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tv   Action News  ABC  September 6, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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races. ve to get our ford to victory lane at homestead. tested chicago. y tson. chicago. >> junior has won the daytona 500. >> woo! >> finally won here. it took so long. >> junior completes the sweep. he wins today at pocono raceway. >> good memories to relive with dale jr. based on your run tonight, how do you feel about the strength of your team? >> i wouldn't want to base it on tonight. we ran hard. the game guys in front of me w to go, they were junk, fighting over 11th spot and it was frustrating not to be able to get up there and do anything with them. we were off, too. couldn't get any power down. i don't think it' reflective how strong our team is. ill think we're a real good team going into chicago. got a lot of confidence. we're going to spend this whole week in meetings with our engineers, all that stuff, to try to prepare as good as we can and get our minds right and
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ready for this chase. it's going to be a completely different atmosphere than what we done in the regular season. we've been locked in and really on a holiday for 20 weeks or so, since we've been locked in. time to get serious and get down to business and we have to get our heads straight and get ready. >> vacation over for dale earn hair j earnhardt jr. the chase is his to take on now. >> harvick wins at phoenix! >> woo-hoo! >> kevin harvick takes the southern 500. >> awesome freaking job, guys. >> how about that for a first time out with a new team? kevin harvick, two wins, gifts himself solidly in the chase and people are saying that if there's going to be a team, maybe a driver to unseat the hendrick guys this year, it could be you. how strong do you think this team can be as the chase begins? >> i think we have the race cars to do it. we still have, you know, some hiccups on pit road that, you know, aren't very good at this point of the year that you have to address in order to beat
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those guys week in and week out, so -- i don't know what our plans are for that as we move into the next ten weeks, but the our race cars are as fast as they need to be and everybody's doing a great job and bringing fast cars to the racetrack, so, if it all comes together, i feel like we can do what we have to do on the racetrack to win a championship and, i know those guys can do it on pit road but we have to be more consistent to make that happen, so, we'll see. just have to thank everybody from jimmy john's and budweiser and outback and everybody who makes it possible to put this race car on the racetrack and really everybody at shr for building brand new team this year and making it possible to do what we need to do to even talk about racing for a championship. so, we're excited and looking forward to ten weeks. >> how do you fix the problem you're talking about on pit road? if tony stewart or gene haas says, let's fix it, what do you do? >> well, i can't -- you got to have faster pit stops. and, i don't really know where
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that problem lies. i know we have a lot of people that work on those things in the shop and i know the guys building race cars and everybody at the racetrackszñ is doing wh they have to do and they got to figure it out. >> kevin harvick. >> allmendinger is pulling away. >> bring it to me, baby. bring it to me. >> a.j. allmendinger is a nascar sprint cup series winner. >> i won a sprint cup race, jerry! >> one of the underdogs of the chase. i know it was a tough night, but you have to get excited to look back at your win, what are your expectations, thoep, looking forward to the chase? >> we just -- right now, it's the nature of our race team. we're trying to take big steps, but at times you take one step back and you take two steps forward, so, our last two weeks have been a little bit difficult, but at the same point, we knew they were going to be, just the mere fact we don't have many cars in the race shop.
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we had to get our three best bullets ready for the races in the chase. tough night tonight, but watkins glen is a great memory and i feel like if we -- if we're at our best, we can -- we have a shot of getting through the first three races and having a shot to move on. so, we did a test at charlotte, rcr's helped us get a new car ready for next weekend. we'll be ready to go. we're in it, so we have a shot. >> fun to watch what you can do with it. dave? >> kyle busch is in the chase for the seventh time. kyle, what are your expectations for this year's chase? >> i have no idea. just fight every week and see what we can get and try to work hard, you know, tonight was a draining night, but, you know, we had good, solid run at last year's chicago and we tested earlier this year$y>tthere, so k forward to getting back there, hopefully we've got a good piece like we did last year, run up front. try to salvage a good run in the first couple races to get ourselves established and start moving on.
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i know there's plenty of opportunity out there for this m&ms team and this 18 car to outperform four other guys to move onto the second round and then second round's going to be our tough boat with kansas and talladega in there, so -- really like going to charlotte, though. that's one of my favorite places. we just tested there. felt like we had a good test there, as well. and we'll see if all that bolds we bolds well for our team and try to win a championship. >> sounds like a big challenge, but they've got as good a shot as anybody. >> kurt busch, looking forward to the chase. what are your expectations, kurt? >> we wanted to run tonight like we were running in the chase. what i meant by that was, the chaos of win and get in -- we're going to have that a lot throughout the chase this year. but yet, consistency is still going to play a key role. and we ran our own race tonight, finished seventh. if you can finish seventh the first three weeks of the chase, you're going to advance.
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i think you can do that again in the next round of the chase. so, tonight was a nice feel for us to run obvious our own race. we waon a race at martinsville this year, and that surprised us all to make that happen, because the team was not ready, honestly. i'm glad we had the summer months to run through and once we got to the first pocono, it seemed like we were rolling after that. great, strong top fives. i wrecked the car at michigan, going for the win a few weeks back. but if we had run that race out, finished top five, that would have been four top fives in a row. that's what it takes to be a championship-contending team. this haas automation team is that. we have a nice ten weeks ahead of us. we've built better cars. we tested chicago, we tested loudon, we're going to test miami, we're going to charlotte, we've got a great teammate with kevin harvick to lean on, so, congratulations to stewart-haas for putting two cars in the chase. thanks to chevrolet and monster energy, mobile 1, rush truck
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centers. been a great ride and most of all, thanks to gene haas for believing in me and, you know, we're here, we're a chase contender. it's my job to get the car championship available. >> let's go to doc. >> aric almirola, you take richard petty motorsports into the chase. how special is it to take the king possibly back to a championship stage? >> it's really special. we'll have an opportunity to do that. really excited about it. but we don't want to be just happy to be in the chase. we want to execute for the next ten weeks. we're going to have to be flawless. we know that, to have a shot. we're up to the challenge. we got two good weeks under our belt with top ten finishes and going into the chase with a lot of momentum, i feel like. and i don't feel like we have a lot of pressure. i think we're major underdogs, so, we're going to let it all hang out and see what happens. >> nothing to lose for these guys, going after it. let's go to vince. >> doc, we're at the infield
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care center where jimmie johnson was brought after being faint following his exit from his race car today and again, jimmie exited the race car under his own power. immediately went down to the ground where he salt and then leaned over, laid over on his back, was eventually helped up to his feet to lean up against the car and at that point was realized that he was not under his own power, some crew members lifted him up, picked him, brought him here to the mobile stretch their you see on camera now and jimmie was brought here to the infield care center. chad knaus came and visited jimmie, upon exit, chad indicated that jimmie was suf r suffering from dehydration. and one of jimmie johnson's crew members brought a fresh change of clothes for jimmie, obviously was soaked from head to toe from sweat after climbing from his car after that eighth place finish tonight. so, at this point, the what we understand is that jimmie johnson is suffering from dehydration. we anticipate his exit from the medical care, infield
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care center soon. >> thanks, vince. incredibly warm and humid day. >> yeah. >> in richmond. but it goes to show just how hard they had to fight inside the cars, considering jimmie johnson really is one of the fittest guys in the garage. i want to talk about him, as he goes into the chase, he is going for his seventh championship. if you look at the numbers, he has three wins this season. his last win came, though, in june. in michigan. four-straight top tens going into the chase. but he did have that rough stretch just a few weeks ago. is jimmie johnson back or are we still worried about that 48 team? >> i think the verdict's still out. i keep waiting for johnson to pop off and do something miraculous out there like he's done in the past. but he hasn't done it. though i will tell you, chicago, the mile and a hatches and tracks like that, that's where he really runs good. he's proved us wrong many, many times, i'm still looking at him. i'm thinking he's holding back
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fj?uj and he's just going to shoot off and take off. >> he's fooled us before. >> yep, he has. but something's interesting. i mean, i've watched these guys since we started talkin abo in practice, they're good, but they're not great. i mean, usually they dominate practice, they're the fastest thing on the truck when they unload, they qualify well, they win the race. well, thes past several weeks, they've been okay, but they've not been spectacular and i'm going t tell you, the hendrick cars excel at the high speed high grip tracks that we're going to be coming into. it's going to be interesting to seif the flip that switch. r >> if they flip the switch next week, i will never ask the question ever again. the other teammate, one of the other teammates in the hendrick garage, going for his fifth championship, talking about jeff gordon now. and i -- i keep wanting to go back to the brickyard. we always say at the brickyard, the cream rises. what did jeff gordon do at the
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brickyard? legacy and what this could mean for jeff gordon. this is just a huge final tenure. >> a lot of drivers have ups and downs in their careers, and jeff's been down a little bit. bum he but he's been up this year. the brickyard, when we two there, we say, if you're going to win that race, that means you have to have the best engine, the best car, the best pit crew. it takes everything to win there. he did it. thguy's got what it takes to t n thchampionship tonight, again, like he's been all year long, it's like, we've had a resurgence of jeff gordon like i've never seen before. >> absolutely. the drive for five has been going on since 2002. gordon had 17 top tens the entire season in 2013. >> i was talking to alan gustafson about this resurgence. he talked about jeff and his everything jeff put into this race team. not that he hadn't bought all
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the way in, but jeff's commitment, the communication, and the new ride height rule has played right back into jeff gord gordon's hands. we're seeing some of the best racing of his career. >> perhaps this could lead to a bigger conversation, but real quick, if he wins the championship, what happens? >> we've been hearing retirement. i don't know if that's going to happen or not. i say drive it and - (postal worker) hey! millers! you two day-dreaming?
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(millers, in unison) yes. (postal worker) about your victorian dream home? (mrs. miller) uh huh. (postal worker) or maybe a colonial home? (mr. miller) how did you... (postal worker) you have the new game from the pennsylvania lottery. (mr. miller) yeah, the new $1,000,000 instant jackpot! (mrs. miller) with 5 top prizes of $1,000,000. (postal worker) welcome to the neighborhood! (voice over) want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning today. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. back live at richmond, as we wrapped up nascar's 26th race opening run and we move on now to the chase for the nascar sprint cup. ten races to crown a champion. we begin at chicagoland speedway next sunday. then move onto new hampshire, dover, kansas and more. join us at the track and, of course, on espn and abc.
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>> joey logano. >> joey logano. >> it ain't over til it's over, baby. >> here comes keselowski. >> brad keselowski! >> we're back in the chase. hell yeah! >> well, for the second straight year, joey logano is in the chase. three wins on the year already. we saw you ran well, your teammate dominated the night. what are we looking forward to seeing from you two as the chase approaches? >> hopefully what we've been doing. just running up in the top five. and we had a hard-fought night tonight. we didn't quite run as good as we wanted to. didn't run as good as our teammate, that's for sure. congratulations to them. we were just okay, but we wore the tires out really quick. both fronts and rears. just a struggle to keep them on it and trying to figure out how hard i can drive it to how easy i should to make sure i had something at the end.
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but overall, we're happy to be in the chase. i feel like we're definitely one of the cars that can do it this year. i feel a lot more confident than last year and my team can do this. i think we're all fired up and ready to go here. we've had the last few months to prepare for it and get ready for the next week coming up. >> tell mel what you lea what yt year that will help you this time in the chase? >> i don't know if it's anything that's going to apply, because the whole system's changed now. so, basically, our plan is to do what we've been doing. we have been very consistent, running up in the top five every week. and in contention to win. if we do that the next ten races, we're going to get ourselves to homestead and have a hell of a race from there. but you know, right now we have to stay focused, don't get spun out about, you know, the pressure kicking in or anything like that, which i know my team's good at. we'll keep our heads down and, you know, maybe shut off the tvs
11:16 pm
and do our job. that's what, you know, don't let other people influence what we're going to do and we'll just -- do what we do. >> all right, joey low unanimous kn logano, one of the top seeds heading into chicago. >> this is the eighth chase appearance for denny hamlin. what do you feel is your strength coming in? >> pit crew. >> we've seen that lately. >> you know, we -- you know, we got a lot of pieces of the puzzle put together for a championship run. we, you know, as important as track position is these days, you have to have great pit stops. we feel like we have that part licked. you have to have faster cars. you got to qualify better. there's a lot of things that go into a championship run and we're missing a couple very important pieces and that's speed. >> denny hamlin finished second in the chase in 2010. looking for it all this year. >> matt kenseth had a tough night, but the good news is, he's in the chase. one of three drivers in on points.
11:17 pm
looking forward to chicago and the nine-races after. what is your realistic expectation out of this team? >> well, i feel great about my team. i mean, i got a ton of confidence in the group. they've been really great on pit road, i think jason's been doing a great job this year. preparation's been good. executi execution's been great. i feel good about the company and the team and everything we can do. we just -- we just been kind of off on speed. we haven't had the speed for any of us to get up there and win the races that we did as a company last year. so, that being said, we just got to be perfect. can't do things like i did tonight and take us out of a race. weapon have to go out and be perfect on the racetrack, pit road calling the race, prep, all that stuff. you know, hopefully keep putting ourself in position to win like we did at atlanta, bristol. maybe things will fall our way and we'll be able to get some wins before the season's over.
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thst win year dramatic driving in atlanta last week for kasey k to get in h chase. are on mile and a half tracks. that's right in your wheel house. >> yeah, you know, felt really good last week at atlanta. especially at the end of that race. look forward to chicago next week. that will be a great track for us to get started. tonight wasn't what we wanted, but it was tough. just with the tire combination, you know, just felt like it made the aero so bad and made it difficult to do anything. but yeah, hopefully some of the other tracks will be better for us and we'll be able to compete. >> kasey kahne looking forward to the mile and a halves and it all starts next week in chicago. allen? >> all right, doc, so, you heard from the first driver left out of the chase, clint bowyer, and 15 of the 16 who will compete for the championship. we continue to follow jimmie johnson, who sought some medical attention at the end of tonight's race. so, ten races, with the new
11:19 pm
eliminator style championship this year. three-race bursts, if you will. the challenger round of the next three races, then eliminate four drivers, then the contender round of three races and eliminate four more and then the e limb nail or the round and eliminate four until you're down to four, that go to homestead-miami speed way and race heads up for a championship. highest finisher wins. thoughts on what we might see, first of all in this opening three-race stretch starting with chicagoland next week. >> yaem, we're going to see a fight for who can get that victory and move themselves into that next round. this is a win and you're in again. that's going to be the most important thing. when you don't have that, it's about being consistent. as i look ahead to all of these, i just think every third race is such an interesting deal. dover, talladega, phoenix. those are impact races where we could see dramatic things happen the very end of those races. this is going to be a lot of
11:20 pm
fun. next week, chicago and you can move on. >> going to be that drama. you're talking about at the cut-off line at each one of these three races. it's going to be o that's what's going to be the exciting part. the pressure is going to keep coming up on the ones that are going to contend for the championship. that first -- i kind of see it like qualifying. you get that cutoff, the guys that are good enough, fast enough, they're going to make the cut pretty easy. the guys at the bottom are going the cut pretty easy. the guys at the bottom are going to have to fight. to be early. > think about what greg biffle said about the hardest night he' had? he' d r to try to get inc winningin the season. well, the pressur begins now as we're ten weeks to deciding who will be the nascar sprint cup series champion for 2014. the 16 drivers that will compete
11:21 pm
for the championship and the order in which they go to post next week where points are concerned. brad keselowski with the number one seed by scoring another win here tonight. his fourth victory of the season and absolutely dominating fashion. so, a little bit of a different race than maybe weer with expecting to see here tonight in richmond, with keselowski leading all by 17 of the 400 laps. but we move on. the chase grid is set and not 16 drivers compete within each race to try and be the ones to go to homestead and race for that trophy, the nascar sprint cup series championship. next weekend, on espn2 saturday with the nationwide series race. on espn, one week from tomorrow, with round one in the chase for the nascar sprint cup. we'll talk to you then. for our espn nascar crew, so long from richmond. tonight at richmond, the race to the chase ends. >> one final race to make the chase. ♪ i can feel it coming in the air tonight ♪ >> brad keselowski leading all
11:22 pm
but 17 of the laps so far. ♪ i've been waiting for this moment ♪ >> biffle holding the final place in the chase. fourth victory of the year for brad keselowski. (postal worker) hey! millers!
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>> it took until september but it finally feels like summer. while most of us try to keep cool in the heat and humidity a few storms courtsey of mother nature made others run for cover. i'm walter perez and the big story on "action news" is stormy saturday with a big change headed our way tomorrow. let's check in with meteorologist melissa magee with the first look at double scan radar. melissa. >> good news is that the severe thunderstorm watch posted for all of the delaware and lehigh valleys since expired. but, don't put your guard down just yet. we're tracking unsettled weather. storm tracker 6 double scan okay dar showing you activity moving north and east of southern bucks, mc and mercer counties and there's a cluster south and west of philadelphia and we'll go in tighter, stormtracker 6 live double scan street-level
11:25 pm
you notice showers and storms middletown, dover, east ward into areas in camden, dmrosster, say him and cumberland we're practicing moisture working its way east f you're in salem, millville, gloucester, we're tracking weather that will continue for a good chunk of tonight before clearing overnight. there's been a lot of damage to report so far. storm reports so far today, upper frederick township, montgomery county trees and wires down. springfield township bucks county winds as high as 50 miles an hour and abington we had lightning strike a home and cause a fire and west chester we had 2" of rainfall. if you look at the temperatures north and west of the region it's 65 in chicago and 64 in cincinnati. a piece of this cooler and relatively drier air will work its way east ward for the second half of the weekend. coming up walter we get a closer look at future tracker 6 and
11:26 pm
time out the showers and storms and let you know what is ahead for sunday and the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> as melissa mentioned it looks like a lightning strike is blamed for this house fire tonight. a voir shot the video of the flames harding avenue around 5 p.m. you see there officials say thunderstorms were passing over the area when the fire sparked. one person inside escaped safely and it took an hour and a half for fire crews to get this under control. >> and heat became a real issue for students competing in cross country tournament in central bucks south today. there at least 10 athletes from different schools became sick. boys and girls were transported to a nearby hospital at a precaution. newspaper of these heat relate the injuries is considered to be life-threatening. stay on top of the weather situation by signature visiting for stormtracker 6 radar and both hourly and 7 day forecast and our collection of weather related photos and videos.
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moving now to a developing story police in philadelphia are investigating a double shooting on the 5300 block of aping or aterrace in cobbs creek tonight. one man is dead and second critically injured. reporter ken has more. >> homicide detectives and drug officers were open this scene at cobbs creek. philadelphia police got the call 8 p.m. on the 5300 block of answering or aterrace. investigators say there was a confronttation in the doorway of a house between two men when one pulled out a gun and shot the other that lived at the homech the man who was in 30s was shot once in the chest and once in armpit. he was pronounced dead at the scene and police found a gun under his body. those bullets hit a 24-year-old man in the head and on the right side of his body. hes with discovered steps of the second floor and transported to the hospital at the university of pennsylvania in extremely critical condition. during a search, police say they
11:28 pm
found more than 30 marijuana plants in the house. they don't know ft. shooting was drug-related and there were three witnesses in the house who were giving investigators details about the deadly shootings. >> sources open the scene indicate that the shooter came to the scene to confront the male who lives at the address there the confrontation appeared in the doorway there at which point in time the suspect did produce a hand gun and fire multiple shots at the resident there. >> investigators state gunman ran off on foot dropping evidence including stack of money. once again it appears the gunman was known to the victim. police are hoping to get an id soon to find him. the names of the victims have not been released. reporting in cobbs creek, ken, channel 6abc news. >> and police in philadelphia are searching for three armed men that forced their way to a row house this afternoon at east oak lane and the intruders
11:29 pm
reportedly stole a large safe from inside the house and took off. one of the suspects was engaged in a scuffle inside the house. none of the tenants there was injured. >> and police in philadelphia looking for these two masked thuingz who heldp a convenience store in kingsessing one man point aid begun at the clerk and second suspect rushed behind the counter stealing cash and cigarettes. surveillance captured the robbery at the too good fort mart 1300 block of south 58 street early morning august 28 and both men got away and nobody was injured. >> it appears high winds flipped offer a sailboat in newcastle today. two help an a woman were rescued from the capsized vehicle open the delaware river off battery park. all three were checked out by paramedics on the shore and september home unharmed. crews spent 30 minutes getting the boat out of the water. >> the search resumed today for wreckage after i private mraep that crashed after the pilot
11:30 pm
became unresponsive at the controls. the plane was carrying real estate developer and wife from rochester new york to naples florida when it veered off course yesterday. u.s. fighter jets were dispatched to track the plane and spotted pilot slumped over. the aircraft slammed into the water off the coast of jamaica. crews since lost site of floating debris in the area he fearing those remains already slipped to the ocean floor. president obama is delaying action on immigration reform until after the november elections and that has activists saying he's putting politics over principle. and back in june the president pledged to reform immigration policy by the end of summer. and white house officials say the president decided that executive action during the midterm campaign would politicize the issue that has activist outraged extremely disappointed and frustrated in another delay by the president. >> control of the senate is on the line this novbe


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