well, it may not be exactly what rivers describes. her funeral will be held at new york's temple emanuel regarded as one of the largest and most beautiful synagogues in the world, dan. >> linzie janis, thank you. another health crisis this morning. we're going to talk about the third american aid worker to be treated in the u.s. for ebola. he's waking up this morning in a hospital in nebraska. what makes this case unique is that dr. rick sacra was not treating ebola patients when he got sick over in africa. he was working in a maternity ward, so what's his prognosis? here's abc's bazi kanani. [ sirens ] >> reporter: the third american with ebola whisked by ambulance and police escort after a
8:14 am
6,000-mile journey from liberia to omaha, nebraska. this is where dr. rick sacra is being cared for this morning by dozens of staff at the nebraska medical center taking on this case of ebola to make sure they're ready for more if needed. >> the longer the current outbreak goes on, it's really inevitable we will continue to see additional spread worldwide. >> reporter: dr. sacra's infection alarming because unlike the other two american aid workers also evacuated from liberia after falling ill, sacra was not working with ebola patients. he was delivering babies in a maternity ward. in a letter to his colleagues, he apologized for getting sick. dr. sacra's wife, debbie, says even now her husband is hoping to return to west africa. >> we are, indeed, praying that rick will stay longer with us so that he can continue the good works that he has done in liberia, but he would want you to know that he would not be
8:15 am
afraid to pass into eternal life. >> reporter: the courage of volunteer doctors so desperately needed, more than 2,000 dead in 5 countries, many ill-equipped hospitals forced to close. for "good morning america," bazi kanani, abc news, washington. >> all right, thanks to bazi. we have a lot of other stories going on and developing this morning, so for that head back over to ron claiborne. >> hi there, paula, dan, sara. good morning, everyone. we begin with an alarming health alert. hundreds of children in colorado have been diagnosed with a mysterious life-threatening respiratory illness. more than 900 kids across the state have been treated since the middle of august although no one has died. early symptoms of the intero virus resemble the common cold but it abruptly takes a dangerous turn with patients saying they're unable to breathe. similar cases are being investigated in other states. and an all-out manhunt for a
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suspected sexual predator targeting students at the university of florida campus in gainesville, florida. a fourth attack within the past week occurred friday and investigators are focused on the man seen in this video surveillance footage who they say fits the description given by three of the victims and one case a student was badly beaten by the suspect who then tried to rape her. now, police are asking students to stay in groups on that campus and off campus. and hawaii residents are on high alert as lava from the world's most active volcano -- one of the world's most active volcanoes is creeping slowly but steadily towards a rural part of the big island. scientists warn that if the lava flow from the kilauea continues on its current path it could reach a small patch of homes in about a week. and watch this. a wild police chase through the streets of orange county, california, after several close calls, the driver driving on the wrong side of the street. police nearly cornered him at a residential cul-de-sac, however, the driver made one last effort to get away. he backed up and tried to
8:17 am
escape, didn't work. he ended up being cornered, as you see there, and collared. corner and collared. finally a lesson in chivalry. it happened friday night in fenway park. a foul ball fielded by the ball girl hands it over to the 12-year-old ryan. without hesitation he gives it to the little girl. her name is reese behind him. but didn't even end there. ryan was given two baseballs and a gift bag, which he also shared with reese giving her another memento, a red bracelet. >> oh, what a gentleman. >> a true gentleman. he's a trainee ladies man there. >> i always say it's better than give than receive. >> it is and the red sox -- the sox, right? >> the sox. >> sox went on to win 9-8. a rare occurrence for the cellar dwellers. >> oh, really? really, really. >> they're in last place in fact. >> he said something nice about boston but then he had to back it up with a little barb. >> my hometown, by the way, where chivalry is a regular thing. >> he gives me pens every day.
8:18 am
>> i give her claims. >> you're claiming you're chivalrous. >> well, you know, at least on television i am. anyway, how about this for a pleasant surprise. we have a story this morning about a guy that drove around with almost $3 million in his trunk and didn't know it. >> he had no clue. he found his change. i imagine he is one very happy millionaire. >> by the way, would you like to borrow a pen? >> so chivalrous. so chivalrous, dan. >> lost in chivalry. anyone who has a car knows how fast things pile up, perhaps a lottery ticket worth $2.9 million. that's exactly what happened to jerry ritieni. jerry ritieni is just a single father of two from new york. >> i know you got to be in it to win it but never expected i would win. >> reporter: the 48-year-old auto body shop owner has been playing the lottery for a decade without ever winning a prize until he hit the jackpot back in july. but he didn't find out about his
8:19 am
windfall until last week. >> the lottery ticket was right in here behind the keys. >> for six weeks the winning quick pick ticket. >> right in here. >> reporter: sat forgotten in the center console of his red dodge ram. >> what if it blew out? i mean i would have never known i had won. >> reporter: then he waited another few days before going online to check the numbers. a perfect 6 for 6 match. >> i got to the sixth number. i just freaked out and couldn't believe it and i said things i can't say on tv. >> reporter: ritieno choosing to take the lump sum payout, almost $1.3 million after taxes. >> my biggest plan is to put a good chunk of change in my kids' 529 college funds, and then the rest of the money, i'm going to act like i never got it. >> reporter: if you think jerry is going to stop playing the lotto now, don't bet on it. >> hopefully lightning will strike twice. >> reporter: but he's not leaving anything to lady luck anymore. making sure all his tickets are right where he can see them. >> this time i'll make sure that
8:20 am
it's on my person and not lose sight of any tickets from this point forward. >> today happens to be jerry's 48th birthday so a very happy birthday to jerry. talk about beating the odds, the new york gaming commission told us jerry's odds of winning this particular lotto were 1 in 45 million. >> wow. >> great. great for him. >> interesting he says he'll buy more lottery tickets. i don't think he needs it. >> in it to win it. he hopes to strike it rich. >> it's all about the winning. >> i just find french fries in my -- >> #mommyproblems. >> rob marciano probably does too. he has a little one. >> french fry, chips, apple pieces, you name it. if i did win the lottery i'm not sure i'd go on tv and tell people about it. nice to know he's giving back by buying more lottery tickets. buying more. hurricane norbert, overnight this thing explodes into a category 3 storm with winds of 120 miles an hour. it's less than 100 miles now off the coast of the baja of california. we're watching this track northward, and, of course, the moisture it'll bring with it. here's the forecast from the
8:21 am
national hurricane center. it will slowly decrease in intensity as it heads into slightly cooler waters eventually by tomorrow. probably less than hurricane strength and then diving south of los angeles. we're not going to see a hurricane hit los angeles. we will see the waves, though, and a little bit of the rain. not going to put much of a dent in the drought there but some of that rain could cause flash flooding in the mountains of east of l.a. and across the mountains of arizona and new mexico, as well, areas that have seen a lot of flooding. interesting little tidbit we're watching across georgia, unorganized at the moment area of low pressure could get more organized into maybe something tropical. either way it's going to give us some heavy rain >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. no issues this morning, let's get you outside and show you the view, it's warm and soupy, at least it's clear. we're seeing sunshine this morning that will get the temperatures up there later on. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, about 91 degrees for the high, it will feel like 95 or 96 with the humidity, big change for tomorrow, 80 degrees, low
8:22 am
humidity levels it will feel fantastic and 70 throughout most of the week feeling like fall >> it is the first saturday of september. i'm happy to be here, guys. get out and enjoy. >> football, football this weekend. >> i hear you're a yankee fan. >> we're going to get along just fine. >> we don't need to talk about it. >> ron and rob, no more. >> by the way, brace yourself, rob. we have a little hazing ritual we do here. we're going to welcome you to the team pulling up old clips and family photos. getting to know rob marciano later. where is she? an intense search for a young woman from texas missing for a week. can a surveillance video help solve the mystery? a chico's jacket makes a statement -- your statement. fabulous. captivating. glamorous. fun-loving.
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caring for you ... just got a little easier. right now, buy one pair of eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses, and get another one free. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. >> five at a south jersey -- fire at a south jersey horse farm destroyed two barns, none of the animals were injured. it's 8:27 saturday morning, i'm eva pilgrim. let's head outside to meteorologist chris sowers with the latest from accuweather. hey chris.
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>> reporter: good morning to you, eva it doesn't feel too bad out here right now, because the temperatures are in the 70s. later this afternoon when we shoot into the 90s. it will feel awful. heat indices will range from 95 to 97. keep an eye to the sky there could thunderstorms developing late. tomorrow, comfortable high of 80 anticipate very low humidity levels. eva? >> that's it for "action news." we're back in a half-hour, i'm eva pilgrim. stay tuned for "good morning america." it makes me happy to go on the computer.
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it's tough to even peer over this wall. that's a lot, although we may -- this may be the last shot we do from this position. >> flash from the past. that's rob marciano always in the thick of it when it comes to covering all kinds of storms. there's no storm too big. no storm too small. you look 12 there, by the way. we are so glad that you have joined our "gma" team. coming up, we're going to see another side of rob marciano including how you spend your time with your beautiful wife and young daughter. >> they're terrific and after watching that video i'm happy to be here with ron in the dry, comfy studios of abc. >> but don't get too comfortable because we're going to send you back out into the rough stuff. >> i love it. >> absolutely. also coming up this morning, something completely different. the same guy behind that giant rubber duckie, the one that went on a world tour is now up to some rabbit tricks.
8:31 am
sara has breaking "pop news" coming up. but we'll start here this half hour with a mystery and all out search for a woman from texas. she vanished after a party last saturday night. >> the 23-year-old was last seen walking to a parking garage at a popular shopping center and abc's michelle franzen has the very latest. good morning, michelle. >> reporter: good morning. that search resumes with friends and family continuing to post flyers and retracing her steps. christina morris disappeared right out of thin air after being caught on surveillance cameras in that parking garage. for days no one knew she was missing until she didn't show up for work, precious time lost as investigators and family members look for answers. >> my name is jonni mcelroy, and my daughter went missing. >> reporter: the frantic search for christina morris. >> has anybody told you they know anything? >> reporter: her mother desperate and determined to find the 23-year-old who vanished last saturday morning in plano, texas. >> christina, wherever you're at, i miss you so much. >> reporter: this parking garage surveillance video capturing the last known images of morris
8:32 am
walking with a friend at 4:00 a.m. she was never seen leaving the garage. >> we checked around the area where the car was. there was no signs of any foul play, any struggle. >> reporter: morris lives with her boyfriend. police revealing her last 15 phone calls were to him, but the recent business graduate's parents say the boyfriend never reported her missing, and it wasn't until her boss called four days later that the search began. >> we were already behind the curve on this because getting it four days late, so we had a lot of catching up to do. >> reporter: police say her bank accounts have not been touched, and her cell phone is off. their only lead, three cars seen that night on the same surveillance camera. >> you can't tell any of the cars apart, which is really frustrating because i feel that could be a big lead of ours. >> reporter: as searchers focus on the woods and open areas within a mile of garage. >> yeah, we're looking for tire
8:33 am
tracks. >> reporter: morris' mother is left pleading for her daughter's return. >> please, if you have her, i need my daughter back. i need her back. i'm begging you. >> reporter: tough wait for that family. police have interviewed friends including the person she was seen walking with on that surveillance camera and stress that the friend is fully cooperating and not a suspect at this time. wrenching to hear from her mother. michelle, thank you. overnight headlines with ron. good morning. >> hi again, dan and paula. we begin with hundreds of evacuations in the west as wildfires are raging in two states. in oregon, a huge blaze in corvallis has scorched and 200 families were forced out of their homes. and in california, 700 people had to be evacuated near yosemite national park where 300 acres are burning now. and a search is resuming for the private plane that crashed off the coast of jamaica. they say they saw the pilot slumped over the plane which
8:34 am
failed to respond to radio calls and took off from rochester headed to tampa, florida. on board were laurence glazer who was piloting the aircraft and his wife jane. and the stage is set for sunday's women's u.s. open finals and tennis after serena williams blew away makarova. williams will now face caroline wozniacki who is seeded tenth. if serena wins, she'll become the first woman since chris evert back in the 1970s to win three consecutive u.s. open titles. finally surprise detour for president obama after he attended the nato summit in wales, a visit to stonehenge. listen to his reaction as he took a stroll amid the prehistoric mysterious boulders. >> how cool is this? it is spectacular. knocked it off the bucket list right now. >> there you go. >> just before leaving the site mr. obama made some new friends and walked across the countryside for a stop and chat with a local family at a nearby field of sheep. some of them even taking photos with the president. >> not the sheep.
8:35 am
>> not the sheep, yeah, and how cool is that on a scale of one to ten? >> thank you for clearing that up. >> i've got ron's back and rob's back which is a nice segue to rob marciano. >> he doesn't have the ladies' backs. >> oh, he does. oh, he does. >> sounds weird. >> save us, rob marciano, because this is going to get into a weird territory. >> like this situation. all right, from cool stuff to hot stuff. it's going to be 91 in new york. take a look at the current temperature outside right now. 77. low clouds inundating lower manhattan. can't see the world trade center. freedom tower obstructed. it is going to be a soupy day. dew point of 72. temperatures, 77. that is muggy, my friends, and that is going to add some fuel to the fire of some of those thunderstorms. they're going to roll through. there's your cold front, we'll go from 91 into the 70s at some point. look at the cool temps behind it. 69 in buffalo. as we mentioned, we could see severe weather through tonight from new york up the i-95 up through hartford and through boston and portland, maine, but look at the temperatures behind it, 72 degree in chicago that
8:36 am
after the rough weather that we saw yesterday. all right, pacific northwest. mentioned that fire in corvallis. unusual to get a fire on the west side of the cascades. we've got an offshore flow. 94 degrees will be the high temperature there going to be the high temperature in portland with gusty winds so red flag warnings remain posted there so fire danger will be high. that's for sure. warm there, nice across parts of denver. >> reporter: i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. another warm and soupy morning around the delaware valley. we have temperatures in the 70s feels worse with the high humidity, 91 degrees, >> this weather report brought to you by ashley furniture which i think helped pay for that massive weather wall. i love it. it's awesome. >> after the show we actually play video games on there. >> now we're talking. >> don't break it or
8:37 am
we're going to dock you. coming up on "good morning america," he's rubbed shoulders with all sorts of celebs on "entertainment tonight" but he's back to do what he loves best, weather. check out our big welcome to rob marciano. the newest member of our "gma" family and we even put him through a mild test. just mild. >> i love that. plus, kelly and michael's very messy morning. how they proved they are some real tough mudders up ahead in "pop news." tough mudders up ahead in "pop news." ifyou may be muddlingble withrough allergies.nger... try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief.
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we've been talking about him we've been talking about him all morning to the point where he's a little embarrassed actually. the newest member of our merry limb weekend band, rob marciano. can you see him right here. he's covered hurricanes, blizzards and all kinds of meteorological -- >> there he is. >> ron, that is not cgi. that's a real storm. >> that's real? >> for years he made a big turn and started covering celebrities on "entertainment tonight" which is really cool. >> celebrities and -- >> a different kind of storm. >> right. >> different precipitation. >> ego storm. yes. >> well, rob is back to his roots. his passion for weather and we couldn't be happier to welcome him to the "gma" family. rob marciano, ladies and gentlemen. take a look. >> the end of this pier just ripped away.
8:42 am
>> if there's any doubt as to why we need to save the gulf of mexico -- >> reporter: you know rob marciano as the intrepid meteorologist chasing wild weather for nearly a decade on cnn. he's covered it all. >> easily winds sustained 80, 90 miles an hour, gusts of 110, 120. >> reporter: from hurricane katrina in new orleans -- >> two monster twisters tearing across the state in the early morning hours. >> reporter: to devastating tornadoes and punishing blizzards. >> right now we're cruising 1,000 feet about halfway through our flight. >> reporter: the cornell graduate started his career in local news in his native connecticut before moving on to stations in louisiana and oregon. the wild west here down -- >> reporter: last year rob traded in the radar -- >> i'm rob marciano. >> reporter: -- for the red carpet becoming co-host of >> is this how you live it up? >> a little bit. i'm really not this crazy. >> reporter: he's interviewed everyone. superstar angelina jolie, superheroes scarlett johansson
8:43 am
and chris evans. even singing sensation katy perry. >> time for that. >> yeah. look at my face. >> reporter: but now he's returning to his roots as senior meteorologist at abc news. >> take a look, hurricane norbert now a category 1 storm. >> reporter: coming back east with his wife erin and their 2 1/2-year-old daughter madeline. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> that's -- yeah, we'll get subtitles. >> so sorry to say, you were totally upstaged by your daughter. she is adorable. can i say, i have been watching you and we've all been watching you since your cnn days. you are awesome. you love the weather. you take it super serious and you're also very, very fun, and the second thing i want to say is ron and i are used to being the hunks on this set so could you wear a mask and be shorter. >> i'm so psyched to be here. >> he's not that tall. >> ron probably gets to lift
8:44 am
up his chair to a reasonable level. >> i wanted to work at abc for so long and watched you guys every weekend for a long, long time so i'm just thrilled to be here. that comfort inn biloxi during hurricane katrina has gotten a lot of mileage. >> yes. >> by the way, sara and i want to take your daughter to chuck e. cheese. >> oh, she would love that. >> madeline? >> you're going to have your hands full. >> i'm ready. >> she already does. >> i can handle it. >> you make our team complete. so welcome. we really appreciate it. >> you complete us. >> you complete us. we are so psyched to have you. >> you had us at hello. okay. >> all right. >> show me the money, baby. much more rob marciano coming up and movie cliches and j. la or j. law. oscar -- forget the oscar. how jennifer lawrence set a new world record with the other valuable member of our team, sara haines. >> ah, sara, we love you. >> we love "pop."
8:45 am
8:46 am
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8:49 am
♪ you know, we've given a lot of attention to this side of the table so far this morning, but we still love sara haines so let's -- >> we love you. >> i have a special finale so i'll get started and get this going. she's already among the youngest actresses to win an academy award of the now jennifer lawrence has another honor to celebrate. she just earned her place in the guinness world record book as the highest grossing action movie heroine. her first two "the hunger games" pulled in $100 billion worldwide. and when the going gets tough, the tough get going and kelly ripa and michael strahan got going on this tough mudder challenge, check it out. they took on nick carter and jordan knight all of them battling ice, fire and mud on the set of "live with kelly and michael". >> that looks really fun. >> you can probably guess the result having an nfl hall of famer is a bit of an advantage but it was all in good fun. >> kelly is in great shape.
8:50 am
>> kelly is. let's not forget that. you're burying the lede with that. the giant rubber ducky that went on a worldwide tour ruffling feathers since 2007 everywhere from hong kong to sydney and last month in l.a. well, now the rubber duckie has a sidekick. the dutch artist behind the project unveiled something new, a giant bunny. the 82-foot rabbit is made of synthetic rubber and waterproof paper and is currently burrowing in taiwan. the only thing that would be better is if it is filled with marshmallows. >> it looks like it's unconscious. >> it's wiped out. it's wiped out. >> creepy bunny. >> this is what you've all been waiting for. what's becoming a rite of passage, i've come up with a "pop news" pop quiz for our newest team member to get us acquainted with always the "gma weekend." >> this was not the plan. >> these questions are really tough. can you guess which one of us drives a minivan? first answer. >> paula. >> bam. >> bam. >> question two, who do you
8:51 am
think has been on "weekend gma" the longest? let age lead you. >> ron. >> the yes! >> which one of us proudly owns three cats? >> dan harris. >> the one hanging his head. >> yeah, baby. >> also a cat fan. >> 3 for 3. >> and finally i don't love this question, who do you think played college volleyball? i would have gone with the chihuahua question. >> yeah. there's only one left. she has chihuahuas and she doesn't like people to have cats. >> well. i love cats. i like dogs more. it might be me. i should have gone with a smart question. dan says which one are they talking about. >> dan is brilliant. i'm trying to live up to that. >> we'll be right back. >> we don't understatement your intelligence. we'll see you in a second. >> no, i thought they should have gone with a grade point. at famous footwear we're not just selling back to school shoes, we're selling straight up confidence. we've done our homework to find the hottest shoes
8:52 am
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it's in this spirit that ingu u.s. is becoming a new kind of company. one that helps you think differently about what's ahead, and what's possible when you get things organized. ing u.s. is now voya. changing the way you think of retirement.
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find boy's levi's 511! skinny fit. the latest from rock & republic and kid's fila shoes plus save even more late friday and early saturday find great brands at small prices thursday through sunday find your yes. kohl's. "good morning america" is brought to you by voya financial, changing the way you think of retirement. we mentioned paula's minivan and there it is.
8:56 am
>> oh. >> in the backseat. >> i was strapped into the back. actually you can't see it but there's a hand cuff on me. >> dan, there is room for all of you, by the way. let's all take a road trip. road trip. >> road trip. >> see you tomorrow, everybody. everybody. >> i'm eva pilgrim, coming up next on "action news" saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. it's going to be a hot one today, but chris sowers is tracking a big cool down and potentially severe storms. there's a chance to help out angel flight, details on the fundraiser coming up. those stories and honoring a local police officer who
8:57 am
8:58 am
♪ you help me pour. the simple grains of rice krispies®. oooo! good. help me. they're made with rice. they're popping! where'd the sound go? is it in your tummy? a gentle grain that's easy for little tummies to digest and fun to eat. kellogg's rice krispies®. ♪
8:59 am
>> good morning, it is saturday, september 6, i'm eva pilgrim here's what we're following on "action news." police say these are conmen wanted -- con men wanted for conning a bucks county man. new from the overnight camden county metro police officer is involved in a crash. and sky6 live hd taking a live look for us over penns landing. the sun is up, but there are potentially strong storms rumbling our way. they will push out this very hot and humid weather we're seeing right now.
9:00 am
meteorologist chris sowers is tracking it all. it's like a sauna when you walk outside. >> reporter: if it were july i wouldn't care. it's september now, it's not i supposed to be like this. football starts tomorrow, it's supposed to to feel like football and it will. there's the view at the linc, eagles do battle with the jaguars. it's going to feel so much better out there with highs struggling to reach the 80-degree mark. we have to get through today, one more oppressive one. we have humid weather and with that comes the threat of showers and thunderstorms. we're sitting at 80 degrees in philadelphia. 81 in millville. poconos, 72. lancaster, 76 degrees. you factor in the humidity it feels 3 to 4 degrees warmer than the temperatures. there's the heat